War on Internet: Global Problems, Lonely Iranians

In these days, most anti-censorship and anti-filtering tools don’t work properly in Iran, because the Mullahs tighten filtering, blocking and monitoring the internet with the help of the West. But the Western mass media say nothing about this issue! The savage West, its media, and its mercenaries, specially the Iranian expats, have closed their dirty eye and their dirty mouth and say nothing about the tragedy of internet in Iran, and how the Mullahs are trying to screw the internet with the help of the West. We have already written about “Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran” [7], and I don’t want to write about this issue here. But unfortunately, most Westerners are blind or ignorant, and don’t know that the Iranian people are victims of the Savage West and its puppets. As the people media report: “The Barbarian West only helps their beloved mercenaries, including the Mullahs and Iranian baboons, in suppressing, torturing and silencing the Iranian people. The deep-rooted [hypocrisy and barbarism in the West is really unbelievable]. On 20 Nov 2012, the Western mass media reported that Ericsson and Nokia Siemens still help Mullah telecoms and Mullah Censorship and Surveillance system!” In these says, many Iranians ask: “Why Westerners are such pigs? Why Westerners and Western media don’t care about humans or human values? Why words like humanity, shame, truth, goodness, sympathy, kindness, etc are meaningless words for the West and Westerners?!” And the wise Iranians answer: “because Europe is the land of Barbarians, and the Westerners have been ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters). Their barbarian culture and their barbaric traditions don’t allow them to think and behave like humans. Those who ate humans, cannot care about humans!. The humanity, human rights, or human values are meaningless to the Western Barbarians. The Westerners have been human-eaters, and their empty gestures is just a cover-up for their deep-rooted Barbarism”. In these days, the Western pigs show us why Iranians are very lonely in this shitty world that has been made by the Western Barbarians. But the Iranian people are not the only victims of the Barbarian West. All good guys in all around the world, including the normal humans in the West, are or will be victims of the Savage West. If the good guys remain silent or indifferent, the Western Barbarians will certainly fuck the whole world. Recently, the Western Barbarians openly and shamelessly talk about their war on the internet, that is a war on humans and human values. Now, even “the United Nations is calling for more surveillance of Internet users !“! [2] This shitty world has become a bad joke. The story of the Barbarian West and the Sanction Farce has become a sickening black comedy, that we would write more about it later, but in these days you can see many farcical scenes. When Iranians are victims of the Western sanctions and the Western Barbarism, the Western pigs are selling the tools of suppression and surveillance to the Mullahs! Now many anti-filtering tools don’t work in Iran, and I don’t know what would happen to the internet in Iran by such shitty filtering that block almost everything with the help of the West. As the people media report: “Recently, according to the Western media, Ericsson clearly confirmed the company is currently working on a new ‘censorship and surveillance’ expansion project for Mullahs. Ericsson said: ‘We will honor our existing contracts ! Our current contracts with [Mullahs] were signed in 2009′ (year of fire and blood in Iran) !’ The Ericsson pigs also confirmed one support contract until 2021 !! They say: ‘A service support obligation lasting more than 10 years is certainly not unusual in this industry’ ! The Western [pigs] in Ericsson and Nokia Siemens, that are brainless neo-barbarians, claim that ‘Censorship and Surveillance’ is a basic humanitarian service!! The West is an Orwellian-Barbarian world in which Lie, Hypocrisy, Censorship, Corruption, Barbarism, Eating Humans, etc have always been among the human values! The Barbarian West and its Sanction Farce are among the greatest farces in history“. Yah, the Savage West and the Western Orwellian Systems are the most savage and stupidest enemies of the humans in history. The world should know that Iranians are victims of such savage beasts that help their puppets in killing and torturing Iranians and filtering the internet. The good guys should know that if they remain silent or indifferent, the bad guys and the Western barbarians will pollute and destroy the whole world. The story of Iran and the Barbarian West is the most important story and the most important test in modern history, and I hope the good guys can pass this test. Those people who don’t care about other humans, “pretend ignorance” or as Iranians say: ‘Khord ro beh Khariat Mizanand’ (pretend that they are stupid mules) just betray themselves and help the bad guys and their mercenaries in hurting all humans.


