12-12-12: West in the Time of Cholera

“There are many idiots who believe the end of the world is imminent -either 12-12-12 or 12-21-12! Most of these idiots are Americans and Europeans”, the people media report. In these days, many things prove that most Americans and Europeans are badly stupid or ignorant. On 12-12-12, it’s not bad to write a few lines about “stupidity and ignorance” in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Gabriel García Márquez [1928- now] wrote about ‘Love in the Time of Cholera‘. Cholera was a symbol, maybe a symbol of war and backwardness. And now, the Western Cholera is ignorance and inhumanity. The Western people live like the selfish sheep, and know nothing about their politicians, their lefts, their media, their pseudo intellectuals, their sham democracy, their corrupt systems, and their real tragedies. And it’s the Western Cholera”. In these days, when you think about the pre-2009 era and the post-2009 era, you can see how Iranians changed, and how the West destroyed its image and revealed its true face. In the pre-2009 era, most Iranians, including us, preferred to be optimistic about the US and the West. Most Iranians were pro-American, because they thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy. Most Iranians think that the US is not the bad guy. Most Iranians didn’t see the US or the West as the Great Evil. But now, many things have changed, because the stupid US and the stupid West badly revealed their true colors. In the pre-2009 era, many Iranians preferred to live in a fantasy world. They were like today’s Westerners, and saw ‘Realism’ and ‘Sad Truths’ as ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘pessimism’. But now, they can see a long list of the undeniable facts that prove the US is the main bad guy, and the West is the main responsible for the main human tragedies. In the past three years, Obama and other Western pigs proved that the West is the bad guy, while most Iranians proved that today’s Iranians are really wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts. In the post-2009 era, the stupid US, the backward West, aka the Barbarian West, and their worthless mercenaries proved that the West is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy and progress. So, it’s obvious why Iranians change their minds, and say: “Fuck Obama”, “Fuck USA”, “Fuck Chomsky”, etc, and why the wise Iranians say: “The 2009 tragedy, the 2011 farce, and the 2012 farces, including the US election farce, the EU Nobel farce, the Egyptian farce, the Sanction farce, the Economic crises, the Sham Democracy and the empty gestures of the Freedom and Humanitarianism, and many other things can show us that the West is a stupid and bankrupt bad guy”. Now, not only Iranians say: “The Evil Empire of the West has reached the end of the line”, but even some Westerners write about the Evil Empire of the West, and publish books like “The Evil Empire: How England Ruined the World“, and tell a small part of the truth. But unfortunately, most Westerners are still ignorant. As the witty Iranians say: “Most Westerners just remind you of the Sheep and the Yabu (stupid mules)”. Unfortunately, the story of the Orwellian West (the Barbarian West) and the Ministry of Truth, is not a fictional story, but it it’s a sad truth that can explain the root of problems. The stories of Chomsky and Brzezinksi, Zizek and Obama, Obama and Mullahs, Obama and the Egyptian Islamists, the lefts and the Islamists, the West and the Marxist terrorists (MEK), the IMF and the Mullahs, the Lefts and the Mullahs, the Western Sanction Farce, and many other stories just prove that the West is really stupid, and most Westerners are really stupider than today’s Iranians. Yah, “many knows that the West is both morally and economically bankrupt”, but many don’t know that ‘Stupidity and Ignorance” is a serious problem in the US and Europe. In the recent days, “Amid the financial crisis and other serious crises, EU receives Nobel Peace Prize”! The EU Nobel Peace Prize, aka the EU Nobel Farce, is a historic joke and a historic scandal that says a lot about today’s Orwellian West. In these days, you can see many historic scandals. In these days, as the people media report: “Obama and the US pigs openly [and shamelessly] support the Egyptian Islamists and their plans to push for a quick referendum on a constitution that doesn’t respect freedom and human rights”. In these days, the US supports the Egyptian Islamists without shame, as the US and the West supported the Mullahs in 2009, when the Western Sheeple were blind. In these days, the US supports the Egyptian Islamists, as the US and the West support a small “Marxist-Islamist” terrorist group (MEK) and create the greatest scandals in the US history. As the wise Iranians say: “The story of Iran, from the 2009 tragedy to the 2012 farce, says a lot about the Barbarian West and the Western Sheeple. The story of Iran can show you why today’s West is backward and bankrupt. Most Westerners know nothing about the story of Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc, because they live like the Sheep or the Yabu (stupid mules) and the Big Brother’s agencies can easily brainwash them”. And it’s the true story of “West in the Time of Cholera”.


