Egyptian Farce: West, Lefts, Islamists and Obama

“Plots, events and dictators reappear in one fashion or another; But the first time as tragedy, the second as farce”, the wise guys said. These days is the best time for understanding these wise words, and seeing the true colors of the West and the lefts. In these days, if you open your eyes, you can see the difference between “conspiracy theories” and “sad truths”. The current Egyptian Farce can reveal the secrets of today’s Orwellian world, including the secrets of the 1979 CIA-Mullah revolution and the secrets of the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup. If you open your eyes, the Iranian tragedy and the Egyptian farce can show you many about the West, the lefts, and the Islamists. Everybody knows that the US and the West love dictators. The 1953 CIA-MI6-Pahlavi coup in Iran -that was a coup against independence, progress, and democracy- is an undeniable fact, not a conspiracy theory. There is a long list of good evidence about it, and after about 50 years, even the Americans and the CIA confessed to it (check Archive). But the 1979 CIA-Mullah revolution, the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup, and the CIA-Lefts-Islamists farce in Egypt are more important than the 1953 CIA-MI6-Pahlavi coup. You can wait about 50 years, and maybe in the 2060s or the 2070s, the CIA and the US would confess to the 2009 coup and the 2011-2012 farces. But if you open your eyes, there is no need to wait for 50 years. As the wise Iranians say: “There is no need to know that Morsi, and other key members of the Muslim Brotherhood work for the CIA. Just compare the 2009 Iranian tragedy with the 2011 Egyptian farce, or just compare the 1979 Iranian tragedy with the 2012 Egyptian farce, or just think about what Obama, Chomsky, and other Western pigs say or do about Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc. It can show you many things”. Yah, the relation between Morsi and the CIA is not important at all. Now, some say: “US contradictions [are unbelievable] It was in Los Angeles that Morsis wife was pulled into the orbit of the Muslim Brotherhood. Two of Morsis sons were born in the US !” [7] But it’s not important. Even the historic relation between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood [6] is not important. In these days, you can see many undeniable facts. Now, many write about “US Support for Muslim Brotherhood” and “Egyptians warn U.S. about Morsi and Islamists”. As the media reported: “Morsi asserted his dictatorial powers on Nov 22. And on 24 Nov 2012 Mohamed ElBaradei said: ‘I am waiting to see, I hope soon, a very strong statement of condemnation by the US, by Europe and by everybody who really cares about human dignity‘. But there has been no White House response to ElBaradeis comments!”. But yesterday, the Guardian reported: “ElBaradei is accused of plotting against the state! Egypt’s public prosecutor, [that is an Islamist puppet of the US] wants to arrest ElBaradei and says that he is part of a ‘Zionist plot’ ! to overthrow the Islamic government!”. In fact, it’s the White House response to ElBaradeis comments! And as Iranians say: “It’s the American Democracy!” Who can deny these undeniable facts ?! In the recent days, even the US mass media ask: “Why Obama is standing with [Islamist Dictator] Morsi?“! [1] In fact, even the US pigs, their mass media and their confessions can show you the truth. The US pigs in the CSMonitor say: “The Obama administration -as the US did for years with Mubarak- wants to separate Morsi’s domestic political maneuvers from his role as a Middle East mediator [!!!] The US needs Morsi as [..] !” [1] Can you believe it ?! As the wise Iranians say: “For the US pigs, tyranny and dictatorship is domestic political maneuvers !! that the US can ignore it! The US needs an Islamic version of Mubarak, and the US wants to support him with old tactics. The US needs Morsi as a Islamic dictator that keeps Egypt backward, stupid, and dependent“. It’s very important. The US pigs still use their old tactics. As the wise Iranians say: “The story of Egypt is stupid. But the important point is that the US supports Mullahs, Pahlavi, MEK, other mercenaries and terrorists, because the US wants to keep Iran weak and under tyranny . The US and the lefts helped the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians in 2009, because the Iranian people are wise, modern, and anti-Islamists, and