2012: West, Mercenaries and Evil Empire of Lies

2012 was the year of the big Idiots and the big lies. If you can remember the main news of this year (or even if you check our archive page), you can see that the West is a bad guy that tells big lies, censors or falsifies many things, and betrays the human values without shame. 2012 was a year in which, as the angry Iranians say: “the American Terrorists, the European Barbarians, and the Canadian Farters openly and shamelessly supported the Marxist-Jihadi Terrorists (MEK), and proved that the West is the Great Evil”. And as the wise, angry Iranians say: “2012 proved that the West is badly stupid. They even don’t know the meaning of the word ‘MEK’ or ‘Mujahedin-E Khalq’. The West is a big idiot and a bad, big liar. ‘Mujahedin’ means ‘Jihadis’ . In Persian, Mujadeh means Jihadi, and Khalq is a Marxist word for referring to ‘the people’ or ‘the masses’. But the US terrorists, the European Barbarians, and the Canadian pigs support the Marxist-Jihadi terrorists! The MEK is a tiny Marxist-Islamist terrorist group that 99.99% of Iranians hate them, but the Western pigs love them! In fact, the West supports the Marxist-Islamist Jihad!, as the American terrorists openly and shamelessly support the Jihadis in Egypt and Syria. The US and the West openly and shamelessly help and support the Marxist-Islamist Jihadis, the Egypt Islamists and the Egyptian Taliban, and prove that the West is really the Evil Empire”. It’s funny to know that the UK, the EU, the US, and Canada still try to prove that the West is the Evil Empire. On 20 Dec 2012, the CBC reported: “Canada is dropping a [terrorist] group that once allied itself with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from its official list of terrorists. The Tories [and the Harper government] provided no reasons for delisting the MEK”. And other Western media added: “Canada is following the lead of the United States and the European Union, which dropped [the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists, also known as] the MEK from their terrorist lists earlier this year“. 2012 was not the end of the world, as the Western idiots said. But as the wise Iranians say: “2012 was the end of the illusions about the West, and proved that the West is the number one enemy of the human values, including the freedom, democracy, and human rights”. Now, many Iranians say: “The West has become the main supporter of the terrorists, the Islamists, the Mullahs, and all evil forces”. They also add: “Canada has become the land of terrorists, crooks, and mercenaries”. We have already written about the Canadian bastards (check Archive). Apparently Canada’s Stephen Harper badly needs a ‘Love Song’! (we will publish it here soon) Now, the angry Iranians say: “Canada is a Dumb Land; Canada is a Fart Land; Canada, the Shithole of Terrorists and Crooks, is a Fucked Land”. And some, wise Iranians add: “Canada is a puppet of the US, and is not important. Canada and the Canadian pigs are not independent. Delisting the MEK is the greatest national disgrace in the US history, but not in the Canadian history. Canada has been the home of the terrorists, the Islamists, the crooks, the Basiji, the thieves, the killers, the Mullahs, the rapists, and other bad guys. Only the idiots, the sheep, and those who are Khaen (traitor), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush
(homeland-seller) can go and live in Canada”. I don’t know why the West and the Western terrorists love to prove that the West, ie the old home of Barbarians and Human-eaters, is still the Empire of Bad Guys. I don’t know why the West tries to encourage the normal humans and the ordinary Iranians to see the West as the Evil Empire or the Empire of Barbarians. In this year (2012), the Sanction Farce, the US Election Farce, the Canadian Farces, the British Farces, the EU Nobel Farce, the Syrian Tragicomedy, the Egyptian Farce, and many other historic farces only proved that the West has become a bad joke. As some Iranians say: “the American terrorists support the Salafi, the Taliban, and the Al-Qaede in Syria, and help both the Syrian dictator (Assad) and the Syrian terrorists in destroying Syria and killing Syrians; the American terrorists openly [and shamelessly] support a tiny Marxist-Jihadi terrorist group that the number of its fans and its members is less than 5,000 and more than 99.99% of Iranians hate them; the American terrorists [openly and shamelessly] support the Egyptian Islamists and the Salafis in Egypt, and prove that the US is the bad guy, and the US has become the home of Terrorists and Terrorism“. Now, even some Americans write about Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free [5] In 2012, the American idiots proved that what is said about “the Story of Stupidity” in the US and the West is not wrong, and the Western big idiots are just writing the last chapter of “History of Western Idiocy”.


“Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies”, some say, and some Iranians add: “The Empire of Lies is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran and the world. In fact, the number one enemy of the civilized humans and the human civilization is the Empire of Barbarians or the Evil Empire, aka the West”. In these days, you can see how Iranians and their views about the West changed during the past three years. Even the tone of our articles in this website can show you how Iranians are changing their views about the West. Some ask us: “what’s the use of telling the truth or expressing anger ?[!]” I know that the real good guys don’t ask about ‘the use of telling the truth’. But in the Empire of Lies many ask such questions, because Big Brother and the Evil Empire of Lies love the Khayemals (ass-lickers), the Mercenaries, the big idiots, and those who betray the truth and the human values. Those who try to fool and brainwash public opinion, know that when public opinion become aware, the bad guys will go to hell. In this website, we believe that ‘telling the truth’ is a basic human duty, and needs no reason. But as you know, Iranians have many good reasons for telling the truth about the West and the bad guys. Iranians are the main victims of the West and puppets of the West. The stupid West is the number one enemy of the Iranian people and all normal humans. Iranians and other good guys must express their anger, because at least it shows that they exist and they are not blind or stupid. As the wise Iranians say: ‘We cannot write and publish our books. But it’s not important. Big Brother’s agencies censor or boycott our voices. But it’s not important. They just prove that what we say is not wrong, but is important”. They also add: “When the West betrays Iranians, what Iranians say about the West should be like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Big Brother and his mercenaries should know that Iranians are not blind and stupid like the Western idiots”. It reminds me of what Sadeq Hedayat, the real Iranian Intellectual, said: “I want to write something that is like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Maybe, I cant publish it, but its not important. At least they cant tell themselves he was stupid; he was a good mule [good sheep]. In these years, not only Iranians, but even the Westerners try to tell the truth about the West. It’s funny to know that even some American politicians and people like Al Gore or Ron Paul, see the US and the West as the Empire of Lies. In the recent years, some Americans write about “Idiot America” or “the rise of Idiot America”[7] Of course, most books or articles that are written by Westerners only have good titles, like this one: “An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media” [1] or “US Government To Set Up Internet Ministry Of Truth” [4] They have good titles, but their contents are so weak or stupid. They talk about “An internet ministry of truth, run either by the US or the UN, to protect against misinformation and rumors’ [4] But they say nothing about the Western-made tragedy of Internet in Iran and its meaning and its consequences. They know that “George Orwell must be laughing in his grave” [4], but they say nothing the Lefty Orwellian media and their Big lies about Iran. They say: “As a nation we need to look into the mirror and understand just how bad our decline has been” [3], but they don’t think about the root of problems. And even when they ask: “Why America has become a Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption ?” [3], they just repeat the stupid lefts’ bullshits. In their Cesspool Of Filth and Corruption, the lefts and intellectual mercenaries like Chomsky and Zizek, are among the main bad guys. But they are blind. The stupid OWS and the US election farce can show them their serious problems, but they are blind. Of course they truly say: “We are literally surrounded by psychopaths and sociopaths as we approach the edge of societal collapse” [3], and truly add: “But if all you do is listen to the mainstream media, you would be tempted to think that we are the smartest, most moral, most enlightened [people] in all of human history” [3] But they know nothing about the role of people like Chomsky and Zizek in misleading and brainwashing their people. And when their damn intellectuals and their fucking alternatives are people like Chomsky and Zizek, who kiss the ass of politicians and defend the brutal dictators, it’s obvious that “things can only get worse” in the US and the West. Unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t tell the truth, because they believe: “telling the truth is a revolutionary act !” And it reminds me of what the wise guys said: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act“. Only in the Barbarian world, the Orwellian society, or the Empire of Lies, telling the truth is not a normal practice.


