Sham Fight between USA and Mullahs

October 27, 2012

In Persian, we have a funny term, “Jang-e Zargari”, that means “Sham Fight”, and Iranians use it a lot in the recent years! Recently, many Iranians say: “In the Pahlavi era, the Mullahs rejected Iran’ nuclear program. The West supported the Mullahs, and the illiterate Iranians followed them like sheep. But the 2010s is not the 1970s. We know their plots and their sham fight”. As the wise Iranians say: “These years are the most important years in Iran’s modern history, and can show us many things about the greatest Sham Fight in the human history. The West loves the Mullahs, who are anti-Iranian, destroy Iran, suppress Iranians, and serve the interests of their Western employers. Even in the 1980s, the Iran Contra scandal and the secret relations between the US, the Mullahs and the Zionists revealed Sham Fight. But before the 2009 coup, most Iranians didn’t care about Sham Fight. But now, many things have changed”. In these days, some media report: “Valayati, Khamenei’s right hand, and the key figures of Mullah Gestapo are making love with the US officials! The New York Times (NYT) report was not baseless”. You can’t be sure about such secret news. But as the wise Iranians say: “All news of the secret meetings between the killers of the Iranian people, ie between the US and the Mullahs, are important. The enemies of the Iranian people are testing public opinion“. In these days, news of the secret relations between the enemies of the Iranian people are funny. Some media report: “The American and Mullah delegations met in Doha, Qatar in October 2012”. The people media say: “The secret negotiations between the US and the Mullahs in 2012 is not a new thing. The secret exchanges between the Obama administration and the Mullahs began in 2009, when millions of Iranians were protesting against the US-backed Mullahs”. And some media add: “If the Mullahs agree to a halt to Iran’s nuclear program before the US election, it would a new ‘October Surprise’. In the first October Surprise, the Mullahs helped Reagan in 1980”. In the recent days, many Western media, including the Guardian reported: “While the White House has rejected the NYT report, it has not specifically denied that Americans and [Mullahs] have been holding secret meetings soon after Obama came to office in 2009“! It’s very funny, because as the wise Iranians say: “Obama came to office in 2008, not 2009. But their secret relations in 2009 is very important, and their media tries to say nothing about it. The year 2009 is when millions of Iranians were in the streets and protested against the US-backed Mullahs. The year 2009 is when the US, the UK and their puppets created the Iranian 9/11 and killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians”. In the recent days, the NYT reported: “The US and [Mullahs] have agreed in principle for the first time to one-on-one negotiations. A source who is highly placed in the regime, said that once Khamenei receives Obamas guarantees, he will [announce] a solution to the nuclear crisis[!] The source said [without] Obamas written guarantees[!], Khamenei will not begin the process[!]”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs and the West are old, close friends. Their fight is a sham fight. The Mullahs know how the West betrayed its close friends, from Pahlavi to Mubarak. They just try to win some concessions (guarantees) from the West”. They also add: “The greatest sham fight in the human history has two main players: the US and the Mullahs. But many other players, including the UK, the EU, the UN, the Zionists, the Iranian pigs, the Western media, the Arabs, the Lefts and Chomsky are part of this Sham Fight”. Unfortunately, the Iranian people pay the price of this Sham Fight. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “The US, the UK, and Europe have Iranians’ blood on their dirty hands. And those who help this Sham Fight, from the lefts and the Zionists to the Iranian traitors, help the West in torturing Iranians and destroying Iran”. They also add: “The Iranian traitors and the Lefts are responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran, but the Iranian traitors are worse than the Lefts and the Zionists. Chomsky and Netanyahu don’t pretend that they are Iranians! But [all the Mullah’s men] from Masoud Behnoud and Alireza Nourizadeh to Akbar Ganji, Abbas Abdi, Nabavi, Kosar, NIAC, AIC, Khatamists, Pahlavists, and other Iranian pigs pretend that they are Iranians, while they betray Iran and the Iranian people, help the Mullahs and/or the Western sanctions, and serve the West’s interests”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong.


As the wise Iranians say: “The secrets of the 2009 coup are the secrets of the greatest Sham Fight in the human history. This Sham Fight began in the late 1970s, when the Mullahs obeyed the West and said that Iran should not have nuclear program“. It’s very important. The wise Iranians also add: “In 1978, the Mullahs rejected Pahlavi’s nuclear programs and said that Iran should not be a military power or a powerful country! Since 1974, the stupid Pahlavi wanted to be independent, and had ambitious plans. But the Mullahs preferred to help the West and serve the West’s interests. The West loved and supported the Mullahs, because the Mullahs suppress Iran’s people, keep Iran weak and backward, play the role of Bogeyman, and serve the West’s interests. The Mullahs are Arabs. They torture Iran’s people and destroy Iran and make the West and the Arabs happy. And now, the Iranian traitors, from Khatamists to Reza Pahlavi, try to play the role of Mullahs in 1978! Today’s Iranian traitors want to keep Iran weak and backward. It’s their mission. They should torture Iran’s people and destroy Iran, and that’s why they betrayed the people movement in 2009, and help the Western sanctions in 2012“. In these days, even the idiots can see the clear signs of “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight), because the story of the greatest Sham Fight in the human history has become very funny. “Obama sent his Jewish aide [!], the top US Diplomat Jeffrey Feltman, with Ban Ki Moon to Meet with Khamenei in Iran. Feltman is the first senior US officials to meet with Khamenei publicly“, the media reported in September 2012. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “After many secret love letters, secret meetings and secret exchanges, the Mullahs and the US pigs make love in public places! The story of Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Feltman can show many things about the United Neanderthals (UN) and United States of Assholes (USA). In fact, those who created and supported the Iranian 9/11 are on a team. AhmadiNejad as a Jewish agent, and Khamenei as a British agent, killed and suppressed the Iranian people with the help of the West and the Left. They destroy Iran with the help of the US, the UK, the IMF and other pigs”. In these days, even the Iranian kids say: “The West wants to keep Iran weak and backward”. Recently, even some Americans tell the truth! On 30 August 2012, a few Americans said: “A high rank US Diplomat met with Mullah in Iran. Like Medvedev and Obama, Feltman told Mullah: After his election he will have more flexibility!”. As the people media repot: “Feltman is a former Assistant Secretary of State in the Obama administration (2009- 2012). He had a key role in helping the Mullahs in 2009”. Of course as some Iranians say: “The mainstream media told big lies about Feltman and his missions. They just saw him as ‘the UN Under Secretary for Political Affairs’!, and added: ‘Obama fails to isolate Iran [!] Ban Ki-moon trip [proves this!]’ And it can show you the laws of Sham Fight: When you are making love with each other, you should pretend that you are enemy of each other. When you love each other, you should pretend that you hate each other. When you help each other, you should pretend that you fight against each other. When you write love letter to each other, you should pretend that you insult each other. When you are close friends, you should pretend that you are enemy of each other“. Recently, some Iranians talked about “the UN and the 2009 coup”, and said: “During the 2009 protests, Ban Ki-moon helped the Mullahs, but in 2012, he visited Iran for the first time, and said: ‘We have discussed how the UN can work together with Mullahs to improve the human rights situation [!]’ Ban Ki-moon, aka Chiz-to Koon (thing in his ass), added: ‘It is especially important for the voices of Iran’s people to be heard during next year’s presidential election [!!!]”. It’s what he said in Tehran, in front of Basiji thugs! In fact, this Korean shit that is puppet of the US, reveals the secrets of the 2009 coup. He stupidly thinks 2012 is 1997!, and 2009 didn’t exist! He is like the Iranian traitors, who shed crocodile tears for Iranians. But in these days, even Americans say: ‘Mullahs kill their own citizens, but Obama supports them. Obama’s envoy approved this. Obama just helps the Mullahs’. In fact, only the pigs and the lefts are still blind, or pretend ignorance. They are like the anti-Iran pigs in and that work for the CIA, the MI6, and/or the Mullah Gestapo. They prove that they are anti-Truth and anti-Iranian, while gain nothing except a handful of dollars and Eternal Damnation”


“Feltman is the most senior US official meeting with the Mullah Supreme Leader [openly and publicly] in the past three decades. In the first recorded meeting between Mullahs and US officials in the 1950s and the 1970s, Mullahs and Americans met with each other secretly and behind closed doors. But their secret meetings were important. Their secret meetings in the 1970s led to the 1979 revolution; their secret meetings in the 1980s, led to the Iran-Contra scandal; their secret meetings in 2008 and 2009, led to the 2009 coup; their secret meetings in 1953 led to the 1953 coup, and their secret meetings in 2010 and 2011, led to the 2012 farce”, the people media say. They also add: “Those Iranian traitors that helped the West and the Mullahs in 2012, 2009, 1979 and 1953 want to keep Iran weak and backward”. It’s good that many Iranians are not blind or stupid. They can see the great Sham Fight, while most Americans and Europeans are blind and stupid. As the people media report: “Hillary Clinton clearly says: [our] sanctions on Iran could be eased quickly if [Mullahs] worked with [us] to address questions about their nuclear program’. The US and Europe clearly proves that the West is enemy of the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran. But most Westerners are blind and stupid. Recently, a Mullah institute in Iran, Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies, wrote about ‘Time for Iran-US Talks’ and said: ‘The normalization of relations between [Mullahs] and the US should be a top priority. Lack of diplomatic relations between [Mullahs] and the US have placed a great burden on their interests [!] [Mullahs and USA] look more than ever to be prepared for meaningful talks with each other. Graham Allison from Harvard University has made a point on this issue in his recent article in Foreign Affairs [a pro-Mullah website in USA] in August 2012. He says: ‘[today’s crisis is more dangerous than] the Cuban missile crisis was’. He also notes that negotiations during the Cuban missile crisis succeeded because ‘only two players were allowed at the main table’. It’s important to note that Chomsky and other lefts have started to write about the Cuban missile crisis, too! Apparently, the CIA agents have synchronized their watches!” It’s funny. But unfortunately, most people in the US and Europe are blind, stupid, or silent. As some Iranians say: “The West knows that ‘with freedom and space, Irans young people can make Iran more advanced and more powerful than Britain, France, and Germany. The West knows that Iran’s young people can restore Persia, and can unit the occupied parts of Persia. The West knows that Iran’s young people can establish the United States of Persia, that will be more free, more democratic, more advanced, and more powerful than USA. And that’s why they aided the Mullahs in killing the Iranian people. And that’s why the West is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. The Western Barbarians are still enemy of the civilized Iranians. The West as the cradle of Barbarization, is still enemy of Iran that is the cradle of Civilization. The long struggle for democracy in Iran has had a main enemy: The Barbarian West”. We would write more about this issue later. They also add: “Brutal crackdown on anti-Mullahs and pro-democracy protests in Iran, showed us that the UN, the US, and the EU are enemy of the human rights and democracy. They want to keep Iran weak and under tyranny. And that’s why they support the Mullahs, the terrorists (MEK), the monarchists (Pahlavists), the Islamists (Khatamists), and other jerks that more than 90% of Iran’s people hate all of them “. It’s good that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. As some Iranians say: “AhmadiNejad is a Jew, Jeffrey Feltman is Jew, Noam Chomsky is a Jew, and many lefty figures are Jews, but most Westerner are blind!”. Unfortunately, the Westerns just say: “Surprise, surprise Feltman meets with [Mullahs]”. As some say: “They don’t know the Iranian 9/11 and the greatest Sham Fight in the human history, that the US, the UK, and the lefts are parts of it. They don’t know that the US and the UK have Iranians’ blood on their hands”.


Obama bin Laden has Iranians’ blood on his dirty hand, but he is not alone. Chomsky, the lefts, Ban Ki-moon, the UN, the UK, the EU, Canada, and many others help him. Instead of condemning the Jewish Nazi who pray for annihilation of Iran and clearly say: “God, wipe Iranians out, kill them. Destroy Iran and Iranians God, obliterate them from the face of the earth; and instead of condemning the Jewish Nazi who talk about offensive war, and threaten Iran with nuclear bomb!, the UN defends the Zionists, and the Canadian pigs cut their ties with Iran for the sake of the Jewish Nazi!”, some Iranians say. Those who desperately try to keep Iran weak and backward, are as stupid and savage as the European Barbarians. But all Westerners are not like them. People comments in the Western media can show many things: “I’m sick and tired of hearing this threats from I-s-r-ael towards Iran. Why are they constantly threatening Iran? … It is amazing that Israel can repeatedly threaten to illegally attack another country, without being criticized by the West … After any Jewish or American attack, Iran has the right to become a nuclear power with nuclear bombs immediately … An offensive attack on Iran create more dislike of the West and the Jews and will saw the seeds of more hostilities for decades … The US should finally understand that the key to solving the Iran problem is to help Iranians with their aspirations for freedom and democracy“. It’s good that a few Westerners try to tell the truth. As some Iranians say: “The US has no option except apologizing to the Iranian people for betraying the freedom and democracy in Iran. Iran’s people and other normal people will never accept the US-Mullah relations/ deals”. Recently, even some Americans say: “The Iranian people, who by the millions came out in 2009 voicing their resentment with the regime and hoping for change, found no support from the West. Obama betrayed them, and [helped the Mullah regime]. Obama turned his back on the Iranian people, and chose negotiations with the Mullahs, rather than directly supporting the aspirations of a nation”. It’s good that at least a few Americans try to tell the truth. As the people media say: “The West should know that Iranians will never forget these years. We will not forget how the American pigs and the British pigs support the terrorists (MEK), the monarchists (Pahlavists), and the Mullahs; and how they are happy to see our pain and suffering. In the near future, the British pigs will pay the price of all their crimes in the past 300 years. The payback time is near. The Barbarian UK, that is on the edge of collapse and separation, should know that the game is over. The British Barbarians should say hello to their end. The age of British Barbarians has reached the end of the line“. As some Iranians say: “Iranians are angry because Britain, as the main enemy of Iran in the past 300 years, has a key role in the current Sham Fight. Many Mullahs are puppets of the UK, and in these days, even the Guardian supports the Iranian traitors, or tells barbaric jokes about sanctions: ‘[In Iran, even] simple supermarket trips are becoming a complicated calculus [!] And as for Iranians in hospitals, they are suffering for lack of supplies. We should be happy to see [their suffering!]’. So, as the witty Iranians say: ‘Bayad Hessabi az Khejalat Englisi-ha Dar-Biayim!’ (We should tell the truth about the British Bastards, and return their favor!). The UK is a small country that committed great crimes”. And as the angry Iranians say: “Britain tells big lies about its shameful history, that is a long history of Barbarism and Barbarians”. In the near future, we will write about the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain, but the angry Iranians add: “Iran should punish the British Barbarians. The whole UK and even the whole US should vanish with just one bomb! Iran should have such weapons, and should punish those who tried to destroy Iran and torture Iranians. Those who sow fart, reap typhoon!” It’s obvious why Iranians are angry.


