American Terrorists: from Connecticut to Colorado

“The American terrorists kill the innocent children, not only in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc, but in Connecticut, Colorado, and other parts of America. Now, the great American terrorist sheds crocodile tears for the children, while he has created the Iranian 9/11 (2009 tragedy) and the Sanction Farce (2012 Farce) and has killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians with the help of his beloved Mullahs. The great American terrorists are much worse than those little terrorists who killed the innocent children in Connecticut, Colorado, etc”, some Iranians say. In this year (2012), the American terrorists created many great tragedies, including two mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut. The American Terrorism has become a bad and boring tragicomedy, but as the wise Iranians say: “Their media still refer to the American Terrorism as ‘Unthinkable Tragedy’, while the American Terrorism is a boring, Thinkable Tragicomedy. When the Americans don’t care about other humans and other children in other countries; when their drones kill the innocent children; when their troops, their mercenaries, their terrorists, and their beloved dictators kill and torture the innocent people; when their stupid sanctions is a stupid collective punishment; when they help Mullahs in killing Iranians, but impose their stupid sanctions on Iranians; and when they delist and support a Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK), it’s obvious that the American terrorists are stupid savages who can only create a country that suffers from mass shooting, mass corruption, mass brainwashing, mass idiocy, and mass poverty, with 150 million poor people (that 50 millions of them live like the homeless)”. The Connecticut terrorist was like his president. “First, he killed his mother. His mother body was found later at their home located 5 miles (8 km) from the elementary school”, the media reported. The American terrorists are really like their president, who kills and tortures Iranians, Syrians, Egyptians, and also Americans at their home. “Their foolishness, their betrayals, their sanctions and their love affair with Mullahs, Islamists, and terrorists pay them back, because what goes around comes around”, some Iranians say. “Nobody knows why 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, why he then took her guns to the school and murdered at least 20 children and 6 adults on 14 Dec 2012″, the US media say. “But Iranians know the whys. Their fucking Obama, their fucking Chomsky, and their major role in the 2009 coup and killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, and their fucking role in the [2012 farce], and all their crimes can show us the whys”, the angry Iranians say. “The teacher immediately barricaded her 15 students into a tiny bathroom, sitting one of them on top of the toilet. She said to them: There are bad guys out there now. We need to wait for the good guys”, the US media reported. But most Americans don’t know their bad guys. “They don’t know that the US pigs, from Obama to Chomsky, are bad guys who have blood on their dirty hands. They don’t know that the American pigs are terrorists or support the terrorists, including the MEK”, some Iranians say. “Evil visited this country today”, the US media say. But as Iranians add: “Evil has lived in the US since 2009, when the US aided its beloved Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of the innocent Iranians. Evil is American and lives in America”. The US media talk about “Connecticut slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School”, but they say nothing about the motives, or the root of problems. They just say: “The motive for the mass killing is a mystery”. The story of “American Terrorists and American Censorship” is unbelievable. “Why? Why? one woman cried [in Newtown, Connecticut]”. But the Newtown massacre, and also the story of the Colorado terrorist, his notebook and his motives can show us that the US system doesn’t allow the public to know the whys. They censor the whys. “US Officials shed no light on the motive for the attack”, the media say. And it’s true about the Connecticut massacre, the Colorado slaughter, the Iranian tragedy, the Syrian tragicomedy, the Egyptian Farce, etc. The story of the Colorado terrorist (James Holmes, below picture) and the American censorship is really shameful and meaningful.