can create a free and strong Iran. In 2009, the US, the lefts, and the West didn’t call the Iranian protests (the 2009 tragedy) ‘the Persian Spring’ and didn’t support it. But in 2011, the US, the lefts, and the West call the Egyptian protests (the 2011 farce) ‘the Arab Spring’ and supported it!, because the Egyptian people are stupid Islamists and can keep Egypt backward, weak, and reactionary”. The Egyptian Farce and the Iranian Tragedy badly reveal the true colors of the West and the lefts. In these days, as the mass media say: “US administration praises Morsi as a pragmatic and effective peacemaker [!!] White House officials emphasize the close coordination between Obama and Morsi [!!]” [1] Don’t forget these facts. “Obama is supporting a terrorist (Morsi). The Muslim Brotherhood has stolen the revolution with the help of [the US]”, some Egyptians say. But most Egyptians don’t know that the West and the lefts only care about the mercenaries, the dictators, the Islamists, and other jerks that serve the interests of Big Brother. As the wise Iranians say: “Most people are ignorant and don’t know that the West, the lefts, and the Islamists are the real axis of Evil. The Egyptian sheep are blind, and the Western Sheeple are [badly] ignorant. Unfortunately, only the Iranian people are open-minded and can see the obvious things: The US, the lefts, and the Islamists are close friends, and just pretend that they are enemy of each other”


In our recent posts, we wrote about Zizek, Obama, Chomsky, and Brzezinski, and in 2011 we wrote about “Obama, Egypt and Iran” (check Archive) and these days is the best time for thinking about the real axis of Evil, ie the West, the lefts, and the Islamists. Now, we can see why Obama and the US supported the Egyptian Islamists in 2011, but betrayed and suppressed the Iranian anti-Islamists in 2009. As Iranians say: “The US and the real axis of Evil is friend of Islamists, but is enemy of the modern people and the good guys. The US pigs and the European barbarians are the number one enemy of the humans and the human world”. The farcical story of Egypt and USA can show you why Iranians say such things. “Obama loves Morsi and Islamists, and supports them. In the constituent assembly, which is in charge of creating the new Egyptian constitution, the Islamists are dominating. What Morsi and the Egyptian Islamists want is like what Obama, the West, and the lefts want: An Islamic country with an Islamic tyranny”, the people media report. And some Iranian add: “Islamists on Thursday rushed to approve a draft constitution for Egypt without the participation of liberal and secular members. Of the 85 members in attendance, there was only four women, all Islamists. Together, Salafis and the Brotherhood dominate the 100-member assembly writing the new constitution. Many of the men wore beards, and were like or worse than Basijis or Talibans that the US and Chomsky love them! The draft largely reflects the vision of the Islamists and Jihadis, with articles that can lead to restrictions on the rights of women and on civil liberties in general. One article (article 10) that passed underlined that the state will protect ‘the Egyptian family’ ! A vague clause that could pave the way for Mullah Morality police! and state control over the contents of books and films. The draft also contains no article specifically establishing equality between men and women. The Islamists and Salafis [that are like Talibans, and Obama, the West, and the lefts love them] don’t believe in equality between men and women. The new draft says that the ‘principles of Islamic law’ will be the basis of law in Egypt. The draft includes bans on ‘insulting or defaming all prophets’ or even ‘insulting humans’ – broad language that can be used to crack down on many forms of speech. The spokesman of Al-Nour party, the popular arm of the Salafis, commented on the phrasing by saying, ‘this satisfies us and we agree on it’ ! The independent experts, Christians and dissidents boycotted the drafting process”. If you read “Egypt’s draft constitution” [2] you can see that it’s so hypocritical and so British ! It’s like the Mullah constitution that the British Mullahs wrote it. Read articles 2, 4, 10, 11, 12, 31, 44, 48, 50, 60, 68, etc [2] and think about its unclear or sick language. The facts say a lot about the US-backed Islamists in Egypt and the US-backed Mullahs in Iran. In July 2012, Al-Ahram newspaper reported: ‘US government