“Jeffrey Feltman is obviously Zionist. Why the Mullahs let him into Iran?”, some Americans say. They know nothing about the greatest Sham Fight in the human history. The people media report: “Feltman is a Jew that was at the US Consulate General in Jerusalem, from August 2001 to November 2002. He served in the US Embassy in Tel Aviv as a diplomat (1995- 1998) and as Special Assistant (2000- 2001). He was the US Ambassador in Lebanon (2004- 2008)! and helped both the Hezbollah and the Zionists. He was the US Assistant Secretary of State (2009- 2012). During [the Iranian 9/11] he helped the Mullahs and Obama a lot”. They also add: “Jeffrey Feltman is a Zionist. Seeing him sitting between Ki-Moon and a Mullah facing the Mullah leader [is very funny]. Feltman’s story tells us many things about the great Sham Fight”. They also add: “Most Westerners don’t know that AhmadiNejad is a Jew. On 24 Sep 2012, the Telegraph said: ‘Ahmadinejad has no problem with children marrying a Jew’. The British idiots added: ‘Ahmadinejad has claimed he would have no issue with one of his children marrying a Jewish person’! Maybe that’s why Obama sends a top Jewish Diplomat to meet with Mullahs in Iran!”. They also add: “The top Zionist Diplomat that met with Khamenei, was part of USA’s secret talks with Gaddafi in 2011. When Gaddafi was killing its people, Jeffrey Feltman that was US assistant secretary of state, met with Gaddafis inner circle. And after the meetings, NATO started to kill more anti-Gaddafi Libyans!”, we have already written about it (check Archive). As some Iranians say: “Feltman and Gaddafi could not make a deal, because public opinion could not accept any deal between Gaddafi and the West. Even Chomsky, Chavez, and other lefties could not help Feltman and Gaddafi”. In the Sham Fights, the role of some one like Chomsky is important. As some Iranians say: “If you want to know the stupid lefts, you can ask yourself: why they say nothing about the role of the Mullahs in stopping Iran’s nuclear programs in 1979, or about the role of Mullahs in torturing Iranians and destroying Iran, or about Iran-Contra scandal, Obama, Feltman, the 2009 coup, the 2012 farce, and many other shameful events?” They also add: “the reason is obvious. These jerks work for the CIA, and are part of the plot”. You can’t be sure about such secret things, but recently, even the US media said: “the US appeals to Mullahs for help in regional problems[!]” and added: “the US sees Iran sanctions as transcending elections issues“. So, it’s obvious why most Iranians say: “Baba Inha Hamash Jang-e Zargari!” that means “All this farce is a Sham Fight”. When the Zionists say: “Just imagine that tomorrow, the beautiful and ancient city of Isfahan, may vanish, with just one bomb [!!]“, and when the Iranian opposition’s media (what a joke!), RooozOnline, that the West supports it financially, defends the Zionist nuclear threats and says: “They [should] Nuke Iran”!, it’s obvious why Iranians hate today’s opposition, that betrayed the people movements, too. As the wise Iranians say: “The so-called Iranian opposition are those traitors that betrayed the Iranian people in the 1997-2009 period. In 2009, they said: ‘We are worried about the Mullahs’! But in 2012, they help the Western sanctions and are not worried about Iranians! These traitors just serve the interests of their Western employers”. And as some say: “The Western media said: ‘Regularly beating the drums of war, Netanyahu [reveals our true colors!]’, and Netanyahu closed its dirty mouth. But the Iranian traitors that are ultra-stupid still defend Netanyahu! The Western pigs and their stupid agents have already revealed their main goal: Helping Mullahs and others in keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. But Iran will become a free and strong country, because most Iranians that are young, modern, educated, and anti-Islamists, are wiser than their Western counterparts. Those who betray Iranians, are on the wrong side of history, and will say hello to their end soon”. I hope the good guys in all around the world can see the real problems and the sham fights.

Obama, Romney, and USA: A Nation of Sheep

October 23, 2012

This year (2012) has many historic events, from the sanction farce and delisting the Marxist terrorists (MEK) to the US-Mullah love story and the US election farce. The tragicomedy of the 2012 election, that is the worst election in the US history, can show us many things about today’s world. In these days, the wise guys, including the wise Americans, see USA as “A Nation of Sheep” (Mellat-e Goosfand). They say: “US voters are the American sheep, easily-herded”. But why they say such things? It’s obvious that all Americans are not stupid. Only the idiots and the Western media judge a whole nation by such labels. We know that several million Americans are wise or open-minded. But as the wise Iranians say: “when we talk about USA as a nation of sheep, we means that ‘X percent of Americans live like the stupid sheep’. This X is not 100, but is greater than 60”. When you take a look at the US election farce, the US-Mullah secret relations, the 2012 sanction farce, the 2009 US-Mullah coup, delisting the MEK and many other shameful events, you can understand why the wise guys say such things. In these days, the US presidential debates remind you of the Mullah debates. Some Americans see these debates as ‘sham debates’, and say: “To understand the US political process, one can just look to how the sham presidential debates are organized and how they function. This is the same process that repeats itself endlessly in virtually every other political realm“[1] Of course, these Americans that see ‘Sham Debate’, can’t see ‘Sham Fight’ (Jang-e Zargari) between the US and the Mullahs. Unfortunately, they are half blind, and Iranians should pay the price of ‘Sham Fight’. In Iran, even little kids know how the US aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians in 2009. But most Americans are blind or stupid. “The Mullahs not only have implemented the IMF plan (in 2010- 2011), but they are creating many artificial crises to help Obama. The disastrous results of the IMF plan, and the stupid story of the chicken crisis, the dollar crisis, and many other Mullah-made crises, show that the stupid lefts and the Iranian journalists, that live abroad and work as political prostitute, help the Mullahs and the US, and use scare tactics and frustration tactics and desperately try to force people to accept a deal between the US and the Mullahs. But now, most Iranians see both the US and the Mullahs as great evils and as enemies of Iran and Iranians. It’s a historic change in Iran. Before the 2009 coup, most Iranians that are young and anti-Islamist, saw the US as the good guy”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, the Western mass media openly confess that what many Iranians, including us, said about Mullahs and USA was not ‘conspiracy theory’! For instance, they confess: “Western governments hope to restart diplomacy with [Mullahs] after the November 6 US election“! In these days, the Western pigs are revealing the secrets of the 2009 coup and the meaning of the 2012 farce. For instance, the media report: “The New York Times, citing unnamed US officials, says the US and [Mullahs] have been holding intense secret exchanges since 2009 [!!] The US officials say [Mullahs] want to negotiate with the US after the November election”. But most Americans are blind or stupid. As some Iranians say: “CNN or ‘Crap Network of Nonsense’ tries to help the terrorists, the Mullahs, and Obama bin Laden. On Oct 16, 2012, Christian Amanpour wrote about ‘Divide and Rule’! and said: ‘The war of nerves over Iran ebbs and flows. [But no one wants a real war]. Javad Larijani, a [British agent and] senior adviser to Khamenei, called for a step-by-step process whereby the US would receive total transparency from [Mullahs], in return for lifting sanctions and providing security guarantees. No one is going to lose the US election by sounding and acting too tough on Iran, but resolving the nuclear issue will require comprehensive and direct US-[Mullah] negotiations. Doing so would set the stage for a more stable and secure Middle East‘. Amanpour and other American bitches are like the Iranian prostitutes that call themselves ‘journalist’; and all of them try to play the role of a love-broker (or pimp) between the US and the Mullahs”. They also add: “On October 9, 2012, the CNN, aka the Crap Network of Nonsense, told an important joke: ‘Fact Check: Was Obama ‘silent’ on Iran 2009 protests?‘! They think all humans are as stupid as Americans, and can forget the 2011 love story of ‘Obama and Egypt’ and the 2009 love story of ‘Obama and Mullahs’. The American pigs in the CNN said: ‘Obama took a tough stance in 2009’! The ‘Crap Network of Nonsense’ is a bad joke. They tell big lies about the 2009 coup, and supports the MEK that is terrorist, Marxist, and Islamist. They treat Americans like sheep. But Iran is not USA. Most Iranians know that Obama, the 2009 tragedy, the 2012 farce, and the MEK farce just proved that the US is a nation of sheep”. And a Nation of Sheep can create many disasters, including theocracy, war, fascism, corrupt system, and sham democracy.


In these days, the US election farce and their presidential debates just remind you of the Mullah regime and the Mullah debates. Some Americans talk about “sham debates” and “illusion of choice” in USA, and say “silence on this issue from the cowardly US media and cowardly US journalists” just prove that the US is ‘A Nation of Sheep’. Of course many Americans hate both Romney and Obama. ‘Voter registration slumps amid lack of enthusiasm for Obama and Romney’, some Americans say. But these Americans don’t organize themselves and don’t try to “Boycott the 2012 Election”. As the wise Iranians say: “Instead of the stupid OWS, that had no demand list and no goal, the Americans should have a movement for boycotting the 2012 election farce, that is the worse election in the US history. But unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant”. And the wise, angry Iranians add: “The stupid OWS protesters said that ‘we are the 99%’. But now, even 10% of them can’t organize themselves to boycott the worst US election. In fact, they are the 99% of the idiots. They are the 99% of ‘A Nation of Sheep’ that participate in the election show and prove that they are the stupid sheep”. We have already written that the 99% slogan is stupid and shows nothing about what the Americans want. As the wise Iranians say:”Even if the 40% of Americans knew what they want, and could organize themselves, we would see a real change or a great revolution in the US!, but most Americans are silent or ignorant. Unfortunately, some one like Noam Chomsky, that supports the brutal dictators and betrays the truth, is the idol of Americans, and it’s a real tragedy”. As some Iranians say: “The US has become a bad joke. Delisting the MEK that is terrorist, Islamist, and Marxist, is a historic event, but most Americans are not aware of it, as they are not aware of the US crimes in 2009. The US is a bad joke. Their presidential election are like the Mullah elections. On Oct 4, 2012, some Americans wrote: ‘At Last Nights Debate Romney told 27 lies in 38 Minutes‘. But only a few Americans said that they should boycott the election farce”. The US debates are like the Mullah debates in 2009. As the media report: “Obama accuses Romney of not telling the truth. ‘If you want to be president, you owe the American people the truth’, Obama said to Romeny”. And as the wise Iranians say: “Romney accuses Obama of not telling the truth about the Iranian protests in 2009. It’s true. If Romney was a good guy, all Iranians would support him, but Romney and Obama are the same shit”. In a famous leaked video, in the mid September, “Romney claimed that 47% of Americans pay no income tax, and they are dependent upon government, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you-name-it“, the media reported. “Romney’s 47% bullshit makes him 100% unsuitable to be president”, many said. “Romney plays the role of Bogeyman, and tries to encourage Americans to vote for Obama. In these conditions, the feasible solution is Boycotting the Election farce”, some Iranians say. But only a few Americans talk about such things, and most of them are Chomsky’s fans![4] Some Westerners say: “Romney is a bad person. This level of meanness is unbelievable … Romney divides society into the wealth-makers and the wealth-takers; he is like the UK Tories … Until we get rid of our corrupted Capitalism nothing will change … Romney loves an opportunist society … Romney makes Bush look smart! … It is highly embarrassing for America to have such a Presidential Candidate”. But why most Americans are silent or ignorant, and don’t organize themselves? “Conservative bloggers are leading a campaign to discredit the secretly recorded video of Romney”, some Americans say. The cyber mercenaries and the cyber armies are active in the US and the West, while most people are silent or ignorant. The stupid Westerners still defend politicians, and write: “We need politicians more than ever [!!]. Anti-politics sentiment is on the rise, but politics remains the only way to answer complex questions [!!!]” Of course those Westerners that are not part of ‘A Nation of Sheep’ answer: “Politicians and their agents think we need politicians. Joke?! … Politicians are care for nothing other than their snouts in the trough … We need decent politicians. But decent people don’t want to go into politics … Bankers, the Media, and Politicians, all are less honorable then Prostitutes”. But most Americans live like sheep, and follow their politicians and their media like sheep. Napolitano in his book ‘A Nation of Sheep’ [5] talks about the American Sheeple and how they follow their government like sheep. As some Americans say: ‘Judge Andrew Napolitano in his latest work A Nation Of Sheep asserts that the US citizens have been acting like sheep”.