In these days, we can see many shocking, shameful events, that are really unbelievable. Recently, the Guardian and other British mass media are proving that “Comment is not Free” in the UK and the West. It’s so funny that the British bastards in the Guardian and other Big Brother’s media even don’t allow Iranians to see the comments of other people. They block or filter many IPs of Iranians and don’t allow Iranians to read the people’s comments! We and many others already knew that “Comment is not Free in the Guardian and the UK“, but this level of censorship and Orwellian behavior is really unbelievable. The UK, as the home of Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth, has become a bad joke. Some Iranians say: “Britain is a bankrupt cesspool of Barbarians and neo-Barbarians”, and many people, including many Westerners, know the UK and the British media well. They know that even “the Guardian, Britains main liberal newspaper”[1] is an Orwellian media. They ask: “Why did the Guardian miss the main point? The reason is that all our mainstream media, however liberal, […]” [1] But they don’t tell the whole truth. Their […] are often bullshit. Of course they know that “for the western media, our leaders make mistakes, they are naïve or even stupid, but they are never bad or evil. Our media do not call for Bush or Blair to be tried at the Hague as war criminals” [1] But they don’t confess that “the western media is just a little better than Pravda, the propaganda mouthpiece of the USSR”. As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, we can see that the western media is really like or worse the Nazi Media and the Goebbels’s media. Their mainstream media, however liberal, are Big Brother’s agencies and work for the Ministry of Truth”. Apparently, the British media and other bad guys in the West have a short manifesto that says: “This media/ website is for sale, and accepts money to cover any story, and censor any comment. We and the news industry sold out to Big Brother!” In these days, when Iranians take a look at the Western media, they often use the old Persian sarcastic idioms, and say: “baz Khoda Pethare Goebbels-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Goebbels!) As we said before, it’s part of the Persian Sarcasm. In Iran, when X is a very notorious evil/ jerk, but Y is even worse than X, Iranians say: ‘God Bless X’, that is a sarcastic joke about Y. The Persians use such sarcastic idioms a lot. For instance, when Iranians see the Zionists and the Jewish Nazi, they say: “baz Khoda Pethare Hitler-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Hitler!); or when they see the Mullahs, they say: “baz Khoda Pedare Pahlavi-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Pahlavi!). Of course, the stupid Pahlavists that their IQ is less than zero try to pretend that this Persian sarcasm means “Iranians still love Pahlavi” !! These stupid bastards that live in the US are familiar with the Persian Sarcasm, but their IQ and their stupid charlatanism don’t allow them to confess to the truth. Recently, as the people media report: “The stupid West and the stupid CIA try to test the level of their bankruptcy, specially the bankruptcy of their agents and their puppets, in Iran. They asked Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi) to call for a demonstration on 15th and 16th Dec 2012 (25th and 26th Azar 1391) in Iran and the world! The CIA and the Western pigs wanted to evaluate the number of the Iranian Monarchists (Pahlavists); and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi) showed them that more than 99% of Iranians hate the Monarchists and Reza Papeh! In Iran, zero Iranians cared about him and his call, but the funny thing is that even the stupid Iranian expats, that are much stupider than Iranians inside Iran, didn’t give a damn shit about Pahlavi. Only a dozen or so whores support him!” In 2012, the West and the mercenaries badly revealed the depth of their bankruptcy. Reza Pahlavi or “Reza Papeh”, that means ‘Reza, the big idiot”, and the Pahlavists and the Rajavists (the MEK) are dead rats, but as Iranians say: “It’s so funny that the bankrupt West only supports the bankrupt Mullahs, the bankrupt Monarchists (Pahlavists), the bankrupt Terrorists (MEK), and the bankrupt mercenaries, that almost all Iranians hate them all. In these days, the bankrupt Islamists (Khatamists) and the bankrupt mercenaries badly made a fool of themselves and made us laugh. The bankrupt whores like Masoud Behnoud, Nikahang Kowsar, Ebrahim Nabavi, Alireza Nourizadeh, Abbas Abdi, and other Khatamists and British spies try to set the stage for the new Mullah selection. But now, even the stupidest Iranians say: ‘Islamist-Reformists are mercenaries. Khatami is Khaen (traitor) and Mozdoor (mercenary). Khatami is a bad guy. He tells big lies and betrays the people and the martyrs, while at least he could remain silent“. We have already written about “Dumb and Dumber”. It’s obvious why Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Islamists and other mercenaries. And it’s obvious why Iranians say: “People like Khatami [or Pahlavi and other anti-Iranian mercenaries] are Bi-Pedar-o Madar (bastard), Mashang (big idiot), Khaen (tratior), and Mozdoor (mercenary)”.


