Mullah Tactics in Spain, UK, US and Europe

In these days, Iranians are angry but they laugh, because tragedy at its peak is comedy. In these days, we have a new stupid artificial crisis, known as “Dollar Crisis” in Iran, that is just one of many artificial crises that the Mullahs have deliberately created them. The last one was ‘Chicken Crisis’. Now, most Iranians know that the Mullahs create these artificial crises, because they want to make Obama and other bad guys happy. In these days, many talk about “How the US and the Mullahs help each other”, that we will write more about it later. But here lets write about a sad truth: How the bad guys use “Mullah Tactics” in USA and Europe. It’s funny and important. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullah tactics are tyrannical tactics or Orwellian tactics. But you can call them ‘British tactics’ or European tactics’, too; because the British bastards are the main teacher/ supporter of the Mullahs. And the British bastards and other European bastards used these tactics first (in the past decades & past centuries)”. The main Mullah tactic is “Shamelessness” or “Bi-Sharmi” /”Veghahat” as Iranians call it. Some Iranians say: “Sharm is a Persian word that you see it in English as ‘Shame’. But as they are shameless!, they use this Persian word, without saying that it has a Persian root, like many other English words”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs and the West both tell big blatant lies without shame. Iranians used to talk about ‘the shameless way the Mullahs lie to us’, but now, many talk about ‘the shameless way the West lie to us'”. In these days, this shitty world is full of important shameful news, and the most important shameful news is “Delisting the terrorist Islamist-Marxist group (MEK)”. As many say: “It’s the Best US gift to the Mullahs, who help Obama and US sanctions”. We will write more about it later, but in these days Iranians just laugh and joke about the US, US foolishness, and US shamelessness. For instance, they say: “The American pigs that love Mullahs and terrorists, refer to their country as ‘the land of the free’ ! or ‘the land of the brave’!, but now, many know that the US is ‘the land of the bad guy’, ‘the land of the pig’, ‘the land of the terrorist’, ‘the land of the asshole’, etc. The American pigs delisted the MEK, and proved that USA is an acronym of ‘United States of Assholes’ !“. The angry Iranians also add: “It’s obvious that the main supporter of the Mullahs and the terrorists is USA. The US proved that the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran is USA, not Mullahs; and If Iranians want to have a free, democratic, and strong Iran, they should fuck the US, and fight against the US, not the Mullahs “. And some add: “The American pigs used to pretend that the US is the good guy. But now, even the little kids know that the US is the bad guy, and USA is an acronym of ‘United States of Animals'”. In these days, Iranians are angry at the US, and who can blame them? They say: “USA is anti-democracy and anti-freedom; USA is an acronym of ‘United States of Abnormals’ or ‘United States of Anti-Democracy'”, and who can blame them? It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry, because “Delisting the MEK” just confirms that USA is the bad guy. Even the wise, angry Iranians say: “The US and the American pigs are like or worse than the Mullahs”. We would write more about this issue later, but as we said before, those bad guys that betray and hurt Iranians, will betray and hurt other people as well. And in these days, you can see how the Western bad guys betray their own people, and how they use the Mullah tactics in the West. In this website, we write for the good guys in all around the world. We and many other Iranians have a lot of sympathy for the good guys in the West, but we can’t understand why only a few Westerners have sympathy for Iranians, and why only a few Westerners can see the real problems. The sad story of tyranny, suppression, and censorship in Spain, Greece, UK, and other parts of Europe, and the tragicomedy of the US election and the corruption and poverty in the US, can show that those who betray Iranians, betray their own people as well. It’s very important. Now, the Western pigs use the Mullah tactics in the West, and it’s sadly funny. The Western bad guys, specially the British pigs, taught the Mullahs the dirty tactics and helped them to use the Orwellian tactics in Iran, but at that time many Westerners said nothing or said: ‘Who cares about Iranians’. But now, the bad guys use the same tactics in the West, and the Western people are victims of the same bad guys and the same shits. Lets take a look at some Mullah tactics that are used in the .