In these days, some Americans write about “illusion of choice” or “A corporate marketing scam called American democracy”, and say: “The US election makes a mockery of democracy. Two corrupt parties, funded by corporations, run by lobbyists! It’s American Democracy”. And some Americans write about “Commission on Presidential Debates”, and add: “We have a private corporation that was created by the Republican and Democratic parties called the Commission on Presidential Debates. It seized control of the presidential debates. And instead of making public these contracts, the commission allows the candidates to negotiate these 21-page contracts that dictate all the fundamental terms of the debates. Under this elaborate regime, the candidates ‘aren’t permitted to ask each other some questions, propose pledges to each other”[1] In fact, the US tries to become a Theo-Democracy like the Mullah regime! But it’s not the whole story. “The media’s role is to keep the discourse as restrictive and unthreatening as possible while peddling the delusion that it’s all vibrant and free and independent & unrestrained “[1] It’s Sham Democracy, and as the wise Iranians say: “It’s beyond tragedy. And that’s why the US and its mass media and its leftist media betrayed the modern Iranians in 2009. The past three years proved many things. Now, some Americans say: ‘the whole U.S. political system is a sham; and that one-party two-wings tyranny that pillages and kills abroad and enslaves bodies and minds at home needs […]’. But most Americans just follow their leaders or their leftist pseudo intellects like sheep”. In these days, many things are tragicomic. On Oct 4, 2012, DemocracyNow had a weird and sad debate between Third-Party Candidates, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party. “We broke the sound barrier by pausing after Obamas and Romneys answers [!] to get real-time responses from Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson”, they said. As some Iranians say: “It’s a sad truth that they can’t have a real debate between 4 candidates. Most people don’t know that the US election farce has 4 candidates, not 2 candidates. But Stein or Anderson are politicians and don’t have any real or new solutions”. In these days, the American media say nothing about their sham democracy, and just repeat their old jokes: “The first debate was a win for Romney, the second debate was a win for Obama! … CNN awarded the debate 46% to Obama and 39% to Romney, while CBS put it as 37% Obama to 30% Romney”! As the wise Iranians say: “The US election farce, and ‘the 90-minute debate, watched by tens of millions of Americans’ are full of ‘jabbing fingers at one another and accusing each other of lying’! But this sham democracy that is known as American Democracy has reached the end of the line. We all should think about new and real solutions”. The US is badly corrupted. As some Americans say: “In 2010, the richest 1% in the US captured 93% of that year’s gain in incomes! In the same year, corporate chief executives made, on average, 243 times as much as the median worker! (in 1965 the ratio was 10 times lower). Between 1970 and 2010, the Gini coefficient, which measures inequality, rose in the US from 0.35 to 0.44: an astounding leap”. Some Americans talk about “The myth of self-created millionaires“, and say: “Most millionaires or their parents are Looters. They spent their life lying in bed and throwing darts at the wall, but they are still super rich. The planet’s 1,000 ‘richest’ parasites control as much wealth as the planet’s 2500 million people”. It’s a sad truth. But as some Americans say: “You still see a lot of people talking of Obama like the hero of the people!”. Only a few Americans say: “Don’t vote for Obama; Don’t vote for Romney. Boycott the 2012 Election “. Most Americans don’t know the real problems. But as the wise Iranians say: “If Americans want to know their real problems, they should know the secrets of the 2009 coup and how both the lefts and the rights betray the truth and the Iranian people. The 90% of Iran’s people hate Mullahs, AN, and their Western supporters, but the American pigs tell joke: ‘AhmadiNejad (AN) intends to convince Irans people that he is the man who wants to bring the US-Mullah conflict to an end’ ! It’s what the American pigs say in these days! They also say: ‘Which candidate, Romney or Obama, would be more likely to go to war against Iran?’, and add: ‘None of them’! The Western pigs love Mullahs, and just want Mullahs to be weak puppets. But Mullahs that know how the West betrayed its puppets, from Pahlavi to Mubarak, try to win some concessions from the West. And it’s Sham Fight”. They also add: “After the 2009 betrayals, the economic crises, the 2012 farce, delisting the MEK, etc, it’s so obvious that USA is bankrupt. USA is both morally and economically bankrupt. What they say about war against Iran is bullshit. Iran is not a small country, and the bankrupt US and the bankrupt EU that are in deep shit, can’t eat extra shit! The US war against Iran just means: The US digs its own grave. Their media say: Obama has signed an order that carries out new sanctions against Iran! The US and the EU tell joke, while their hands are empty, like their empty heads. The EU-US sanction is like a very revealing dress; very ineffective, but very revealing! These brainless creatures just reveal their true colors, while gain nothing except a big ‘F-u-c-k You’. The feature belongs to the young, modern, and anti-Islamist Iranians, that already liked the West, but now, they know the true face of the West, that is on the wrong side of history. Those who sow the seeds of hate, will reap their own termination. It’s what the reason and the history tell us”..


In the recent days, a reader, David, has asked us: “I am an American teacher interested in learning the TRUTH about Iran – sick
of bullshit from both governments. What is the mindset of Iranians today? Not a simple question, but I’d appreciate your opinions”. It shows that those who claim: “All Americans are ignorant”, are brainless. And here I should say to David that if he checks our Archive page, he can find part of his answer. And in the future, we will write more about Iranians and West. Most comments that are sent to us or published in the mass media are so stupid. But we don’t judge a whole nation by such comments in the web. The cyber mercenaries are active. And some comments are weird. For instance, some readers, including Lillian King, ask us: “I am part of a team of designers and researcher that put together an […] showing how […] If you’re interested in using our content, I’d be happy to share it with you”. And I should say to them: ‘thanks for your emails, but we are not interested in any special, secret, or non-public data. If you have any link to your data, just write your link in your email. We would check it”. We know that many Americans are not stupid, because in a country with about 320 million citizens, even if 1% or 10% of the people are not stupid, it’s a big number (> 3 million). Recently, some wrote about “How Romney kills the American Dream”, and said: “What [Romney] reveals is that the American Dream is dead. The American Dream was a discourse formulated between the 1880s and the 1920s in the US during the great waves of migration and expansion and reforms of the Progressive Era. Slogans, often used by political leaders, invoked a promise that America was the land of opportunity, where hard work, gumption and a bit of luck could make any poor kid a millionaire. Now, it is not surprising that the 99% stopped using the language of the American Dream, but what is notable from Romney’s remarks is that even the wealthy have abandoned it. The fact that even the rich don’t buy a version of what is now self-delusion is striking. What Romney’s remarks show is that the wealthy are [managing a corruption system] that benefits them by assigning blame for the destruction of the American Dream to the have-not. [Now,] politicians do not even bother invoking the American Dream anymore. They know that we know [them]”[2] It’s good that at least a few Westerners can see some serious problems in their own country. The Western comments about the American dream show many things: “They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it … The American dream, like the land of the free’, was always total bullshit, but at least the rich gave the masses a belief in the aspiration to achieve. These bastards have now taken even that away … Americans were always living under a lie and a pretence; like calling America ‘Democratic’ … If you are born poor or born rich in the West, you are likely to stay that way … Romney and the American [pigs] love the American Nightmare! … Anyone who has worked on presidential campaigns knows that strategists all write off the 47% who will never vote for them … The US society, like many in the west, is controlled by a tiny circle who have inherited their comfortable status and are intent on kicking away any ladders that might enable others to join them”. Of course the life is not like “climbing a ladder” for joining that tiny circle! It’s really stupid. If you live with open eyes, and if you know about the human needs and “Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid”, you would know that If you want to joint that tiny circle, you would become a jerk like them! But if all humans can climb “Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid”, then we would have a real better world. We have already written about this issue (check Archive). The wise Iranians say: “US and EU are not lands of opportunity, but are lands of opportunists; and lands of looters and ass-lickers”. And some Americans write about “Poverty and hunger in America“, and say: “The number of people in poverty has grown to 48.5 million, or 16% of the US population“. And some add: “Today the parasites claim to be entrepreneurs. The ultra-rich, looters and parasites, deny the role of other people, and deny help to those less fortunate than themselves”. And it’s the story of the inhumanity. As some say: “About 49 million Americans live like the homeless, and about 100 million Americans live like ‘the poor’, and these 150 million Americans are the 47%, that Romney treats them like shit! But these 150 millions show us a broken society. In the US, the causes of poverty are: inequality, bad governance, exploitation, systematic corruption, etc. In the US, the thieves and crooks are leaders, the Sheeple are their followers, and others are silent or play the role of victim”. In these days, the stupid Mormon, Romney, talks about “struggle between liberty and tyranny, justice and oppression, hope and despair”! The US has become a bad joke. “My job is not to worry about [the poor, the 47%]. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives”, Romney has said [3]. “Is $100,000 middle income? No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less”!!, Romney has added[3] And only ‘A Nation of Sheep’ can have such idiots as Presidential Candidate! “In 2012, total student debt has surpassed the $1 trillion mark. In 2010 student debt exceeded credit-card debt. In 2011 it surpassed auto loans. Students repay their loans in 10 to 30 years! People 60 and older were responsible for $43 billion in student loans!”, the media report. It’s obvious why ‘A Nation of Sheep’ becomes ‘a Nation of Debt’. Some Americans say: “The young voters who voted in 2008 and thought it was going to make a difference, have had their illusions shattered … I used to vote, when I was young and naive. Then I realized there were always only 2 choices, and both choices lead to the same place”. I hope the good guys in the West try to know more about their corrupt systems, and also about the story of Obama Bin Laden and the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup), that is an important story about the Sheeple and the Sheepocracy in today’s West.

For more information:

[1] Glenn Greenwald: The lame rules for presidential debates: a perfect microcosm of US democracy. Secret collusion between the two parties, funded by corporations, run by lobbyists. It’s American Democracy!
[2] Noami Wolf: How the Mitt Romney video killed the American Dream . Republicans no longer pretend to believe the myth
[3] Dumb Romney Quotes
[4] A call for Election Boycott in USA , with the taste of Chomsky!
[5] A Nation of Sheep , a book by Andrew P. Napolitano, 2007

Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe, a dark History

October 18, 2012

In these days, Europe and the US desperately try to hurt the Iranian people, but they don’t know that they are giving a historic gift to Iranians and other humans. In these days, Iranians are angry, but ask good questions about the root of problems. For example, they ask: “Why Europeans behave like the stupid upstarts and tell big shameful lies about themselves and Iran?” or “Why the uncultured Westerners desperately try not to allow Iran to be a free and strong country?” or “Why Westerners behave like the uncultured people and don’t care about the human values?”. The past three years are the most important years in Iran’s modern history. In 2009 and 2012, the West showed its true colors to today’s Persians, that are wiser than their western counterparts. The Western betrayals were painful, but very useful. Most Iranians that are young, modern, anti-Islamist, and well-educated, saw the West as the good guy. But the West revealed its true colors, and woke Iranians up. As the wise Iranians say: “The West is waking the Lion of Persia up, and we should thank the stupid West for such stupidity! Today’s West thinks and behaves like the stupid and uncultured people, because they are really uncultured, and have a long shameful history of savagery and barbarism“. And here, and in a series of articles, we want to write about a very small part of this long shameful history, mainly because the dark history of Europe can explain today’s problems and can help us in finding real solutions. In these days, the angry Iranians say: “The European pigs should know that Iranians will never forget these years, and will never forgive the European Barbarians”. But what you read here is not just a reaction to the recent events; it’s written and published for the sake of all victims of the savage West, and because truth is more important than West or Iran. As you know, George Orwell coined the term “Ministry of Truth” in his famous ‘1984’. And as the wise Iranians say: “Orwell knew ‘Ministry of Truth’ well, because he knew the UK well. Orwell’s wife Eileen worked at the British Ministry of Information in the Censorship Department from 1939 to 1942. Orwell knew the UK Ministry of Information well, and described it as ‘Ministry of Truth’ in his 1984. Ministry of Truth is a ministry of lie and propaganda, and is mainly responsible for falsification of historical events . Ministry of Truth in Britain and Europe has destroyed and falsified many historical evidence in the past 400 years. But Ministry of Truth has a long story in Europe. Many Greek historians told systematic lies and stupid lies, and at the time of Alexanders invasion, many Persian books and Persian texts, even the Avesta, were destroyed or dispersed by the Greeks and the savage Spartans “. We would write more about this issue later, but here lets write about a dark history that Ministry of Truth tries to hide it. The history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain and Europe can explain today’s problems. As the wise Iranians say: “Europe is the ancient land of Barbarism, and Britain is the main land of Barbarians, but Ministry of Truth refers to their barbarians as ‘cannibals’, ‘noble savages’, or ‘civilized cannibals’!, and tells Orwellian jokes. They try to hide the truth, because it’s very important”. Knowing Iran, the cradle of civilization, can be helpful in understanding the true meaning of Barbarism in Europe. Iran that means ‘the land of Aryans’ is the ancient land of human values. As the wise Iranians say: “Many parts of today’s human civilization have Iranian roots or belong to Iran, the cradle of civilization. The Greek historians were so jealous of Iranians. They were like the Mullahs, that are Arabs. They were enemy of Persia and Iranians. But do you know the enemy’s confessions about Persia? In about 2500 years ago, not only Persian figures were the idol of Plato and Greek philosophers, but Xenophon and others wrote: ‘Every Persian is entitled to send his children to the public schools of righteousness and justice. The Persians are taught to obey the laws, tell the truth, and respect the elders. Continence in meat and drink is another branch of instruction in Persia‘. It’s very important. The enemy also added: ‘To this day it is still considered shameful for a Persian to spit in public, or wipe the nose, or show signs of wind (fart)’. Persians were the civilized humans, but do you know who were the Europeans? They were the savage Barbarians”. The wise Iranians also add: “Greece was a small country, and several savage tribes, including Spartans, lived in Greece. But the civilized Greeks had Iranian roots. When Iranians (Aryans) immigrated to Greece, and brought culture and civilization to that region, a group of Greeks learned civilization from Iranians. And then within thousands years, they went to the Western Europe and tried to bring culture and civilization to that region as well. But before the Iranian (Aryan) immigration to Europe, only the savage tribes lived in Europe. The Germanic tribes, that were the main savage tribes in Europe, lived in the present day’s Britain, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, etc. In the ancient times, many barbarian tribes were given the broad label of Germanic by the Romans, but now, they are known as Franks, Goths, Jutes, Lemovii , Angelns, Saxons, Vandals, Vangiones, etc. These Celts or Germanic tribes ate each other, drank human blood, ate children, fought naked, loved savagery and bloodshed, ate their enemies and their prisoners and drank their blood, etc. In fact, ‘culture’, ‘civilization’, ‘humanity’, ‘human values’, etc were totally meaningless for them”.


