A Love Song for Canada’s Stephen Harper

December 30, 2012

2012 has been the year of the bad jokes, and Canada has been the symbol of these bad jokes. In 2012, many things -from the Canadian Bill 78 and the Canadian Farce to the Canadian love affair with the Mullahs, the Zionists, the Terrorists, the crooks, and other evil forces- proved that Stephen Harper’s Canada is the stupidest country in the world. In 2012, Canada was really the dumbest country, and the second dumbest countries in the world were Russia, Israel, Britain, Venezuela, USA, Egypt, etc. In these days, the Mullahs and the Islamist pigs, that are puppets of the West, are eating a lot of shits and are proving that they are nothing but puppets of the West. But as some wise Iranians say: “the Mullahs and the Islamist shits are not the main problem. They are puppets of the West, and without their Western employers and their Western supporters, they are nothing but a bunch of Chalquz (little shits) that will go to hell soon. The Mullahs and the Islamist pigs are anti-Iran and anti-Iranian, and hate the Iranian culture and the Iranian values, including Goodness, Truth, Kindness, Sympathy, Humanity, Truthfulness, etc. The Mullahs, the Islamist pigs, and other anti-Iranian traitors are like their Western employers, and their values are like the Western barbarian values, including Lie, Hypocrisy, Savagery, Inhumanity, Brutality, Shamelessness, etc”. 2012 and 2009 proved that the stupid West is the great evil and the main supporter of all evil forces in Iran and other parts of the world. Stephen Farter’s Canada has become a symbol of the stupid West. Now, even some Canadians ask about “what Harper’s Con regime is doing to our image abroad”. They know “Fucking Harper and his kooky Cons”, and they hate “the crazed tin pot dictator Stephen Harper”. They know that “Stephen Harper’s Canada is a jungle”. They and Iranians see Canada as “Harperland” or Farterland. In the near future, we will write more about what the ordinary Canadians say about Stephen Farter (Harper) and other Canadian Farters, but you should not forget that many Canadians were so stupid and voted for Stephen Farter in the 2011 election. And in 2012, Stephen Farter f-u-c-ked Canada’s image, and proved that Canada has become a backward, terrorist, puppet country. In 2012, Stephen Farter and his Canada only licked the ass of the Zionists and Netan-Yabu, and only obeyed Obama’s orders. And on 20 Dec 2012, as the last episode of their shameful history, the Canadian media reported: “Canada is dropping a [terrorist] group from its list of terrorists. The Tories and the Harper government provided no reasons for delisting the MEK. Canada is following the lead of the United States and the European Union, which dropped [the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists, also known as] the MEK from their terrorist lists earlier this year“. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s important that the American Terrorists, the European Barbarians, and the Canadian Farters shamelessly support the Marxist-Jihadi Terrorists (the MEK), and prove that the West is nothing but the Evil Empire. But they are the Evil Empire of Big Idiots. They even don’t know the meaning of the word Mujahedin-E Khalq (MEK). In Persian, Mujadeh means Jihadi, and Khalq is a Marxist word for referring to the people”. But the US and the West openly help and support the Marxist-Islamist Jihadis! In the previous post, we wrote about this issue, and here I prefer to write about “A Love Song for Stephen Harper”, that has been written by some Iranians and is about Canada’s prime minister, who has converted Canada into a synonym for “Foolishness”, “Fart”, “Bill 78” “Farcical protests”, “Crooks and Embezzlers”, “Islamists, Terrorists, and Zionists”, etc. The Canadian hypocrisy and the Canadian foolishness is really sickening, but the Iranian expats, their writers and their singers are so stupid and so Khayemal (ass-lickers) and say nothing about the stupid West and the stupid Canada. Only the Iranians inside Iran react angrily to the West and its puppets. We have already written about the tragicomedy of Canada, Mullahs, and Iranian expats (check Archive). When tens of thousand of Mullahs and Basiji thugs live in Canada, and when Canada openly support the terrorists, the monarchists, and the Basiji crooks, it’s obvious that Iranians should talk about “Farter Canada”, and should say: “Canada is a big Fart. Canada is a big Farter”. In these days, the native Canadians and the First Nations are victims of Harper and other Canadian Farters, too. We should write more about them and the English-French genocidal regimes that occupied the land of aboriginals and brutally killed and tortured them. But even in the 2010s, the Canadian farters badly revealed their true colors. For instance, the story of the 2009 coup, the Mullah crooks in Canada, or the story of the Canadian embassy in Tehran was so funny, but recently their media reported: “Canadian court puts freeze on Iranian properties (not Mullah properties). A court in Ontario has issued a restraining order against Iran’s property in Canada, a bid to help the family of an American! A U.S. court’s $13-million judgment against Iran, and the American family has turned its attention to Iranian assets (not Mullah assets) in Canada [!!]”. But as Iranians say: “The UK, the US, and Canada has stolen trillions of dollars from Iran and Iranians. But the payback time is near. The Barbarian West will pay back all their debts”. Canada’s Farter (Harper) is just a symbol of today’s West, and “A Love Song for Canada’s Stephen Harper (aka the Canadian Farter)” is just a sample of what the ordinary Iranians say about the stupid West now. Here are parts of “A Love Song for Canada’s Stephen Harper”:

Hi, Mr. Stupid Farter, Stephen Harper
You love Terrorists, Mullah crooks and Zionist Farters
And we wrote a love song for you, the Canadian Farter
Listen to what you deserve it, Mr. Stupid Farter

You hate humans, you love fart
"Sit on their face and then fart"
It's your motto, it's your art
It's what you say, you just fart

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

Your Bills are like Mullah Bills [Bill 78, Iran's Bills, etc] You love Mullahs and Dollar Bill
You and Mullahs want a Deal
You the faggots, it's your will

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

You and Mullahs make us sick
You and Terrorists eat your shit
You and Zionists just need dick
You, the faggots, are so sick

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

You love Mullahs and the rich
Who bribe you, the fucking bitch
But good people hate you Bitch
They know you and the fucking rich

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

You are nothing but a puppet of America,
And many are victims of you and fucking America
Your Canada is a slave of America
You, the faggot, are a stooge of America


Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

Your government, your Canada, are lairs
You love Terrorists, and they love you, the suckers
The Immigrants that you love them are fuckers
They are crooks, thieves, killers, and lairs

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

You love Mullahs, you love dicks
You are a shithead, full of shit
You love killers, you are sick
You are a Jihadi, like your MEK

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

Your head is a Mullah head
Empty, like that old whore's bed
Your soul is dead, fucking dead
You shot him in the fucking head

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

You love crooks, Pahlavi crooks, Basiji brutes,
Khavari, Bouzari, Khosravi, and Jihadi crooks
You are a fucking crook who love brutes
Fuck you devil, fuck you and other crooks


Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

Your Canada is Cunt-ada, the Cunt land
Your Canada is Mullah-lover, the Dumb land
Your Canada loves Terrorists, the Fucked land
Your Canada sucks Dirty Cocks, the Suck land

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

Your Canada is a Big Liar, the Lie Land
Your Canada is a Big Farter, the Fart land
Your Canada is a Shithole, the Ice land
Your Canada is a Bad Joke, the Fucked land

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

Your people are slaves of the UK and US Farters
They are slaves of you, the British Queen and British Farters Your people are subject to Britain and American Farters
Oh, poor people,
They are subject to the British Bitch and Zionist Farters

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter

O, poor Canada ... Harter made you a Dumb Land
O, fucked Canada, Farter made you a Zionist, Fart land
O, poor Canada, Harper fucked you, and made you a Fucked land O, fucked Canada, Wake up! ... and sing with our band,

Fuck you Stephen Harper
You are a stupid Farter


This tragicomic song can be a Christmas gift or a New Year gift for the Western pigs! and those who betray the humans in all around the world. I know that many Canadians and Westerners know their stupid politicians and hate them. But I don’t know why they are silent and inactive. Harper’s Canada is really a fucked up land. Now, even some Canadians talk or joke about “Fucking Stephen Harper”, and how he fucked Canada and its mage. We would write more about this issue later, but in Sep 2012, some Canadians wrote: “Why is the CBC afraid of Harper?”, and added: “Our own public broadcaster, the CBC, fear that broadcasting the title of one of the shows, Fucking Stephen Harper, would offend [the fucking] prime minister. ‘Is this still Canada?’ I wondered. Harper doesnt own [federally owned buildings]. The Canadian people do … ‘He signs our cheques,’ they told us [!!] How absurd is it that a journalist would be afraid of offending the government? Are we in communist China? Maybe we are [!!]”. In fact, Canada is converting into a Despotic Shithole, and is paying the price of its betrayals and its inhumane behavior. Now, even Canadians ask: “Is the CBC now trying to turn the whole of the federal infrastructure, from museums to our airspace, into Harpers personal possessions?“. And it’s very important, because as some wise guys say: “The fucking CBC is as left wing as mainstream media. The CBC pretends that they are critical of the fucking Harper !” In fact, Canada that loves Mullahs, terrorists, crooks, and charlatans is becoming an evil, despotic land. Many Iranian expats that live in Canada and the West, are so stupid, and are just master at licking ass or eating extra shit. They are big idiots, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran say: “Only big idiots, or those who are Khaen (traitor), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (homeland-seller) can go and live in Canada and the West”. But Iranians inside Iran, and many other nations, even some Canadians and Americans hate Harper, Obama, and other Western pigs. In their Blogs, or in the Youtube and other websites, you can see what the Westerners say about Canada. It’s sadly funny many non-Iranians deeply “hate” Canada. Let’s take a look at some of the Western comments about Canada: “Shut up you maple syrup eating faggot. I’m an American and I think you still suck […] in Canada … C-u-ntnadians are a joke! We are pissing on C-u-n-t-nada. Do you know why C-u-n-t-nadians wear their flag abroad? It to let the locals know there’s a retard coming through their town … Stupid ice country with no military. I am sorry for this breaking news but Canadians are fucking pussies … I’m Canadian. Please like Canada. I can’t handle it if you don’t like this cold crappy place … Canadians watched a guy get murdered on a Greyhound bus. 36 of those pussys stood around and no one helped him. Canadians are pussy. They just stood there. Typical for Canadians … Canadians are a bunch of haters! No wonder we don’t get many famous people from Canada because they don’t support, they hate. I’m from Toronto Ontario and I fucking hate the people here!” But Iranians don’t hate Canada, at least not yet. Iranians just hate Harper and the Canadian politicians, specially those Canadian faggots who torture the ordinary Iranians, but make love with the crooks, the killers, the Basijis, and the terrorists. We and many other Iranians still care about Canada and the ordinary Canadians, because we believe the good guys still exist in Canada. Yah, “Canada was a puppet of Britain and its head of state is still British Queen”. Yah, “Canada is a puppet of USA, and the fucking Harper and other Canadian farters are slaves of the Evil Empire”. Yah, “Many Canadians are so stupid and their brain is their ass”, but it doesn’t mean that all Canadians are stupid or ignorant. We, Iranians, are not like the Western idiots who judge a whole nation by its bad or stupid people, not by its good or wise guys. But the good guys and the wise guys in the West and the world should criticize Obama, Harper, Cameron, Merkel, and other Western pigs who hurt and betray Iranians and other humans, make love with the Islamists and the terrorists, and support the big idiots, from the monarchists and the terrorists to the Islamists and the Zionists. And lets finish this year with a meaningful wish of some, wise Iranians: “We hope that one day today’s Westerners can be at least as good, modern and wise as today’s Iranians”

2012: West, Mercenaries and Evil Empire of Lies

December 26, 2012

2012 was the year of the big Idiots and the big lies. If you can remember the main news of this year (or even if you check our archive page), you can see that the West is a bad guy that tells big lies, censors or falsifies many things, and betrays the human values without shame. 2012 was a year in which, as the angry Iranians say: “the American Terrorists, the European Barbarians, and the Canadian Farters openly and shamelessly supported the Marxist-Jihadi Terrorists (MEK), and proved that the West is the Great Evil”. And as the wise, angry Iranians say: “2012 proved that the West is badly stupid. They even don’t know the meaning of the word ‘MEK’ or ‘Mujahedin-E Khalq’. The West is a big idiot and a bad, big liar. ‘Mujahedin’ means ‘Jihadis’ . In Persian, Mujadeh means Jihadi, and Khalq is a Marxist word for referring to ‘the people’ or ‘the masses’. But the US terrorists, the European Barbarians, and the Canadian pigs support the Marxist-Jihadi terrorists! The MEK is a tiny Marxist-Islamist terrorist group that 99.99% of Iranians hate them, but the Western pigs love them! In fact, the West supports the Marxist-Islamist Jihad!, as the American terrorists openly and shamelessly support the Jihadis in Egypt and Syria. The US and the West openly and shamelessly help and support the Marxist-Islamist Jihadis, the Egypt Islamists and the Egyptian Taliban, and prove that the West is really the Evil Empire”. It’s funny to know that the UK, the EU, the US, and Canada still try to prove that the West is the Evil Empire. On 20 Dec 2012, the CBC reported: “Canada is dropping a [terrorist] group that once allied itself with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from its official list of terrorists. The Tories [and the Harper government] provided no reasons for delisting the MEK”. And other Western media added: “Canada is following the lead of the United States and the European Union, which dropped [the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists, also known as] the MEK from their terrorist lists earlier this year“. 2012 was not the end of the world, as the Western idiots said. But as the wise Iranians say: “2012 was the end of the illusions about the West, and proved that the West is the number one enemy of the human values, including the freedom, democracy, and human rights”. Now, many Iranians say: “The West has become the main supporter of the terrorists, the Islamists, the Mullahs, and all evil forces”. They also add: “Canada has become the land of terrorists, crooks, and mercenaries”. We have already written about the Canadian bastards (check Archive). Apparently Canada’s Stephen Harper badly needs a ‘Love Song’! (we will publish it here soon) Now, the angry Iranians say: “Canada is a Dumb Land; Canada is a Fart Land; Canada, the Shithole of Terrorists and Crooks, is a Fucked Land”. And some, wise Iranians add: “Canada is a puppet of the US, and is not important. Canada and the Canadian pigs are not independent. Delisting the MEK is the greatest national disgrace in the US history, but not in the Canadian history. Canada has been the home of the terrorists, the Islamists, the crooks, the Basiji, the thieves, the killers, the Mullahs, the rapists, and other bad guys. Only the idiots, the sheep, and those who are Khaen (traitor), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush
(homeland-seller) can go and live in Canada”. I don’t know why the West and the Western terrorists love to prove that the West, ie the old home of Barbarians and Human-eaters, is still the Empire of Bad Guys. I don’t know why the West tries to encourage the normal humans and the ordinary Iranians to see the West as the Evil Empire or the Empire of Barbarians. In this year (2012), the Sanction Farce, the US Election Farce, the Canadian Farces, the British Farces, the EU Nobel Farce, the Syrian Tragicomedy, the Egyptian Farce, and many other historic farces only proved that the West has become a bad joke. As some Iranians say: “the American terrorists support the Salafi, the Taliban, and the Al-Qaede in Syria, and help both the Syrian dictator (Assad) and the Syrian terrorists in destroying Syria and killing Syrians; the American terrorists openly [and shamelessly] support a tiny Marxist-Jihadi terrorist group that the number of its fans and its members is less than 5,000 and more than 99.99% of Iranians hate them; the American terrorists [openly and shamelessly] support the Egyptian Islamists and the Salafis in Egypt, and prove that the US is the bad guy, and the US has become the home of Terrorists and Terrorism“. Now, even some Americans write about Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free [5] In 2012, the American idiots proved that what is said about “the Story of Stupidity” in the US and the West is not wrong, and the Western big idiots are just writing the last chapter of “History of Western Idiocy”.


“Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies”, some say, and some Iranians add: “The Empire of Lies is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran and the world. In fact, the number one enemy of the civilized humans and the human civilization is the Empire of Barbarians or the Evil Empire, aka the West”. In these days, you can see how Iranians and their views about the West changed during the past three years. Even the tone of our articles in this website can show you how Iranians are changing their views about the West. Some ask us: “what’s the use of telling the truth or expressing anger ?[!]” I know that the real good guys don’t ask about ‘the use of telling the truth’. But in the Empire of Lies many ask such questions, because Big Brother and the Evil Empire of Lies love the Khayemals (ass-lickers), the Mercenaries, the big idiots, and those who betray the truth and the human values. Those who try to fool and brainwash public opinion, know that when public opinion become aware, the bad guys will go to hell. In this website, we believe that ‘telling the truth’ is a basic human duty, and needs no reason. But as you know, Iranians have many good reasons for telling the truth about the West and the bad guys. Iranians are the main victims of the West and puppets of the West. The stupid West is the number one enemy of the Iranian people and all normal humans. Iranians and other good guys must express their anger, because at least it shows that they exist and they are not blind or stupid. As the wise Iranians say: ‘We cannot write and publish our books. But it’s not important. Big Brother’s agencies censor or boycott our voices. But it’s not important. They just prove that what we say is not wrong, but is important”. They also add: “When the West betrays Iranians, what Iranians say about the West should be like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Big Brother and his mercenaries should know that Iranians are not blind and stupid like the Western idiots”. It reminds me of what Sadeq Hedayat, the real Iranian Intellectual, said: “I want to write something that is like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Maybe, I cant publish it, but its not important. At least they cant tell themselves he was stupid; he was a good mule [good sheep]. In these years, not only Iranians, but even the Westerners try to tell the truth about the West. It’s funny to know that even some American politicians and people like Al Gore or Ron Paul, see the US and the West as the Empire of Lies. In the recent years, some Americans write about “Idiot America” or “the rise of Idiot America”[7] Of course, most books or articles that are written by Westerners only have good titles, like this one: “An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media” [1] or “US Government To Set Up Internet Ministry Of Truth” [4] They have good titles, but their contents are so weak or stupid. They talk about “An internet ministry of truth, run either by the US or the UN, to protect against misinformation and rumors’ [4] But they say nothing about the Western-made tragedy of Internet in Iran and its meaning and its consequences. They know that “George Orwell must be laughing in his grave” [4], but they say nothing the Lefty Orwellian media and their Big lies about Iran. They say: “As a nation we need to look into the mirror and understand just how bad our decline has been” [3], but they don’t think about the root of problems. And even when they ask: “Why America has become a Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption ?” [3], they just repeat the stupid lefts’ bullshits. In their Cesspool Of Filth and Corruption, the lefts and intellectual mercenaries like Chomsky and Zizek, are among the main bad guys. But they are blind. The stupid OWS and the US election farce can show them their serious problems, but they are blind. Of course they truly say: “We are literally surrounded by psychopaths and sociopaths as we approach the edge of societal collapse” [3], and truly add: “But if all you do is listen to the mainstream media, you would be tempted to think that we are the smartest, most moral, most enlightened [people] in all of human history” [3] But they know nothing about the role of people like Chomsky and Zizek in misleading and brainwashing their people. And when their damn intellectuals and their fucking alternatives are people like Chomsky and Zizek, who kiss the ass of politicians and defend the brutal dictators, it’s obvious that “things can only get worse” in the US and the West. Unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t tell the truth, because they believe: “telling the truth is a revolutionary act !” And it reminds me of what the wise guys said: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act“. Only in the Barbarian world, the Orwellian society, or the Empire of Lies, telling the truth is not a normal practice.


In these days, we can see many shocking, shameful events, that are really unbelievable. Recently, the Guardian and other British mass media are proving that “Comment is not Free” in the UK and the West. It’s so funny that the British bastards in the Guardian and other Big Brother’s media even don’t allow Iranians to see the comments of other people. They block or filter many IPs of Iranians and don’t allow Iranians to read the people’s comments! We and many others already knew that “Comment is not Free in the Guardian and the UK“, but this level of censorship and Orwellian behavior is really unbelievable. The UK, as the home of Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth, has become a bad joke. Some Iranians say: “Britain is a bankrupt cesspool of Barbarians and neo-Barbarians”, and many people, including many Westerners, know the UK and the British media well. They know that even “the Guardian, Britains main liberal newspaper”[1] is an Orwellian media. They ask: “Why did the Guardian miss the main point? The reason is that all our mainstream media, however liberal, […]” [1] But they don’t tell the whole truth. Their […] are often bullshit. Of course they know that “for the western media, our leaders make mistakes, they are naïve or even stupid, but they are never bad or evil. Our media do not call for Bush or Blair to be tried at the Hague as war criminals” [1] But they don’t confess that “the western media is just a little better than Pravda, the propaganda mouthpiece of the USSR”. As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, we can see that the western media is really like or worse the Nazi Media and the Goebbels’s media. Their mainstream media, however liberal, are Big Brother’s agencies and work for the Ministry of Truth”. Apparently, the British media and other bad guys in the West have a short manifesto that says: “This media/ website is for sale, and accepts money to cover any story, and censor any comment. We and the news industry sold out to Big Brother!” In these days, when Iranians take a look at the Western media, they often use the old Persian sarcastic idioms, and say: “baz Khoda Pethare Goebbels-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Goebbels!) As we said before, it’s part of the Persian Sarcasm. In Iran, when X is a very notorious evil/ jerk, but Y is even worse than X, Iranians say: ‘God Bless X’, that is a sarcastic joke about Y. The Persians use such sarcastic idioms a lot. For instance, when Iranians see the Zionists and the Jewish Nazi, they say: “baz Khoda Pethare Hitler-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Hitler!); or when they see the Mullahs, they say: “baz Khoda Pedare Pahlavi-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Pahlavi!). Of course, the stupid Pahlavists that their IQ is less than zero try to pretend that this Persian sarcasm means “Iranians still love Pahlavi” !! These stupid bastards that live in the US are familiar with the Persian Sarcasm, but their IQ and their stupid charlatanism don’t allow them to confess to the truth. Recently, as the people media report: “The stupid West and the stupid CIA try to test the level of their bankruptcy, specially the bankruptcy of their agents and their puppets, in Iran. They asked Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi) to call for a demonstration on 15th and 16th Dec 2012 (25th and 26th Azar 1391) in Iran and the world! The CIA and the Western pigs wanted to evaluate the number of the Iranian Monarchists (Pahlavists); and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi) showed them that more than 99% of Iranians hate the Monarchists and Reza Papeh! In Iran, zero Iranians cared about him and his call, but the funny thing is that even the stupid Iranian expats, that are much stupider than Iranians inside Iran, didn’t give a damn shit about Pahlavi. Only a dozen or so whores support him!” In 2012, the West and the mercenaries badly revealed the depth of their bankruptcy. Reza Pahlavi or “Reza Papeh”, that means ‘Reza, the big idiot”, and the Pahlavists and the Rajavists (the MEK) are dead rats, but as Iranians say: “It’s so funny that the bankrupt West only supports the bankrupt Mullahs, the bankrupt Monarchists (Pahlavists), the bankrupt Terrorists (MEK), and the bankrupt mercenaries, that almost all Iranians hate them all. In these days, the bankrupt Islamists (Khatamists) and the bankrupt mercenaries badly made a fool of themselves and made us laugh. The bankrupt whores like Masoud Behnoud, Nikahang Kowsar, Ebrahim Nabavi, Alireza Nourizadeh, Abbas Abdi, and other Khatamists and British spies try to set the stage for the new Mullah selection. But now, even the stupidest Iranians say: ‘Islamist-Reformists are mercenaries. Khatami is Khaen (traitor) and Mozdoor (mercenary). Khatami is a bad guy. He tells big lies and betrays the people and the martyrs, while at least he could remain silent“. We have already written about “Dumb and Dumber”. It’s obvious why Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Islamists and other mercenaries. And it’s obvious why Iranians say: “People like Khatami [or Pahlavi and other anti-Iranian mercenaries] are Bi-Pedar-o Madar (bastard), Mashang (big idiot), Khaen (tratior), and Mozdoor (mercenary)”.


In these days, almost all anti-Iranian pigs make a fool of themselves. For instance, Hooshang AmirAhmadi, an anti-Iranian pig that Iranians know him as “an anti-Iranian CIA agent that works with the Mullah Gestapo!”, has recently said: “I [Hooshang Amirahmadi] want to be one of the candidates in the next summers Mullah presidential selection [!]” As the funny Iranians say: “Apparently, the CIA has lost its mind. In 2009, the CIA candidate, AhmadiNejad, won the Mullah selection with a CIA-backed coup, and now in 2012, they support the old, bankrupt whores -from the Marxist-Jihadis to pigs like AmirAhmadi, Reza Pahlavi, Khatamists, Basiji thugs, Salafis, Taliban, etc. Does CIA stands for Central Idiocy Agency?!” We have already written about the Mullah Mafia and the anti-Iranian pigs like Hooshang AmirAhmadi (AIC) or Trita Parsi (NIAC) (check Archive). These little pigs had a sell-by date, and now, they are bankrupt whores that just beg attention. From now on, we just prefer to write about their Western employers, or about people like Gary Sick, Brzezinski, or Chomsky that help the Mullah Mafia. In these days, many things are really unbelievable. As some Iranians say: “People like Gary Sick and Brzezinksi openly defend the Mullah regime and the US-Mullah relation, and prove that the CIA badly loves the Mullah regime! But do you know what the Mullahs called Gary Sick and Brzezinksi ?! the high-rank CIA agents!” In these days, the anti-Iranian mercenaries that the West supports them financially, can show you many things. These bastards and their cesspools, including RoozOnline.com as a cesspool of anti-Iranian pigs and Ashura traitors, and Balatarin.com as a cesspool of anti-Iranian mercenaries, tell big lies and betray Iran and Iranians. But no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. In fact, the anti-Iranian pigs and their main cesspits are badly bankrupt. But we still write about them, only because the West still supports these bastards financially and politically, and as some wise Iranians say: “The anti-Iranian traitors and their main cesspits can show us the Western plans and the Western plots against Iran and Iranians”. They also add: “The bankrupt anti-Iran media, including RoozOnline and Balatarin, showed us their true colors in 2009 and 2012. In 2009, these anti-Iranian pigs were worried about the Mullah regime, tried to save the Mullahs, and betrayed the people and the martyrs, and in 2012, these little shits supported the Western sanctions and even the Zionist threats!, and proved that they are Khaen (traitor), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (fatherland-seller). RoozOnline is a cesspool of these anti-Iranian whores, including Masoud Behnoud, Nabavi, Kowsar, Bastani, Abdi, Noushabe Amiri, Mehrangiz Kar, Assadi, Malihe Mohammadi, Farrokh Negahdar, and other Khatamists and anti-Iran pigs. They are paid by the West to betray Iran and Iranians. But now, they are badly bankrupt and no one gives a damn shit about these jerks in Iran”. They also add: “The BBC/ VOA Persian, Balatarin.com, Gooya.com, RoozOnline.com, and other cesspits of the anti-Iranian traitors, are just a small part of [the Evil Empire of Lies]. They and the Mullah Mafia are not important. Their Western employers is the main problem”. 2012 was the end of the Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists. Now, these bastards and their websites, including Kaleme.com and IranGreenvoice are as honorable as the Mullahs and their media. Now, even the uneducated Iranians say: “Khatami is a stupid bastard like other Mullahs and traitors” (Khatami Ham yek Bi-Pedar-o Madari-e Mesl-e Baghi-e Akhonda va Khaena). Now, many Iranians know the West and puppets of the West. As the wise Iranians say: “In this year (2012) and also in 2009, the West and its mass media just assured Iranians that the West is a bad guy and a big liar. If Iranians want to write about the Western Orwellian media and their big lies, they can write several books about it!” It’s true. The wise Iranians have not written their books about the West and its puppets yet, because they are not allowed to write book and publish it in Iran, and also in the Orwellian West. They even cannot have website, and their websites have been censored or boycotted by the West and its search engines. Even our website that just tries to show you a small part of what Iranians say or know, is censored or boycotted. It’s really shameful. Some ask us: “Are there any good books written on these subjects that you recommend?” We have tried to introduce some good sources, but unfortunately, it is very rare to find good books or good articles. In this Orwellian world, that Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth censor, falsify, or control everything, you should learn how to read bad books or bad sources and learn from their paradoxes and their inconsistencies. Of course the Ministry of Truth or the Systematic Censorship is a big problem. The wise Iranians can write many good books about the subjects that you read about them in this website, but they cannot publish their books, and their voices are censored or boycotted. It’s really shameful that ‘some’ try to control the world and don’t allow your voice to reach other people. It’s a very important problem, and all wise, good guys in all around the world should care about it. The tribe of the good guys needs alternative search engines, alternative media, alternative publishers, and other alternative systems that allow the voice of good guys to reach all humans in all around the world. It’s a serious need. The Empire of Lies and it puppets censor or falsify everything. Now, even some Westerners have become aware and say: “Mainstream Media Is Orwellian Ministry Of Truth-Style Propaganda Machine”[2] They report: “New York Times has admitted most mainstream media outlets voluntarily get approval and heavily edited quotes from the Whitehouse before publishing them”[2] They add: “Follow the money and youll find out who is really shaping public perception in this f**ked up world we live in” [2] But only some alternative media, like [3], tell a small part of the truth, while they don’t know the bad guys, and they even support intellectual mercenaries like Zizek or Chomsky. Unfortunately, the Evil Empire of Lies censors or boycotts all wise, good guys in all around the world. It’s a global problem that we all should care about it.

For more information:

[1] “An Empire of Lies: The CIA and the Western Media”, a weak article by Jonathan Cook, 2011
[2] Mainstream Media Is Orwellian Ministry Of Truth-Style Propaganda Machine , 2012
[3] EndOfTheAmericanDearm.com , an alternative website that has articles like: “America Is A Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption”, “Shocking Examples Of How Sadistic And Cruel [Our] People Have Become”, “America Is being systematically Transformed Into A Surveillance Grid”, “70 Reasons To Mourn For America”, etc
[4] “US Government To Set Up Internet Ministry Of Truth, As
Communist-Style Government-Run Media”, by a Westerner, 2011
[5] “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free”, a book by Charles Pierce, 2009

A Chelleh Tale: Iran Yalda and Open Secrets

December 21, 2012

Yalda night celebration, aka Chelleh night celebration reminds many of the Iranian roots of Christmas. Last year, we wrote about Yalda and Christmas . At this Chelleh, lets read a short story about the 2012 Chelleh and the atmosphere of these days. At Chelleh/ Yalda night, the Iranian people spend the longest night of the year with family and friends, and tell or listen to many tales of the past and the present. It’s an ancient tradition in Iran. At Chelleh/ Yalda/ Christmas night, the Iranian people talk about everything, including the ‘Open Secrets’. In this year, the popular open secrets are the story of “Iran and the barbarian West”, “the bankrupt West and the bankrupt Mercenaries”, “Mullahs and the IMF plan”, “West, its mercenaries, and their Big lies”, “How Mullahs destroy Iran, with the help of the West”, “How Mullahs and West Help Each Other in Hurting Iranians and Destroying the civilized world”, etc. What you read here is a fictional story about such open secrets. It’s based on some true stories:

“When I went shopping, I saw many people who expressed their hatred of both the Mullahs and the West. They refused to buy Ajil (nuts and dried fruit) and boycotted Ajil. As a national product, the high price of Ajil is really ridiculous”, Neda days. Sohrab: “But Ajil is not important. People’s hatred of both the Mullahs and the West is so funny”. Homa: “People have become aware. The stupid West badly revealed its secrets”. Shiva: “Today I saw two uneducated and shallow guys who shitted on both the Mullahs and the West, but they thought that other Iranians are ignorant! It was so funny”. Kaveh: “When I see such people, I just say to them: ‘When people like you (idiots) are not ignorant, it means that all Iranians are aware of the truth!” Homa: “It’s a good point”. Shiva: “But most Westerners are so stupid. They think this Yalda (2012-12-21) is the end of the world!” Kaveh: “They are Mashang (super idiots )” Shiva: “Are Westerners Mongols (retards)?!” Sohrab: “They are like their savage ancestors who ate humans. They think that they are smart guys, but their stupid betrayals was just a godsend for Iranians. ‘Enemy can make a fortune …’ (Adu Shavad Sabab Kheir …)”. Kaveh: “Yah, their crimes and their betrayals was really a godsend. Before the 2009 tragedy, most Iranians that are young and educated, were pro-American and pro-West. They preferred to see the US and the West as ‘friend’ or ‘human’, not as ‘enemy’ or ‘animal’. But the stupid West proved that Iranians were wrong! The stupid Westerners are big idiots. They tell big lies without thinking about its disastrous consequences”. Homa: “Today’s West is bankrupt. Can you find a public figure in today’s West that is a real or wise intellectual?” Sohrab: “Their public figures are ‘intellectual mercenaries’ or ‘political whores’. People like Chomsky and Zizek are symbols of the bankrupt West”. Homa: “The bankrupt West has reached the end of the line. Most Westerners live like sheep, and don’t know the world and even their own problems”. Neda: “They live in a Matrix, like the Matrix movie ?!” Shiva: “Maybe. But I don’t know why their good guys and their wise guys say nothing and do nothing. I cannot believe that the West suffers from such level of ignorance, brainwashing, idiocy, etc” Kaveh: “Their wise, good guys are silenced, censored, or boycotted. Of course, their number is small”. Sohrab: “Many Westerners are like or worse than animals. They are so selfish and don’t care about other humans. As the ancient Iranians said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain – the name of human you cannot retain”. Homa: “The Western barbarians are Adam-Khor (human-eaters). But they think that they are better than the civilized humans! Adam-Khora and Malakh-Khora (Locust-eaters = Uncultured Arabs) are the same shits. They love ‘self-congratulation’, while they have a barbarian culture”. Neda: “Does it means that Iranians had no problem?! Isn’t it a racial or nationalistic comment?” Kaveh: “Persians were not saints or angels. But they were the civilized humans when the Europeans were barbarians and ate each other. ‘Iranians had many problems, but were not barbarians, human-eaters, or locust-eaters! (Irani-ha Har Gohi Budand Adam-Khor-o Malakh-Khor Nabudand !)” Homa: “It’s a good point. We should ask Why does the West say nothing about the Cradle of Civilization (Iran) and this undeniable fact that many good things in the West have Iranian roots?” Shiva: “Why do they falsify the past? Why do they tell big lies? really why?” Kaveh: “If Adam-Khora (human-eaters) tell the truth or care about the truth, you should ask why !” Sohrab: “Yah. The European Adam-Khor (human-eaters) love telling big lies. For instance, it’s obvious that Christmas and New Year ceremonies in the West have Iranian roots, but they still talk bullshit. Most good things in the West have Iranian roots. The West is the ancient land of Barbarians and Human-eaters. Europeans were Adam-Khor for thousands of years. They even could not think about the human values or civilized celebrations” Kaveh: “Yah, it’s obvious why many good things in the West have Iranian roots. ‘Human-eaters even could not think about good things!’ (Akhe Adam-Khora-o che beh een Harf-ha!)“. Homa: “The ungrateful West and their Orwellian media just tell Orwellian jokes about the Cradle of Civilization. The story of civilization shows that the British Human-eaters and the European Barbarians used to eat humans. Such savage beasts knew nothing about the human rights and human values. When Iranians were writing about Truth, Humanity, Goodness, Love, Kindness, Justice, Equality, Mercy, Morality, Vegetarianism, etc, Europeans were eating each other. But now, even the barbarians pretend that they were like or better than the Persians! (Dige Adam-Khora ham Vase Ma Adam Shodand !)“. Sohrab: “Even their God and their Good have Iranian roots, but the Western barbarians are so ungrateful and so mean”. Shiva: “God and Good have Iranian roots?” Homa: “Yah, Persian is the language of civilization. Khoda was pronounced Goda, and became God. And Khoob was pronounced Goob, and became Good”. Kaveh: “There is a serious and important relation between God, Good (Goodness), Love, Khod (the self) and Khoda (God) in the Persian culture. It has a long story and a long history. It’s one of the main Persian gifts to the mankind”.


Sohrab: “Please help yourself. Eat pomegranate, that is a symbol of Persia and Persian Chele”. Neda: “Folks, please eat or drink something and enjoy your longest night. Eat Ajil, and express your love of the West and the Mercenaries!” Shiva: “Can you see how the Mullahs don’t allow the exchange rate of foreign currencies to decrease? The rate of dollar decreased by more than 30%. But when the dollar rate was decreasing steadily in the market -100 to 300 Toman each day- the Mullahs deliberately didn’t decrease their state rate, and asked the market to stop decreasing prices!” Kaveh: “Yah, the market rate even reached the state rate, but the Mullahs and their Western employers didn’t like it!” Sohrab: “But it’s good that people saw how the West and the Mullahs help each other in destroying Iran and hurting Iranians” Homa: “It’s funny that the stupid Iranian expats and those traitors that are anti-Iranian [pigs] help the West and the Mullahs. When the prices were decreasing, they said that the prices are increasing!” Shiva: “Telling such big lies in English and in their English websites is one thing, but why did they tell such big lies in Persian and in the Iranian websites, while all Iranians inside Iran see and feel the truth?!” Sohrab: “Prostitutes like Masoud Behnoud and Mr. Balatarin have become bad whores. Like the old whores, they know that people know them well! So, they just serve the interests of their employers, and don’t save their face. The old whores just try to help their masters’ psywar, that is a shitty war of nerves”. Kaveh: “Their tactics are childish, stupid tactics. People have become aware. Now, Khatamists, Behnoud, Nourizadeh, and other British spies and Western mercenaries are as honorable as the old whores or the shepherd, the liar”. Neda: “The mercenaries tell big lies and there is no efforts by the Mullah regime to control the market and the prices. It’s so funny”. Homa : “I’m sure that Ahmadinejad is a Jewish spy and Khamenei is a British agent. Their mission is destroying Iran and hurting Iranians”. Kaveh: “Ahmadinejad is officially a Jewish agent! Many know it. His bullshit about the Western-made Holocausts, and his efforts to destroy Iran and Iran’s economy are not hidden facts”. Sohrab: “Before 2006, Mullahs said that the IMF is a Zionist organization!, and the IMF plan is a Zionist plan! But in Dec 2010, Ahmadinejad that is a Jew, implemented the IMF plan in Iran! And now after two years, it’s clear that the IMF plan was just a plan for destroying Iran’s economy and Iran’s national products”. Kaveh: “It just helped the West and the Western sanctions”. Homa: “Yah, all educated people saw how the West presented the disastrous results of the IMF plan as the results of the 2012 sanctions! The 2012 Sanction farce and the Mullah-made crises proved that why the West and the US supported this Jewish shit in 2009”. Sohrab: “The current dollar rate just converts the IMF plan into a ‘plot to destroy Iran’s economy’. When the dollar rate was about 1000 Toman, the Mullahs said that the gas price and other prices should be equal to the global prices, and it stops the smuggling! But now, the Mullahs deliberately set a high dollar rate, 2500 to 3000 Toman, and defend it!, and don’t say that this dollar rate just nullify their fucking IMF Plan. Now, the fuel smuggling not only has increased, but it’s more than the past 10 years!” Kaveh: “It’s obvious that Ahmadinejad, Khameni, Basiji thugs, and Islamists are Khaen (traitor), Dozd (crook), Mozdoor (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (fatherland-seller). The Jewish Ahmadinejad destroyed many things. Now, even the Mullahs confess to it!” Homa: “The Mullah foolishness and the dollar rate is so paradoxical and funny. The lower dollar rate + the IMF Plan = Very High inflation + Destruction of National production and National economy. And the current dollar rate + the IMF Plan = Smuggling + Embezzlement + very low Purchasing Power + Destruction of Iran’s Economy!” Shiva: “Ahmadinejad and Mullahs are anti-Iranian mercenaries, and that’s why they slipped on a the IMF’s banana peel. Now, many talk about the IMP plan, the Sanctions, and the Mullah-made Crises“. Neda: “Iranians used Ajil (nuts & dried fruits) a lot. Ajil is a symbol of Yalda, but now, the Ajil price is between 30,000 to 50,000 Toman per kilo! Many have boycotted Ajil”. Sohrab: “Ajil is a domestic product. Its price should be a little higher than the price of fresh fruits. In the worst possible case, it should be 10,000 to 15,000 Toman. The Ajil crisis is a Mullah-made crisis. The Islamist, stupid bastards say: ‘our prices should be equal to the global prices’, but they don’t say that our incomes should be equal to the global incomes, too!” Kaveh: “The Mullahs are stupid mercenaries. The Mullahs and the Iranian expats are Mozdoor-e Dozari (cheap mercenary). Even kids know that when in Iran the incomes are 1/5 of the global incomes, the prices should be 1/5 of the global prices, too”. Homa: “Now, Iranians know that the West only love the idiots, the crooks, and the big lies. Only the Western Sheeple are big idiots” Sohrab: “Recently, a Western tourist truly said: Iranians have many problems like many of us in the land of milk and honey. Iranians are sad and angry. But are they weak or begging for mercy? Not in this lifetime, baby!” Kaveh: “But most Westerners don’t know that the Western sanctions is a bad joke, and just helps the Mullahs. Now, there is now a 300% gap between the market value of the Rial and its state level. The corrupt Mullah system repeatedly stopped providing foreign currency for the market, and this has delivered tens of billions of dollars from the pockets of our people into the Mullah pockets. It’s what even some Mullahs confessed to it. But most Westerners don’t know Hajj Hussein Obama! and his Basiji friends” Sohrab: “The state rate (subsidized rate) is available only to Mullahs, Basiji thugs, and their ass-lickers. As the Mullah media officially confessed: The CBI (Mullah Central Bank) was ordered not to provide foreign exchange to the market!” Homa: “Westerners are idiots, but Iranians are not like them. Recently, even the currency traders said: “We’re not selling or buying. Mullahs are playing with us”. And now, even the Mullah media confess: ‘There seems to be no serious effort by officials to resolve the problems. But why they don’t want to solve the problems?‘! Even the stupidest people know that the IMF plan removed the subsidies of food, fuel, utilities, and basic needs, and put them into the Mullah pockets. Now, most people ask: Why did the Mullahs implement the IMF plan, help the West, and destroy Iran’s economy ?“. Kaveh: “The West needed the disastrous results of the IMF plan, and showed them as the results of their stupid sanctions”. Sohrab: “And it says a lot about both the West and the Mullahs”.


Shiva: “The West is anti-Iran and anti-human values” Sohrab: “Apparently, Shamelessness and Foolishness are among the Western values! They support a tiny and bankrupt terrorist group (MEK) and prove that ‘The US is a stupid Bad Guy’. MEK is a very small group that is Marxist, Islamist, and Terrorist. The 99.99% of Iranians hate the MEK, but the US pigs support the MEK!” Neda: “The US is really stupid. Most Iranians were pro-American. Before 2009, most Iranians saw the US as their friend and as a symbol of the freedom and democracy”. Homa: “But now, Iranians are forced to see the US as ‘the land of pigs, and the land of Terrorists and Terrorism’. Now, many refer to USA as the United States of Assholes, and the main responsible for this situation is: the American Hitler and other US pigs”. Shiva: “Why are Europeans and Americans such idiots?” Kaveh: “All bad guys are idiots. In the world of bad guys, ‘friendship’, ‘trust’, ‘kindness’, ‘sympathy’, ‘love’, and also ‘better future’, ‘better life’, ‘wisdom’, ‘human logic’, ‘human values’, ‘real progress’, etc are meaningless. The friendship between ‘Mullahs and West’, or between Mubarak and West, Pahlavi and West, Saddam and West, etc is an Orwellian concept. The West just needs mercenary or Kleenex. For the West and other bad guys, friendship = disloyalty. They betray everything, even their family. In the world of politics or the world of bad guys, only power, shortsightedness, and short term interests are important. They live like animals”. Sohrab: “They are big idiots. In 2009, Iranians said to the stupid West: ‘Impose sanctions on the Mullahs, on the Mullah bank accounts, on the Mullah TV, on the Mullah officials, on the Basiji thugs, etc’. But the Western pigs and their mercenaries said: ‘Oh, do you think that the West is like Iran?! The SWIFT system and the banking system is independent in the West [!!] The media and the satellite system is independent in the West [!!] They are not puppets of politicians [!!]’ But in 2012, we all saw that their fucking SWIFT system, their fucking banking system, their fucking media and satellite system, and all their fucking systems are not independent, but are puppets of politicians!” Kaveh: “It’s a good point. The past 3 years badly revealed their secrets. In the pre-2009 era, Mullahs, Khatamists and other mercenaries said: ‘We live in a global village. Now, Independence is meaningless[!] Iran doesn’t need to have refinery, agriculture, and many other industries. We can buy our basic needs from the West. It’s cheaper [!]’ But now, many know that the Islamist mercenaries just severed the West’s interests”. Sohrab: “The Western betrayals and their stupid sanctions clearly proved that the West is not reliable or trustworthy. And Iran not only should be a strong and independent world power, as it used to be, but Iran should think about the payback time. Great Iran must pay the West back for what they did to the East“. Homa: “The West is really stupid. They don’t know that endurance, stubbornness, perseverance, adaptability and resilience, or simply, pride, is the backbone of this ancient country, and now, most Iranians are wiser than their western counterparts”. Sohrab: “Iran is older than history, and this ancient nation has suffered a lot from various disasters. This country, that is the oldest country in the world, has suffered a lot from external plots or pressures. But all enemies of Iran, that were enemies of the civilized world, had the same fate: They went to hell“. Kaveh: “The West has a short history of civilization and a long history of Barbarism, and it doesn’t allow them to think and behave like humans. The Western Chalquz (shits), that are Adam-Khor (human-eaters) and barbarians, fight against the Cradle of Civilization (Iran) and the Civilized world; they will be as successful as the savage Mongols, the savage Arabs, the savage Spartans, and other savage beasts”. Homa: “They are really idiots. When 57 million Americans vote for a stupid Mormon, it’s obvious that the US has become a third-world, backward country. Their current economic crises, and the systematic corruption and the systematic brainwashing in the West prove that the Evil Empire is badly bankrupt”.


