Khatamists, Islamist Reformists and Stupid Traitors

In these days, many bad guys are making history. They are eager to prove that they are bad guys, and it’s funny. As some Iranians say: “Do you know what is in fashion this year? Proving that you are a bad guy, or proving that you are jerk, asshole, or traitor is in fashion this year! The American pigs proved that the US is the bad guy. The Zionists proved that they are like or worse than the Nazi. The stupid West proved that the West is pro-Islamists and pro-terrorists, but is anti-Iranian and anti-human values. The Iranian opposition and the [Iranian baboons] proved that they are anti-Iran and anti-Iranian. And now, Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists follow fashion”. The year 2012 has become a year that reveals many secrets of the 2009 coup. As the people media report: “Khatamists and Islamist reformists prove that they are stupid traitors. In the recent days, Khatami’s brother, that is Khatami’s speaker, has said: ‘We love the Islamic regime, even when we know that the Islamic regime is not reformable [!!] We are reformists, and It’s not important that we can’t reform the Islamic regime[!] we just want to keep the Islamic regime safe [!!]'”. After the American pigs and the Zionists, the Islamist-reformists try to set a new world record for the stupidest jokes of all times! In the recent weeks, Khatami had said: “We don’t want freedom and democracy [!] We don’t want to have a democratic system [!] Just allow us to be part of the Islamic regime !! [ie just allow us to steal and embezzle the people money]”. Khatamists and Islamist-reformists are among the stupidest traitors of all time. They were called reformists by the West, and the BBC and the UK and the US supported them. At first, they said: “there is room for improvement”; then they said: “there is still a small hole for improvement”, and now they say: “Yes, there is no room and no hole for improvement; but we don’t want to improve the system, we just want to be part it! and keep it safe !“. They set a new world record for the stupidest traitors. As the wise Iranians say: “Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists are great traitors, because they proved that Reformist = Opportunist; and Reform = Kissing ass, Betraying people, and Destroying all hopes. It’s among the greatest betrayals in Iran’s history. Khatami is really the stupidest traitor in Iran’s history. He is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists can show you many things about the story of the stupid West and the Iranian traitors. Just think about the year 1997 or 2009, or their empty words and empty gestures of the freedom and democracy in the 1997-2009 period. And then ask yourself: Who tried to fool the people and supported these stupid traitors at that time, and who still support them? The answer is clear: The UK, the US, the West, and their puppets”. It’s very important. Khatamists and Islamist-reformists are stupid and abnormal traitors, but who support them? The UK, the US, Europe, and other pigs that support Mullahs, terrorists (MEK), monarchists (Pahlavists) and other Iranian pigs as well. We have already written about Khatami and Islamist-Reformists (check Archive), and we don’t want to write about these stupid traitors any more. But it’s very important that the US and the West support all traitors, from terrorists (MEK) and anti-Iran pigs to monarchists (Pahlavists) and Islamists (Mullahs and Khatamists). As the Wise Iranians say: “Many Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists live in the US, the UK, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, etc. The stupid West loves and supports them. The stupid West is enemy of the wise and modern Iranians, but loves and supports terrorists (MEK), monarchists (Palavists), Marxists, and Islamists (Mullahs, Khatamits, etc). The West is really so stupid. When even the Western analysts say: ‘Iran represents the greatest mismatch between a people and a government of any country in the world. Today’s Iranians are modern, educated, and well-informed’. And some of them add: “There is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in the country. When such a gap exists, there should be a strong tendency for the countrys level of democracy to adjust in accordance with the societys potential’. The stupid West just wants to prove that they are the main enemy of the young and modern Iranians! They don’t know that when such a huge gap exists, sooner or later Irans level of democracy will adjust in accordance with its societys potential, and after that, all Iranians will punish the West”. We have already written about this issue, for example in “Hope for Iranians, Warning to Western Godfathers” (check Archive). As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West sows the seeds of hate, because they love keeping Iran weak and backward. But you can be sure of one thing. They will certainly fail, because they are on the wrong side of history, and today’s Iranians are wise and modern, more than their Western counterparts. Now, the Iranian people know the West and its puppets, specially the stupid traitors and anti-Iranian pigs, [aka ‘All the Mullah’s Men’], from Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Abbas Abdi, Mohajerani, Akbar Ganji, Saeed Hajarian, Khatami and Rafsanjani to Alireza Nourizadeh, Reza Pahlavi, Rajavi, Nikahang Kosar, Mr. Balatarin, and other [Green shits and stupid pigs]. Now, the Iranian people know the truth, and it’s a very good news”. Yah, it’s really a good news. The future belongs to the young and modern Iranians.


