Slavoj Zizek and Western Pseudo Intellectuals

In these days, the Western Pseudo Intellectuals can show us many things about the root of problems in the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The Western Pseudo Intellectuals, including Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek, are part of an Orwellian system that tries to mislead the people. These Intellectual Mercenaries work for Big Brother, or are the stooges of politicians. They get money and betray everything”. In these days, the Western Pseudo Intellectuals are showing us that what the wise Iranians say about them is not baseless. In the recent days, Slavoj Zizek that some call him “the Borat of Philosophy” wrote a shameful, ridiculous article for the Guardian. As some Iranians say: “The stupid Zizek and his new bullshit can show us how the Western pseudo intellectuals help their Orwellian systems in controlling and brainwashing their people. Zizek, Chomksy, and other Intellectual mercenaries can show us why today’s West are economically, morally, and intellectually bankrupt”. Only a real Pseudo Intellectual can write an article like “Why Obama is more than Bush with a human face” [1], that Zizek wrote recently. And only a real Pseudo Intellectual like Zizek can kiss the ass of the worst US president ever. Zizek’s shameful article is a stupid reaction to what the wise Iranians and the wise Westerners say about the US election farce and Obama. As some Iranians say: “Many leftist pseudo Intellectuals work for the CIA. And Slavoj Zizek is either a sick Chameleon, or a stupid agent of CIA, or a typical pseudo intellectual that get money and betray everything“. You can not be sure about such things, but Zizek’s bullshits, specially his recent article, can show many things. As the wise Iranians say: “The Western pseudo intellectuals are like the Iranian baboons. They are Khayemal (ass-licker) agents that try to mislead people”. The stupid Zizek says: “So should we write Obama off? Is he nothing more than Bush with a human face? There are signs which point beyond this pessimistic vision [!!!]”[1] As the wise Iranians say: “Zizek and other American pseudo intellectuals show us why most Americans are unaware of real problems, why the OWS became a stupid movement, and who screwed the OWS. The Western Pseudo Intellectuals, including Zizek and Chomsky, play with their people and manipulate them. These bastards not only defend the brutal dictators, including Mullahs, Assad, Chavez, Gaddafi, Stalin, etc, but they defend and justify their corrupt politicians, too. Zizek, Chomsky and others play the role of Maleh-Kesh (smooth-talking Apologist). They helped Obama in 2009, and aided him in killing and torturing Iranians. Chomsky, Zizek, and other Western pseudo intellectuals helped Obama and Mullahs, because they always help the bad guys. They f-u-c-ked the OWS, because they should keep the American people stupid and ignorant, and should not allow the Americans to have any real change. They talk about Communism, Marxism, or Theo-Democracy as alternative!, and defend the brutal dictators and the tyrannical systems, and at the same time, they present themselves as alternative and anti-US or anti-Imperialism forces! The CIA and its intellectual mercenaries don’t allow Americans to have a real alternative. The real intellectuals that are against both the Western corrupt systems and all brutal dictators and all kinds of tyranny and corruption in the world, are suppressed, silenced, censored, or boycotted in the West. Only the pseudo intellectuals, like Chomsky and Zizek, that defend the brutal dictators and support tyranny, corruption, and other evil things in the name of human values, can become hero or celebrity in the US and Europe”. It’s a very important point. The intellectual mercenaries pretend that they are on the people’s side, while they kiss the ass of politicians. Zizek licks Obama’s ass and other dirty asses, and Chomsky kisses Chavez’s ass, Mullah’s ass, and other dirty asses. It’s important. The Intellectual mercenaries kiss the ass of power, and betray the truth and the people. In the recent days, some of them said: “60 million Americans voted for Obama because he was on the side of the 99%, rather than a friend of millionaires”. It’s so funny, because according to their logic, “57 million Americans voted for Romney, because he was on the side of the 1%, and was a friend of millionaires!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The western Intellectual mercenaries are so stupid, and when they lick the ass of power, they badly reveal their true colors! They kiss the ass of the worst US president ever, who not only is a friend and a puppet of millionaires and billionaires, but is the close friend of Mullahs and other evil forces, and is the main enemy of freedom, democracy, whistleblowers, truth-seekers, and ordinary people. Zizek that licks Obama’s ass, loves Stalin and Hegel, and even defends Hitler! He is a shallow guy and an attention junky” . But unfortunately, many educated Americans still care about him, and it’s the real tragedy.


