USA is the Bad Guy: Obama, MEK, and Terrorists

“The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, de-listed the MEK as a terrorist group on Friday [28th Sep]”, the media reported. These days and these years are important, and history never forgets them. “If the US had de-listed Al-Qaede it was more acceptable, and less laughable”, many Iranians say. Delisting the MEK is beyond hypocrisy and double standard. As the wise Iranians say: “This historical event just proves that the US is the bad guy. It’s very important, because the Americans used to pretend that the US is the good guy”. They also add: “The US-backed 2009 coup and the 2012 farce are more important than the 1953 CIA coup. The 2009 coup, the 2012 farce, and now delisting the MEK, just prove one thing: The Iranian people are the modern good guys, and the US is the bad guy. In fact, the US is on the wrong side of history, and is the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”. They add: “‘If you want to enjoy the freedom and democracy, and want to have a free and democratic country, you should know that USA is your enemy, not your friend‘. It’s a sad message that the US sent to Iranians and other nations”. In these days, many Iranians say: “USA is enemy of Iran and Iranians, and is friend of Mullahs and terrorists”. And many wise Iranians add: “The US is enemy of the freedom and democracy. The US is friend of the reactionary people, and is enemy of the modern people. The US is really the bad guy. The US is enemy of the Iranian people, and is friend of Mullahs, terrorists, monarchists, Islamists, and other evil forces“. Delisting the MEK is a historical event. Even some call it the Obamagate, and say: “The Obamagate is more important the Watergate”. In these days, many Iranians refer to Obama as monkey, bastard, asshole, motherfucker, etc, and some call him Obama Bin Laden or American Hitler. As we said before, the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) has been tied with one name: Obama Bin Laden, the worst US president ever. The Iranian 9/11 that is like a large puzzle, can reveal the hidden secrets of this shitty world. “Delisting the MEK” is just a piece of this puzzle that has many important pieces. As the people media report: “The US is totally confused. The American pigs in the State Department said Wednesday: ‘The Rial’s decline is the result of US sanctions against Iran!’ But the American pigs in the White House said that Iranians should blame their leaders for rising deprivation! And the American media reported Wednesday: ‘Speaking to reporters about protests in Iran, Clinton blamed Iran’s government -rather than Western sanctions- for the financial troubles [!]. ‘They have made their own government decisions – having nothing to do with the sanctions– that have had an impact on [their] economic conditions’, Clinton said’. It’s very funny, specially when the Western pigs say: ‘Our sanctions have a serious impact’! It’s what Iranians call it ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion). The American pigs suffer from ‘Goh Gijeh’! They don’t know what they should do, because now, the Iranian people know the truth and hate both the Mullahs and the US. The American pigs are in deep shit, because their IQ is near zero”. In fact, those who aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousand of Iranians in 2009, are stupid bad guys. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, the Iranian people are aware of who is responsible for their pain and suffering. Now, they know the US. The American pigs love Mullahs and terrorists, but Iranians hate them and see them as puppets of USA. The American pigs are bad guys, and those Americans that vote for Obama, Romney, and other pigs, are like them and just help the bad guys”.


MEK is the worst of the worst. MEK is Marxist, Islamist, and Terrorist !. Delisting the MEK is very important, because it proved that ‘freedom and democracy’ are meaningless words for America”, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about the MEK, that has different names such as MEK, MKO, PMOI, NCR, NCRI, etc! They had different names, because they wanted to deceive non-Iranians. Even at the first days of this website, the US and the MEK showed many things. At those days, the WordPress kicked us out of Iran tag, because of the MEK! You can read its story in “We, WordPress and PMOI” (check archive). As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the US, you should know the MEK, and If you want to know the MEK, you should know ‘The Secrets of Camp Ashraf’ (check archive). And If you want to know those American pigs that are worse than the Mullahs, read about Monarchists, Terrorists, and American Democracy. The MEK or Rajavi’s Cult is worse than Ku Klux Klan and Al-Qaede. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) hates people of other races or religions. And Al-Qaede is an Islamist-terrorist group. But the MEK is an Islamist, Marxist, terrorist, cultish group. The KKK doesn’t hate the US and all Americans, but the MEK hates Iran and all Iranians. They work with the sworn enemies of Persia. The MEK’s favorite system is: Islamic North Korea !! They are Islamist-Marxists, the worst possible shit! MEK members are slaves of Rajavi, and should worship him. They have no access to newspapers or radio or television, other than what is fed them. Rajavi is a shitty Big Brother! No one can criticize Rajavi! They are told that they are at war, and they cannot have wives and husbands! They should kill their s-e-xual emotions, and ‘their emotions should be channeled toward Rajavi! The American pigs delist and support such group!”