The wise Iranians say: “Europeans were more savage and uncultured than the Arabs“. But why? As Europeans say: “the first major encounter between Christians and Muslims was colored -in fact and folklore- by European cannibalism [ie European barbarism]. The chronicles of the first Crusade in Europe are full of Europeans eating the Muslims [!!]”[1] It’s very important. Many don’t know these facts, because “Ministry of Truth” tells big lies about both the ancient Europe and the Middle Age’s Europe. But those Europeans that don’t work for “Ministry of Truth”, try to tell the truth. For instance, they say: “There is evidence of mass cannibalism in Germany, in which even children and unborn babies were eaten. Investigation of the bones dug up at Herxheim in southwest Germany suggest the region was a epicenter for cannibalism [and Barbarism]. The menu included bodies that could have been spit-roasted. The bodies were skinned and had their flesh removed using techniques almost identical to those for butchering animals. There are thousands of other bodies dug up at Herxheim of people eaten by [European barbarians]“[3] The story of barbarism in Europe is the story of Europe from the ancient time to the recent centuries. In fact, the historical evidence of barbarism and cannibalism in Europe don’t belong to a specific era, but each evidence is like a piece of a large puzzle that reveals the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Europe. Ministry of Truth tries to hide this large puzzle and destroy its pieces. But as the ancient Iranians said: “No one can hide the truth for ever”. Some say: “Europeans were barbarians in the ancient time, but in the past 1000 years, they were civilized”. But it’s a big lie. The story of European barbarism in the Middle Age is a long story. In the Middle Age, “the so-called Christians ate the human flesh and human blood“[1] “They ‘cut the human flesh into slices and cooked it to eat”[1] In fact, even new religion could not change the European Barbarians. “Christian Europe’s early martial encounters with Islam, where Europeans reveled in their reputation as brutish [man-eaters]“[1] And it’s very important. “European Christians preferred the taste of human flesh”! [1] As the wise Iranians say: “Europeans were much worse than the Arabs that Iranians see them as barbarians. Even the Christianity that has a Persian root (Mithraic root) could not change their habits. The savage Europeans still loved human blood and human flesh, because as the ancient Iranians said: When something became an old habit, you can’t change it easily”. In fact, even the Christianity and the Iranian culture (Aryan Culture) could not change the European barbarians easily. In the near future, we would write more about the Middle Age, but it’s important to note that even in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, Europeans were still savage and barbarian. “In 1492 when Pope Innocent VIII was on his deathbed, his doctors used vampire-like technique on the three boys and had the pope drink their blood. The boys were bled until they died, and the pope died as well”[3] The European barbarians that had not learned the human values from Iranians in the ancient time, could not learn it in the Middle Age, too. In the Middle Age, they just praised Persia, and just learned “lie and hypocrisy” from the ancient Greeks, and became “Hypocritical Barbarians”! They started to eat humans, human blood, and human flesh in the name of medicine! “[In the Middle Age], use of medicines made from human blood and human flesh was widespread in Europe. [From the 12th to 18th century] Europeans still consumed fresh human blood and other human body parts to treat diseases[!]” [1] And it can show you the true face of Europe. “In [the Middle Age], an unusual form of cannibalism occurred in Europe. Europeans stated to eat mummies!”[5] Of course “many mummies were actually recently killed slaves“! [9] Richard Sugg, that is an independent westerner, published a book, “Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires”[9] in 2011. This book is about the history of medicinal cannibalism in Europe, and as some say: “it’s one of the most eye-opening books”. It’s one of the first books about the history of Barbarism in Britain and Europe. But Ministry of Truth attacks Sugg, and says: “Sugg’s book is very slight. His purpose is to show that westerners are a lot worse than anybody else. We practiced cannibalism, and how dare we criticize other cultures!” But it’s just the beginning, and in the future, many Iranians and other truth-seekers will tell the truth about Europe and its shameful history. Anyway, it’s important to note that the glory days of “barbarism”, “cannibalism”, and “medicinal cannibalism”! in Europe continued into the 19th century. For instance, “In the 19th century, [people] in Denmark were reported to stand around the scaffold in crowds, cup in hand, ready to drink the red blood as it flows from the still quavering body“[4] But such European Barbarians that were as savage as the Vikings, the Celts, the Picts, and the Vandals in the ancient Europe, went to the New World and said: ‘These people are cannibals and can’t be religious. They are savage and heathen, and should come under the Spanish (or English or French) crown. They are bestial, they are ‘natural slaves,’ and so should be colonized and civilized by Europeans [!!]“[1] It’s the most laughable jokes of all times! In fact, the European Barbarians and their sickening hypocrisy is the most important jokes of all times. Even some Westerners say: “It seems ironic that the European cultures would condemn the ignorant natives of the New World. The chronicles of the first Crusade are full of Europeans consuming the enemy!“[3]. The European Barbarians are the worst barbarians. “In Europe, even as recently as the end of the 18th century, Europeans ate human flesh and drank human blood, and human flesh and human blood were treated as merchandise: bought and sold” [4] And it can show you the true face of Europe, the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism.


It’s very funny that in the past three years, ie from 2009 to 2012, the independent scientists found some important evidence of cannibalism, barbarism, and savagery in Europe. They forced their media to ask: “Was Europe Occupied by Cannibals [ie Barbarians]?” [2] In 2009, the Western media reported: “Human remains found at a 7,000-year-old site in southwest Germany have markings similar to those found on animals that have been spit-roasted. Dr Boulestin said the cuts and markings on the bones provided evidence the bodies of the more than 500 victims, including children and fetuses, were intentionally mutilated, and the victims were butchered and eaten in the same way as animals”[2] The story of barbarians in Europe is a long story. In 2011, the mass media reported: “Ancient Britons were Cannibals”[7], and added: “Scientists working at a site in Somerset, England, have found the first evidence [!!] of cannibalism in the British Isles, including the use of skulls for drinking cups, according to a study published in 2011. They also found evidence [in Britain] that human bodies were methodically butchered 14,000 years ago for eating”[7] But it’s funny to note that instead of saying: “Britain is the ancient land of Barbarians“, the Western media that work for Ministry of Truth, say: “This shows us the complexity of human behavior in ancient Britain [!!]”. We should write more about the British Barbarians, but here, lets don’t focus on Britain, that is the main land of the savage Barbarians, and lets write about the whole Europe. Unfortunately, most Europeans try to hide the truth, or don’t tell the whole truth. Many Europeans work for Ministry of Truth or help it. For instance, Britons say: “Cannibalism was practiced as recently as 2000 years ago in Great Britain“, or some Europeans say: “In Germany, the researchers have observed 1,891 signs of cannibalism that belong to 1000 BC to 700 BC“. But they don’t say that it’s just a piece of a large puzzle, and many Europeans and their Ministry of Truth try to hide this large puzzle. Their books and their films about the history of barbarians in Europe just remind you of the 1984’s Ministry of Truth. For instance, their documentary films about “Eight of historys most barbarous tribes: The Goths, Mongols, Huns, Vikings, Vandals, Saxons, Franks and the Lombards” [6] is just a little better than the stupid films about the European barbarians. But why? Why the Europeans don’t tell the truth? As the wise Iranians say: “The reason is obvious. The former Barbarians make these films, and don’t tell the truth! But after the Mullah regime, Iranians that are the first civilized humans, should make many films and books about the European barbarians. It’s a moral and historical duty for Iranians and others”. The former Barbarians in Europe have learned nothing form the civilized humans except Lie and Hypocrisy. But they are so stupid, and their Orwellian analyses of glory days of ‘barbarism’ and ‘medicinal cannibalism’! just makes you laugh. For instance, they say: “From the 12th through the 17th century, Europeans ate mummies and dead bodies, but as a remedy. It was a generally prescribed medication in ancient Europe[!]”, or say: “A medical journal published an article [Sugg’s article] regarding corpse medicine. The article recounts notable doctors of 1600s England digging up bodies to use the bones for medicine[!]” [3] or add: “Were Europeans once cannibals? Research shows that [even] up until the end of the 18th century, medicine [in Europe] routinely included human flesh and blood“[4], or say: “In the early 17th century, [Europeans] turned their attention to the mortal remains of people who had been executed or even the corpses of beggars and lepers”[4] And it’s funny to know that they refer to the European Barbarians as “the Noble Savage” and say: “Europeans were good savages!”. The story of the Noble Savage is very funny and we will write more about it in the near future. But the Western idiots say: “whats wrong with cannibals?”!! and the Western charlatans add: “we all are the descendants of cannibals”! But as the ancient Iranians said: “The uncultured people think that all people are uncultured!”. Of course the independent Europeans know the truth, and say: “Only ‘savages’ eat humans and drink human blood; in civilized society, it is unthinkable. In [European] Christian execution rituals, WHEN THE BLOOD of beheaded delinquents shot out of their arteries, onlookers rushed up, holding our glass receptacles and jars [for drinking the fresh human blood !]. And a few days after an execution, [they had eaten the body] of the ‘poor sinner’ [!] In 1800, the African researcher Mungo Park reported of shackled slaves who were convinced that the Europeans would slaughter them for food rather than enslave them for labor. Should we not then call Europeans ‘wild, grim, human-eating people?” [8]


The European barbarians ate each other, but even the so-called civilized Romans were savage. “The Romans drank the blood of gladiators“[4] Romans were less savage than Britons and other European barbarians, but they still loved savagery and drinking human blood. They loved the gladiatorial savagery, and drank the blood of slaves. In fact, even the so-called civilized Europeans were savage. “Romans [even] were so unmerciful to each other. [In Rome,] public executions and mass execution of criminals were rituals which helped maintain an atmosphere of violence [and barbarism], even in times of peace. Romans, even at the height of their civilization [what a joke!], performed [barbaric acts and] human sacrifice. Rome was a cruel society. Brutality was built into its culture in private life, as well as in public shows. Romans liked blood and cried out for more”[5] But these Europeans don’t tell the whole truth. They say: “Gladiatorial exploits were an expression of a culture obsessed with fighting, bloodshed, ostentation and competition[!]”[5], while they should say: “Gladiatorial savageries were an expression of savagery, bloodshed, cruelty, and barbarism”. As some wise Iranians say: “Romans can show you why the former barbarians in Europe still think and behave like their savage ancestors. They can’t change their old barbaric habits, that is part of their barbaric culture“. And maybe that’s why cannibalism still exists in today’s West. For instance, ‘In 2010, eight teenagers were accused of cannibalism and brutal murder of their four friends’ [3] We should write more about the past and recent centuries in Europe, but as Britons say: “Just 300 years ago, in the 18th century, British royalty still dined on human flesh. The British royals in modern Britain still had a taste for human flesh. As recently as the end of the 18th century British royalty swallowed parts of the human body“[9] And that’s why the wise guys say: “The cannibal and the barbarian in Western imagination has most often been located elsewhere, while Europe is the main land of cannibals and barbarians. While Persia is the cradle of Civilization, Europe is the cradle of Barbarization”. It’s very important. When Europeans were such savage barbarians, Iranians were civilized humans. Even the ancient Greeks in 2500 years ago, wrote about Continence in meat and drink in Persia, and confessed: “To this day it is still considered shameful for a Persian to spit in public, or wipe the nose, or show signs of wind [farting]“. But when Iranians had such politeness and morality, the European barbarians ate each other and loved eating human flesh and human blood! It’s the main difference between Iran and West. Some Iranians ask good question: “Why Europeans are ungrateful and betray Iranians, and don’t care about the truth, the human values, and all humans?” The root of such good questions, and also their answers, is in Iran’s history and Europe’s history. In about 2500 years ago, the ancient Greeks confessed: “Persians have a special charge in their courts: the charge of ingratitude. The culprit convicted of refusing to repay a debt of kindness when it was fully in his power meets with severe chastisement. They reason that the ungrateful man is the most likely to forget his duty to his parents, to his fatherland, and his friends. Shamelessness, Persians hold, treads close on the heels of ingratitude, and thus ingratitude is the ringleader and chief instigator to every kind of baseness“. And it’s the base of the Iranian culture since the ancient time. But as the wise Iranians say: “What is the base of the Western Culture? Barbarism and Savagery. And that’s why they betrayed Iranians in 2009, and still behave like their uncultured ancestors in 2012. What you can expect from the former Barbarians?!” And some wise Iranians add: “The ancient Iranians referred to the Arabs, the Tatars, and the savage Europeans as ‘uncultured’, ‘uncivilized’, or savage. And the term ‘Barbar’ or ‘Barbarian’ was firstly used by the Greeks to describe the peoples of Northern Europe and Western Europe, because of the harsh ‘barking’ sound of their speech that was like ‘bar-bar’ or ‘ar-ar’. ‘Ar Ar’ is a Persian term for referring to jackass’s braying, and can be the root of the term Barbar”. They also add: “The Celts have been called the ‘Fathers of Europe’, but who were Celts? The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the Celts as the principal barbarians. The Celts had no written language. They ate each other, and loved eating human flesh and human blood”. As historians say: “The lifestyle of the Celts and the Northern European barbarians was a simple one. Their life was a harsh and lonely one. They used to eat each other. They would live miles from any other human habitations”. And as Europeans say: “Celts had a large reputation as head hunters, and were famous for putting victims heads on their chariots, and in front of their homes. The Celts fought completely naked (much to the surprise of Iranians). The Celts cut off the heads of enemies slain in battle and attach them to the necks of their horses. They preserve the heads of their enemies, and display them with pride to strangers” In fact, when Iranians cared about politeness and human values, the Europeans loved barbarism and eating humans! As some wise Iranians say: “When the archaeologists try to study different parts of Iran, they just find many many evidence of a great civilization. The most recent studies in Jiroft, Kerman, Elam, Ziggurat, Marlik, Gilan, Kashan, Lurestan, etc just show that the civilized Iranians had a great civilization in the past 15,000 years. But do you know what the archaeologists find in Europe? They just find many evidence of cannibalism, barbarism, and savagery!” It’s very important. Ministry of Truth in Europe tries to censor many archaeological facts and scientific news, but as the wise Iranians say: “In the future, many things would change. Iranians and others will make many films and write many books about Europe and European barbarians. We know that Europeans say: ‘Nobody wants to be descendant of cannibals’, but truth is more important than Europe. And they should not forget how the former barbarians in Europe treated other countries. The African slave trade, the genocide of Native Americans and the colonialist parasitism of India, and many other European-made disasters all had their precedents in Barbarian Europe. We all should know the cradle of Barbarization”. This article was written for the sake of all victims of the savage West, including the good guys in Europe. When you are a good guy, your ancestors or your nationality is not important, and the good guys in Europe should know that we and almost all Iranians don’t judge any one by his ancestors or his nationality. As the wise Iranians say: “We are not like the West and its savage racists. We are Persian; We are Iranian; and Iranians have always cared about the human values and all humans, since the ancient time”.

