EU Nobel Prize: European Mongolism or Bad Joke?

Apparently, the EU has heard the voice of those Iranians who said: “Do you know what is in fashion this year? Proving that you are bad guy, or proving that you are jerk, asshole, or traitor is in fashion this year!”. The EU followed fashion! “The Nobel Peace Prize that was given to the EU on October 12, 2012, is more than a bad joke. Nobel prize for the crisis-torn EU, at a time that Europeans are protesting against the EU, is a clear sign of European Mongolism!”, some Iranians say. And some add: “The West is really Mongol (retard)! The Western Mongols are worse than Mullahs. The EU and the US badly suffer from Mongolism and Mad Cow Disease!“. The year 2012 has become a very important year. The EU Nobel Prize was added to the sanction farce, the election farce, the IMF-EU farce, delisting the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), and many other important and shameful events in 2012. As some Iranians say: “The West has lost its brain, and tries to set a new world record for stupidity! They had a very small brain, but now, they are totally brainless, and just reveal their hidden secrets one after another! Today’s West just reminds you of the European Barbarians that were like or worse that the savage Mongols”. The West has become a very bad joke. The Western mass media censor their people voices, and their reports about the EU Nobel farce are shameful. The ordinary Europeans that are victims of the European pigs, are shocked and angry. As the wise Iranians say: “The ordinary Europeans are humans, like all of us. They are a little stupider than their Iranian counterparts, but they are not totally blind and stupid. Their shameless mass media that are like the Mullah media, censor or boycott their voices, and it’s tragic. The good guys and the wise guys still live in Europe, but the former Barbarians still have the upper hand”. In the internet age, we can hear parts of the real voices of Europeans, as they can hear parts of our real voices, if they want. For instance, a Norwegian writes: “What a tragic joke! Friday (October 12, 2012) the shocking news coming out of the country I was born in. The Nobel Peace Price to the EU !! This is so shocking and so wrong. Giving this prize to the EU is even WORST that giving it to Obama. Much, much worse. This not only is one final nail in the coffin of the Nobel Prize Committee, but it sheds a lot of light on the corrupted political system we all live under … Among hundreds of [people] comments so far I was only able to find a small handful of positive comments. I am for sure NOT proud to be a Norwegian after this”. And I’m sure that many Norwegians and many Europeans have the same feelings. The ordinary people in Spain and Greece are shocked and angry. Even some media report: “Greece shocked at EU Nobel peace prize amid economic war”, and the ordinary Greeks add: “The mood is not just dark, it’s hopeless. People are killing themselves, the suicide rate is soaring, because they just can’t cope and the EU is definitely to blame. Growing numbers of Greeks feel they have no democratic way over any of the policies that have changed their lives. This Nobel prize is nothing but a disgrace and a mockery to all the people who is struggling in Europe“. It’s true. The European pigs just ridiculed their people. The EU Nobel prize is nothing but a great insult to the people’s intelligence in Europe and the world. And it can show you why we emphasize that those bad guys that harm and betray Iranians, will harm and betray their own people and other humans as well. I hope the good guys in Europe can understand this important point. As the wise Iranians say: “Their Nobel Prize is the most Orwellian ‘award’ that routinely go to the bastards or those who are causing wars rather than the opposite. There is no real democracy in Europe. Just take a look at Greece, Spain, and other parts of the EU. Their corrupt politicians and their corrupt systems create crisis, but the people should pay its price! No one punishes the corrupt politicians. Their corrupt politicians and their corrupt systems are human stains. Europeans have no choice except suicide, riot, or violence. But they call it Democracy! God Bless George Orwell that wrote ‘1984’. But instead of ‘1984’, he had to name it ‘2012’ !!”. It’s so funny that this stupid Nobel prize had come in the same week Merkel and Germany were welcomed in Athens by ‘Nazi flags’.


