Dark Net: Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran

In these days, we can see many shocking and unbelievable events, and the Western censorship and the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran is just one of these unbelievable events. In these days, the experts talk about “Mullah Dark Net”, “Darknet in Iran”, or “the Hidden Internet of Iran”, and Iranians inside Iran can see and feel the ‘Darknet’. In these days, most anti-censorship tools don’t work properly in Iran, because the stupid West not only helps the Mullahs in creating a “Dark Net”, but tries to censor, boycott, and silence the voices of the Iranian people. Unfortunately, the world is still blind and stupid, and just says: “Such collaboration between the Mullahs and the West is unbelievable”! Yah, it’s really unbelievable that the Mullahs and the stupid West collaborate in censoring, boycotting, and silencing the voices of the Iranian people, but unfortunately, it’s an unbelievable tragedy that we can see and feel it in Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “Yes, it’s really shocking that the West is nothing but the Empire of Lies. But recently the stupid West only tries to encourage Iranians to see the West as the Evil Empire”. Recently, the British Barbarians surprised Iranians. In the recent weeks, the Guardian even doesn’t allow Iranians to see and read the people’s comments! In fact, the Iranian people (ie many IPs that are used by Iranians) are not allowed to see the comment sections in the Guardian’s web pages, and also in some other British and Canadian media! It’s really unbelievable. We and many others already knew the British Orwellian Media, and knew that “Comment is Not free” at the Guardian and the British media, but this level of censorship in the UK and the West is really unbelievable. We and many others already knew that Britain is an Orwellian state, but this level of Orwellian behavior in Britain is unbelievable. The Guardian, aka ‘The Guardian of Big Brother’, has become a bad Orwellian joke, but the shocking story of the Guardian and the British Orwellian media that we would write more about it later, is just a small part of the tragedy. In these days, the story of “Dark Net” in Iran is beyond tragedy. Apparently, the stupid West thinks that all humans are as blind and stupid as the Western idiots, and cannot see how the Orwellian West helps and supports its beloved puppets. But as some Iranian experts say: “Iranians are not blind. We know, and the world should know, that the stupid West is committing two serious crimes: (1) Amid the stupid Western sanctions, the stupid West helps the Mullahs in filtering, blocking, tracking and monitoring the internet, in creating a Dark Net, and in censoring or silencing the voices of the ordinary people in Iran (2) the West tries to censor, boycott, and silence the voices of the Iranian people. Many Western companies have stopped producing anti-censorship tools for Iranians. Most of their tools don’t work in Iran; many of their tools are so dangerous and it’s better that Iranians don’t use these stupid tools in Iran. And the Western search engines censor or boycott the websites of the ordinary Iranians, and the Western media censor the real voices of Iranians and tell big lies about Iran and Iranians“. As some wise Iranians say: “The world still knows nothing bout the Western-made Tragedy of Mullah Tyranny in Iran. But the 2009- 2012 period showed us that who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran, and who is the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran. Unfortunately, many Westerners are so stupid and cannot see how the West supports the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Marxist terrorists, the Islamists, and other evil forces in Iran and other parts of the world”. Yah, unfortunately many non-Iranians are blind and know nothing the Western-made tragedies in Iran, or at least about the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran. So, lets write a few lines about the Orwellian West and the tragedy of Internet in Iran. In 2011, we wrote about “the dangerous 10.x.x.x IP addresses in Iran” [3], and after that some experts wrote more about this issue. But many still know nothing about this Orwellian tragedy, its meanings, and its consequences. Many don’t know that “the Mullahs are building a Darknet in Iran with the help of the West”. Only a few Westerners tell a small part of the truth. Recently, some Westerners wrote an article about “The Hidden Internet of Iran”[1] They wrote about “the nature of Irans information communications infrastructure and censorship regime”[1], and told part of the truth. They truly said: “Iran maintains one of the most aggressive filtering regimes in the world” [1] But it’s only part of the truth.