Sohrab: “In these days, the story of the British nurse, the American terrorist, the mass surveillance and censorship and many other Orwellian jokes prove that what Orwell said about the UK and the West was true”. Homa: “But the Mullahs and also the anti-Iranian traitors in the BBC Persian, the VOA Farsi, Roozonline.com, Balatarin.com, etc desperately try not to allow the ordinary people to know the truths about the West. It’s so funny”. Kaveh: “Political whores like Behnoud, Nourizadeh, Abbas Abdi, Nikahang Kosar, Reza Papeh (Pahlavi), Mehdi Yahyanejad, Ebrahim Nabavi, Khatami, Rajavists, Pahlavists, Mullahs, Basijis and Khatamists are ‘Mozdoor-e Dozari’ (cheap mercenary) or ‘Roospi-e Dozadi’ (cheap prostitute). They are anti-Iranian pigs who just reveal the secrets of their employers!” Homa: “They remind me of those ex-CIA agents, Flynt Leverett and his wife, who badly revealed the secrets of the CIA-Mullah 2009 coup!” Kaveh: “And the stupid Leveretts and the ex-CIA agents remind me of Ronin. In that film, Robert De Niro’s role pretended that he is an ex-CIA agent. But do you remember what he said that at the end of the film?” Sohrab: “Yah, De Niro finally confessed that there is no ex-CIA agent! The ex-agents still work for the agency!” Homa: “In almost all Spy movies, an ex-CIA agent is a dead agent! and those who claim that they are ex-agents, still work for the agency. It’s informative!”. Kaweh: “Yah, and the same is true about the Mullah Gestapo, etc. The story of Ganji, Abdi, and other Khatamists are like the story of Ronin” Sohrab: “The story of Khatamists is also a shitty version of the story of Chomsky or Zizek”. Homa: “The mercenaries and the political whores in all around the world are alike” Shiva: “Recently, the Western mass media wrote: ‘We need politicians more than ever [!!] Anti-politics sentiment is on the rise, but politics remains the only way to answer complex questions [!!]’. Stooges are really alike”. Neda: “Many know that Politicians are less honorable then Prostitutes. But the Westerners still defend politicians? The West is really stupid”. Sohrab: “Recently, Alexander Alvaro, Vice President of the European Parliament and member of ‘Delegation for Relations with the Mullahs’! was asked: What impact have the EU sanctions against the Iranian people? And Alvaro said: The sanctions do indeed lead to restrictions for the Iranian people. And it is not in our interest [!!] ” Kaveh: “Yes, the EU betrayals, the EU sanctions, the EU Nobel Prize, and many other things made Iranians aware, and this awareness is not in the interest of the EU barbarians!” Sohrab: “Yah, the stupid Alvaro has added: ‘I think the sanctions are quite a useful tool [!] As an element of political strategy, sanctions are certainly useful [!]- if you conduct parallel talks as well [!!]‘. It’s so funny that the European barbarians confess that ‘their sanctions are useful, only when they can make love with their beloved Mullahs!” Shiva: “It’s obvious that the West hates the freedom, democracy, and human rights. Their secret talks and secret relations with Mullahs is so disgusting”. Sohrab: “The West loves the Islamists and the terrorists. Iran, Egypt and Syria can reveal the truth” Homa: “In Iran, even the story of the 2012 Olympic Games can reveal the truth. Did you see how the Mullahs destroyed Iran’s sports several months before the Olympic Games?” Neda: “Yah, It’s was so funny. It’s obvious that Mullahs are anti-Iranian puppets of the West”. Sohrab: “Mullahs just try to play the role of brake pedal, and try not to allow Iran to be a free, modern and strong country. It’s what the West wants” Shiva: “Mullahs and Basiji shits are badly bankrupt. More than 90% of Iranians hate them and spit on them. What would happen in the future? What is the main problem?” Kaveh: “A bunch of Basiji Chalquz (shits) that most people know them and hate them, are not important. The West that loves these shits and supports them is the main problem” Homa: “The Basiji Chalquz (shits) and other mercenaries, from Khatamists to Pahlavists, are a bankrupt, tiny minority. Their western employers and their western supporters know it well, and that’s why they are worried” Sohrab: “Iranians had to know their main enemies, and now, Iranians are knowing all their enemies. It’s a good news” Kaveh: “The future is not clear, but we can be sure of one thing: Ultimately the West and its mercenaries will fail. They are on the wrong side of history. Tens of millions of the young, modern, well-aware, and university-educated Iranians will change many things in Iran and the world” Neda: “Folks, lets forget the open secrets. Lets watch a good film, or lets have a game of cards, or lets …”

American Terrorists: from Connecticut to Colorado

December 16, 2012

“The American terrorists kill the innocent children, not only in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc, but in Connecticut, Colorado, and other parts of America. Now, the great American terrorist sheds crocodile tears for the children, while he has created the Iranian 9/11 (2009 tragedy) and the Sanction Farce (2012 Farce) and has killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians with the help of his beloved Mullahs. The great American terrorists are much worse than those little terrorists who killed the innocent children in Connecticut, Colorado, etc”, some Iranians say. In this year (2012), the American terrorists created many great tragedies, including two mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut. The American Terrorism has become a bad and boring tragicomedy, but as the wise Iranians say: “Their media still refer to the American Terrorism as ‘Unthinkable Tragedy’, while the American Terrorism is a boring, Thinkable Tragicomedy. When the Americans don’t care about other humans and other children in other countries; when their drones kill the innocent children; when their troops, their mercenaries, their terrorists, and their beloved dictators kill and torture the innocent people; when their stupid sanctions is a stupid collective punishment; when they help Mullahs in killing Iranians, but impose their stupid sanctions on Iranians; and when they delist and support a Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK), it’s obvious that the American terrorists are stupid savages who can only create a country that suffers from mass shooting, mass corruption, mass brainwashing, mass idiocy, and mass poverty, with 150 million poor people (that 50 millions of them live like the homeless)”. The Connecticut terrorist was like his president. “First, he killed his mother. His mother body was found later at their home located 5 miles (8 km) from the elementary school”, the media reported. The American terrorists are really like their president, who kills and tortures Iranians, Syrians, Egyptians, and also Americans at their home. “Their foolishness, their betrayals, their sanctions and their love affair with Mullahs, Islamists, and terrorists pay them back, because what goes around comes around”, some Iranians say. “Nobody knows why 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, why he then took her guns to the school and murdered at least 20 children and 6 adults on 14 Dec 2012″, the US media say. “But Iranians know the whys. Their fucking Obama, their fucking Chomsky, and their major role in the 2009 coup and killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, and their fucking role in the [2012 farce], and all their crimes can show us the whys”, the angry Iranians say. “The teacher immediately barricaded her 15 students into a tiny bathroom, sitting one of them on top of the toilet. She said to them: There are bad guys out there now. We need to wait for the good guys”, the US media reported. But most Americans don’t know their bad guys. “They don’t know that the US pigs, from Obama to Chomsky, are bad guys who have blood on their dirty hands. They don’t know that the American pigs are terrorists or support the terrorists, including the MEK”, some Iranians say. “Evil visited this country today”, the US media say. But as Iranians add: “Evil has lived in the US since 2009, when the US aided its beloved Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of the innocent Iranians. Evil is American and lives in America”. The US media talk about “Connecticut slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School”, but they say nothing about the motives, or the root of problems. They just say: “The motive for the mass killing is a mystery”. The story of “American Terrorists and American Censorship” is unbelievable. “Why? Why? one woman cried [in Newtown, Connecticut]”. But the Newtown massacre, and also the story of the Colorado terrorist, his notebook and his motives can show us that the US system doesn’t allow the public to know the whys. They censor the whys. “US Officials shed no light on the motive for the attack”, the media say. And it’s true about the Connecticut massacre, the Colorado slaughter, the Iranian tragedy, the Syrian tragicomedy, the Egyptian Farce, etc. The story of the Colorado terrorist (James Holmes, below picture) and the American censorship is really shameful and meaningful.


“The US Judge didn’t decide debate over James Holmes notebook. Attorneys argued over whether prosecutors should have access to a notebook Holmes mailed to his psychiatrist the evening before the shootings. The American Judge didn’t allow anyone to access Holmes’ notebook. Access to the notebook is restricted to the judge and the government [!!] Why is James Holmes notebook confidential in the US ?[!]”, some media said In Sep 2012. It’s really one of the most shameful episodes of the US history. This level of censorship and hiding the truth in USA is really unbelievable and embarrassing, and that’s why the wise guys say: “Today’s USA has become the land of Lie and Brainwashing. Today’s America is a real Third-World country, with many stupid Sheeple. USA has become a backward nation”. When the US and the American pigs openly and shamelessly delist and support a tiny Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK), and when the US pigs support the reactionary monarchists (Pahlavists), and when the American pigs support the Islamists, the Salafists, the terrorists, and the dictators, it’s obvious why many Iranians truly say: “Today’s America is a hypocritical, backward country. Today’s USA is the land of Lie, the land of Ignorance, the land of Hypocrisy, and the land of Terrorism”. Now, the US Sheeple only talk about “Gun Control”. They are blind, and as some Iranians say: “They cannot see the serious diseases in today’s West, including Ignorance, Censorship and Brainwashing”. What the US media say about Adam Lanza is like what they said about Breivik or Holmes. In the best case, they say: “Adam Lanza was an honors student who lived in a prosperous neighborhood with his mother, who enjoyed hosting dice games and decorating the house for the holidays. A former classmate says that Lanza was just a kid, not a troublemaker, not anti-social, not suggesting in any way that he could erupt like this. ‘You could definitely tell he was a genius. He was really quiet, he kept to himself’. His former bus driver says that Lanza was a nice kid, very polite. Lanza’s parents filed for divorce in 2008, and in September 2009 -when Adam was 17- his mother and father divorced. His father remarried and left them”. But what would they say about him, if he was a non-American, or a Muslim? The answer is obvious. Apparently, they think: “The terrorists are equal, but the American terrorists are more equal !”. The American Sheeple can not see the real problems in the US, including Ignorance and Corruption. It’s funny to know that the anti-Iranian pigs, that some of them are Iranians who live in the West as “mercenaries”, only tell big shameful lies about Iran and the West. As some Iranians say: “When [these] Inglorious Bastards want to talk about the stupid things or the stupid people in the West, they say: ‘Oh, it’s not important. Every society no matter how liberal or progressive can create such people, Norway or USA is no exception’. But when they talk about the same things or the less stupider things in Iran, they say: ‘Oh, it’s very important. Only Iran’s society have such problems and such people. Iranians are stupid, coward, cruel, etc. They are Third-Worlders!’. These stupid, inglorious bastards are paid to misinform non-Iranians and discourage Iranians. But those who live like sheep, and are brainwashed by the media, and know nothing about the world, are the real Third-Worlders, not Iranians that are much wiser and much braver than the Westerners”. It’s a good point. As some Americans say: “The Norwegian terrorist’s ideology has tens of millions of believers in the US: the ultra right, fundamentalist, Bible believing fanatics, etc”. And some Europeans add: “Europe and USA must ask how they created such terrorists”. But only a few Westerners are wise enough to say such things. “Europe and USA still suffer from racism, xenophobia, fascism, fanaticism, fundamentalism, idiocy, discrimination, suppression, censorship, etc”, some say. But most Westerners love “Self-Deception”, and don’t care about the truth or the serious problems. “Many Iranian expats are like the Western pigs. They are ‘Khod-Bakhteh’ (Self-defeated), ‘Khod-Forukhteh’ (Self-sold), or ‘Mozdoor-e Dozari’ (cheap mercenary)”, some wise Iranians say. “If the US terrorists had been Muslim, we would have asked what it was within these countries and cultures that made them terrorists! [But now, we are silent]. We are really hypocrites”, some Westerners say. But the Iranian baboons say nothing about the main problems in the West, because it just proves that today’s Iranians are more modern than their Western counterparts. The Mullahs and other mercenaries and puppets of the West know that Iran will become a free, modern, and strong country soon. So, Big Brother and all his mercenaries, from Gary Sick and Brzezinksi to Chomsky, help Mullahs and desperately try to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. But Big Brother and his mercenaries cannot succeed, because Iranians have become aware. Now, Iranians know the Mullahs and the mercenaries. For instance, Iranians talk about the story of ‘Mullah and Dollar’, and how the Mullahs don’t allow the foreign currencies’ rate to decrease, and how it neutralizes the Subsidy Cut Plan (IMF Plan) and makes it only part of a plot for destroying Iran’s economy and helping the West. We would write more about it later, but many Iranians laugh at it, and know that the Western terrorists just want to keep Iran weak and dependent by the help of their mercenaries, including the Mullahs. Iranians have become aware, but most Westerners are still blind and stupid. It’s really shameful. As the wise Iranians say: “The real American terrorists live in Washington, but most Westerners are stupid, and just talk about the little American terrorists in Connecticut or Colorado“.


The American terrorists and their puppets in Syria, Egypt, Iran, and other parts of the world kill the innocent children and hurt and torture the innocent people, but most Westerners are silent and allow monkeys like Obama and Chomsky to hurt and betray the innocent children. “Many Americans and Europeans are selfish Sheeple who don’t know that we all live in the same planet, and are victims of the same bad guys. The Iranian people and other nations are victims of the American terrorists and the European barbarians, who not only refused to put any pressure on the Mullahs in 2009, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians. And now, in 2012, they have imposed their stupid sanctions on the Iranian people (not the Mullahs). Most Americans live like sheep and their foolishness aid the American terrorists in hurting all humans. The story of the Connecticut Slaughter and the Colorado Shooting can show us how the US pigs make use of public ignorance and pubic foolishness in the US. After several months, they still censor the news of James Holmes. The American media still try to hide James Holmes and his motives, and it [says a lot] about US Orwellian system and the American Sheeple“, some wise Iranians say. In the recent months, the media reported: ‘[That American terrorist] Holmes was like the Norwegian terrorist and had a notebook. Officials have received package from Holmes on Monday after massacre. A notebook sent through the mail by Holmes before Friday’s massacre was delivered at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus on Monday, university officials said. The notebook detailed Holmes’ plans to kill people. Neither officials with the university nor law enforcement would discuss the contents of the package, citing a judge’s order banning investigators and lawyers involved in the case from discussing it [!!]. A law enforcement official did confirm to The Denver Post that a package containing a notebook was sent by Holmes to the university. Is it a manifesto or an apology? The US officials don’t allow us to know the truth!“. It’s really shameful. The US officials openly censor the important news, and the American Sheeple don’t protest against it! This level of censorship and stupidity in the US is really unbelievable. “Most good guys are silent as usual, and the American Sheeple, that are among the dumbest people in the world, just repeat their shepherd’s bullshit. They have forgotten the Aurora Massacre, and say nothing about Holmes’s motives. It’s very meaningful. If Holmes was a non-American, does the US media shut their dirty mouth for several months?”, some Iranians say. An American terrorist, Holmes, has a notebook or a manifesto, but the US officials censor it and don’t allow the people to know about his motives. Can you believe it?! “This level of Censorship and Foolishness in the US just proves that today’s Iranians are among the wisest and the bravest people in the world, and the world should kiss the Iranians’ brains and the Iranians’ balls!”, the funny Iranians say. This level of foolishness in the US can show you many things about Americans and Iranians. “The Western pigs desperately try to hurt, torture, censor, or boycott the Iranian people and their voices, because Iranians are not ignorant”, the wise Iranians say. But most Americans are ignorant and don’t know the great American terrorist, and as they don’t know the US pigs and the main problems in the US.


The West censors the news and the pictures of Adam Lanza and the Connecticut shooting, and with this shitty internet in Iran, I can’t find any good picture of Lanza and his massacre. So, I use the pictures of the great American terrorist! Most Americans don’t know their worst guys, and they learn nothing form their mistakes. “As a society we have tried many times to parlay the lessons of these tragedies into public policies, but we [failed]. What we’ve learned is: nothing!”, some Americans say. And some wise Iranians add: “Only a backward and their-world country can have many mass shootings and many disasters without learning any lesson of them. Only a backward nation can see non-Americans as terrorists or bad guys, while the American terrorists are the worst terrorists, and the US is the main bad guy”. Obama and the US pigs have changed many things in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “The world should ask itself why the Iranian people, that were pro-American, have changed. And what’s the difference between today’s America and today’s Iran”. They also add: “Iranians are not as stupid as Americans. Who can forget the American betrayals and the American crimes in 2009? Who can forget the American foolishness in 2011, during the blind OWS movement that had no goal and no demand? Who can forget the American idiocy and the 99% crap? Who can forget the US Election Farce, when the Americans proved that they are the 99% of idiots? Who can forget the American animals, from the Stupid Monkey (Obama) to the Stupid Donkey (Chomsky), and how they betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement? Who can forget the US Sanction Farce in 2012? Who can forget the US support of the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK)? Iranians know the US pigs, and also the Lefts that just helped Obama and Mullahs, and proved that their anti-imperialist crap is an empty slogan, and the lefts just help the so-called imperialists in the name of fighting against imperialism”. The wise Iranians also add: “When no one asks about [the love story] of Chomsky and Brzezinksy, or Zizke’s love affair with Obama, and when not one asks about the motive of the Colorado terrorist, and when the US media can easily brainwash the Americans, it’s oblivious that the US society is full of idiots, and you should not expect them to understand the 2009 tragedy, the OWS farce, the leftist betrayals, or the American problems“. They also add: “But many Iranians are wise enough to know the big problems. They know why the American pigs and [the British barbarians] refused to help the anti-Mullah movement and instead helped the Mullahs and the [Iranian baboons]. The Iranian people are not as stupid as the American Sheeple. And it’s the main difference between two societies. In today’s world, the US is a backward, terrorist nation”. Yah, Iranians are angry, but it’s obvious why they are angry. When the US pigs clearly say: “Sanctions hurt the Iranian people, but it’s not important (who cares about other humans)! We just want to bring them to their knees [!!]”; and when Americans don’t protests against such shameful bullying/ bullshit, it’s obvious that Iranians should see USA as a backward, terrorist country. When the great American terrorist, that has created the Iranian 9/11 and has suppressed the anti-Mullah movement, sees the 2012 sanction farce as ‘toughest sanctions in history”, but no one asks him: “Hey Motherfucker, why you didn’t impose your stupid ‘toughest sanctions’ in 2009, when Iranians were in the streets and asked you, the terrorist monkey, to put pressure on Mullahs?”, it’s obvious that the US has become the land of the Yabu (Stupid Mules). The innocent children in Iran, USA, etc are alike, but the US pigs betray all children, while most Americans defend the US pigs.