For more information:

[The number of good resources about the European Barbarians and the history of Barbarism in Europe, is so small, because Ministry of Truth censor and falsify almost everything. But in the recent years, some independent scientists have started to tell the truth, and it can be a good news for all humans, specially those who seek the truth]

[1] Europe and its cannibals
[2] Europe’s ‘Medicinal Cannibalism’: Was Europe Occupied by Cannibals [Barbarians]?
[3] Cannibals of Europe
[4] Spiegel: Were Europeans once cannibals?
[5] Murderous Games: Gladiatorial Contests in Ancient Rome
[6] Documentary films about European Barbarians
[7] CNN: Ancient Britons were cannibals , scientists say.
[8] “The Secret History of European Cannibalism”, an article by Andreas Weiser, 2009.
[9] Richard Suggs’s Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires , 2011.

EU Nobel Prize: European Mongolism or Bad Joke?

October 15, 2012

Apparently, the EU has heard the voice of those Iranians who said: “Do you know what is in fashion this year? Proving that you are bad guy, or proving that you are jerk, asshole, or traitor is in fashion this year!”. The EU followed fashion! “The Nobel Peace Prize that was given to the EU on October 12, 2012, is more than a bad joke. Nobel prize for the crisis-torn EU, at a time that Europeans are protesting against the EU, is a clear sign of European Mongolism!”, some Iranians say. And some add: “The West is really Mongol (retard)! The Western Mongols are worse than Mullahs. The EU and the US badly suffer from Mongolism and Mad Cow Disease!“. The year 2012 has become a very important year. The EU Nobel Prize was added to the sanction farce, the election farce, the IMF-EU farce, delisting the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), and many other important and shameful events in 2012. As some Iranians say: “The West has lost its brain, and tries to set a new world record for stupidity! They had a very small brain, but now, they are totally brainless, and just reveal their hidden secrets one after another! Today’s West just reminds you of the European Barbarians that were like or worse that the savage Mongols”. The West has become a very bad joke. The Western mass media censor their people voices, and their reports about the EU Nobel farce are shameful. The ordinary Europeans that are victims of the European pigs, are shocked and angry. As the wise Iranians say: “The ordinary Europeans are humans, like all of us. They are a little stupider than their Iranian counterparts, but they are not totally blind and stupid. Their shameless mass media that are like the Mullah media, censor or boycott their voices, and it’s tragic. The good guys and the wise guys still live in Europe, but the former Barbarians still have the upper hand”. In the internet age, we can hear parts of the real voices of Europeans, as they can hear parts of our real voices, if they want. For instance, a Norwegian writes: “What a tragic joke! Friday (October 12, 2012) the shocking news coming out of the country I was born in. The Nobel Peace Price to the EU !! This is so shocking and so wrong. Giving this prize to the EU is even WORST that giving it to Obama. Much, much worse. This not only is one final nail in the coffin of the Nobel Prize Committee, but it sheds a lot of light on the corrupted political system we all live under … Among hundreds of [people] comments so far I was only able to find a small handful of positive comments. I am for sure NOT proud to be a Norwegian after this”. And I’m sure that many Norwegians and many Europeans have the same feelings. The ordinary people in Spain and Greece are shocked and angry. Even some media report: “Greece shocked at EU Nobel peace prize amid economic war”, and the ordinary Greeks add: “The mood is not just dark, it’s hopeless. People are killing themselves, the suicide rate is soaring, because they just can’t cope and the EU is definitely to blame. Growing numbers of Greeks feel they have no democratic way over any of the policies that have changed their lives. This Nobel prize is nothing but a disgrace and a mockery to all the people who is struggling in Europe“. It’s true. The European pigs just ridiculed their people. The EU Nobel prize is nothing but a great insult to the people’s intelligence in Europe and the world. And it can show you why we emphasize that those bad guys that harm and betray Iranians, will harm and betray their own people and other humans as well. I hope the good guys in Europe can understand this important point. As the wise Iranians say: “Their Nobel Prize is the most Orwellian ‘award’ that routinely go to the bastards or those who are causing wars rather than the opposite. There is no real democracy in Europe. Just take a look at Greece, Spain, and other parts of the EU. Their corrupt politicians and their corrupt systems create crisis, but the people should pay its price! No one punishes the corrupt politicians. Their corrupt politicians and their corrupt systems are human stains. Europeans have no choice except suicide, riot, or violence. But they call it Democracy! God Bless George Orwell that wrote ‘1984’. But instead of ‘1984’, he had to name it ‘2012’ !!”. It’s so funny that this stupid Nobel prize had come in the same week Merkel and Germany were welcomed in Athens by ‘Nazi flags’.


“Their Nobel Prize is a bad ‘farce’ and a bad joke. The EU and their Nobel-Sanction farces proved that the EU politicians are like or worse than Mullahs”, many Iranians say. The mass media censor and boycott the people voice, but in the internet age, you can hear the people voices, if you want. In these days, some Europeans say: “EU Nobel peace Prize!! ha ha ha, pigs feed and water and ready to fly … How utterly stupid this award was. It actually comes across as a royal ‘fuck you’ to the people suffering from the EU. People’s lives are falling apart and they give the idiots in charge the fucking Nobel Peace Prize … This award makes a mockery of the whole Nobel process. What peace has the EU achieved? Spain? Greece? Srebrinica? Bosni? Kosovo? … Will someone please put an end to these fools … We are proud of Europe’s bloody history [and European Barbarism] … I am angry about this tragic joke … Hey EU ! Kissinger and Obama are waiting to congratulate you backstage … They should give the prize to Germany for not starting another World War! … the Nobel committee is playing politics with their stupid prize … The Norwegian Nobel Committee is worse than [Mullahs]! … Al CIAda wins Peace Prize for 2013! … The awarding of Noble peace prize to European Union is a sick joke and a demented fraud … Nobel peace prize! Give it to Hitler, or give it to Obama again. Nobody gives a fuck … The EU may be getting the booby prize because it hasnt created prosperity. The EU has created poverty, disaster, and unemployment for millions … Anti-IMF/ EU protests in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy & France; Nationalism, Fascism, unemployment and poverty. Yeah EU deserves it! … All the comments are from politicians. Peace prize is a political joke”. In these days, if you take a look at the Western mass media, you can see the depth of the tragedy, and can understand why the wise Iranians say: “The British Media and other European media are like or worse than the Mullah media”. The wise guys say: “Check out the articles and comments in the BBC and other stupid European media. They just try to show you that most Europeans are ultra-stupid and support the EU Nobel prize!”. It’s really shameful that most Western mass media are full of shit. As some wise Iranians say: “The Iranian baboons and their fucking mercenary media closed their dirty mouths, but it’s not important, because almost all Iranians know that the so-called Iranian opposition media (what a joke !) are stooges of the CIA, the MI6, and the Mullah Gestapo. But even those Western mass media that pretend that they are independent, are full of shit. In these days, almost all Western media, from the BBC and the Guardian to the French and Spanish media, just had very bad and very weak reports. Even in their best articles, such as Huffingtonpost’s ‘EU’s Nobel Prize A Cruel Joke To Crisis-Hit Europeans: It Mocks Us’, you can see their charlatanism. They say: ‘Across a continent where the EU’s policies are blamed for deepening the worst economic crisis in living memory, many Europeans said they were simply baffled by the prize. Others were outraged. [the ordinary people say:] ‘It mocks us and what we are going through right now. All it will do is infuriate people here’. These 50 reasonable words are part of an article that has 1500 words; but other words are bullshit”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. In these days, most articles in the Western mass media were shameful. As some Iranians say: “Only the titles of some of their articles were good, but when you took a look at the inside, you only saw bullshit. Europeans are badly stupid and hypocrite”. And the wise Iranians add: “In Europe, ‘European Nationalism’, ‘European Chauvinism’, ‘European Hypocrisy’ and/or European censorship don’t allow their media and their journalists to write an acceptable article about the important, shameful events, like the EU Nobel Peace Prize, that just made a mockery of the European people and victims of the EU. In 2012, not only most Iranians, but even many non-Iranians, can see the depth of Western Foolishness. When the EU is concerned, the brainless Europeans being led by the nose by their politicians and media. The old European diseases already led to great disasters in the 20th century, including Fascism and Nazism. And if we don’t care about the old European diseases, including Barbarism and Savagery, the former Barbarians can create more problems for humans”


In these days, the US and the EU are making history. The world history and Iran’s history will never forget these days and these years. “In Western Europe, peace was delivered by Russians most of all. They had to give their Nobel prize to Joseph Stalin! But they gave their Nobel shit to the EU, and said: ‘The EU deserves it, because the Europeans have stopped killing and eating each other!’ The former Barbarians are bad jokes”, some wise Iranians say. In the near future, we will write more about “Barbarism and Barbarians in Europe”, and how the former Barbarians and their “Ministry of Truth” falsify the historical events and tell big laughable lies. “Europe says: ‘The EU is the biggest peacemaking institution ever created in human history’, but they hide their reason that is simple: Europe is the ancient land of Barbarism. So, when the former barbarians don’t kill and eat each other as before, it’s a great victory! You should not forget that those former Barbarians who killed tens of millions of people in the 20th century, where those barbarians that were man-eaters and ate human flesh and human blood in the past centuries and the past millenniums”. We will write more this issue later, but in this year (2012) we all can see the true colors of the former Barbarians. As some wise Iranians say: “Delisting the MEK and the EU Nobel farce show us that both the EU and the US try to break the world record for the Orwellian charlatanism. In the 17th century, the European charlatans coined the term ‘the Noble Savage‘ !! (or ‘the Good Savage’ !), for referring to the European barbarians and the shameful history of Europe, that is full of barbarians and barbarism. This Nobel Prize is like that ‘Noble Savage’!“. We will write more about the Noble Savage! and what the former Barbarians say about the history of Barbarism in Europe. As some Iranians say: “The shameless Europeans claim: ‘the EU had helped to transform Europe ‘from a continent of war to a continent of peace’. But they still love to wage war against each other and to eat each other, and only the fear of nukes stops them. Their people say: ‘EU policies have transformed the EU into a source of conflict and violence’. But the former British Barbarians still think they live in the pre-16th century, when Britain was the land of Barbarians. Britain still has its Ministry of Truth and its shameless propaganda machine. Just see how the BBC, the Guardian, and other British media censor the news and their people’s voices. Their people comments just remind you of the Nazi media: “Well done EU [!] We should be proud to be a part and to be European [!!] … Bursting with Pride! Congratulations to all Europeans [!] … We are not conscripted and sent to fight and die and kill other Europeans. This is because of the EU [!!]”. But idiots, this is only because of the nuclear bomb. The savage Europeans still think and behaves like their savage ancestors, and only the nuclear bombs don’t allow them to wage war against each other, not their wisdom or their union. Just see how they threaten or wage war against those countries that don’t have nuclear bombs. Dog is still dog and barks a lot; only the nuclear collar doesn’t allow that dog to bite you”. They also add: “Of course, some Europeans can see the truth. For instance, they say: ‘Europe is at peace due to NATO and nukes. We should finally recognize that the majority of Brits who seem to blindly believe the bullshit coming out of their manipulative press‘. When even the Guardian publishes stupid articles such as “Europe: a prize worth defending [!!]’, and says: ‘the EU deserves the peace prize’, it’s obvious that Britain, as the ancient land of Barbarians, still thinks that ‘Ministry of Truth’ can solve all problems! Britain, that its story of civilization began ‘400 to 700 years ago’ (before that time Britain was the land of Barbarians), can show us the true meaning of Ministry of Truth”. Iranians care about Europe, because of the good guys or the great men in Europe, not because of the former Barbarians that still have the upper hand in Europe. As the wise Iranians say: “Most of European figures are stupid bad guys, as many Europeans are stupid, racist, narcissist jerks. Unfortunately, the gap between their politicians and their people is not a large gap. If you have eyes then you can see what is happening in Greece, Spain, Britain, and other parts of Europe”. Unfortunately, many Europeans are ignorant, and can’t see the truth about Iran, Europe, US, and the world.


“Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the EU. Such a bad joke. But at least it’s good that they didn’t declare: Nobel Economy Prize awarded to the EU !!“, the funny Iranians say. The European pigs are so stupid, and now, the Iranian people only laugh at them. Lets take a look at some Iranian comments about the EU Nobel farce: “God Bless Mullahs, they have not given each other ‘peace prize’ yet … If they had given their Noble Price to the thugocracy of Russia, it would have been less laughable … The MEK that is Islamist, Marxist, and terrorist wins the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 … They give their Nobel prize to their fellow European Barbarians for not eating each other! … They should give the Nobel prize to Hitler. Because Hitler put an end to their severe economic depression of the 1930s … They gave the Nobel prize to the former Barbarians, because instead of killing and eating their people, they just beat their people to death, steal their money, create crisis, etc … In this way, Joseph Stalin deserved a human rights award … Breivik (Norwegian terrorist) deserves a Nobel peace prize, because he just killed dozens, not thousands … They gave the Nobel prize to Big Brother, because the Big Brother loves peace that means war and bullying … In 2009, they gave the Nobel prize to Obama, while they had to give it to both Khamenei and Obama, for killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians … The Nobel prize should be given to China for continuing to buy up EU and US debt and saving them from bankruptcy and annihilation … The Nobel peace prize had to be given to Hitler for the Holocaust! … Israeli FM has congratulated the EU! In their Jewish statement of congratulation, they said: ‘Thank you the EU. Thank you for the Holocaust and everything! Thank you for imposing unfruitful sanctions on Iranians. Thanks for your idiocy and your savagery’ … Some gave up political satire when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Kissinger in 1973; they’ve gone and done it again … Suggestion for the next Peace Nobel Prizes: Netanyahu, Atomic bomb, The US army, the MEK, and the Mullahs! … The Nobel Peace Prize Is a Joke”. In these days, the European pigs talk about “the transitions of Greece, Portugal and Spain from dictatorship to democracy in the 1980s”, and congratulate themselves, but the ordinary Europeans just see ‘suppression’, ‘corruption’, ‘censorship’, etc in Europe. Unfortunately, only a few European figures tell the truth. As the people media report: “Poland’s Lech Walesa, who won the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize, said he was ‘unpleasantly surprised’ by the choice. And Czech President Vaclav Klaus called the prize a ‘tragic mistake’. ‘I really thought it was a hoax, a joke. I couldn’t imagine even in a dream that someone could be serious about it,’ added Klaus. But other Western [pigs], including Clinton, Angela Merkel, Ban Ki-moon, Francois Hollande, and British [bastards] praised this stupid award and called this shameful prize ‘a great honor’ !”. In the recent centuries, the wise Westerners said: ‘Always trust someone who is seeking the truth, never trust someone who found it, and the great men in Europe, from Newton and Maxwell to Darwin and Popper, cared about the truth, and that’s why Iranians respected Europe. But when Europe tell stupid jokes, Iranians only can make a mockery of Europe. As the wise Iranians say: “When Iranians were writing about the human civilization and the human values, Britons and other Europeans were eating each other; Even 4000 years after that time, Britons and many other Europeans still were barbarians and ate each other. The former barbarians in Europe have learned nothing except lie and hypocrisy, and think “lie and hypocrisy = civilization”! The 2012 farces, from the Nobel farce and the MEK farce to the sanction farce, just prove that the West suffers from Mongolism. In 2009, Iranians asked the West to put pressure on Mullahs, but the Western Mongols just revealed their true colors, and now in 2012, their stupid pressures on Iranians, and even on Mullahs, in the name of the nuclear issue, just prove many things. Now, the EU talks about further sanctions!, while their hands are empty, like their empty heads! The European Mongols could have a win-win solution in 2009, but now, they are the big loser because the modern Iranians are seeing the true face of Europe. It’s the most important events for Iran in the past 300 years. The European Mongols prove that they are stupid and uncultured, like their savage ancestors”. In these days, most of the wise Iranians are angry, as many Europeans are angry. They say: “The former barbarians that love lie, blood, and self-congratulation, give themselves the Nobel Prize and say: ‘We are honored, we are proud!’. And it reminds you of an old Persian proverb: ‘You fart, you laugh, and you think that you are a great artist!’. The wise Europeans should care about the truth and all humans, and should not allow the former barbarians to have the upper hand in Europe. It’s a real solution”. Think about it; we write more about it later.

Nothing But the Truth (2008)

October 12, 2012

In these days, most Iranians are angry at the US and know that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. But in these days, even those who care about the truth are sad or angry, because the main issue is more important than Iran or USA. The main issue is “Truth”. Some ask us: “Do you only care about Iran?” We, the authors of this website, just care about the truth. We don’t care about Iran, USA, Europe or any other countries. Our criticisms of the US, the West, the Mullahs, the Iranian figures, and others don’t have any political, racial, or ideological reasons. We criticize them, because they betray the truth and tell big shameful lies. In the near future, we will publish some strong criticisms of the US and the West, because our motto in this website is: ‘Nothing But the Truth’. As you probably know, it’s an old motto. It’s the motto of the great men in the human history. We all should care about it. But in these years, many people have forgotten it, and many idiots betray the truth. They only care about mercenary money, and help the bad guys in creating tyranny, control, corruption, and other evil things. Unfortunately, the media, the journalists, and the intellects in the West get money and betray everything. They censor the news, distort the truth, and behave like the Mullahs. They are paid to betray the truth, and it’s one of the most important problems in today’s West. Those public figures that get money and betray the truth and the people, are definitely bad guys. They live like animals at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid. They sell their souls, their pens, their friends, and everything, and create Anima Farm. They pretend that they are modern humans, while they are modern pig or modern sheep. But unfortunately, many people don’t know these bastards and other bad guys. In these days, the US election farce and the US foolishness and shamelessness and many other shameful events need severe criticism and mockery. But before publishing severe criticism and mockery of the US and the West, that can cause misunderstanding, lets write about a film that can show you our motto and part of our philosophy of life. Nothing But the Truth (2008) is one of the best political and philosophical films, and can show you whether you know the bad guys or not. Iran’s state TV showed this film in 95min, while its runtime is about 105min. I give this film 8/10. This film that shows the roots of many serious problems in USA, was a victim of “American Censorship”. As the media report: “This film never got a theatrical release“. But what is this film that became a victim of “American Censorship”? Its a drama about freedom of the press, the judicial system and the corrupt system in the US. The film is about the tragedy of the freedom in the most free country of this shitty world. This film can pose many important ethical questions. In this film, a journalist, Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale), discovers a fellow soccer mom Doren (Vera Farmiga) is working for the CIA and is part of a US plot against a foreign country. Rachel’s article becomes front-page news, but the US government accuses her of treason, and says that Rachel is a threat to national security! They try to punish a journalist for telling the truth and revealing the secrets of an evil plot! Like the Mullah regime and other dictatorships, the US authorities use “National Security” as an excuse for censorship and suffocation. A special Federal prosecutor Dubois (Matt Dillon) and a grand jury want to know who her source is. In this film, everything has a symbolic meaning. Rachel can be an American that tries to tell the truth about the 2009 coup or the secret relations between the US and the Mullahs. In this film, many things can remind you of the Mullah regime. Judge Hall behaves like Mullahs or stooges, and Rechel is jailed for contempt of court!. Days become weeks, and then months, but Rachel still is in prison. The US corrupt system tries to destroy her life, and everybody betrays her, but she doesn’t surrender to the bad guys. The CIA assassinates Doren. Rachel is hopeless. Her husband, the journalists, the mass media and everybody betray her. Even her lawyer, a high profile attorney (Alan Alda), asks her to give up, but she just cares about the truth. Alda argues her case before the Supreme Court, but even the Supreme Court is part of the corrupt system. They decide against her.


I know that watching this film or seeing the true face of USA is really shocking and depressing for many Iranians. But in these days, Iranians are accepting the sad truths about the US, and Rachel’s story can show the roots of many problems in the West. Rachel spends one year in prison, because it’s what the CIA wants! Eventually, Judge Hall decides to release her after one year, but on the day she is released, they arrest her again! This kind of situation is all too familiar to Iranians & those who live under tyranny. Rachel loses her job, her family life, and everything. There is no hope. If she doesn’t make a deal with the CIA, she should spend 20 years in prison! And finally for the sake of her young son, Rachel gives up and stops fighting. It’s very tragic. This film has a very bad ending, but not because of this sad truth that Rachel finally gives up, but because the story of Rachel’s source is a stupid story. As film critics say: “The ending is absolute crap. Movie flows really well until the last 5 min! This movie was 90% really good and the remaining 10% killed it”. But this bad ending is not important. If you forget the last 5 min or the first 10 min, many parts of the film have serious thought-provoking messages. The film that is about the fundamental principles and the truth, is full of good dialog and good questions. In these years, many pseudo intellectuals talk about the relativism, and use it as an excuse for justifying the shameful behaviors. We have already written about this issue in “Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys” (check Archive). The bastards say: “The world and the people are not black and white. Everything is grey“. But it’s a big lie. Yah, many many things are grey, but it doesn’t mean that everything is grey. Yah, each person has his own whiteness and blackness, but those who have + 75% whiteness or blackness are not grey. Even those who are familiar with painting and mixing colors, are aware of this fact! In this film, Rachel and few others are good guys; Alda and many others are grey guys; but Dubois, Judge Hall, Ray (Rachel’s husband) and others belong to the spectrum of the bad guys. The badness of Dubois is not like the badness of Ray, but all of them belong to the tribe of the bad guys. They are those who create tyranny and corrupt system, or support it and strengthen it. They are like the Iranian baboons. Some say: “Though there have been numerous films made about truth and justice, only a few of them remain as good as ‘Nothing But the Truth’. This film is an important film”. It’s true, and maybe that’s why the American pigs censored and boycotted it. Even the title of the film, ‘Nothing But the Truth’, is very good. The title might sound clichéd but it fits. The title, as an old motto, is the most important thing for the real intellectuals. In fact, the most important difference between the real intellectuals and the pseudo intellectuals is that the real intellectuals only care about the truth. But the pseudo intellectuals care about power, politics, money, etc more than the truth. Most people don’t know why Noam Chomsky is a pseudo intellectual. Chomsky is not a real intellectual, because he cares about politics more than truth. Chomsky is a political activist that defends Chavez, Mullahs, and other dictators for political reasons. Chomsky and most lefty intellects are pseudo intellectuals because they care about many things but the truth. Chomsky and many lefties even are not good guys, because the real good guys care about the truth a lot. Anyway, Rachel is a reporter that risks everything to do the right thing, but unfortunately what she does is meaningless for many people in today’s West. I don’t know how many people in the US and the world see Rechel as an idiot, but their number is equal to the number of the Sheeple and the stupid bastards. The American idiots say: “Choices have consequences. Rachel had a choice. She fought, and they punished her!” Many Americans are really stupid. They are like Rachel’s husband (Roy). Rachel’s lawyer says to Roy: “If you think your wife felt like she had a choice in this, [you are a pig]”, and Rachel says to Roy: “You’re cheating on your wife, while she is fucking rotting in jail?”, but many Americans defend Roy, because they are like Roy. Some of them say: “I have sympathy for Roy. I feel she deserved every thing she got. She ruined her life and her husbands all for a stupid reason … I have sympathy for other characters who suffered the consequences of her stupid, selfish actions [!!]… They try to paint a picture of a martyr that you are to feel sorry for, but I can’t. She is willing to sacrifice her husband, her son and her freedom for what? for truth? she is idiot“. Can you believe it?! As the wise guys say: “It’s the true face of the American pigs, and that’s why the US has become the land of the pigs and the land of the bad guys. Many Americans are like their corrupt politicians”. In fact, Rachel’s husband is an idiot that becomes a stupid pig, but many Americans are like or worse than him, and it’s one of the greatest problems in USA and the West.


