2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA

“About 120 million Americans participated in the 2012 US election [show]. About 60 million Americans voted for Obama [!], about 57 million Americans voted for Romney [!], about 1 million voted for Johnson, and about 0.3 million voted for Stein [!] On average, about half (51.6%) of eligible US voters cast ballots in most states, but six states averaged more than 60% [!]”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. As some wise Iranians say: “It tells the truth about today’s USA. The OWS idiots stupidly talked about the 99%, but the 2012 election farce can show us the truth. Their 99% slogan is bullshit, and when 57 million US Mongols voted for Romney, it means that their 1% slogan is bullshit, too. Those 57 million Americans that voted for Romney are the ultra-stupid Mongols (retards)! And those 60 million Americans that voted for Obama are the stupid Sheep, and it’s the true face of USA”. As we said before, about 90 million Americans are religious fanatics (check Archive). They are worse than Mullahs and Basiji thugs. They teach genocide to their children, and many of them even don’t that the earth is not flat! As some wise Iranians say: “[these brainless fanatics] and those 120 million idiots that participated in the worse election show in the US history, can show us that the Nation of Sheep suffers from Mongolism”. We have already written about the OWS movement and its stupid slogans. As some Iranians say: “Those who use the economical statistics as political slogans or ideological motto are Communists, or Marxists, or Fascists, or Populists, or stupid lefts that work for the CIA. Instead of the stupid OWS, even if the 20% of Americans (60 million) were normal people and could see their main problems, they could change the US system and the US Duopoly”. But now, as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Even the 1% of Americans didn’t vote for the third party candidates! Their 99% slogan is a bad joke. They are the 99% of Idiots. Even 10% of them could not organize themselves, and could not have a movement/ campaign with a clear and progressive goal. The OWS idiots even could not have a clear and progressive demand list, but they still talk about the 99% ! USA is a bad joke. The US Election Farce tells the Truth about USA and its Sheeple”. As some Iranians say: “About 50% of Americans still defend their corrupt system and their stupid Sheepocracy. They are the abnormal Americans, who can show us the roots of the US problems. They are like or worse than their corrupt politicians and their corrupt system”. In these days, some Americans said: “The world is laughing at us”, and some add: “Donald Trump criticized Obama’s victory as a ‘total sham’, a ‘travesty’ and a disaster for democracy. The 66-year-old reality TV performer called for a rally in Washington, and said: This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy. Our country is in serious trouble”. But only a few Americans say such things. Others are stupid, silent, or inactive. They allow their corrupt politicians to betray humanity and human values, and to create war and other human disasters. They are blind and stupid, and can’t see why the US and Europe support the Mullahs, the brutal dictators, the terrorists, and other reactionary forces with the help of the stupid lefts and someone like Chomsky. On 31 Oct 2012, the US media reported: “US military commanders have warned their Israeli counterparts that any action against Iran would severely limit the ability of US forces in the region”, and then the British media added: “The UK government has told the US that it cannot rely on the use of British bases for an assault on Iran as pre-emptive action would be illegal”! It’s a very funny Paradox! The Western idiots repeat their boring and stupid jokes, as a part of their sham fight and psywar. It makes Iranians laugh, but unfortunately most Westerners can’t see the obvious things. As some say: “In the recent days, a high rank member of the Mullah regime has said: ‘Talks with the US are not taboo, nor forbidden. If it benefits us, we can hold talks with America even at the bottom of hell !’. It’s what Javad Larijani, a member of the notorious Larijani clan that are the stooges of the British pigs, has said. But most Westerners are blind. But Iranians are not like them. Today’s Iranians say: ‘Mullahs are Arabs and anti-Iranian shits that work for the US and the UK. The Mullahs are British agents. Since 300 years ago, the British pigs have used the Mullahs and other traitors as a tool for keeping Iran weak and backward. But now, we know both the British pigs and their puppets, from the Mullahs to the stupid traitors like Behnoud or Nourizadeh’. Many Iranians are not so stupid, but many Americans proved that they are so stupid”. Think about it.