has secretly agreed to back Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi’. And some Egyptian media wrote: “Obama backs Islamists in Egypt at the expense of non-Islamist forces”. But most Westerners are stupid and don’t try to compare the Egyptian farce with the Iranian tragedy. If you compare the 2009 tragedy with the 2011 farce, you can see many things. In 2009, the US, the lefts, and the West didn’t support the Iranian anti-Mullah protesters, and instead, helped the Mullahs and betrayed Iranians. But in 2011, the US, the lefts, and the West not only supported the Egyptian Islamist protesters, but called this farcical protests ‘Arab Spring’ ! In 2009, the West and the lefts converted the Persian Spring into one of the greatest tragedies of all times. But why? It’s an important question. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the lefts love the Mullahs and the Islamists, and hate the wise and modern people, because the Islamists and other stupid mules serve the West’s interests. Even films like ‘Laurence of Arabia’ can show you how the British pigs and the Arab pigs make love with each other. In Iran, Ahmad Kasravi (1890- 1946), a well-known Iranian intellectual/ historian, wrote about the British Money and the relation between the British pigs and the Mullahs since 200 years ago. Kasravi in his books wrote about the UK-backed Mullahs and how the Britons supported the Mullahs financially and gave them ‘British Money’. But do you know what happened to Kasravi ? In the 1940s, the British Mullahs issued fatwas for killing Kasravi, and a British Mullah assassinated him in 1946! And the Pahlavi regime that was puppet of the UK, didn’t punish Kasravi’s killers and freed them!” We would write more about Kasravi and British Mullahs later, but even without knowing history, if you open your eyes and read and think about the Egyptian farce, the Syrian tragicomedy, and the Iranian tragedy in the 2009-2012 period, there are many facts that can show you the truth.


“Most Egyptians and most Americans are blind and cannot see that Obama, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, and other US pigs love and support ‘political Islam’, because the Islamists serve the West’s interests. The Islamists keep their countries backward and dependent, and play the role of Fake Enemy”, the wise Iranians say. It’s obvious that the little Monkey (Morsi) is a little puppet of the US Monkey (Obama). The Egyptians and the world don’t know that maybe “shortly after a close coordination between Obama and Morsi, the Egyptian [Islamist dictator] informed” the US about the coming decrees ! [1] In fact, “Mosri helped broker a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel [and after this Sham Fight (Jange Zargari), he and Obama] followed that triumph up by issuing new decrees that effectively give him dictatorial powers over Egypt“! [3] Jange Zargari (Sham Fight) between the US, the Zionists, and the Islamists is important, but unfortunately, only a few people write or think about such things. Only a few people know that “Obama Administration Gives Morsi ‘Green Light“[4] It’s funny to know that, as the people media report: “In these days, the Mullah TV (the INN) had good analyses about Egypt! The Western media censor or boycott many things, but the Mullah TV tells the truth about Egypt !! For instance, some Mullah analysts told the truth and talked about the great deals between the US and the Egyptian Islamists! They said the Egyptian army, that gets money from the US, supports the Islamists. They talked about the meetings between the US officials and the Muslim Brotherhood in the US embassy! They talked about ‘vague phrasing’, ‘unclear words’, and double-talks and double-standards in the new Egyptian Constitution that pave the way for tyranny! They said that the US and Obama support the Salafis, the Brotherhood and other groups that don’t care about the women’s rights and the civil rights !! They said that Morsi and Islamists are enemies of Freedom, and have closed down 12 newspapers and 2 TV channels in Egypt !! It’s not joke, it’s exactly what the Mullah TV says!! Yah, the pot calls the kettle black ! Mullahs, Morsi, and all Islamists are the same shit, but they know themselves and their Western employers well !” It’s so funny. The INN has become liberal !, while the British media and the US media censor and boycott the truths about Egypt! As the witty Iranians say: “This shitty world has become a bad joke. The lefts help Obama; Zizek and the lefts kiss Obama’s ass; Chomsky loves Brzezinski; Chomsky and the lefts help Imperialism; the US media and the Western media censor the news; the Mullah TV has become liberal !; the British media are worse than the Mullah media; and the Mullahs talk about the free speech, women rights, or civil rights in Egypt ! Wow, Pigs fly!”