US Election Farce: Sham Democracy in America ?

“The images of a paralyzed New York City at the mercy of Hurricane Sandy [can become symbols of] the 2012 US election that [is the worst elections in the US history]”, some media report. As an American says: “In my 55 years I have never seen an election year like this. We just drove through the Western US and what was striking to me was the lack of political yard signs, bumper stickers and other election trappings. If I didn’t know better, I would never have believed that a national election was just two months away”[3] He also adds: “Many of my friends and family have told me they are not going to bother to vote. Most all of them voted for Obama last time around and feel betrayed, as they should” [3] But unfortunately, they don’t organize themselves, and don’t boycott the US election farce. Some say: “the US election farce is worse than Hurricane Sandy, and the Iranian people that were victims of the Western Hypocrisy in 2009, and are victims of the American Shamelessness and the European Barbarism in 2012, know its reason”. In these days, many Westerners say: “The US election has become a farce”, and even some American nationalists add: “US Election is a complete farce”[2] In these days, Iranians talk about the US election farce, the EU farce, and the fate of those who betrayed the human values and the Iranian people. Most people in Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Britain, America, Canada, and other Western countries are victims of their corrupt systems, but they don’t know the real solutions and/or problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, most of those who truly talk about ‘Sham Democracy in Iran’, or the tragedy of Democracy in Iran, don’t know the Western corrupt systems, and how the corrupt journalists, the corrupt media, the corrupt intellects, and the corrupt lobbyists create and/or support these corrupt systems that are not democratic”. In these day, the wise guys talk about ‘the illusion of choice’ in USA, and even the Russian Thugocracy laughs at the American system! “There’s a blackout by the mainstream media and the US political elite on coverage of third parties, but RT covered and broadcast this year’s third-party presidential debate”, the Russia Today (RT) says [1]! It’s really shameful, and as some Iranians say: “West and the Western media should be ashamed of themselves. Are the US mass media and the European media worse than RT ?!” We have already written about “the United States of Money and Corruption”[7], and how “Corruption, [discrimination, and] inequity of access to ‘the decision-making process’ are among the serious problems in todays West” [7]. The story of third party candidates in the US is a stupid and tragic story. Most Americans even don’t know the number of candidates in their November election farce! As some Americans say, they have at least “15 Third-Party Presidential Candidates”! [9] The story of ballot access laws and the election laws in the US is a tragic story that the mass media say nothing about it. As the wise Iranians say: “In the US, ballot access laws are the major challenge to third party candidacies. While the Democratic and Republican parties usually easily obtain ballot access in all 50 states in every election, third parties often fail to meet criteria for ballot access, such as registration fees. Or, in many states, they do not meet petition requirements in which a certain number of voters must sign a petition for candidate to gain ballot access. Only ‘Money’ can solve these problems! In the US, you can buy and sell everything, even the election and the democracy!” Delisting the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK) proved that what the wise Iranians say is not baseless.