“The US Judge didn’t decide debate over James Holmes notebook. Attorneys argued over whether prosecutors should have access to a notebook Holmes mailed to his psychiatrist the evening before the shootings. The American Judge didn’t allow anyone to access Holmes’ notebook. Access to the notebook is restricted to the judge and the government [!!] Why is James Holmes notebook confidential in the US ?[!]”, some media said In Sep 2012. It’s really one of the most shameful episodes of the US history. This level of censorship and hiding the truth in USA is really unbelievable and embarrassing, and that’s why the wise guys say: “Today’s USA has become the land of Lie and Brainwashing. Today’s America is a real Third-World country, with many stupid Sheeple. USA has become a backward nation”. When the US and the American pigs openly and shamelessly delist and support a tiny Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK), and when the US pigs support the reactionary monarchists (Pahlavists), and when the American pigs support the Islamists, the Salafists, the terrorists, and the dictators, it’s obvious why many Iranians truly say: “Today’s America is a hypocritical, backward country. Today’s USA is the land of Lie, the land of Ignorance, the land of Hypocrisy, and the land of Terrorism”. Now, the US Sheeple only talk about “Gun Control”. They are blind, and as some Iranians say: “They cannot see the serious diseases in today’s West, including Ignorance, Censorship and Brainwashing”. What the US media say about Adam Lanza is like what they said about Breivik or Holmes. In the best case, they say: “Adam Lanza was an honors student who lived in a prosperous neighborhood with his mother, who enjoyed hosting dice games and decorating the house for the holidays. A former classmate says that Lanza was just a kid, not a troublemaker, not anti-social, not suggesting in any way that he could erupt like this. ‘You could definitely tell he was a genius. He was really quiet, he kept to himself’. His former bus driver says that Lanza was a nice kid, very polite. Lanza’s parents filed for divorce in 2008, and in September 2009 -when Adam was 17- his mother and father divorced. His father remarried and left them”. But what would they say about him, if he was a non-American, or a Muslim? The answer is obvious. Apparently, they think: “The terrorists are equal, but the American terrorists are more equal !”. The American Sheeple can not see the real problems in the US, including Ignorance and Corruption. It’s funny to know that the anti-Iranian pigs, that some of them are Iranians who live in the West as “mercenaries”, only tell big shameful lies about Iran and the West. As some Iranians say: “When [these] Inglorious Bastards want to talk about the stupid things or the stupid people in the West, they say: ‘Oh, it’s not important. Every society no matter how liberal or progressive can create such people, Norway or USA is no exception’. But when they talk about the same things or the less stupider things in Iran, they say: ‘Oh, it’s very important. Only Iran’s society have such problems and such people. Iranians are stupid, coward, cruel, etc. They are Third-Worlders!’. These stupid, inglorious bastards are paid to misinform non-Iranians and discourage Iranians. But those who live like sheep, and are brainwashed by the media, and know nothing about the world, are the real Third-Worlders, not Iranians that are much wiser and much braver than the Westerners”. It’s a good point. As some Americans say: “The Norwegian terrorist’s ideology has tens of millions of believers in the US: the ultra right, fundamentalist, Bible believing fanatics, etc”. And some Europeans add: “Europe and USA must ask how they created such terrorists”. But only a few Westerners are wise enough to say such things. “Europe and USA still suffer from racism, xenophobia, fascism, fanaticism, fundamentalism, idiocy, discrimination, suppression, censorship, etc”, some say. But most Westerners love “Self-Deception”, and don’t care about the truth or the serious problems. “Many Iranian expats are like the Western pigs. They are ‘Khod-Bakhteh’ (Self-defeated), ‘Khod-Forukhteh’ (Self-sold), or ‘Mozdoor-e Dozari’ (cheap mercenary)”, some wise Iranians say. “If the US terrorists had been Muslim, we would have asked what it was within these countries and cultures that made them terrorists! [But now, we are silent]. We are really hypocrites”, some Westerners say. But the Iranian baboons say nothing about the main problems in the West, because it just proves that today’s Iranians are more modern than their Western counterparts. The Mullahs and other mercenaries and puppets of the West know that Iran will become a free, modern, and strong country soon. So, Big Brother and all his mercenaries, from Gary Sick and Brzezinksi to Chomsky, help Mullahs and desperately try to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. But Big Brother and his mercenaries cannot succeed, because Iranians have become aware. Now, Iranians know the Mullahs and the mercenaries. For instance, Iranians talk about the story of ‘Mullah and Dollar’, and how the Mullahs don’t allow the foreign currencies’ rate to decrease, and how it neutralizes the Subsidy Cut Plan (IMF Plan) and makes it only part of a plot for destroying Iran’s economy and helping the West. We would write more about it later, but many Iranians laugh at it, and know that the Western terrorists just want to keep Iran weak and dependent by the help of their mercenaries, including the Mullahs. Iranians have become aware, but most Westerners are still blind and stupid. It’s really shameful. As the wise Iranians say: “The real American terrorists live in Washington, but most Westerners are stupid, and just talk about the little American terrorists in Connecticut or Colorado“.


