Mullahs and US Pigs: Last Tango in Washington!

In these days, the Mullahs and the Western mass media openly and shamelessly talk about “the US-Mullah Tango” ! and “One-on-one meeting between the Mullahs and the US”! They are proving that what Iranians said about the Mullahs and the West and their “Zange Zargari” (Sham Fight) was not wrong. On 16 Nov 2012, some Western media said: “Mullahs look ready to Tango” !! They also added: “As the Washington Post’s correspondent in Tehran, Jason Rezaian, [an anti-Iranian pig], pointed out last week, [the Mullah Gestapo] published a report -publicly available on its website- that highlights the benefits of negotiations with the US [!!!] The [Mullah Gestapo] report shows that [the Mullahs love] Obama. It appears as if the most important elements among the Mullahs are preparing the political and ideological grounds for direct negotiations with the US!“. The history will never forget these days and these years, that say a lot about the greatest Zange Zargari (Sham Fight) in history. As some Iranians say: “It’s so funny that the Mullahs and the US pigs are revealing their secrets. It’s so funny that the Mullah Gestapo and the Basiji agents of CIA that killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians with the help of the US and the West, confess that Obama and the Great Evil (what a joke) are their partners! These idiots [badly] reveal the secrets of the 2009 coup. But the Mullahs and the US pigs cannot have any open Tango. The Mullahs and their Western employers have many unsolvable paradoxes, that even God can’t solve them. Solving these paradoxes is equal to the end of many things. Any open Tango is equal to the end of the Mullah System, and many other things”. And some Iranians add: “In 2009, the savage puppets of the West claimed that the Iranian protesters are the stooges of the US, but now, everybody knows that they themselves (ie Mullahs & Islamists) are the stooges of the US. Now, most Iranians know that the killer of the Iranian people (ie Mullahs & Islamists) are the savage puppets of the Savage West. But do they themselves want to confess to it?!” The stupid West talks about the US-Mullah Tango, but it just reminds many of “Last Tango in Paris”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West-Mullah Tango has a long story. From ‘First Tango in London’ until now, they have had many Tangos, but all of these Tangos were secrets. Any open Tango will reveal the secrets of their past Tangos in the past 200 years, and will be their last Tango. They have reached the end of the line. We can call their current Tango ‘Last Tango in Washington‘!” The story of the US-Mullah Tangos and the UK-Mullah Tangos is a long bloody story. As some wise Iranians say: “The story of the West-Mullah Sham Fight from ‘First Tango in London’ to ‘Last Tango in Washington’, is full of martyrs and innocent people that were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and other savage puppets of the West. This long shameful story shows why Iranians should hate the UK and the US”. They also add: “Mullahs are the stooges of Britain. Since 200 years ago, Britain has used Mullahs and traitors as a tool for keeping Iran weak and backward. Most Mullahs are Arabs and non-Iranians, and more than 90% of today’s Iranians hate them, but who is the number one supporter of Mullahs? The stupid West. The Mullahs have killed, tortured, and suppressed Iranians with the help of the West, and the year 2009 and the past 3 years revealed the truth. Most Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Iranian, pro-Arab, and Khaen (traitor), Mozdur (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (fatherland-seller). They are the stooges of the West, and their mission is clear: They should suppress Iranians and should keep Iran weak and under tyranny. The Mullahs should not allow the young and modern Iranians to build a free, strong, and modern country. The West knows that a free Iran will be a world power, more powerful than Britain, Germany, and France. Thus, the Mullahs and other mercenaries should not allow Iran to become a free country. It’s their mission, as it was Pahlavi’s mission, too “. From “First Tango in London” until now, the Mullahs have served the West’s interests. As some wise Iranians say: “They have killed and tortured many Iranians, and now, more than 90% of Iranians hate them and their Western employers. So, you can be sure that their current Tango is their last Tango. But Last Tango in Washington will be an important milestone in Iran’s history. It will clearly prove that the Mullahs and the Islamists have always been the stooges of the West. The secret US-Mullah Tangos have already revealed the main secrets of the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup)”. Yah, Obama Bin Laden is just proving that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran and the whole world. As the wise Iranians say: “The American pigs that their IQ is less than zero, just prove that their Evil Empire, that is both economically and morally bankrupt, has reached the end of the line. Like the story of ‘Last Tango in Paris’, the bankrupt US pigs say hello to their end, too”.


