A Persian Answer to West: This Shall Pass, Too!

In these days, the story of the sham fight between the Mullahs and the West, and the story of the sham democracies in the West, have forced some Iranians to laugh and ask: “Are Americans Mongols ?! Are Europeans Mongols ?! Why Westerners think and behave like Mongols ?! Is the West the new land of Mongols ?!” In Iran, Mongol means “retard”. And when Iranians say: “Mage Mongoli? (Are you Mongol?)” it means: “Are you retard?! (are you so stupid?)”. As some wise Iranians say: “After the Mongol invasion in the 13th century, the Iranians started to refer to ‘retards’ and ‘ultra-stupid’ people as ‘Mongol’ ! And it was a modern punishment of the Persian kind. Now, in all around the world, Mongol is a word for someone with Down’s syndrome! Iranians used to punish the barbarians and the savage people by telling the truth about them. It’s an ancient tradition in Iran. What the ancient Iranians said about Mongols, Tatars, Arabs, and Western barbarians -even what you can see in the Persian literate and the Persian folklore- is very important. Tens of millions of Iranians, Indians, Chinese, and others were killed as a result of Mongolian genocides. The Persian historians described the savage Mongols as ‘savage beasts that have no respect for the women, no compassion for youth, no mercy for the aged. A single wicked people slaying everyone’. According to the works of the Iranian historians, including Rashid Hamedani, aka Rashid al-Din (1247- 1318), the Mongols killed more than 1,700,000 in just two Iranian cities (more than 700,000 people in Merv and more than 1,000,000 in Nishapur)“. They also add: “The ancient Iranians truly called the uncultured Arabs ‘Malakh Khor’ (Locust-Eater), because they used to eat lizard and locust. The ancient Iranians saw the Western Barbarians as ‘Adam Khor’ (Human-Eater) because the non-Aryan Europeans, ie those Europeans that didn’t have Iranian roots, were savage Barbarians and used to eat each other and loved eating human flesh and drinking human blood! The ancient Iranians knew that the West was the land of the savage Barbarians, and told the truth about their shameful history, and that’s why the Barbarians tried to destroy Persian books and Persian texts. But the savage Barbarians could not hide the truth for ever. The Iranians always punished the Barbarians by telling the truth about them and their shameful history. And now, the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, the Western inhumanity, and the Sham Fight between the Mullahs and the West, are encouraging Iranians to follow the ancient Persian traditions, and to punish the former Barbarians by telling the truth about them”. In these days, the Western bastards and the former Barbarians that still think and behave like their Barbarian ancestors, prove that what the wise Iranians said about them in the past millenniums and the past months, were not wrong. In these days, the story of “Sham Fight between the West and Mullahs”, that we have already written about it (check Archive), has become very funny and informative. “Israel and [Mullahs] hold positive nuclear talks in Brussels [!!]”, the Guardian reported yesterday. “[Mullahs] suspends uranium enrichment”, the British media added. As some say: “In these days, the enemies of Persia, from the savage West to the Mullahs, are as Mongol as those Americans who participate in the US Election Show!”. In the recent days, the Telegraph reported: “In his interview with The Daily Telegraph today, Barak argues that Irans decision to consign a proportion of its enriched uranium stockpile to civilian use has averted a crisis that could easily have led to Israel launching air strikes to destroy Irans nuclear facilities [!!!]” As some Iranians say: “The West and the Zionists are worse than the Nazi Germany. When the Jewish Hitler made a fool of himself at the UN, and kissed Obama’s ass, and the world laughed at him, the Zionists closed their dirty mouths for a while; but now, the Jewish pigs that are worse than Goebbels and Hitler, use the Nazi like propaganda, and tell stupid jokes”. And some wise Iranians add: “For the ancient Iranians, Tatars and Europeans were symbols of Barbarism and Savagery. In the 13th century, Tatars and Mongols created the largest Empire in the human history. By the late 13th century, the Mongol Empire included most parts of Asia and Europe. It was the largest contiguous land empire in history. The savage Mongols killed tens of millions of people in Persia, India, and China. And Iranians punished the Mongols in a way that the term Mongol became a global synonym for retards! Mongols attacked Persia and two other civilizations and occupied them. Persia and that two countries, ie India and China, shaped the Civilized World, while Mongols, Tatars and the European Barbarians shaped the Uncivilized World”. They also add: “Should Mongols be proud of Genghis, the Mongol Empire and the Mongol Savagery ?! Should Germans be proud of Hitler ?! Should Italians be proud of Mussolini ? Should Americans be proud of Bush, Obama, and other American pigs? Should the Jews be proud of Netanyahu, Barak, Lieberman, and other Jewish Nazis? If you think the answer is yes, you should know that you suffer from Mongolism!” In these days, the West and the Zionists remind the wise Iranians of the savage Mongols. In fact, the story of the 13th century, the Savage Mongols and the Arabs is like our today’s story. We should wrote more about the story of the 13th century, the savage Mongols and the Arabs, that is like the story of the 21st century, the stupid West and the Mullahs. But here, lets give you a clear example of the Iranian answers to the Mongols, that can be a very good answer to the stupid West and its puppets, too.