The Western Sheeple don’t know the true colors of the US, the UK, the EU, the Lefts, and the Western pigs, and cannot see the undeniable facts. And it’s a serious disease worse than Cholera! In these days, the British pigs in the British mass media, including the Guardian, wrote shameful editorials about Egypt, support the Egyptian Islamists, and talk about ‘revolutionary responsibility’!, but most Westerners are blind and stupid. In these days, the media report: “The ITU approved a standard requirement for deep packet inspection (DPI) facilities (snooping)” !! and the UN calls for snooping, blocking and filtering the internet, and the West and the Western pigs help the Mullahs in implementing the deep packet inspection (DPI) and in snooping, blocking and filtering the internet in Iran, but most Westerners are blind and stupid. As some wise Iranians say: “Most Westerners can’t believe the sad truths, because if they accept the truths, they have to deny all those big lies that are part of their life”. They also add: “Chomksy and Brzezinski are two sides of the same coin, but the Americans prefer to live in their unreal Matrix. They love their Matrix and their fantasy world, because in the real world, the West is an Orwellian society with a barbaric and inhuman culture, and a logic that belongs to the human eaters. In reality, Chomsky and the lefts, as the agents of Big Brother and Imperialism, try to control and brainwash the masses. In reality, Chomsky and the lefts help the Imperialists in supporting the Islamists and the brutal dictators that serve the West’s interests. In reality, the West and the lefts love the Islamists, the terrorists, the dictators, and other reactionary forces, because these jerks keep their own countries weak, backward, and dependent. In reality, the West is the ancient land of ‘Barbarians and Human-eaters’. In reality, the West is the bad guy, and the real enemy of the human world. In reality, most Westerners are victims of their politicians, their bankers, their lefty intellects, and their corrupt Orwellian systems. But in the Matrix and the fantasy world of the Westerners, they don’t care about the truth, the reality, and the real world, because it’s scary!”. It’s not a bad analysis. Think about it. In these days, you can see the true colors of many things. In these days, “the love story of Morsi and Obama, and the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood and their American employers to arrest those liberals who asked for ‘a very strong statement of condemnation by the US and Europe’, can show you many things. In these days, the tragicomedy of Syria -after two years of Western games, Western betrayals and Western crimes against humanity- can show you many things. As the wise Iranians say: “There is no doubt that the US and Europe are the bad guys that support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), the reactionary monarchists (Pahalivsts), and the Mullahs in Iran, and the Salafis, the Islamists, the terrorists, the dictators in Egypt, Syria, and other parts of the world. It’s an important and undeniable fact, but most Westerners are badly stupid”. Yah, “[Only] Around 1,000 protesters marched in Oslo on Sunday to protest against the [ridiculous] award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union”, the media reports. In fact, most Europeans and most Americans are badly stupid or ignorant. It’s what the US election farce proved it, too (check Archive). “The EU Peace Prize is the award for arms sales, use of military force and ‘financial war’. ‘They are selling weapons and they are undemocratic and they are mistreating people in Greece. Its just a disaster’, a Norwegian says. ‘It makes me very angry that they are getting the peace prize. Now its like a hit in the face of everybody who is suffering in Greece, Spain [, etc]’, [a European] adds. ‘When we heard that the Nobel Prize for peace will be given to the EU, we first thought it was a joke [!],’ said a Greek, ‘especially because this comes in days when mainly the people of South Europe are living with the results of a financial war, and their countries are turning to colonies of debt with deprived citizens and looted national wealth”, the people media report. Many Europeans are angry or frustrated, but unfortunately, they don’t want to accept the truth about the West and the lefts. In these days, many things are badly ridiculous. The British pigs in the Guardian, not only support the terrorists and the Islamists, but they prove that “Comment is Not free” in the West. In these days, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, and Gary Sick help the US and the Islamists. As the people media report: “Recently, Gary Sick, that Khamenei’s newspaper (Keyhan) sees him as a high rank Zionist agent of the CIA !, defended the Islamists, the Mullahs and the US-Mullah relation, and said: ‘the most promising strand to pull when trying to unravel