Last Tango in Washington is a true story about the Orwellian World. It contained a lot of inhumane and barbaric scenes. Monkey (Obama) and Mullah drink blood of Iranians, and the lefts help Monkey in sucking human blood, while most Westerners are stupid and blind. Last Tango in Washington is the story of ‘Monkey and Mullah’, but can show you many things about the Global Stupidities and the global Orwellian System. It can show you how most Westerners are brainwashed by Big Brother’s agencies and Ministry of Truth’s mercenaries. In the Orwellian World, Monkey kills and tortures Iranians and other nations with the help of the Lefts, the Western journalists, the Western intellects, and other mercenaries, but most Westerners are still blind and stupid, and cannot see many things”, some Iranians say. In these days, the stupid Monkey (Obama) has confessed to what we and many other Iranians have already anticipated it. The stupid Monkey (Obama) has said: “[We want to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and] Were not going to be constrained by diplomatic niceties or protocols [!!]”. It’s what the Monkey (Obama) said on 15 Nov 2012. “Weve imposed the toughest sanctions in history“, the Monkey added. As the angry Iranians say: “Obama is the stupidest Monkey in history. He just reveals theie hidden secrets, and proves that the Westerners, as the most savage Barbarians in history, are still as uncultured as their savage ancestors who were ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters)”. Monkey (Obama) has also added: “Were not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon [!!]”. In these days, Iranians used the old Persian proverbs, like “Eat Shit and Die” and “Eat shit with your ancestors”, a lot! They say to Monkey: “Eat Shit and Die, the little monkey. You, the bankrupt Monkey, want not to let Iran get nukes! You eat shit with your savage ancestors, the little monkey. When you, the stupid monkeys, have nuclear weapons, and when the savage Jews (the Jewish Nazi), and the savage Europeans that are Adam-Khor (Human-eaters) have nuclear bombs, Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons. Iran should stop you, the Barbarians, that suck human blood and still think that the world is a jungle”. Monkey has also talked about Last Tango in Washington : “There should be a way in which [Mullahs] can enjoy peaceful nuclear power [!] while still meeting their obligations and providing clear assurances to [us] that they’re not pursuing a nuclear weapon”. As the wise Iranians say: “Before 2009, we defended the US-Iran relation (not the US-Mullah relation), because the US-Iran fights just serve the interests of the old or sworn enemies of Persia and the civilized world, including the Mullahs and the bad guys in the Arab states, the Jewish state, the UK, and Russia. Before 2009, we didn’t care about Iran’s nukes, and ‘to have or not to have nukes’ was not important to us and most Iranians. But the 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce changed many things. The American pigs proved that the US is the bad guy, and the Savage West proved that the West is the number one enemy of Iranians and the freedom, democracy, humanity, and progress. Now, Iran not only should enjoy peaceful nuclear power, but Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons, and weapons that are stronger than nuclear bombs“. It’s a good point. The Western betrayals have changed many things in Iran. Now, most Iranians hate “Monkey and Mullah” and their puppets, but do you know who still help “Monkey and Mullah”? Zizek and the stupid lefts still kiss Monkey’s ass, but they are not alone. As some Iranians say: “In these days, all anti-Iranian pigs kiss Monkey’s ass, and help [Monkey and Mullah]. They betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and try to play the role of ‘pimp’ between [Monkey and Mullah] in 2012”. As the people media report: “In the recent days, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) that [many think it] works for the CIA, wants to have a conference, ‘Iran 2013: Making Diplomacy Work’ [!!!], featuring the US pigs including former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski [!!], who is one of the main architectures of the Mullah regime in 1978!