2013 British-American Coup in Iran ?!

In these days, many events are so ridiculous and unbelievable. As some Iranians say: “In these days, [the Barbarian West] and their media are showing Iranians that the West still believes that ‘Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery, and Barbarism is Civilization. Apparently, the Western pigs love to prove that the West is the number one enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Human Civilization”. In these days, some ask us: “Why do the Western idiots stupidly try to prove that the West is nothing but the Evil Empire? really why ?!” But here, I don’t want to write about this issue. Here, I prefer to write about the new year (2013). But instead of writing about the future that is not clear, lets take a look at what the ordinary people and the people media say about 2013 and the current shameful events. It can say a lot about the new year and the people’s views about it:

– “Do you think it’s purely accidental that when Obama and Mullahs are setting the stage for their last tango, many anti-censorship tools stop working in Iran, and their Western providers say to Iranians: ‘It’s none of our business. It’s your problem’ ?! Do you think it’s purely accidental that the West supports the anti-Iranian terrorists/ traitors, and at the same time the West and the Mullahs are collaborating in silencing the voices of the Iranian people? Do you think it’s purely accidental that many anti-censorship tools stop working, and at the same time, the British Barbarians and their media create one of the greatest scandals in the history of digital media, and they not only don’t allow the Iranian people to put comments, but they even don’t allow Iranians to see and read the people’s comments ?! Do you think it’s purely accidental that the West systematically censors and boycotts the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and instead broadcast, publicize and promote the voice of those Iranian expats who are traitors? Do you think it’s purely accidental that when the US and the Mullahs are preparing for their Last Tango, the Barbarian West helps the Mullahs and the traitors in silencing the real voices of the Iranian people? Do you think it’s purely accidental that when the West and Mullahs are making love, the Orwellian West tries to pretend that the voice of traitors and mercenaries is the voice of Iranians inside Iran ?! Do you think it’s purely accidental that before the 2013 Mullah Appointment Show, the Savage West stupidly tries to repeat the 2009 scenario, and again tell big Orwellian lies/ jokes about Iran, Iranians, and their views about the Mullahs, the traitors, and the West ?”, some wise Iranians ask. Think about it.

– “The story of the Mullahs and the new Obama’s Cabinet is a bad joke. John Kerry as the new Secretary of State, and Chuck Hagel as the new Defense Secretary, show that the [bankrupt] US wants to make a good deal with both Mullahs and Zionists, ie their beloved bankrupt stooges. The US that [is both morally and economically bankrupt] would suffer the fate of the Evil Empire of the British Barbarians. Just take a look at the story of Iran, Syria, Egypt, and see how the US has become the main enemy of the normal humans and the good guys, but is the friend of the Mullahs, the Islamists, the Zionists, the Terrorists, the Monarchists, the Marxist-Islamists, and other reactionary/ evil forces. Now, both the Western pigs and their mercenaries (specially the Egyptian pigs, Saudi shits, and anti-Iranian terrorists/ traitors) are trying to prove that the West is nothing but the Evil Empire”, some Iranians say

– “2013 will be the year of the 2013 British-American Coup [!], some say. But they don’t know that ‘events and disasters in history [can] reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce’. The 2011 Egyptian Farce was a farcical version of the 1979 and 2009 disasters in Iran. The 2009 tragedy was a Western-backed coup and a great tragedy, but the 2013 Mullah Show and the 2013 British-American Plots are nothing but bad farces”, some wise Iranians say. [Of course these plots that are like A dangerous Plot against Iran and Future of Iran, need more attention, and we would write more about them later]

– “Recently, the Mullahs have blocked many anti-censorship tools with the help of the West. It’s not a new thing, but the important point is that when Iranians ask the Western pigs : ‘Again, your anti-censorship tools don’t work in Iran. [Please solve this problem]’ The Western pigs say: ‘Our tools don’t work in Iran because your government blocks our servers [!!] It’s your problem’! This stupid answer just makes Iranians laugh, and they say to the Western pigs: ‘Well I guess that’s why we use your tool in the first place! to pass their filtering!‘ The Western idiots just reveal the secrets of the Empire of Lies’, some wise Iranians say