“Even if Iranians can forgive the Mullahs and the killers, they will never forgive the traitors and those who help the Mullah regime and the sworn enemies of Persia. One day in the near future, the traitors will be tried for their betrayals in 2009 and 2012, and also for all their betrayals in the past 3 years and the past 33 years. Maybe we can forgive the Mullahs and the killers, but Gaddafi’s fate or Saddam’s fate is the fate of all stupid traitors”, many Iranians say. The Iranian people are really angry, and who can blame them? Everybody betrays them, and the stupid West tries to prove that today’s West is full of sick animals and sick bastards. The stupid USA makes a fool of itself, and proves that the US is the bad guy. But what’s the use of such foolishness and shamelessness? Do they think that the Iranian people would beg for mercy and would say: “Oh, the Western pigs, please forgive us. We love you the Western pigs!’ no, the Iranians only say: “Fuck you the Western pigs. Eat shit and Die”. Do you know what the real Iranian intellectuals, that thousands of them live in Iran, say in these days? They talk about United States of Persia. They are angry and say: “The stupid West and many Westerners love to talk about their country, their national security, their national interests, their modern weapons, etc. They think Iranians are weak or stupid that care about all humans and all nations! But now, many Iranians say to the Western idiots: ‘Age Gharar be In Harf-ha Bash-e, Ma ham Baladim, Kheili Behtar az Shoma Ahmagh-ha !’ (If we want to think and behave like you, the Western idiots, we can do it better than you, the idiots)”. They also add: ‘The past and the future belong to Persia, India, and China. Who cares about the Western pigs that are in deep shit. Sooner or later, Iranians will restore Great Persia or United States of Persia. At that time, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc that were invaded and occupied by Russia and Britain in the 19th century, will return home, and will unit to form Great Persia again. United States of Persia will certainly punish USA, aka United States of Assholes. Persia will have a strategic and special relation with the old friends or old neighbors of Persia, specially India and China. Great Persia will be friend of all humans in all around the world. But as the US, the UK, Canada, and Western Europe are its main enemies, Persia will teach them a lesson that the human history will never forget it. The payback time is near. The stupid West should pay the prices of all their betrayals in the past 3 years, the past 30 years, and the past 300 years”. As the wise Iranians say: “Who cares about the stupid traitors such as MEK, Pahlavists, and Khatamists. They are dead rats. Now, Iranians think and care about Great Persia. The West is really stupid that uses the betrayal tactics and bullying tactics. They not only prove that they are still savage and uncultured, but they encourage the modern Iranians to think about restoring Great Persia, that was a superpower”. Yah, the stupid West is really stupid, and their bullshit and their bullying tactics just backfire. In these days, many Iranians see the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists as puppets of the West. They say: “Islamists and Khatamists are like Rajavists (MEK) and Pahlavists that [99% of] Iranians hate them. All of them are puppets of the West, and no one gives a damn shit about them”. And the wise Iranians add: “Khatamists made a historical confession, but why? Such a stupid confession has just one reason: they know that all Iranians hate them, and they have no future. They just want to kiss Khamenei’s ass and be part of the corrupt system, and continue to steal money from people and serve the West’s interests. But who needs such a bankrupt group?! Khatamists are stupid traitors that show us the true meaning of ‘Bankruptcy’ and ‘Daryoozegi’ (pathetic misery)”. In these days, many Iranians talk about the worthless traitors that work for the bad guys. For instance, they say: “ works with the CIA [, the MI6 and the Mullah Gestapo]. is [the main cesspool] of the Iranian traitors. If you want to know the enemies of Iran and Iranians, there is no need to read or watch the Western media. Instead, you can take a look at,, and other mercenary media”. And some wise Iranians add: “In these days, most people know the stupid traitors and talk about them. Most people know the BBC, the VOA, Radia Farda, Balatarin, RoozOnline,, and other shits that all of them are anti-Iranian and work with [the bad guys]”. And some angry Iranians add: “Many Iranians know the stupid traitors. For instance, many know Alireza Nourizadeh, and how he works with separatists and anti-Iran groups. Many know why he tells laughable lies about Iranians and Iran’s