“Zizek loves Stalin, kisses Obama’s ass, or defends Hitler and Hegel, because he is a psychiatric shallow guy. Zizek tries too hard for attention, but such a psychiatric idiot is an inspiration to young Americans across America!”, some Iranians say. It’s really shameful. Zizek’s recent article was a stupid reaction to those who wrote or talked about the US election farce, the US Sham Democracy, or the US Corrupt System. Zizek wrote about Donald Trump’s reaction to the US election farce, that we have already written about it, and said: “Do Donald Trump’s [words] not sound precisely like a holy fool’s ramblings?“[1] Zizek, Chomsky and many other Western pseudo Intellectuals are political activists, that means they think and behave like politicians. They don’t care about the truth. As we said before, Chomsky defends Chavez, Assad, Mullahs and other dictators like politicians. Read our previous articles about Chomsky, and see how Chomsky thinks, behaves, and talks like politicians. Chomsky cares about the politics, much more than the truth, and that’s why he is a pseudo intellectual. But unfortunately, most people are unaware of this issue. Today’s West has many dreadful problems, because its popular intellectuals are people like Chomsky and Zizek. When Chomsky wants to defend Chavez, he says: ‘Term limits can be debated to be good or bad [!!!], but there are no strong arguments against it [!!!] [ie. Chavez can be dictator for ever, like Gaddafi, Khamenei, Assad, and other tyrants!]”[3] As the wise Iranians say: “All wise guys know that ‘Unlimited power = Unlimited corruption‘, and ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, but Chomsky pretends ignorance, because he is a political whore that doesn’t care about the truth. But the real intellectuals only care about the truth. Zizek and Chomsky that lick the ass of politicians are political whores, not intellectuals”. Zizek talks like politicians, too. He says: “Obama is often accused of dividing the American people … Such a division, not opportunistic compromises, is the only path to true unity. When Margaret Thatcher was asked about her greatest achievement, she promptly answered: ‘New Labour’. And she was right [!!] True victory over your enemy occurs when they start to use your language, so that your ideas form the foundation of the entire field”[1] His language is like politicians’; He kisses the ass of Thatcher and Obama, but the Western media call this political whore ‘thinker’, ‘intellectual’, or philosopher. As the wise Iranians say: “The intellectual whores play the role of brain of politicians. They think on behalf of politicians and bad guys, and formulate the theories of Power, Control and Brainwashing. The story of Zizek or Chomsky, is a new version of the story of Hegel and other intellectual whores that defended, justified, or formulated Dictatorship and Totalitarianism. The story of Zizek or Chomsky is like or worse than the story of Adam Smiths and British Colonialism, or the story of Thomas Hobbes and British Sham Democracy, and many other shameful stories in the history of Western Intellectualism. The Western pseudo Intellectuals have always kissed the ass of power, and betrayed the truth”. We would write more about these issues later, but it’s really shameful that many Westerners, including journalists and Intellects, get money and betray the truth. The story of delisting the MEK, that we have already written about it (check Archive), revealed many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Most pseudo intellectuals are stupid traitors. Some of them are ‘Heife-Noon’! (ultra-stupid) and reveal their true face in a way that many can see it. And some of them are just a little better than a ‘Heife-Noon’! They try to sound like a smart guy, but what they say is stupidly ‘Do-Pahlu’ (double talk), and is a clear sign of their stupid charlatanism. Zizek is one of them”. In his recent article, Zizek kissed Obama’s ass and defended the US election farce, but at the end of his stupid article, Zizek talked about “the tiny cracks through which some light shone in Obama’s first term [!!]” [1] and added: “Our task in his second term [!] is to maintain constant pressure to widen these cracks [!]” [1] As some Iranians say: “Zizek uses such childish tactics, but the US Sheeple call him ‘Iconoclast’! or ‘Elvis of Philosophy’! The US Sheeple’s IQ is near zero, and that’s why 120 millions of them participated in the US election farce. But Zizek, that is a little Evil of Philosophy, can’t deceive Iranians, because many Iranians know both little evils and great evils”.