– “Those pigs who make love with the Mullahs, the Zionists, the terrorists, and the brutal dictators in the 21st century just dig their own grave. They are on the wrong side of history. The British Barbarians and the American assholes openly [and shamelessly] support Terrorists, Islamists, Marxists, the [Arab pigs], and other evil forces, and just prove that the West is the Home of Badness and Barbarism. They just open the old wounds and encourage Iranians to think about the roots of problems. In the long history of the oldest country of the world (Iran) -that is the Cradle of Civilization – the savage Mongols, the savage Arabs, the savage Turks, the Savage Spartans, and other pawns of Badness and Barbarism desperately tried to destroy the Home of Goodness and Civilization (Iran), but what was the fate of those savage beasts? You can be sure that the British-American plots just backfire. If you have doubt, just take a look at the bankrupt Europe, or at Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, etc and see how the poor people are trying to get rid of the British Barbarism or the Evil Empire“, some wise Iranians say.

– “Do you think it’s purely accidental that the British Barbarians stupidly try to pretend that the Mullahs, the traitors, the terrorists and other anti-Iranian pigs are Iranian ?! British Barbarians still think or hope that British Mullahs and British Masons can fool public opinion. British Barbarians suffer from Mongolism. Now, most Iranians know British Barbarians and their stooges, specially Mullahs and people like Behnoud and Nourizadeh. The Barbarian UK still thinks about ‘A new Turkmenchay Treaty’ between the Mullahs and the Savage West! But they just open old wounds, and remind us of Turkmenchay, the tragedies of the 19th century, and the role of Britain in those tragedies. In the 19th century, the British Barbarians and the Savage Tatars (Russia) invaded and occupied many parts of Persia, and then they imposed Turkmenchay Treaty on Iran. It’s a deep open wound. The Barbarian West can be sure that today’s Iranians will restore Great Persia. The Evil West can be sure that all occupied parts of Persia, from Georgia and Kazakhstan to Great Sistan, Great Khorasan and the southern borders of the Persian Gulf will return home. Persia, as the Cradle of Civilization, have always defended the Civilized World against the Barbarians. And our today’s story is just a small part of the long story of ‘Cradle of Civilization vs Barbarians’. Sooner or later, tens of millions of the young, modern, wise, educated, and brave Iranians will be ready to put an end to the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West”, some Iranians say.

– “2012 was the year of the big Idiots and the big lies. 2012 was the end of Illusions about the West. And now, the story of the Western censorship, the West’s Orwellian behaviors, the West’s Orwellian lies, the Western-made tragedies, the US-Mullah secret talks/ deals, Obama’s Cabinet, the 2013 Mullah Show that the stupid West call it Election, and many other things can reveal the 2013 British-American plots. Now, even the British media [including the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and ‘the Guardian [of Big Brother’] can show you the 2013 plots, why Iranians hate the UK and why Iranians call the BBC ‘Ayatollah BBC’, ‘Big Brother’s Cesspit’, ‘British Barbarian Cesspool’, etc”, some wise Iranians say

– “The Little Egyptian Monkey (Morsi) is a stupid CIA agent that lick the ass of his Western employers. This Little Shit (Morsi) is an Islamist terrorist that the US and the Zionists support him. The 2012 Egyptian Farce, that was worse than the 2011 Egyptian Farce, proved many things. We all could see how the West and the US support Islamists and Terrorists, and how the West is the number one supporter of Political Islam and Talibanism. Islamist shits like Morsi and Egyptian Brotherhood just serve the West’s interests, and that’s why the West helps them, and that’s why the stupid lefts and people like Chomsky support them. Today’s Egyptian pigs and Saudi shits are the descendants of those savage Locust-eaters who sucked […] and licked […]”, many Iranians say.