nuclear program. And that’s why many say that Alireza Nourizadeh works for MI6. Nourizadeh is a son of a Mullah. He is a son of a bitch, and that’s why he betrays Iranians. Nourizadeh kissed Khamenei’s ass and Khatami’s ass, and now he kisses Pahlavi’s ass and British ass! But now, the Iranian people know all stupid traitors”. And the wise Iranians add: “The story of the charlatan Khatamists was a sad story, but it was very useful. Now, the people know all traitors and all enemies of a free and strong Iran. And that’s why Khatamists clearly confess: ‘We don’t care about the people, their problems, and what they want; we don’t care about the freedom and democracy in Iran; we just want to be a part of the corrupt Mullah system that the US and the UK love it and support it. We just want to be able to continue to plunder Iran, and keep Iran weak and under tyranny”. It’s the gist of their current confession. And in the near future, they will confess: “Yes, we are traitor; we are bad guys”. They think it’s in fashion!, and just follow U.S. fashion!”. We should write more about the story of Iran’s Decline, from Shah Sultan Hussein to Khatami, or “from Mahmoud Afghan to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”. In these days, many Iranians, including the wise Iranians, say: “Khatami is a stupid coward and a stupid traitor. Khatami is worse than Shah Sultan Hossein“. And the wise Iranians add: “Shah Sultan Hussein (1668?- 1726) is the stupidest and the weakest king of Persia. But Khatami’s stupidities and betrayals are worse than Sultan Hussein’s. But if the darkest age of Persia was begun with the first Shah Sultan Hossein, it would end with the second Shah Sultan Hossein (Khatami)“. Shah Sultan Hussein, who ruled from 1694 to 1722, was the last shah (king) of Safavids. He destroyed Iran, and Iran’s Decline and Iran’s dark ages started with him. But now, after about 300 years, Iran’s decline and Iran’s dark ages will end with the second Shah Sultan Hussein (Khatami), and Iran will become a free, modern, and strong country soon, because today’s Iranians are modern, educated, well-informed, and wise, more than their Western counterparts.


As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, the stupid traitors defend the stupid US and its puppet, including [‘Dumb and Dumber’]. They betray the Iranian people, but most Iranians that are wiser than their Western counterparts, can see how the stupid traitors betray them. For instance, they know that the anti-Iran pigs in defend Netanyahu, and tried to encourage this Jewish shit to nuke Iran !; or a stupid pig like Alireza Nourizadeh defends Netanyahu and tries to help the West in keeping Iran weak; or a worthless shit like Akbar Ganji defends USA’s love affair with Mullahs! Many people know why all stupid pigs, including Ganji, Behnoud, Nourizadeh, and other Iranian expats and Iranian pigs said nothing about Delisting the MEK, and didn’t condemn the US. The people just laugh and say: ‘All of these shits are stupid traitors that are paid to betray us. The people know that those traitors who helped the West and the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people in 2009, are now helping the West and the Mullahs in torturing Iranians and destroying Iran. They want to keep Iran weak and backward. It’s their mission, and that’s why they oppose Iran’s nuclear program, defend the Western pigs and their puppets, and help them in torturing and suppressing the Iranian people. But the stupid traitors are bankrupt now. that just has about 500 to 1000 members and visitors, is the main cesspool of the anti-Iran pigs. The ordinary people say: ‘ is full of anti-Iran shit and the anti-Iranian crap. They are stupid traitors’. In fact, the Iranian people know all stupid traitors, from Khatamists to Pahlavists. Many say: ‘Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Rajavits, and other shits are anti-Iranian puppets of the West. They are stupid traitors’. The traitors sell their souls, their pens, their friends, and everything, and that’s why they are bad guys”. It’s a good point. The traitors are bad guys, but not because they betray a special country. The traitors are bad guys, because they love telling big lies and betraying the truth. It’s very important. In these days, if you want to know the real Iranians, you should live in Iran, or in Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, and other parts of Greater Iran. The people websites in Greater Iran, can show you many things, and we will write more about them later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Herat, etc are real Iranians, like the Iranians inside Iran. Do you know what our bothers and sisters in Tajikistan and other parts of Greater Iran, say about Iran? Read their websites, and see what they say. They, that