The Western pseudo Intellectuals defend the brutal dictators and the politicians in the name of the human values, but their arguments are Abaki (watery), Mozhek (ridiculous), or silly as Iranians say. The Western pseudo Intellectuals often “Connect Fart to Forehead!” (ie connect two unrelated issues) as the ancient witty Iranians said. In his recent article, the stupid Zizek says: “In Europe, the ground floor of a building is counted as zero, so the floor above it is the first floor, while in the US, the first floor is on street level. This trivial difference indicates a profound ideological gap [!!]”. It’s so funny. As some Iranians say: “Akhe MatharGabeh (Hey, Motherfucker) If you want to help the CIA or Obama, at least say something that don’t make the dead chicken laugh! At least don’t Connect Fart to Forehead! The CIA only wastes its money on the idiots”. But unfortunately, the Western pseudo Intellectuals have a key role in controlling the Western Sheeple, and most Westerners don’t know the true colors of their lefty pseudo Intellectuals. Zizek and other lefty idiots defended the OWS and diverted it into a deadlock and a swamp of idiocy, but most of the OWS protesters were blind, and loved Zizek and other idiots. Zizek and other pseudo Intellectuals think that 99% are boring idiots. Zizek that himself is a sick idiot, says: ‘I’m really more and more becoming Stalinist Humanity? Yes, it’s OK. [But] Concrete people? No, 99% are boring idiots”[2] Zizek and other pseudo Intellectuals just try to imitate the real intellectuals. As the wise Iranians say: “Many real Intellectuals think that 99% are stupid and ignorant, but they try to help that ignorant 99%, and try to make them aware. They don’t betray the people. They only care about the truth, and try to help the ordinary people. But the pseudo intellectuals that are stupider than the ordinary people, only betray the 99%, and when you ask them why?, these sick bastards say: because 99% are idiots and can’t see our true colors! The pseudo Intellectuals often betray the people with the help of the mass media”. The Western mass media that love ‘Sycophantic Journalism’ and Khayemali’ (Ass-Licking) have close relations with the pseudo Intellectuals. As the wise Iranians say: “The lefty pseudo Intellectuals, from Zizek to Chomsky, become celebrities, mainly because the lefty mass media care about them”. In the recent months, the Guardian had a ridiculous interview with Zizek. The British interviewer said: “I live as a madman!, Zizek exclaims, and leads me on a tour of the apartment to demonstrate why his kitchen cabinets contain only clothing”[2] And she was forced to confess: “To his critics, [Zizek] is the Borat of philosophy. [Zizek clearly says that:] I am not human. I am a monster[!!] The problem with Hitler was that he was not violent enough [!]”[2] But such idiot becomes celebrity with the help of the Guardian! We all should ask ourselves: “Why the Western mass media cares about some one like Zizek, and why he can become celebrity?” As some Iranians say: “Ministry of Truth loves people like Zizek and Chomsky. Their popularity help Ministry of Truth a lot. Big Brother agencies love shallow guys and Khayemals (ass-lickers). People like Zizek become celebrity, and help Big Brother in controlling the masses. They are useful. They can manipulate and divert the OWS; or They can justify the election farce. Zizek, Chomsky, and other pseudo intellectuals are part of a corrupt Orwellian system that tries to control the masses“. Think about it.