The Connecticut shooting and the Colorado massacre can show you why Iranians talk about “West in the Time of Cholera”, that we have already about it (check our previous post). In these days, the West helps the Mullahs in blocking and filtering the internet in Iran, but even those Western pigs that are paid to build anti-filtering tools for Iranians say: “there is no new [solution]. If you don’t be able to use our service in Iran, it’s your problem [!!]”. The West has become a bad joke. But most Westerners are badly ignorant. Some ask us: “What the good guys could or should do?” The answer is clear, and we have already written about it. The good guys should write about the important issues, and should ask the media to cover the Western-made tragedies, instead of censoring them. The good guys should make public opinion aware, and let them know how the West and the Western pigs help the Islamists (including Mullahs and Egyptian Islamists) and the terrorists (including the MEK). The good guys should protest, should express their anger, and should show Iranians that they exist. The Western pigs try to censor and boycott the truths and the voices of the Iranian people. So, “Write about it, talk about it, and protest again it”. How many Westerners write about the Iranian people and the Western-made problems in Iran? How many Westerners know that the West and the American pigs help the Mullahs, and betray the modern Iranians? Their number is very very small, and it’s very shameful. The good guys should become aware, and should make their people aware. The Western-made tragedy of the internet in Iran, amid the Western sanctions (aka Sanction Farce), is the one of the greatest and shittiest Orwellian jokes. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the Western pigs try not to allow the voices of the Iranian people to be heard. And that’s why they and their search engines censor and boycott the websites of the Iranian people, and help the Mullahs in blocking, filtering, or unplugging the internet in Iran”. The West and the Western pigs help their beloved Islamists and their beloved dictators, including the Mullahs. The good guys should not remain silent. The Western pigs try to fool and control their people. They censor almost everything, and it’s the real tragedy. You even cannot know the motives and details of the Connecticut shooting and the Colorado massacre, because Big Brother and his media censor everything. The good guys should not remain indifferent. Many people don’t care about the censorship and brainwashing in the West, and it’s so dangerous. Many Westerners don’t care about other humans and the human values. They are ‘animals’, not humans. But those Westerners that are humans, but are ignorant, should know that their ignorance only help the bad guys. They should know the bad guys’ tactics. The dirty tricks in Iran and the West are almost alike. As some Iranians say: “The Mullahs censor the news and people’s comments. The main cesspits of the anti-Iranian pigs – Balatarin.com, RoozOnline.com, BBC Persian, VOA Farsi, etc-, desperately try to misinform and discourage the people, but no one gives a damn shit about these bastards in Iran. Most Iranians know their politicians, their media whores, their pseudo intellects, their traitors, and their intellectual mercenaries, but how many Westerners are like Iranians and are well aware or politically-aware?” It’s a good question. The Western Orwellian media and the intellectual mercenaries try to fool and misinform the Westerners. The American terrorists can repeat their crimes, because most Americans are ignorant, and don’t know the main problems and their roots. The Westerners should become ‘Aware’. In the US and the West, Ignorance, Foolishness, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Brainwashing, Inhumanity, etc are much important than “Gun Control”. The good guys should become aware, and should make their people aware.

12-12-12: West in the Time of Cholera

December 12, 2012

“There are many idiots who believe the end of the world is imminent -either 12-12-12 or 12-21-12! Most of these idiots are Americans and Europeans”, the people media report. In these days, many things prove that most Americans and Europeans are badly stupid or ignorant. On 12-12-12, it’s not bad to write a few lines about “stupidity and ignorance” in the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Gabriel García Márquez [1928- now] wrote about ‘Love in the Time of Cholera‘. Cholera was a symbol, maybe a symbol of war and backwardness. And now, the Western Cholera is ignorance and inhumanity. The Western people live like the selfish sheep, and know nothing about their politicians, their lefts, their media, their pseudo intellectuals, their sham democracy, their corrupt systems, and their real tragedies. And it’s the Western Cholera”. In these days, when you think about the pre-2009 era and the post-2009 era, you can see how Iranians changed, and how the West destroyed its image and revealed its true face. In the pre-2009 era, most Iranians, including us, preferred to be optimistic about the US and the West. Most Iranians were pro-American, because they thought that the US cares about the freedom and democracy. Most Iranians think that the US is not the bad guy. Most Iranians didn’t see the US or the West as the Great Evil. But now, many things have changed, because the stupid US and the stupid West badly revealed their true colors. In the pre-2009 era, many Iranians preferred to live in a fantasy world. They were like today’s Westerners, and saw ‘Realism’ and ‘Sad Truths’ as ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘pessimism’. But now, they can see a long list of the undeniable facts that prove the US is the main bad guy, and the West is the main responsible for the main human tragedies. In the past three years, Obama and other Western pigs proved that the West is the bad guy, while most Iranians proved that today’s Iranians are really wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts. In the post-2009 era, the stupid US, the backward West, aka the Barbarian West, and their worthless mercenaries proved that the West is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy and progress. So, it’s obvious why Iranians change their minds, and say: “Fuck Obama”, “Fuck USA”, “Fuck Chomsky”, etc, and why the wise Iranians say: “The 2009 tragedy, the 2011 farce, and the 2012 farces, including the US election farce, the EU Nobel farce, the Egyptian farce, the Sanction farce, the Economic crises, the Sham Democracy and the empty gestures of the Freedom and Humanitarianism, and many other things can show us that the West is a stupid and bankrupt bad guy”. Now, not only Iranians say: “The Evil Empire of the West has reached the end of the line”, but even some Westerners write about the Evil Empire of the West, and publish books like “The Evil Empire: How England Ruined the World“, and tell a small part of the truth. But unfortunately, most Westerners are still ignorant. As the witty Iranians say: “Most Westerners just remind you of the Sheep and the Yabu (stupid mules)”. Unfortunately, the story of the Orwellian West (the Barbarian West) and the Ministry of Truth, is not a fictional story, but it it’s a sad truth that can explain the root of problems. The stories of Chomsky and Brzezinksi, Zizek and Obama, Obama and Mullahs, Obama and the Egyptian Islamists, the lefts and the Islamists, the West and the Marxist terrorists (MEK), the IMF and the Mullahs, the Lefts and the Mullahs, the Western Sanction Farce, and many other stories just prove that the West is really stupid, and most Westerners are really stupider than today’s Iranians. Yah, “many knows that the West is both morally and economically bankrupt”, but many don’t know that ‘Stupidity and Ignorance” is a serious problem in the US and Europe. In the recent days, “Amid the financial crisis and other serious crises, EU receives Nobel Peace Prize”! The EU Nobel Peace Prize, aka the EU Nobel Farce, is a historic joke and a historic scandal that says a lot about today’s Orwellian West. In these days, you can see many historic scandals. In these days, as the people media report: “Obama and the US pigs openly [and shamelessly] support the Egyptian Islamists and their plans to push for a quick referendum on a constitution that doesn’t respect freedom and human rights”. In these days, the US supports the Egyptian Islamists without shame, as the US and the West supported the Mullahs in 2009, when the Western Sheeple were blind. In these days, the US supports the Egyptian Islamists, as the US and the West support a small “Marxist-Islamist” terrorist group (MEK) and create the greatest scandals in the US history. As the wise Iranians say: “The story of Iran, from the 2009 tragedy to the 2012 farce, says a lot about the Barbarian West and the Western Sheeple. The story of Iran can show you why today’s West is backward and bankrupt. Most Westerners know nothing about the story of Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc, because they live like the Sheep or the Yabu (stupid mules) and the Big Brother’s agencies can easily brainwash them”. And it’s the true story of “West in the Time of Cholera”.


The Western Sheeple don’t know the true colors of the US, the UK, the EU, the Lefts, and the Western pigs, and cannot see the undeniable facts. And it’s a serious disease worse than Cholera! In these days, the British pigs in the British mass media, including the Guardian, wrote shameful editorials about Egypt, support the Egyptian Islamists, and talk about ‘revolutionary responsibility’!, but most Westerners are blind and stupid. In these days, the media report: “The ITU approved a standard requirement for deep packet inspection (DPI) facilities (snooping)” !! and the UN calls for snooping, blocking and filtering the internet, and the West and the Western pigs help the Mullahs in implementing the deep packet inspection (DPI) and in snooping, blocking and filtering the internet in Iran, but most Westerners are blind and stupid. As some wise Iranians say: “Most Westerners can’t believe the sad truths, because if they accept the truths, they have to deny all those big lies that are part of their life”. They also add: “Chomksy and Brzezinski are two sides of the same coin, but the Americans prefer to live in their unreal Matrix. They love their Matrix and their fantasy world, because in the real world, the West is an Orwellian society with a barbaric and inhuman culture, and a logic that belongs to the human eaters. In reality, Chomsky and the lefts, as the agents of Big Brother and Imperialism, try to control and brainwash the masses. In reality, Chomsky and the lefts help the Imperialists in supporting the Islamists and the brutal dictators that serve the West’s interests. In reality, the West and the lefts love the Islamists, the terrorists, the dictators, and other reactionary forces, because these jerks keep their own countries weak, backward, and dependent. In reality, the West is the ancient land of ‘Barbarians and Human-eaters’. In reality, the West is the bad guy, and the real enemy of the human world. In reality, most Westerners are victims of their politicians, their bankers, their lefty intellects, and their corrupt Orwellian systems. But in the Matrix and the fantasy world of the Westerners, they don’t care about the truth, the reality, and the real world, because it’s scary!”. It’s not a bad analysis. Think about it. In these days, you can see the true colors of many things. In these days, “the love story of Morsi and Obama, and the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood and their American employers to arrest those liberals who asked for ‘a very strong statement of condemnation by the US and Europe’, can show you many things. In these days, the tragicomedy of Syria -after two years of Western games, Western betrayals and Western crimes against humanity- can show you many things. As the wise Iranians say: “There is no doubt that the US and Europe are the bad guys that support the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), the reactionary monarchists (Pahalivsts), and the Mullahs in Iran, and the Salafis, the Islamists, the terrorists, the dictators in Egypt, Syria, and other parts of the world. It’s an important and undeniable fact, but most Westerners are badly stupid”. Yah, “[Only] Around 1,000 protesters marched in Oslo on Sunday to protest against the [ridiculous] award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union”, the media reports. In fact, most Europeans and most Americans are badly stupid or ignorant. It’s what the US election farce proved it, too (check Archive). “The EU Peace Prize is the award for arms sales, use of military force and ‘financial war’. ‘They are selling weapons and they are undemocratic and they are mistreating people in Greece. Its just a disaster’, a Norwegian says. ‘It makes me very angry that they are getting the peace prize. Now its like a hit in the face of everybody who is suffering in Greece, Spain [, etc]’, [a European] adds. ‘When we heard that the Nobel Prize for peace will be given to the EU, we first thought it was a joke [!],’ said a Greek, ‘especially because this comes in days when mainly the people of South Europe are living with the results of a financial war, and their countries are turning to colonies of debt with deprived citizens and looted national wealth”, the people media report. Many Europeans are angry or frustrated, but unfortunately, they don’t want to accept the truth about the West and the lefts. In these days, many things are badly ridiculous. The British pigs in the Guardian, not only support the terrorists and the Islamists, but they prove that “Comment is Not free” in the West. In these days, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, and Gary Sick help the US and the Islamists. As the people media report: “Recently, Gary Sick, that Khamenei’s newspaper (Keyhan) sees him as a high rank Zionist agent of the CIA !, defended the Islamists, the Mullahs and the US-Mullah relation, and said: ‘the most promising strand to pull when trying to unravel the Mideast problem is the Iranian dilemma. When Obama came into office, he courageously promised to engage [Mullahs!] Trita Parsi [!] evocatively describes that episode […] The sanctions did their job [!] Iran has gladly accepted the invitation of the P5+1[!] Sanctions have two useful purposes[!] One is to persuade Iran to return to the negotiating table[!] That has happened [!!] The other is to give the sanctioning party something to bargain away in return for concessions [!!] Now is the moment to proceed with a deal [and] mutual compromise[!!] The starting point must be private US-Mullah discussions, leading to an agreed agenda [!!!] Experience suggests that an agreed agenda is more likely to emerge from bilateral discussions outside the glare of publicity [!!!] The threat of a new war in the Middle East would be reduced” ! Can you believe it?! We would write more about Gary Sick and Mullahs later, but as the wise Iranians say: “the sick Gary should know that Iranians know him, his CIA, and his Mullah friends. Iranians know why the bankrupt US barks and farts. A morally-bankrupt country with $16,000 billion national debt is on the edge of collapse. In 2002, before Iraq war, the US debt was about $5 trillion, and now in 2012, it’s $16 trillion. Iran war has just one meaning: The US digs its own grave and annihilates itself! Iranians know the US pigs, and say to them: ‘Your bluffs and your bullshits just make us laugh, idiots. In 2009, you and your love affair with the Mullahs showed us your true colors, proved that the US is morally bankrupt. And now in 2012, you show us the depth of your foolishness, your sickness, and your bankruptcy’. Iranians are not stupid, but the West suffers from [Foolishness Disease]”. In these days, the US pigs and the British pigs just prove that, as some Iranians say: ‘In the land of Barbarians (UK/ West) only censorship, surveillance, telling big lies, killing and eating humans, or sucking and drinking human blood is Free! In the land of Human-eaters (UK/ West), lie is truth, freedom is censorship, barbarism is civilization, and Ignorance is Strength” . Yah, when there is not a single good cartoon and a single good article about Britain and the British problems in the internet, and almost everything about the UK is censored or boycotted by the search engines and the Big Brother’s agencies, it’s clear that the British pigs still believe: “Ignorance is Strength and Freedom is Slavery”.