“The West and its mercenaries hurt and betray us (Iranians). Our today is your tomorrow”, Iranians said to the outside world. And now, you can see the signs of that tomorrow. “The United Nations is calling for more surveillance of Internet users !, saying it would help to investigate and prosecute terrorists!” [2], the media reported recently. Apparently, the Western pigs test their suppression and surveillance tools in Iran !, and after that, they will use these tools in their own countries, too. Now, the British pigs are trying to convert the British society into a real Orwellian society like “1984”. We will write more about the censorship, surveillance, and lack of freedom in the UK. But the British pigs and their puppets try to pollute the whole world. As the media report: “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has just released a report arguing for more surveillance and retention of data on all communications. The British government recently proposed the most extensive suspicionless monitoring ever considered in a [Western] society -the Communications Data Bill (Spying Bill)”[1] The surveillance and censorship in the UK is really horrible, and the British Spying Bill is really like or worse than the Mullah bills. As Iranians say: “Britons are the Mullahs’ teachers! The British pigs are really so hypocritical, more than the Mullahs”. Many know that the UK is an Orwellian society, but the real tragedy is that the US is becoming an Orwellian society, too. “The US and allied governments exploit both law and cyber-attacks as a weapon to punish groups that challenge it” [3] As we all know, “In 2010, after WikiLeaks began publishing US diplomatic cables, [the US] pressure even led to the destruction of WikiLeaks’ ability to collect funds from supporters”[3] In fact, the US imposes sanctions on both Wikileaks and Iranians, but the brutal dictators, the Mullahs, the Basiji crooks and the killers and rapists are the close friends of the US and the West, and can easily suppress and silence the people with the help of the West. These bastards can freely go and live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc, but the ordinary people that hate these bastards should be victims of the sanction, hypocrisy, and savagery of the shameless West. “The Barbarian West is a corrupt, Orwellian society. Those who were barbarians and used to eat humans, can easily eat shame and humanity ! “, the wise Iranians say. Now, the Western Orwellian systems try to control all aspects of life. “Internet Users are No Longer Anonymous. [In 1993, it was said] ‘On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’. [But now,] ProPublica has identified companies that advertise the ability to help campaigns target specific voters online. Among them is Experian, the credit reporting company. Datalogix, a company that works with Facebook to track users’ buying patterns, is also involved” [4] It’s a true Orwellian nightmare. “[These companies] told ProPublica they have political information on 150 million American Internet users, or [most] of the nation’s registered voters. Big players have embraced the ‘political cookie,’ as one company branded it. Yahoo and Microsoft sell access to your registration information for political targeting. That’s one way CampaignGrid and other companies find you online. Political targeting firms say they also work with other websites, but would not name them” [4] In fact, those pigs who help the Mullahs in suppressing Iranians, are creating an Orwellian society in their own countries as well. The US Sham Democracy not only hurt Iranians, but hurt Americans and others, too. As some say: “The US Orwellian system controls all voters and all citizens. They even know who wants to vote for Republicans and who wants to vote for Democrats, and who wants to fight against the US Duopoly!” It like ‘1984’ ! As some Iranians say: “Big Brother and his mercenaries are watching and controlling all of us. But most Westerners are stupid and indifferent”. And as the wise Iranians say: “The Western culture has been a barbaric culture, and that’s why many Westerners are indifferent to other humans, and are so selfish, so mean and inhuman. Those who ate humans, could not care about human values. Their culture, ie the Western Culture, is a Barbaric Culture. The root of many problems in today’s world – including Colonialism, Capitalism, Nazism, Fascism, Sham Democracy, and systematic lies, corruption, discrimination, injustice, etc- is this barbaric culture, that is a legacy from the Barbarian period in the West“. Think about it. We will write more about this barbaric culture later, but the Western barbaric values can pollute and destroy the whole world, if the good guys remain silent. “A 148-page report released today titled ‘The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes’ warns that terrorists are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube [,etc] to spread propaganda” ! [2], the media reported. “The UN report is nothing less than an assault on universally agreed human rights principles” [1], some say. But as the wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious that barbarians and human-eaters cannot care about the humanity and human rights. They can’t help humans, they just eat humans! But the culture of barbarians and human-eaters, ie the Western culture, try to pollute the whole world”. Think about it.


