Chomsky helps Brzezinski: It’s Conspiracy Theory?!

November 28, 2012

In the recent years, anyone with eyes open knows that most Westerners don’t know their Orwellian systems, and still think that many things are conspiracy theories. Before the year 2009, what was said about the relation between the West, the lefts, and the Islamists suffered from the lack of evidence. As you know, conspiracy theory is based on rumor and lack of evidence. As the wise guys say: “Conspiracy theorists deal with rumor, innuendo and fantasy, usually drawing on what they claim to be secret information. But those who talk about the undeniable facts or use publicly-available sources and care about the truth, not political, ideological, economical, national or other interests, are not conspiracy theorists. They are truth-tellers, whistle-blowers, truth-seekers, real intellectuals, or wise guys”. In these years, some wise Iranians talked about Chomsky, the US-Mullah-Left axis, and many other things, but many people, including us, saw them as conspiracy theorists. At that time, what they said suffered from the lack of evidence, but now, many things have changed. And here, I officially apologize to them! Now, we all can see many undeniable facts, and Iranians have personal experience, that no one can deny it. In fact, after the year 2009, the stupid West badly revealed its true colors, and showed us many things. Who can forget the role of the West and the lefts in 2009, when they helped the Mullahs and Obama in suppressing the Iranian people that were anti-Islamists? Who can forget the role of the West and the lefts in 2011, when they helped the Egyptian Islamists and Obama in creating a new Islamist shithole? In these days, when Morsi and the Egyptian Islamists try to play the role of dictators, many can see why the lefts and the West supported the Egyptian Islamists in 2011, and why they betrayed and suppressed the Iranian anti-Islamists in 2009. Before the year 2009, many Iranians, including us, preferred not to judge the West and the lefts by the unclear evidence. But now many things have changed. Now, there is a long list of good evidence, and each day a new evidence is added to the list! In the recent days, the self-appointed National Iranian American Council (NIAC), that many believe they work for the CIA and the Mullah Gestapo, had a conference in the US, in which Zbigniew Brzezinski said: ‘I dont think there is an implicit obligation for the US to follow [the Jews] like a stupid mule. The US and [the Mullahs] should make [a deal]’. On 27 Nov 2012, the media reported: “Brzezinski says US Should Not Follow Israel on Iran Like a Stupid Mule”. Yah, it seems not bad, but do you know Brzezinski, that the stupid lefts see him as a great imperialist, and Iranians know him as one of the main architectures of the Mullah regime? We have already written about Brzezinski [3] Even Chomsky has written about him! For instance, in 2005, Noam Chomsky wrote: “Half-truths, misinformation and hidden agendas have characterised official pronouncements about US war motives in Iraq from the very beginning. Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the more astute of the senior planners and analysts, pointed out in the journal National Interest that America’s control over the Middle East ‘gives it indirect but politically critical leverage on the European and Asian economies that are also dependent on energy exports from the region’. If the US can maintain its control over Iraq, with the world’s second largest known oil reserves, and right at the heart of the world’s major energy supplies, that will enhance significantly its strategic power and influence over its major rivals in the tripolar world that has been taking shape for the past 30 years. It is a rational calculation [!] And that is nothing new. [But It’s Imperialism, Stupid]” [1] But now, Noam Chomsky works with Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the more astute of the senior planners! , and both help and support the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia in the US! It’s so funny and informative. As some wise Iranians say: “The NIAC is where you can meet both Noam Chomsky and the former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski! The NIAC is where you can see how Noam Chomsky
(anti-Imperialist agent!) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (imperialist agent!) work together and help the so-called Imperialism! Chomksy helps Brzezinski, and both try to help Obama, the US pigs, and their Islamist puppets. And it’s not Conspiracy Theory, Stupid! Open your eyes and see the undeniable facts”. It’s important. Think about the facts.


Recently, the media reported: “Noam Chomsky Spoke at the NIAC Leadership Conference. From September 30, 2012 to October 2, 2012 , the NIAC hosted its Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. As usual, Noam Chomsky was one of their special guests!”. In the recent years and recent months, Noam Chomsky has been one of the main supporters of the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia in the US. We have already written about “Lifelong Mercenaries”[3] As we said before, “the intellectual mercenaries, in all around the world, sleep with politicians and aided them in controlling the people. They just work for their employers, i.e. the politicians and men of power, and dont care about the people or the truth” [3] As some wise Iranians say: “Sometimes the lifelong mercenaries or the intellectual whores that work for Big Brother, spy on the real intellects. They become close friends of the real intellectuals, and spy on them. The story of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and their friendship can be a story of this kind. Even in the spy movies you can see how wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc play the role of spy, and spying on their beloved ones or their close friends”. We can’t be sure about such things, but we can think about it. The story of Chomsky and the stupid lefts are really annoying, not only because most Westerners are stupid and still see them as hero or alternative, but because they and their employers insult our intelligence. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Hey, Motherf-u-c-k-ers, you can eat shit, and die; we don’t care; but at least don’t insult our intelligence! Now, many know that Noam Chomsky, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Zizek, Obama and other pigs work for the same agency. Eat shit, but at least don’t insult our intelligence!“. The story of Chomsky, Brezezinski and NIAC is really worse than the story of Zizek and Obama that we recently wrote about it (check archive). As some wise Iranians say: “Noam Chomsky, as one of the more astute of the senior planners, is more dangerous than a stupid psychopath like Zizek. Chomsky that most educated Americans still care about him, is a great evil that helps ‘Big Brother’ and the Ministry of Truth in the name of the human values. He betrays the truth in the name of fighting against lies! Of course Chomsky only can fool the stupid Americans and those idiots who live like the Stupid Mules”. We have already written about Chomsky’s paradoxes [4] Noam Chomsky as one of the main Western pseudo intellectuals is full of shit and paradox. In these days, when the stupid Egyptian Islamists are showing their true colors, you can see Chomsky’s paradoxes better. In 2005, Noam Chomsky that is one of the more astute of the senior planners, said: “On the eve of the allied invasion [of Iraq], a classified report by the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the intelligence community’s center for strategic thinking, ‘predicted that a US-led invasion of Iraq would increase support for political Islam‘. The NIC warned [, but they didn’t listen]” [1] But Noam Chomsky himself supports political Islam! As the wise Iranians say: “Chomsky supports Mullahs, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Egyptian Islamists, and even the Taliban! Chomsky just sheds crocodile tears and thinks all humans are [Stupid Mules], like the Americans, who cannot see the true colors of the CIA agents”. We have already written about the story of Chomsky, Hezbollah and Nasrallah [2] and the story of Chomsky and Mullahs [2] We have already written how Noam Chomsky defended the Taliban [2] Chomsky says: “We did not pursue the options for diplomatic, peaceful, negotiated settlements [in Afghanistan]. There were tentative offers from the Taliban to allow a trial of bin Laden [!] It was not pursued [!!]” [2] As some wise Iranians say: “Mr Stupid Jerk, Chomsky, has always defended political Islam -from Taliban to Hezbollah. But as the liar has a short memory, he pretends that he hates political Islam and is worried about ‘increasing support for political Islam’ ! Only the stupid mules still care about Chomsky”. Yah, but unfortunately the story of Chomsky, the stupid lefts, Obama, and the 2011 Egyptian farce and the 2009 Iranian tragedy, proved that many Westerners are like or worse than the stupid mules. As the wise Iranians say: “In 2011, we saw how the stupid lefts and their leader, Chomsky, helped Obama and defended the Egyptian Islamists. And now, Morsi and the Islamist shits in Egypt show us why the US and the lefts supported them. The current farce in Egypt, in which the little Morsi tries to play the role of Khomeini, shows us why the US and the lefts supported the Egyptian Islamists and their protests in 2011, but betrayed the Iranian anti-Islamists and their protests in 2009. The Iranian people were modern and wise, and could create a free, modern, and strong country, so they had to be suppressed. But the Egyptian people were the stupid sheep, and could keep their country backward and dependent, so they had to be supported. And it’s not Conspiracy Theory, Stupid! Open your eyes!” Think about it.


“To avoid falling into the trap of hypocrisy, you have to hold yourself accountable to the same moral standards that you would impose on others”, the wise guys say. But Chomsky and his friends don’t care about the human values. As the people media report: ‘A friend or a colleague of Chomsky at the MIT, Jim Walsh, helped Brzezinski at the NIAC conference on 26 Nov 2012. Jim Walsh said: ‘the Iranians cannot hold unrealistic expectations regarding sanctions relief [!!] Thats not going happen [!] Instead, Iran has to adopt the Additional Protocol [!!] Any real negotiation, youve got to meet all the time, every week [!!] Meet behind closed doors [!!!], eventually the cameras get tired [!!]’ Apparently, most CIA agents are as stupid as their boss, Petraeus, that resigned recently! Jim Walsh of the MIT argued that the US and the Mullahs needed to be prepared for compromise [!!] Apparently, the MIT has become a cesspit of the CIA agents!” It’s sadly funny. The NIAC farce on 26 Nov 2012 had many funny stories. As the media reported: “Ahmad Sadri, [an unknown Iranian-American pig] said: ”Right now is the right time, right after the US election’. Sadri noted that right now Iran is weak, and its soft and hard power has declined. ‘If I was an American negotiator, Id say this is exactly the right time to go into [negotiations]” Can you believe it ?! The unknown traitors and the unknown Iranian-American pigs help their employers in this way! This level of meanness and foolishness is unbelievable. This stupid, but important confession just exposes the secrets of the 2009 coup. As the wise Iranians say: “The West wants to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. Iran should not be a free, modern, and strong country, and that’s why the West helped the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of the Iranian people in 2009. The West knows that a free Iran will not allow the Western Barbarians to hurt the humans any longer”. Big Brother is really stupid. Most of his anti-Iranian mercenaries are brainless, unknown Khayemals (ass-lickers) that have sold their souls for a visa or a handful of dollar. We have already written about ‘the story of Western Countries and Iranian Baboons” (check Archive). This fictional story can show you the truth about the Iranian expats, and how they can get their visa from the West. In these days, these worthless anti-Iranian traitors are creating many farcical scenes that we would write more about it later. But here, lets give you another example. On 25 Nov 2012, a Zionist pig wrote in Toronto Star: “You dont have to be Jewish to fear Iran. Writing in the online journal Open Democracy, Nima Sharif, an [unknown] Iranian-American [pig], points to recent protests in Iran over [the currency crisis] when young people [!!] chanted, ‘We do not want a nuclear program’ [!!!]” Can you believe it ?! The unknown whores that get their visa by licking-ass and selling themselves, tell such Orwellian lies, and prove that the IQ of the Western pigs and their anti-Iranian mercenaries is near zero. As we said before, Obama and the US pigs and their pro-Mullah and anti-Iranian policies in the 2009- 2012 period, have changed many things in Iran. Now, almost all Iranians hate Obama and the US pigs. Before 2009, the American image in Iran was very positive, but now, Obama has fucked the US image in Iran. But the US pigs and their Orwellian media, like the PBS, still tell big Orwellian lies about “Iranians and Obama”. In these days, the US lies remind many of Goebbles and the Nazi media. We have already written about the PBS and its big Orwellian lies [4] But the PBS is not alone. On 25 Nov 2012, the Fox News said: “The elephant in the Middle East room is Iran. Stopping Iran from reaching a nuclear capability is the most important issue facing [the world] [!] If the US succeed in preventing Iran from going nuclear, as Obama has committed to, then a series of positive developments could flow. Included are a strengthened American image in the region” Can you believe it ?! Apparently, the US pigs love both self-deception and self-congratulation! As Iranians say: “More than 70 million Iranians, ie the majority of the people in the region, were pro-American before the year 2009, but Obama and the US pigs destroyed the American image in Iran. Now, most Iranians hate Obama and the US pigs. Now, many educated Iranians say: Fox News, CNN, PBS, CBS, Lefts, Chomsky, Brzezinski and other US pigs are the same shit. They are part of the US Orwellian system. They help Big Brother, but now, many people know these bastards, and it’s a good news”. We have already written about the US Left and the Mullah Mafia[3] “Trita Parsi wrote his Doctoral thesis under Fukuyama and Brzezinski at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. [In fact] He is a protege and stooge of Fukuyama, Brzezinski, [and Noam Chomsky]”. And it can show you many things. “Brzezinski and Chomsky are two sides of the same coin”, the wise Iranians say. On 27 Nov 2012, Hooshang Amirahmadi, a very notorious
Iranian-American pig that we have already written about him (check Archive), wrote a revealing article. As some Iranians say: “Hooshang Amirahmadi, from the self-appointed American Iranian Council (AIC), is an [anti-Iranian pig] and some believe he works as a double agent for the CIA and the Mullah Gestapo. He writes: ‘President Ahmadinejad [!!] has even stated that the only solution to Irans nuclear dispute is direct talk with the US [!] [But] the hostage crisis harmed American feelings and prestige [!] Iran still owes American an expression of regret [!!]’. He also adds: ‘Iranians from all walks of life have relied on a ‘culture of conspiracy’ [!!] as a basic mode of understanding politics [!!!] Any word or action by the US is interpreted as a plan backed by ill intention [!!]’ Apparently, the stupid anti-Iranians pigs don’t know that Iranians have become aware, and Big Brother and his stupid mercenaries can not deceive Iranians by trash talking about conspiracy theory. Now, most Iranians that are young and educated know that ‘conspiracy theory’ is one thing, but the undeniable facts and the obvious evidence is another thing. What we are seeing now, is conspiracy. And it’s not Conspiracy Theory, Stupid!”. Think about it.

For more information:

[1] “It’s Imperialism, Stupid“, by Chomsky on July 4, 2005 (you can easily google it and find it on
[2] Check our articles about Chomsky, specially: “Ayatollah Noam Chomsky and Mullahs”, “9/11 and Mr Stupid (Noam Chomsky)”, and “Slavoj Zizek and Western Pseudo Intellectuals”
[3] Check our Archive Page for: “The Secrets of Islamic Revolution”, “The West and the Shah”, “American Left and Mullah Mafia”, and “Lifelong Mercenaries and Masoud Behnoud”
[4] Check our recent article: “Mullahs and US Pigs: Last Tango in Washington!”

Britain = Ancient Land of Barbarians and Barbarism

November 24, 2012

In these days, Britain and the British media are opening old wounds. In the past 300 years, Britain has been the main enemy of Iran and Iranians and other nations, including Indians, Africans, Chinese, Native Americans and Australians. The wise Iranians have not written about the Barbarian Britain yet, because they preferred to forget the past. Iranians preferred to care about the good Britons, not about the British Barbarians. But as the wise Iranians say: “The British pigs, ie the bad guys and the neo-Barbarians in Britain, try to hide themselves behind the good Britons. We care about people like Darwin and Newton, because they were great men, not because they were Brits. We care about them, because they cared about the truth and hated the bad Britons”. It’s true. The British politicians, the British media, the British journalists, the British racists and other British pigs are the bad Britons. Iranians preferred to forget the past and the dark, shameful history of Britain, but the British pigs open old wounds. They still think and behave like their barbarian ancestors that were ‘Adam-Khor’ (Human-eaters). They try to hide themselves behind the good Britons, but as some wise Iranians say: “We all, including the good Britons, should try to tell the truth about the British Barbarians, for the sake of the truth, all good guys, and a better future”. In these days, the British media and the British pigs tell many Barbaric jokes about Iran and sanctions. We would write more about this issue later, but here lets just give you an example that can show you many things. In these days, the British pigs put a comment in the Guardian, and said: “Iranians should understand [that] If they are with us and obey us, then they will get all the stuff they need. But If they don’t obey us […]”. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “It’s shameful that even ‘the human-eaters claim that they are humans!’ (Dige Adam-Khora Ham Vase Ma Adam Shodand !). We should return the British Barbarians’ favor! (Bayad az Khejalat Englisi-haye Adam-Khor Dar-Biaym!)”. They also add: “Britain is the little Kingdom of Barbarians that has committed great crimes against humanity. In the past 300 years, Britain has been the number one supporter of Mullahs, Islamists, separatists, pseudo intellects, and other traitors in Iran and other countries”. And here I want to write about this little Kingdom of Barbarians. This article is written and published for the sake of all victims of the savage Britain. I specially dedicate it to Satter Beheshti, an Iranian blogger that was recently tortured and killed by the British Mullahs and other British agents. It’s our second article about the European Barbarians. Our first article, [*]: Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe , was about the dark history of the whole Europe, and what you read here is a short article about the long history of Barbarians in Britain. In these days, the British agents in the BBC Persian,,, and other anti-Iranian media have had funny reactions to ‘telling the truth about the Barbarian Britain’. Their reactions are clear sings of their foolishness, their low IQ, their pathetic misery (Daryoozegi), and also their true face. In these days, Iranians ask: “Why Britons behave like animals or parvenus? Why the British media tell big lies?” As the wise Iranians say: “Brits hate Truth and love Lie, because Britain is a small country that has a short history of civilization and a long history of Barbarism. When Britons tried to become civilized, they learned many things from Iranians (aka Aryans or Persians). Many good things in today’s UK, from their acceptable traditions to their language, have Iranian roots; but Britons were so ungrateful, and behaved like parvenus. Today’s Brits are ignorant, mainly because their Ministry of Truth falsifies everything. The British Ministry of Truth tell big Orwellian lies. During the 2012 London Olympics, they talked about ‘2,000 BC English society’! or ‘Britons in the Bronze Age’ ! But do you know the truth about Britain’s glorious history?! All humans should know the true history of Britain. It can show them many things about today’s Orwellian world”. The glorious history of Britain is badly glorious! ‘Ancient Britons were cannibals’, the CNN reported in 2011 [*], and even the BBC confessed: “Ancient Britons drank from skulls”[1] As the wise Iranians say: “Britons were savage barbarians, since the time of the first Brits. They ate humans, and drank human blood from skulls. They wore no cloth, and painted their bodies. These savage beasts shaped Britain. But unfortunately, most people are brainwashed by the Ministry of Truth, and don’t know that Britain is the land of Barbarians, and Britons were savage ‘Adam-Khor’ (Man-eaters)”.