In these days, we all can see why Orwell said: “[In the Orwellian UK] Ignorance is Strength“. The recent story of the killed nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, is like the story of Sean Hoare, the British journalist that was killed in 2011. We have already written about Sean Hoare and the British Mafia (check Archive for “Rupert Murdoch = a Global Godfather”). In these days, both the killed nurse and the killed journalist can show us that the British Gestapo or the British Mafia is not ‘conspiracy theory’. In these days, the British mass media censor, boycott, or distort the news of the killed nurse, but it’s just part of the tragedy. Now, instead of condemning the British Mafia and the British pigs, the British media and many stupid Britons say: “The Royal family didn’t kill anyone. If anyone is to blame it’s the radio hosts (DJs) in Australia!” This level of Foolishness and Falsification in the UK is really unbelievable. Unfortunately, even the educated Westerners talk nonsense and repeat the Orwellian bullshit. In the near future, we will write about the killed nurse, but when the British media say: “The DJ’s are being heavily criticized on Twitter, with many people calling for them to resign or be fired”! it’s obvious why the witty Iranians say: “The Britons and the Westerners are Yabu (stupid mules)! They are ‘Jammat-e Maghz-e Khar Khorde’ [a society of the ultra-stupid people (those who have eaten Donkey’s brain)]”. In these days, only a few Britons write: “The Royal Family Kill Nurse“, and only a handful of them say: “The British Gestapo kills an innocent nurse for nothing”. It’s really shameful that almost all comments in the British mass media, ie those people’s comments that are not censored, blame ‘two radio hosts (DJs) in Australia’, and no one talks about the killed nurse and the British Gestapo. “If you want to know the depth of the British Foolishness, just imagine that Britons accept the Mullah bullshit about Saeed Emami and Satter Beheshti and their suicide! The Britons believe such bullshits”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Compared to today’s Britons, today’s Iranians are Albert Einstein! The British people that are very stupider than the average Iranians”. The comments of Iranians prove many things: “That poor nurse killed herself because she got pranked by a radio show, are you kidding ?! Only a Yabu can say or believe such thing! … What was suspicious about it?! Everything!! … Today’s Brits are Yabu, and the ancient Brits were Adam-Khor (Human-eaters). They kill an innocent nurse, because a prank call was embarrassing for their fucking Royal hospital and their fucking Royal Family, that is a family of barbarians … ‘Sar-e Hich-o Puch’ (for nothing) the British Gestapo kills a nurse in 2012 (and a journalist in 2011). The UK is the real [Orwellian society]”. Many Iranians know the bad guys, including the British pigs, the American pigs, the lefts and the Islamists well. They say: “Morsi is a CIA agent … Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafis are puppets of the US and Zionists… The Egyptian Islamists work for the CIA and the Zionists and serve the West’s interests”. But the Americans, the Britons, the Europeans and others not only know nothing about Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc, but they even know nothing about their own countries and their own real problems! As some wise Iranians say: “The US election, the EU Nobel Farce, the Orwellian UK, and many other things can show us the truth. The horrible Economic crises in the EU and the US, or the Election show and the sham democracy in the West, is just the tip of the iceberg. The Western societies are deeply and badly corrupted. As some Westerners say: ‘Our politicians are in crisis, our media corrupted, our judiciary spineless, our police cover up their own crimes, celebrities abuse their position and children. Our banks rip us off, private companies stitch the public purse providing sub standard services. The whole establishment is rotten to the core. Institutional corruption and venality is rife in every area of public life‘. But only a few Westerners say such things, and are not stupid. The 2009 tragedy, the 2011 farce, the 2012 farces, Delisting the MEK, and the Egyptian farce and the Syrian Tragicomedy, the Sanction farce, and many other things proved that the Iranian values and the Persian gifts to the mankind, aka the human values, are meaningless to the West”. In the near future, we will write more about the Iranian values, the Persian gifts to the mankind, and the differences between the human culture (Iranian culture) and the barbarian culture (Western culture). As some wise Iranians say: “The West is both economical and morally bankrupt, because they are so ungrateful, so mean, and so stupid”. Yah, Iranians are angry, but what the wise, angry Iranians say is not baseless. They are quite frank about the whole thing. And if you open your eyes, you can see how the western media and the Intellectual mercenaries, and people like Zizek and Chomksy, can fool and manipulate the Western people. Unfortunately, only the Iranian people are not so stupid, and say: “Politicians, commentators, journalists, pseudo intellects, and other mercenaries try to brainwash and mislead the public”. Ignorance and Corruption is a very serious problem in the West. In October 2012, the Western media reported: “Merkel, German chancellor, defends education minister over plagiarism allegations. Merkel faces losing second minister after magazine says parts of Annette Schavan’s PhD thesis found to be plagiarised”. Iranians know what it means. “The Mullahs are as corrupt as Westerners, because the Mullahs hate Iran, Iranians and the Iranian culture. The Mullahs are Arab puppets of the West. The Mullahs, the Arabs, and the West are anti-Iranian, anti-human, anti-Iranian culture, and anti-human values. ‘Malakh-Khora’ (Locust-eaters) and ‘Adam-Khora’ (Human-eaters) have their own anti-Iranian values, including corruption, savagery, hypocrisy, lie, betrayal, inhumanity, etc”, some Iranians say. And the wise Iranians add: “When the Nazi, the Fascist, and the British pigs proved that the West is the land of the Neo-Barbarians, the West was not intellectually bankrupt. But now, the West is morally, economically, culturally, and intellectually bankrupt. Greece, as the first economically-bankrupt country in the EU, and the UK, as the first Orwellian society and the first morally-bankrupt country in the world, can show us what is the fate of today’s West. [In the 22nd century, and on the next 12-12-12,] the Great Iran (Great Persia) as the main world power can show the humans that even [100 years before that day,] Iranians were not ignorant, and knew the difference between the Human Civilization and the Western Cholera”. We all should think more about the Western Cholera. I hope the good guys and the wise guys in the West and all around the world can think about the roots of problems in the West, and ask themselves why the West is morally, economically, culturally, and intellectually bankrupt, and why the West has become a synonym for ‘inhumanity’, ‘lie’, ‘hypocrisy’, ‘corruption’, ‘ignorance’, or the Orwellian-barbarian values. I hope on the next 12-12-12 (100 years later), the human world can have less ignorant people and less stupid Sheeple.

Goebbels, British Tactics and Big Lies

December 9, 2012

In these days, when the Big Brother’s agencies and most search engines censor or boycott our voice and other people’s voices, the Western mass media tell big Orwellian lies, and remind many of Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda. In these days, many Iranians say: “Big Brother is British”, and the people media report: “Big Brother and the British Gestapo kill an innocent nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who was known as the nurse to the Queen. She became a victim of the Royal Family and ‘the Duchess of Cambridge’. Earlier this week, the killed nurse had received a prank call from an Australian radio show where the hosts pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles looking to speak to Kate Middleton”. In these days, many Iranians say: “Big Brother is English”, and as the people media report: “the Guardian, as one of the Big Brother’s media, doesn’t allow many Iranians to see (read) ‘Comment Section” in the Guardian website!”. The people media also add: “Whenever you check the Guardian website, your IP will be logged (the Guardian clearly says to its readers: Your IP address will be logged ). But recently the Guardian and the British pigs don’t allow the Iranian readers (ie the IPs of Iranians and their anti-filtering tools) to see the Comment Section in the Guardian’s web pages! In fact, the British pigs try not to allow Iranians to read the comments of the Western people! And it’s the meaning of the freedom in the land of Barbarians! As Orwell said, the UK is the home of Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth”. It’s so funny and unbelievable. Can you believe it ?! I checked this, and asked about it. As some say: “Apparently, the Guardian filters many IPs that are used by Iranians”. We will write more about these great scandals later, but here lets write about another important issue. In these days, when Iranians take a look at the Western media, they often use an old Persian sarcastic idiom, and say: ‘Baz Khoda Pethare Goebbels-o Biamorze!’ (God Bless Goebbels!). It’s Persian Sarcasm! In Iran, when X is a very notorious evil/ jerk, but Y is even worse than X, Iranians say: ‘God Bless X’, that is a sarcastic joke about Y. In the near future, we will write about the Western media and their Orwellian lies and why Iranians say: God Bless Goebbels!, but here and in a series of two articles, lets write about Goebbels, his British tactics, and his teachers. Unfortunately, many don’t know that telling “Big Lies” is a British tactic, and Goebbels and the Nazi just used the British tactics. Many don’t know that the Western Orwellian media are followers of Goebbels, and Goebbels himself was a follower of the English! As some Iranians say: “The Western media and the Ministry of Truth often assume that we still live like the illiterate Sheeple in the past, and they can fool us by their stupid tactics and their big lies! They are really stupid. Iranians know these bastards well”. They also add: “Most know Orwell, but even before Orwell, the wise Iranians [including Ahmad Kasravi (1890- 1946)] wrote about the British pigs and the British tactics. But the world only knows Orwell”. Of course it’s good that at least a good Briton wrote about the true colors of the UK. Orwell’s novel 1984 is an important story about the systematic lies and big lies in the UK and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The systematic lies and big lies, aka the Orwellian lies, and censorship and surveillance is the base of the Orwellian UK in ‘1984’. Orwell shows us how Big Brother and ‘Ministry of Truth’ falsify the past and brainwash the Brits. It’s very important that ‘1984’ is a story about London and the UK, not about Berlin, Moscow, Nazi Germany or USSR. Orwell knew London and the UK well !”. We have already written about Orwell and “Falsification of History and Ministry of Truth” [5] We have already written about Goebbels and the Jewish fanatics [3], and how the Zionists use Goebbels’s words and the Nazi Logic [3] But in these days, when the bad guys in Britain and the US and their media make Iranians laugh or force them to say: “baz Khoda Pedare Goebbels-o Biamorze!” (God Bless Goebbels!), we all should know more about Goebbels and what Goebbels himself said about his British tactics and his teachers. As some Iranians say: “Joseph Goebbels was born into a working-class in 1897. He was educated at a Roman Catholic school and went on to study history and literature at the University of Heidelberg, under Jewish historians! Goebbels’s opportunism made him Hitler’s right-hand man. In 1929, Hitler that was deeply impressed by Goebbels, appointed him Reich Propaganda Leader. Many books have been written about Goebbels’s crimes/ tactics”. But there are many rumors and myths about Goebbles. As the wise Iranians say: “Quotes like ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it’ and ‘The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed‘ are incorrectly attributed to Goebbels, while he was just a follower of the British tactics” Even the wise Westerners write about “myths about Goebbels” [2] But many don’t know the truth. Many don’t know that Goebbels wrote about ‘the Lie Factory in Britain'[1], and said: ‘The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous‘. Many rumors about Goebbels are British-made lies, because Goebbels told the truth about Britain. Goebbels was not naive. He clearly said: “It would be a pretty poor propagandist who publicly proclaimed that he was going to lie”[2] Goebbels said that the English are master at telling big lies, and the British pigs use the big lie technique [2] Goebbels talked about “the English Lie Factory”! and the Old English trick. But as the wise Iranians say: “The British pigs told big lies about Goebbels and the Nazi, because they wanted to hide the truth. The British pigs think that people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it! And it’s the main British tactic. Goebbels was just a follower of the British Barbarians and their tactics”.


“In these days, Iranians are laughing at the anti-Iranian pigs, from Alireza Nourizadeh and Reza Papeh (Pahlavi) to Nikahang Kowsar and Mehdi Yahyanejad. In these days, the anti-Iranian pigs and the anti-Iranian mercenaries that work for the British Barbarians, the American pigs, and their beloved Mullahs, show us that what was said about the British tactics was not wrong!”, some Iranians say. In a 1941 article titled “Churchills Lie Factory, [1] Goebbels wrote: “The astonishing thing is that Mr. Churchill, a genuine John Bull, holds to his lies, and in fact repeats them until he himself believes them [!] That is an old English trick . It is one of the familiar tactics of British politics, known to the entire world. They made good use of the trick during the World War. They were even proud of fooling Germany in so easy and clever a fashion[!] [But] They revealed their methods . They are not believable any longer”[1] In fact, Goebbels knew the British pigs and their old tactics well. He knew that the British tactics and the English lies are not signs of wisdom. He said: “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous“[1] It’s obvious that those who tell big lies are not normal humans. As the witty Iranians say: “Only the Britons, ie ‘Adam-Khora’ (human-eaters), could tell such big lies, because telling big, blatant lies needs a high level of meanness and inhumanity, that you only can find it in the British Barbarians, who used to eat humans for a long time”. Goebbels said: “Churchill represents a rotten and corrupt world. This is a world of unlimited individual profiteering at the cost of other people and nations“[1] It’s really true. The culture and the logic of the British barbarians was the culture and the logic of the human-eaters, and that’s why they created “a world of unlimited individual profiteering at the cost of other humans”. The British pigs, as the main creator and/or supporter of the Mullahs and other traitors, tried to poisoned the whole world with their barbaric culture. And those who followed the British pigs and used the British tactics, were poisoned. Goebbels said: “[Churchill] is in fact one of those people who always wants evil. [But] In the end, we really have to thank him”[1] Goebbels and Hitler knew the Brits, but they used the British tactics, and in the end, they were like or worse than the British Barbarians. Some say: “Goebbels and Hitler saw the Big Lie as a propaganda technique that was used by Britons and Jews against Germany in World War I”. Hitler said: “the ordinary people themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads … that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously” [4] But as some wise Iranians say: “Hitler and Goebbels didn’t know that the Brits can tell such big lies, because those who ate humans, can eat shame, dignity, decency, and humanity as well. The Nazi followed the Brits like sheep. But when you think and behave like the bad guys, you become one of them”. Hitler didn’t know that “all expert liars in this world and all [experts] in the art of lying” [4] are like the British human-eaters and the English barbarians who ate humans and vomited humanity. As some Iranians say: “Those who ate humans, could easily eat shame and vomit decency, and that’s why they could establish the Ministry of Truth, and could systematically tell big lies and falsify everything. But when you follow them and use their tactics, you become one of them“. Unfortunately, many still think that telling big lies or using the British tactics is a sign of wisdom, smartness, or high IQ! Unfortunately, many still think that the British tactics are smart or unbeatable tactics! But as the wise Iranians say: “The British pigs are really brainless, and their tactics are really stupid, because Awareness can easily nullify and neutralize the British tactics. A lair can succeed only when you don’t know his/her true colors. In the Persian folklore, the old story of ‘Shepherd, the Lair’ says a lot about the British pigs, their tactics, and their idiocy. The Shepherd could deceive the people, because they didn’t know his true colors. But when the people became aware and knew him, the shepherd, the lair said hello to his end, and became a victim of his lies, and lost everything”. Yah, Awareness can easily nullify the British tactics. And now the Iranian people have become aware. As the witty Iranians say: “In the past 33 years, the stupid stooges of the West -form Mullahs and Islamists to Pahlavists and Terrorists (MEK)- had revealed their true colors. But in the 2009-2012 period, the stupid UK and the US and their famous mercenaries -form Behnoud and Nourizadeh to Khatamists and other pigs- badly revealed their secrets and made the Iranian people aware. Now, the Western pigs, their agents, and the anti-Iranian pigs like Khatami, Behnoud, Nourizadeh, Nikahang Kowsar, Abdi, and other pigs are as honorable as ‘Shepherd, the Lair’, and their fate is like or worse than the fate of the shepherded, the liar”. The British pigs and their followers claim that black is white, and think ‘If you tell a lie that’s big enough, and you tell it often enough, people will believe you are telling the truth, even when you say black is white!’ But it’s true only when the people are ignorant. As the wise Iranians say :When you become aware, and when you know the true face of the British Barbarians, the British tactics lose their power and seem like childish, stupid tactics“. But the stupid Westerners, their media, and their mercenaries still tell Orwellian lies and pretend that “black is white”, and don’t know that the people have became aware! It’s a clear sign of their smartness – not! As the witty Iranians say: “The British pigs, their mercenaries, and their followers can only defeat those people who are illiterate, ignorant, or stupid, or those who suffer from Mongolism!” In the next article of this series, I will write about “Goebbels, British Hypocrisy and UK Lies”, but lets finish here with the wise words of the wise Iranians: “The British Barbarians and the Savage Westerners, that used to eat humans, are the main enemy of the humans and the civilized world. But when you write or talk about them, or even when you fight against them, you should only tell the truth. You should never think and behave like the British pigs. You should never use the British tactics and ignore the human values. When you think and behave like barbarians, you become a barbarian. It’s what Goebbels and other Germans could not understand it”. Think about it.