“The US election show is over. About 120 million Americans participated in the 2012 election show!, while the number of US voters in 2008 was about 130 millions! The Americans are really stupid”, some Iranians say. And some add: “About 220 million Americans were the eligible voters, and it means that about 100 million Americans didn’t vote. But they didn’t have a movement/ campaign for boycotting the 2012 election farce. Even if 30 millions of them (ie 10% of Americans) could organize themselves, and could have a campaign against their election farce, many things would have changed in the US. But the Nation of Sheep are like their pseudo intellectuals, their corrupt journalists, and their corrupt politicians. They suffer from a serious disease that we can call it American Mongolism ! And that’s why they re-elected the worse US president ever”. As the wise Iranians say: “Only a nation of sheep and a backward nation, that is a real third world country, can re-elect some one like Obama, and can care about some one like Romney! In the worst US election, the Americans proved that today’s USA is really a backward and third world nation. Compared to today’s Americans, today’s Iranians seems like Einstein or intellectuals!” It’s hard to say it’s wrong. The past three years proved many things. In these days, even the normal Americans see Obama as the worst US president. On 2 Nov 2012, Glenn Greenwald wrote: “Who is the worst civil liberties president in US history? The following interesting question arose yesterday from what at first appeared to be some petty Twitter bickering: who was the worst president for civil liberties in US history?” He also added: “Bush seized on the 9/11 attack to usher in radical new surveillance and detention powers in PATRIOT ACT, spied for years on the communications of US citizens without the warrants required by law, and claimed the power to indefinitely imprison even US citizens without charges … [But] his successor, Barack Obama, went further by claiming the power not merely to detain citizens without judicial review but to assassinate them. He has waged an unprecedented war on whistleblowers, dusting off Wilson’s Espionage Act of 1917 to prosecute more then double the number of whistleblowers than all prior presidents combined. And he has draped his actions with at least as much secrecy, if not more so, than any president in US history“. In fact, even the normal Americans know that the stupid Monkey (Obama) is the worst president in the US history. As the wise Iranians say: “Obama badly revealed the true colors of U.S. system. Obama revealed the true face of USA in a way that even the stupidest people can see it. The 2009 coup, the Obama-Mullahs love story, the Obama-Terrorists love story, the Obama-Monarchists love story, the Obama-Islamists love story, the Obama-Marxists love story, and the tragic story of Iran, Egypt, Syria, USA, economic crises, sanctions, poverty, freedom, corruption, debt crisis, and many other things proved that the stupid Monkey (Obama) is the worst US president ever, and the US is the bad guy. In fact, the US is the land of the sheep and the land of lie, hypocrisy, and corruption”. As the witty Iranians say: “A stupid Mormon, a stupid Monkey, and the American Sheeple tried to set a new world record for the stupidest nations, and it means that in the 21st century and the Internet Age, most Americans still live in the Stone Age!”. In fact, the story of today’s USA is like the story of the classic sheep and the modern sheep. As the wise Iranians say: “The modern technology and the modern gestures should not deceive us. A sheep can use the modern technology and the modern empty gestures. But the sheep is still sheep, and his/her stupidities and his/her views still belong to the Stone Age. This sheep is just a modern sheep! These modern sheep vote for the worst president ever, or participate in the worst election show, and prove that they are a Nation of Sheep!”


The American media are bad jokes. They reported: “Some states setting records for voter turn-out [!!] Lines stretched around blocks in DC, with some in Virginia and Maryland waiting upwards of two hours to vote [!]” And it can reminds Iranians of the Mullah media! But the sad truth is that almost all Western mass media are like or worse than the Nazi media. In these days, the Western media badly reveal their true colors. For instance, they reported yesterday: “Iranians illegally shot at a US drone for no reason [!!]”. These idiots that their IQ is near zero, have forgotten that in October 2012, when “Israel fired at unarmed Iranian drone“, they supported the Zionist attack on that unarmed Iranian drone, and threatened Iran! Now, Iranians say: “The unarmed Iranian drone, like that American drone, just did surveillance flights over the illegal nuclear works of Zionists. But the Jewish Nazi illegally shot at Iranian drone for no reason !”. It’s a tit for tat, but the American pigs say: “Iran fired on an unarmed U.S. drone last week [!] We have protested to the Iranians [!]”. And once again, the American pigs prove that they are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian! They said yesterday: “It’s the first time an unarmed drone [!] has been shot at over the […] Gulf” And instead of the Persian Gulf, they used a fake shameful name for making the Arab pigs happy! As Iranians say: “The American pigs are brainless animals. Bin Laden and other Arab pigs were right. They had to kill more Americans, because the American pigs and the Arab pigs deserve each other!”