– “[the Mullah regime] has been recruiting prostitutes, professional whores, and destitute and homeless men and women by paying them meager sums to pose as dissident bloggers and activists on the internet!, the Western media reported recently. But they don’t say that the professional whores and people like Masoud Behnoud, Abbas Abdi, Ebrahim Nabavi, Nikahang Kowsar, Akbar Ganji, Alireza Nourizadeh, Yahyanejad, and Khatamists, Pahlavists and other anti-Iranian pigs are paid by the West to pose as Journalist or Opposition !”, Iranians say.


– “The Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian people in the world. They are puppets of the UK and the US. They are worse than Qajar/ Pahlavi [shits]. Now, as even the Western media say: ‘the US government is trying to extort considerable concessions from Iran without giving anything in return‘. The Mullahs just cares about staying in power at any price. But they are not important. Their Western employers/ supporters are the main issue. Iranians call Mullahs ‘British Mullahs’. Iranians refer to ‘Ali Khamenei’ as Ali Geda (Ali, the beggar), Ali Shireh-ii (Ali, the drug addict), or the British Seid Ali. Iranians have no illusion about Britain, British Mullahs or those who are like or worse than Larijani bothers, Rashidian brothers, and other Masons. Now, Iranians know that Khamenie and Mullahs not only serve the purpose of the enemy, but they are the pawns of the enemy. Now, Iranians clearly say: ‘Khamenei is the pawn of Britain. Khamenie and Mullahs just serve the internets of the West, [Zionists, Arabs, and other enemies of Persia and the civilized world]’. But now, all anti-Iranian traitors and their British employers are in deep shit, because they know ‘Oon Mame-ro Lulu bord’ (That [old] boob was taken away by bogeyman)”, some wise Iranians say.

– “The old whores like Masoud Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Mehrangiz Kar, Ebrahim Nabavi, Kowsar, and all those traitors that their electronic lodge/ brothel is RoozOnline.com, Balatarin.com, Gooya.com, etc can show us many things about the Bankrupt West. These bankrupt whores and their bullshits can show us that their Western employers are really bankrupt, and their hands are really empty, like their empty heads. For instance, Ganji’s new article about the 2013 Mullah Appointment Show, is exactly like what the Mullah Gestapo says about the 2013 Show. Or the new bullshit of Khatami, Behnoud, Mullah Nouri, Abdi, and other pigs are like the last actions of an animal who is drowning in the sea of shit and blood. In these days, these bankrupt whores even betray their close friends. For instance, they censored Tajzadeh’s letter about Khamenei. Tajzadeh is a big idiot and a […] that is in jail, but his close friends and almost all [Iranian baboons’ media] said nothing about Tajzadeh’s letter (just Norooznews.org published it in 2013) Tajzadeh is a big idiot, but his close friends – ie Ganji, Abdi, Khatami, Nouri, Behnoud, and other Khatamists- just betray him and other political prisoners, [and show us] that the West and puppets of the West betray everything, even their families and their close friends. Tajzadeh was censored, because he had written about the 2013 coup [!] and ‘Khamenei and Britain’! Tajzadeh had close relation with Khamenei, but now, even he sees Khamenei as a British agent! Tajzadeh wrote: ‘Khamenei is just worried about [his beloved] Britain! … Khamenei is a Monarch and the head of the most corrupt regime [in Iran’s history] … [Our empty gestures] can not fool people … the 2009 coup was a military coup. Ahmadinejad should be tried’ In fact, even the big idiots are not ignorant, but the big traitors that are paid by the West, betray everything, even their close friends”, some Iranians say.