Censorship, Hypocrisy and Lie

In these days, the wise guys talk about “Censorship in Europe”, “Tyranny in Europe”, “Suppression in Europe”, or “Barbarism in Europe”. The pictures (like the above and below pictures) can show many things. In these days, most European media censor the main news or don’t cover the people protests in Spain, Greece, and other parts of Europe. The European censorship is really horrible. Unfortunately, their tactics are a copy of the Mullah tactics. As Spaniards say: “The Spanish media has been silenced by the government. They don’t cover the Spanish protests and what the people say and do. The Spanish Media are indeed on silent mode“. And some add: Unfortunately, we witnessed the appalling actions of the Spanish police on Russia Today. The BBC and Sky and [other pigs] are silent “. This level of censorship is really horrible. As the wise Iranians say: “The British pigs and their BBC, the American pigs and their VOA, and other Western pigs, specially the stupid lefts, played the same role in 2009, during the Iranian protests. Now, the Spanish media, the British media and other pigs show the Spaniards part of the Iranian sufferings in the past three years”. In these days, Spain can remind many of the Fascist years or the Franco period in Spain, but the Western media have closed their eyes and say nothing. It’s very important. In 2011, we wrote about Spanish protests and censorship (check archive); but now, the Western media, the Spanish police, and other bad guys just remind you of Fascism, but the European pigs are silent or just help the fascists. The voices of ordinary Spaniards are hardly heard in the Western media and the internet. Search engines and those who try to control the internet, censor or boycott the people voice. In fact, the plague is polluting everywhere. As the wise Iranians say: “Europe is the land of Corruption and Hypocrisy, not Democracy”. But many are still ignorant. The idiots say: “Spain is a fascist state, but the UK is a democracy!”. The idiots know nothing about the British Hypocrisy, or about “Corruption, Censorship, Surveillance and Lack of Freedom in the UK“. In these days, the story of “Communications Data Bill” or “Spying Bill” in the UK is really shameful. This British bill is worse than the Mullah bills. But it’s just a small part of the UK’s war on freedom and free internet. “Spying Bill” is just one of many bills and laws in the UK that threaten the freedom and democracy. We would write more about this issue later, but even the recent story of Queen and the BBC’s apology can show why some say: “British system is an Orwellian, hypocritical Monarchy. British Democracy means ‘British Hypocrisy’. British Democracy is a hypocritical tyranny“. We should write more about “the lack of freedom of speech in the UK” and “the empty gestures of freedom and democracy in the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, only a few people write about these issues. Of course many Britons hate their politicians and their corrupt system, but they are passive. As the wise Iranians say: “The British system is one of the most corrupt systems. And it’s obvious that such a corrupt system can’t be a democracy. In July 2012, the British media reported: ‘UK’s largest financial institution, HSBC, accepted around $15 billion in cash from money laundering Mexican druglords and Mullahs. Fifteen billion dollars !! All of this happened under the leadership at HSBC of Stephen Green who is now a minister in the government [!!] and an adviser on banking to George Osborne’. In fact, the British pigs that are teachers of the Mullahs, are like or worse than Mullahs”. HSBC’s scandal is important, but as Britons say: “A new scandal unfolding on a weekly basis! God knows what other horrors are lurking beneath the surface. British system is corrupted … The bastards control the justice system, the media and the ‘democratic’ (what a joke) structures that continue to strangle many of our so-called freedoms … The rich in the UK are great crooks. The have been getting richer and the poor and middle class have been getting poorer”. As the wise Iranians say: “In the recent centuries, the British system was just a little better than other systems, but it don’t mean that Britain was a democracy. What the British bastards say about the British Democracy is bullshit. Even in the 20th century, the UK was not a democracy. In 1880, Queen Victoria clearly declared that ‘any attempt to make our institutions democratic will be most disastrous’. The UK is the land of Hypocrisy, Lie, Corruption, and Shamelessness. And when the UK suffers from suppression and censorship, it’s obvious that you can except nothing form Spain. If you check the web, you can’t find any cartoons or good works about tyranny, surveillance, censorship, or lack of freedom in the UK. It’s very important. You can find many things about the US, but not about the UK, while the US is more free and more democratic than the UK. It’s a clear sign of horrible censorship in the UK. If you have doubt, just google it”. We had doubt, and checked it. But we could not find any good cartoons about the UK ! It’s horrible. We should write more about the UK later.


Tyranny, Suppression and State Thugs

In these days, many can see the symptoms of Tyranny and Fascism in the West. As Spaniards say: “These days remind us of the Franco period, when Spaniards went ‘missing’, or were killed and tortured”. The Spanish police use the Mullah tactics a lot. As Spaniards say: “The Spanish protesters saw a group of undercover policemen who had been at the front of the protest waving red flags and encouraging others to violence. Other police certainly thought their undercover colleagues were troublemakers, and there is also film of one of them being dragged out of the crowd to be arrested and shouting: ‘I am a colleague! I am a colleague!'” As some Iranians say: “It just minds us of the 2009 protests in Iran, when the Basiji thugs played the same role”. They also add: “Agent Provocateur is a secret agent who is employed to encourage violence and foolishness. He or she is ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, a fascist agent or ‘a traitor that works for the bad guys. S/he is a state thug. And the State thugs have a main role in controlling, fooling, suppressing, or even beating or killing people. In Syria, Libya, and Iran you can see many of them, but even in the US and Europe you can find them. In these days, in Spain, Greece, etc, you can see the state thugs and agents provocateurs who use violence or encourage violence. They are like the state thugs in the Fascist Spain, Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. They just want to discredit the whole protests”. Using these fascist methods is a clear sign of tyranny and returning fascism to Europe. The brutal suppression in Spain, Greece, and Europe is horrible. But unfortunately, the Western media censor the news, and most Europeans know nothing about the roots of problems and real solutions, and their wise guys are inactive. It’s very dangerous. Their current solutions, like calling for new election, or what their stupid lefts and their stupid rights say, are really stupid. The people comments in the Western mass media show that about 90% of the Westerners are stupid or ignorant. But it’s not the whole story. We should not be naive.