. Iranians also add: “MEK’s ideology is a blend of Marxism, Islamism, and Khayemalism! (kissing ass!). In the early 1970s, MEK started to kill Americans and civilians in Iran. In 1979, they attacked the US Embassy. The MEK supported the takeover of the US Embassy, aka the Hostage Crisis. This event led to the Iraq-Iran war. But in 1986, the MEK moved its headquarters to Iraq, and started to help the Iraqi dictator (Saddam) in killing the Iranian people! In the 1990s, they helped the Iraqi dictator in killing Kurds. During the 2003 Iraq war, US forces cracked down on MEK’s bases in Iraq, and in 2003 French authorities arrested MEK members, including Rajavi”. In these days, Iranians are angry at the US, and many say: “USA is the land of pigs; the US is the land of shits; the US is the land of terrorists; the US is the land of jerks and assholes, etc”. And the main responsible for such situation is American Hitler, the worst US president ever. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, Iranians hate both the Mullahs and the US. And many know that the US just uses the MEK and the Monarchists (Pahalvists) as Kleenex. The MEK and the Monarchists are exactly what the Mullah regime needs. In fact, the US just helps the Mullahs. The American bitch, Hillary Clinton, said Wednesday: ‘[our] sanctions on Iran could be eased quickly if [Mullahs] worked with [us] to address questions about their nuclear program‘. The US just wants to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and the MEK and other traitors will be sacrificed. But it’s not important. Now, the majority of Iranians that are modern and anti-Islamist [and were pro-American], hate the US”. They also add: “Clinton has said: ‘Our sanctions could be remedied in short order if the Iranian government were willing to work with [us]’. In fact, the MEK, the Monarchists and other stupid traitors will be the first victims of the US. But who cares about these stupid traitors. Just look how the American pigs discredit and disgrace the US. It’s the most shameful episode of the US history”. They also add: “How many Americans love or support Al-Qaede? It’s not clear. But if you say that 10% (30 million) or 25% of Americans love or support Al-Qaede, and then you start to support Al-Qaede in USA, what would Americans say about you and your IQ?! There is no doubt that the number of those Iranians who love or support MEK, is very very smaller than the number of those Americans that love or support Al-Qaede. The American pigs are so stupid. They just revealed their true colors. They just proved that the US is the bad guy. Delisting the MEK revealed and proved many things”.


“Rudy Giuliani and other pigs get money and support the terrorists. But the story of ‘Giuliani and the MEK’ can show you many things about the story of ‘Giuliani and the 9/11’!”, some Iranians say. In these days, many Westerners write about delisting the MEK. But the number of acceptable articles is very small. Their best article is what the Guardian published on Sunday 23 September 2012: “Five lessons from the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group”, written by Glenn Greenwald. It was not bad. Greenwald wrote: “A large group of prominent former US government officials from both political parties has spent the last several years receiving substantial sums of cash to give speeches to the MEK, and have then become vocal, relentless advocates for the [terrorist] group. Money has also been paid to journalists such as The Washington Post’s Carl Bernstein and the Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page. Townsend is a CNN contributor and Rendell is an MSNBC contributor, yet those MEK payments are rarely, if ever, disclosed by those media outlets when featuring those contributors (indeed, Townsend can go on CNN to opine on Iran, with no disclosure whatsoever during the segment of her MEK payments)”. It’s really a great tragedy. As the wise Iranians say: “When the CNN, and other American mass media get money and betray the truth, it means that the US is the land of the free corruption, not the land of the free. When even the American journalists love bribery and telling big lies, it means that the US is the land of the bribery, not the land of the brave!”. Greenwald also added: “This MEK scam more vividly illustrates the rot and corruption at the heart of America’s DC-based political culture than almost any episode I can recall”. As we said before, the puzzle of the Iranian 9/11 more vividly illustrates the main problems in the US than any episode of the modern history. Greenwald added: “It is worthwhile to take note of the five clear lessons it teaches: Lesson 1: [The Rule of Law is really meaningless in USA]. In sum, there are numerous American Muslims sitting in prison for years for far less substantial interactions with terror groups than this bipartisan group of former officials gave to MEK … Former US officials are swimming in cash as they advocate on behalf of a designated terrorist organization. After receiving their cash, they met with MEK leaders, and [even] Howard Dean declared that the [terrorist] group’s leader should be recognized as President of Iran … [Even] numerous MEK shills, including CNN’s Townsend praised […] [But] there was no repercussions whatsoever from this extensive support given by these DC luminaries to this terror group … Now that MEK will be removed from the terror list, there almost certainly never will be any consequences! … [But] the fact that a group is subsequently removed from the list does not retroactively legalize the providing of material support when it was on the list” It’s very important. In fact, it means that the rule of law is meaningless in USA. Greenwald added: “Lesson 2: The US government is not opposed to terrorism; it favors it. Lesson 3: ‘Terrorism’ remains the most meaningless, and thus the most manipulated term. Lesson 4: Legalized influence-peddling within both parties is what drives DC”. These lessons are important. But what Greenwald said as his lesson 5 was stupid: “Lesson 5: there is aggression between the US and [Mullahs]”. Greenwald wrote other stupid things, such as: “As the Iran experts [!!] Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett wrote …”. In fact, Greenwald is not wise. As the wise Iranians say: “Greenwald should know that Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett are CIA agents or American baboons, not Iran experts! They are bad guys. They support the Mullahs and the 2009 coup”. They also add: “If Greenwald really cares about the truth, he can focus on Flynt Leverett and his wife. They can show him many things about the role of the CIA, and the role of US polling organizations, etc in the 2009 coup. If Greenwald really cares about the truth, he can read and write about the Mullahs and the Mullah TV in Washington, about Obama and Mullahs, about Trita Parsi, NIAC, Bob Ney, Chomsky, and their relations with the CIA and the Mullah regime. If Greenwald is a good guy, he can read, think, and write about the 2009 coup and its secrets”. In these days, only a very few Westerners tell the truth. Some of them say: “Is it only the MEK the US is helping? no. The MEK is a small hated group. The US helps Mullahs more than MEK”. They also add: “The MEK is a Stalinist-Islamic treasonous group with a cult of personality. I have not seen a single Iranian who would prefer these terrorists to Mullahs”. And some say: “During World War II siding with the enemy was treason and punishable by death. The MEK committed treason, and Iranians know them. In 2009, we saw thousands of Iranians in New York. They protested against the election theft. The MEK and the Monarchists were also there, but their numbers were puny and their presence pathetic. The MEK is nothing and nobody, either inside or outside Iran “. It’s good that at least a few Westerners are not stupid.


“The MEK is a terrorist group worse than Al-Qaida. The MEK is North Korea + Al-Qaede! In fact, the American pigs not only love Islamists, but they love Marxists, and even Islamist-Marxists! The US is a stupid bad guy”, the wise Iranians say. In these says, the stupid lefts and the Marxists -ie those pigs that helped the Mullahs and Obama in 2009, and those who support the brutal dictators- tell stupid jokes. The stupid lefts say: “Why the US de-listed the MEK? The only credible answer is ‘blah, blah’.” And their ‘blah, blah’ is always total bullshit! Many of them are blind and stupid, and can’t see the truth, but it’s not the whole story. In these days, the stupid lefts say: “The MEK works for the CIA”. Even the little kids know this fact, but as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Many lefties and many pigs in ‘United States of Assholes’ work for the CIA. In the United States of Corruption, their lobbyists bribe politicians and intellects. In the United States of Lie, their corrupt politicians and their corrupt media get money and tell blatant lies. In the United States of Hypocrisy, their pigs support a terrorist Islamist Marxist group!, and their lefts support Mullahs, Assad, Gaddafi, and other brutal dictators. All of these American pigs work with the CIA”. They also add: “The MEK is an Islamist-Marxist terrorist group. Chomsky is their natural leader. But in these days, Chomsky work with the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia in the US, and the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia work with the CIA, as the MEK and other traitors work for the CIA. Chomsky and his friends that support the brutal dictators, are part of the United States of Charlatans“. We have already written about Lobbyists and Lobbying industry in the US, and also about the NIAC (National Iranian American Council!) and the Mullah Mafia in the US. But the stupid lefts say nothing about these issues. As some wise Iranians say: “many Americans talk about the MEK and the CIA, but most of them don’t know that ‘the NIAC is like or worse than the MEK’.” They also add: “What would happen if the Americans realize that Noam Chomsky works for the CIA? Maybe it would lead to the 2nd Civil War in the US! But in Iran, many people are not ignorant. For instance, many say: ‘Alireza Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud are stupid traitors. They are anti-Iranian. Alireza Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud work for MI6’. You can’t be sure about such secret things, but it’s obvious that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. In fact, today’s Iranians are really wiser than today’s Americans and today’s Europeans”. In these days, many Iranians are angry, and talk about the bad guys. For instance, they say: ‘ and work with the CIA and the MI6, as the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi work with the MI6 and the CIA … Pahlavists and Rajavists (MEK) are stupid agents of the CIA … AhmadiNejad is a Jew and a Zionist agent … Khamenei is a British agent … Mullahs are puppets of the US and the UK … Today’s Iranian opposition are stooges of the US, the UK and the Mullahs”. It’s what the ordinary people say. What they say is their guess, that can be wrong, but as some wise Iranians say: “Many Iranians are not blind, and can see and guess many things. But in the US, most Americans are ignorant. If Americans realize that many leftist intellects work for the CIA, it can lead to a revolution or a great depression! The CIA works with many groups, including Islamists, Marxists, and Islamist-Marxists. But most Americans are ignorant, and that’s why the US has become the land of the bad guys, and the Americans pigs can defend a terrorist Islamist-Marxist group without any backlash”. In these days, some Americans write about “The Hypocrisy and Looming Danger of De-Listing MEK”, but they know nothing about the real problems. They just repeat the leftist bullshits. But many Iranians are not stupid. Their comments show that they are wiser than today’s Americans. For instance, they say: “The big terrorist (USA) decides to not call another terrorist a terrorist does not change anything … the US loves a self-appointed leader that wants to establish Islamic North Korea! The US is the main supporter of Islamists and Marxists! … MEK is a Stalinist cult. But the US loves them, as Chomsky loves Mullahs …Compared to Rajavi, Mullahs seem like Einstein! … Compared to Obama, Hitler seems like Einstein!”