“Everybody is betraying the Iranian people, and no one cares about the lonely Iranians, because the Western culture, that is a barbaric and inhuman culture, has the upper hand in this shitty world. Only a culture that belongs to the barbarians and human-eaters, can create the 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce”, the wise Iranians add. And as some wise Iranians say: “Only a barbaric culture can help the Mullahs in killing and torturing the anti-Mullahs Iranians in 2009 [check [6]] Only a barbaric culture can impose sanctions on the anti-Mullah Iranians in 2012, but refuse to impose any sanction or restriction on the Mullahs in 2009, and instead, make love with the Mullahs and sell them the tools of suppression and surveillance! Such barbaric culture is the culture of human-eaters” They also add: “The Mullah telecom equipment market is dominated by Western vendors. Companies like Nokia Siemens and Ericsson have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. The Mullah telecom company is a state monopoly that control the internet and all communication channels in Iran, with the help of Nokia Siemens and Ericsson and other Western pigs. In the wake of the bloody 2009 crackdown in Iran, the role of the Western pigs in hunting down Iranians came to light. It was revealed Nokia-Siemens along with Ericsson and some other British and American companies had supplied the technology, and helped the Islamic thugs to arrest and torture countless number of Iranians. Creativity Software in Britain, Adaptive Mobile Security in Ireland, and many other British, European and American companies helped their beloved Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. All of these Western companies have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. The amoral Ericsson executives and shareholders are like their barbarian counterparts in Nokia Siemens and British companies, and all of them have committed great crimes against humanity and freedom, and should be tried for their crimes. The Western companies and all their staff and their shareholders have committed crimes, by the use of their monitoring and tracking technology to help the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and to spy on the citizens and to censor and block the internet”. As we said before, the Iranians inside Iran used to say to the Barbarian West: Maa raa beh Kheireh tu Omid Nist, Shar Maresan! (We dont expect you to help us, just stop hurting us!) [7] But now, they are talking about the roots of problems, including the barbaric culture of the Savage West! Now, Iranians know the Western bad guys. They know the British pigs and their BBC, that some call it “Big Brother’s Cesspit“! They know the US pigs and their VOA, that some call it “Voice Of Assholes“! They also know the anti-Iranian traitors and their Balatarin, RoozOnline, etc that are the stooges of the Western pigs. But I hope the Western good guys try to show Iranians that they exists! Otherwise, Iranians will think that all Westerners are bad guys or barbarians. The good guys in the West at least must care about the tragedy of the internet in Iran, that we have already written about it [7] In these days, the tragedy of internet in Iran has become more tragic. An Iranian blogger has been arrested, tortured and killed. As Iranians say: “Sattar Beheshit was tortured and killed by the British Mullahs and other British agents that betray him to the British Mullahs”. Now, many cannot use the internet in Iran, because the filtering and blocking of the internet has been tightened by the help of the West. “Our today will be your tomorrow, if you remain silent”, Iranians say to the outside world. But unfortunately, only a few Westerners care about other humans. Some of them write about “Exporting Censorship and Surveillance Technology” [5], but their reports are often weak or stupid. They say: “Nokia Siemens and Sony Ericsson have provided the tools of oppression to the government of Iran” [5], but they don’t talk the role of the West in creating the 2009 coup, helping Mullahs and betraying the anti-Mullah Iranians. They say: “In [Iran], [the Western] surveillance technologies are used to delve into every aspect of citizens lives. Remarkably, these [Western] technologies even enable [the Mullahs and brutal dictators] to spy on citizens who believe themselves to be working through encryption. Maintenance of these complex surveillance instruments is conducted by Western [companies], often from Germany [, Britain, USA, Sweden, Finland,] and France” [5] But they don’t say that the West and the Mullahs are close friends and their fight is a sham fight. They say: “The internet has in the past been described as a ‘playground for political liberalization’. It has by now become clear just what a dangerous playground it can really be. Courtesy of Western corporations” [5] But they don’t talk about the Sanction farce, and don’t confess that the West is the land of lie, hypocrisy, and corruption. As some wise Iranians say: “The good guys in the West, if they exist [!!], should care about the global problems and Western-made tragedies. The tragedy of the internet, and the tragedy of the tyranny and suppression in Iran, Syria, etc are the Western-made tragedies”. In these days, only a few Westerners are helping Iranians and others in fighting against the Western-made tragedies, including filtering, monitoring, and blocking systems. The lonely Iranians, the lonely Syrians, and others are victims of the West, puppets of the West, and Western-made disasters. In these days, the media reported: “Internet services are down across Syria and mobile phone services have been disrupted in some areas. Syria effectively disappeared from the internet on 28 Nov 2012. The Syrian government has previously cut phone lines and internet access in areas where regime forces are about to conduct major military operations”. The Syrian tragedy is a British-made and Western-made tragedy. Do you know how the Western Companies help Assad in Killing Syrians? We have already written about it [8]. You should also know how the British pigs help the Syrian dictator through his British wife (check Archive). The Western pigs only support the dictator, the terrorists, and other pigs in Syria, and want to destroy Syria, and it’s like their plan for Iran; but Iranians are much more wiser than Syrians. But as the wise Iranians say: “The people of the UK, the US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, and other western countries should know that their silence is equal to betraying themselves and other humans. They should know that their silence is equal to helping the Western Barbarians and their beloved dictators, including the Mullahs. They should know that their silence is equal to creating great disasters and great crimes against humanity. And it’s not only a great betrayal, but it’s a crime against the human world”. Think about it, and care about it.

For more information:

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