We have already written about the Ministry of Truth and the falsification of history in Britain. In our article about this issue, [**]: Falsification of History and Ministry of Truth , we wrote about the systematic lies in Britain and the West. Unfortunately, Britons still tell Orwellian jokes. For instance, they say: “Civilization were introduced into England by a people called the Celts [!] Celtic England was divided into tribes. They fought against each other, and used to [eat each other]”. But who were Celts? “The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the Celts as the principal barbarians. The Celts had no written language. They ate each other, and loved eating humans. Celts had a large reputation as head hunters, and were famous for putting victims heads on their chariots and in front of their tents. The Celts fought completely naked (much to the surprise of Iranians). They preserved the heads of their rivals, and displayed them with pride”[*] As some wise Iranians say: “Celts and ancient Britons were Barbarians. The ancient Aryans saw them as ‘savage beasts’. Celt or Keltoi means savage”. In the past 300 years, the British pigs have always told big lies about themselves and other nations. But in the recent years, a group of scientists have forced the British media to confess that “Ancient Britons were Barbarians” [1][2] These scientists that don’t work for the Ministry of Truth, prove that the bad guys cannot hide the truth for ever. As some wise Iranians say: “Most Britons are not aware of their true history. They say: We were Picts! But they don’t know who were the Picts. Romans called Britons Pictii, or ‘Painted,’ because they were naked barbarians who painted their bodies. From ‘Pictish’ came British“. And some add: “The Romans and others refer to Britons as Pictii, Painted, or ‘Pritani’, because they were naked barbarians that painted themselves like the primitive tribes in Africa. And that’s why they were called Picts or Pritani. From this came Britanni. In fact, the ancient Britons were naked, savage Barbarians that ate humans”. As some Iranians say: “Pictish recorded history begins in the Dark Ages, after the Roman Empire (5th century). Before that time, no one cared about these ‘savage beasts’. In the 10th century, they are thought to have merged with the Gaels. Now, the English pigs say that they are Celts and the Scotts are Picts!, but both the Celts and the Picts were the same shit, and both were savage Barbarians. It’s true that no towns are known in Scotland until the 12th century , but the whole Britain is a cesspit of Barbarians and Human-eaters, and most humans didn’t know this cesspit before the 13th century. In fact, the glorious history of Britain is the story of the non-existent honor and the non-existent civilization!” It’s important. The British pigs try to hide their short history of Civilization and their long history of Barbarism, by telling Orwellian lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Some Britons say: we were not Picts, but we were Celts! These idiots don’t know that ‘Celt’ from the Greek keltoi, means savage! To the Romans, some British Celts were also known as Galli or Gauls that means ‘barbarian’ . Some Brits say: we were Druids! It’s funny. The Druids were the ministers of the Celtic barbaric religion. The Druids sacrificed humans, and ate humans. The British classical writers affirm that they practiced mass human sacrifices . They were worse than the Aztecs in the New World. In the 4th century, Romans described the Celtic barbarians as ‘two-footed beasts‘ that thirsted for human blood”. We have already written about the Druids and their barbaric cult[**]. “Druids and the ancient Britons were barbarians, and its not the trash that the Romans said’. The new scientific studies prove that the Druids and the ancient Britons were barbarians” [**] But it’s understandable why the British pigs tells Orwellian lies about Britain and other nations. As the wise Iranians say: “When the Barbarians write history, they cannot tell the truth about themselves and the civilized men. The British Barbarians suffered from a deep-rooted Barbarism and a deep-rooted inferior complex. The naked, savage human-eaters hate the truth”.


“The savage ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters) in Britain pretend that they were civilized men, and it’s the greatest Orwellian joke in history”, Iranians say. The history of Britain is a dark and shameful history. As some Iranians say: “The British history is divided into two main sections: Before and after the Romans. Before the Romans, ie from the first Brits to the 1st century, Britain was the land of the savage Barbarians who were ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters). They lived like savage beasts, not humans. During the Roman Empire, the Romans tried to make them human!, but the British Barbarians and other European Barbarians didn’t become human”. We have already written about the Romans that were savages and loved the Gladiatorial savagery and drinking the blood of slaves [*][**]. But compared to the British Barbarians and other European Barbarians, the Romans seem like the civilized men! As some Iranians say: “The European Barbarians were invading and eating each other. The Romans tried to teach a little civilization to them, but the savage Europeans were worse than animals. After Jesus Christ, from the 1st to the 5th century, there were five main barbarian tribes in Europe. Each wanted to conquer the Rome. These tribes were the Huns, Franks, Vandals, Saxons, and Visigoths (Goths). They repeatedly invaded Rome. And in the 5th century, the Barbarians could occupy Rome, and the Romans [said hello to their end]”. We would write more about the fall of the Romans later, but as some Iranians say: “During Rome’s decline in the the 3rd and 4th centuries a ‘composite society’, a mix of Romans and barbarians, was forming. Barbarians were forced to become Romanized and adopt Christianity. Gothic (German) barbarians served as laborers, soldiers, and female companions. But Barbarians didn’t become Romanized, and instead, the Romans and Christianity became Barbarianized!” It has a funny story that we would write more about it later. As the some wise Iranians say: “In 471, Goths surrounded the Rome. But where was the Roman army?! The Roman army had been there all along, made up of Barbarians (Goths)! Long before the barbarization of the Roman army, Romans expressed admiration for the uncouth warriors! During the 3rd century, the Rome’s dependence on barbarian troops increased. Within the Roman empire a new law of 370 banned intermarriage between Romans and barbarians. But the Goths had already emerged as a dominant presence in the Roman world”. After the Romans, the European Dark Ages began. As some Brits say: “The savage Saxons that had heard of the fall of Rome and thought their time had come, invaded Britain”. Many refer to Britons as “Anglo-Saxon”, but who were the Anlgo-Saxons? As some Iranians say: “Saxons, as one of the Germanic tribes, were barbarians. The earliest mention of the Saxons is in the 2nd century. In the 5th and 6th centuries, groups of Saxons invaded Britain, where they were joined by other Germanic barbarians, including the Angles and the Jutes. At the beginning of the 7th century, the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain was completed”. In fact, when “the savage Saxons raid in Britain”, the Picts and other British Barbarians became victims of the new groups of human-eaters. As some Iranians say: “The European Dark Ages began when many Iranians like Mani and Mazdak were writing about the humanity, equality, justice, and other human values. When the Dark Ages began in Europe, Iran had a long history of civilization, and the civilized Iranians had lived in Iran for thousands of years!” It’s important, because the British pigs still tell big lies about the Barbarian Europe and the Civilized Persia. Anyway, as Iranians say: “The raids of the Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries is part of the Dark Ages in Britain and Europe. In the Viking Age, that is a period from the 9th to 11th centuries, the savage Vikings butchered and ate many savage Britons. Until Victoria’s reign in Britain, Vikings were portrayed as violent and bloodthirsty! Yah, the pot called the kettle black! The Viking age is considered to have ended with the establishment of Christianity as the dominant religion. The end of the Viking age is the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Middle Age in Europe! The Vikings or the Norsemen were barbarians, but they were a little bit better than the British Barbarians. Even the Britons believed the Viking raids were God’s punishment on the Anglo-Saxons for their barbaric sins!” It’s really funny. “Among the Celts, Picts, Saxons, and other European barbarians were barbaric practices such as cannibalism and human sacrifice”, the historians say. Now, even the scientists confirm these facts.


“Some Britons say: ‘Yes, we were savages. But we survived. We shaped today’s world’! But they don’t say How Barbarians Shaped Today’s World! Today’s world has many dreadful, inhumane problems, mainly because ‘Barbarians shaped it. Barbarians destroyed the great civilizations, and shaped this shitty world by their barbaric culture“, some Iranians say. It’s important, and we will write more about it later. As some say: “In the best case, the West only tells part of the truth. For instance, the 2004 film King Arthur depicts the Picts (called ‘Woads’ in the film) as painted savage forest people. But they don’t say that Arthur was a savage, and the Picts were human-eaters”. In these days, specially after the Western betrayals in 2009, a group of scientists have started to tell the truth about the Barbarian Britain, and it has forced the British media to confess to part of the truth. In 2011, the Telegraph confessed: “Ancient Britons were cannibals. Ancient Britons stand accused [!!] today of ritually killing each other, boiling and eating [each other] and human flesh and drinking out of hollowed out skulls –including the skulls of children” [2] In 2011, the BBC confessed: “[In ancient Britain,] skulls have been used as drinking bowls”[1] But the British media don’t say that these facts are pieces of a large puzzle, that is the puzzle of the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain. They don’t say that before the recent centuries, the Britons were barbarians and ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters). They love telling Orwellian jokes. They say: ‘Ancient Britons were cannibals or human-eaters’, but ‘these cannibals were not savages [!!!]’ In 2009, the BBC had a funny, Orwellian confession. They said: “The newly described human remains from Kent’s Cavern [in England,] are an important development in the reconstruction of the complex behavior [!!] of [ancient Britons]. [This evidence] is another reason [for] the consumption of [humans] and cannibalism [in England]. [But this evidence] was found at Kents Cavern in the 19th century and was being stored at Torquay museum where curator Barry Chandler noticed the cut marks on it”[6] In fact, the British pigs have tried to hide the truth since the 19th century. The British media tells funny Orwellian lies. For instance, they say: “In the UK, the only [!!] other bones with cut marks were discovered in Gough’s Cave, Somerset and are 5,000 years older “[6] They try to hide the large puzzle, but many facts prove that Britons were ‘Adam-Khor’ and Barbarians [*][**]. The Ministry of Truth desperately tries to hide the truth, but if you can read between the lines, even the Big Brother’s agencies can show you the truth. For example, if you remove the bullshit from the BBC’s articles, you can see that they confess: “Scientists say that ancient Britons indulged in cannibalism. Britons used to kill humans for food, and used to drink from their skulls. The finding are based on the analysis of remains from humans, include children. The scientists say: ‘[Ancient Britons] were going out, hunting, butchering and then eating humans. And they were extremely skilled at eating humans!’ [1][6] Of course when the British pigs see the undeniable facts, they often say: “OK, but the past is not important; only the present is important”! But as Iranians say: “OK, but if the past is not important, why you tell big lies about the past, and why you desperately try to hide or falsify your past ?!” We have already written about this issue[**] The British pigs can be sure that they can’t hide the truth for ever. The glorious history of Britain is badly glorious! “As recently as the end of the 18th century British royalty ate [humans]”[5] In fact, even the so-called British elites (what a joke) have always been ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters). “Even as they denounced the barbaric cannibals of the New World, [British elites] ate and drank mummy, human fat, human flesh, human blood, human brains and human skin”[5] And it can show you the depth of the British Charlatanism and the British Savagery. We have already written about Dr Richard Sugg, and his recent book “Mummies, Cannibals & Vampires”[*] But Sugg is not alone. Now, many researchers are trying to tell the truth. For instance, “Medicinal Cannibalism in Early Modern English Literature and Culture“[9], by Louise Noble, is a new book (2011) about the history of Barbarians in Britain. “It’s one of those rare books that about the history of Barbarism and Barbarians in English literature”, some say. Of course, as some Iranians say: “Louise Noble doesn’t tell the whole truth, and sometimes try to justify the European Barbarism, but his book says a lot about the long history of Barbarism in the UK and the EU”. The facts can show us many things. “The executioner was considered a big healer in the Celtic countries. A French recipe from 1679, describes how to turn [human] blood into marmalade[!] An Englishman, in 1847, being advised to mix the skull of a young woman with treacle and feed it to his daughter. And in 1908, a last known attempt was made in Germany to drink [fresh human blood] at the scaffold“[7] The facts are important. “[In Britain,] the popular treatments involving human flesh or human blood!” [5] “Queen Mary II and her uncle King Charles II both took distilled human skull on their deathbeds [in 1698 & 1685]” [5] “[In Britain], [Medical Cannibalism] survived well into the 18th century, and amongst the poor it [even] lingered stubbornly on into the time of Queen Victoria“[5] “[The sources of human meats] ranged from the execution scaffolds of Germany and Scandinavia, through the courts of Italy, France and Britain, to the battlefields of Holland and Ireland and [the African slaves that were seen as food by the Britons!]” [5] As some Iranians say: “The relation between the slave trade, the human meat, and the foods in Europe can show us many things”. As Noble says: ‘Cannibalism [and barbarism] are just as rich in poetic possibility as the mummies found in Donne and Shakespeare, as blood and body parts are given freely from one human to another’ [9] The facts say a lot about the deep-rooted history of Barbarism and Barbarians in Britain and Europe.


“Before the end of the Middle Ages, many modern European states didn’t exist, and the British pigs often love to talk about the post-16th century Britain, mainly because the pre-16th century Britain was officially the land of the Barbarians!”, some Iranians say. But even the history of Britain after the 16th century is badly glorious! As some wise Iranians say: “Many don’t know the truth about the English Civil War (16421651), because in ‘the Ministry of Truth’s version of history’, many things have been omitted”. It’s true. For instance, many know that the English Civil War led to execution of Charles I, but they don’t know that “A painting of Charles’s execution in 1649 shows Britons surging forward to drink the former king’s blood [!!]“[5] In fact, the British human-eaters loved drinking fresh human blood even in the 17th century!, and their execution rituals, were rituals for drinking human blood! But most people know nothing about the true history of Britain. They don’t know that, as some say: “Mary Tudor known as Queen Mary (born in 1516) were known as bloody Mary because she was ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eater) and drank human blood. The Christian fanatics killed her mother in 1536, but Mary remained a Christian fanatic. She was more savage than her father Henry VIII (1509-1547) and her brother Edward VI (1547-1553). In 1555, Queen Mary began burning Protestants. In England a law of 1531 allowed prisoners to be boiled alive. In Tudor times, Britons boiled humans alive and ate their meats!” But most people are ignorant, and only some tell part of the truth[4]. The Ministry of Truth badly brainwashes public opinion. They say nothing about “Barbaric wars between France and England in the Hundred Years’ War” or about “the barbaric wars between ‘Locust-Eater’ (Arabs) and ‘Human-Eaters’ (Europeans) in the Crusades”. As we said before, “In the 12th and 13th centuries (1095 to 1291), in the barbaric wars between ‘Locust-Eaters’ (Malakh-Khora) and ‘Human-Eaters’ (Adam-Khora), the European Barbarians ate the Muslims!”[*] As some Iranians say: “Cannibalism and Barbarism, from eating human meat to drinking human blood, in all barbaric wars in Europe was a result of their Barbaric traditions. Even now, you can see the remaining of these barbaric traditions in their secret societies, such as freemasons or satanic groups”. But the British Barbarism was not limited to wars, secret societies, or the ancient time. Almost all Britons in almost all times (before recent centuries) were ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters) and savages. “In the 16th century during the reign of [Queen] Mary (1553-1558) many Britons were burned [or boiled]. In the 18th century, many women were burned in the UK. Burning [humans] was only abolished in Britain only in [the 19th century]!” [4] But how many people are aware of these facts?! “[Before the 19th century,] In England the punishment for treason was drawing and quartering. The person was drawn on a hurdle pulled by a horse to the place of execution. They were hanged but when they were still alive or conscious they were cut down. The executioner cut open their stomach and ‘drew out’ their entrails. Finally the person was beheaded and his body was cut into quarters. The last case was in [as recently as] 1820″ [4] The British Ministry of Truth doesn’t allow people to know the Barbarian Britain. “In 1752 a law in England stated that the body of a person hanged for any crime would be handed over to surgeons to be dissected”[4], some Europeans say, but they don’t tell the whole truth, and don’t say that the poor victims were eaten! “The Britons ate the meat and the blood of the poor victims in the name of medicine!”[*] Even the so-called civilized Europeans, the Romans, “drank the blood of slain gladiators”[*] and even “these barbaric practices are rich in English literate” [9] As some wise Iranians say: “Even in the 16th and 17th centuries mutilation, included blinding, cutting off hands, ears and noses or cutting out the tongue was common among Britons. In the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries If a Brit refused to plead guilty, he was pressed to death. A wooden board was placed on his body and stone weights were added until the person agreed to plead or died. Until the 19th century a popular day out was going to watch a public execution and to eat human blood! The savage Britons used to drink the fresh blood of the poor victims !” But most people are not aware of these facts. Of course the independent scientists and truth-seekers have forced Britons to confess to part of the truth. Now, even the British mass media confess: “From creating candles made of human fat in the 1880s, to drinking [the fresh human blood] at the scaffold, many [Britons and] Europeans had no moral or ethical concerns about eating or drinking the bodies of [humans]“[7] These confessions are important. Some Brits say: “New books claim [!] Europeans saw no issue with cannibalism right into the 19th and 20th century”[7] But unfortunately, many Britons play the role of “Maleh-Kesh” (sooth-talking apologists). As the wise Iranians say: “The ‘Maleh-Kesh’ often work for the Ministry of Truth“. Unfortunately, in the almost all British resources, including below links, and in all British media, from the BBC to the Guardian, you can see the “Maleh-Kesh’. Lets give you an example. In 2010, the Guardian was forced to react to the story of “Cannibalism in Britain” and its facts. They said: “Britain was taken over in a couple of years [!!!] by individuals who practiced cannibalism. [The savage] tribes of hunter-gatherers moved into Britain from Spain and France [!!!] Scientists have discovered these people were using sophisticated butchering techniques [!!] to strip flesh from the bones of men, women and children“[8] Can you believe it?! “Bones from a Cheddar cave show that cannibalism helped Britain’s earliest settlers survive the ice age [!!!]” [8], the stupid Maleh-Kesh added! These stupid bastards try to say that the evidence of Cannibalism in Britain only belong to a limited period of time, or a limited group of non-Brits!! Britons were savage Barbarians who ate humans from about 15,000 to about 300 years go, and “Scientists believe that Europeans did not need to eat each other. Europeans did not practice cannibalism through a lack of food“, the Telegraph reported in 2009! In fact, Europeans were savage and uncultured, and the lack of food is a silly excuse. The ancient Britons loved savagery, genocide, and eating each other. In 2011, some Britons said: “Why were so many ancient Britons cannibals?”[3] and added: “the new research shows that the ancient Britons were expert at butchering each other[!] They were hunter-gatherers, not farmers. But why exactly were they eating people? Truth, archaeologists believe, is chilling -it seems a taste for human flesh may have long been a defining characteristic of [Britons]. There were reports of cannibalism in Britain [even] during Roman times, and even into the Middle Ages and later. A taste for human flesh is something we have found it very hard to lose [!!]” [3] In fact, the Britons were savage ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eater), but now they say: ‘It was a medicine’, or it was for survival! It’s a bad Orwellian joke. We would write more about it later, and also about “Scientific Racism” that was mainly introduced by Britons. In fact, the savage Brits that were ‘Adam-Khor’ became the worst racists in history. As some Iranians say: “Scientific racism was most common during the British Imperialism period, specially in the 2nd half of the 19th century and the 1st half of the 20th century, and used in justifying European imperialism“. In fact, ‘Adam-Khora’ (human-eaters) + hypocrites = the worst racists in history.