. But unfortunately, what the Mullah TV says about Egypt is really better than what the US media and the Western media say about Egypt! What the Mullahs say about the Egyptian Army, the deals between the US and the Egyptian Islamists, and many other things are not wrong. It’s obvious that the little Monkey (Morsi), the Brotherhood and the Salafi are puppets of the West. Now, it’s clear that “Obama is Behind Morsis Power Grab In Egypt” [8] Even some Westerners say: “If you think that the recent power grab of Morsi is happening in a vacuum or by mere happenstance, you are fooling yourself … Obamas legacy will be that he installed the Muslim Brotherhood firmly in power” [8]. Now, many talk about “White House silent as Egypts Islamists grab power, moves toward Shariah Islamic law“, because the facts are undeniable. “The Muslim Brotherhood is a brothel for terrorism and war against freedom and Western values. Non-Brotherhood Egyptians are exactly correct about Morsi, being a future Assad”, some say. But most Egyptians are blind and stupid, and don’t know that their main enemy is Obama and the US, not Morsi or Mubarak. The Western media stupidly say: “Obama isnt responsible for the collapse of Mubarak dictatorship [!]” [3] But they have funny confessions, too. For instance, they say: “Obama did nothing to aid the cause of the few Egyptian liberals who want democracy. Worse than that, Obama undercut the efforts of the Egyptian military to act as a brake on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of seeking to use the billions that Egypt gets from the U.S. as a lever […], Washington has embraced Morsi” [3] This confession can remind you of when the US embraced the Mullahs in 1979! We have already written about “the West and the Shah” (check Archive) and how the US asked Iran’s army to support the Mullahs in 1979. Now, the West and the lefts want to repeat the 1979 scenario. But the 1979 tragedy is not repeatable. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the lefts just disgrace themselves. They just reveal their hidden secrets. Even the 2009 tragedy is not repeatable, because the people have become aware. The 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce only can show the world why Iranians say: ‘Fuck Obama; Fuck the British pigs; Fuck the US pigs; Fuck Chomsky and the lefts’. In fact, the main enemy of the normal humans and the good guys is the West and the lefts, not their Islamic puppets”. Think about it.


Recently, Iranians say: “Fuck Obama” and some Americans add: “Everyday is Fuck Obama day !”, but most Egyptians and Westerners are blind and stupid. They don’t know that the little Monkey (Morsi) is a puppet of the stupid Monkey (Obama). Only a few Westerners tell the truth, and say: “Obama Administration Has Given Morsi ‘Green Light” [4] Of course, they say nothing about the sham fights between the US and the Islamists. But it’s good that they tell part of the truth: “Obama is siding with [Islamist dictator] Morsi and his power grab with the Muslim Brotherhood that has triggered violent protests in the streets of Cairo. The Obama administration is giving Morsi the green light,’ [experts say]. They add: ‘It has given the Muslim Brotherhood the green light since Day One to seize power in Egypt and they have partnered politically with the Brotherhood’. The growing unrest leaves the Obama Administration with a very difficult choice [!!] The angry dissenters say: ‘Are [Obama and the US] going to be siding with the Muslim Brotherhood authoritarian regime or they are going to siding with the real Arab Spring? [!!]’ Obama administration has been influenced by the [lefty] intellectuals and the academics and advisors. These [pseduo] elites have been very sympathetic to the petro-dollars power in the region” [4] Unfortunately, most Egyptians don’t know that their main enemy is USA, not the little Morsi. They say: “Morsi declared himself above judicial oversight, his decisions final and unassailable. He made himself a new pharaoh on the Nile. Morsi won the election by a narrow margin and then five months into his term, made himself a dictator and ordered his Islamist friends to quickly finish the constitution. Now, the US has remained mostly silent on all this”. But the naive Egyptians are not aware of the truth of the 2009 Iranian tragedy and the 2011 Egyptian Farce. Now, even the American mass media confess: “The Obama Administration officials insist Morsi’s internal maneuvering hasn’t dampened their assessment of him“[1] Can you believe it?! Tyranny, Dictatorship, Bloodshed, Brutal Crackdown, etc are internal maneuvering for the US pigs! The wise Egyptians should start to study about “Washingtons Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood” [6] As some say: “Since the 1950s, the US has secretly struck up alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood on issues [such as] fighting communism. And if we look to history, we can see a familiar pattern: each time, US leaders have decided that the Muslim Brotherhood could be useful and tried to bend it to Americas goals” [6] The wise Egyptians should start to write about the US and Islamists in Egypt. “The US [have had] close relations with Muslim groups, [and] all of this was backed by CIA analyses, with one saying the Brotherhood featured ‘impressive internal dynamism, organization, and media savvy”[6] The wise Egyptians should study and write more about such facts. “In today’s Egypt, people are charged with and imprisoned for ‘insulting the president’. It is those echoes of Mubarak-style tactics against Egypts press corps that are worrying journalists and free speech advocates”, some Egyptians say, but they don’t talk about the role of the West in this stupid farce. Even the US pigs say: “Washington has a long history of making light criticism of Mubarak’s human rights abuses at home while helping prop up his government with tens of billions of dollars in mainly military assistance” [1] But the Egyptians cannot see that Morsi is the Islamic version of Mubarak. The Egyptian Islamists say: “The Egyptian people are with us, listening to us. The Egyptian people are good [sheep and good stupid mules]”. It’s what the US loves it! But the Egyptians and the world don’t know why and “How Obama Favored Islamists Over Secularists” [8] They don’t know the true meaning of the 2011 Islamic farce and the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup. “Muslim Brotherhood Wins In Egypt Thanks To Obama”, the stupid rights say. But as the witty Iranians say: “Now, the US and the West help and support Morsi and the Islamists in Egypt, but after several years, they would start to condemn the Islamic tyranny in Egypt, and would say that they hate the Egyptian Islamists! It’s an old tactic that the US and he West start to condemn their beloved Islamic puppets after several years !, when the world forgets that it’s the West and the lefts that have supported these Islamist shits since Day One!” It’s a good point. The West tries to deceive public opinion by Orwellian lies. The wise guys should not remain silent. Some say: “Individuals from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) visited the White House at least 20 times starting in 2009” [9] and add: “In 2008, the FBI formally ended all contact with CAIR because of its ties to Hamas” [9], but those who say such things are not wise guys. The real good guys should try to tell the truth. Now, some talk about “Obama Stance on Egypt Helps Islamists” [7] and add: “Obama administration needs to explain why it has remained silent about Morsi, who has broken the law and flaunts the basic rules of democracy” [7] But they just tell a small part of the truth. We all should think about the current events and the US media’ confessions, such as: “the US has little incentive to sour relations now with Morsi” [1] In these days, “White House officials remained silent on Egypts pro-democracy groups called on Obama to condemn power grab by Morsi” [5], but we should not forget that political rhetoric and empty words are like or worse than silence. Obama’s laughable bullshit about Syria, is like or worse than his silence on Egypt. The world should know about “Obama, Morsi, and the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship”!! [7] The wise guys should start to write about the undeniable facts. And all good guys in all around the world should open their eyes and should think about the 2012 farce and the 2009 tragedy. It’s really important.

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