“Their Nobel Prize is a bad ‘farce’ and a bad joke. The EU and their Nobel-Sanction farces proved that the EU politicians are like or worse than Mullahs”, many Iranians say. The mass media censor and boycott the people voice, but in the internet age, you can hear the people voices, if you want. In these days, some Europeans say: “EU Nobel peace Prize!! ha ha ha, pigs feed and water and ready to fly … How utterly stupid this award was. It actually comes across as a royal ‘fuck you’ to the people suffering from the EU. People’s lives are falling apart and they give the idiots in charge the fucking Nobel Peace Prize … This award makes a mockery of the whole Nobel process. What peace has the EU achieved? Spain? Greece? Srebrinica? Bosni? Kosovo? … Will someone please put an end to these fools … We are proud of Europe’s bloody history [and European Barbarism] … I am angry about this tragic joke … Hey EU ! Kissinger and Obama are waiting to congratulate you backstage … They should give the prize to Germany for not starting another World War! … the Nobel committee is playing politics with their stupid prize … The Norwegian Nobel Committee is worse than [Mullahs]! … Al CIAda wins Peace Prize for 2013! … The awarding of Noble peace prize to European Union is a sick joke and a demented fraud … Nobel peace prize! Give it to Hitler, or give it to Obama again. Nobody gives a fuck … The EU may be getting the booby prize because it hasnt created prosperity. The EU has created poverty, disaster, and unemployment for millions … Anti-IMF/ EU protests in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy & France; Nationalism, Fascism, unemployment and poverty. Yeah EU deserves it! … All the comments are from politicians. Peace prize is a political joke”. In these days, if you take a look at the Western mass media, you can see the depth of the tragedy, and can understand why the wise Iranians say: “The British Media and other European media are like or worse than the Mullah media”. The wise guys say: “Check out the articles and comments in the BBC and other stupid European media. They just try to show you that most Europeans are ultra-stupid and support the EU Nobel prize!”. It’s really shameful that most Western mass media are full of shit. As some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian baboons and their fucking mercenary media closed their dirty mouths, but it’s not important, because almost all Iranians know that the so-called Iranian opposition media (what a joke !) are stooges of the CIA, the MI6, and the Mullah Gestapo. But even those Western mass media that pretend that they are independent, are full of shit. In these days, almost all Western media, from the BBC and the Guardian to the French and Spanish media, just had very bad and very weak reports. Even in their best articles, such as Huffingtonpost’s ‘EU’s Nobel Prize A Cruel Joke To Crisis-Hit Europeans: It Mocks Us’, you can see their charlatanism. They say: ‘Across a continent where the EU’s policies are blamed for deepening the worst economic crisis in living memory, many Europeans said they were simply baffled by the prize. Others were outraged. [the ordinary people say:] ‘It mocks us and what we are going through right now. All it will do is infuriate people here’. These 50 reasonable words are part of an article that has 1500 words; but other words are bullshit”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. In these days, most articles in the Western mass media were shameful. As some Iranians say: “Only the titles of some of their articles were good, but when you took a look at the inside, you only saw bullshit. Europeans are badly stupid and hypocrite”. And the wise Iranians add: “In Europe, ‘European Nationalism’, ‘European Chauvinism’, ‘European Hypocrisy’ and/or European censorship don’t allow their media and their journalists to write an acceptable article about the important, shameful events, like the EU Nobel Peace Prize, that just made a mockery of the European people and victims of the EU. In 2012, not only most Iranians, but even many non-Iranians, can see the depth of Western Foolishness. When the EU is concerned, the brainless Europeans being led by the nose by their politicians and media. The old European diseases already led to great disasters in the 20th century, including Fascism and Nazism. And if we don’t care about the old European diseases, including Barbarism and Savagery, the former Barbarians can create more problems for humans”