In these days, almost all anti-Iranian pigs make a fool of themselves. For instance, Hooshang AmirAhmadi, an anti-Iranian pig that Iranians know him as “an anti-Iranian CIA agent that works with the Mullah Gestapo!”, has recently said: “I [Hooshang Amirahmadi] want to be one of the candidates in the next summers Mullah presidential selection [!]” As the funny Iranians say: “Apparently, the CIA has lost its mind. In 2009, the CIA candidate, AhmadiNejad, won the Mullah selection with a CIA-backed coup, and now in 2012, they support the old, bankrupt whores -from the Marxist-Jihadis to pigs like AmirAhmadi, Reza Pahlavi, Khatamists, Basiji thugs, Salafis, Taliban, etc. Does CIA stands for Central Idiocy Agency?!” We have already written about the Mullah Mafia and the anti-Iranian pigs like Hooshang AmirAhmadi (AIC) or Trita Parsi (NIAC) (check Archive). These little pigs had a sell-by date, and now, they are bankrupt whores that just beg attention. From now on, we just prefer to write about their Western employers, or about people like Gary Sick, Brzezinski, or Chomsky that help the Mullah Mafia. In these days, many things are really unbelievable. As some Iranians say: “People like Gary Sick and Brzezinksi openly defend the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation, and prove that the CIA badly loves the Mullah regime! But do you know what the Mullahs called Gary Sick and Brzezinksi ?! the high-rank CIA agents!” In these days, the anti-Iranian mercenaries that the West supports them financially, can show you many things. These bastards and their cesspools, including RoozOnline.com as a cesspool of anti-Iranian pigs and Ashura traitors, and Balatarin.com as a cesspool of anti-Iranian mercenaries, tell big lies and betray Iran and Iranians. But no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. In fact, the anti-Iranian pigs and their main cesspits are badly bankrupt. But we still write about them, only because the West still supports these bastards financially and politically, and as some wise Iranians say: “The anti-Iranian traitors and their main cesspits can show us the Western plans and the Western plots against Iran and Iranians”. They also add: “The bankrupt anti-Iran media, including RoozOnline and Balatarin, showed us their true colors in 2009 and 2012. In 2009, these anti-Iranian pigs were worried about the Mullah regime, tried to save the Mullahs, and betrayed the people and the martyrs, and in 2012, these little shits supported the Western sanctions and even the Zionist threats!, and proved that they are Khaen (traitor), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (fatherland-seller). RoozOnline is a cesspool of these anti-Iranian whores, including Masoud Behnoud, Nabavi, Kowsar, Bastani, Abdi, Noushabe Amiri, Mehrangiz Kar, Assadi, Malihe Mohammadi, Farrokh Negahdar, and other Khatamists and anti-Iran pigs. They are paid by the West to betray Iran and Iranians. But now, they are badly bankrupt and no one gives a damn shit about these jerks in Iran”. They also add: “The BBC/ VOA Persian, Balatarin.com, Gooya.com, RoozOnline.com, and other cesspits of the anti-Iranian traitors, are just a small part of [the Evil Empire of Lies]. They and the Mullah Mafia are not important. Their Western employers is the main problem”. 2012 was the end of the Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists. Now, these bastards and their websites, including Kaleme.com and IranGreenvoice are as honorable as the Mullahs and their media. Now, even the uneducated Iranians say: “Khatami is a stupid bastard like other Mullahs and traitors” (Khatami Ham yek Bi-Pedar-o Madari-e Mesl-e Baghi-e Akhonda va Khaena). Now, many Iranians know the West and puppets of the West. As the wise Iranians say: “In this year (2012) and also in 2009, the West and its mass media just assured Iranians that the West is a bad guy and a big liar. If Iranians want to write about the Western Orwellian media and their big lies, they can write several books about it!” It’s true. The wise Iranians have not written their books about the West and its puppets yet, because they are not allowed to write book and publish it in Iran, and also in the Orwellian West. They even cannot have website, and their websites have been censored or boycotted by the West and its search engines. Even our website that just tries to show you a small part of what Iranians say or know, is censored or boycotted. It’s really shameful. Some ask us: “Are there any good books written on these subjects that you recommend?” We have tried to introduce some good sources, but unfortunately, it is very rare to find good books or good articles. In this Orwellian world, that Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth censor, falsify, or control everything, you should learn how to read bad books or bad sources and learn from their paradoxes and their inconsistencies. Of course the Ministry of Truth or the Systematic Censorship is a big problem. The wise Iranians can write many good books about the subjects that you read about them in this website, but they cannot publish their books, and their voices are censored or boycotted. It’s really shameful that ‘some’ try to control the world and don’t allow your voice to reach other people. It’s a very important problem, and all wise, good guys in all around the world should care about it. The tribe of the good guys needs alternative search engines, alternative media, alternative publishers, and other alternative systems that allow the voice of good guys to reach all humans in all around the world. It’s a serious need. The Empire of Lies and it puppets censor or falsify everything. Now, even some Westerners have become aware and say: “Mainstream Media Is Orwellian Ministry Of Truth-Style Propaganda Machine”[2] They report: “New York Times has admitted most mainstream media outlets voluntarily get approval and heavily edited quotes from the Whitehouse before publishing them”[2] They add: “Follow the money and youll find out who is really shaping public perception in this f**ked up world we live in” [2] But only some alternative media, like [3], tell a small part of the truth, while they don’t know the bad guys, and they even support intellectual mercenaries like Zizek or Chomsky. Unfortunately, the Evil Empire of Lies censors or boycotts all wise, good guys in all around the world. It’s a global problem that we all should care about it.

For more information:

[1] “An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media”, a weak article by Jonathan Cook, 2011
[2] Mainstream Media Is Orwellian Ministry Of Truth-Style Propaganda Machine , 2012
[3] EndOfTheAmericanDearm.com , an alternative website that has articles like: “America Is A Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption”, “Shocking Examples Of How Sadistic And Cruel [Our] People Have Become”, “America Is being systematically Transformed Into A Surveillance Grid”, “70 Reasons To Mourn For America”, etc
[4] “US Government To Set Up Internet Ministry Of Truth, As
Communist-Style Government-Run Media”, by a Westerner, 2011
[5] “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free”, a book by Charles Pierce, 2009

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