“If Iran had an Iranian government, and if the British Mullahs and other British agents were send to hell, then instead of caring about the stupid Holocaust diners that try to deny the Holocaust that the savage West has created it, Iranians will care about those truth-tellers that try to tell the truth about the Barbarian Britain; and instead of licking ass and saying anti-civilization and anti-Iranian bullshits, the Iranian media will tell the truth about Britain, Europe, and Arabs. The Mullahs are pro-Arabs, anti-Iranian, and puppets of the UK and the US. But in the near future, Iran and Iranians will convert the Barbarian Britain into something worse than Mongolia. The end of the British pigs and their puppets is near”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “The British pigs love to talk about their non-existent culture (Farhang-e Nadashte), their non-existent civilization (Tamadon-e Nadashte), and their non-existent honor (Sharaf-e Nadashte) but many Iranians know these savage beasts well”. In Oct 2012, the British shit, David Cameron, said: “Most significantly, there are signs that the Iranian people are beginning to question their regime’s strategy [!!] with even pro-regime groups protesting [!] At the very moment the Iranian people are on the streets [!!!]”. As the wise, angry Iranians said: “The British faggot tells Orwellian lies, while in 2009, when Iranians were in the streets, the British faggots, their companies, and their Defense Ministry helped their beloved Mullahs in killing and torturing the Iranian people. All Iranians hate the British pigs”. As the wise Iranians say: “The British pigs have been the number one enemy of Iran and Iranians in the past 300 years. In Iran, Britain is a very notorious country, and if you read history, you can see its reasons”. It’s really true. But here, I don’t want to write the UK and Iran’s modern history. [We have already written about it (check Archive), and we will write more about it later]. Most Iranians see Britain as a Chameleon (Marmulak). But Iranians are not alone. Even Britons, including George Orwell and the wise Britons, knew the true face of the UK. Eric Arthur Blair (1903- 1950), known by his pen name George Orwell, had a rich family, but he started to “explore slumming the poorer parts of London”. As we said before, Orwell’s wife worked in the Censorship Department in London, and Orwell worked for the BBC. Orwell knew the UK well, and wrote about it in his famous novel ‘1984’ [**] But the British pigs still tell Orwellian lies. As some Iranians say: “The British pigs are worse than Mongols, and their fate is worse than Mongols’. In the past 300 years, they tried to destroy Iran, and helped Iran’s decline; they destroyed and exploited many countries; but now, they have reached the end of the line. Now, as their media repot: ‘[Downfall] countdown has begun. The reference to the two Acts of Union that bound the kingdoms of England and Scotland in 1707, is the biggest decision in 300 years. The Edinburgh agreement signed on 15th Oct 2012 is paving the way for the most important decision our country will make in 300 years. A yes vote in 2014 is equal to the end of United Kingdom’. Yah, the end of United Kingdom of Barbarians is near “. They also add: “The UK is a small barbaric country that has committed great crimes against humanity. In the recent years, their BBC published a list of 100 great Britons: ‘Tony Blair, Churchill, Thatcher, Edward I, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth, Henry II, Henry V, Henry VIII, Richard III, Queen Victoria, King Arthur, etc’. This ridiculous list can show you many things about a small country that even doesn’t have 100 great men!”. They also add: “But when Britons and Europeans were eating humans, Iranians were writing about the human values. When Britons were eating children and drinking human blood, Iranians were writing about politeness and morality. When Britons were practicing mass human sacrifice and mass cannibalism, Iranians were writing about equality, justice, sympathy, kindness, good thoughts, good deeds, etc. When Britons were eating slaves and prisoners, Iranians were helping the Jews and were writing about human rights. And it’s the key difference between the ancient land of Barbarians (Britain) and the Cradle of Civilization (Iran), that is the ancient land of Humanity and Tolerance”. The British pigs try to hide themselves and their shameful history behind the good Britons. But as some Iranians say: “The great men like Darwin hated the British pigs. But now, the British pigs try to hide themselves behind Darwin!”. As we said before, wisdom or goodness are not genetic issues. We dont inherit knowledge, goodness or wisdom through our genes. Each generation should acquires knowledge, wisdom or goodness. We don’t judge today’s Britons by their Barbarian ancestors. Today’s Britain has its own good guys and its own bad guys. And I know that the real good guys in Britain want to know the truth about their history and the roots of their problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Britain has many pseudo intellects and charlatans. But today’s Britain has many good guys or normal people, too. Of course their bad guys have the upper hand in Britain, and control everything. Their good guys are victims of their pigs”. This article was written for the sake of all victims of the Barbarian Britain in the past 300 years. I know that the good guys in Britain care about the truth, and belong to the tribe of good guys. And as the ancient Iranians said, in the tribe of good guys, your race, your color, your ancestors, your family, your nationality, your country, etc are not important at all.

For more information:

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[3] “Why were so many ancient Britons cannibals?”, an article by Michael Hanlon, 2011.
[4] A History of Capital Punishment in the UK , by a European, that doesn’t tell the whole truth
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[7] New Books say: Britons and Europeans indulged in cannibalism until the 1900s . [8] Guardian: How Cannibalism helped the Britons ! or How the Guardian apologists justify British Barbarism !
[9] Louise Noble’s book: Medicinal Cannibalism in English Literature and Culture , 2011

Mullahs and US Pigs: Last Tango in Washington!

November 20, 2012

In these days, the Mullahs and the Western mass media openly and shamelessly talk about “the US-Mullah Tango” ! and “One-on-one meeting between the Mullahs and the US”! They are proving that what Iranians said about the Mullahs and the West and their “Zange Zargari” (Sham Fight) was not wrong. On 16 Nov 2012, some Western media said: “Mullahs look ready to Tango” !! They also added: “As the Washington Post’s correspondent in Tehran, Jason Rezaian, [an anti-Iranian pig], pointed out last week, [the Mullah Gestapo] published a report -publicly available on its website- that highlights the benefits of negotiations with the US [!!!] The [Mullah Gestapo] report shows that [the Mullahs love] Obama. It appears as if the most important elements among the Mullahs are preparing the political and ideological grounds for direct negotiations with the US!“. The history will never forget these days and these years, that say a lot about the greatest Zange Zargari (Sham Fight) in history. As some Iranians say: “It’s so funny that the Mullahs and the US pigs are revealing their secrets. It’s so funny that the Mullah Gestapo and the Basiji agents of CIA that killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians with the help of the US and the West, confess that Obama and the Great Evil (what a joke) are their partners! These idiots [badly] reveal the secrets of the 2009 coup. But the Mullahs and the US pigs cannot have any open Tango. The Mullahs and their Western employers have many unsolvable paradoxes, that even God can’t solve them. Solving these paradoxes is equal to the end of many things. Any open Tango is equal to the end of the Mullah System, and many other things”. And some Iranians add: “In 2009, the savage puppets of the West claimed that the Iranian protesters are the stooges of the US, but now, everybody knows that they themselves (ie Mullahs & Islamists) are the stooges of the US. Now, most Iranians know that the killer of the Iranian people (ie Mullahs & Islamists) are the savage puppets of the Savage West. But do they themselves want to confess to it?!” The stupid West talks about the US-Mullah Tango, but it just reminds many of “Last Tango in Paris”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West-Mullah Tango has a long story. From ‘First Tango in London’ until now, they have had many Tangos, but all of these Tangos were secrets. Any open Tango will reveal the secrets of their past Tangos in the past 200 years, and will be their last Tango. They have reached the end of the line. We can call their current Tango ‘Last Tango in Washington‘!” The story of the US-Mullah Tangos and the UK-Mullah Tangos is a long bloody story. As some wise Iranians say: “The story of the West-Mullah Sham Fight from ‘First Tango in London’ to ‘Last Tango in Washington’, is full of martyrs and innocent people that were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and other savage puppets of the West. This long shameful story shows why Iranians should hate the UK and the US”. They also add: “Mullahs are the stooges of Britain. Since 200 years ago, Britain has used Mullahs and traitors as a tool for keeping Iran weak and backward. Most Mullahs are Arabs and non-Iranians, and more than 90% of today’s Iranians hate them, but who is the number one supporter of Mullahs? The stupid West. The Mullahs have killed, tortured, and suppressed Iranians with the help of the West, and the year 2009 and the past 3 years revealed the truth. Most Mullahs and Islamists are anti-Iranian, pro-Arab, and Khaen (traitor), Mozdur (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (fatherland-seller). They are the stooges of the West, and their mission is clear: They should suppress Iranians and should keep Iran weak and under tyranny. The Mullahs should not allow the young and modern Iranians to build a free, strong, and modern country. The West knows that a free Iran will be a world power, more powerful than Britain, Germany, and France. Thus, the Mullahs and other mercenaries should not allow Iran to become a free country. It’s their mission, as it was Pahlavi’s mission, too “. From “First Tango in London” until now, the Mullahs have served the West’s interests. As some wise Iranians say: “They have killed and tortured many Iranians, and now, more than 90% of Iranians hate them and their Western employers. So, you can be sure that their current Tango is their last Tango. But Last Tango in Washington will be an important milestone in Iran’s history. It will clearly prove that the Mullahs and the Islamists have always been the stooges of the West. The secret US-Mullah Tangos have already revealed the main secrets of the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup)”. Yah, Obama Bin Laden is just proving that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran and the whole world. As the wise Iranians say: “The American pigs that their IQ is less than zero, just prove that their Evil Empire, that is both economically and morally bankrupt, has reached the end of the line. Like the story of ‘Last Tango in Paris’, the bankrupt US pigs say hello to their end, too”.


Last Tango in Washington is a true story about the Orwellian World. It contained a lot of inhumane and barbaric scenes. Monkey (Obama) and Mullah drink blood of Iranians, and the lefts help Monkey in sucking human blood, while most Westerners are stupid and blind. Last Tango in Washington is the story of ‘Monkey and Mullah’, but can show you many things about the Global Stupidities and the global Orwellian System. It can show you how most Westerners are brainwashed by Big Brother’s agencies and Ministry of Truth’s mercenaries. In the Orwellian World, Monkey kills and tortures Iranians and other nations with the help of the Lefts, the Western journalists, the Western intellects, and other mercenaries, but most Westerners are still blind and stupid, and cannot see many things”, some Iranians say. In these days, the stupid Monkey (Obama) has confessed to what we and many other Iranians have already anticipated it. The stupid Monkey (Obama) has said: “[We want to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and] Were not going to be constrained by diplomatic niceties or protocols [!!]”. It’s what the Monkey (Obama) said on 15 Nov 2012. “Weve imposed the toughest sanctions in history“, the Monkey added. As the angry Iranians say: “Obama is the stupidest Monkey in history. He just reveals theie hidden secrets, and proves that the Westerners, as the most savage Barbarians in history, are still as uncultured as their savage ancestors who were ‘Adam-Khor’ (human-eaters)”. Monkey (Obama) has also added: “Were not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon [!!]”. In these days, Iranians used the old Persian proverbs, like “Eat Shit and Die” and “Eat shit with your ancestors”, a lot! They say to Monkey: “Eat Shit and Die, the little monkey. You, the bankrupt Monkey, want not to let Iran get nukes! You eat shit with your savage ancestors, the little monkey. When you, the stupid monkeys, have nuclear weapons, and when the savage Jews (the Jewish Nazi), and the savage Europeans that are Adam-Khor (Human-eaters) have nuclear bombs, Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons. Iran should stop you, the Barbarians, that suck human blood and still think that the world is a jungle”. Monkey has also talked about Last Tango in Washington : “There should be a way in which [Mullahs] can enjoy peaceful nuclear power [!] while still meeting their obligations and providing clear assurances to [us] that they’re not pursuing a nuclear weapon”. As the wise Iranians say: “Before 2009, we defended the US-Iran relation (not the US-Mullah relation), because the US-Iran fights just serve the interests of the old or sworn enemies of Persia and the civilized world, including the Mullahs and the bad guys in the Arab states, the Jewish state, the UK, and Russia. Before 2009, we didn’t care about Iran’s nukes, and ‘to have or not to have nukes’ was not important to us and most Iranians. But the 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce changed many things. The American pigs proved that the US is the bad guy, and the Savage West proved that the West is the number one enemy of Iranians and the freedom, democracy, humanity, and progress. Now, Iran not only should enjoy peaceful nuclear power, but Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons, and weapons that are stronger than nuclear bombs“. It’s a good point. The Western betrayals have changed many things in Iran. Now, most Iranians hate “Monkey and Mullah” and their puppets, but do you know who still help “Monkey and Mullah”? Zizek and the stupid lefts still kiss Monkey’s ass, but they are not alone. As some Iranians say: “In these days, all anti-Iranian pigs kiss Monkey’s ass, and help [Monkey and Mullah]. They betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and try to play the role of ‘pimp’ between [Monkey and Mullah] in 2012”. As the people media report: “In the recent days, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) that [many think it] works for the CIA, wants to have a conference, ‘Iran 2013: Making Diplomacy Work’ [!!!], featuring the US pigs including former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski [!!], who is one of the main architectures of the Mullah regime in 1978!“. It’s so funny. We have already written about NIAC, Trita Parsi, Mullah Mafia, and Noam Chomsky. As some Iranians say: “Een Ruza Bad-Joori Khar-to-Khare! [These days is a complete mess !], and the US pigs and the CIA agents are badly revealing their true colors. NIAC (Trita Party) and other anti-Iranian pigs and US agents, including Bob Ney, Brezezinksi, and Chomksy work with each other, and reveal their secrets. Apparently, most CIA agents are as stupid as CIA Director, Petraeus, that resigned recently and said that he has been a victim of a Honey Trap!” They also add: “These days is a complete mess, but this ‘Complete Mess’ can show you many things about the secrets of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and the greatest Sham Fight in history. If you open your eyes, you can see many things”. Yah, ‘Een Ruza Bad-Joori Shir-to-Shire!’ [These days is a complete mess], but can show us who is who in this shitty world. On 15 Nov 2012, the Washington Post reported: “Western analysts agree that circumstances are again favorable for a deal [!!] between the [Mullahs] and the US”! But as some wise Iranians say: “Only the US pigs can think in this way, because their IQ is less than zero. Now, circumstances only are favorable for seeing the secrets of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup)! Obama bin Laden and the US pigs are showing us why they have created and supported the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), and why they helped their puppets (Mullahs) in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, and why the lefts help Monkey and Mullah”. These days can show you many things. Think about it.


In these days, not only most Iranians say: ‘Fuck Obama’, but even some Americans say: ‘Fuck Obama’, and add: ‘Every Day is Fuck Obama Day’! Only the stupid monkeys cannot see that Monkey (Obama) and his puppets are great jerks. In these days, the western media reported: “Petraeus Resignation Reveals Divisions Over Iran”! But the funny story of Petraeus can show us many things about the US, too. As the media reported: “On 9 Nov 2012, David Petraeus resigned as CIA Director. Petraeus said that he has had affair with his biographer [!], Paula Broadwell. She has had access to his emails! His biographer was a female journalist that wrote the story of CIA Director [for Ministry of Truth!] His biographer that become his mistress!, was a journalist who followed him when he was in Afghanistan. In his resignation letter, Petraeus said: ‘After being married for over 37 years[!], I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra-marital affair [!] Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband[!] and as the leader of an organization such as ours[!]’. The FBI discovered the affair and found that she had attempted to gain access to his emails and other classified information”. It’s so funny, and as Westerners and Iranians say: “Stupid people employed to do stupid jobs!… What a bad joke. Since when did morality ever guide the decisions at the CIA?! … Honey Trap for CIA Director ?! USA has become a bad joke! … Do they want to show us the IQ of their CIA ?!” These days are really a complete mess. Most bad guys are badly revealing their true colors. As the people media report: “In these days, an anti-Iranian pig, Trita Parsi, [that many think he and his NIAC] work for the CIA and the [Mullah Gestapo] wrote an article for the Huffington Post, ‘How Obama can Succeed on Iran’ [!!], on 7 Nov 2012. This anti-Iranian pig wrote: ‘[Now,] Obama has a unique opportunity to make headway on the diplomatic front[!] This may be the best shot to resolve the [US-Mullahs] conflict. But how can Obama make diplomacy succeed?[!] Both sides have agreed to a step-by-step process[!] Both [Mullahs] and the US must compromise[!] [Mullahs] have refused a bilateral meeting with the US since October 2009 [!!] [ie 6 months after the 2009 coup!] P5+1 mechanism for negotiations must be complemented by direct talks between the US and [Mullahs] [!!]’ Apparently, most CIA agents are as stupid as their boss!, and love revealing their true face and their foolishness!”. In these days, many bad guys, from NIAC, Chomsky and Zizek to the Mullahs and other anti-Iranian pigs are revealing their secrets. In these days, some anti-Iranian pigs have a conference in Prague, but no one gives a dam shit about them. As the people media report: “In the anti-Iran Prague Conference, the anti-Iranian mercenaries lick [Monkey’s ass] and betray Iran and Iranians. Most of these anti-Iranian pigs are unknown pigs, and are not important. But some of them are known political whores, like Alireza Nourizadeh, Mohsen Sazgara, Noushabeh Amiri, and Jamshid Asadi, that Iranians thought they are ‘Adam’ (human), but they proved that they are a bunch of worthless mercenaries and anti-Iranian pigs”. We have already written about some of these anti-Iranian traitors, and we would write more some of them later, but in these days, no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. They are bankrupt political whores, and only their Western employers still care about them. These bankrupt political whores are part of Last Tango in Washington, and try to help “Monkey and Mullah”, but as some Iranians say: “The anti-Iranian pigs, from the MEK and the Pahlavists to the Khatamists and the Prague-Brussels whores, are bankrupt traitors that desperately try to help [Monkey and Mullah], but no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. But they can remind you of the CIA-backed Coup in 1953, the CIA-backed Coup in 2009, or a new stupid film, Argo, that tells the story of an undercover CIA operation in Iran, under the guise of a Canadian film crew doing a location recce. Argo is the name of that fake film production. But the real Argo is worse than that fake film! Argo is a fake story about a fake fight, that is the greatest fake fight in history. When in 2009, [Monkey] described Egyptian dictator Mubarak as a force for stability and good in the region he was echoing the description Jimmy Carter had reserved for Iranian dictator (Pahlavi) in 1978. Mubarak, like Pahavi, was a dictator, and was similarly overthrown in a US-backed revolution not long after US blessing! The CIA-backed revolution in 1979 in Iran, like the CIA-backed revolution in 2011 in Egypt, revealed how the CIA-backed Islamists and journalists serve the West’s interests, and how the CIA-backed lefts defend them. Argo is a Hollywood fantasy of a past that [Ministry of Truth] hopes to rewrite. But now, most Iranians know the truth. They know that the Monkey aided the Mullah in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009, and the CIA-backed journalists, the CIA-backed lefts, the CIA-backed media, polling organizations, intellects, traitors, and other aents helped [Monkey] and the CIA-backed Mullahs. Most Iranians know that the 2009 CIA-Mullah coup against the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran, was like the 1953 CIA-Pahlavi coup, that was a coup against the independence, progress, freedom, and democracy in Iran”.