Seif Farghani (1247- 1327) is an Iranian poet, that most people don’t know him. Even many Iranians don’t know him, because both the Mullah regime and the Pahlavi regime, and their Western employers hated Seif and his great works. Seif Farghani was an Iranian intellect that wrote about Human Values and Social Justice. And almost all dictators and all barbarians hated him and his powerful pen, and didn’t allow the masses to read him. Seif Farghani had been censored, and as some experts say: “Seif composed more than 12000 verses, and only the experts knew him and his works. His anthology was firstly edited and published by late Iranian scholar Zabihollah Safa in 1986”. Now, the collection of his poems can be viewed online. One of his poem is very famous and very important. “This Shall Pass, Too” (In Neez Bogzarad) that some translate it as “This Too Shall Pass”, written by Seif in the 13th century AD, during the Mongolian invasion, is a very beautiful and very meaningful poem. In this masterpiece, Seif punished the savage Mongols by his powerful pen and by the Persian culture. If you want to know the Persians, the Persian Proud, the Persian culture, and the depth of the Persian Civilization, you should read this poem and other Persian poems. If you know the Persian language, read this beautiful masterpiece here in Persian. And if you don’t know Persian, read the following translation, and think about the depth of the Persian wisdom, specially when Europeans were still savages, barbarians or man-eaters! As some say: “Read this masterpiece and think about its messages; Read it and think about the beauty of Persian literature, that is the oldest, richest and greatest literature in the world”.

This Shall Pass, Too

Not only death will pass through your world,
But your splendor shall pass too

The owl of misfortune that brings ruin,
Will perch on your palace too

The autumn wind of adversity,
Will wither your orchards too

The gasp of death that chokes everyone,
Will rattle in your throat too

Oh you who wield blades like javelins to oppress,
The sharpness of your spears shall dull too

Neither the great men nor their justice lasted,
You, the oppressors, and your cruel acts will pass too

In this country, lions roared and passed,
The barking of your dogs will pass (cease) too

The dust of those who had horse settled (passed),
The dust of your jackasses shall pass too

The wind of time that snuffs out all candles,
Will likewise extinguish your lanterns too

Many caravans have passed through this caravanserai,
Your [stupid] caravan shall pass too

You boast of your good fortune and bright star,
But the influence of your constellation shall pass too

Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men,
The time of your barbaric rule will pass too

Their time lasted but a couple of days,
Your a few days, that is less than theirs, shall pass too

Oh you, who leaves the sheep in the care of a wolf,
Your wolfish shepherd shall pass too

With patience we shield ourselves from your arrows of oppression, Until the tautness of your bow shall pass (fail) too

The knight of annihilation who check mates the King,
Will also capture you, the pawns, too

Oh folks, one day after reading this poem,
You shall pray for Seif too !