Mercenaries, Cyber army, & Nazi-like Propaganda

As some wise Iranian say: “When most of the people comments in the mass media are stupid or abnormal, it shows that those who manage the comments and those who put the comments are not normal people. The year 2009 showed us that the cyber armies, ie those mercenaries that are known as ‘Cyber Mercenaries’, are very active. In 2009, the Mullah cyber mercenaries put comments in the Western mass media, and the Western media helped them and worked with them! At that time, it was very shocking, and Iranians could not believe that the Western media work with the Mullah mercenaries and cover their ass. But now, in 2012, even the little kids can see how the West work with ‘cyber Mercenaries’ or help them. For instance, the MEK is a small terrorist group that Iranians know it well. The MEK has its own cyber army that has several hundred ‘cyber mercenaries’. They are a very very small group, but just look how the CNN, the WSJ, and many other American media work with them and allow them to pretend that they are big or they are the voice of Iranians! The mass media censor and delete the ordinary people’s comments, but when they need, they allow ‘the cyber mercenaries’ to feel free, and it creates a false image and a false sense. We know this dirty tricks in the Western mass media, because we know the Mullahs, the MEK, the Pahlavists, and other Iranian pigs. But when the mass media betray the truth and distort the truth about Iran and Iranians in this way, it’s obvious that they use the same tactics in their own country as well. In fact, the Western media still use the Goebbels’s tactics and the Nazi-like propaganda. In 2011, during the UK riots, many could see these tactics in the UK, and now, many can see the same tactics in Spain and Greece. In fact, European bad guys have their own cyber armies and their own systematic censorship”. I’m not sure about what these Iranians say about Europe, but what they say about the terrorist group (MEK) is different. I checked what they said about the CNN and the Iranian comments under the CNN’s article about the MEK. Most of the comments under the CNN’s article are the comments of the MEK mercenaries. As the wise Iranians say: “the CNN should be ashamed of itself, because all Iranians know the truth, and know the MEK. Why the CNN should be so stupid and should allow the cyber mercenaries to create such a stupid false image? It’s not hard to find the truth about such false images. For instance, if the CNN publishes an article about Al-Qaede, and then under it you see that 90% of Americans love and support Al-Qaede!, you would know that it’s a false image. Sometimes you can easily see who work for whom, without knowing the secrets”. The story of the Western mass media and those who get money and betray the truth is a long story that we should write more about it later, but it’s just one of many dirty tactics that both the Mullahs and the West use them. Recently, the Canadian media reported: “Harper met with a group of Iranian Canadians ! In this meeting, the Iranian [baboons] thanked Harper for […]”. It’s so funny. It reminds many of the Mullah news and when Mullahs meets with Basiji thugs! As the wise Iranians say: “Harper’s regime is like the Mullah regime. Many Iranian Canadians are Basiji thugs, or are like or worse than Basiji thugs. In Iran, they kissed the Mullah ass or the Pahlavi’s ass, and in Canada they kiss Harper’s ass and the Canadian pigs’ ass. The Canadian pigs love the Iranian pigs, and Harper plays the role of Big Brother for them!” It’s really shameful that Harper loves the Basiji crooks and uses the Mullah tactics, but most Canadians are silent. Only a few Canadians say: “Harper depicts an increasingly ugly and intolerant Canada. Canada used to be a country didn’t make a fool of itself, and didn’t get involved in foreign adventures. But Canada has changed”. Many Western politicians are like or worse than Harper. For instance, Italy’s foreign minister that can be an Italian fascist, has kissed Netanyahu’s ass and said: “Netanyahu’s UN speech was presented very efficiently [!]'”, and some Iranians added: “Yah, Netanyahu’s speech was as efficient as Mussolini’s speeches!”. As the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, most Western politicians are bad guys, or work for the bad guys. They are brainless. Their eyes, their ears, and their brain are in their ass, but they are proud of it!, and their people are proud of them or care about them!”. It’s really tragic. As the media report: “The Spanish protests are organized by the Indignados group and other groups that call for new elections in Spain [!]“. It can remind you of the Mullah tactics. As the wise Iranians say: “These Spanish organizers are so stupid. Have they eaten ‘Maghze Khar’ (Donkey’s brain)?! They are like the [Iranian baboons], and maybe they work for the bad guys, too. They want to fool and control their people. They still kiss their politicians’ ass, while their politicians just remind you of ‘a case of the pot calling the kettle black’. Spain and the world need the new solution, not the new election. The new solution should be a real solution, like direct democracy, Swiss system, etc”. [We have already written about some real problems and real solutions in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” and “Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians” and “Horny Sheeple and Stupid Protests in the West” (check Archive)].