Iranians inside Iran hate Obama, and clearly say: “Fuck you Monkey (Obama)”. But do you know what the American pigs and their Ministry of Truth say about ‘Iranians and Obama’ ? They tell big Orwellian jokes and big laughable lies, and expose the true colors of the US Orwellian system. As the people media report: “In these days, the US pigs in PBS’s Tehran Bureau had a very funny and revealing report, ‘The Iranian Take on Obama’s Reelection’, that was published on 12 Nov 2012. The PBS and their correspondent in Tehran, that is probably a Basiji agent of CIA !, told big Orwellian lies. The American pigs said: ‘[Iranians love Obama! and say:] ‘[His re-election] is a very good event. Obama is gold for us. Gold! Obama is very good for us!’ Can you believe it?! When Obama is a gold for Mullahs, and when only the Basiji thugs love Obama, the US pigs tell such Orwellian lies! The 90% of Iranians hate Obama, as much as they hate the Islamist pigs, the Jewish pigs, and the Arab pigs. But the US pigs love Zionists, Islamists, and other pigs. The Americans pigs in PBS’s Tehran Bureau added: “[Iranians love Obama and say:] We don’t even mind if the sanctions continue[!!!]. With Obama back again, things will be just fine by Nowruz [!!] Obama is such a totally adorable personality [!!!] We agree with his politics [!!!]” Can you believe it?! God Bless Goebbels! The PBS is really worse than the Nazi Media. If the US media said that the Jews love Hitler, it was less laughable! The American media really work for [Ministry of Truth]. The Americans pigs in PBS’s Tehran Bureau added: ‘[Iranians love Obama and say:] ‘Swear to God, Obama is a decent person [!!!] I wished so much to have been a US citizen, just to be able to vote for him [!!!] I love Obama’s charisma [!!!] I adore Obama [!!!] Obama reminds me of the founding fathers [!!!], of Jefferson and Washington’ God Bless the Nazi Media! The US media are really worse than the Nazi Media. Is it the true meaning of the American Democracy ?!” It’s really funny. The PBS and other US media, that we have already written about them, are really like or worse than Goebbel’s media. It’s really shameful that the United States has such Orwellian System and such Orwellian Media. As some wise Iranians say: “Apparently, the US pigs don’t know that when they tell Orwellian lies, they just prove that the US has a true Orwellian system. Their Orwellian jokes just reveal the true face of the US Sham Democracy”. In these days, the bad guys are badly revealing their true colors! As the people media report: “The Jewish pigs and the Arab pigs are killing the innocent children in Gaza and the Jewish state, because the Jewish Hitler wants to win the Jewish election farce in the terror capitol of the world (Israel). And Mr ‘Yes We Can’ (Obama) says: ‘Yes We Can Tango with Mullahs; Yes we can aid Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians; Yes we can aid the Jewish pigs and the Arab pigs in killing the innocent children; Yes we can delist and support a terrorist group that is both Islamist and Marxist (MEK); Yes we can prove that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and humanity in the world!’ Monkey (Obama) is worse than Reagan, that was a Hollywood-actor-turned-President. In the 1980s, Reagan and his Iran Contra Scandal – that was a Tango between Mullahs, Zionists, and USA- were less scandalous than Monkey and his great scandals. The CIA-organized coup in 2009 [& 1953], proved that the American pigs are as savage as their British ancestors”. In these days, those anti-Iranian pigs that betrayed the Iranian people and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and were worried about the Mullah regime in 2009!, are desperately trying to help the 2012 anti-Iranian sanctions. But they just stupidly reveal their secrets and their dirty face. In these days, even the Iranian traders can see the signs of Zange Zargari (Sham Fight), and that’s why the price of almost everything, including foreign currencies, is decreasing in Iran. But the anti-Iranian pigs still tell Orwellian lies. As some Iranians say: “In these days, the Mullah Media, the British pigs’ media, the US pigs’ media, and other anti-Iranian media that call themselves ‘Iranian media’, see that inflation and price of almost everything is decreasing in Iran, but these anti-Iranian pigs not only say nothing about this issue, but they tell big Orwellian lies and try to pretend that prices are increasing!” Today, RoozOnline said: ‘Inflation sets new record [in Iran]’ ! This Orwellian lie was one of their headlines! In these days, prices are decreasing, but Balatarin and Roozonline have headlines like this: ‘Inflation is increasing; Inflation sets new record; Economic Crisis is Soaring!’. These anti-Iranian jerks and other anti-Iranian pigs, specially the Mullahs, still try to create artificial crises and help sanctions! For instance, as the media reports: “Mullahs deliberately increased the cost of domestic flights by 70%, and the cost of international tickets has risen by 120%!”. It’s so funny. We would write more about this stupid Orwellian farce later, but as some Iranians: “Most people know Mullahs; But most non-Iranians don’t know the so-called Opposition Media, including and that are websites of the CIA, the MI6, and the Mullah Gestapo. A group of non-Iranian spies, that can speak and write Persian, work in Balatarin and RoozOnline, and with the help of a group of anti-Iranian traitors, they try to help the [Ministry of Truth]. All of these anti-Iranian pigs that the West supports them financially, have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. These anti-Iranian pigs, including Behnoud, Nabavi, Ganji, Kosar, Yahyanejad, Nourizadeh, Khatami, Reza Pahlavi, Abbas Abdi, and other worthless pigs, are enemies of Iran and Iranians. They are ‘Khaen’ (traitor), Mozdur (mercenary), and Vatan-Forush (homeland-seller). They kiss the ass of the Western Barbarians, and eat shit and blood, like [British Barbarians]. Sattar Beheshti, the killed Iranian blogger, was a new victim of these bastards. They are part of the 2009 tragedy and the 2012 farce, and will be tried soon”. All anti-Iranian pigs are part of the story of Last Tango in Washington, and sooner or later they will pay the price of their betrayals. But I hope that all good guys in all around the world can see and think about the story of Last Tango in Washington, that is an important story about today’s Orwellian world and its key players.

Slavoj Zizek and Western Pseudo Intellectuals

November 16, 2012

In these days, the Western Pseudo Intellectuals can show us many things about the root of problems in the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The Western Pseudo Intellectuals, including Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek, are part of an Orwellian system that tries to mislead the people. These Intellectual Mercenaries work for Big Brother, or are the stooges of politicians. They get money and betray everything”. In these days, the Western Pseudo Intellectuals are showing us that what the wise Iranians say about them is not baseless. In the recent days, Slavoj Zizek that some call him “the Borat of Philosophy” wrote a shameful, ridiculous article for the Guardian. As some Iranians say: “The stupid Zizek and his new bullshit can show us how the Western pseudo intellectuals help their Orwellian systems in controlling and brainwashing their people. Zizek, Chomksy, and other Intellectual mercenaries can show us why today’s West are economically, morally, and intellectually bankrupt”. Only a real Pseudo Intellectual can write an article like “Why Obama is more than Bush with a human face” [1], that Zizek wrote recently. And only a real Pseudo Intellectual like Zizek can kiss the ass of the worst US president ever. Zizek’s shameful article is a stupid reaction to what the wise Iranians and the wise Westerners say about the US election farce and Obama. As some Iranians say: “Many leftist pseudo Intellectuals work for the CIA. And Slavoj Zizek is either a sick Chameleon, or a stupid agent of CIA, or a typical pseudo intellectual that get money and betray everything“. You can not be sure about such things, but Zizek’s bullshits, specially his recent article, can show many things. As the wise Iranians say: “The Western pseudo intellectuals are like the Iranian baboons. They are Khayemal (ass-licker) agents that try to mislead people”. The stupid Zizek says: “So should we write Obama off? Is he nothing more than Bush with a human face? There are signs which point beyond this pessimistic vision [!!!]”[1] As the wise Iranians say: “Zizek and other American pseudo intellectuals show us why most Americans are unaware of real problems, why the OWS became a stupid movement, and who screwed the OWS. The Western Pseudo Intellectuals, including Zizek and Chomsky, play with their people and manipulate them. These bastards not only defend the brutal dictators, including Mullahs, Assad, Chavez, Gaddafi, Stalin, etc, but they defend and justify their corrupt politicians, too. Zizek, Chomsky and others play the role of Maleh-Kesh (smooth-talking Apologist). They helped Obama in 2009, and aided him in killing and torturing Iranians. Chomsky, Zizek, and other Western pseudo intellectuals helped Obama and Mullahs, because they always help the bad guys. They f-u-c-ked the OWS, because they should keep the American people stupid and ignorant, and should not allow the Americans to have any real change. They talk about Communism, Marxism, or Theo-Democracy as alternative!, and defend the brutal dictators and the tyrannical systems, and at the same time, they present themselves as alternative and anti-US or anti-Imperialism forces! The CIA and its intellectual mercenaries don’t allow Americans to have a real alternative. The real intellectuals that are against both the Western corrupt systems and all brutal dictators and all kinds of tyranny and corruption in the world, are suppressed, silenced, censored, or boycotted in the West. Only the pseudo intellectuals, like Chomsky and Zizek, that defend the brutal dictators and support tyranny, corruption, and other evil things in the name of human values, can become hero or celebrity in the US and Europe”. It’s a very important point. The intellectual mercenaries pretend that they are on the people’s side, while they kiss the ass of politicians. Zizek licks Obama’s ass and other dirty asses, and Chomsky kisses Chavez’s ass, Mullah’s ass, and other dirty asses. It’s important. The Intellectual mercenaries kiss the ass of power, and betray the truth and the people. In the recent days, some of them said: “60 million Americans voted for Obama because he was on the side of the 99%, rather than a friend of millionaires”. It’s so funny, because according to their logic, “57 million Americans voted for Romney, because he was on the side of the 1%, and was a friend of millionaires!”. As the wise Iranians say: “The western Intellectual mercenaries are so stupid, and when they lick the ass of power, they badly reveal their true colors! They kiss the ass of the worst US president ever, who not only is a friend and a puppet of millionaires and billionaires, but is the close friend of Mullahs and other evil forces, and is the main enemy of freedom, democracy, whistleblowers, truth-seekers, and ordinary people. Zizek that licks Obama’s ass, loves Stalin and Hegel, and even defends Hitler! He is a shallow guy and an attention junky” . But unfortunately, many educated Americans still care about him, and it’s the real tragedy.


“Zizek loves Stalin, kisses Obama’s ass, or defends Hitler and Hegel, because he is a psychiatric shallow guy. Zizek tries too hard for attention, but such a psychiatric idiot is an inspiration to young Americans across America!”, some Iranians say. It’s really shameful. Zizek’s recent article was a stupid reaction to those who wrote or talked about the US election farce, the US Sham Democracy, or the US Corrupt System. Zizek wrote about Donald Trump’s reaction to the US election farce, that we have already written about it, and said: “Do Donald Trump’s [words] not sound precisely like a holy fool’s ramblings?“[1] Zizek, Chomsky and many other Western pseudo Intellectuals are political activists, that means they think and behave like politicians. They don’t care about the truth. As we said before, Chomsky defends Chavez, Assad, Mullahs and other dictators like politicians. Read our previous articles about Chomsky, and see how Chomsky thinks, behaves, and talks like politicians. Chomsky cares about the politics, much more than the truth, and that’s why he is a pseudo intellectual. But unfortunately, most people are unaware of this issue. Today’s West has many dreadful problems, because its popular intellectuals are people like Chomsky and Zizek. When Chomsky wants to defend Chavez, he says: ‘Term limits can be debated to be good or bad [!!!], but there are no strong arguments against it [!!!] [ie. Chavez can be dictator for ever, like Gaddafi, Khamenei, Assad, and other tyrants!]”[3] As the wise Iranians say: “All wise guys know that ‘Unlimited power = Unlimited corruption‘, and ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, but Chomsky pretends ignorance, because he is a political whore that doesn’t care about the truth. But the real intellectuals only care about the truth. Zizek and Chomsky that lick the ass of politicians are political whores, not intellectuals”. Zizek talks like politicians, too. He says: “Obama is often accused of dividing the American people … Such a division, not opportunistic compromises, is the only path to true unity. When Margaret Thatcher was asked about her greatest achievement, she promptly answered: ‘New Labour’. And she was right [!!] True victory over your enemy occurs when they start to use your language, so that your ideas form the foundation of the entire field”[1] His language is like politicians’; He kisses the ass of Thatcher and Obama, but the Western media call this political whore ‘thinker’, ‘intellectual’, or philosopher. As the wise Iranians say: “The intellectual whores play the role of brain of politicians. They think on behalf of politicians and bad guys, and formulate the theories of Power, Control and Brainwashing. The story of Zizek or Chomsky, is a new version of the story of Hegel and other intellectual whores that defended, justified, or formulated Dictatorship and Totalitarianism. The story of Zizek or Chomsky is like or worse than the story of Adam Smiths and British Colonialism, or the story of Thomas Hobbes and British Sham Democracy, and many other shameful stories in the history of Western Intellectualism. The Western pseudo Intellectuals have always kissed the ass of power, and betrayed the truth”. We would write more about these issues later, but it’s really shameful that many Westerners, including journalists and Intellects, get money and betray the truth. The story of delisting the MEK, that we have already written about it (check Archive), revealed many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Most pseudo intellectuals are stupid traitors. Some of them are ‘Heife-Noon’! (ultra-stupid) and reveal their true face in a way that many can see it. And some of them are just a little better than a ‘Heife-Noon’! They try to sound like a smart guy, but what they say is stupidly ‘Do-Pahlu’ (double talk), and is a clear sign of their stupid charlatanism. Zizek is one of them”. In his recent article, Zizek kissed Obama’s ass and defended the US election farce, but at the end of his stupid article, Zizek talked about “the tiny cracks through which some light shone in Obama’s first term [!!]” [1] and added: “Our task in his second term [!] is to maintain constant pressure to widen these cracks [!]” [1] As some Iranians say: “Zizek uses such childish tactics, but the US Sheeple call him ‘Iconoclast’! or ‘Elvis of Philosophy’! The US Sheeple’s IQ is near zero, and that’s why 120 millions of them participated in the US election farce. But Zizek, that is a little Evil of Philosophy, can’t deceive Iranians, because many Iranians know both little evils and great evils”.


The Western pseudo Intellectuals defend the brutal dictators and the politicians in the name of the human values, but their arguments are Abaki (watery), Mozhek (ridiculous), or silly as Iranians say. The Western pseudo Intellectuals often “Connect Fart to Forehead!” (ie connect two unrelated issues) as the ancient witty Iranians said. In his recent article, the stupid Zizek says: “In Europe, the ground floor of a building is counted as zero, so the floor above it is the first floor, while in the US, the first floor is on street level. This trivial difference indicates a profound ideological gap [!!]”. It’s so funny. As some Iranians say: “Akhe MatharGabeh (Hey, Motherfucker) If you want to help the CIA or Obama, at least say something that don’t make the dead chicken laugh! At least don’t Connect Fart to Forehead! The CIA only wastes its money on the idiots”. But unfortunately, the Western pseudo Intellectuals have a key role in controlling the Western Sheeple, and most Westerners don’t know the true colors of their lefty pseudo Intellectuals. Zizek and other lefty idiots defended the OWS and diverted it into a deadlock and a swamp of idiocy, but most of the OWS protesters were blind, and loved Zizek and other idiots. Zizek and other pseudo Intellectuals think that 99% are boring idiots. Zizek that himself is a sick idiot, says: ‘I’m really more and more becoming Stalinist Humanity? Yes, it’s OK. [But] Concrete people? No, 99% are boring idiots”[2] Zizek and other pseudo Intellectuals just try to imitate the real intellectuals. As the wise Iranians say: “Many real Intellectuals think that 99% are stupid and ignorant, but they try to help that ignorant 99%, and try to make them aware. They don’t betray the people. They only care about the truth, and try to help the ordinary people. But the pseudo intellectuals that are stupider than the ordinary people, only betray the 99%, and when you ask them why?, these sick bastards say: because 99% are idiots and can’t see our true colors! The pseudo Intellectuals often betray the people with the help of the mass media”. The Western mass media that love ‘Sycophantic Journalism’ and Khayemali’ (Ass-Licking) have close relations with the pseudo Intellectuals. As the wise Iranians say: “The lefty pseudo Intellectuals, from Zizek to Chomsky, become celebrities, mainly because the lefty mass media care about them”. In the recent months, the Guardian had a ridiculous interview with Zizek. The British interviewer said: “I live as a madman!, Zizek exclaims, and leads me on a tour of the apartment to demonstrate why his kitchen cabinets contain only clothing”[2] And she was forced to confess: “To his critics, [Zizek] is the Borat of philosophy. [Zizek clearly says that:] I am not human. I am a monster[!!] The problem with Hitler was that he was not violent enough [!]”[2] But such idiot becomes celebrity with the help of the Guardian! We all should ask ourselves: “Why the Western mass media cares about some one like Zizek, and why he can become celebrity?” As some Iranians say: “Ministry of Truth loves people like Zizek and Chomsky. Their popularity help Ministry of Truth a lot. Big Brother agencies love shallow guys and Khayemals (ass-lickers). People like Zizek become celebrity, and help Big Brother in controlling the masses. They are useful. They can manipulate and divert the OWS; or They can justify the election farce. Zizek, Chomsky, and other pseudo intellectuals are part of a corrupt Orwellian system that tries to control the masses“. Think about it.


“The story of Zizek and the OWS farce is like the story of Zizek and the election farce. Zizek was a hero for the OWS protesters , and it shows many things”, some wise Iranians say. The story of pseudo intellectuals in the US and Europe is tragicomic. Some one like Chomsky, that defends the brutal dictators without shame, is a hero for most educated Westerners, and Zizek, a sick idiot that defends Stalin, Hegel, Hitler, Obama, and other bastards, is a hero for many Westerners, and it’s so tragicomic. Unfortunately, only a few Westerners are wise enough to know Zizek, Chomsky, and other charlatans. They ‘dismiss Zizek as a silly controversialist’ or ‘fear him as an agitator for neo-Marxist totalitarianism’, but the Western journalists that in the best case are shallow guys, still care about him. Some of them say: “I had imagined he would want to discuss his new book about Hegel, but what he really seems keen to talk about is sex “[2] As the witty Iranians say: “It’s obvious why when the interviewer is a female, Zizek prefers to talk about sex, not about his shitty books! Of course, If Zizek only talked about s-e-x, it would be better. But he writes shitty, silly books and shameful articles, and makes a fool of himself” But as some funny Iranians add: “Yah, If Zizek only talked about s-e-x, it would be better! But if he only talked about s-e-x, he could not serve the Ministry of Truth’s interests, and they didn’t pay him!”. The pseudo intellectuals need empty gestures and empty words, otherwise no one gives a damn shit about them. The pseudo intellectuals are shallow guys, not self-actualized men. They often suffer from inferiority complex and other mental disorders, and that’s why they care about money, power, attention, fame, etc more than the truth and the human values. As some Iranians say: “The story of Zizek is like the story of Lady Gaga. Zizek praises Gaga, and even some say that Zizek has had affair with Lady Gaga, because both Zizek and Gaga suffer from the same problems”. But at least Lady Gaga doesn’t pretend that she is an intellectual! Zizek is really worse than Lady Gaga. Of course some Westerners know him. Their comments about his recent bullshit shows that they know him. They say: “This is actually a very silly argument to make.This is a brilliant collection of meaningless words. The ground floor? The first floor? The ground zero floor? It is all tragic [and badly stupid] … [Idiot,] Obama is the more effective evil. Obama is not a progressive president. He never has been. Only a complete fool- or well paid dupe- would imagine that [he should defend Obama and the US election]. Zizek, by floating Obama as (still!) some kind of savior, seems intent on hedging his bets between the 1% and the 99%”. But only a few Westerners are not like those OWS idiots that loved Zizek. The Western idiots and their comments about Zizek and his article are sickening. They say [my comments are in brackets]: “Obama’s achievements in the first term are important. Historians [that work for Ministry of Truth !] have already ranked him as one of the greatest presidents in US history[!!] Obama’s re-election upsets a corporate speculator as grotesque as Donald Trump [, a worker of Ministry of Truth says]. Zizek is iconoclast, [a brainless sheep says]. This article shows the perils of having a huge intellect [, a huge ass-licker says!]”. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s really tragic that people like Zizek and Chomsky are still heroes in the West. It’s really tragic that they still see the stooges of politicians as intellectual figures. When people like Zizek and Chomsky are their popular intellectuals, it’s obvious that the West should be economically, morally, politically, culturally, and intellectually bankrupt. They have sham democracy, corrupt society, corrupt systems, injustice and inequality, and many other serious problems, mainly because their top intellectuals are people like Chomsky and Zizek”. Think about it.