– “Recently, Mullah Nouri, an Islamist-Reformist pig that is a close friend of Mousavi and Karoubi, said: ‘Mousavi and Karoubi are in jail, but we should ignore them [!] and participate in the Mullah Election. We should not care about Mousavi and Karoubi, as we did not care about Montazeri’ ! In these days, ‘Mullah Ghanbar (Khatami) and Mullah Nouri’ [!] openly betray Mousavi, and it’s important. As we all know, Mousavi and Karoubi were big idiots that betrayed the people movement and tried to play the role of Break Pedal for the Green Movement. Now, they are paying the price of their foolishness and their betrayals. But this fact that their close friends betray them is important. Mullah Ghanbar and Mullah Nouri and all Islamists are less honorable than prostitutes. They are [bad guys] who betray everything for the sake of money and power. Mousavi and Karoubi are big idiots, and if they didn’t betray the people and their movement, now Seid Ali would have gone where Bin Ali went. The big idiots, the big traitors, and the West could save the Mullahs in 2009, but now, even God cannot save the Mullah regime, because the people have become aware and know their traitors and their main enemy, ie the West and puppet of the West”, some wise Iranians say.

– ‘[the Mullah regime] has sent some 10,000 members of the IRGCs paramilitary Bassij force to European countries, specially Britain, to engage in pro-Islamists propaganda’, the media reported recently. But they didn’t say that London is a Mecca for the Basiji thugs. They didn’t say that the UK, Canada, and the US are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Basiji crooks. Recently, even the CNN or the Crappy Network of Nonsense, said: ‘How much good is closing down the Embassy in Canada, when hordes of [Basiji thugs] are entering Canada from Iran and those already active in Canadian soil’. Now, it’s obvious that Canada is nothing but the second home of the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs. Their first home is London, UK!”, some Iranians say

– “Khamenei’s bullshit about the 2013 Mullah Appointment Show was so funny, because it was like ‘shitting in the mouth of Khatami , Mullah Nouri, Ganji, Behnoud, Abdi, and other Khatamists and mercenaries. Khamenei, as a stooge of Britain, knows that their British masters and their American employers love all Islamists, but the West is always ready to betray tts close friends. So, he just wants to omit all his rivals. Khamenei knows that his British employers would betray him, as they betrayed Pahlavi and others. Khamenei knows that all puppets of Britain are his rivals, and he should get rid of them”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Iranians know Mullahs well. They say: ‘Khamenei is a British agent … Khamenei works for MI6 … Khamenei is a Freemason … Who are on Khamenei’s side? Britain, British media, Chomsky and the Lefts, Gary Sick, Brzizenski, the US, etc’ As you know, the Iranian people ‘are ready to dance even without music’! (Nazadeh Miraghsand!), but in the recent years, the British pigs and the US idiots play a rhythmic (systematic) music for Iranians! Of course what today’s Iranians say is not conspiracy theory. Who can forget how the British media defended Khamenei in 2009- 2011? and how the British media pretended that ‘Death to Dictator’ is a slogan against AN, not Khemeni ?! [we have already written about it] Who can forget the 2009 British-American-Mullah coup, that was a coup against the freedom and progress in Iran? Who can forget what the Big Brother Cesspit (BBC) and the Voice of Assholes (VOA) did in 2009- 2012? Who can forget what the Big Brother Cesspit (BBC) did in 1978 and 1979? Who can forget the 1953 British-American-Pahlavi coup, that was a coup against the independence, freedom and democracy in Iran?”, some wise Iranians say. Think about it.


– “Recently, the British Barbarians wrote and published a stupid, but important article in their Orwellian media. In ‘Nuclear deal with [Our beloved Mullahs] is possible if bad habits change’, the British barbarians that use Iran for referring to their beloved Mullahs, wrote: “A former UK ambassador spells out what a deal might look like and what it would take to get there. Richard Dalton, who was Britain’s ambassador to Tehran from 2003 to 2006, say: Thanks to the sanctions imposed on Iran, [our beloved Mullahs want to give us more concessions]. The US is looking for a bilateral track with [our beloved Mullahs]. Crucially, politicians on both sides may be coming round to ideas put forward for many years by experts about a phased deal [!] Under these, [our beloved Mullahs] would gain: immunity if they […], and a pathway with an end to concerns that the US is seeking regime change. For real progress to be made, however, bad habits, ingrained on both sides, have to be overcome [!!] [Our beloved puppet] Khamenei should get over his phobia [!] about engaging with the US, as he did in 2001 [!] when both countries worked in Afghanistan’. It’s so funny, isn’t it ?!”, some Iranians say.