“The story of Zizek and the OWS farce is like the story of Zizek and the election farce. Zizek was a hero for the OWS protesters , and it shows many things”, some wise Iranians say. The story of pseudo intellectuals in the US and Europe is tragicomic. Some one like Chomsky, that defends the brutal dictators without shame, is a hero for most educated Westerners, and Zizek, a sick idiot that defends Stalin, Hegel, Hitler, Obama, and other bastards, is a hero for many Westerners, and it’s so tragicomic. Unfortunately, only a few Westerners are wise enough to know Zizek, Chomsky, and other charlatans. They ‘dismiss Zizek as a silly controversialist’ or ‘fear him as an agitator for neo-Marxist totalitarianism’, but the Western journalists that in the best case are shallow guys, still care about him. Some of them say: “I had imagined he would want to discuss his new book about Hegel, but what he really seems keen to talk about is sex “[2] As the witty Iranians say: “It’s obvious why when the interviewer is a female, Zizek prefers to talk about sex, not about his shitty books! Of course, If Zizek only talked about s-e-x, it would be better. But he writes shitty, silly books and shameful articles, and makes a fool of himself” But as some funny Iranians add: “Yah, If Zizek only talked about s-e-x, it would be better! But if he only talked about s-e-x, he could not serve the Ministry of Truth’s interests, and they didn’t pay him!”. The pseudo intellectuals need empty gestures and empty words, otherwise no one gives a damn shit about them. The pseudo intellectuals are shallow guys, not self-actualized men. They often suffer from inferiority complex and other mental disorders, and that’s why they care about money, power, attention, fame, etc more than the truth and the human values. As some Iranians say: “The story of Zizek is like the story of Lady Gaga. Zizek praises Gaga, and even some say that Zizek has had affair with Lady Gaga, because both Zizek and Gaga suffer from the same problems”. But at least Lady Gaga doesn’t pretend that she is an intellectual! Zizek is really worse than Lady Gaga. Of course some Westerners know him. Their comments about his recent bullshit shows that they know him. They say: “This is actually a very silly argument to make.This is a brilliant collection of meaningless words. The ground floor? The first floor? The ground zero floor? It is all tragic [and badly stupid] … [Idiot,] Obama is the more effective evil. Obama is not a progressive president. He never has been. Only a complete fool- or well paid dupe- would imagine that [he should defend Obama and the US election]. Zizek, by floating Obama as (still!) some kind of savior, seems intent on hedging his bets between the 1% and the 99%”. But only a few Westerners are not like those OWS idiots that loved Zizek. The Western idiots and their comments about Zizek and his article are sickening. They say [my comments are in brackets]: “Obama’s achievements in the first term are important. Historians [that work for Ministry of Truth !] have already ranked him as one of the greatest presidents in US history[!!] Obama’s re-election upsets a corporate speculator as grotesque as Donald Trump [, a worker of Ministry of Truth says]. Zizek is iconoclast, [a brainless sheep says]. This article shows the perils of having a huge intellect [, a huge ass-licker says!]”. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s really tragic that people like Zizek and Chomsky are still heroes in the West. It’s really tragic that they still see the stooges of politicians as intellectual figures. When people like Zizek and Chomsky are their popular intellectuals, it’s obvious that the West should be economically, morally, politically, culturally, and intellectually bankrupt. They have sham democracy, corrupt society, corrupt systems, injustice and inequality, and many other serious problems, mainly because their top intellectuals are people like Chomsky and Zizek”. Think about it.