are real Iranians, write: ‘Persian still bind the peoples from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pamirs heights in history, culture and art … History shows that the Persians fought until the end to keep their culture, language, and identity. And always, the time came when the Great Persians rose once more against their enemies and defeated them and sent them back to their [shitholes]‘. It’s what our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan and Great Kharazm say. They are real Iranians, not Mullahs or those stupid traitors that live in the West. Our brothers and sisters in Greater Iran even write something that can shock the bad guys. For instance, they write: “Cho Iran Nabashad, Tane Man Mabad” (We sacrifice ourselves and our life for Iran)’. It’s what our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan and other parts of Greater Iran write. They are true Iranians, not Mullahs or those pigs, traitors, baboons, and ass-lickers that live in the West and work for the BBC, VOA, Balatarin, RoozOnline, Gooya,,, and other mercenary media. These pigs that are Islamists, Monarchists, or Mercenaries, are anti-Iranian, while our brothers and sisters in Greater Iran are real Iranians. Just read Tajiki websites and other websites in Greater Iran, and see why ‘Great Persia’ become a reality again”. In these days, many real intellectuals in Iran, talk or think about “Great Persia”. We will write more about this issue later, but it’s obvious why most Iranians are angry and changing their views about the West and the world. The angry Iranians say: “Sooner or later we restore Great Persia, and the stupid West and their racists and sick bastards should suck the Iranian cocks again. The payback time is near. And some wise Iranians add: “People in Iran and Greater Iran, hate the Arab pigs, ie the anti-Iran and pro-Mullah Arabs. The Arab pigs say: ‘The Iranian people are stupid; they don’t know how good a system they have. The Iranian people are traitors! They oppose the Islamic system and want democracy, freedom, liberalism, etc’. And the ordinary Iranians answer: ‘Hey Arab pigs, get out of our country. You, the Arab pigs, are savage and uncultured, like your savage ancestors that ate locust and camel’s shit, and drank camel’s piss. Iranians hate your barbaric laws and your barbarous traditions. You, the Arab pigs, are savage barbarous people. Get out of our country, you the Arab pigs’. Now, the Iranian people say the same thing to the stupid West. Most people in all parts of Greater Iran not only know the Arab pigs, but they know the British pigs, the American pigs, and the Russian pigs. Those who betray Iran and Iranians, should know that Iran’s Decline has ended, and today’s Iranians that are modern, anti-Islamist, and wise, will punish all pigs and all betrayers in the near future”. And the funny Iranians add: “In the future protests, instead of ‘Death to Dictator’, ‘Death to Khamenei’, and other slogans, the people will chant: ‘Death to Obama’, ‘Death to Khatami’, ‘Death to Stupid Traitors’, ‘Death to USA, the main supporter of Mullahs, terrorists and monarchists’ !”. It’s obvious that the Western bullying tactics and the ridiculous stupidities of “Delisting the MEK”, just backfire. Now, almost all Iranians see the US and the West as their enemy, and think about punishing their uncultured enemies. The West is really brainless. Many analysts say: “Iranian societys potential for liberal democracy and Iranians tolerance is really higher than what you can see in the US and many European countries. The rate and number of religious fanatics and racists in Iran is really less than the US, the Jewish state, and many European countries”; Even the Western analysts say: “Iran is not an Arab state or a West-made state, clumsy collections of tribes and ethnicities cobbled together by Europeans a century ago. Iran is an ancient country [, older than all European countries ]. It has the best-educated population; and that population is extremely proud of the country’s heritage”; In these conditions, the stupid West betrays the modern Iranians and show them its true colors! Such a high IQ today’s West has! Even in 1905, 1953, and 1979, that Iran had many illiterate and ignorant people, the stupid West didn’t reveal its true colors in this way. But now, when most Iranians are wiser than their Western counterparts, the stupid West makes a fool of itself. It’s obvious why Iranians are so angry, and why they talk or think about “Great Persia”. They are not blind and stupid. Anyway, I hope the good guys in all around the world can realize that the traitors and the bad guys are not enemy of only one nation, but they are enemy of the truth, and will hurt all good guys in all around the world.

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