For more information:

[1] Goebbels’s article: Churchills Lie Factory , 1941
[2] British Lies and False Nazi Quotations !
[3] The Nazi and The Jewish fanatics , or how the Zionists use Goebbels’s words and Goebbels’s logic
[4] “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), by Adolf Hitler, 1925
[5] West, Falsification of History and Ministry of Truth

Egyptian Farce: West, Lefts, Islamists and Obama

December 5, 2012

“Plots, events and dictators reappear in one fashion or another; But the first time as tragedy, the second as farce”, the wise guys said. These days is the best time for understanding these wise words, and seeing the true colors of the West and the lefts. In these days, if you open your eyes, you can see the difference between “conspiracy theories” and “sad truths”. The current Egyptian Farce can reveal the secrets of today’s Orwellian world, including the secrets of the 1979 CIA-Mullah revolution and the secrets of the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup. If you open your eyes, the Iranian tragedy and the Egyptian farce can show you many about the West, the lefts, and the Islamists. Everybody knows that the US and the West love dictators. The 1953 CIA-MI6-Pahlavi coup in Iran -that was a coup against independence, progress, and democracy- is an undeniable fact, not a conspiracy theory. There is a long list of good evidence about it, and after about 50 years, even the Americans and the CIA confessed to it (check Archive). But the 1979 CIA-Mullah revolution, the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup, and the CIA-Lefts-Islamists farce in Egypt are more important than the 1953 CIA-MI6-Pahlavi coup. You can wait about 50 years, and maybe in the 2060s or the 2070s, the CIA and the US would confess to the 2009 coup and the 2011-2012 farces. But if you open your eyes, there is no need to wait for 50 years. As the wise Iranians say: “There is no need to know that Morsi, and other key members of the Muslim Brotherhood work for the CIA. Just compare the 2009 Iranian tragedy with the 2011 Egyptian farce, or just compare the 1979 Iranian tragedy with the 2012 Egyptian farce, or just think about what Obama, Chomsky, and other Western pigs say or do about Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc. It can show you many things”. Yah, the relation between Morsi and the CIA is not important at all. Now, some say: “US contradictions [are unbelievable] It was in Los Angeles that Morsis wife was pulled into the orbit of the Muslim Brotherhood. Two of Morsis sons were born in the US !” [7] But it’s not important. Even the historic relation between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood [6] is not important. In these days, you can see many undeniable facts. Now, many write about “US Support for Muslim Brotherhood” and “Egyptians warn U.S. about Morsi and Islamists”. As the media reported: “Morsi asserted his dictatorial powers on Nov 22. And on 24 Nov 2012 Mohamed ElBaradei said: ‘I am waiting to see, I hope soon, a very strong statement of condemnation by the US, by Europe and by everybody who really cares about human dignity‘. But there has been no White House response to ElBaradeis comments!”. But yesterday, the Guardian reported: “ElBaradei is accused of plotting against the state! Egypt’s public prosecutor, [that is an Islamist puppet of the US] wants to arrest ElBaradei and says that he is part of a ‘Zionist plot’ ! to overthrow the Islamic government!”. In fact, it’s the White House response to ElBaradeis comments! And as Iranians say: “It’s the American Democracy!” Who can deny these undeniable facts ?! In the recent days, even the US mass media ask: “Why Obama is standing with [Islamist Dictator] Morsi?“! [1] In fact, even the US pigs, their mass media and their confessions can show you the truth. The US pigs in the CSMonitor say: “The Obama administration -as the US did for years with Mubarak- wants to separate Morsi’s domestic political maneuvers from his role as a Middle East mediator [!!!] The US needs Morsi as [..] !” [1] Can you believe it ?! As the wise Iranians say: “For the US pigs, tyranny and dictatorship is domestic political maneuvers !! that the US can ignore it! The US needs an Islamic version of Mubarak, and the US wants to support him with old tactics. The US needs Morsi as a Islamic dictator that keeps Egypt backward, stupid, and dependent“. It’s very important. The US pigs still use their old tactics. As the wise Iranians say: “The story of Egypt is stupid. But the important point is that the US supports Mullahs, Pahlavi, MEK, other mercenaries and terrorists, because the US wants to keep Iran weak and under tyranny . The US and the lefts helped the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians in 2009, because the Iranian people are wise, modern, and anti-Islamists, and can create a free and strong Iran. In 2009, the US, the lefts, and the West didn’t call the Iranian protests (the 2009 tragedy) ‘the Persian Spring’ and didn’t support it. But in 2011, the US, the lefts, and the West call the Egyptian protests (the 2011 farce) ‘the Arab Spring’ and supported it!, because the Egyptian people are stupid Islamists and can keep Egypt backward, weak, and reactionary”. The Egyptian Farce and the Iranian Tragedy badly reveal the true colors of the West and the lefts. In these days, as the mass media say: “US administration praises Morsi as a pragmatic and effective peacemaker [!!] White House officials emphasize the close coordination between Obama and Morsi [!!]” [1] Don’t forget these facts. “Obama is supporting a terrorist (Morsi). The Muslim Brotherhood has stolen the revolution with the help of [the US]”, some Egyptians say. But most Egyptians don’t know that the West and the lefts only care about the mercenaries, the dictators, the Islamists, and other jerks that serve the interests of Big Brother. As the wise Iranians say: “Most people are ignorant and don’t know that the West, the lefts, and the Islamists are the real axis of Evil. The Egyptian sheep are blind, and the Western Sheeple are [badly] ignorant. Unfortunately, only the Iranian people are open-minded and can see the obvious things: The US, the lefts, and the Islamists are close friends, and just pretend that they are enemy of each other”


In our recent posts, we wrote about Zizek, Obama, Chomsky, and Brzezinski, and in 2011 we wrote about “Obama, Egypt and Iran” (check Archive) and these days is the best time for thinking about the real axis of Evil, ie the West, the lefts, and the Islamists. Now, we can see why Obama and the US supported the Egyptian Islamists in 2011, but betrayed and suppressed the Iranian anti-Islamists in 2009. As Iranians say: “The US and the real axis of Evil is friend of Islamists, but is enemy of the modern people and the good guys. The US pigs and the European barbarians are the number one enemy of the humans and the human world”. The farcical story of Egypt and USA can show you why Iranians say such things. “Obama loves Morsi and Islamists, and supports them. In the constituent assembly, which is in charge of creating the new Egyptian constitution, the Islamists are dominating. What Morsi and the Egyptian Islamists want is like what Obama, the West, and the lefts want: An Islamic country with an Islamic tyranny”, the people media report. And some Iranian add: “Islamists on Thursday rushed to approve a draft constitution for Egypt without the participation of liberal and secular members. Of the 85 members in attendance, there was only four women, all Islamists. Together, Salafis and the Brotherhood dominate the 100-member assembly writing the new constitution. Many of the men wore beards, and were like or worse than Basijis or Talibans that the US and Chomsky love them! The draft largely reflects the vision of the Islamists and Jihadis, with articles that can lead to restrictions on the rights of women and on civil liberties in general. One article (article 10) that passed underlined that the state will protect ‘the Egyptian family’ ! A vague clause that could pave the way for Mullah Morality police! and state control over the contents of books and films. The draft also contains no article specifically establishing equality between men and women. The Islamists and Salafis [that are like Talibans, and Obama, the West, and the lefts love them] don’t believe in equality between men and women. The new draft says that the ‘principles of Islamic law’ will be the basis of law in Egypt. The draft includes bans on ‘insulting or defaming all prophets’ or even ‘insulting humans’ – broad language that can be used to crack down on many forms of speech. The spokesman of Al-Nour party, the popular arm of the Salafis, commented on the phrasing by saying, ‘this satisfies us and we agree on it’ ! The independent experts, Christians and dissidents boycotted the drafting process”. If you read “Egypt’s draft constitution” [2] you can see that it’s so hypocritical and so British ! It’s like the Mullah constitution that the British Mullahs wrote it. Read articles 2, 4, 10, 11, 12, 31, 44, 48, 50, 60, 68, etc [2] and think about its unclear or sick language. The facts say a lot about the US-backed Islamists in Egypt and the US-backed Mullahs in Iran. In July 2012, Al-Ahram newspaper reported: ‘US government has secretly agreed to back Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi’. And some Egyptian media wrote: “Obama backs Islamists in Egypt at the expense of non-Islamist forces”. But most Westerners are stupid and don’t try to compare the Egyptian farce with the Iranian tragedy. If you compare the 2009 tragedy with the 2011 farce, you can see many things. In 2009, the US, the lefts, and the West didn’t support the Iranian anti-Mullah protesters, and instead, helped the Mullahs and betrayed Iranians. But in 2011, the US, the lefts, and the West not only supported the Egyptian Islamist protesters, but called this farcical protests ‘Arab Spring’ ! In 2009, the West and the lefts converted the Persian Spring into one of the greatest tragedies of all times. But why? It’s an important question. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the lefts love the Mullahs and the Islamists, and hate the wise and modern people, because the Islamists and other stupid mules serve the West’s interests. Even films like ‘Laurence of Arabia’ can show you how the British pigs and the Arab pigs make love with each other. In Iran, Ahmad Kasravi (1890- 1946), a well-known Iranian intellectual/ historian, wrote about the British Money and the relation between the British pigs and the Mullahs since 200 years ago. Kasravi in his books wrote about the UK-backed Mullahs and how the Britons supported the Mullahs financially and gave them ‘British Money’. But do you know what happened to Kasravi ? In the 1940s, the British Mullahs issued fatwas for killing Kasravi, and a British Mullah assassinated him in 1946! And the Pahlavi regime that was puppet of the UK, didn’t punish Kasravi’s killers and freed them!” We would write more about Kasravi and British Mullahs later, but even without knowing history, if you open your eyes and read and think about the Egyptian farce, the Syrian tragicomedy, and the Iranian tragedy in the 2009-2012 period, there are many facts that can show you the truth.


“Most Egyptians and most Americans are blind and cannot see that Obama, Chomsky, Brzezinksi, and other US pigs love and support ‘political Islam’, because the Islamists serve the West’s interests. The Islamists keep their countries backward and dependent, and play the role of Fake Enemy”, the wise Iranians say. It’s obvious that the little Monkey (Morsi) is a little puppet of the US Monkey (Obama). The Egyptians and the world don’t know that maybe “shortly after a close coordination between Obama and Morsi, the Egyptian [Islamist dictator] informed” the US about the coming decrees ! [1] In fact, “Mosri helped broker a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel [and after this Sham Fight (Jange Zargari), he and Obama] followed that triumph up by issuing new decrees that effectively give him dictatorial powers over Egypt“! [3] Jange Zargari (Sham Fight) between the US, the Zionists, and the Islamists is important, but unfortunately, only a few people write or think about such things. Only a few people know that “Obama Administration Gives Morsi ‘Green Light“[4] It’s funny to know that, as the people media report: “In these days, the Mullah TV (the INN) had good analyses about Egypt! The Western media censor or boycott many things, but the Mullah TV tells the truth about Egypt !! For instance, some Mullah analysts told the truth and talked about the great deals between the US and the Egyptian Islamists! They said the Egyptian army, that gets money from the US, supports the Islamists. They talked about the meetings between the US officials and the Muslim Brotherhood in the US embassy! They talked about ‘vague phrasing’, ‘unclear words’, and double-talks and double-standards in the new Egyptian Constitution that pave the way for tyranny! They said that the US and Obama support the Salafis, the Brotherhood and other groups that don’t care about the women’s rights and the civil rights !! They said that Morsi and Islamists are enemies of Freedom, and have closed down 12 newspapers and 2 TV channels in Egypt !! It’s not joke, it’s exactly what the Mullah TV says!! Yah, the pot calls the kettle black ! Mullahs, Morsi, and all Islamists are the same shit, but they know themselves and their Western employers well !” It’s so funny. The INN has become liberal !, while the British media and the US media censor and boycott the truths about Egypt! As the witty Iranians say: “This shitty world has become a bad joke. The lefts help Obama; Zizek and the lefts kiss Obama’s ass; Chomsky loves Brzezinski; Chomsky and the lefts help Imperialism; the US media and the Western media censor the news; the Mullah TV has become liberal !; the British media are worse than the Mullah media; and the Mullahs talk about the free speech, women rights, or civil rights in Egypt ! Wow, Pigs fly!”. But unfortunately, what the Mullah TV says about Egypt is really better than what the US media and the Western media say about Egypt! What the Mullahs say about the Egyptian Army, the deals between the US and the Egyptian Islamists, and many other things are not wrong. It’s obvious that the little Monkey (Morsi), the Brotherhood and the Salafi are puppets of the West. Now, it’s clear that “Obama is Behind Morsis Power Grab In Egypt” [8] Even some Westerners say: “If you think that the recent power grab of Morsi is happening in a vacuum or by mere happenstance, you are fooling yourself … Obamas legacy will be that he installed the Muslim Brotherhood firmly in power” [8]. Now, many talk about “White House silent as Egypts Islamists grab power, moves toward Shariah Islamic law“, because the facts are undeniable. “The Muslim Brotherhood is a brothel for terrorism and war against freedom and Western values. Non-Brotherhood Egyptians are exactly correct about Morsi, being a future Assad”, some say. But most Egyptians are blind and stupid, and don’t know that their main enemy is Obama and the US, not Morsi or Mubarak. The Western media stupidly say: “Obama isnt responsible for the collapse of Mubarak dictatorship [!]” [3] But they have funny confessions, too. For instance, they say: “Obama did nothing to aid the cause of the few Egyptian liberals who want democracy. Worse than that, Obama undercut the efforts of the Egyptian military to act as a brake on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of seeking to use the billions that Egypt gets from the U.S. as a lever […], Washington has embraced Morsi” [3] This confession can remind you of when the US embraced the Mullahs in 1979! We have already written about “the West and the Shah” (check Archive) and how the US asked Iran’s army to support the Mullahs in 1979. Now, the West and the lefts want to repeat the 1979 scenario. But the 1979 tragedy is not repeatable. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and the lefts just disgrace themselves. They just reveal their hidden secrets. Even the 2009 tragedy is not repeatable, because the people have become aware. The 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce only can show the world why Iranians say: ‘Fuck Obama; Fuck the British pigs; Fuck the US pigs; Fuck Chomsky and the lefts’. In fact, the main enemy of the normal humans and the good guys is the West and the lefts, not their Islamic puppets”. Think about it.


Recently, Iranians say: “Fuck Obama” and some Americans add: “Everyday is Fuck Obama day !”, but most Egyptians and Westerners are blind and stupid. They don’t know that the little Monkey (Morsi) is a puppet of the stupid Monkey (Obama). Only a few Westerners tell the truth, and say: “Obama Administration Has Given Morsi ‘Green Light” [4] Of course, they say nothing about the sham fights between the US and the Islamists. But it’s good that they tell part of the truth: “Obama is siding with [Islamist dictator] Morsi and his power grab with the Muslim Brotherhood that has triggered violent protests in the streets of Cairo. The Obama administration is giving Morsi the green light,’ [experts say]. They add: ‘It has given the Muslim Brotherhood the green light since Day One to seize power in Egypt and they have partnered politically with the Brotherhood’. The growing unrest leaves the Obama Administration with a very difficult choice [!!] The angry dissenters say: ‘Are [Obama and the US] going to be siding with the Muslim Brotherhood authoritarian regime or they are going to siding with the real Arab Spring? [!!]’ Obama administration has been influenced by the [lefty] intellectuals and the academics and advisors. These [pseduo] elites have been very sympathetic to the petro-dollars power in the region” [4] Unfortunately, most Egyptians don’t know that their main enemy is USA, not the little Morsi. They say: “Morsi declared himself above judicial oversight, his decisions final and unassailable. He made himself a new pharaoh on the Nile. Morsi won the election by a narrow margin and then five months into his term, made himself a dictator and ordered his Islamist friends to quickly finish the constitution. Now, the US has remained mostly silent on all this”. But the naive Egyptians are not aware of the truth of the 2009 Iranian tragedy and the 2011 Egyptian Farce. Now, even the American mass media confess: “The Obama Administration officials insist Morsi’s internal maneuvering hasn’t dampened their assessment of him“[1] Can you believe it?! Tyranny, Dictatorship, Bloodshed, Brutal Crackdown, etc are internal maneuvering for the US pigs! The wise Egyptians should start to study about “Washingtons Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood” [6] As some say: “Since the 1950s, the US has secretly struck up alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood on issues [such as] fighting communism. And if we look to history, we can see a familiar pattern: each time, US leaders have decided that the Muslim Brotherhood could be useful and tried to bend it to Americas goals” [6] The wise Egyptians should start to write about the US and Islamists in Egypt. “The US [have had] close relations with Muslim groups, [and] all of this was backed by CIA analyses, with one saying the Brotherhood featured ‘impressive internal dynamism, organization, and media savvy”[6] The wise Egyptians should study and write more about such facts. “In today’s Egypt, people are charged with and imprisoned for ‘insulting the president’. It is those echoes of Mubarak-style tactics against Egypts press corps that are worrying journalists and free speech advocates”, some Egyptians say, but they don’t talk about the role of the West in this stupid farce. Even the US pigs say: “Washington has a long history of making light criticism of Mubarak’s human rights abuses at home while helping prop up his government with tens of billions of dollars in mainly military assistance” [1] But the Egyptians cannot see that Morsi is the Islamic version of Mubarak. The Egyptian Islamists say: “The Egyptian people are with us, listening to us. The Egyptian people are good [sheep and good stupid mules]”. It’s what the US loves it! But the Egyptians and the world don’t know why and “How Obama Favored Islamists Over Secularists” [8] They don’t know the true meaning of the 2011 Islamic farce and the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup. “Muslim Brotherhood Wins In Egypt Thanks To Obama”, the stupid rights say. But as the witty Iranians say: “Now, the US and the West help and support Morsi and the Islamists in Egypt, but after several years, they would start to condemn the Islamic tyranny in Egypt, and would say that they hate the Egyptian Islamists! It’s an old tactic that the US and he West start to condemn their beloved Islamic puppets after several years !, when the world forgets that it’s the West and the lefts that have supported these Islamist shits since Day One!” It’s a good point. The West tries to deceive public opinion by Orwellian lies. The wise guys should not remain silent. Some say: “Individuals from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) visited the White House at least 20 times starting in 2009” [9] and add: “In 2008, the FBI formally ended all contact with CAIR because of its ties to Hamas” [9], but those who say such things are not wise guys. The real good guys should try to tell the truth. Now, some talk about “Obama Stance on Egypt Helps Islamists” [7] and add: “Obama administration needs to explain why it has remained silent about Morsi, who has broken the law and flaunts the basic rules of democracy” [7] But they just tell a small part of the truth. We all should think about the current events and the US media’ confessions, such as: “the US has little incentive to sour relations now with Morsi” [1] In these days, “White House officials remained silent on Egypts pro-democracy groups called on Obama to condemn power grab by Morsi” [5], but we should not forget that political rhetoric and empty words are like or worse than silence. Obama’s laughable bullshit about Syria, is like or worse than his silence on Egypt. The world should know about “Obama, Morsi, and the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship”!! [7] The wise guys should start to write about the undeniable facts. And all good guys in all around the world should open their eyes and should think about the 2012 farce and the 2009 tragedy. It’s really important.