The American terrorists and their puppets in Syria, Egypt, Iran, and other parts of the world kill the innocent children and hurt and torture the innocent people, but most Westerners are silent and allow monkeys like Obama and Chomsky to hurt and betray the innocent children. “Many Americans and Europeans are selfish Sheeple who don’t know that we all live in the same planet, and are victims of the same bad guys. The Iranian people and other nations are victims of the American terrorists and the European barbarians, who not only refused to put any pressure on the Mullahs in 2009, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians. And now, in 2012, they have imposed their stupid sanctions on the Iranian people (not the Mullahs). Most Americans live like sheep and their foolishness aid the American terrorists in hurting all humans. The story of the Connecticut Slaughter and the Colorado Shooting can show us how the US pigs make use of public ignorance and pubic foolishness in the US. After several months, they still censor the news of James Holmes. The American media still try to hide James Holmes and his motives, and it [says a lot] about US Orwellian system and the American Sheeple“, some wise Iranians say. In the recent months, the media reported: ‘[That American terrorist] Holmes was like the Norwegian terrorist and had a notebook. Officials have received package from Holmes on Monday after massacre. A notebook sent through the mail by Holmes before Friday’s massacre was delivered at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus on Monday, university officials said. The notebook detailed Holmes’ plans to kill people. Neither officials with the university nor law enforcement would discuss the contents of the package, citing a judge’s order banning investigators and lawyers involved in the case from discussing it [!!]. A law enforcement official did confirm to The Denver Post that a package containing a notebook was sent by Holmes to the university. Is it a manifesto or an apology? The US officials don’t allow us to know the truth!“. It’s really shameful. The US officials openly censor the important news, and the American Sheeple don’t protest against it! This level of censorship and stupidity in the US is really unbelievable. “Most good guys are silent as usual, and the American Sheeple, that are among the dumbest people in the world, just repeat their shepherd’s bullshit. They have forgotten the Aurora Massacre, and say nothing about Holmes’s motives. It’s very meaningful. If Holmes was a non-American, does the US media shut their dirty mouth for several months?”, some Iranians say. An American terrorist, Holmes, has a notebook or a manifesto, but the US officials censor it and don’t allow the people to know about his motives. Can you believe it?! “This level of Censorship and Foolishness in the US just proves that today’s Iranians are among the wisest and the bravest people in the world, and the world should kiss the Iranians’ brains and the Iranians’ balls!”, the funny Iranians say. This level of foolishness in the US can show you many things about Americans and Iranians. “The Western pigs desperately try to hurt, torture, censor, or boycott the Iranian people and their voices, because Iranians are not ignorant”, the wise Iranians say. But most Americans are ignorant and don’t know the great American terrorist, and as they don’t know the US pigs and the main problems in the US.


The West censors the news and the pictures of Adam Lanza and the Connecticut shooting, and with this shitty internet in Iran, I can’t find any good picture of Lanza and his massacre. So, I use the pictures of the great American terrorist! Most Americans don’t know their worst guys, and they learn nothing form their mistakes. “As a society we have tried many times to parlay the lessons of these tragedies into public policies, but we [failed]. What we’ve learned is: nothing!”, some Americans say. And some wise Iranians add: “Only a backward and their-world country can have many mass shootings and many disasters without learning any lesson of them. Only a backward nation can see non-Americans as terrorists or bad guys, while the American terrorists are the worst terrorists, and the US is the main bad guy”. Obama and the US pigs have changed many things in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “The world should ask itself why the Iranian people, that were pro-American, have changed. And what’s the difference between today’s America and today’s Iran”. They also add: “Iranians are not as stupid as Americans. Who can forget the American betrayals and the American crimes in 2009? Who can forget the American foolishness in 2011, during the blind OWS movement that had no goal and no demand? Who can forget the American idiocy and the 99% crap? Who can forget the US Election Farce, when the Americans proved that they are the 99% of idiots? Who can forget the American animals, from the Stupid Monkey (Obama) to the Stupid Donkey (Chomsky), and how they betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement? Who can forget the US Sanction Farce in 2012? Who can forget the US support of the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)? Iranians know the US pigs, and also the Lefts that just helped Obama and Mullahs, and proved that their anti-imperialist crap is an empty slogan, and the lefts just help the so-called imperialists in the name of fighting against imperialism”. The wise Iranians also add: “When no one asks about [the love story] of Chomsky and Brzezinksy, or Zizke’s love affair with Obama, and when not one asks about the motive