In these days, the US and the EU are making history. The world history and Iran’s history will never forget these days and these years. “In Western Europe, peace was delivered by Russians most of all. They had to give their Nobel prize to Joseph Stalin! But they gave their Nobel shit to the EU, and said: ‘The EU deserves it, because the Europeans have stopped killing and eating each other!’ The former Barbarians are bad jokes”, some wise Iranians say. In the near future, we will write more about “Barbarism and Barbarians in Europe”, and how the former Barbarians and their “Ministry of Truth” falsify the historical events and tell big laughable lies. “Europe says: ‘The EU is the biggest peacemaking institution ever created in human history’, but they hide their reason that is simple: Europe is the ancient land of Barbarism. So, when the former barbarians don’t kill and eat each other as before, it’s a great victory! You should not forget that those former Barbarians who killed tens of millions of people in the 20th century, where those barbarians that were man-eaters and ate human flesh and human blood in the past centuries and the past millenniums”. We will write more this issue later, but in this year (2012) we all can see the true colors of the former Barbarians. As some wise Iranians say: “Delisting the MEK and the EU Nobel farce show us that both the EU and the US try to break the world record for the Orwellian charlatanism. In the 17th century, the European charlatans coined the term ‘the Noble Savage‘ !! (or ‘the Good Savage’ !), for referring to the European barbarians and the shameful history of Europe, that is full of barbarians and barbarism. This Nobel Prize is like that ‘Noble Savage’!“. We will write more about the Noble Savage! and what the former Barbarians say about the history of Barbarism in Europe. As some Iranians say: “The shameless Europeans claim: ‘the EU had helped to transform Europe ‘from a continent of war to a continent of peace’. But they still love to wage war against each other and to eat each other, and only the fear of nukes stops them. Their people say: ‘EU policies have transformed the EU into a source of conflict and violence’. But the former British Barbarians still think they live in the pre-16th century, when Britain was the land of Barbarians. Britain still has its Ministry of Truth and its shameless propaganda machine. Just see how the BBC, the Guardian, and other British media censor the news and their people’s voices. Their people comments just remind you of the Nazi media: “Well done EU [!] We should be proud to be a part and to be European [!!] … Bursting with Pride! Congratulations to all Europeans [!] … We are not conscripted and sent to fight and die and kill other Europeans. This is because of the EU [!!]”. But idiots, this is only because of the nuclear bomb. The savage Europeans still think and behaves like their savage ancestors, and only the nuclear bombs don’t allow them to wage war against each other, not their wisdom or their union. Just see how they threaten or wage war against those countries that don’t have nuclear bombs. Dog is still dog and barks a lot; only the nuclear collar doesn’t allow that dog to bite you”. They also add: “Of course, some Europeans can see the truth. For instance, they say: ‘Europe is at peace due to NATO and nukes. We should finally recognize that the majority of Brits who seem to blindly believe the bullshit coming out of their manipulative press‘. When even the Guardian publishes stupid articles such as “Europe: a prize worth defending [!!]’, and says: ‘the EU deserves the peace prize’, it’s obvious that Britain, as the ancient land of Barbarians, still thinks that ‘Ministry of Truth’ can solve all problems! Britain, that its story of civilization began ‘400 to 700 years ago’ (before that time Britain was the land of Barbarians), can show us the true meaning of Ministry of Truth”. Iranians care about Europe, because of the good guys or the great men in Europe, not because of the former Barbarians that still have the upper hand in Europe. As the wise Iranians say: “Most of European figures are stupid bad guys, as many Europeans are stupid, racist, narcissist jerks. Unfortunately, the gap between their politicians and their people is not a large gap. If you have eyes then you can see what is happening in Greece, Spain, Britain, and other parts of Europe”. Unfortunately, many Europeans are ignorant, and can’t see the truth about Iran, Europe, US, and the world.


“Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the EU. Such a bad joke. But at least it’s good that they didn’t declare: Nobel Economy Prize awarded to the EU !!“, the funny Iranians say. The European pigs are so stupid, and now, the Iranian people only laugh at them. Lets take a look at some Iranian comments about the EU Nobel farce: “God Bless Mullahs, they have not given each other ‘peace prize’ yet … If they had given their Noble Price to the thugocracy of Russia, it would have been less laughable … The MEK that is Islamist, Marxist, and terrorist wins the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 … They give their Nobel prize to their fellow European Barbarians for not eating each other! … They should give the Nobel prize to Hitler. Because Hitler put an end to their severe economic depression of the 1930s … They gave the Nobel prize to the former Barbarians, because instead of killing and eating their people, they just beat their people to death, steal their money, create crisis, etc … In this way, Joseph Stalin deserved a human rights award … Breivik (Norwegian terrorist) deserves a Nobel peace prize, because he just killed dozens, not thousands … They gave the Nobel prize to Big Brother, because the Big Brother loves peace that means war and bullying … In 2009, they gave the Nobel prize to Obama, while they had to give it to both Khamenei and Obama, for killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians … The Nobel prize should be given to China for continuing to buy up EU and US debt and saving them from bankruptcy and annihilation … The Nobel peace prize had to be given to Hitler for the Holocaust! … Israeli FM has congratulated the EU! In their Jewish statement of congratulation, they said: ‘Thank you the EU. Thank you for the Holocaust and everything! Thank you for imposing unfruitful sanctions on Iranians. Thanks for your idiocy and your savagery’ … Some gave up political satire when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Kissinger in 1973; they’ve gone and done it again … Suggestion for the next Peace Nobel Prizes: Netanyahu, Atomic bomb, The US army, the MEK, and the Mullahs! … The Nobel Peace Prize Is a Joke”. In these days, the European pigs talk about “the transitions of Greece, Portugal and Spain from dictatorship to democracy in the 1980s”, and congratulate themselves, but the ordinary Europeans just see ‘suppression’, ‘corruption’, ‘censorship’, etc in Europe. Unfortunately, only a few European figures tell the truth. As the people media report: “Poland’s Lech Walesa, who won the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize, said he was ‘unpleasantly surprised’ by the choice. And Czech President Vaclav Klaus called the prize a ‘tragic mistake’. ‘I really thought it was a hoax, a joke. I couldn’t imagine even in a dream that someone could be serious about it,’ added Klaus. But other Western [pigs], including Clinton, Angela Merkel, Ban Ki-moon, Francois Hollande, and British [bastards] praised this stupid award and called this shameful prize ‘a great honor’ !”. In the recent centuries, the wise Westerners said: ‘Always trust someone who is seeking the truth, never trust someone who found it, and the great men in Europe, from Newton and Maxwell to Darwin and Popper, cared about the truth, and that’s why Iranians respected Europe. But when Europe tell stupid jokes, Iranians only can make a mockery of Europe. As the wise Iranians say: “When Iranians were writing about the human civilization and the human values, Britons and other Europeans were eating each other; Even 4000 years after that time, Britons and many other Europeans still were barbarians and ate each other. The former barbarians in Europe have learned nothing except lie and hypocrisy, and think “lie and hypocrisy = civilization”! The 2012 farces, from the Nobel farce and the MEK farce to the sanction farce, just prove that the West suffers from Mongolism. In 2009, Iranians asked the West to put pressure on Mullahs, but the Western Mongols just revealed their true colors, and now in 2012, their stupid pressures on Iranians, and even on Mullahs, in the name of the nuclear issue, just prove many things. Now, the EU talks about further sanctions!, while their hands are empty, like their empty heads! The European Mongols could have a win-win solution in 2009, but now, they are the big loser because the modern Iranians are seeing the true face of Europe. It’s the most important events for Iran in the past 300 years. The European Mongols prove that they are stupid and uncultured, like their savage ancestors”. In these days, most of the wise Iranians are angry, as many Europeans are angry. They say: “The former barbarians that love lie, blood, and self-congratulation, give themselves the Nobel Prize and say: ‘We are honored, we are proud!’. And it reminds you of an old Persian proverb: ‘You fart, you laugh, and you think that you are a great artist!’. The wise Europeans should care about the truth and all humans, and should not allow the former barbarians to have the upper hand in Europe. It’s a real solution”. Think about it; we write more about it later.

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