the Mideast problem is the Iranian dilemma. When Obama came into office, he courageously promised to engage [Mullahs!] Trita Parsi [!] evocatively describes that episode […] The sanctions did their job [!] Iran has gladly accepted the invitation of the P5+1[!] Sanctions have two useful purposes[!] One is to persuade Iran to return to the negotiating table[!] That has happened [!!] The other is to give the sanctioning party something to bargain away in return for concessions [!!] Now is the moment to proceed with a deal [and] mutual compromise[!!] The starting point must be private US-Mullah discussions, leading to an agreed agenda [!!!] Experience suggests that an agreed agenda is more likely to emerge from bilateral discussions outside the glare of publicity [!!!] The threat of a new war in the Middle East would be reduced” ! Can you believe it?! We would write more about Gary Sick and Mullahs later, but as the wise Iranians say: “the sick Gary should know that Iranians know him, his CIA, and his Mullah friends. Iranians know why the bankrupt US barks and farts. A morally-bankrupt country with $16,000 billion national debt is on the edge of collapse. In 2002, before Iraq war, the US debt was about $5 trillion, and now in 2012, it’s $16 trillion. Iran war has just one meaning: The US digs its own grave and annihilates itself! Iranians know the US pigs, and say to them: ‘Your bluffs and your bullshits just make us laugh, idiots. In 2009, you and your love affair with the Mullahs showed us your true colors, proved that the US is morally bankrupt. And now in 2012, you show us the depth of your foolishness, your sickness, and your bankruptcy’. Iranians are not stupid, but the West suffers from [Foolishness Disease]”. In these days, the US pigs and the British pigs just prove that, as some Iranians say: ‘In the land of Barbarians (UK/ West) only censorship, surveillance, telling big lies, killing and eating humans, or sucking and drinking human blood is Free! In the land of Human-eaters (UK/ West), lie is truth, freedom is censorship, barbarism is civilization, and Ignorance is Strength” . Yah, when there is not a single good cartoon and a single good article about Britain and the British problems in the internet, and almost everything about the UK is censored or boycotted by the search engines and the Big Brother’s agencies, it’s clear that the British pigs still believe: “Ignorance is Strength and Freedom is Slavery”.


In these days, we all can see why Orwell said: “[In the Orwellian UK] Ignorance is Strength“. The recent story of the killed nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, is like the story of Sean Hoare, the British journalist that was killed in 2011. We have already written about Sean Hoare and the British Mafia (check Archive for “Rupert Murdoch = a Global Godfather”). In these days, both the killed nurse and the killed journalist can show us that the British Gestapo or the British Mafia is not ‘conspiracy theory’. In these days, the British mass media censor, boycott, or distort the news of the killed nurse, but it’s just part of the tragedy. Now, instead of condemning the British Mafia and the British pigs, the British media and many stupid Britons say: “The Royal family didn’t kill anyone. If anyone is to blame it’s the radio hosts (DJs) in Australia!” This level of Foolishness and Falsification in the UK is really unbelievable. Unfortunately, even the educated Westerners talk nonsense and repeat the Orwellian bullshit. In the near future, we will write about the killed nurse, but when the British media say: “The DJ’s are being heavily criticized on Twitter, with many people calling for them to resign or be fired”! it’s obvious why the witty Iranians say: “The Britons and the Westerners are Yabu (stupid mules)! They are ‘Jammat-e Maghz-e Khar Khorde’ [a society of the ultra-stupid people (those who have eaten Donkey’s brain)]”. In these days, only a few Britons write: “The Royal Family Kill Nurse“, and only a handful of them say: “The British Gestapo kills an innocent nurse for nothing”. It’s really shameful that almost all comments in the British mass media, ie those people’s comments that are not censored, blame ‘two radio hosts (DJs) in Australia’, and no one talks about the killed nurse and the British Gestapo. “If you want to know the depth of the British Foolishness, just imagine that Britons accept the Mullah bullshit about Saeed Emami and Satter Beheshti and their suicide! The Britons believe such bullshits”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Compared to today’s Britons, today’s Iranians are Albert Einstein! The British people that are very stupider than the average Iranians”. The comments of Iranians prove many things: “That poor nurse killed herself because she got pranked by a radio show, are you kidding ?! Only a Yabu can say or believe such thing! … What was suspicious about it?! Everything!! … Today’s Brits