– “[Apparently] the direct/ open negotiations between [Mullahs] and [Great Satan] is no longer a taboo, and there may be an attempt to prepare public opinion for such a move[!] … the time is not [good] for negotiations with the US’, and it’s what the Islamist-Nationalists wrote recently. In fact, even the big idiots can see the obvious things. But these old whores are not merely big idiots. They are traitors and ‘anti-Iranian’ pigs, and proved it in 2009 (after the Ashura massacre) [and also in 1953, 1979, the 1980s- 90s, etc]. In their recent letter, they talked about
‘reconsideration of Iran’s nuclear policies’ [!!] and the 2013 Mullah Show! These traitors are dead rats who still try to help their Western employers. But now, on one gives a f-u-c-k about them in Iran”, Iranians say.

– “The 2013 Coup in Iran can be an internet coup [!] The 2013 Internet Coup has already begun with what the Guardian [of Big Brother] did. The Barbarian West knows that today’s Iranians are wiser than their Western counterparts. Recently, ‘[the Guardian of Big Brother]’ has started to hosting ‘Tehran Bureau’, one of the most anti-Iranian media that works for […]. Recently, ‘the Guardian [of Big Brother]’ had a funny headline in their first page: ‘Elections are free in Iran says [Khamenei]’, and it says a lot about why ‘the Guardian [of Big Brother]’ even doesn’t allow Iranians to see and read the people’s comments in that shithole. ‘[The Guardian of Big Brother]’ and the British Barbarians use childish tactics, and tell big stupid lies. Khamenei is just a follower of his British masters. Khamenei says: ‘We’ve held more than 30 elections since the [1979] Islamic revolution, which one was not free? In which country you can see elections freer than those held in Iran?’ Khamenei tell such jokes and makes us laugh, but the British Barbarians cover his words in their front pages! And [that’s why] Iranians use F words about Britain, British Mullahs, and other puppets of Britain. It’s a natural reaction or a natural selection!’, some wise Iranians say.

– “Recently, the Mullah terrorists that live in the US wrote about ‘Two concepts to understand about Iran’ [!] This stupid article just remind you of the Qajar dynasty. In January 2013, the Mullah terrorists in Princeton and Washington (Mousavian, Shabani, etc), who are ‘Bi-Aberu’ wrote about ‘Aberu’ ! In Persian, Aberu means ‘Honor’, ‘Face’, or ‘saving face’. In Persian ‘Bi’ is a prefix that is like ‘non’, ‘dis’, ‘in’, etc. So, Bi-Aberu means dishonorable, inglorious, shameless, ‘those who don’t care about their face or ‘saving face’. The Mullah terrorists wrote that the West should care about the Mullahs’ Aberu ! And it’s like what the Mullahs and their British supporters say in their secret talks with the US. The Mullahs just ask for a face-saving formula! The Mullahs don’t care about Iran, Iranians, or the national interests. They and the UK just care about their ‘Aberu-ye Nadashte’ (their non-existent Honor). But most Iranians know the truth. They say: ‘Two groups are really Bi-Abero: (1)Mullahs (2)Prostitutes’! And many Iranians add: ‘Three groups are Bi-Abero: (1)Britons (2) Mullahs (3)Old Whores’ ! And some Iranians say: ‘Three groups are really Bi-Abero: (1)Mullahs (2)Prostitutes (3)Politicians’ The Mullahs and Britain talk about their ‘Sharaf-e Nadashte’ (non-existent Honor). They are like the old whores who talk about ‘honor’ and ‘shame’ and admire ‘virginity’! and make us laugh. In these days, many Iranians use a B word[!] about the Mullahs and the Brits that is a stronger version of ‘Bi-Aberu’. ‘Bi-Hame Chiz’ literally means “without everything”. “Bi-Hame Chiz” is someone who is worse than animals and has nothing except badness and darkness. Now, many Iranians say: ‘Mullahs are Bi-Hame Chiz’, ‘[British pigs] are Bi-Hame Chiz’, and ‘All of the Bi-Hame Chize are the same shits”, some witty Iranians say.