“. It’s so funny. We have already written about NIAC, Trita Parsi, Mullah Mafia, and Noam Chomsky. As some Iranians say: “Een Ruza Bad-Joori Khar-to-Khare! [These days is a complete mess !], and the US pigs and the CIA agents are badly revealing their true colors. NIAC (Trita Party) and other anti-Iranian pigs and US agents, including Bob Ney, Brezezinksi, and Chomksy work with each other, and reveal their secrets. Apparently, most CIA agents are as stupid as CIA Director, Petraeus, that resigned recently and said that he has been a victim of a Honey Trap!” They also add: “These days is a complete mess, but this ‘Complete Mess’ can show you many things about the secrets of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and the greatest Sham Fight in history. If you open your eyes, you can see many things”. Yah, ‘Een Ruza Bad-Joori Shir-to-Shire!’ [These days is a complete mess], but can show us who is who in this shitty world. On 15 Nov 2012, the Washington Post reported: “Western analysts agree that circumstances are again favorable for a deal [!!] between the [Mullahs] and the US”! But as some wise Iranians say: “Only the US pigs can think in this way, because their IQ is less than zero. Now, circumstances only are favorable for seeing the secrets of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup)! Obama bin Laden and the US pigs are showing us why they have created and supported the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), and why they helped their puppets (Mullahs) in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, and why the lefts help Monkey and Mullah”. These days can show you many things. Think about it.


In these days, not only most Iranians say: ‘Fuck Obama’, but even some Americans say: ‘Fuck Obama’, and add: ‘Every Day is Fuck Obama Day’! Only the stupid monkeys cannot see that Monkey (Obama) and his puppets are great jerks. In these days, the western media reported: “Petraeus Resignation Reveals Divisions Over Iran”! But the funny story of Petraeus can show us many things about the US, too. As the media reported: “On 9 Nov 2012, David Petraeus resigned as CIA Director. Petraeus said that he has had affair with his biographer [!], Paula Broadwell. She has had access to his emails! His biographer was a female journalist that wrote the story of CIA Director [for Ministry of Truth!] His biographer that become his mistress!, was a journalist who followed him when he was in Afghanistan. In his resignation letter, Petraeus said: ‘After being married for over 37 years[!], I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra-marital affair [!] Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband[!] and as the leader of an organization such as ours[!]’. The FBI discovered the affair and found that she had attempted to gain access to his emails and other classified information”. It’s so funny, and as Westerners and Iranians say: “Stupid people employed to do stupid jobs!… What a bad joke. Since when did morality ever guide the decisions at the CIA?! … Honey Trap for CIA Director ?! USA has become a bad joke! … Do they want to show us the IQ of their CIA ?!” These days are really a complete mess. Most bad guys are badly revealing their true colors. As the people media report: “In these days, an anti-Iranian pig, Trita Parsi, [that many think he and his NIAC] work for the CIA and the [Mullah Gestapo] wrote an article for the Huffington Post, ‘How Obama can Succeed on Iran’ [!!], on 7 Nov 2012. This anti-Iranian pig wrote: ‘[Now,] Obama has a unique opportunity to make headway on the diplomatic front[!] This may be the best shot to resolve the [US-Mullahs] conflict. But how can Obama make diplomacy succeed?[!] Both sides have agreed to a step-by-step process[!] Both [Mullahs] and the US must compromise[!] [Mullahs] have refused a bilateral meeting with the US since October 2009 [!!] [ie 6 months after the 2009 coup!] P5+1 mechanism for negotiations must be complemented by direct talks between the US and [Mullahs] [!!]’ Apparently, most CIA agents are as stupid as their boss!, and love revealing their true face and their foolishness!”