“Zizek is the Borat or Lady Gaga of philosophy. Zizek is a pseudo intellectual working in the traditions of Hegelianism and Marxism. He still call himself a true Communist! Zizek was member of the Communist Party of Slovenia until 1988! Zizek was born in 1949, in Yugoslavia, to an upper middle-class family. His parents were both atheists. But it could not make him a wise guy. For some years, Zizek worked as a recording clerk at the Slovenian Marxist Center! Even at the age of 40 Zizek was officially a Communist! and it can show the depth of his stupidity. Zizek is proud of Hegel, that is one of the greatest pseudo intellectuals in the human history. In a 2008 interview with Democracy Now, Zizek described himself as a ‘communist in a qualified sense [!]’ and in another appearance on the show in October 2009 he described himself as a ‘radical leftist. But many educated Americans still care about such idiot. Maybe in 2013, he would describe himself as a Marxist CIA agent!”, some Iranians say. It’s really shameful that you can not find a good article about Zizek and Chomsky in the internet, and most articles about them are written by their stupid fans, or by those stupid rights who are worse than them. As the wise Iranians say: “Pseudo intellectuals and people like Zizek and Chomsky are the stooges of politicians, and try to mislead the people, but most Westerners don’t know them, and it’s the real tragedy. Today’s Iranians are really wiser and more modern than their Western counterparts. Most Iranians at least know their pseudo intellectuals, their corrupt media, their corrupt politicians, and their traitors. But most Westerners are still ignorant”. Many pseudo intellectuals are stupid, and you can easily see their true colors. But some of them are smart charlatans. As the wise Iranians say: “Some of them are ignoble brains. They are smart chameleons. What they say is not always wrong. Sometimes they say true things, because they want to hide their true face. They wear masks, but their paradoxes reveal their true colors. For example, Chomsky that works at MIT, is not brainless. What he says is not always wrong. But if you want to know Chomsky, you should think about what he says about Iran, Chavez, Mullahs, and other dictators. He shed crocodile tears for Americans, but what he says about Iran, Mullahs, Islamists, and the brutal dictators reveal his true colors. What Chomsky says is often ‘Do-Pahlu’ (double talk), He talks and behaves like politicians. Chomsky works at MIT, and is a smart charlatan, but many wise Iranians and non-Iranians are smarter than him and those who work at MIT or Harvard”. We all can know the smart bad guys, if we open our eyes. The empty gestures, the stupid labels, and the empty words should not deceive us. As the wise Iranians say: “Zizek is a political philosopher. He is a follower of Hegel, that is one of the greatest Khayemals (ass-lickers) and Charlatans in the human history. Zizek is a pseudo intellect and a stooge of Ministry of Truth. But he is so stupid. He defends Stalin, Hegel, or Obama, and badly reveals his true face. But unfortunatley, most Americans are stupid”. Of course, some Americans know their bad guys. In the recent days, a good guy in USA wrote for us: “I didn’t vote for the monkey or the mormon. I pray always for the peaceful people of Iran and do not agree with the insane anti-Iran policies”. This good American also added: “As a native American I completely agree with my Iranian Brothers. I look forward to your intellectual answer to the way good Americans can change the facts you stated here”. The good guys in the US and Europe are our brothers and sisters, and we know that they exist!, even if they are silent or inactive. But I hope they try to show us and other Iranians that they exist! Anyway, as the wise Iranians say: “If the Americans want real change, they should know their pseudo intellectuals. Their wolves in sheep clothing and people like Zizek or Chomsky only can mislead Americans and destroy their movement. Instead of caring about the intellectual mercenaries, the good Americans should try to find the real intellectuals in the US and the world. Then they should organize themselves. They should have media . The ordinary people in the US should become aware. Even if 10% of Americans (30 million) that are university-educated or open-minded, can become aware and can organize themselves, and can have their own media and their own movement for real change, they certainly can change many things in the US. Today’s US needs a movement like the civil right movement; A progressive movement with clear and progressive demands. This movement can be a movement for direct democracy, ie a movement for getting rid of politicians, lobbyists, big corporations, big money, and corporate media. The native Americans and their old systems, like their People’s Councils and their collective decisions, can be a good model for today’s US”. We would write about these issues later, but we have already written about some real solutions. For instance, what we wrote about “Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians”[4] or about “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” [5] They can show part of the real solutions. We will write more about the real problems and the real solutions, but all good guys in all around the world should know that they should not be indifferent or silent. They don’t need hero. They need media and ‘real’ open debate and discussion, more than any thing else. We all should not allow the politicians, the pseudo intellectuals, and the stooges of the bad guys to think, talk, write, and decide on behalf of us.

For more information:

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[4] Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians
[5] Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change

West, Falsification of History, and Ministry of Truth

November 13, 2012

In these days, the West and its anti-Iranian mercenaries shed crocodile tear for an Iranian blogger that became a new victim of the Obama-Mullah love affair. The anti-Iranian media, including BBC, VOA, Balatarin, RoozOnline, and the anti-Iranian groups, including the Islamists (Khatamists), the terrorists (MEK), the Monarchists (Pahlavists), and the Mullahs, and their Western employers shed crocodile tear for an Iranian blogger that hated all of them, and became a victim of all of them. The tragic story of Sattar Beheshti is a new chapter of a long story, that is the story of the West’s Systematic Lies. What you read here is a short article about this long story, and I dedicate it to Beheshti and all other humans that were tortured and killed by the savage puppets of the West. “What if everything you thought you knew about today’s world or the history of the world turns out to be totally falsified? What if the West tries to falsify the history, and to enslave and control all nations?”, the wise guys ask. We all should think about it. As Howard Zinn said: “[Standard] history conceals fierce conflicts of interest between conquerors and conquered, masters and slaves, capitalists and workers, dominators and dominated. And in such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, as Albert Camus suggested, not to be on the side of the executioners . [Of course] My point is not to grieve for the victims and denounce the executioners. Those tears, that anger, cast into the past, deplete our moral energy for the present. And the lines are not always clear. Still, understanding the complexities, I will be skeptical of governments and their attempts” [1] The wise, good guys don’t live like Noam Chomsky, and don’t defend those who kill and torture people and steal people’s money and people’s votes. Intellectual mercenaries that only care about politics and money, defend or justify tyranny, corruption, oppression, violence, killing and torturing people, and other evil things. They are on the side of the executioners. They betray the humanity and the truth. They help the bad guys, and try to disappoint the good guys. As the late Zinn said: “There is the past and its continuing horrors: violence, war, prejudices, outrageous monopolization of the good earth’s wealth by a few, political power in the hands of liars and murderers, the building of prisons instead of schools, the poisoning of the press and the entire culture by money. It is easy to become discouraged observing this, especially since this is what [they] insist that we look at”[1] We all should know the bad guys and their tactics. They tell big lies, try to disappoint us, ask us to be as corrupt as them, or try to mislead us. As the late Zinn said: “[In the best case,] their judgment is that this fact is important, and that other facts, omitted, are not important. [But] the consequence of those omissions has been not simply to give a distorted view of the past but, more important, to mislead us all about the present“[1] It’s very important. “But how can we see the truths and the lies?”, some ask. “By your own experience, and by knowing more about the bad guys, their crimes, their tactics, and their paradoxes”, the wise Iranians answer. As Zinn said: “My own war experience , and the history of all [western crimes], made me skeptical when I heard [politicians] invoke ‘the national interest’ or ‘national security’ to justify their policies”[1] The late Zinn had learned from his own experience in the World War II, and Iranians have learned from their own experience in the past years. The 2009 coup and the 2012 farce have taught many things to the wise Iranians. As they say: “When the West, its media and its mercenaries tell big lies about the past 3 years, and when they try to falsify those historic events that we have seen them by our own eyes, it proves that Ministry of Truth is not conspiracy theory”. In fact, the Western betrayals provided ‘personal experience’ for Iranians.


As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West gave us the best gift, and now, we know the ancient land of Barbarians better. What they say about the past 3 years, is like what they say about their shameful history. They still think that they can burn books and falsify the past”. But even without the internet and modern technologies, the wise good guys have always seen and exposed the big lies. As the late Zinn said: “When I first began to immerse myself in history, [I saw] how badly twisted was the teaching and writing of history. It was a [falsified] history. From first grade to graduate school, I was given no inkling that the landing of Columbus in the New World initiated a genocide. The treatment of heroes (Columbus) and their victims (Indians)- the quiet acceptance of conquest and murder in the name of progress- is only one aspect of a certain approach to history, in which the past is told from the point of view of governments, conquerors, diplomats, and leaders” [1] The late Zinn that knew the West’s Ministry of Truth added: “[Our lies] served a certain patriotic function. We don’t wanted to talk about the many massacres of non-European people in our history”[1] Zinn, like other good guys, could not accept such big lies, and said: “[But] I wanted to talk about the many massacres of nonwhite people in our history, which would not reinforce patriotic pride but remind us of the long legacy of racism in our country, still smoldering and needing attention“[1] The real good guys care about the truth, not the patriotic pride. When Persians tell the truth about the Savage West, the real good guys in the West are not offended by it. (those who are offended by the truth, are not good guys). In these years, even some wise Westerners have started to write about “The West’s falsification of History“. For instance, John Hamers book, The Falsification of History, is a new book about the West’s Ministry of Truth. As He says: “The standard history that is taught in the West is designed to brainwash the people“. But we all should ask ourselves: “Why they try to hide their real history? Why they tell big lies about their past? And which truths and which shameful things are they trying to conceal?” It’s very important. When even the Western movies, like “300”, tell big blatant lies, the Western charlatans say: “Oh, the past is not important; only the present is important !”. But as the wise Iranians say: “OK, the past is not important; but If the past is not important, why you tell big lies about the past ?! Why you try to hide the truth about Europe, that is the ancient land of Barbarians ? If the past is not important, why you try to falsify the past, and don’t say that when Europeans were eating humans, Iranians were writing about the human values ?“. The wise Iranians also add: “The West tells big lies about the past, because they have an Orwellian motto: Who controls the past, controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past!” Orwell in his famous novel, 1984, wrote about “Falsification of the past” and “The hunting-down and destruction of books” in the West, but he didn’t say that it’s an old tradition in the West. Since the ancient time, the European barbarians have tried to destroy the Persian books and the Persian Science Centers. As the wise Iranians say: “George Orwell coined the term ‘Ministry of Truth’ in his ‘1984’. Ministry of Truth that is a ministry of lie and propaganda, is mainly responsible for falsification of historical events. Ministry of Truth has a long history in the West. For the West, lie = truth and Barbarism = Civilization. Orwell’s wife worked at the British Censorship Department from 1939 to 1942. And Orwell himself worked for the BBC in the early 1940s. Orwell knew the British Ministry of Truth well. He said [in 1984]: We say the past has started from yesterday, when we [gained the upper hand]. The years before yesterday are not important. Nothing exists except in an endless present in which we are always right. The past is falsified. No evidence ever remains. The only evidence is inside our own books! The day-to-day falsification of the past, carried out by the Ministry of Truth, guarantees that the past is whatever we choose to make it!”. The wise Westerners are aware of these issues. For instance, they say: “Orwell’s wife Eileen died in 1945. The last word in the unfinished letter she’d been writing him before she died was ‘clock’ which is found in the first sentence of ‘1984’. In her previous letter she had described to him her hatred of London‘ [9] In the essay WHY I WRITE, published in 1947, Orwell said: “I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing” [8] Those lies that he wanted to expose, are those lies that we all should care about them. “Falsification of History” is one of them. “Western control of history is similar to Western control of the media; truth is not eliminated but only obscured under layers of falsehood and distraction “[2]. It’s true, even if the Arabs say it. But as the wise Iranians say: “Arabs were like the European barbarians. Arabs were savage and stupid, and that’s why the civilized Iranians used to call them ‘Malakh-Khor’ (Locust-eater). Of course, when the Arabs were ‘Malakh-Khor’, the Europeans were ‘Adam-Khor’ (Human-eaters). But both groups, ie both ‘Malakh-Khora’ (Locust-eaters) and ‘Adam-Khora’ (Human-eaters) had a deep-rooted feeling of inferiority, and both were uncultured ; both burned the Iranian libraries and the Persian books”. It’s true that “the West distorts the historical record, underrating scientific and technological achievements of previous ages” [2] and “the greatest oppression in all of human history has occurred at the hands of the evil [West], with its savage genocidal wars and its life-depriving exploitation of [other nations]” [2] But when the Arabs, the Islamists, or the lefts say such things, it seems stupid and ridiculous, and can remind you of when ‘the pot calling the kettle black’! Only when the real wise guys, or the cradle of civilization (Persia) and those who don’t suffer from deep-rooted barbarism and inferior complex, tell the truth about the West, it seems reasonable.


The wise Westerners have not been blind. As Orwell said: “I happened to know, what very few people in England had been allowed to know, that innocent men were being falsely accused. If I had not been angry about that I should never have written the book”[8] Even now, some Westerners ask: “Are we living Orwell’s 1984?”[4], but their nationalistic views don’t allow them to tell the whole truth. For instance, they say: “The central theme of Orwell’s 1984 was the control of history. [Those who] work in the Ministry of Truth rewrite and falsify history. [But] Unfortunately, almost all media commentary about Orwell’s greatest book ignore the importance of the past and control of the past as a theme in 1984. The extent of censorship of history is indicated by suppression of the fact that Orwell originally considered giving the title 1948 to his book because of widespread Big Brother tendencies already in the year 1948, including control of history“[4] They know the truth. “It should be noted that Orwell worked for the BBC for a time, and the Ministry of Truth is modeled to some extent on the BBC” [4] But they only tell part of the truth. As we said before, in the recent years “Evidence of mass cannibalism in which even children were eaten has been uncovered in Britain and Germany“, but Europeans try to hide the truth. As Orwell said in 1984: “[In the West], the past not only changed, but changed continuously. Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute”. Orwell talked about ‘systematic lies’ and ‘systematic falsification’ in the West. As the wise Iranians say: “A nation that its history of civilization only begins in about 500 years ago, and before that time they were ‘Adam Khor’ (human-eaters) and ‘savage beasts’, pretend that they are synonym of democracy! It’s really ridiculous that ‘the human-eaters pretend that they are humans!’ (Dige Adam Khora Ham Vase Ma Adam Shodand!) Ancient Britain was the home of Barbarians. And Modern Britain is the home of unwritten laws and systematic lies. The UK even doesn’t have Constitution. They say that their Constitution is unwritten!, but they call themselves ‘Constitutional Monarchy!’ And it’s a good Orwellian joke While France, USA, and Iran have Constitution and Constitutional laws, Britain only has unwritten or nonexistent laws!, that is like their non-existent honor and their non-existent civilization! But many people are not aware of it”. It’s important, and we would write more about it later, but as the wise Iranians say: “Britain has unwritten laws, unwritten Constitution, and unwritten history of Barbarism and Cannibalism, mainly because their Ministry of Truth censor or falsify everything”. In the near future, we will write more about the real history of the UK, that is a long shameful history of Barbarism and Barbarians, but here lets focus only on the British Charlatanism. In these years, even some Westerners say: “Orwell noted that the BBC put out false hate propaganda during World War II, and controlled history by censoring news”[4] Many Britons know the BBC well. In fact, the Iranians are not alone, and many know the true face of the British media, that we would write more about them later. But many don’t know that “The popular perception of history [in the West] is based on brainwashing by the mass media, indoctrination by the education system, peer group pressure, self-censorship and television docudramas”[4] Many don’t know that “Shakespeare’s docudramas served a similar purpose. The pervasiveness of television make people more susceptible to brainwashing by Big Brother agencies” [4] Unfortunately, many don’t know Ministry of Truth. And most writers in the West suffer from state censorship and self-censorship. For instance, they say: “Although civil liberties are entrenched in the West, there are still some areas of concern. Control of the past, the central issue of Orwell’s 1984, remains pervasive [in the West] [We] use Napoleon’s phrase, ‘lies agreed upon by the victors’. The lies are repeated to justify [war crimes and] could contribute to starting World War III”[4] But they don’t say Whose interests are served by the repetition of a particular version of history that is written by Ministry of Truth? As the wise Iranians say: “We should ask ourselves why their people know or say nothing about the European Barbarism, human sacrifice, cannibalism, scalping, burning, dismemberment, eating children, drinking human blood and other barbaric acts in the pre-19th century Europe; And why they tell big lies about the cradle of Civilization (Persia) and the cradle of Barbarization (Europe)”. As the late Zinn said: “I wonder now how U.S. foreign policies would look if we wiped out the national boundaries of the world, and thought of all children everywhere as our own. Then we could never wage war anywhere, because wars, especially in our time, are always wars against children, indeed our children”[1] The late Zinn that was a real human, also added: “History is the memory of states, wrote Henry Kissinger in his first book, A World Restored, in which he proceeded to tell the history of 19th-century Europe from the viewpoint of the leaders of England, ignoring the millions who suffered from [those leaders]” [1] The West’s Ministry of Truth have many many mercenaries like or worse than Kissinger.