. Iranians also used the old Persian proverbs, and said: “Dige Shoresh ro Dar-Avardand (They crossed red lines; their soup is too salty) … Har Chi Ma Hichi Nemigim […] (Their abuse of our silence and our goodness is really outrageous; we should punish these shameless motherf-u-c-k-e-rs)” Yesterday, the US stupid media reported: “Asked about how the US could respond, [the US officials] said: We have a wide range of options from diplomatic to military [!!]” And the angry Iranians answered: “Don’t make us laugh the US pigs. You the worthless shits threaten us in our home (the Persian Gulf) ?! Get out of our home, you the US pigs. Go back to your shithole, the Yankee shits”. And some wise Iranians add: “Don’t make us laugh the American pigs. Your ridiculous double standard is the worst joke of all times! You, the little pigs still think the world is a stupid jungle and its main law is the law of the jungle?! You, the little shits, should know that your Barbaric age and your Barbaric Empire has reached the end of the line. The game is over, the Yankee Barbarians”. It’s obvious why Iranians are angry. The sham fight between the US and the Mullahs, for winning more concessions from each other, is a very tragic joke. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Their sham fight is not our fight. Almost all Iranians inside Iran know that the Mullahs are puppets of the West, and both the West and the Mullahs are enemy of Iran and Iranians. Their fight is not our fight, ie the fight of the 90% of Iranians. But their sham fight can show us many things. And the US pigs should know that their inhumane acts in 2009 and 2012 have changed many things in Iran”. Yah, now even the wise anti-Mullah Iranians say: “The American pigs and the British Barbarians have committed genocide in America, when they invaded and occupied the land of the native Americans. The US regime is a barbaric and genocidal regime, like the British regime. The British Barbarians that has a long shameful history of Barbarism and Cannibalism, taught Americans how to suck human blood!” It’s obvious why even the wise Iranians are angry. We will write more about the US and the law of the jungle, but here lets give you another example, that can show you many things. As you know, the Western pigs are proud of their Cyber-Terrorism. As some Iranians say: “From morning to night, the Western pigs talk about their cyberattacks on Iran! They openly and shamelessly threaten Iran with offensive war! They openly and shamelessly talk about their viruses and their cyber attacks! It’s Cyber-Terrorism. But recently, their reactions to a ‘Tit for Tat’, was [so funny and informative]. They said: ‘Iran was behind a crippling cyberattacks on the Persian Gulf oil giants. An Iranian virus disabled tens of thousands of computers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar’. The American pigs also added: ‘Any cyberattack against America would trigger a deadly response [!!] Iran could be the first country to unleash cyberterrorism [!!] on USA. Panetta said: the military is ready to retaliate [!!] The US has the capacity to locate them and hold them accountable for actions that harm America or its interests [!!]’ The American pigs are really shameless animals. The American terrorists openly and shamelessly harm Iran, Iranians and their interests, and openly and shamelessly support the terrorists and the terrorism, but should Iran say that the military is ready to retaliate?! or should Iran bomb or nuke the US, EU and Zionist shithole ?!” It’s a good question. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s like the story of sanctions. In the future, they will see the Persian crippling sanctions on the US and the EU, and at that day, you will see how the Western pigs would shit on their pants and would say that the military is ready to retaliate! But at that day, Persia is ready to put an end to the Western Barbaric Empire in our planet Earth“. As some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West should know that those who can paralyze them now, are those that the 90% of Iranians just laugh at them and their IQ! The ordinary Iranians see them as Arab, anti-Iran and anti-Iranian pigs, who are puppets of the UK and the US. In the Iranian universalities, they are known as ‘Basiji Chalquz’ (Basiji Shit) and everybody knows that their IQ is very very lower than the IQ of the 90% of Iranians. But even these ‘Basiji Chalquz’ that have a very low IQ and capability, can paralyze the Western pigs! But If the 90% of Iranians that really wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts, see USA and Europe as the enemy of Iran and Iranians, and decide to fuck and punish USA and Europe and their puppets, then many things will change. At that time you will see the real power of Iran. Today’s Iran can easily be more powerful than Britain, France, and Germany. What you see now, is just less than 10% of Iran’s power”. It’s really true. More than 90% of the wise and modern Iranians hate the Mullahs and don’t work with them. As the wise Iranians say: “The anti-Mullah Iranians are silent. The 90% of Iranians that hate the Mullahs, and are wiser and smarter their American and European counterparts are neutral or inactive now. But the Western pigs are showing them that the West is the number one enemy of Iranians, human values, freedom and democracy. The Savage West is sowing the seeds of hate. And sooner or later, the world will see how Persia will put an end to the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West. The stupid Monkey (Obama) and his Sheeple betrayed Iranians and the human values, but sooner or later, the Barbarian West will pay the price of all their crimes in the past 300 years”.