For more information:

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War on Internet: Global Problems, Lonely Iranians

December 2, 2012

In these days, most anti-censorship and anti-filtering tools don’t work properly in Iran, because the Mullahs tighten filtering, blocking and monitoring the internet with the help of the West. But the Western mass media say nothing about this issue! The savage West, its media, and its mercenaries, specially the Iranian expats, have closed their dirty eye and their dirty mouth and say nothing about the tragedy of internet in Iran, and how the Mullahs are trying to screw the internet with the help of the West. We have already written about “Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran” [7], and I don’t want to write about this issue here. But unfortunately, most Westerners are blind or ignorant, and don’t know that the Iranian people are victims of the Savage West and its puppets. As the people media report: “The Barbarian West only helps their beloved mercenaries, including the Mullahs and Iranian baboons, in suppressing, torturing and silencing the Iranian people. The deep-rooted [hypocrisy and barbarism in the West is really unbelievable]. On 20 Nov 2012, the Western mass media reported that Ericsson and Nokia Siemens still help Mullah telecoms and Mullah Censorship and Surveillance system!” In these says, many Iranians ask: “Why Westerners are such pigs? Why Westerners and Western media don’t care about humans or human values? Why words like humanity, shame, truth, goodness, sympathy, kindness, etc are meaningless words for the West and Westerners?!” And the wise Iranians answer: “because Europe is the land of Barbarians, and the Westerners have been ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters). Their barbarian culture and their barbaric traditions don’t allow them to think and behave like humans. Those who ate humans, cannot care about humans!. The humanity, human rights, or human values are meaningless to the Western Barbarians. The Westerners have been human-eaters, and their empty gestures is just a cover-up for their deep-rooted Barbarism”. In these days, the Western pigs show us why Iranians are very lonely in this shitty world that has been made by the Western Barbarians. But the Iranian people are not the only victims of the Barbarian West. All good guys in all around the world, including the normal humans in the West, are or will be victims of the Savage West. If the good guys remain silent or indifferent, the Western Barbarians will certainly fuck the whole world. Recently, the Western Barbarians openly and shamelessly talk about their war on the internet, that is a war on humans and human values. Now, even “the United Nations is calling for more surveillance of Internet users !“! [2] This shitty world has become a bad joke. The story of the Barbarian West and the Sanction Farce has become a sickening black comedy, that we would write more about it later, but in these days you can see many farcical scenes. When Iranians are victims of the Western sanctions and the Western Barbarism, the Western pigs are selling the tools of suppression and surveillance to the Mullahs! Now many anti-filtering tools don’t work in Iran, and I don’t know what would happen to the internet in Iran by such shitty filtering that block almost everything with the help of the West. As the people media report: “Recently, according to the Western media, Ericsson clearly confirmed the company is currently working on a new ‘censorship and surveillance’ expansion project for Mullahs. Ericsson said: ‘We will honor our existing contracts ! Our current contracts with [Mullahs] were signed in 2009′ (year of fire and blood in Iran) !’ The Ericsson pigs also confirmed one support contract until 2021 !! They say: ‘A service support obligation lasting more than 10 years is certainly not unusual in this industry’ ! The Western [pigs] in Ericsson and Nokia Siemens, that are brainless neo-barbarians, claim that ‘Censorship and Surveillance’ is a basic humanitarian service!! The West is an Orwellian-Barbarian world in which Lie, Hypocrisy, Censorship, Corruption, Barbarism, Eating Humans, etc have always been among the human values! The Barbarian West and its Sanction Farce are among the greatest farces in history“. Yah, the Savage West and the Western Orwellian Systems are the most savage and stupidest enemies of the humans in history. The world should know that Iranians are victims of such savage beasts that help their puppets in killing and torturing Iranians and filtering the internet. The good guys should know that if they remain silent or indifferent, the bad guys and the Western barbarians will pollute and destroy the whole world. The story of Iran and the Barbarian West is the most important story and the most important test in modern history, and I hope the good guys can pass this test. Those people who don’t care about other humans, “pretend ignorance” or as Iranians say: ‘Khord ro beh Khariat Mizanand’ (pretend that they are stupid mules) just betray themselves and help the bad guys and their mercenaries in hurting all humans.


“The West and its mercenaries hurt and betray us (Iranians). Our today is your tomorrow”, Iranians said to the outside world. And now, you can see the signs of that tomorrow. “The United Nations is calling for more surveillance of Internet users !, saying it would help to investigate and prosecute terrorists!” [2], the media reported recently. Apparently, the Western pigs test their suppression and surveillance tools in Iran !, and after that, they will use these tools in their own countries, too. Now, the British pigs are trying to convert the British society into a real Orwellian society like “1984”. We will write more about the censorship, surveillance, and lack of freedom in the UK. But the British pigs and their puppets try to pollute the whole world. As the media report: “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has just released a report arguing for more surveillance and retention of data on all communications. The British government recently proposed the most extensive suspicionless monitoring ever considered in a [Western] society -the Communications Data Bill (Spying Bill)”[1] The surveillance and censorship in the UK is really horrible, and the British Spying Bill is really like or worse than the Mullah bills. As Iranians say: “Britons are the Mullahs’ teachers! The British pigs are really so hypocritical, more than the Mullahs”. Many know that the UK is an Orwellian society, but the real tragedy is that the US is becoming an Orwellian society, too. “The US and allied governments exploit both law and cyber-attacks as a weapon to punish groups that challenge it” [3] As we all know, “In 2010, after WikiLeaks began publishing US diplomatic cables, [the US] pressure even led to the destruction of WikiLeaks’ ability to collect funds from supporters”[3] In fact, the US imposes sanctions on both Wikileaks and Iranians, but the brutal dictators, the Mullahs, the Basiji crooks and the killers and rapists are the close friends of the US and the West, and can easily suppress and silence the people with the help of the West. These bastards can freely go and live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc, but the ordinary people that hate these bastards should be victims of the sanction, hypocrisy, and savagery of the shameless West. “The Barbarian West is a corrupt, Orwellian society. Those who were barbarians and used to eat humans, can easily eat shame and humanity ! “, the wise Iranians say. Now, the Western Orwellian systems try to control all aspects of life. “Internet Users are No Longer Anonymous. [In 1993, it was said] ‘On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’. [But now,] ProPublica has identified companies that advertise the ability to help campaigns target specific voters online. Among them is Experian, the credit reporting company. Datalogix, a company that works with Facebook to track users’ buying patterns, is also involved” [4] It’s a true Orwellian nightmare. “[These companies] told ProPublica they have political information on 150 million American Internet users, or [most] of the nation’s registered voters. Big players have embraced the ‘political cookie,’ as one company branded it. Yahoo and Microsoft sell access to your registration information for political targeting. That’s one way CampaignGrid and other companies find you online. Political targeting firms say they also work with other websites, but would not name them” [4] In fact, those pigs who help the Mullahs in suppressing Iranians, are creating an Orwellian society in their own countries as well. The US Sham Democracy not only hurt Iranians, but hurt Americans and others, too. As some say: “The US Orwellian system controls all voters and all citizens. They even know who wants to vote for Republicans and who wants to vote for Democrats, and who wants to fight against the US Duopoly!” It like ‘1984’ ! As some Iranians say: “Big Brother and his mercenaries are watching and controlling all of us. But most Westerners are stupid and indifferent”. And as the wise Iranians say: “The Western culture has been a barbaric culture, and that’s why many Westerners are indifferent to other humans, and are so selfish, so mean and inhuman. Those who ate humans, could not care about human values. Their culture, ie the Western Culture, is a Barbaric Culture. The root of many problems in today’s world – including Colonialism, Capitalism, Nazism, Fascism, Sham Democracy, and systematic lies, corruption, discrimination, injustice, etc- is this barbaric culture, that is a legacy from the Barbarian period in the West“. Think about it. We will write more about this barbaric culture later, but the Western barbaric values can pollute and destroy the whole world, if the good guys remain silent. “A 148-page report released today titled ‘The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes’ warns that terrorists are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube [,etc] to spread propaganda” ! [2], the media reported. “The UN report is nothing less than an assault on universally agreed human rights principles” [1], some say. But as the wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious that barbarians and human-eaters cannot care about the humanity and human rights. They can’t help humans, they just eat humans! But the culture of barbarians and human-eaters, ie the Western culture, try to pollute the whole world”. Think about it.


“Everybody is betraying the Iranian people, and no one cares about the lonely Iranians, because the Western culture, that is a barbaric and inhuman culture, has the upper hand in this shitty world. Only a culture that belongs to the barbarians and human-eaters, can create the 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce”, the wise Iranians add. And as some wise Iranians say: “Only a barbaric culture can help the Mullahs in killing and torturing the anti-Mullahs Iranians in 2009 [check [6]] Only a barbaric culture can impose sanctions on the anti-Mullah Iranians in 2012, but refuse to impose any sanction or restriction on the Mullahs in 2009, and instead, make love with the Mullahs and sell them the tools of suppression and surveillance! Such barbaric culture is the culture of human-eaters” They also add: “The Mullah telecom equipment market is dominated by Western vendors. Companies like Nokia Siemens and Ericsson have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. The Mullah telecom company is a state monopoly that control the internet and all communication channels in Iran, with the help of Nokia Siemens and Ericsson and other Western pigs. In the wake of the bloody 2009 crackdown in Iran, the role of the Western pigs in hunting down Iranians came to light. It was revealed Nokia-Siemens along with Ericsson and some other British and American companies had supplied the technology, and helped the Islamic thugs to arrest and torture countless number of Iranians. Creativity Software in Britain, Adaptive Mobile Security in Ireland, and many other British, European and American companies helped their beloved Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. All of these Western companies have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. The amoral Ericsson executives and shareholders are like their barbarian counterparts in Nokia Siemens and British companies, and all of them have committed great crimes against humanity and freedom, and should be tried for their crimes. The Western companies and all their staff and their shareholders have committed crimes, by the use of their monitoring and tracking technology to help the savage Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and to spy on the citizens and to censor and block the internet”. As we said before, the Iranians inside Iran used to say to the Barbarian West: Maa raa beh Kheireh tu Omid Nist, Shar Maresan! (We dont expect you to help us, just stop hurting us!) [7] But now, they are talking about the roots of problems, including the barbaric culture of the Savage West! Now, Iranians know the Western bad guys. They know the British pigs and their BBC, that some call it “Big Brother’s Cesspit“! They know the US pigs and their VOA, that some call it “Voice Of Assholes“! They also know the anti-Iranian traitors and their Balatarin, RoozOnline, etc that are the stooges of the Western pigs. But I hope the Western good guys try to show Iranians that they exists! Otherwise, Iranians will think that all Westerners are bad guys or barbarians. The good guys in the West at least must care about the tragedy of the internet in Iran, that we have already written about it [7] In these days, the tragedy of internet in Iran has become more tragic. An Iranian blogger has been arrested, tortured and killed. As Iranians say: “Sattar Beheshit was tortured and killed by the British Mullahs and other British agents that betray him to the British Mullahs”. Now, many cannot use the internet in Iran, because the filtering and blocking of the internet has been tightened by the help of the West. “Our today will be your tomorrow, if you remain silent”, Iranians say to the outside world. But unfortunately, only a few Westerners care about other humans. Some of them write about “Exporting Censorship and Surveillance Technology” [5], but their reports are often weak or stupid. They say: “Nokia Siemens and Sony Ericsson have provided the tools of oppression to the government of Iran” [5], but they don’t talk the role of the West in creating the 2009 coup, helping Mullahs and betraying the anti-Mullah Iranians. They say: “In [Iran], [the Western] surveillance technologies are used to delve into every aspect of citizens lives. Remarkably, these [Western] technologies even enable [the Mullahs and brutal dictators] to spy on citizens who believe themselves to be working through encryption. Maintenance of these complex surveillance instruments is conducted by Western [companies], often from Germany [, Britain, USA, Sweden, Finland,] and France” [5] But they don’t say that the West and the Mullahs are close friends and their fight is a sham fight. They say: “The internet has in the past been described as a ‘playground for political liberalization’. It has by now become clear just what a dangerous playground it can really be. Courtesy of Western corporations” [5] But they don’t talk about the Sanction farce, and don’t confess that the West is the land of lie, hypocrisy, and corruption. As some wise Iranians say: “The good guys in the West, if they exist [!!], should care about the global problems and Western-made tragedies. The tragedy of the internet, and the tragedy of the tyranny and suppression in Iran, Syria, etc are the Western-made tragedies”. In these days, only a few Westerners are helping Iranians and others in fighting against the Western-made tragedies, including filtering, monitoring, and blocking systems. The lonely Iranians, the lonely Syrians, and others are victims of the West, puppets of the West, and Western-made disasters. In these days, the media reported: “Internet services are down across Syria and mobile phone services have been disrupted in some areas. Syria effectively disappeared from the internet on 28 Nov 2012. The Syrian government has previously cut phone lines and internet access in areas where regime forces are about to conduct major military operations”. The Syrian tragedy is a British-made and Western-made tragedy. Do you know how the Western Companies help Assad in Killing Syrians? We have already written about it [8]. You should also know how the British pigs help the Syrian dictator through his British wife (check Archive). The Western pigs only support the dictator, the terrorists, and other pigs in Syria, and want to destroy Syria, and it’s like their plan for Iran; but Iranians are much more wiser than Syrians. But as the wise Iranians say: “The people of the UK, the US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, and other western countries should know that their silence is equal to betraying themselves and other humans. They should know that their silence is equal to helping the Western Barbarians and their beloved dictators, including the Mullahs. They should know that their silence is equal to creating great disasters and great crimes against humanity. And it’s not only a great betrayal, but it’s a crime against the human world”. Think about it, and care about it.

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