As the wise Iranians say: “The Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, the Norseman, the Picts, etc were savage barbarians. And all of them shaped the Barbarian Ages, the Dark Ages, and Medieval Barbarism in Europe that lasted until the recent centuries. We prefer to care about the present, not the past; but if the West continues to hurt Iranians and other humans, we will certainly tell the truth about their past and their shameful history”. It’s funny to know that Persians are not the only nation that tell the truth about the Barbarian West and Ministry of Truth. In these years, even the wise Indians talk about “British Version of Indian History” [5]. They say: “The history writing by the British was a deliberate and systematic effort. The British used history of India as a tool for demoralizing the natives. History of India was twisted, falsified and misinterpreted on a grand scale”[5] They also add: “Who were these British history writers? They were mainly army officers and administrators of the East India Company. But these books became standard textbooks in India! By learning such history [they tried to] developed a inferiority complex, and loss of self confidence”[5]. In fact, “[puppets of the West] started despising their ancestors. They [said] that unless they followed the West blindly, they had no salvation”[5] These Indian mercenaries are like the Iranian baboons. But as the wise Iranians say: “When the British Barbarians ate each other, Iran and India shaped the civilized world. The Greek historians thought that India is part of Iran, because Iran always defended India, and many Indians fought for the Persian army, specially when the Western barbarians invaded Iran. Iran and India were two great countries that were close friends, like today’s USA and today’s Canada. Many Indians were civilized people, and knew that the wars between Iran and the Barbarian West were wars between the Civilized world and the Barbarian world. Iran, as the main superpower of the old world and as the strong dam between the West and the Subcontinent, defended India against the Barbarian West, and that’s why many Indians helped Iranians at the time of war. Only when Iran was weak, the Barbarians could hurt both Iran and India. At the time of Alexander’s invasion (~300 BC), at the time of Arab invasion (~650 CE), and at the time of the British invasion (~1750 CE), the Barbarians could hurt both Iran and India, mainly because Iran was not as strong as before”. They also add: “Barathar Koshi (Brother Killing), was the main reason that the Barbarians could hurt Iran. In each millennium (1000 years), Iran became weak, because ‘Brother started to kill Brother’. Before Alexander’s invasion, Cyrus the Younger fought against his older brother, Artaxerxes II (Ardeshir II). Cyrus the Younger assembled a massive army composed of Persian soldiers and Greeks!, and attacked his brother, the King of Persia. In fact, when Brother tried to kill Brother, and when Iranians ignored the threat of Barbarians, Alexander and the European Barbarians that were little vermin, could invade both Persia and India, and created a great tragedy. Before the Arab invasion in the 7th century, we had the same story. The Iranian king had become a brutal dictator that killed and suppressed its own people (Iranians). And when Brother was killing Brother, the savage Arabs, that were little vermin, could invade Persia. And in the 18th century, the sad story of tyranny and ‘Brother killing’ (the story of Soltan Hussein, Mahmoud Afghan, Nader Shah, Indian traitors, etc) allowed the British vermin to occupy India, hurt Iran, and create many great tragedies. The Brits could use their ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics, mainly because the ordinary Iranians were naive, and also good guys. Iranians thought that all humans have become civilized, and are honest, but it was a great mistake”. We would write more about these issues later, but it’s funny to know that in the British Version of the Human History, the Barbarians are heroes and the civilized humans are bad guys or backward nations! As the wise Iranians say: “We all should know ‘How the Western Barbarians Shaped today’s World’, and how ‘Brother Killing’ allowed the Barbarians to hurt the civilized world. We all should know the British Barbarians and why they could hurt both Persia and India. And if you want to know Britain better, you should know their stupid BNP”. The British National Party (BNP) is like the Nazi party in Germany. They confess: “[In Britain,] the media and the historians change history to suit THEIR political agenda and use these lies to mislead and confuse our children” [7] In fact, they stupidly confess to Ministry of Truth! These British idiots talk about “teaching the real history of the British people and instilling the morals of the true Brit [!!]” [7], but as the wise Iranians say: “the true history of Britain is the true history of Barbarism”. But BNP and British pigs don’t care about the truth. They stupidly say: “We stand for the preservation of our bloodlines and our traditional values and culture”[7], that is a barbaric culture and barbaric values like cannibalism, drinking human blood, eating children, and eating slaves and prisoners! The British pigs say: Teach yourself Nationalism”! [7] and add: “BNP is the only political party that truly represents the British people”[7] It’s very funny. They talk about “the largest global empire in history”[7]!, while Mongols had the largest global empire in history, too. And both the savage Britons and the savage Mongols had a long history of Barbarism, too. As the wise Iranians say: “The British Barbarians suffer from a deep-rooted inferiority complex. And that’s why they have Ministry of Truth, and behave like the stupid upstarts”.


As the wise Iranians say: “When Iranians were writing: ‘Human beings are members of a whole, and If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain’, the Europeans were eating humans!, and it’s the key difference between Iran and West”. Ministry of Truth tells big lies about the West. And If you want to Ministry of Truth and its lies, there are many good examples. Lets give you another example. The British pigs publish many stupid articles, like this one: “The Introduction of Christianity into Britain”[6]. If you know the real history of Britain, you know how laughable are their big lies. As the wise Iranians say: “In the first 600 years after Jesus Christ, Britons were still savage barbarians. Even Romans could not make them human!”. But the British pigs say: “Britons were contrary to the whole Roman world, and enemies to the Roman customs, not only in their Mass but in their tonsure”[6] It’s very funny. As the wise Iranians say: “Before the Roman age (1st century), Britons were barbarians and ate each other; During the Roman age, Britain were still barbarians; And after the Romans (5th century), the British Dark Ages began!” In fact, when the European barbarians invaded the Rome, Europe became more barbarian. And then the Vikings and the Angles, Jutes, Saxons, and other barbarians shaped the Dark Ages in Europe! Then their Medieval Barbarism began, and lasted until the recent centuries. But Ministry of Truth rewrites their shameful history, and tells Orwellian jokes. For instance, they say: “the Druidic religion which the ancient Britons held before accepting Christ was a preparation for
Christianity”[6] It’s a big laughable lie. As the wise Iranians say: “The Druidic cult was a barbaric cult with mass human sacrifice. Before the Roman invasion, many Britons were killed and were eaten by their Druidic leaders!” But the British bastards say: “the Romans were notorious for falsifying history in order to magnify themselves and belittle others, especially those who opposed them” [6] It’s a very good and important confession. As the wise Iranians say: “[In fact,] the Romans thought and behaved like today’s Britons! The Romans and the Greeks told big lies about the Iranians, because Iranians were civilized humans and were superior to them. But why they had to lie about the British Barbarians who were naked savages and were vastly inferior to Romans and Greeks?! The British pigs are stupid liars”. The British pigs tell big lies about “Ancient Britons and Druids” and say: “British School books and the children are taught to believe the trash that the Romans said about the Druids [!!]” [6] But the stupid Britons don’t know that even the new scientific studies prove that the Druids were barbarians, and the British Ministry of Truth can’t hide the truth for ever. The ancient Britons were barbarians, and it’s not ‘the trash that the Romans said’. As the scientists say: “There has always been a suspicion that what the Romans were saying was atrocity propaganda. But some recent finds like Lindow Man suggest that there were dark and bloody goings-on“[3] In 2009, National Geographic reported on “Mass Human Sacrifice [in Britain]”[3] The scientists said: “[Celtic] Druids Committed Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism. Lindow Man was the victim of a carefully staged sacrifice. Other grisly clues come from a cave in Alveston, England. Skeletons belonging to as many as 150 people and dating back to about the time of the Roman conquest [in the 1st century]” [3] They also added: “Lindow Man’s death is dated to 60 CE. He may have been sacrificed to persuade the Celtic gods to halt the Roman advance . Recent studies have revealed that Lindow Man’s head had been violently smashed. The Alveston cave bones hint at something even more sinister -cannibalism“[3] But most people don’t know the truth. Compared to the ancient Iranians, Romans were savages who loved the Gladiatorial savagery. But when you compare Romans with the British Barbarians, Romans seem like the civilized men! It’s very important. But many know nothing about these issues, because Ministry of Truth falsifies everything. For instance, they say: “Not only was the ancient British Race the first nation to recognize Christianity, but was the first Christian Church building in the world”[6] But as the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know why Christianity has many satanic or secret barbaric societies and many barbaric traditions, you should know more about Druidism. Not only was the ancient British Race the first barbaric nation to mix Christianity with Druidism and its barbaric traditions, but was the first Ministry of Truth building in the world. The Romans had their own Ministry of Truth, but they were not as shameless as Britons”. Even the British bastards confess that “the Druidism eventually became voluntarily merged in Christianity”!! [6] And that’s why, as the wise Iranians say, “the Christian Europeans ate the Muslims in their Crusades, that were barbaric wars between ‘Locust-Eaters’ (Malakh-Khora) and ‘Human-Eaters’ (Adam-Khora)!“. The stupid West and its mercenaries still try to justify themselves by repeating what the wise guys said: “Historian cannot avoid emphasis of some facts and not of others. This is as natural to him as to the mapmaker , who, in order to produce a usable drawing for practical purposes, must [only emphasis on] those things needed for the purpose of this or that particular map”[1] But the wise guys, including Zinn, that knew these bastards, also added: “My argument is not against selection, simplification, emphasis, which are inevitable for both cartographers and historians. But [their] distortion is more than technical, it is ideological; [They] support some kind of interest, whether economic or political or racial” [1] The late Zinn was not naive, and knew Ministry of Truth. He said: “I had no illusions about ‘objectivity,’ if that meant avoiding a point of view. I knew that a historian (or a journalist, or anyone telling a story) was forced to choose, out of an infinite number of facts, what to present, what to omit. And that decision inevitably would reflect, whether consciously or not, [his side]”[1] It’s very important. “Thus, in that inevitable taking of sides which comes from selection and emphasis in history, I prefer to try to tell the story of America from the viewpoint of [the people]”[1], Zinn added. And we all should try to tell the human history or the story of our own time from the viewpoint of the good guys.

For more information:

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2012 US Election Tells the Truth about USA

November 9, 2012

“About 120 million Americans participated in the 2012 US election [show]. About 60 million Americans voted for Obama [!], about 57 million Americans voted for Romney [!], about 1 million voted for Johnson, and about 0.3 million voted for Stein [!] On average, about half (51.6%) of eligible US voters cast ballots in most states, but six states averaged more than 60% [!]”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. As some wise Iranians say: “It tells the truth about today’s USA. The OWS idiots stupidly talked about the 99%, but the 2012 election farce can show us the truth. Their 99% slogan is bullshit, and when 57 million US Mongols voted for Romney, it means that their 1% slogan is bullshit, too. Those 57 million Americans that voted for Romney are the ultra-stupid Mongols (retards)! And those 60 million Americans that voted for Obama are the stupid Sheep, and it’s the true face of USA”. As we said before, about 90 million Americans are religious fanatics (check Archive). They are worse than Mullahs and Basiji thugs. They teach genocide to their children, and many of them even don’t that the earth is not flat! As some wise Iranians say: “[these brainless fanatics] and those 120 million idiots that participated in the worse election show in the US history, can show us that the Nation of Sheep suffers from Mongolism”. We have already written about the OWS movement and its stupid slogans. As some Iranians say: “Those who use the economical statistics as political slogans or ideological motto are Communists, or Marxists, or Fascists, or Populists, or stupid lefts that work for the CIA. Instead of the stupid OWS, even if the 20% of Americans (60 million) were normal people and could see their main problems, they could change the US system and the US Duopoly”. But now, as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Even the 1% of Americans didn’t vote for the third party candidates! Their 99% slogan is a bad joke. They are the 99% of Idiots. Even 10% of them could not organize themselves, and could not have a movement/ campaign with a clear and progressive goal. The OWS idiots even could not have a clear and progressive demand list, but they still talk about the 99% ! USA is a bad joke. The US Election Farce tells the Truth about USA and its Sheeple”. As some Iranians say: “About 50% of Americans still defend their corrupt system and their stupid Sheepocracy. They are the abnormal Americans, who can show us the roots of the US problems. They are like or worse than their corrupt politicians and their corrupt system”. In these days, some Americans said: “The world is laughing at us”, and some add: “Donald Trump criticized Obama’s victory as a ‘total sham’, a ‘travesty’ and a disaster for democracy. The 66-year-old reality TV performer called for a rally in Washington, and said: This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy. Our country is in serious trouble”. But only a few Americans say such things. Others are stupid, silent, or inactive. They allow their corrupt politicians to betray humanity and human values, and to create war and other human disasters. They are blind and stupid, and can’t see why the US and Europe support the Mullahs, the brutal dictators, the terrorists, and other reactionary forces with the help of the stupid lefts and someone like Chomsky. On 31 Oct 2012, the US media reported: “US military commanders have warned their Israeli counterparts that any action against Iran would severely limit the ability of US forces in the region”, and then the British media added: “The UK government has told the US that it cannot rely on the use of British bases for an assault on Iran as pre-emptive action would be illegal”! It’s a very funny Paradox! The Western idiots repeat their boring and stupid jokes, as a part of their sham fight and psywar. It makes Iranians laugh, but unfortunately most Westerners can’t see the obvious things. As some say: “In the recent days, a high rank member of the Mullah regime has said: ‘Talks with the US are not taboo, nor forbidden. If it benefits us, we can hold talks with America even at the bottom of hell !’. It’s what Javad Larijani, a member of the notorious Larijani clan that are the stooges of the British pigs, has said. But most Westerners are blind. But Iranians are not like them. Today’s Iranians say: ‘Mullahs are Arabs and anti-Iranian shits that work for the US and the UK. The Mullahs are British agents. Since 300 years ago, the British pigs have used the Mullahs and other traitors as a tool for keeping Iran weak and backward. But now, we know both the British pigs and their puppets, from the Mullahs to the stupid traitors like Behnoud or Nourizadeh’. Many Iranians are not so stupid, but many Americans proved that they are so stupid”. Think about it.


“The US election show is over. About 120 million Americans participated in the 2012 election show!, while the number of US voters in 2008 was about 130 millions! The Americans are really stupid”, some Iranians say. And some add: “About 220 million Americans were the eligible voters, and it means that about 100 million Americans didn’t vote. But they didn’t have a movement/ campaign for boycotting the 2012 election farce. Even if 30 millions of them (ie 10% of Americans) could organize themselves, and could have a campaign against their election farce, many things would have changed in the US. But the Nation of Sheep are like their pseudo intellectuals, their corrupt journalists, and their corrupt politicians. They suffer from a serious disease that we can call it American Mongolism ! And that’s why they re-elected the worse US president ever”. As the wise Iranians say: “Only a nation of sheep and a backward nation, that is a real third world country, can re-elect some one like Obama, and can care about some one like Romney! In the worst US election, the Americans proved that today’s USA is really a backward and third world nation. Compared to today’s Americans, today’s Iranians seems like Einstein or intellectuals!” It’s hard to say it’s wrong. The past three years proved many things. In these days, even the normal Americans see Obama as the worst US president. On 2 Nov 2012, Glenn Greenwald wrote: “Who is the worst civil liberties president in US history? The following interesting question arose yesterday from what at first appeared to be some petty Twitter bickering: who was the worst president for civil liberties in US history?” He also added: “Bush seized on the 9/11 attack to usher in radical new surveillance and detention powers in PATRIOT ACT, spied for years on the communications of US citizens without the warrants required by law, and claimed the power to indefinitely imprison even US citizens without charges … [But] his successor, Barack Obama, went further by claiming the power not merely to detain citizens without judicial review but to assassinate them. He has waged an unprecedented war on whistleblowers, dusting off Wilson’s Espionage Act of 1917 to prosecute more then double the number of whistleblowers than all prior presidents combined. And he has draped his actions with at least as much secrecy, if not more so, than any president in US history“. In fact, even the normal Americans know that the stupid Monkey (Obama) is the worst president in the US history. As the wise Iranians say: “Obama badly revealed the true colors of U.S. system. Obama revealed the true face of USA in a way that even the stupidest people can see it. The 2009 coup, the Obama-Mullahs love story, the Obama-Terrorists love story, the Obama-Monarchists love story, the Obama-Islamists love story, the Obama-Marxists love story, and the tragic story of Iran, Egypt, Syria, USA, economic crises, sanctions, poverty, freedom, corruption, debt crisis, and many other things proved that the stupid Monkey (Obama) is the worst US president ever, and the US is the bad guy. In fact, the US is the land of the sheep and the land of lie, hypocrisy, and corruption”. As the witty Iranians say: “A stupid Mormon, a stupid Monkey, and the American Sheeple tried to set a new world record for the stupidest nations, and it means that in the 21st century and the Internet Age, most Americans still live in the Stone Age!”. In fact, the story of today’s USA is like the story of the classic sheep and the modern sheep. As the wise Iranians say: “The modern technology and the modern gestures should not deceive us. A sheep can use the modern technology and the modern empty gestures. But the sheep is still sheep, and his/her stupidities and his/her views still belong to the Stone Age. This sheep is just a modern sheep! These modern sheep vote for the worst president ever, or participate in the worst election show, and prove that they are a Nation of Sheep!”


The American media are bad jokes. They reported: “Some states setting records for voter turn-out [!!] Lines stretched around blocks in DC, with some in Virginia and Maryland waiting upwards of two hours to vote [!]” And it can reminds Iranians of the Mullah media! But the sad truth is that almost all Western mass media are like or worse than the Nazi media. In these days, the Western media badly reveal their true colors. For instance, they reported yesterday: “Iranians illegally shot at a US drone for no reason [!!]”. These idiots that their IQ is near zero, have forgotten that in October 2012, when “Israel fired at unarmed Iranian drone“, they supported the Zionist attack on that unarmed Iranian drone, and threatened Iran! Now, Iranians say: “The unarmed Iranian drone, like that American drone, just did surveillance flights over the illegal nuclear works of Zionists. But the Jewish Nazi illegally shot at Iranian drone for no reason !”. It’s a tit for tat, but the American pigs say: “Iran fired on an unarmed U.S. drone last week [!] We have protested to the Iranians [!]”. And once again, the American pigs prove that they are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian! They said yesterday: “It’s the first time an unarmed drone [!] has been shot at over the […] Gulf” And instead of the Persian Gulf, they used a fake shameful name for making the Arab pigs happy! As Iranians say: “The American pigs are brainless animals. Bin Laden and other Arab pigs were right. They had to kill more Americans, because the American pigs and the Arab pigs deserve each other!”. Iranians also used the old Persian proverbs, and said: “Dige Shoresh ro Dar-Avardand (They crossed red lines; their soup is too salty) … Har Chi Ma Hichi Nemigim […] (Their abuse of our silence and our goodness is really outrageous; we should punish these shameless motherf-u-c-k-e-rs)” Yesterday, the US stupid media reported: “Asked about how the US could respond, [the US officials] said: We have a wide range of options from diplomatic to military [!!]” And the angry Iranians answered: “Don’t make us laugh the US pigs. You the worthless shits threaten us in our home (the Persian Gulf) ?! Get out of our home, you the US pigs. Go back to your shithole, the Yankee shits”. And some wise Iranians add: “Don’t make us laugh the American pigs. Your ridiculous double standard is the worst joke of all times! You, the little pigs still think the world is a stupid jungle and its main law is the law of the jungle?! You, the little shits, should know that your Barbaric age and your Barbaric Empire has reached the end of the line. The game is over, the Yankee Barbarians”. It’s obvious why Iranians are angry. The sham fight between the US and the Mullahs, for winning more concessions from each other, is a very tragic joke. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Their sham fight is not our fight. Almost all Iranians inside Iran know that the Mullahs are puppets of the West, and both the West and the Mullahs are enemy of Iran and Iranians. Their fight is not our fight, ie the fight of the 90% of Iranians. But their sham fight can show us many things. And the US pigs should know that their inhumane acts in 2009 and 2012 have changed many things in Iran”. Yah, now even the wise anti-Mullah Iranians say: “The American pigs and the British Barbarians have committed genocide in America, when they invaded and occupied the land of the native Americans. The US regime is a barbaric and genocidal regime, like the British regime. The British Barbarians that has a long shameful history of Barbarism and Cannibalism, taught Americans how to suck human blood!” It’s obvious why even the wise Iranians are angry. We will write more about the US and the law of the jungle, but here lets give you another example, that can show you many things. As you know, the Western pigs are proud of their Cyber-Terrorism. As some Iranians say: “From morning to night, the Western pigs talk about their cyberattacks on Iran! They openly and shamelessly threaten Iran with offensive war! They openly and shamelessly talk about their viruses and their cyber attacks! It’s Cyber-Terrorism. But recently, their reactions to a ‘Tit for Tat’, was [so funny and informative]. They said: ‘Iran was behind a crippling cyberattacks on the Persian Gulf oil giants. An Iranian virus disabled tens of thousands of computers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar’. The American pigs also added: ‘Any cyberattack against America would trigger a deadly response [!!] Iran could be the first country to unleash cyberterrorism [!!] on USA. Panetta said: the military is ready to retaliate [!!] The US has the capacity to locate them and hold them accountable for actions that harm America or its interests [!!]’ The American pigs are really shameless animals. The American terrorists openly and shamelessly harm Iran, Iranians and their interests, and openly and shamelessly support the terrorists and the terrorism, but should Iran say that the military is ready to retaliate?! or should Iran bomb or nuke the US, EU and Zionist shithole ?!” It’s a good question. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s like the story of sanctions. In the future, they will see the Persian crippling sanctions on the US and the EU, and at that day, you will see how the Western pigs would shit on their pants and would say that the military is ready to retaliate! But at that day, Persia is ready to put an end to the Western Barbaric Empire in our planet Earth“. As some wise Iranians say: “The stupid West should know that those who can paralyze them now, are those that the 90% of Iranians just laugh at them and their IQ! The ordinary Iranians see them as Arab, anti-Iran and anti-Iranian pigs, who are puppets of the UK and the US. In the Iranian universalities, they are known as ‘Basiji Chalquz’ (Basiji Shit) and everybody knows that their IQ is very very lower than the IQ of the 90% of Iranians. But even these ‘Basiji Chalquz’ that have a very low IQ and capability, can paralyze the Western pigs! But If the 90% of Iranians that really wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts, see USA and Europe as the enemy of Iran and Iranians, and decide to fuck and punish USA and Europe and their puppets, then many things will change. At that time you will see the real power of Iran. Today’s Iran can easily be more powerful than Britain, France, and Germany. What you see now, is just less than 10% of Iran’s power”. It’s really true. More than 90% of the wise and modern Iranians hate the Mullahs and don’t work with them. As the wise Iranians say: “The anti-Mullah Iranians are silent. The 90% of Iranians that hate the Mullahs, and are wiser and smarter their American and European counterparts are neutral or inactive now. But the Western pigs are showing them that the West is the number one enemy of Iranians, human values, freedom and democracy. The Savage West is sowing the seeds of hate. And sooner or later, the world will see how Persia will put an end to the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West. The stupid Monkey (Obama) and his Sheeple betrayed Iranians and the human values, but sooner or later, the Barbarian West will pay the price of all their crimes in the past 300 years”.