of the Colorado terrorist, and when the US media can easily brainwash the Americans, it’s oblivious that the US society is full of idiots, and you should not expect them to understand the 2009 tragedy, the OWS farce, the leftist betrayals, or the American problems“. They also add: “But many Iranians are wise enough to know the big problems. They know why the American pigs and [the British barbarians] refused to help the anti-Mullah movement and instead helped the Mullahs and the [Iranian baboons]. The Iranian people are not as stupid as the American Sheeple. And it’s the main difference between two societies. In today’s world, the US is a backward, terrorist nation”. Yah, Iranians are angry, but it’s obvious why they are angry. When the US pigs clearly say: “Sanctions hurt the Iranian people, but it’s not important (who cares about other humans)! We just want to bring them to their knees [!!]”; and when Americans don’t protests against such shameful bullying/ bullshit, it’s obvious that Iranians should see USA as a backward, terrorist country. When the great American terrorist, that has created the Iranian 9/11 and has suppressed the anti-Mullah movement, sees the 2012 sanction farce as ‘toughest sanctions in history”, but no one asks him: “Hey Motherfucker, why you didn’t impose your stupid ‘toughest sanctions’ in 2009, when Iranians were in the streets and asked you, the terrorist monkey, to put pressure on Mullahs?”, it’s obvious that the US has become the land of the Yabu (Stupid Mules). The innocent children in Iran, USA, etc are alike, but the US pigs betray all children, while most Americans defend the US pigs.


The Connecticut shooting and the Colorado massacre can show you why Iranians talk about “West in the Time of Cholera”, that we have already about it (check our previous post). In these days, the West helps the Mullahs in blocking and filtering the internet in Iran, but even those Western pigs that are paid to build anti-filtering tools for Iranians say: “there is no new [solution]. If you don’t be able to use our service in Iran, it’s your problem [!!]”. The West has become a bad joke. But most Westerners are badly ignorant. Some ask us: “What the good guys could or should do?” The answer is clear, and we have already written about it. The good guys should write about the important issues, and should ask the media to cover the Western-made tragedies, instead of censoring them. The good guys should make public opinion aware, and let them know how the West and the Western pigs help the Islamists (including Mullahs and Egyptian Islamists) and the terrorists (including the MEK). The good guys should protest, should express their anger, and should show Iranians that they exist. The Western pigs try to censor and boycott the truths and the voices of the Iranian people. So, “Write about it, talk about it, and protest again it”. How many Westerners write about the Iranian people and the Western-made problems in Iran? How many Westerners know that the West and the American pigs help the Mullahs, and betray the modern Iranians? Their number is very very small, and it’s very shameful. The good guys should become aware, and should make their people aware. The Western-made tragedy of the internet in Iran, amid the Western sanctions (aka Sanction Farce), is the one of the greatest and shittiest Orwellian jokes. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the Western pigs try not to allow the voices of the Iranian people to be heard. And that’s why they and their search engines censor and boycott the websites of the Iranian people, and help the Mullahs in blocking, filtering, or unplugging the internet in Iran”. The West and the Western pigs help their beloved Islamists and their beloved dictators, including the Mullahs. The good guys should not remain silent. The Western pigs try to fool and control their people. They censor almost everything, and it’s the real tragedy. You even cannot know the motives and details of the Connecticut shooting and the Colorado massacre, because Big Brother and his media censor everything. The good guys should not remain indifferent. Many people don’t care about the censorship and brainwashing in the West, and it’s so dangerous. Many Westerners don’t care about other humans and the human values. They are ‘animals’, not humans. But those Westerners that are humans, but are ignorant, should know that their ignorance only help the bad guys. They should know the bad guys’ tactics. The dirty tricks in Iran and the West are almost alike. As some Iranians say: “The Mullahs censor the news and people’s comments. The main cesspits of the anti-Iranian pigs –,, BBC Persian, VOA Farsi, etc-, desperately try to misinform and discourage the people, but no one gives a damn shit about these bastards in Iran. Most Iranians know their politicians, their media whores, their pseudo intellects, their traitors, and their intellectual mercenaries, but how many Westerners are like Iranians and are well aware or politically-aware?” It’s a good question. The Western Orwellian media and the intellectual mercenaries try to fool and misinform the Westerners. The American terrorists can repeat their crimes, because most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know the main problems and their roots. The Westerners should become ‘Aware’. In the US and the West, Ignorance, Foolishness, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Brainwashing, Inhumanity, etc are much important than “Gun Control”. The good guys should become aware, and should make their people aware.

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