Unfortunately, even many open-minded people can’t understand the true meaning of Relativism and Bigotry. Sometimes they claim that something is an important principle, while it’s not; and sometimes they claim there is no principle or no value, and say: “you can’t find any ‘absolutely wrong’ or ‘absolutely right’ thing”. Politicians and other bad guys love these bullshit that can help them a lot. But it’s obvious that it’s not the true meaning of relativism. For instance, the following things are absolutely wrong: killing the innocent people, torturing the people, embezzling people money, being part of a corrupt system and defending it, being mercenary and kissing dictators’ ass, etc. You can’t work for the bad guys, and make love with the brutal dictators and then say: ‘Oh, it’s not absolutely wrong. We all are grey !’. Those who think in this way are those who make or strengthen the tyranny. They defend the brutal dictators in the name of relativism! Mussolini that was a journalist became a brutal dictator, because he was one of these bastards that pretend everything is relative. These bastards can bring Fascism to USA. The US government doesn’t want the truth to leak, and reporters are jailed for defending the truth. It’s absolutely wrong, but charlatans and ass-kissers defend it or justify it. Rachel’s story is like the true story of Bradley Manning, Assange, and others. Alda, Rachel’s lawyer, gives the keynote speech of the film in the Supreme Court, and says: “In 1972 in Branzburg v. Hayes, this court ruled against the right of reporters to withhold the names of their sources before a grand jury, and it gave the power to the government to imprison the reporters… Stewart said: ‘As the years pass, the power of government becomes more and more pervasive. Those in power, whatever their politics, want only to perpetuate it and the people are the victims ‘. Well, the years have passed, and that power is pervasive … [if she revealed her source,] No source would ever speak to her and to her newspaper again, and then tomorrow when we lock up journalists from other newspapers, we’ll make those publications irrelevant as well, and thus we’ll make the First Amendment irrelevant. And then how will we know if a president has covered up crimes? Or if an army officer has condoned torture? We, as a nation, will no longer be able to hold those in power accountable to those whom they have power over. And what then is the nature of government when it has no fear of accountability? We should shudder at the thought. Imprisoning journalists? That’s for other countries. That’s for countries who fear their citizens. Some time ago, I told [Rachel] that I was there to represent her and not a principle. [But finally] I realized that with great people, there’s no difference between principle and the person“. It’s very important. Think about it. If you don’t know Alda, you think he is an Iranian that talks about Iran and the Mullah regime! It’s a very dangerous and meaningful similarity. Think about it, specially after the story of “Delisting the terrorist group (MEK) that is Marxist and Islamist”. This story that proved the US is the bad guy, is the most important non-secret story in the US history, as the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup) is the most important secret story in the US history. As the wise Iranians say: “If the American people know the truth behind the Iranian 9/11, many things would change in USA, because the story of the Iranian 9/11 is the story of Control, cheating tactics and brainwashing tactics in the US. The story of the Iranian 9/11 is the story of Chomsky, the stupid lefts, and those wolves in sheep’s clothing that work for the CIA and the bad guys, and betray the American people in the name of defending them and helping them. They betray Americans in the name of alternative”. Some US film critics say: “this film was both exhilarating and frustrating, because so few films dare to tackle intelligent, provocative, socially relevant topics in a framework that doesnt condescend“. In fact, only a few Americans talk about the serious problems in the US, and it’s a great tragedy.


“Nothing But the Truth” talks about the old excuse of all brutal dictators: National Security and National Interests. The film tries to show the idiots that the first victim of this old excuse is the freedom and democracy. And it’s really true. Some say: “Nothing But the Truth practically shows how cruel and bad the government is in countries of the west which like to use word ‘democracy’ in their description, when actually they have many secret mercenaries in their Animal Farms. They completely ruin the life of a journalist, because she defends the truth”. And some add: “This story is true, moving and cruel, exactly the reflection of our reality and the world we are living in. You don’t get fed with all the nationalistic propaganda like in so many other American movies. Here, you see the real problems”. Some also add: “It’s like a film about WikiLeaks, Bradely Manning, and Assange. The governments do the evil things in the name of ‘homeland security’, and it’s the base of the tyranny”. And some Iranians say: “A US judge says to a journalist: ‘I want you to understand that if I should order you to reveal your source, that if you don’t do so, I’m gonna hold you in contempt of court, and that you will be jailed until you obey my order‘. But it’s exactly like what the Mullahs do. It’s the act of tyranny”. In fact, Judge Hall behaves like Mullahs. He says to Rachel: “You are defying my order[!], and I hold you in contempt of court”. And it’s exactly the language of tyranny. As some wise Iranians say: “Is Judge a dictator in the US ?! What the American judges say is exactly like the language of Mullahs. Why the judges in USA behave like dictators? Do they think they are master, and others are their slave? The judge should not have any special power”. It’s very important, but unfortunately many Westerners don’t know that ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Anyway, on the beginning of the film, we are informed that the story is fictitious, but as some say: “the film is based on the stories of Valerie Plame and Judith Miller. In the real life, Miller that worked for the New York Times, was imprisoned for not revealing the source which reported Plame (wife of a former US Ambassador) as a secret agent from the CIA”. Nothing But the Truth is not a stupid film. Rachel is not a hero. When everybody betrays her, instead of spending 20 years in prison, she makes a deal. She gives up for the sake of her son, and who can blame her? She is really alone, and her loneliness is very tragic. Those around her, from her employers and her people to her lawyer, her husband and others betray her. In fact, this film shows why some Americans call USA ‘a Nation of Sheep’, and why most Americans are the stupid sheep, and why U.S. corrupt system is not Democracy, but it’s “Sheepocracy” or “Corruptocracy”. The US system loves the public ignorance. The scene in which Rachel’s lawyer is asking her to give up and informs her that the public is no longer behind her, and thinks she is being selfish and a bad mother, is very moving. And in one of the best scenes, Rachel is interviewed by a Barbara Walters like journalist that pretends to be interested in their professional bond, tries to help the bad guys and betrays her. As some wise guys say: “The good guys who watches this film will find respect for Rachel. If you have no sympathy for her, it means that you are not a good guy”. And it reminds me of the story of traitors. The normal humans hate traitors. A traitor is a bad guy, but not because he betrays a special country or group, but because he betrays the truth, and loves telling lie and selling his soul.


It’s obvious that a well-informed guy is behind the film. As the media report: “The writer/ director Rod Lurie spent 13 years in the newspaper business. At age 18 he began attending U.S. Military Academy. Upon graduation in 1984, he spent 4 years serving in the army. He worked part-time as freelance journalist, writing film reviews. After fulfilling his obligation to the Army, he became a full-time film critic. Lurie’s best film, Nothing But the Truth, is a [victim of American censorship], and is currently in distribution hell, which means you might have to seek it out. But it’s worth the trouble. The film is important and shows part of the hidden facts in the US“. And some wise Americans add: “And that’s why they try to prevent the people from watching it. The truth is that both Republicans and Democrats are fucking the freedom and democracy in the US”. The film can show you many things about today’s USA. Rachel’s prison is like a Mullah prison. Some prisoners that are the government’s mercenaries, beat her to death. US system is badly corrupted. As some Americans say: “The US has less than 5% of the world’s population. But it has almost 25% of the world’s prison! They have turned the US into ‘a nation of jailers’! California now spends more on its prisons than it does on higher education!“. It’s obvious why ‘a nation of sheep’ becomes ‘a nation of jailers’. Lurie writes funny dialogue about US prisoners like this one: “That fat piece of shit over there keeps farting all night. About to turn my carjacking beef into a homicide if I stay over there“. And Lurie shows many serious problems in the US with simple dialogue. When a typical media whore tries to betray her, Rachel says: “Do you try to get a fellow journalist to betray her integrity? .. You’re never gonna have to worry about the government coming after you, because they don’t care how you found out where Paris had dinner last nigh”. As the wise Iranians say: “most American journalists are cheap and superficial idiots who get money and betray everything. Only a very few journalists are like Rachel. And that’s why the US has become the land of the bad guy”. As Rachel’s lawyer, Alda, says: “The weather has changed. In the old days, this would have been a lot easier to fight. The public would have called you a hero. [But now], no paper in this country has continued covering your story”. It’s the great tragedy of today’s USA. But it’s more than a mistake. As Alda says: “Sometimes a mistake is like invading Russia in winter”. In fact, sometimes a mistake is like returning to the dark ages and converting the US into a tyrannical, corrupt shithole. This film not only shows us the US corrupt system, but it shows us the US Sheeple and how they help the bad guys. At the beginning, the film can seem kinda dumb and pointless, but as the film goes forward and the story progresses you just like it more and more. The Mullahs changed some dialogue of the film, but seeing this film in Iran’s state TV was acceptable. The “bad guys” of this film are real bad guys, specially those stupid people that help the corrupt system and justify its evil acts in the name of national interests or personal interests. And It reminds me of the story of the Barbarians and “How the Barbarians Shaped Today’s World” and “How the former Barbarians are still barbarians”. We will write about this story, and also about the wise Iranians that talk about “the Western Barbarians” who still don’t allow us to have a better world. We should write about many things. For instance, about the old Persian poems, and why the wise Iranians read them and say to the stupid West: “In this ancient country, our Lions roared and passed – The barking of you, the little dogs, will pass too; The dust of those who had horses settled (passed) – The dust of your jackasses shall pass too; Your turn came to you, the barbarians, by way of noble men (Persians) – The time of your barbaric rule will pass too; The knight of annihilation who check mates the King – Will also capture you, the pawns , too”. We should write why Iranians say: “Are Americans Mongol ?!”, or why they talk about the British Barbarians and European Barbarians. In this website, we just care about the truth. And if you tell big lies and betray the truth and the humans, it’s not important that you are Iranian, American, European, Canadian, Asian, Arab, Jew, African, etc; we will tell the truth, and we will publish severe criticisms and mockery of you, your history and your pathetic pretence. In this website, our motto is: Nothing But the Truth. And I hope one day all humans care about the truth a lot.

Khatamists, Islamist Reformists and Stupid Traitors

October 9, 2012

In these days, many bad guys are making history. They are eager to prove that they are bad guys, and it’s funny. As some Iranians say: “Do you know what is in fashion this year? Proving that you are a bad guy, or proving that you are jerk, asshole, or traitor is in fashion this year! The American pigs proved that the US is the bad guy. The Zionists proved that they are like or worse than the Nazi. The stupid West proved that the West is pro-Islamists and pro-terrorists, but is anti-Iranian and anti-human values. The Iranian opposition and the [Iranian baboons] proved that they are anti-Iran and anti-Iranian. And now, Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists follow fashion”. The year 2012 has become a year that reveals many secrets of the 2009 coup. As the people media report: “Khatamists and Islamist reformists prove that they are stupid traitors. In the recent days, Khatami’s brother, that is Khatami’s speaker, has said: ‘We love the Islamic regime, even when we know that the Islamic regime is not reformable [!!] We are reformists, and It’s not important that we can’t reform the Islamic regime[!] we just want to keep the Islamic regime safe [!!]'”. After the American pigs and the Zionists, the Islamist-reformists try to set a new world record for the stupidest jokes of all times! In the recent weeks, Khatami had said: “We don’t want freedom and democracy [!] We don’t want to have a democratic system [!] Just allow us to be part of the Islamic regime !! [ie just allow us to steal and embezzle the people money]”. Khatamists and Islamist-reformists are among the stupidest traitors of all time. They were called reformists by the West, and the BBC and the UK and the US supported them. At first, they said: “there is room for improvement”; then they said: “there is still a small hole for improvement”, and now they say: “Yes, there is no room and no hole for improvement; but we don’t want to improve the system, we just want to be part it! and keep it safe !“. They set a new world record for the stupidest traitors. As the wise Iranians say: “Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists are great traitors, because they proved that Reformist = Opportunist; and Reform = Kissing ass, Betraying people, and Destroying all hopes. It’s among the greatest betrayals in Iran’s history. Khatami is really the stupidest traitor in Iran’s history. He is worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists can show you many things about the story of the stupid West and the Iranian traitors. Just think about the year 1997 or 2009, or their empty words and empty gestures of the freedom and democracy in the 1997-2009 period. And then ask yourself: Who tried to fool the people and supported these stupid traitors at that time, and who still support them? The answer is clear: The UK, the US, the West, and their puppets”. It’s very important. Khatamists and Islamist-reformists are stupid and abnormal traitors, but who support them? The UK, the US, Europe, and other pigs that support Mullahs, terrorists (MEK), monarchists (Pahlavists) and other Iranian pigs as well. We have already written about Khatami and Islamist-Reformists (check Archive), and we don’t want to write about these stupid traitors any more. But it’s very important that the US and the West support all traitors, from terrorists (MEK) and anti-Iran pigs to monarchists (Pahlavists) and Islamists (Mullahs and Khatamists). As the Wise Iranians say: “Many Khatamists and Islamist-Reformists live in the US, the UK, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, etc. The stupid West loves and supports them. The stupid West is enemy of the wise and modern Iranians, but loves and supports terrorists (MEK), monarchists (Palavists), Marxists, and Islamists (Mullahs, Khatamits, etc). The West is really so stupid. When even the Western analysts say: ‘Iran represents the greatest mismatch between a people and a government of any country in the world. Today’s Iranians are modern, educated, and well-informed’. And some of them add: “There is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in the country. When such a gap exists, there should be a strong tendency for the countrys level of democracy to adjust in accordance with the societys potential’. The stupid West just wants to prove that they are the main enemy of the young and modern Iranians! They don’t know that when such a huge gap exists, sooner or later Irans level of democracy will adjust in accordance with its societys potential, and after that, all Iranians will punish the West”. We have already written about this issue, for example in “Hope for Iranians, Warning to Western Godfathers” (check Archive). As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West sows the seeds of hate, because they love keeping Iran weak and backward. But you can be sure of one thing. They will certainly fail, because they are on the wrong side of history, and today’s Iranians are wise and modern, more than their Western counterparts. Now, the Iranian people know the West and its puppets, specially the stupid traitors and anti-Iranian pigs, [aka ‘All the Mullah’s Men’], from Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Abbas Abdi, Mohajerani, Akbar Ganji, Saeed Hajarian, Khatami and Rafsanjani to Alireza Nourizadeh, Reza Pahlavi, Rajavi, Nikahang Kosar, Mr. Balatarin, and other [Green shits and stupid pigs]. Now, the Iranian people know the truth, and it’s a very good news”. Yah, it’s really a good news. The future belongs to the young and modern Iranians.