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As some Iranians say: “Just take a look at the British media, and see how the former Barbarians in Britain tell barbaric jokes about Iran and sanctions, and see how Britain, as the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism, still thinks and behaves like their Barbarian ages!” In these days, even the stupid Guardian tells barbaric jokes! Apparently, they want to encourage Iranians to tell the truth about the British Barbarians, and the long history of Barbarism in Britain! In the near future, we would write about the British Barbarians, but here, I just want to direct your attentions to the British Sycophantic journalism’. In these days, the British media, from the BBC to the Guardian, tell barbaric jokes and kiss ass. The Guardian’s articles about Obama and US election were so shameful. Lets take a look at some of their headlines: “US election: an Obama win is the best outcome for all” (4 Nov) (it was their Editorial!), “The US election: it’s not just a two-horse race” (28 Oct), “How Obama could still lose the US election” (5 Nov), “This presidential election show is lame, but the outcome could be dramatic” (25 Oct?). The British Khayemals (ass-lickers) that are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Iranian traitors, are master at kissing ass and telling laughable lies. For instance, on 4 November 2012, they said: “One of the less convincing critiques of the US presidential election campaign, is that there has not been much to choose between the incumbent, President Obama, and his challenger, Mitt Romney. The reality is very different. Instead, a stark choice exists [!!]”. As the funny Iranians said: “Oh, yah, it’s a stark choice between a stupid Monkey and a stupid Mormon!”. The British bastards also added: “On foreign policy, Romney represents a return to the disastrous years of George W Bush -threatening confrontation with China, while making bellicose noises about conflict with Iran”. As many Iranians say: “[But] we all know that the US is bankrupt and can’t eat extra shit. Romney and Obama are the same shit. They can’t eat extra shit, because the US is in deep shit, and on the edge of annihilation! If the US eats extra shit, and wages new war, they just dig their own grave, and they know it well. They are both morally and economically bankrupt”. It’s good that many Iranians are not stupid. Some of them say: “Oh, Yah, Obama is better, because he helps the Mullahs and the terrorists, and aids them in killing and torturing Iranians, and imposes sanctions on Iranians and desperately try to torture them because they hate the Mullahs and other puppets of the West! Oh, yah, Obama is better, because he delisted a Marxist-Islamist terrorist group and supports the Monarchists, the Marxists, the Egyptian Islamists, and other reactionary and anti-democracy forces! Oh, yah, Obama is better, because he proved that the US is the bad guy, and the US is the land of the pigs, and because he proved that the US is number one enemy of the freedom and democracy!” The US betrayals, the EU Hypocrisy and the Western inhumanity have changed many things in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, the young and educated Iranians can see the true colors of the Barbarian West, and it’s the most important events in Iran’s modern history. The Western betrayals were the greatest gifts for Iranians and the human world. Now, Iranians will try to restore Great Persia, and will unite all occupied parts of Persia, from Armenia to Tajikistan, that the Russian and British barbarians occupied them in the 19th century. And Great Persia will put an end to the Evil Empire of the Barbarian West”. In these days, our brothers and sisters in all parts of Great Iran, from Tajikistan to Armenia, are showing us their sympathy. We will write more about it later, but as the wise Iranians say: “Our brothers and sisters in all parts of Great Iran, from Tajikistan to Armenia, are the real Iranians, not those traitors that kiss the ass of Barbarians. Sooner or later, the world will see how Persia will pay the Barbarian West back for all their crimes in the past 300 years“. And some Iranians add: “About 120 million Americans are Sheeple, and they form ‘A Nation of Sheep’ that is both morally and economically bankrupt. They are on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later, they will [say hello to their end]”. In Iran, most Iranians, including us, had a positive view about the US, and tried to make a distinction between the US and Europe. For Iranians, Europe was the land of Barbarians and Colonialists. But the US was different. The US revolution against the British Monarchy, and many other things, encouraged Iranians to respect the US. But Obama destroyed many things. Obama revealed the true colors of the US, and proved that the US is the bad guy. It’s a very important change. We and many other Iranians still care about the good guys in the US and Europe, and we still think that all good guys in all around the world belong to the same tribe. And in the tribe of the good guys, your nationality, your ancestors, your country, your color, your race, etc are not important at all. But unfortunately, the good guys in the US and Europe are not in the majority. In the US and Europe, the idiots, the Sheeple, the fanatics, the racists, the hypocrites, the liars, and the bad guys are in the majority. And it’s a sad truth. It’s what the US election farce proved it, too. I hope the good guys in the US and Europe, that are members of the tribe of the good guys, try to see the real problems, even if these problems are bitter, depressing, or so tragic.

A Persian Answer to West: This Shall Pass, Too!

November 6, 2012

In these days, the story of the sham fight between the Mullahs and the West, and the story of the sham democracies in the West, have forced some Iranians to laugh and ask: “Are Americans Mongols ?! Are Europeans Mongols ?! Why Westerners think and behave like Mongols ?! Is the West the new land of Mongols ?!” In Iran, Mongol means “retard”. And when Iranians say: “Mage Mongoli? (Are you Mongol?)” it means: “Are you retard?! (are you so stupid?)”. As some wise Iranians say: “After the Mongol invasion in the 13th century, the Iranians started to refer to ‘retards’ and ‘ultra-stupid’ people as ‘Mongol’ ! And it was a modern punishment of the Persian kind. Now, in all around the world, Mongol is a word for someone with Down’s syndrome! Iranians used to punish the barbarians and the savage people by telling the truth about them. It’s an ancient tradition in Iran. What the ancient Iranians said about Mongols, Tatars, Arabs, and Western barbarians -even what you can see in the Persian literate and the Persian folklore- is very important. Tens of millions of Iranians, Indians, Chinese, and others were killed as a result of Mongolian genocides. The Persian historians described the savage Mongols as ‘savage beasts that have no respect for the women, no compassion for youth, no mercy for the aged. A single wicked people slaying everyone’. According to the works of the Iranian historians, including Rashid Hamedani, aka Rashid al-Din (1247- 1318), the Mongols killed more than 1,700,000 in just two Iranian cities (more than 700,000 people in Merv and more than 1,000,000 in Nishapur)“. They also add: “The ancient Iranians truly called the uncultured Arabs ‘Malakh Khor’ (Locust-Eater), because they used to eat lizard and locust. The ancient Iranians saw the Western Barbarians as ‘Adam Khor’ (Human-Eater) because the non-Aryan Europeans, ie those Europeans that didn’t have Iranian roots, were savage Barbarians and used to eat each other and loved eating human flesh and drinking human blood! The ancient Iranians knew that the West was the land of the savage Barbarians, and told the truth about their shameful history, and that’s why the Barbarians tried to destroy Persian books and Persian texts. But the savage Barbarians could not hide the truth for ever. The Iranians always punished the Barbarians by telling the truth about them and their shameful history. And now, the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, the Western inhumanity, and the Sham Fight between the Mullahs and the West, are encouraging Iranians to follow the ancient Persian traditions, and to punish the former Barbarians by telling the truth about them”. In these days, the Western bastards and the former Barbarians that still think and behave like their Barbarian ancestors, prove that what the wise Iranians said about them in the past millenniums and the past months, were not wrong. In these days, the story of “Sham Fight between the West and Mullahs”, that we have already written about it (check Archive), has become very funny and informative. “Israel and [Mullahs] hold positive nuclear talks in Brussels [!!]”, the Guardian reported yesterday. “[Mullahs] suspends uranium enrichment”, the British media added. As some say: “In these days, the enemies of Persia, from the savage West to the Mullahs, are as Mongol as those Americans who participate in the US Election Show!”. In the recent days, the Telegraph reported: “In his interview with The Daily Telegraph today, Barak argues that Irans decision to consign a proportion of its enriched uranium stockpile to civilian use has averted a crisis that could easily have led to Israel launching air strikes to destroy Irans nuclear facilities [!!!]” As some Iranians say: “The West and the Zionists are worse than the Nazi Germany. When the Jewish Hitler made a fool of himself at the UN, and kissed Obama’s ass, and the world laughed at him, the Zionists closed their dirty mouths for a while; but now, the Jewish pigs that are worse than Goebbels and Hitler, use the Nazi like propaganda, and tell stupid jokes”. And some wise Iranians add: “For the ancient Iranians, Tatars and Europeans were symbols of Barbarism and Savagery. In the 13th century, Tatars and Mongols created the largest Empire in the human history. By the late 13th century, the Mongol Empire included most parts of Asia and Europe. It was the largest contiguous land empire in history. The savage Mongols killed tens of millions of people in Persia, India, and China. And Iranians punished the Mongols in a way that the term Mongol became a global synonym for retards! Mongols attacked Persia and two other civilizations and occupied them. Persia and that two countries, ie India and China, shaped the Civilized World, while Mongols, Tatars and the European Barbarians shaped the Uncivilized World”. They also add: “Should Mongols be proud of Genghis, the Mongol Empire and the Mongol Savagery ?! Should Germans be proud of Hitler ?! Should Italians be proud of Mussolini ? Should Americans be proud of Bush, Obama, and other American pigs? Should the Jews be proud of Netanyahu, Barak, Lieberman, and other Jewish Nazis? If you think the answer is yes, you should know that you suffer from Mongolism!” In these days, the West and the Zionists remind the wise Iranians of the savage Mongols. In fact, the story of the 13th century, the Savage Mongols and the Arabs is like our today’s story. We should wrote more about the story of the 13th century, the savage Mongols and the Arabs, that is like the story of the 21st century, the stupid West and the Mullahs. But here, lets give you a clear example of the Iranian answers to the Mongols, that can be a very good answer to the stupid West and its puppets, too.

Seif Farghani (1247- 1327) is an Iranian poet, that most people don’t know him. Even many Iranians don’t know him, because both the Mullah regime and the Pahlavi regime, and their Western employers hated Seif and his great works. Seif Farghani was an Iranian intellect that wrote about Human Values and Social Justice. And almost all dictators and all barbarians hated him and his powerful pen, and didn’t allow the masses to read him. Seif Farghani had been censored, and as some experts say: “Seif composed more than 12000 verses, and only the experts knew him and his works. His anthology was firstly edited and published by late Iranian scholar Zabihollah Safa in 1986”. Now, the collection of his poems can be viewed online. One of his poem is very famous and very important. “This Shall Pass, Too” (In Neez Bogzarad) that some translate it as “This Too Shall Pass”, written by Seif in the 13th century AD, during the Mongolian invasion, is a very beautiful and very meaningful poem. In this masterpiece, Seif punished the savage Mongols by his powerful pen and by the Persian culture. If you want to know the Persians, the Persian Proud, the Persian culture, and the depth of the Persian Civilization, you should read this poem and other Persian poems. If you know the Persian language, read this beautiful masterpiece here in Persian. And if you don’t know Persian, read the following translation, and think about the depth of the Persian wisdom, specially when Europeans were still savages, barbarians or man-eaters! As some say: “Read this masterpiece and think about its messages; Read it and think about the beauty of Persian literature, that is the oldest, richest and greatest literature in the world”.

This Shall Pass, Too

Not only death will pass through your world,
But your splendor shall pass too

The owl of misfortune that brings ruin,
Will perch on your palace too

The autumn wind of adversity,
Will wither your orchards too

The gasp of death that chokes everyone,
Will rattle in your throat too

Oh you who wield blades like javelins to oppress,
The sharpness of your spears shall dull too

Neither the great men nor their justice lasted,
You, the oppressors, and your cruel acts will pass too

In this country, lions roared and passed,
The barking of your dogs will pass (cease) too

The dust of those who had horse settled (passed),
The dust of your jackasses shall pass too

The wind of time that snuffs out all candles,
Will likewise extinguish your lanterns too

Many caravans have passed through this caravanserai,
Your [stupid] caravan shall pass too

You boast of your good fortune and bright star,
But the influence of your constellation shall pass too

Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men,
The time of your barbaric rule will pass too

Their time lasted but a couple of days,
Your a few days, that is less than theirs, shall pass too

Oh you, who leaves the sheep in the care of a wolf,
Your wolfish shepherd shall pass too

With patience we shield ourselves from your arrows of oppression, Until the tautness of your bow shall pass (fail) too

The knight of annihilation who check mates the King,
Will also capture you, the pawns, too

Oh folks, one day after reading this poem,
You shall pray for Seif too !

It’s a very beautiful poem, isn’t it? A great civilization and its cultured people often try to answer the barbarians and the uncultured people in this way, ie by arts, literate, and culture. What Seif wrote in the 13th century, is still valid and important. It seems like Seif wrote this poem yesterday! And it’s one of the main characteristics of the masterpieces and the great works. In these years, many wise Iranians read Seif’s poem and other Persian poems, and use them as an answer to the stupid West and its puppets. Its very important. As the wise Iranians say: “Folks, This Shall Pass, Too. The savage West and its former Barbarians should know that they can’t hide the truth about their shameful history for ever. We will tell the truth about them, as our ancestors told the truth about the savage Mongols and others savages who were on the wrong side of history. Seif’s words are still valid. The West should know that in this ancient country, our lions roared and passed; the barking of you, the little dogs will surely pass too. If the Mongols could be proud of the Mongolian Empire, then the Western Mongols can be proud of the Western Empire, as well ! You should be too Mongol to be proud of Genghis and Mongolian Savagery! And you should be too Mongol to be proud of Obama, Harper, Cameron, Netanyahu, Hitler, and other Western neo-Barbarians”. In Iran, when people say: “Bayad Kheili Mongol Bashi keh …” it’s means: “You should be too Mongol (retard) to …”. And in these days, the wise Iranians use this idiom a lot! The Iranian traitors that live in the West and kiss the West’s ass, are anti-Iranian pigs that are too Mongol, like their Western employers! As the witty Iranians say: “You should be too Mongol to kiss the West’s ass, the Zionists’s ass, the American ass, or the British ass in 2012! But in these days, the main cesspools of Iranian traitors (from the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi to and that the West and/ or the Mullahs support them financially, are full of the anti-Iranian Mongols! Just take a look at what they say in these days, and see how these worthless shits try to betray [the truth]. The anti-Iranian pigs in the main cesspools of Iranian traitors are bankrupt pigs that are drowning in a pool of shit and blood”. In these days, the news of the sham fight and the secret deals between the West and the Mullahs are so funny, but the Western media and the main cesspools of Iranian traitors say nothing about them and/or their effects. As some Iranians say: “Recently, the exchange rate of dollar in Iran has been decreased by 20%, and it’s good, but the West, the Iranian traitors and the Mullahs still try to hide the truth and torture the people ! If the exchange rate of dollar in Iran increases even 1%, they congratulate themselves!, but now, they have closed their dirty mouth or tell big lies!”. They also add: “The anti-Iranian pigs in the main cesspools of anti-Iranian traitors (from the BBC and the VOA to Balatarin and RoozOnline), kiss the Zionists’ ass, the Mullahs’ ass, and the Western pigs’ ass, censor the main news, tell big lies, and show us [the secrets of] the 2009 coup and [the secrets of] Persia’s decline in the past 300 years, when the British Barbarians could gain the upper hand”. Its good that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. They also add: “Mongols and Arabs tried to hold a world record for Barbarism, but the Europeans still hold the world record for the savagery! When Persia’s decline began, the Barbarians in Europe and Britain gained the upper hand, and killed tens of millions of innocent people in India, Africa, America, Australia, Europe, China, Persia, etc. The European Barbarians and the British Barbarians destroyed the civilized world, and established their barbaric Empire that was the Evil Empire. But now, after about 300 years, their fate is like the fate of the savage Mongols. As the wise Persians said: Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men; The time of your barbaric rule will pass too. It’s obvious that those former barbarians that the main pillars of their systems are lie, hypocrisy, charlatanism, corruption, and inhumanity, have reached the end of the line”. In these days, many things are funny and informative. Morsi, the Egyptian Islamist-Arab pig, has talked nonsense about Iran, and on Wednesday 31 October 2012, the Western media reported: “Netanyahu says strike on Iran would be good for Arabs” [!!] As the witty Iranians say: “Oh, yah, the Jewish pigs really love the Arab pigs! And that’s why they and the US supported the Egyptian Arab-Islamist pigs. The ungrateful Jews and the Arabs deserve each other. Thanks God that the enemies of Persia are ultra-stupid animals, from the Jewish pigs and the Western pigs to the Arab pigs and Mullahs. Thanks God that the enemies of Persia are savage and uncultured people. Thanks God that the enemies of Persia are the same shits, and all of them don’t care about the humanity and the human values”. In these days, the Iranian traitors and their Western employers can show us many things about the story of European Barbarians, British Barbarians, the falsification of history, and the Ministry of Truth in the West. We will write more about these important issues later, but as the wise Iranians say: “We all should know How Barbarians Shaped Today’s World, and who helped them. You should be too Mongol to tell big laughable lies about Europe and Britain, and think that you can change history and hide the truth for ever by repeating big lies”. And some Iranians add: “The savage Arabs said hello to their end in the 13th century, and the savage Mongols said hello to their end after about 200 years, and now, no one give a damn shit about them. And it will be the fate of the savage West and its barbarians. Those former Barbarians that enslaved humans, and exploited other nations in the name of their sham modernity, will say hello to their end soon. After about 300 years, their end is near. Their a few days, that is less than other barbarians’, shall pass too”. As the wise Iranians say: “We are happy that Persia, as the cradle of civilization, still can show the world who is civilized and who is not. Since the ancient time, almost all enemies of Great Persia have been the savage barbarians, from the savage Arabs, the savage Mongols, and the savage Tatars, to the savage Europeans and the savage Spartans. And since the ancient time, almost all friends of Great Persia have been the civilized people, from the civilized Indians to the civilized Chinese. Persia is still like a plumb line that can show you who is savage and uncultured and who is not. Just take a look at the current enemies of Persia, from the Jewish Nazi and the former Barbarians in the West to the Mullahs and other anti-Iranian pigs. It can show you many things”. Think about it.