“They say nothing about Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, the British companies, the American companies, and the European companies, and how these Western pigs helped, and still help, the Mullahs in creating and maintaining the most aggressive filtering regimes in the world. It’s so shameful. They had to say: the Mullahs maintain the most aggressive and the most Orwellian filtering regimes in the world, with the help of the West“, Iranians say. There is no doubt that the West and the Western companies aided the Mullahs. We have already about it [6] But those Westerners who write about “The Hidden Internet of Iran”, say nothing about this issue. Of course they are not ignorant. They talk about their hosts in Iran, and say: “The bulk of our initial experimentation was conducted from a host in Tehran, Iran that falls under a significant provider, who services state agencies such as [Mullah TV (IRIB)]. Host 1s primary upstream peer is Russian Rostelecom. Host 2, Tehran: Secondary testing was performed from a network that provides upstream access for several universities, the Ministry of Commerce and research institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Science. The primary upstream provider for Host 2 is Delta Telecom” [1] But unfortunately, they don’t say that the Mullah “Darknet” is a Western-made disaster. They say nothing about the role of Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, the British companies, the US companies, and the EU companies that we have already written about it [6] Now, “the dangerous 10.x.x.x IP addresses”, that some experts call it “Dark IPs”, has become a widespread problem. Now, most Iranian websites have “Dark IPs”. “IANA Reserved Private Address Blocks: to (16 ,777, 216 Addresses), to (1 ,048 ,576 Addresses ), to (65 ,536 Addresses )” [1] and these “Dark IPs” or “private addresses have no global meaning” [1] Those who have investigated the Mullah Darknet say: “After ensuring that and are most likely the same server, we can reasonably assume that some subnet that contains the address belongs to the Computer Research Center of Islamic Seminary of Isfahan” [1] They also add: “Using our in-country hosts, we are able to create the path maps: 24= Telecommunications Company of Iran; 24= Parsonline; 24 and 24= IRIB; [etc]” [1] As they say: “Records such as DNS entries lend evidence of a ‘dual stack’ approach, wherein servers are assigned a domestic IP addresses (ie a Dark IP), in addition to a global one” [1] They add: “Amar.org.ir to the IP address [has] self-reported 2 million visits … [but] a DNS query to Googles DNS [only] returns for amar.org.ir [, not its Dark IP, ie]” [1] Most Iranians know that since 2009, “the most visited Iranian site, the filtering page return within the country at” [1] The story of the Mullah Darknet is a long story that the experts should write more about it, and the good guys in all around the world should care about it. We have already warned about “Dark IPs” and their relations with the public VPNs that are used in Iran: “Iranians should be aware that the majority of VPN connections are not safe; many of them connect you to [the Mullah Surveillance Machines!] [3] In fact, many VPN connections in Iran just connect you to the machines that have Dark IPs! The Iranian experts even talk about something that is more important. They talk about “Iranian expats, VPNs, and Mullahs”. They say: “Almost all [VPNs and anti-censorship tools] that are made by the Iranian expats are dangerous. For instance, a group of Iranian expats that are paid by the West, said that [their VPN, known as HRA VPN] is safe and good. But HRA’s Free VPN just connect you to ‘Dark IPs’, ie to the Mullah Surveillance Machines”. It’s true. We tested it. Many Western VPNs, and many Iranian expats’ VPNs, including HRA VPN, just connect you to Dark IPs! At least since 2011, Many Free VPNs, including HRA’s Free VPN, “dont connect to their servers, but they connect to the Mullah machines (mostly with 10.x.x.x IPs)!” [3] As the experts say: “The Mullahs dont block VPN connections, but instead they eavesdrop on VPN connections” [3] I hope the good guys denounce those pigs who help the Mullahs in creating a “Darknet” in Iran. As some Iranian experts say: “The West and those Iranian traitors that live in the West and are paid by the West just help the Mullahs. The Iranian expats not only say nothing about the Mullah Dark Net and don’t warn the Iranian people about the Dark IPs, but they just encourage the ordinary people to use their dangerous tools! In fact, they just prove that they are nothing but traitors. On 21, Nov 2012, the idiots of HRA’s Pillar Fourth Committee had a shameful report about their ridiculous service, known as Free VPN of HRA’s Pillar Fourth Committee! This report show that they […]”. We read this report [2] It’s really highly dubious. They said that the Mullah TV hates HRA’s VPN, because it helps Iranians! [2] They also said: ‘there are 5 million VPN users in Iran” [2], and added: “Pillar Fourth Committee’s free services for Iranian internet users to access an unlimited Internet [!] and circle of information is according to the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution in support of freedom of speech [!!] These efforts in democratic countries are always supported by governments [!!]” [2] These idiots are either badly stupid, or badly traitor! There is no doubt that the Western governments are the number one enemy of the free internet. Recently, even the G8, the UN and the EU praise the internet censorship and the internet surveillance, and prove that the UK is not the only Orwellian state in the West, but most European and Western governments are Orwellian governments [6]