“Zizek is the Borat or Lady Gaga of philosophy. Zizek is a pseudo intellectual working in the traditions of Hegelianism and Marxism. He still call himself a true Communist! Zizek was member of the Communist Party of Slovenia until 1988! Zizek was born in 1949, in Yugoslavia, to an upper middle-class family. His parents were both atheists. But it could not make him a wise guy. For some years, Zizek worked as a recording clerk at the Slovenian Marxist Center! Even at the age of 40 Zizek was officially a Communist! and it can show the depth of his stupidity. Zizek is proud of Hegel, that is one of the greatest pseudo intellectuals in the human history. In a 2008 interview with Democracy Now, Zizek described himself as a ‘communist in a qualified sense [!]’ and in another appearance on the show in October 2009 he described himself as a ‘radical leftist. But many educated Americans still care about such idiot. Maybe in 2013, he would describe himself as a Marxist CIA agent!”, some Iranians say. It’s really shameful that you can not find a good article about Zizek and Chomsky in the internet, and most articles about them are written by their stupid fans, or by those stupid rights who are worse than them. As the wise Iranians say: “Pseudo intellectuals and people like Zizek and Chomsky are the stooges of politicians, and try to mislead the people, but most Westerners don’t know them, and it’s the real tragedy. Today’s Iranians are really wiser and more modern than their Western counterparts. Most Iranians at least know their pseudo intellectuals, their corrupt media, their corrupt politicians, and their traitors. But most Westerners are still ignorant”. Many pseudo intellectuals are stupid, and you can easily see their true colors. But some of them are smart charlatans. As the wise Iranians say: “Some of them are ignoble brains. They are smart chameleons. What they say is not always wrong. Sometimes they say true things, because they want to hide their true face. They wear masks, but their paradoxes reveal their true colors. For example, Chomsky that works at MIT, is not brainless. What he says is not always wrong. But if you want to know Chomsky, you should think about what he says about Iran, Chavez, Mullahs, and other dictators. He shed crocodile tears for Americans, but what he says about Iran, Mullahs, Islamists, and the brutal dictators reveal his true colors. What Chomsky says is often ‘Do-Pahlu’ (double talk), He talks and behaves like politicians. Chomsky works at MIT, and is a smart charlatan, but many wise Iranians and non-Iranians are smarter than him and those who work at MIT or Harvard”. We all can know the smart bad guys, if we open our eyes. The empty gestures, the stupid labels, and the empty words should not deceive us. As the wise Iranians say: “Zizek is a political philosopher. He is a follower of Hegel, that is one of the greatest Khayemals (ass-lickers) and Charlatans in the human history. Zizek is a pseudo intellect and a stooge of Ministry of Truth. But he is so stupid. He defends Stalin, Hegel, or Obama, and badly reveals his true face. But unfortunatley, most Americans are stupid”. Of course, some Americans know their bad guys. In the recent days, a good guy in USA wrote for us: “I didn’t vote for the monkey or the mormon. I pray always for the peaceful people of Iran and do not agree with the insane anti-Iran policies”. This good American also added: “As a native American I completely agree with my Iranian Brothers. I look forward to your intellectual answer to the way good Americans can change the facts you stated here”. The good guys in the US and Europe are our brothers and sisters, and we know that they exist!, even if they are silent or inactive. But I hope they try to show us and other Iranians that they exist! Anyway, as the wise Iranians say: “If the Americans want real change, they should know their pseudo intellectuals. Their wolves in sheep clothing and people like Zizek or Chomsky only can mislead Americans and destroy their movement. Instead of caring about the intellectual mercenaries, the good Americans should try to find the real intellectuals in the US and the world. Then they should organize themselves. They should have media . The ordinary people in the US should become aware. Even if 10% of Americans (30 million) that are university-educated or open-minded, can become aware and can organize themselves, and can have their own media and their own movement for real change, they certainly can change many things in the US. Today’s US needs a movement like the civil right movement; A progressive movement with clear and progressive demands. This movement can be a movement for direct democracy, ie a movement for getting rid of politicians, lobbyists, big corporations, big money, and corporate media. The native Americans and their old systems, like their People’s Councils and their collective decisions, can be a good model for today’s US”. We would write about these issues later, but we have already written about some real solutions. For instance, what we wrote about “Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians”[4] or about “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” [5] They can show part of the real solutions. We will write more about the real problems and the real solutions, but all good guys in all around the world should know that they should not be indifferent or silent. They don’t need hero. They need media and ‘real’ open debate and discussion, more than any thing else. We all should not allow the politicians, the pseudo intellectuals, and the stooges of the bad guys to think, talk, write, and decide on behalf of us.

For more information:

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