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As some Iranians say: “Just take a look at the British media, and see how the former Barbarians in Britain tell barbaric jokes about Iran and sanctions, and see how Britain, as the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism, still thinks and behaves like their Barbarian ages!” In these days, even the stupid Guardian tells barbaric jokes! Apparently, they want to encourage Iranians to tell the truth about the British Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in Britain! In the near future, we would write about the British Barbarians, but here, I just want to direct your attentions to the British Sycophantic journalism’. In these days, the British media, from the BBC to the Guardian, tell barbaric jokes and kiss ass. The Guardian’s articles about Obama and US election were so shameful. Lets take a look at some of their headlines: “US election: an Obama win is the best outcome for all” (4 Nov) (it was their Editorial!), “The US election: it’s not just a two-horse race” (28 Oct), “How Obama could still lose the US election” (5 Nov), “This presidential election show is lame, but the outcome could be dramatic” (25 Oct?). The British Khayemals (ass-lickers) that are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Iranian traitors, are master at kissing ass and telling laughable lies. For instance, on 4 November 2012, they said: “One of the less convincing critiques of the US presidential election campaign, is that there has not been much to choose between the incumbent, President Obama, and his challenger, Mitt Romney. The reality is very different. Instead, a stark choice exists [!!]”. As the funny Iranians said: “Oh, yah, it’s a stark choice between a stupid Monkey and a stupid Mormon!”. The British bastards also added: “On foreign policy, Romney represents a return to the disastrous years of George W Bush -threatening confrontation with China, while making bellicose noises about conflict with Iran”. As many Iranians say: “[But] we all know that the US is bankrupt and can’t eat extra shit. Romney and Obama are the same shit. They can’t eat extra shit, because the US is in deep shit, and on the edge of annihilation! If the US eats extra shit, and wages new war, they just dig their own grave, and they know it well. They are both morally and economically bankrupt”. It’s good that many Iranians are not stupid. Some of them say: “Oh, Yah, Obama is better, because he helps the Mullahs and the terrorists, and aids them in killing and torturing Iranians, and imposes sanctions on Iranians and desperately try to torture them because they hate the Mullahs and other puppets of the West! Oh, yah, Obama is better, because he delisted a Marxist-Islamist terrorist group and supports the Monarchists, the Marxists, the Egyptian Islamists, and other reactionary and anti-democracy forces! Oh, yah, Obama is better, because he proved that the US is the bad guy, and the US is the land of the pigs, and because he proved that the US is number one enemy of the freedom and democracy!” The US betrayals, the EU Hypocrisy and the Western inhumanity have changed many things in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, the young and educated Iranians can see the true colors of the Barbarian West, and it’s the most important events in Iran’s modern history. The Western betrayals were the greatest gifts for Iranians and the human world. Now, Iranians will try to restore Great Persia, and will unite all occupied parts of Persia, from Armenia to Tajikistan, that the Russian and British barbarians occupied them in the 19th century. And Great Persia will put an end to the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West”. In these days, our brothers and sisters in all parts of Great Iran, from Tajikistan to Armenia, are showing us their sympathy. We will write more about it later, but as the wise Iranians say: “Our brothers and sisters in all parts of Great Iran, from Tajikistan to Armenia, are the real Iranians, not those traitors that kiss the ass of Barbarians. Sooner or later, the world will see how Persia will pay the Barbarian West back for all their crimes in the past 300 years“. And some Iranians add: “About 120 million Americans are Sheeple, and they form ‘A Nation of Sheep’ that is both morally and economically bankrupt. They are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later, they will [say hello to their end]”. In Iran, most Iranians, including us, had a positive view about the US, and tried to make a distinction between the US and Europe. For Iranians, Europe was the land of Barbarians and Colonialists. But the US was different. The US revolution against the British Monarchy, and many other things, encouraged Iranians to respect the US. But Obama destroyed many things. Obama revealed the true colors of the US, and proved that the US is the bad guy. It’s a very important change. We and many other Iranians still care about the good guys in the US and Europe, and we still think that all good guys in all around the world belong to the same tribe. And in the tribe of the good guys, your nationality, your ancestors, your country, your color, your race, etc are not important at all. But unfortunately, the good guys in the US and Europe are not in the majority. In the US and Europe, the idiots, the Sheeple, the fanatics, the racists, the hypocrites, the liars, and the bad guys are in the majority. And it’s a sad truth. It’s what the US election farce proved it, too. I hope the good guys in the US and Europe, that are members of the tribe of the good guys, try to see the real problems, even if these problems are bitter, depressing, or so tragic.

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