. In these days, many bad guys, from NIAC, Chomsky and Zizek to the Mullahs and other anti-Iranian pigs are revealing their secrets. In these days, some anti-Iranian pigs have a conference in Prague, but no one gives a dam shit about them. As the people media report: “In the anti-Iran Prague Conference, the anti-Iranian mercenaries lick [Monkey’s ass] and betray Iran and Iranians. Most of these anti-Iranian pigs are unknown pigs, and are not important. But some of them are known political whores, like Alireza Nourizadeh, Mohsen Sazgara, Noushabeh Amiri, and Jamshid Asadi, that Iranians thought they are ‘Adam’ (human), but they proved that they are a bunch of worthless mercenaries and anti-Iranian pigs”. We have already written about some of these anti-Iranian traitors, and we would write more some of them later, but in these days, no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. They are bankrupt political whores, and only their Western employers still care about them. These bankrupt political whores are part of Last Tango in Washington, and try to help “Monkey and Mullah”, but as some Iranians say: “The anti-Iranian pigs, from the MEK and the Pahlavists to the Khatamists and the Prague-Brussels whores, are bankrupt traitors that desperately try to help [Monkey and Mullah], but no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. But they can remind you of the CIA-backed Coup in 1953, the CIA-backed Coup in 2009, or a new stupid film, Argo, that tells the story of an undercover CIA operation in Iran, under the guise of a Canadian film crew doing a location recce. Argo is the name of that fake film production. But the real Argo is worse than that fake film! Argo is a fake story about a fake fight, that is the greatest fake fight in history. When in 2009, [Monkey] described Egyptian dictator Mubarak as a force for stability and good in the region he was echoing the description Jimmy Carter had reserved for Iranian dictator (Pahlavi) in 1978. Mubarak, like Pahavi, was a dictator, and was similarly overthrown in a US-backed revolution not long after US blessing! The CIA-backed revolution in 1979 in Iran, like the CIA-backed revolution in 2011 in Egypt, revealed how the CIA-backed Islamists and journalists serve the West’s interests, and how the CIA-backed lefts defend them. Argo is a Hollywood fantasy of a past that [Ministry of Truth] hopes to rewrite. But now, most Iranians know the truth. They know that the Monkey aided the Mullah in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009, and the CIA-backed journalists, the CIA-backed lefts, the CIA-backed media, polling organizations, intellects, traitors, and other aents helped [Monkey] and the CIA-backed Mullahs. Most Iranians know that the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup against the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran, was like the 1953 CIA-Pahlavi coup, that was a coup against the independence, progress, freedom, and democracy in Iran”.


Iranians inside Iran hate Obama, and clearly say: “Fuck you Monkey (Obama)”. But do you know what the American pigs and their Ministry of Truth say about ‘Iranians and Obama’ ? They tell big Orwellian jokes and big laughable lies, and expose the true colors of the US Orwellian system. As the people media report: “In these days, the US pigs in PBS’s Tehran Bureau had a very funny and revealing report, ‘The Iranian Take on Obama’s Reelection’, that was published on 12 Nov 2012. The PBS and their correspondent in Tehran, that is probably a Basiji agent of CIA !, told big Orwellian lies. The American pigs said: ‘[Iranians love Obama! and say:] ‘[His re-election] is a very good event. Obama is gold for us. Gold! Obama is very good for us!’ Can you believe it?! When Obama is a gold for Mullahs, and when only the Basiji thugs love Obama, the US pigs tell such Orwellian lies! The 90% of Iranians hate Obama, as much as they hate the Islamist pigs, the Jewish pigs, and the Arab pigs. But the US pigs love Zionists, Islamists, and other pigs. The Americans pigs in PBS’s Tehran Bureau added: “[Iranians love Obama and say:] We don’t even mind if the sanctions continue[!!!]. With Obama back again, things will be just fine by Nowruz [!!] Obama is such a totally adorable personality [!!!] We agree with his politics [!!!]” Can you believe it?! God Bless Goebbels! The PBS is really worse than the Nazi Media. If the US media said that the Jews love Hitler, it was less laughable! The American media really work for [Ministry of Truth]. The Americans pigs in PBS’s Tehran Bureau added: ‘[Iranians love Obama and say:] ‘Swear to God, Obama is a decent person [!!!] I wished so much to have been a US citizen, just to be able to vote for him [!!!] I love Obama’s charisma [!!!] I adore Obama [!!!] Obama reminds me of the founding fathers [!!!], of Jefferson and Washington’ God Bless the Nazi Media! The US media are really worse than the Nazi Media. Is it the true meaning of the American Democracy ?!” It’s really funny. The PBS and other US media, that we have already written about them, are really