“The Mullah regime and other dictatorships are Monopoly, but the US is Duopoly”, some say, and some Americans add: “There is only ONE party, and we are not invited”[3] These Americans know that they should boycott the election show: “We have to soundly reject the Democrat/Republican cartel at every level…city, county, state and federal. They have had over 200 years and things just get worse for us and better for them” [3] But they don’t organize themselves. The US election farce has many unknown candidates that most people don’t know them. “Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 43 states; Jill Stein is on the ballot in 32 states; Virgil Goode is on the ballot in 22 states; Rocky Anderson is on the ballot in 15 states; Peta Lindsay is on the ballot in 10 states; James Harris is on the ballot in 6 states; Tom Hoefling, Roseanne Barr, Stewart Alexander, Andre Barnett, and Merlin Miller are on the ballot in 3 states; Tom Stevens and Jerry White are on the ballot in 2 states; Jim Carlson and Will Christensen are on the ballots in only 1 state!” [9] Of course as some say: “Most of the third party candidates are charlatans, like Romney and Obama. Gary Johnson, from Libertarian Party, is governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003. Johnson initially ran for president this year as a Republican! Virgil Goode, from the Constitution Party, has been both Democrat and Republican! Rocky Anderson is a former Democrat ! Anderson renounced the Democratic Party in August of last year. Roseanne Barr’s campaign platform includes the legalization of marijuana and forgiveness of student debt!”. The US and the world need real solutions, but most people don’t know or don’t care about the real solutions. They still care about politicians or dirty politics. They say: “There are more than 20 political parties in the US, including Democratic Party and Republican Party as the major parties, Green Party and Libertarian Party as [the major alternative parties], and Conservative Party, Constitution Party, Moderate Party, Reform Party, Progressive Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and others as minor parties”. But as some Americans say: “What requirements must a small party or independent group meet in order to place its candidates on the ballot? There are 48 different answers to this question. Each state has its distinctive statutes, ranging from liberal to harsh [and despotic]” [10] Some people only talk about the good traditions in the US: “[At first, the parties should] choose their nominees [in a process called Party Primaries]. The parties go from state to state, having elections amongst themselves. In some states, voters are not required to be registered by their party. Anyone who meets the basic requirements to vote can vote in any primary. This is called an open primary. In states such as Maryland, you must be registered with a party to vote in its primary. These are called closed primaries” [5] They add: “A lot of time and money is spent, [and finally each states elect its delegates]. Each state, based on its population, is given a certain number of delegates who are sent to the national convention [to elect] a national nominee. Once the delegates have been assigned from primaries and caucuses, it’s time to go to a Convention. Here the parties add in some ‘super delegates’ who are chosen from important people in the party -often political party leaders [!]”[5] But as the wise Iranians say: “In the US, the rule of laws is meaningless, mainly because they have the rule of money and the rule of lobbyists”. And as we said before, “Its obvious that Lobbying is not debate and discussion. Lobbying means corruption and secret deals behind closed doors. But democracy needs public and open debate and discussion, not lobbying”[7] As some Americans say: “Ballot access is just one of the burdens faced by third party and Independent candidates. Others include the federal regulatory system, the lack of public financing, the often dismissive if not derisive media, the Democrat and Republican cartel otherwise known as the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which acts as a debate and media gatekeeper to millions ” [10] It’s really shameful. As Americans say: “The CPD is a private company [!] that dictates the debate rules! It’s tyranny of the American kind !”. “The third parties are largely ignored by the national media in the US. They are shut out from the presidential debates, because polls don’t find they have at least %15 support !”, some say. And as the wise Iranian say: “Almost all their third party candidates are idiots, but it’s not important. The American Democracy doesn’t allow their people to participate in the presidential debates, and it’s the main issue”. In these years, even the American politicians blame their corrupt system. For instance, Al Gore talks about “the ill health of American Democracy and the current dominance of wealth over reason” [4], and adds: “They are financing [mercenaries] whose job is to manufacture doubt about what is true and what is false[!]; buying elected officials wholesale with bribes that the politicians themselves have made ‘legal’ and can now be made in secret; spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year on misleading advertisements in the mass media; hiring four lobbyists for every member of U.S. Senate and House of Representatives” [4] It’s really shameful, and a clear sign of a Nation of Sheep.