Obama is really the worst US president ever, but some idiots still say: “Bush was worse than Obama”. These idiots are brainless. As the people media report: “It’s important to note that George W. Bush included Saddams support for terrorist groups like MEK in his reasons justifying the invasion of Iraq in 2003. ‘Iraq shelters terrorist groups including the MEK’, reads a document in the archives of the White Houses website. In fact, Bush at least pretended that he hated terrorists, but Obama openly and shamelessly supports terrorists and Mullahs”. It’s very funny and important. Of course many of those idiots who used to say: “Bush was worse than Obama”, have changed their mind, and now say: “God Bless George W. Bush !“. In these days, you can see a great change in Iran. We have already warned about the image of USA in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “Before 2009, most of the Iranian people were pro-American. But after Obama’s betrayals in 2009, and after all American betrayals in the past three years, many things have changed. Obama is a great criminal. His America crossed the red line. Obama just proved that the US is the bad guy, and today’s Iranians that are modern, anti-Islamist and wiser than today’s Americans, should see the US as their main enemy. Now, most Iranians hate the US”. Yah, Obama is a great evil, and many Iranians know him well. They say: “Obama love the Mullahs. The Mullah regime welcomes delisting the MEK (while publicly denouncing it) because it helps to discredit the people movement and the people opposition in Iran. In fact, delisting the MEK is the best gift for Mullahs. Delisting the MEK is part of ‘Jang-e Zargari'”. We should write more about ‘Jang-e Zargari’ (Sham fight) and its signs, but it’s good that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. I hope Americans can learn from Iranians. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant. As some Iranians say: “The story of the MEK and the US proves that today’s USA is the land of idiots. The American pigs still can manipulate their people, and many Americans don’t care about bribery, financial corruption, and other disasters in the US. And when the American people are silent, the American pigs eat extra shit”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. “Members of Congress are to press the Obama administration to recognize the MEK as the ‘legitimate opposition’ to Iran’s regime. The Americans described the MEK as a US ‘ally’ [!]”, the Western media report. And funny Iranians say: “Terrorists, Marxists, and Islamists have always been the best US ally!”. As the people media report: “Some groups in the US that poured significant sums of money to bribe the US officials, issued a statement praising the delisting! Texas congressmen, Bob Filner and Ted Poe, who love terrorists and dirty money, have described the MEK as ‘Iran’s main opposition’ and ‘freedom fighters’. The US congressman Dana Rohrabacher, that has received thousands of dollars from the terrorists (MEK) this year alone, has said the MEK’s past attacks on Americans and civilians, and its support of Saddam is history!”. It’s really funny. We should write more about the American pigs, specially Dana Rohrabacher that is worse than the Nazi. As funny Iranians say: “Dana Rohrabacher is a brainless pig. According to his logic, the 9/11 attacks and Bin Laden’s past attacks on Americans, is history! According to their logic, Bin Laden is a freedom fighter and a martyr!”. And the wise Iranians add: “USA is the real bad guy. The US and Americans side with the terrorists and the oppressors. They are on the wrong side of history. In 2009, and in the past three years, Obama and Americans supported the Mullahs against the people of Iran. When millions of the Iranian people poured into the Iranian streets, Obama and the US supported the Mullahs and let the Iranians down. The echo of millions of people shouting in the Iranian streets: ‘Obama are you with us or with them [the mullahs]’ was a clear message that history will never forget it. In 2009, the US sided with the oppressors, as the US sides with the terrorists (MEK) and the oppressors (Mullahs, Monarchists, etc) in 2012“. In these days, some Americans say: “The US public asks: Why do they hate us? And we tell them because our media don’t tell us how the US kills them”. It’s good, but if Americans open their eyes, the puzzle of the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup) can show them many things. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “Thank you Obama bin Laden. Thank you for showing us the truth. Thank you for showing us who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. Thank you for showing us who is the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran”. In these days, even some Americans say: “America is the Worlds Largest Sponsor of Terrorism. And as the US moves toward tyranny, it doesn’t deserve to be considered the good guy”. And I hope one day most humans can see who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

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