like or worse than Goebbel’s media. It’s really shameful that the United States has such Orwellian System and such Orwellian Media. As some wise Iranians say: “Apparently, the US pigs don’t know that when they tell Orwellian lies, they just prove that the US has a true Orwellian system. Their Orwellian jokes just reveal the true face of the US Sham Democracy”. In these days, the bad guys are badly revealing their true colors! As the people media report: “The Jewish pigs and the Arab pigs are killing the innocent children in Gaza and the Jewish state, because the Jewish Hitler wants to win the Jewish election farce in the terror capitol of the world (Israel). And Mr ‘Yes We Can’ (Obama) says: ‘Yes We Can Tango with Mullahs; Yes we can aid Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians; Yes we can aid the Jewish pigs and the Arab pigs in killing the innocent children; Yes we can delist and support a terrorist group that is both Islamist and Marxist (MEK); Yes we can prove that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and humanity in the world!’ Monkey (Obama) is worse than Reagan, that was a Hollywood-actor-turned-President. In the 1980s, Reagan and his Iran Contra Scandal – that was a Tango between Mullahs, Zionists, and USA- were less scandalous than Monkey and his great scandals. The CIA-organized coup in 2009 [& 1953], proved that the American pigs are as savage as their British ancestors”. In these days, those anti-Iranian pigs that betrayed the Iranian people and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and were worried about the Mullah regime in 2009!, are desperately trying to help the 2012 anti-Iranian sanctions. But they just stupidly reveal their secrets and their dirty face. In these days, even the Iranian traders can see the signs of Zange Zargari (Sham Fight), and that’s why the price of almost everything, including foreign currencies, is decreasing in Iran. But the anti-Iranian pigs still tell Orwellian lies. As some Iranians say: “In these days, the Mullah Media, the British pigs’ media, the US pigs’ media, and other anti-Iranian media that call themselves ‘Iranian media’, see that inflation and price of almost everything is decreasing in Iran, but these anti-Iranian pigs not only say nothing about this issue, but they tell big Orwellian lies and try to pretend that prices are increasing!” Today, RoozOnline said: ‘Inflation sets new record [in Iran]’ ! This Orwellian lie was one of their headlines! In these days, prices are decreasing, but Balatarin and Roozonline have headlines like this: ‘Inflation is increasing; Inflation sets new record; Economic Crisis is Soaring!’. These anti-Iranian jerks and other anti-Iranian pigs, specially the Mullahs, still try to create artificial crises and help sanctions! For instance, as the media reports: “Mullahs deliberately increased the cost of domestic flights by 70%, and the cost of international tickets has risen by 120%!”. It’s so funny. We would write more about this stupid Orwellian farce later, but as some Iranians: “Most people know Mullahs; But most non-Iranians don’t know the so-called Opposition Media, including and that are websites of the CIA, the MI6, and the Mullah Gestapo. A group of non-Iranian spies, that can speak and write Persian, work in Balatarin and RoozOnline, and with the help of a group of anti-Iranian traitors, they try to help the [Ministry of Truth]. All of these anti-Iranian pigs that the West supports them financially, have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. These anti-Iranian pigs, including Behnoud, Nabavi, Ganji, Kosar, Yahyanejad, Nourizadeh, Khatami, Reza Pahlavi, Abbas Abdi, and other worthless pigs, are enemies of Iran and Iranians. They are ‘Khaen’ (traitor), Mozdur (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (homeland-seller). They kiss the ass of the Western Barbarians, and eat shit and blood, like [British Barbarians]. Sattar Beheshti, the killed Iranian blogger, was a new victim of these bastards. They are part of the 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce, and will be tried soon”. All anti-Iranian pigs are part of the story of Last Tango in Washington, and sooner or later they will pay the price of their betrayals. But I hope that all good guys in all around the world can see and think about the story of Last Tango in Washington, that is an important story about today’s Orwellian world and its key players.

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