“The concerns of the wealthiest individuals and corporations routinely trump the concerns of average Americans” [4], Al Gore says. “When the distinction between truth and falsehood is systematically attacked without shame or consequence, [not only] the public interest is severely damaged” [4], he adds. And these signs are signs of a sham democracy. “Politicians who dont acquiesce [and don’t sell their souls, ] dont get the money they need to be elected and re-elected” [4], Al Gore adds. And as some Americans say: “[It’s a] systematic corruption, not a few bad apples or a conspiracy. [It’s] a serious problem that the American people let it happen by closing their eyes and their minds” [7] As Iranians say: “In Iran, the lobbying industry is illegal, and most people see lobbying as bribery and corruption, but in the US they sell and buy their politicians openly and publicly! The story of delisting the MEK proved many things”. As we said before, “In Iran, brokers are known as ‘Dalal’, and ‘Lobbyists’ are known as ‘Kar Chagh Kon’, and Iranians know how these bastards can corrupt everything, but many Iranians and non-Iranians dont know that brokers and lobbyists are [a pillar of the American System and the European System]! “[7] Today’s horrible economic conditions in Europe is a result of bribery and corruption, but the idiots and the charlatans still defend the lobbyists. As we said before, “How a lobbyist influence politicians? by talking [or writing] about morality or civic duty?! or by money, by bribing, and by corrupting?! The number of lobbyists in Washington is more than 20,000. Many lobbyists work in lobbying firms, and are part of multi-billion dollar lobbying industry in the US. In fact, when lobbyists can buy and sell everything, including politicians, journalists, media, intellects, and all public figures!” [7] It’s really shameful. Their lobbyists sell and buy everything. “Lobbyists try to manipulate public opinion. Activities for these purposes include trying to use the mass media, reporters and editors, encouraging them to write editorials and cover stories to deceive or influence public opinion. They bombard the public with lies, distortion, misinformation, etc” [7] On 12 Oct 2012, Greenwald wrote about “The Faux objectivity of Journalists” in the US, and said: “Establishment journalists are creatures of a highly ideological world. For establishment journalists like Martha Raddatz, [objectivity means] they traffic only in straight facts, unvarnished by ideology or agenda. The establishment journalists are creatures of the DC and corporate culture in which they spend their careers, and thus absorb and then regurgitate all of the assumptions of that culture”. It’s really shameful. In a sham democracy, journalists are as corrupt as politicians. They defend “a faux journalistic neutrality”. They are Khayemal (ass-licker) or ‘Maleh-Kesh’ (apologist or smooth-talking apologists). On 26 Oct 2012 Greenwald wrote: “Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias”, and added: “The US media is biased in favor of Republicans or Democrats[?] It is neither. The overwhelming, driving bias of the US media is subservience to power, whoever happens to be wielding it”. It’s really shameful. As the witty Iranians say: ‘Sycophantic journalism’ and ‘Sham Debates’ show us that ‘Khayemali’ (licking ass) is a very serious problem in the West. In fact, the West is the land of Khayemals (ass-lickers). And that’s why they love the Iranian [baboons], and their religious fanatics love and support the Mullahs”. “[Romney] believes that Armageddon is a good thing because after the good Christians/ Mormons wipe out all the Jews, Muslims, [and] Athiests, then Jesus will feel that it is safe to return to Earth”[3], some Americans say. They also add: “Jews get a lot of flak for claiming to be God’s Chosen People, but doesn’t every other religion claim the very same thing? I know Christianity does. The Mormon religion does, even going so far as to say that no matter how good a person is, if they are not Mormon, they do not get to be in the best part of Heaven”[3] And some Iranians add: “The West was the land of Barbarians, but now is the land of Khayemals, Hypocrites, Sheeple, and Fanatics”.


In the US and Europe, the politicians are part a corrupt system that the journalists and the pseudo intellectuals defend it! As some Iranians say: “In the recent years, the American media and the American journalists made love with AhmadiNejad (AN) in their interviews and didn’t ask him serious questions, and we thought that it’s a result of their ignorance. But now, we know that they make love with all politicians, and it’s a result of their hypocrisy”. ‘Sycophantic journalism’ is a synonym for “Khayemali”, and “those who deceive the public by holding themselves out as journalists”, love “Khayemali”. They create many disasters, including Tyranny and Sham Democracy. In these says, the wise guys talk about “Sham Democracy in USA and Europe”. And Iranians say: “The 2009 tragedy, the 2012 farce, delisting the MEK, and the US election farce prove that bribery, hypocrisy, lie, inhumanity, and corruption are the main pillars of the Western systems!”. Westerners say: “US Elections are a complete farce. Obama and Romney are two faces of the same coin”. And some add: “The American main stream media is complicit in the misinformation campaign, displaying obvious bias to one candidate or the other, even distorting the fact checks” [2] Many Americans believe: “In America the people have no voice whatsoever. The sheeple are content to be protected by ‘security,’ porno-scanners, warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention” [6] and say: “In America today, or in the UK and the EU, anyone who tells the truth is a threat. Assange of Wikileaks [is a good example] [6] But unfortunately, most of them don’t know the pseudo intellectuals and some one like Chomsky. As some Iranians say: “Those who betrayed the Iranian movement, are like those who fucked the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and said: ‘We should not have any goal and any demand !’ But most Americans don’t know these bastards”. They also add: “The OWS had no demand list and no goal, and was controlled by the stupid lefts and the CIA agents. But Nation of Sheep is ignorant”. Many Westerners know that “Western civilization is totally corrupted by [money]. There is no integrity anywhere” [6] But as the media report: “Presidential candidates Jill Stein appealed to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) but were denied access to the venue and subsequently arrested while they attempted it. The US government suppresses a candidate’s voice. They even deny presidential candidates a platform to speak! [And the people are silent]”. It’s really shameful, but most Americans don’t protest against such things! Even the university-educated Americans don’t protests against their sham democracy, or even against their election system. As some say: “In the US, each state has a number of electors equal to the number of its US senators plus the number of its US representatives. Most of the time, electors cast their votes for the popular candidate. But electors can veto the people votes! There is no federal law or Constitutional provision against it “. And it’s the story of the unwritten laws in the West. As some say: “Electors are chosen by the political parties in each state, but electors can veto the people votes, and it’s not illegal!” The unwritten laws in the US and the UK has a funny story that we should write more about it later, but as some Iranians say: “The UK system is based on the unwritten laws. The British system is a hypocritical tyranny, with many unwritten laws and many stupid written laws! The Mullahs, like their British teachers, love the unwritten laws. For example, their unwritten laws say that the Mullahs should not tell big lies, steal people money or people votes, and kill and torture the people. But the unwritten laws in Iran, like the British unwritten laws, just make you laugh! Of course in Iran, more than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullah system, but in the UK, many are still ignorant, and defend the British system!” And as the wise Iranians say: “The unwritten laws is a British invention, and its root is British Hypocrisy. Sham Democracy has many unwritten laws, corrupt journalists, corrupt media, and corrupt intellects. They even support a notorious terrorist group (MEK) that is both Marxist and Islamist! For the sham democracies, the End is Near!”.