It’s a very beautiful poem, isn’t it? A great civilization and its cultured people often try to answer the barbarians and the uncultured people in this way, ie by arts, literate, and culture. What Seif wrote in the 13th century, is still valid and important. It seems like Seif wrote this poem yesterday! And it’s one of the main characteristics of the masterpieces and the great works. In these years, many wise Iranians read Seif’s poem and other Persian poems, and use them as an answer to the stupid West and its puppets. Its very important. As the wise Iranians say: “Folks, This Shall Pass, Too. The savage West and its former Barbarians should know that they can’t hide the truth about their shameful history for ever. We will tell the truth about them, as our ancestors told the truth about the savage Mongols and others savages who were on the wrong side of history. Seif’s words are still valid. The West should know that in this ancient country, our lions roared and passed; the barking of you, the little dogs will surely pass too. If the Mongols could be proud of the Mongolian Empire, then the Western Mongols can be proud of the Western Empire, as well ! You should be too Mongol to be proud of Genghis and Mongolian Savagery! And you should be too Mongol to be proud of Obama, Harper, Cameron, Netanyahu, Hitler, and other Western neo-Barbarians”. In Iran, when people say: “Bayad Kheili Mongol Bashi keh …” it’s means: “You should be too Mongol (retard) to …”. And in these days, the wise Iranians use this idiom a lot! The Iranian traitors that live in the West and kiss the West’s ass, are anti-Iranian pigs that are too Mongol, like their Western employers! As the witty Iranians say: “You should be too Mongol to kiss the West’s ass, the Zionists’s ass, the American ass, or the British ass in 2012! But in these days, the main cesspools of Iranian traitors (from the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi to Balatarin.com and RoozOnline.com) that the West and/ or the Mullahs support them financially, are full of the anti-Iranian Mongols! Just take a look at what they say in these days, and see how these worthless shits try to betray [the truth]. The anti-Iranian pigs in the main cesspools of Iranian traitors are bankrupt pigs that are drowning in a pool of shit and blood”. In these days, the news of the sham fight and the secret deals between the West and the Mullahs are so funny, but the Western media and the main cesspools of Iranian traitors say nothing about them and/or their effects. As some Iranians say: “Recently, the exchange rate of dollar in Iran has been decreased by 20%, and it’s good, but the West, the Iranian traitors and the Mullahs still try to hide the truth and torture the people ! If the exchange rate of dollar in Iran increases even 1%, they congratulate themselves!, but now, they have closed their dirty mouth or tell big lies!”. They also add: “The anti-Iranian pigs in the main cesspools of anti-Iranian traitors (from the BBC and the VOA to Balatarin and RoozOnline), kiss the Zionists’ ass, the Mullahs’ ass, and the Western pigs’ ass, censor the main news, tell big lies, and show us [the secrets of] the 2009 coup and [the secrets of] Persia’s decline in the past 300 years, when the British Barbarians could gain the upper hand”. Its good that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. They also add: “Mongols and Arabs tried to hold a world record for Barbarism, but the Europeans still hold the world record for the savagery! When Persia’s decline began, the Barbarians in Europe and Britain gained the upper hand, and killed tens of millions of innocent people in India, Africa, America, Australia, Europe, China, Persia, etc. The European Barbarians and the British Barbarians destroyed the civilized world, and established their barbaric Empire that was the Evil Empire. But now, after about 300 years, their fate is like the fate of the savage Mongols. As the wise Persians said: Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men; The time of your barbaric rule will pass too. It’s obvious that those former barbarians that the main pillars of their systems are lie, hypocrisy, charlatanism, corruption, and inhumanity, have reached the end of the line”. In these days, many things are funny and informative. Morsi, the Egyptian Islamist-Arab pig, has talked nonsense about Iran, and on Wednesday 31 October 2012, the Western media reported: “Netanyahu says strike on Iran would be good for Arabs” [!!] As the witty Iranians say: “Oh, yah, the Jewish pigs really love the Arab pigs! And that’s why they and the US supported the Egyptian Arab-Islamist pigs. The ungrateful Jews and the Arabs deserve each other. Thanks God that the enemies of Persia are ultra-stupid animals, from the Jewish pigs and the Western pigs to the Arab pigs and Mullahs. Thanks God that the enemies of Persia are savage and uncultured people. Thanks God that the enemies of Persia are the same shits, and all of them don’t care about the humanity and the human values”. In these days, the Iranian traitors and their Western employers can show us many things about the story of European Barbarians, British Barbarians, the falsification of history, and the Ministry of Truth in the West. We will write more about these important issues later, but as the wise Iranians say: “We all should know How Barbarians Shaped Today’s World, and who helped them. You should be too Mongol to tell big laughable lies about Europe and Britain, and think that you can change history and hide the truth for ever by repeating big lies”. And some Iranians add: “The savage Arabs said hello to their end in the 13th century, and the savage Mongols said hello to their end after about 200 years, and now, no one give a damn shit about them. And it will be the fate of the savage West and its barbarians. Those former Barbarians that enslaved humans, and exploited other nations in the name of their sham modernity, will say hello to their end soon. After about 300 years, their end is near. Their a few days, that is less than other barbarians’, shall pass too”. As the wise Iranians say: “We are happy that Persia, as the cradle of civilization, still can show the world who is civilized and who is not. Since the ancient time, almost all enemies of Great Persia have been the savage barbarians, from the savage Arabs, the savage Mongols, and the savage Tatars, to the savage Europeans and the savage Spartans. And since the ancient time, almost all friends of Great Persia have been the civilized people, from the civilized Indians to the civilized Chinese. Persia is still like a plumb line that can show you who is savage and uncultured and who is not. Just take a look at the current enemies of Persia, from the Jewish Nazi and the former Barbarians in the West to the Mullahs and other anti-Iranian pigs. It can show you many things”. Think about it.

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