The Mullah Darknet can become a universal plague, and I hope the good guys in all around the world take it serious. The Western governments are the main bad guys, and we never hoped or expected that they help Iranians and other nations. But we hope and expect that the good guys in the West and the world don’t remain silent, and care about the global problems and the Western-made disasters. The West and puppets of the West would pollute the whole world, if the good guys remain silent. As some wise guys say: “Now, the Mullahs and their Western employers are creating a Darknet in Iran, and if the good guys remain silent, you can see the ‘Darknet’ in the West soon. You should not forget that the UK is the first home of Big Brother”. The Mullah Darknet is still an unknown or a little-known. “Evaluation of all possible DNS records is difficult since IRNIC, the maintainer of the Iranian domain .ir, does not appear to release the zone file that would list registered domains” [1] As some Iranian experts say: “Dr Shahshahani, the father of the Internet in Iran, and his pupils that managed IPM and IRNIC (the Iranian DNS), know many things about the Mullah Darknet and the Mullah plans. They must leak or release more information. It’s their main moral and civic duty. They must shed light and collect data on a the unexplored aspects of the Mullah Darkent. Otherwise, they are traitors, and are like or worse than the West and the Mullahs”. It’s not wrong, but when even the Westerners that live in the so-called free world say: “the chilling effect of self-censorship and intimidation is not limited to the borders of a country ” [1], you cannot ignore what some wise Iranians say: “Iranians live under a Western-made and Western-backed Medieval Tyranny. You can’t expect Iranians that they behave, write or talk like those who live in the free world. But the tragicomic point is that the 2009- 2012 period proved that Iranians are mush wiser and braver than the Westerners! When everybody -from the West to the Iranian expats/ traitors- betrayed Iranians, they were not silent. Even now, those who talk or write about the global/ local problems and the Western-made disasters are Iranians inside Iran”. It’s not wrong, too. Unfortunately, as the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs are just a small part of our problems. The Evil Empire, ie the West and puppets of the West, specially those traitors, mercenaries, and hypocrites that betray the truth and the Iranian people and shed crocodile tears for Iranians and the freedom and democracy, is our main problem”. Yah, it’s what the 2009-2012 period proved it. I hope that those who are well-informed about the Mullah Darknet and the Western companies, talk, write, or leak more information about them. Those Islamists, Westerners, and Iranian traitors that live like animals and have sold their souls to the Evil Empire are less honorable than prostitutes, but the good guys and those who have not lost their humanity yet, should not remain silent. In these days, most anti-censorship/ surveillance tools in Iran don’t work, or are not safe and secure. As we said before, “[Even Tor and VPNs] are not safe and secure, and many Mullah nodes and many fake servers have f-u-c-ked [Tor, VPN connections, and other tools]” [3] The story of Tor and its fake nodes is a tragicomic story. Some Iranian experts have already warned about “the Mullah nodes in Tor” [5] But recently, even the Tor designers confirmed this issue implicitly. They said: “Since the earliest versions of Tor, we knew that node discovery would require a better implementation than we had … an adversary can use […] information to attack users”! [4] Now, after some years, they clearly write about “bad nodes” [4] or “ attacker-controlled nodes” [4] but as some Iranian experts say: “the Tor designers and the VPNs providers had to be honest, and had to clearly warn the poor Iranian users about the fake nodes and many other serious problems. It’s shameful that they still don’t warn the Iranian users that ‘a Tor node can be a Mullah node’, or a VPN server can be a Mullah server”. Think about it. When the Tor designers clearly talk about “attacker-controlled nodes” and add: “if the user chooses an attacker-controlled entry node the circuit could be de-anonymized” [4], or when the attackers can “force the Tor client to select an attacker-controlled node” [4], or when the DigiNotar Debacle and the story of the fake digital certificates [6] is an undeniable fact, the experts in all around the world have to study, write and warn more about the danger/ risk of Tor, VPNs, SSL connections, etc. When the Tor guys say: “Users who choose attacker-controlled guards will have about M/N of their circuits compromised [!], where M is the amount of attacker-controlled network resource and N is the total network resource. Without guard nodes every circuit has a (M/N)2 probability of being compromised [!]” [4], and when “[Mullahs] use DPI and stateful inspection of traffic flows. [Their Western devices are even able to] handle SSL connections” [5], it’s obvious that such Western-made disasters need global solutions, but now, Iranians and other victims of the Western-made disasters are alone. Now, after several years, those who were and still are awarded for their so-called ‘serious solutions’, just say: “[Attackers] can use traffic correlation attacks and thereby can trace a client’s activity”! [4] Now, even some non-Iranians say: “I noticed I was connected to a [Tor node] in North Korea [!]” I hope the experts in all around the world can study and write more about the problems of all anti-censorship/ surveillance tools. In today’s Orwellian world, all humans are victims of the same Orwellian problems.