IMF Plans, Corruption, and US Sanctions

The Mullahs and the West use many dirty tactics, like scare tactics and shock tactics, that we should write about them later. But in these days, the stupid West just reveal its true colors, and tell big lies about Iran and Iranians, and it’s very informative. As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to understand the depth of the Western Shamelessness, just look what they say about the MEK, or what they say about the IMF plan and the US sanctions. What they say about their sanctions is a joke like this joke: ‘The Mullahs say that they have imposed crippling sanctions on Spain and Greece, and today’s conditions and today’s protests in Spain and Greece are the direct results of the Mullah sanctions! The Mullah sanctions against Spain and Greece bite and work, and are really crippling! If you have doubt, just look at the economic crises and the people protests in Spain and Greece!’ It’s a good joke, but it’s exactly like what the West say about Iran and US sanctions. Spain and Greece are not under any sanctions, but the corruption, the IMF/ EU plans, and other ‘Poverty Production’ plans have created the current shits there. The Spanish protest is like ‘IMF riots’, and is not a result of the Mullah sanctions against Spain! And the same is true about Iran. The stupid West say nothing about the disastrous results of the IMF plan in Iran, and how the Mullahs destroy Iran’s economy, and how the US and the Mullahs help each other. They just tell big lies about their stupid sanctions”. We have already written about the IMF’s love affair with the Mullahs, and how the Mullahs implemented the IMF plan in Iran, and how the Mullahs and the IMF f-u-c-k-ed Iran’s economy (check archive). As we said before, the IMF Plan in Iran, known as the Subsidy Cut Plan, is worse then all Western sanctions, but the US and the West try to present the disastrous results of the IMF plan as the results of the current sanctions! It’s very funny, like the story of the IMF plans and the IMF riots in the West, that we should write more about it later. As the Wise Iranians say: “In the 1980s and the 1990s, many countries were in crisis because of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The waves of protests in those countries became known as the ‘IMF riots‘. And now in the 2010s, we can see the new IMF riots in Europe. For the IMF, ‘Capitalism = Corruption’, and that’s why they don’t care about Financial Corruption and Corrupt Systems. And that’s why the IMF loves the Mullahs. The Mullahs implemented the IMF plan in 2010-2011, and the IMF plan had many disastrous results. But the stupid West pretend that the disastrous results of the Mullah tyranny and the IMF plan are the results of Obama’s sanctions! In the past 7 years, AhmadiNejad (AN) that is a Jew and a Zionist agent, tried to destroy Iran’s economy by the IMF plan and other disastrous [ultra-stupid] plans, and by the largest embezzlements and the greatest corruption in Iran’s history. Now, even the little kids know that AN and Mullahs just help the West and the Western sanctions. Now, even some Mullah media say: ‘AN is deliberately manipulating the market and the foreign currency reserves. At a time when our enemies put us under pressure, his [coup] government even doesn’t try to take control of the living conditions of people. The main source of inflation is the governments corruption and
‘. In fact, even the stupidest people know the truth”. In these months, we had many artificial crises in Iran, like Chicken Crisis or Dollar Crisis, that have been created by the Mullahs deliberately. As some Iranians say: “Just look at the economic crises in Europe and US, that are under no sanctions. Their economic crises are a result of corruption, mismanagement, and IMF plans, not sanctions. In Iran, the Mullah tyranny, the Mullah corruption, the IMF plan and USA’s secret love affair with Mullahs, are the root of problems”. In these days, many Westerners say: “If you are born poor or born rich in the US and Europe, you should stay that way“, and many Americans say: “The American dream’ just like ‘The land of the free’, was always total bullshit, but at least the rich gave the masses a belief in the aspiration to achieve. These bastards have now taken even that away … They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it! … Why is it only America that has ‘a dream’? Because everyone else is Awake!” Of course I don’t think that everyone else is awake, but I hope one day most humans can be awake and can see the main problems.

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