– The US sheeple are so stupid, and it’s not just a political or religious issue. Even the film industry can show you the truth. Oscar 2013 is the worst Oscars in the past 50 years. Most nominated films are propaganda films that just remind of the Nazi propaganda, but most Americans are silent and/or sheeple. Oscars 2013 is the worst Oscars in the 21st century. It’s a propaganda farce, with many shitty propaganda films, like Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, etc. Argo that won the Golden Globe, is a big Orwellian lie about the role of the US and the West in the 1979 Mullah revolution. Zero Dark Thirty, is a shitty propaganda film about the military campaign to kill Osama bin Laden! This shitty pro-Obama propaganda, that reminds you of the Nazi propaganda, has 5 nominations! As some Americans say: ‘The wrong of that film is in the way it depicts torture, as an effective and legitimate method, and in the way it aims for the effect of journalism while justifying falsehoods as fiction”, some Iranians say.

– “the Iranian students and faculty of the University of Minnesota have been notified by TCF Bank that their university-linked bank accounts are being terminated. The bank provided no explanation for the action. In the most sweeping case, TD Bank in Canada unilaterally closed the accounts of individuals with Iranian last names last summer’, some Western media reported. In fact, it’s obvious that the West is pro-Mullah and anti-Iranian. The Canadian Terrorists are among the stupidest terrorists in the world. They and their American masters support the Zionists, the Mullahs, and the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), the worst of the Worst. They hate the ordinary people, and love the worst crooks and the worst terrorists”, some Iranians say

– “Now, the stupid West is opening old wounds, and showing us the secrets of ‘Iran’s Decline in the past 300 years’. Now, many are thinking or talking about ‘Why Iran Fell Behind’, ‘Who Betray Persia and Why’, ‘How the Evil Empire of the Barbarian UK helped the Decline of Cradle of Civilization (Persia)’, ‘How Barbarians (Britons) Shaped Today’s World’, ‘How Iran and the world can get rid of the British Barbarians for ever’, etc. Now, even the West’s apology for their betrayals in the 2009-2012 period is not enough. Now, the past 300 years, the Evil Empire, Colonialism, Turkmenchay, Great Persia, Western Barbarism, Traitors, Stupid Lefts, Empire of Lies, and other vital things are important. Now, the root of problems is important”, the wise Iranians say.

– “Google’s Transparency Reports just remind you of the Iranian jokes and that famous phrase: ‘Hamin Sedaghatet Mano Kosthe!’ (Just your honesty kills me!) Their reports say, for instance: ‘Australia: We received a request from a state government agency to remove a YouTube video. [But] We did not remove the video [!] China: We received a request from a provincial bureau to remove a search result [!] France: We received a request from legal representatives of a former politician to remove a blog post [!]. [But] we did not remove the blog post [!] India: In response to a court order, we removed 360 search results [!!] United Kingdom: We received a request from a law enforcement agency to remove 14 search results [!] for linking to sites that criticize the police [!!] Russia: We received a request from the Russian Ministry of the Interior to remove 160 YouTube videos. We restricted the videos from view in Russia [!!] USA: We received three requests to remove 641 search results [!!] for linking to websites that allegedly defame organizations. We removed 233 of the search results requested [!!!] ‘ It really reminds you of that famous phrase: ‘Hamin Sedaghatet Mano Kosthe!’ (Just your honesty kills me!) They censor, manipulate and remove the search results, and prove that the search engines are not independent, but are puppets of politicians. And when they say, for instance: “Turkey: We received 148 requests from [their government] to remove 426 YouTube videos, Blogger blogs, and search results [!] And we restricted Turkish users from accessing […]” !! It means that what you see as the search result is based on your location. And maybe that’s why Iranians can find our English websites, but those who live in Europe and USA cannot find them ! [!] Google’s Transparency Reports say a lot”, some Iranians say. Think about it. It can show you many things about this shitty Orwellian world.

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