As some Iranian experts say: “The tragedy of Internet in Iran is a Western-made tragedy, because (1) the Western companies, including Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, and British companies sell the Mullahs the tools of suppression and surveillance, and help the Mullahs in building a Darknet in Iran (2) The West has stopped providing efficient anti-censorship tools for Iranians, and most of their stupid tools are dangerous tools that just help the Mullahs (3) The West, its search engines, and its media censor or boycott the websites of the ordinary Iranians, and try to silence the real voices of the Iranian people”. It’s a good point. I hope the good guys in all around the world care about these issues, and write and protest about them. The story of Darknet and our tragic situation in Iran is a global plague. “Dont forget Albert Camuss the Plague. The plague threatens all of us, in all around the world. What has begun in Iran, threatens the freedom and the privacy of all Internet users” [3] Recently, the people media in the West had many important news that thinking about them can show you many things: “the United Nations is calling for more surveillance of Internet users … The ITU sneakily wrote and voted for on a treaty giving governments more control over the Internet … The ITU approved a standard requirement for deep packet inspection facilities (snooping) in future networks … The Internet is in as much danger from corporate censorship as from state censorship. Corporate censorship of the Internet is a big problem in the West … Some videos on YouTube that criticize Obama have been taken down by the Committee for Public Safety (ie the Department of Homeland Security) … Obama and Senate Republicans, helped by anti-human-right Democrats, voted to reauthorize wireless wiretapping, and used the same fascist arguments that Nixon used … US suffers from ‘Surveillance of civilians without warrant’. The US government still get your digital data, and you may never find out about it … The FBI has its own access, via snooping, to almost all the email sent and received in the US … Drones are frequently used for surveillance of civilians in the US … Big business money is corrupting scientific research in many fields, including internet, agriculture and pharmaceuticals … Saying someone ‘has no balls’ in Italy now a crime! Italy has no human rights. Italy just has Mafia … In Saudi Arabia, a web site editor faces death penalty … Turkey considers ban on expression of views about history! … Just 6 companies control most of the US major media … The US Senate killed the plans to upgrade people’s right to privacy over their email that is stored in a business’s server … Congress renews secret electronic snooping bill. The US Congress has made a monkey of the 4th amendment by renewing the secret electronic snooping bill without the slightest safeguard for Americans’ rights …. NYTD has been accused by the UN of systematic violence against dissidents. New York thugs want to spy on everyone’s email looking for signs that someone is dissident … Colombia has required ISPs to implement back doors for state surveillance … The Danish censorship law makes it a crime to criticize a religious group … China has arrested 500 followers of a cult that says the world will end soon … A Washington law that would have punished web sites if any of their pages appeared to be ads for prostitution … The latest winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature publicly defends censorship”. It’s really shameful. The Plague is polluting everywhere, and I hope the good guys don’t remain silent. Now, some Westerners talk about “Resisting the Surveillance State”, and say: “In Europe, a new internet surveillance system, named Project INDECT, has been adapted by the EU. This ‘internet based intelligence gathering system’ will encompass all sorts of other surveillance methods to collect and share all citizens online data throughout agencies across Europe”. Those who don’t care about other humans and the global plague, just betray themselves and help the bad guys. Now, only a few websites, like IndexonCensorship.org and OpenNet.net, write and protest about the censorship and surveillance in the UK and the West. They talk about “Prosecution for stating views in the UK” and say: “A UK man has escaped prosecution for posting a photo that expressed contempt for the soldiers who died in wars … An organizer in the UK was convicted for organizing an Internet sit-in! … UK is considering punishing the customers of prostitutes … Human Rights Watch calls on the UK to reject secret courts … An investigator resigned from a secret UK investigation into abuse of prisoners, saying she found it was a cover-up … A UK army doctor found guilty of torture cover-up … The suicide of a UK nurse who received a prank phone is the one of [the biggest lies/ jokes of all times] … 90% of schools in Britain have CCTV cameras, with an average of 24 cameras in each schools … Many UK schools have put surveillance cameras in toilets and changing rooms… The UK Communications Data Bill gives police and intelligence services the power to access all email data and internet connections… The lack of freedom of speech in the UK is demonstrated by sentencing someone for sending a rude email … In UK, government is proposing for a nationwide internet surveillance that could track of every message, email, etc sent by anyone at anytime … The UK Is being transformed into a Hellish Big Brother Surveillance Society”. As the wise Iranians say: “Britain is really a Stupid Orwellian Police state. But the whole West can be as stupid as Britain, if the Westerners remain silent. The Barbarian UK as the main creator/ supporter of the Mullahs, is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, human rights, and human civilization in the world. And if the good guys remain silent, the British Barbarians, their followers, and their stooges would pollute the whole world”. Think about it, care about it, and do something about it.

For more information:

[1] The Hidden Internet of Iran , by Collin Anderson, 2012
[2] “Iranian State TV reacts to the HRA’s Free VPN”, Nov 2012, a stupid report by the stupid Iranian expats
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