US Election Farce: Sham Democracy in America ?

November 1, 2012

“The images of a paralyzed New York City at the mercy of Hurricane Sandy [can become symbols of] the 2012 US election that [is the worst elections in the US history]”, some media report. As an American says: “In my 55 years I have never seen an election year like this. We just drove through the Western US and what was striking to me was the lack of political yard signs, bumper stickers and other election trappings. If I didn’t know better, I would never have believed that a national election was just two months away”[3] He also adds: “Many of my friends and family have told me they are not going to bother to vote. Most all of them voted for Obama last time around and feel betrayed, as they should” [3] But unfortunately, they don’t organize themselves, and don’t boycott the US election farce. Some say: “the US election farce is worse than Hurricane Sandy, and the Iranian people that were victims of the Western Hypocrisy in 2009, and are victims of the American Shamelessness and the European Barbarism in 2012, know its reason”. In these days, many Westerners say: “The US election has become a farce”, and even some American nationalists add: “US Election is a complete farce”[2] In these days, Iranians talk about the US election farce, the EU farce, and the fate of those who betrayed the human values and the Iranian people. Most people in Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Britain, America, Canada, and other Western countries are victims of their corrupt systems, but they don’t know the real solutions and/or problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, most of those who truly talk about ‘Sham Democracy in Iran’, or the tragedy of Democracy in Iran, don’t know the Western corrupt systems, and how the corrupt journalists, the corrupt media, the corrupt intellects, and the corrupt lobbyists create and/or support these corrupt systems that are not democratic”. In these day, the wise guys talk about ‘the illusion of choice’ in USA, and even the Russian Thugocracy laughs at the American system! “There’s a blackout by the mainstream media and the US political elite on coverage of third parties, but RT covered and broadcast this year’s third-party presidential debate”, the Russia Today (RT) says [1]! It’s really shameful, and as some Iranians say: “West and the Western media should be ashamed of themselves. Are the US mass media and the European media worse than RT ?!” We have already written about “the United States of Money and Corruption”[7], and how “Corruption, [discrimination, and] inequity of access to ‘the decision-making process’ are among the serious problems in todays West” [7]. The story of third party candidates in the US is a stupid and tragic story. Most Americans even don’t know the number of candidates in their November election farce! As some Americans say, they have at least “15 Third-Party Presidential Candidates”! [9] The story of ballot access laws and the election laws in the US is a tragic story that the mass media say nothing about it. As the wise Iranians say: “In the US, ballot access laws are the major challenge to third party candidacies. While the Democratic and Republican parties usually easily obtain ballot access in all 50 states in every election, third parties often fail to meet criteria for ballot access, such as registration fees. Or, in many states, they do not meet petition requirements in which a certain number of voters must sign a petition for candidate to gain ballot access. Only ‘Money’ can solve these problems! In the US, you can buy and sell everything, even the election and the democracy!” Delisting the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK) proved that what the wise Iranians say is not baseless.


“The Mullah regime and other dictatorships are Monopoly, but the US is Duopoly”, some say, and some Americans add: “There is only ONE party, and we are not invited”[3] These Americans know that they should boycott the election show: “We have to soundly reject the Democrat/Republican cartel at every level…city, county, state and federal. They have had over 200 years and things just get worse for us and better for them” [3] But they don’t organize themselves. The US election farce has many unknown candidates that most people don’t know them. “Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 43 states; Jill Stein is on the ballot in 32 states; Virgil Goode is on the ballot in 22 states; Rocky Anderson is on the ballot in 15 states; Peta Lindsay is on the ballot in 10 states; James Harris is on the ballot in 6 states; Tom Hoefling, Roseanne Barr, Stewart Alexander, Andre Barnett, and Merlin Miller are on the ballot in 3 states; Tom Stevens and Jerry White are on the ballot in 2 states; Jim Carlson and Will Christensen are on the ballots in only 1 state!” [9] Of course as some say: “Most of the third party candidates are charlatans, like Romney and Obama. Gary Johnson, from Libertarian Party, is governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003. Johnson initially ran for president this year as a Republican! Virgil Goode, from the Constitution Party, has been both Democrat and Republican! Rocky Anderson is a former Democrat ! Anderson renounced the Democratic Party in August of last year. Roseanne Barr’s campaign platform includes the legalization of marijuana and forgiveness of student debt!”. The US and the world need real solutions, but most people don’t know or don’t care about the real solutions. They still care about politicians or dirty politics. They say: “There are more than 20 political parties in the US, including Democratic Party and Republican Party as the major parties, Green Party and Libertarian Party as [the major alternative parties], and Conservative Party, Constitution Party, Moderate Party, Reform Party, Progressive Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and others as minor parties”. But as some Americans say: “What requirements must a small party or independent group meet in order to place its candidates on the ballot? There are 48 different answers to this question. Each state has its distinctive statutes, ranging from liberal to harsh [and despotic]” [10] Some people only talk about the good traditions in the US: “[At first, the parties should] choose their nominees [in a process called Party Primaries]. The parties go from state to state, having elections amongst themselves. In some states, voters are not required to be registered by their party. Anyone who meets the basic requirements to vote can vote in any primary. This is called an open primary. In states such as Maryland, you must be registered with a party to vote in its primary. These are called closed primaries” [5] They add: “A lot of time and money is spent, [and finally each states elect its delegates]. Each state, based on its population, is given a certain number of delegates who are sent to the national convention [to elect] a national nominee. Once the delegates have been assigned from primaries and caucuses, it’s time to go to a Convention. Here the parties add in some ‘super delegates’ who are chosen from important people in the party -often political party leaders [!]”[5] But as the wise Iranians say: “In the US, the rule of laws is meaningless, mainly because they have the rule of money and the rule of lobbyists”. And as we said before, “Its obvious that Lobbying is not debate and discussion. Lobbying means corruption and secret deals behind closed doors. But democracy needs public and open debate and discussion, not lobbying”[7] As some Americans say: “Ballot access is just one of the burdens faced by third party and Independent candidates. Others include the federal regulatory system, the lack of public financing, the often dismissive if not derisive media, the Democrat and Republican cartel otherwise known as the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which acts as a debate and media gatekeeper to millions ” [10] It’s really shameful. As Americans say: “The CPD is a private company [!] that dictates the debate rules! It’s tyranny of the American kind !”. “The third parties are largely ignored by the national media in the US. They are shut out from the presidential debates, because polls don’t find they have at least %15 support !”, some say. And as the wise Iranian say: “Almost all their third party candidates are idiots, but it’s not important. The American Democracy doesn’t allow their people to participate in the presidential debates, and it’s the main issue”. In these years, even the American politicians blame their corrupt system. For instance, Al Gore talks about “the ill health of American Democracy and the current dominance of wealth over reason” [4], and adds: “They are financing [mercenaries] whose job is to manufacture doubt about what is true and what is false[!]; buying elected officials wholesale with bribes that the politicians themselves have made ‘legal’ and can now be made in secret; spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year on misleading advertisements in the mass media; hiring four lobbyists for every member of U.S. Senate and House of Representatives” [4] It’s really shameful, and a clear sign of a Nation of Sheep.


“The concerns of the wealthiest individuals and corporations routinely trump the concerns of average Americans” [4], Al Gore says. “When the distinction between truth and falsehood is systematically attacked without shame or consequence, [not only] the public interest is severely damaged” [4], he adds. And these signs are signs of a sham democracy. “Politicians who dont acquiesce [and don’t sell their souls, ] dont get the money they need to be elected and re-elected” [4], Al Gore adds. And as some Americans say: “[It’s a] systematic corruption, not a few bad apples or a conspiracy. [It’s] a serious problem that the American people let it happen by closing their eyes and their minds” [7] As Iranians say: “In Iran, the lobbying industry is illegal, and most people see lobbying as bribery and corruption, but in the US they sell and buy their politicians openly and publicly! The story of delisting the MEK proved many things”. As we said before, “In Iran, brokers are known as ‘Dalal’, and ‘Lobbyists’ are known as ‘Kar Chagh Kon’, and Iranians know how these bastards can corrupt everything, but many Iranians and non-Iranians dont know that brokers and lobbyists are [a pillar of the American System and the European System]! “[7] Today’s horrible economic conditions in Europe is a result of bribery and corruption, but the idiots and the charlatans still defend the lobbyists. As we said before, “How a lobbyist influence politicians? by talking [or writing] about morality or civic duty?! or by money, by bribing, and by corrupting?! The number of lobbyists in Washington is more than 20,000. Many lobbyists work in lobbying firms, and are part of multi-billion dollar lobbying industry in the US. In fact, when lobbyists can buy and sell everything, including politicians, journalists, media, intellects, and all public figures!” [7] It’s really shameful. Their lobbyists sell and buy everything. “Lobbyists try to manipulate public opinion. Activities for these purposes include trying to use the mass media, reporters and editors, encouraging them to write editorials and cover stories to deceive or influence public opinion. They bombard the public with lies, distortion, misinformation, etc” [7] On 12 Oct 2012, Greenwald wrote about “The Faux objectivity of Journalists” in the US, and said: “Establishment journalists are creatures of a highly ideological world. For establishment journalists like Martha Raddatz, [objectivity means] they traffic only in straight facts, unvarnished by ideology or agenda. The establishment journalists are creatures of the DC and corporate culture in which they spend their careers, and thus absorb and then regurgitate all of the assumptions of that culture”. It’s really shameful. In a sham democracy, journalists are as corrupt as politicians. They defend “a faux journalistic neutrality”. They are Khayemal (ass-licker) or ‘Maleh-Kesh’ (apologist or smooth-talking apologists). On 26 Oct 2012 Greenwald wrote: “Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias”, and added: “The US media is biased in favor of Republicans or Democrats[?] It is neither. The overwhelming, driving bias of the US media is subservience to power, whoever happens to be wielding it”. It’s really shameful. As the witty Iranians say: ‘Sycophantic journalism’ and ‘Sham Debates’ show us that ‘Khayemali’ (licking ass) is a very serious problem in the West. In fact, the West is the land of Khayemals (ass-lickers). And that’s why they love the Iranian [baboons], and their religious fanatics love and support the Mullahs”. “[Romney] believes that Armageddon is a good thing because after the good Christians/ Mormons wipe out all the Jews, Muslims, [and] Athiests, then Jesus will feel that it is safe to return to Earth”[3], some Americans say. They also add: “Jews get a lot of flak for claiming to be God’s Chosen People, but doesn’t every other religion claim the very same thing? I know Christianity does. The Mormon religion does, even going so far as to say that no matter how good a person is, if they are not Mormon, they do not get to be in the best part of Heaven”[3] And some Iranians add: “The West was the land of Barbarians, but now is the land of Khayemals, Hypocrites, Sheeple, and Fanatics”.


In the US and Europe, the politicians are part a corrupt system that the journalists and the pseudo intellectuals defend it! As some Iranians say: “In the recent years, the American media and the American journalists made love with AhmadiNejad (AN) in their interviews and didn’t ask him serious questions, and we thought that it’s a result of their ignorance. But now, we know that they make love with all politicians, and it’s a result of their hypocrisy”. ‘Sycophantic journalism’ is a synonym for “Khayemali”, and “those who deceive the public by holding themselves out as journalists”, love “Khayemali”. They create many disasters, including Tyranny and Sham Democracy. In these says, the wise guys talk about “Sham Democracy in USA and Europe”. And Iranians say: “The 2009 tragedy, the 2012 farce, delisting the MEK, and the US election farce prove that bribery, hypocrisy, lie, inhumanity, and corruption are the main pillars of the Western systems!”. Westerners say: “US Elections are a complete farce. Obama and Romney are two faces of the same coin”. And some add: “The American main stream media is complicit in the misinformation campaign, displaying obvious bias to one candidate or the other, even distorting the fact checks” [2] Many Americans believe: “In America the people have no voice whatsoever. The sheeple are content to be protected by ‘security,’ porno-scanners, warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention” [6] and say: “In America today, or in the UK and the EU, anyone who tells the truth is a threat. Assange of Wikileaks [is a good example] [6] But unfortunately, most of them don’t know the pseudo intellectuals and some one like Chomsky. As some Iranians say: “Those who betrayed the Iranian movement, are like those who fucked the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and said: ‘We should not have any goal and any demand !’ But most Americans don’t know these bastards”. They also add: “The OWS had no demand list and no goal, and was controlled by the stupid lefts and the CIA agents. But Nation of Sheep is ignorant”. Many Westerners know that “Western civilization is totally corrupted by [money]. There is no integrity anywhere” [6] But as the media report: “Presidential candidates Jill Stein appealed to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) but were denied access to the venue and subsequently arrested while they attempted it. The US government suppresses a candidate’s voice. They even deny presidential candidates a platform to speak! [And the people are silent]”. It’s really shameful, but most Americans don’t protest against such things! Even the university-educated Americans don’t protests against their sham democracy, or even against their election system. As some say: “In the US, each state has a number of electors equal to the number of its US senators plus the number of its US representatives. Most of the time, electors cast their votes for the popular candidate. But electors can veto the people votes! There is no federal law or Constitutional provision against it “. And it’s the story of the unwritten laws in the West. As some say: “Electors are chosen by the political parties in each state, but electors can veto the people votes, and it’s not illegal!” The unwritten laws in the US and the UK has a funny story that we should write more about it later, but as some Iranians say: “The UK system is based on the unwritten laws. The British system is a hypocritical tyranny, with many unwritten laws and many stupid written laws! The Mullahs, like their British teachers, love the unwritten laws. For example, their unwritten laws say that the Mullahs should not tell big lies, steal people money or people votes, and kill and torture the people. But the unwritten laws in Iran, like the British unwritten laws, just make you laugh! Of course in Iran, more than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullah system, but in the UK, many are still ignorant, and defend the British system!” And as the wise Iranians say: “The unwritten laws is a British invention, and its root is British Hypocrisy. Sham Democracy has many unwritten laws, corrupt journalists, corrupt media, and corrupt intellects. They even support a notorious terrorist group (MEK) that is both Marxist and Islamist! For the sham democracies, the End is Near!”.


The 2012 US election is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. But “with a polarized electorate the elections have become a farce and a war of ideologies. In the end no one wins, except for the lobbyists and big money donors” [2], some Americans say. “The US is the most Indirect Democracy in the world! Even Iran or Russia has a more direct presidential election process than the US. In America, a system called the Electoral College can allow a candidate who receives fewer popular votes to win an election”, some say. But most Americans don’t know the US system! or defend it. As some Americans say: “[Our fathers] were fearful of direct democracy and the tyranny of the majority”! [8] And it can reminds you of the Orwellian slogans! ‘Ignorance is Strength’! As many say: “Before the year 2000, most Americans didn’t know how their election system work!” They don’t know that “the Americans don’t choose their president, but choose the Electoral College”[5] As some say: “In the Electoral College, the number of electors depends on the population of each state. For example, North Carolina has about 15 electors, California has about 55. These numbers change every now and then. When a candidate wins the voting in a state, they win that states number of electors. In fact, that candidate receives all the electors from that state, and other candidates don’t receive any electors, even if millions of people have voted for them!”. It’s really stupid. “[ In 2000], Bush secured enough electoral votes win the presidential election, even though his opponent, Al Gore, won more popular votes nationwide. If the state of Florida had not been able to certify its electoral votes for either candidate, the winner of the election may have been determined in the House of
Representatives”[8] And it has a long story in the US. “The presidential election of 1824 is notable not only because the outcome was decided by the House of Representatives but also because the candidate who won the popular vote -Andrew Jackson- had failed to win a majority of electoral votes. The House ultimately selected his opponent, Adams”[8] The history of the US is not like what their media say. The independent historians, like the late Howard Zinn, have already written about these issues, and we would write more about it later. “In two other instances, once in 1876 and again in 1888, the candidate who lost the popular vote won a majority of electoral votes and was elected President” [8] The US history can show many things. “Black voters did not fully enjoy the right to vote for many years”[8] As historians say: “Intimidation, discrimination and tactics such as literacy tests and poll taxes, didn’t allow most of the average Americans to vote ! Before the second half of the 20th century, many Americans and many Britons didn’t have the right to vote simply because they were poor, black, or female !“. But many don’t talk about these important issues. They say: “US national elections are always held the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. Many schools close on Election Day because they are used as polling (voting) places!”[5] And their Iranian counterparts, that are wiser than them say: “Why they are stupid and don’t choose Sunday or Saturday as the election day?” But these issues are not important. As we said before, “bribing politicians, secret deals, and buying and selling politicians and their decisions behind close doors is a horrible and necessary part of [tyranny]”[7] but they call it democracy! In the recent days, some media reported: “Ukraine’s voting system allows voters to sell their votes”! And some added: “In Ukrainian, the candidate comes to an agreement with someone and pays him to find another person who will sell his vote for money, and bring him to party headquarters, for which he receives a bonus. And the more people he brings, the more bonuses he receives” [11] In these days, the Ukrainian election and “buying and selling votes” can remind you of the US Democracy and the US Capitalism. “According to the latest polls, one Ukrainian in ten is prepared to sell his or her vote for a sum equivalent to less than £50” [11] As the wise Iranians say: “In Ukraine, they bribe voters, and in the US, they bribe politicians! Their lobbyists sell and buy democracy. And when corruption, bribery, buying and selling politicians, or supporting terrorists, monarchists or Mullahs is legal, it’s obvious that buying and selling votes can be legal in the US, too!” Think about it. It can show you many things about Sham Democracy.

For more information:

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