The 2012 US election is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. But “with a polarized electorate the elections have become a farce and a war of ideologies. In the end no one wins, except for the lobbyists and big money donors” [2], some Americans say. “The US is the most Indirect Democracy in the world! Even Iran or Russia has a more direct presidential election process than the US. In America, a system called the Electoral College can allow a candidate who receives fewer popular votes to win an election”, some say. But most Americans don’t know the US system! or defend it. As some Americans say: “[Our fathers] were fearful of direct democracy and the tyranny of the majority”! [8] And it can reminds you of the Orwellian slogans! ‘Ignorance is Strength’! As many say: “Before the year 2000, most Americans didn’t know how their election system work!” They don’t know that “the Americans don’t choose their president, but choose the Electoral College”[5] As some say: “In the Electoral College, the number of electors depends on the population of each state. For example, North Carolina has about 15 electors, California has about 55. These numbers change every now and then. When a candidate wins the voting in a state, they win that states number of electors. In fact, that candidate receives all the electors from that state, and other candidates don’t receive any electors, even if millions of people have voted for them!”. It’s really stupid. “[ In 2000], Bush secured enough electoral votes win the presidential election, even though his opponent, Al Gore, won more popular votes nationwide. If the state of Florida had not been able to certify its electoral votes for either candidate, the winner of the election may have been determined in the House of
Representatives”[8] And it has a long story in the US. “The presidential election of 1824 is notable not only because the outcome was decided by the House of Representatives but also because the candidate who won the popular vote -Andrew Jackson- had failed to win a majority of electoral votes. The House ultimately selected his opponent, Adams”[8] The history of the US is not like what their media say. The independent historians, like the late Howard Zinn, have already written about these issues, and we would write more about it later. “In two other instances, once in 1876 and again in 1888, the candidate who lost the popular vote won a majority of electoral votes and was elected President” [8] The US history can show many things. “Black voters did not fully enjoy the right to vote for many years”[8] As historians say: “Intimidation, discrimination and tactics such as literacy tests and poll taxes, didn’t allow most of the average Americans to vote ! Before the second half of the 20th century, many Americans and many Britons didn’t have the right to vote simply because they were poor, black, or female !“. But many don’t talk about these important issues. They say: “US national elections are always held the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. Many schools close on Election Day because they are used as polling (voting) places!”[5] And their Iranian counterparts, that are wiser than them say: “Why they are stupid and don’t choose Sunday or Saturday as the election day?” But these issues are not important. As we said before, “bribing politicians, secret deals, and buying and selling politicians and their decisions behind close doors is a horrible and necessary part of [tyranny]”[7] but they call it democracy! In the recent days, some media reported: “Ukraine’s voting system allows voters to sell their votes”! And some added: “In Ukrainian, the candidate comes to an agreement with someone and pays him to find another person who will sell his vote for money, and bring him to party headquarters, for which he receives a bonus. And the more people he brings, the more bonuses he receives” [11] In these days, the Ukrainian election and “buying and selling votes” can remind you of the US Democracy and the US Capitalism. “According to the latest polls, one Ukrainian in ten is prepared to sell his or her vote for a sum equivalent to less than £50” [11] As the wise Iranians say: “In Ukraine, they bribe voters, and in the US, they bribe politicians! Their lobbyists sell and buy democracy. And when corruption, bribery, buying and selling politicians, or supporting terrorists, monarchists or Mullahs is legal, it’s obvious that buying and selling votes can be legal in the US, too!” Think about it. It can show you many things about Sham Democracy.

For more information:

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