are Yabu, and the ancient Brits were Adam-Khor (Human-eaters). They kill an innocent nurse, because a prank call was embarrassing for their fucking Royal hospital and their fucking Royal Family, that is a family of barbarians … ‘Sar-e Hich-o Puch’ (for nothing) the British Gestapo kills a nurse in 2012 (and a journalist in 2011). The UK is the real [Orwellian society]”. Many Iranians know the bad guys, including the British pigs, the American pigs, the lefts and the Islamists well. They say: “Morsi is a CIA agent … Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafis are puppets of the US and Zionists… The Egyptian Islamists work for the CIA and the Zionists and serve the West’s interests”. But the Americans, the Britons, the Europeans and others not only know nothing about Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc, but they even know nothing about their own countries and their own real problems! As some wise Iranians say: “The US election, the EU Nobel Farce, the Orwellian UK, and many other things can show us the truth. The horrible Economic crises in the EU and the US, or the Election show and the sham democracy in the West, is just the tip of the iceberg. The Western societies are deeply and badly corrupted. As some Westerners say: ‘Our politicians are in crisis, our media corrupted, our judiciary spineless, our police cover up their own crimes, celebrities abuse their position and children. Our banks rip us off, private companies stitch the public purse providing sub standard services. The whole establishment is rotten to the core. Institutional corruption and venality is rife in every area of public life‘. But only a few Westerners say such things, and are not stupid. The 2009 tragedy, the 2011 farce, the 2012 farces, Delisting the MEK, and the Egyptian farce and the Syrian Tragicomedy, the Sanction farce, and many other things proved that the Iranian values and the Persian gifts to the mankind, aka the human values, are meaningless to the West”. In the near future, we will write more about the Iranian values, the Persian gifts to the mankind, and the differences between the human culture (Iranian culture) and the barbarian culture (Western culture). As some wise Iranians say: “The West is both economical and morally bankrupt, because they are so ungrateful, so mean, and so stupid”. Yah, Iranians are angry, but what the wise, angry Iranians say is not baseless. They are quite frank about the whole thing. And if you open your eyes, you can see how the western media and the Intellectual mercenaries, and people like Zizek and Chomksy, can fool and manipulate the Western people. Unfortunately, only the Iranian people are not so stupid, and say: “Politicians, commentators, journalists, pseudo intellects, and other mercenaries try to brainwash and mislead the public”. Ignorance and Corruption is a very serious problem in the West. In October 2012, the Western media reported: “Merkel, German chancellor, defends education minister over plagiarism allegations. Merkel faces losing second minister after magazine says parts of Annette Schavan’s PhD thesis found to be plagiarised”. Iranians know what it means. “The Mullahs are as corrupt as Westerners, because the Mullahs hate Iran, Iranians and the Iranian culture. The Mullahs are Arab puppets of the West. The Mullahs, the Arabs, and the West are anti-Iranian, anti-human, anti-Iranian culture, and anti-human values. ‘Malakh-Khora’ (Locust-eaters) and ‘Adam-Khora’ (Human-eaters) have their own anti-Iranian values, including corruption, savagery, hypocrisy, lie, betrayal, inhumanity, etc”, some Iranians say. And the wise Iranians add: “When the Nazi, the Fascist, and the British pigs proved that the West is the land of the Neo-Barbarians, the West was not intellectually bankrupt. But now, the West is morally, economically, culturally, and intellectually bankrupt. Greece, as the first economically-bankrupt country in the EU, and the UK, as the first Orwellian society and the first morally-bankrupt country in the world, can show us what is the fate of today’s West. [In the 22nd century, and on the next 12-12-12,] the Great Iran (Great Persia) as the main world power can show the humans that even [100 years before that day,] Iranians were not ignorant, and knew the difference between the Human Civilization and the Western Cholera”. We all should think more about the Western Cholera. I hope the good guys and the wise guys in the West and all around the world can think about the roots of problems in the West, and ask themselves why the West is morally, economically, culturally, and intellectually bankrupt, and why the West has become a synonym for ‘inhumanity’, ‘lie’, ‘hypocrisy’, ‘corruption’, ‘ignorance’, or the Orwellian-barbarian values. I hope on the next 12-12-12 (100 years later), the human world can have less ignorant people and less stupid Sheeple.

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