“Even if Iranians can forgive the Mullahs and the killers, they will never forgive the traitors and those who help the Mullah regime and the sworn enemies of Persia. One day in the near future, the traitors will be tried for their betrayals in 2009 and 2012, and also for all their betrayals in the past 3 years and the past 33 years. Maybe we can forgive the Mullahs and the killers, but Gaddafi’s fate or Saddam’s fate is the fate of all stupid traitors”, many Iranians say. The Iranian people are really angry, and who can blame them? Everybody betrays them, and the stupid West tries to prove that today’s West is full of sick animals and sick bastards. The stupid USA makes a fool of itself, and proves that the US is the bad guy. But what’s the use of such foolishness and shamelessness? Do they think that the Iranian people would beg for mercy and would say: “Oh, the Western pigs, please forgive us. We love you the Western pigs!’ no, the Iranians only say: “Fuck you the Western pigs. Eat shit and Die”. Do you know what the real Iranian intellectuals, that thousands of them live in Iran, say in these days? They talk about United States of Persia. They are angry and say: “The stupid West and many Westerners love to talk about their country, their national security, their national interests, their modern weapons, etc. They think Iranians are weak or stupid that care about all humans and all nations! But now, many Iranians say to the Western idiots: ‘Age Gharar be In Harf-ha Bash-e, Ma ham Baladim, Kheili Behtar az Shoma Ahmagh-ha !’ (If we want to think and behave like you, the Western idiots, we can do it better than you, the idiots)”. They also add: ‘The past and the future belong to Persia, India, and China. Who cares about the Western pigs that are in deep shit. Sooner or later, Iranians will restore Great Persia or United States of Persia. At that time, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc that were invaded and occupied by Russia and Britain in the 19th century, will return home, and will unit to form Great Persia again. United States of Persia will certainly punish USA, aka United States of Assholes. Persia will have a strategic and special relation with the old friends or old neighbors of Persia, specially India and China. Great Persia will be friend of all humans in all around the world. But as the US, the UK, Canada, and Western Europe are its main enemies, Persia will teach them a lesson that the human history will never forget it. The payback time is near. The stupid West should pay the prices of all their betrayals in the past 3 years, the past 30 years, and the past 300 years”. As the wise Iranians say: “Who cares about the stupid traitors such as MEK, Pahlavists, and Khatamists. They are dead rats. Now, Iranians think and care about Great Persia. The West is really stupid that uses the betrayal tactics and bullying tactics. They not only prove that they are still savage and uncultured, but they encourage the modern Iranians to think about restoring Great Persia, that was a superpower”. Yah, the stupid West is really stupid, and their bullshit and their bullying tactics just backfire. In these days, many Iranians see the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists as puppets of the West. They say: “Islamists and Khatamists are like Rajavists (MEK) and Pahlavists that [99% of] Iranians hate them. All of them are puppets of the West, and no one gives a damn shit about them”. And the wise Iranians add: “Khatamists made a historical confession, but why? Such a stupid confession has just one reason: they know that all Iranians hate them, and they have no future. They just want to kiss Khamenei’s ass and be part of the corrupt system, and continue to steal money from people and serve the West’s interests. But who needs such a bankrupt group?! Khatamists are stupid traitors that show us the true meaning of ‘Bankruptcy’ and ‘Daryoozegi’ (pathetic misery)”. In these days, many Iranians talk about the worthless traitors that work for the bad guys. For instance, they say: “ works with the CIA [, the MI6 and the Mullah Gestapo]. is [the main cesspool] of the Iranian traitors. If you want to know the enemies of Iran and Iranians, there is no need to read or watch the Western media. Instead, you can take a look at,, and other mercenary media”. And some wise Iranians add: “In these days, most people know the stupid traitors and talk about them. Most people know the BBC, the VOA, Radia Farda, Balatarin, RoozOnline,, and other shits that all of them are anti-Iranian and work with [the bad guys]”. And some angry Iranians add: “Many Iranians know the stupid traitors. For instance, many know Alireza Nourizadeh, and how he works with separatists and anti-Iran groups. Many know why he tells laughable lies about Iranians and Iran’s nuclear program. And that’s why many say that Alireza Nourizadeh works for MI6. Nourizadeh is a son of a Mullah. He is a son of a bitch, and that’s why he betrays Iranians. Nourizadeh kissed Khamenei’s ass and Khatami’s ass, and now he kisses Pahlavi’s ass and British ass! But now, the Iranian people know all stupid traitors”. And the wise Iranians add: “The story of the charlatan Khatamists was a sad story, but it was very useful. Now, the people know all traitors and all enemies of a free and strong Iran. And that’s why Khatamists clearly confess: ‘We don’t care about the people, their problems, and what they want; we don’t care about the freedom and democracy in Iran; we just want to be a part of the corrupt Mullah system that the US and the UK love it and support it. We just want to be able to continue to plunder Iran, and keep Iran weak and under tyranny”. It’s the gist of their current confession. And in the near future, they will confess: “Yes, we are traitor; we are bad guys”. They think it’s in fashion!, and just follow U.S. fashion!”. We should write more about the story of Iran’s Decline, from Shah Sultan Hussein to Khatami, or “from Mahmoud Afghan to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”. In these days, many Iranians, including the wise Iranians, say: “Khatami is a stupid coward and a stupid traitor. Khatami is worse than Shah Sultan Hossein“. And the wise Iranians add: “Shah Sultan Hussein (1668?- 1726) is the stupidest and the weakest king of Persia. But Khatami’s stupidities and betrayals are worse than Sultan Hussein’s. But if the darkest age of Persia was begun with the first Shah Sultan Hossein, it would end with the second Shah Sultan Hossein (Khatami)“. Shah Sultan Hussein, who ruled from 1694 to 1722, was the last shah (king) of Safavids. He destroyed Iran, and Iran’s Decline and Iran’s dark ages started with him. But now, after about 300 years, Iran’s decline and Iran’s dark ages will end with the second Shah Sultan Hussein (Khatami), and Iran will become a free, modern, and strong country soon, because today’s Iranians are modern, educated, well-informed, and wise, more than their Western counterparts.


As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, the stupid traitors defend the stupid US and its puppet, including [‘Dumb and Dumber’]. They betray the Iranian people, but most Iranians that are wiser than their Western counterparts, can see how the stupid traitors betray them. For instance, they know that the anti-Iran pigs in defend Netanyahu, and tried to encourage this Jewish shit to nuke Iran !; or a stupid pig like Alireza Nourizadeh defends Netanyahu and tries to help the West in keeping Iran weak; or a worthless shit like Akbar Ganji defends USA’s love affair with Mullahs! Many people know why all stupid pigs, including Ganji, Behnoud, Nourizadeh, and other Iranian expats and Iranian pigs said nothing about Delisting the MEK, and didn’t condemn the US. The people just laugh and say: ‘All of these shits are stupid traitors that are paid to betray us. The people know that those traitors who helped the West and the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people in 2009, are now helping the West and the Mullahs in torturing Iranians and destroying Iran. They want to keep Iran weak and backward. It’s their mission, and that’s why they oppose Iran’s nuclear program, defend the Western pigs and their puppets, and help them in torturing and suppressing the Iranian people. But the stupid traitors are bankrupt now. that just has about 500 to 1000 members and visitors, is the main cesspool of the anti-Iran pigs. The ordinary people say: ‘ is full of anti-Iran shit and the anti-Iranian crap. They are stupid traitors’. In fact, the Iranian people know all stupid traitors, from Khatamists to Pahlavists. Many say: ‘Mullahs, Khatamists, Pahlavists, Rajavits, and other shits are anti-Iranian puppets of the West. They are stupid traitors’. The traitors sell their souls, their pens, their friends, and everything, and that’s why they are bad guys”. It’s a good point. The traitors are bad guys, but not because they betray a special country. The traitors are bad guys, because they love telling big lies and betraying the truth. It’s very important. In these days, if you want to know the real Iranians, you should live in Iran, or in Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, and other parts of Greater Iran. The people websites in Greater Iran, can show you many things, and we will write more about them later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Herat, etc are real Iranians, like the Iranians inside Iran. Do you know what our bothers and sisters in Tajikistan and other parts of Greater Iran, say about Iran? Read their websites, and see what they say. They, that are real Iranians, write: ‘Persian still bind the peoples from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pamirs heights in history, culture and art … History shows that the Persians fought until the end to keep their culture, language, and identity. And always, the time came when the Great Persians rose once more against their enemies and defeated them and sent them back to their [shitholes]‘. It’s what our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan and Great Kharazm say. They are real Iranians, not Mullahs or those stupid traitors that live in the West. Our brothers and sisters in Greater Iran even write something that can shock the bad guys. For instance, they write: “Cho Iran Nabashad, Tane Man Mabad” (We sacrifice ourselves and our life for Iran)’. It’s what our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan and other parts of Greater Iran write. They are true Iranians, not Mullahs or those pigs, traitors, baboons, and ass-lickers that live in the West and work for the BBC, VOA, Balatarin, RoozOnline, Gooya,,, and other mercenary media. These pigs that are Islamists, Monarchists, or Mercenaries, are anti-Iranian, while our brothers and sisters in Greater Iran are real Iranians. Just read Tajiki websites and other websites in Greater Iran, and see why ‘Great Persia’ become a reality again”. In these days, many real intellectuals in Iran, talk or think about “Great Persia”. We will write more about this issue later, but it’s obvious why most Iranians are angry and changing their views about the West and the world. The angry Iranians say: “Sooner or later we restore Great Persia, and the stupid West and their racists and sick bastards should suck the Iranian cocks again. The payback time is near. And some wise Iranians add: “People in Iran and Greater Iran, hate the Arab pigs, ie the anti-Iran and pro-Mullah Arabs. The Arab pigs say: ‘The Iranian people are stupid; they don’t know how good a system they have. The Iranian people are traitors! They oppose the Islamic system and want democracy, freedom, liberalism, etc’. And the ordinary Iranians answer: ‘Hey Arab pigs, get out of our country. You, the Arab pigs, are savage and uncultured, like your savage ancestors that ate locust and camel’s shit, and drank camel’s piss. Iranians hate your barbaric laws and your barbarous traditions. You, the Arab pigs, are savage barbarous people. Get out of our country, you the Arab pigs’. Now, the Iranian people say the same thing to the stupid West. Most people in all parts of Greater Iran not only know the Arab pigs, but they know the British pigs, the American pigs, and the Russian pigs. Those who betray Iran and Iranians, should know that Iran’s Decline has ended, and today’s Iranians that are modern, anti-Islamist, and wise, will punish all pigs and all betrayers in the near future”. And the funny Iranians add: “In the future protests, instead of ‘Death to Dictator’, ‘Death to Khamenei’, and other slogans, the people will chant: ‘Death to Obama’, ‘Death to Khatami’, ‘Death to Stupid Traitors’, ‘Death to USA, the main supporter of Mullahs, terrorists and monarchists’ !”. It’s obvious that the Western bullying tactics and the ridiculous stupidities of “Delisting the MEK”, just backfire. Now, almost all Iranians see the US and the West as their enemy, and think about punishing their uncultured enemies. The West is really brainless. Many analysts say: “Iranian societys potential for liberal democracy and Iranians tolerance is really higher than what you can see in the US and many European countries. The rate and number of religious fanatics and racists in Iran is really less than the US, the Jewish state, and many European countries”; Even the Western analysts say: “Iran is not an Arab state or a West-made state, clumsy collections of tribes and ethnicities cobbled together by Europeans a century ago. Iran is an ancient country [, older than all European countries ]. It has the best-educated population; and that population is extremely proud of the country’s heritage”; In these conditions, the stupid West betrays the modern Iranians and show them its true colors! Such a high IQ today’s West has! Even in 1905, 1953, and 1979, that Iran had many illiterate and ignorant people, the stupid West didn’t reveal its true colors in this way. But now, when most Iranians are wiser than their Western counterparts, the stupid West makes a fool of itself. It’s obvious why Iranians are so angry, and why they talk or think about “Great Persia”. They are not blind and stupid. Anyway, I hope the good guys in all around the world can realize that the traitors and the bad guys are not enemy of only one nation, but they are enemy of the truth, and will hurt all good guys in all around the world.

USA is the Bad Guy: Obama, MEK, and Terrorists

October 5, 2012

“The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, de-listed the MEK as a terrorist group on Friday [28th Sep]”, the media reported. These days and these years are important, and history never forgets them. “If the US had de-listed Al-Qaede it was more acceptable, and less laughable”, many Iranians say. Delisting the MEK is beyond hypocrisy and double standard. As the wise Iranians say: “This historical event just proves that the US is the bad guy. It’s very important, because the Americans used to pretend that the US is the good guy”. They also add: “The US-backed 2009 coup and the 2012 farce are more important than the 1953 CIA coup. The 2009 coup, the 2012 farce, and now delisting the MEK, just prove one thing: The Iranian people are the modern good guys, and the US is the bad guy. In fact, the US is on the wrong side of history, and is the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”. They add: “‘If you want to enjoy the freedom and democracy, and want to have a free and democratic country, you should know that USA is your enemy, not your friend‘. It’s a sad message that the US sent to Iranians and other nations”. In these days, many Iranians say: “USA is enemy of Iran and Iranians, and is friend of Mullahs and terrorists”. And many wise Iranians add: “The US is enemy of the freedom and democracy. The US is friend of the reactionary people, and is enemy of the modern people. The US is really the bad guy. The US is enemy of the Iranian people, and is friend of Mullahs, terrorists, monarchists, Islamists, and other evil forces“. Delisting the MEK is a historical event. Even some call it the Obamagate, and say: “The Obamagate is more important the Watergate”. In these days, many Iranians refer to Obama as monkey, bastard, asshole, motherfucker, etc, and some call him Obama Bin Laden or American Hitler. As we said before, the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) has been tied with one name: Obama Bin Laden, the worst US president ever. The Iranian 9/11 that is like a large puzzle, can reveal the hidden secrets of this shitty world. “Delisting the MEK” is just a piece of this puzzle that has many important pieces. As the people media report: “The US is totally confused. The American pigs in the State Department said Wednesday: ‘The Rial’s decline is the result of US sanctions against Iran!’ But the American pigs in the White House said that Iranians should blame their leaders for rising deprivation! And the American media reported Wednesday: ‘Speaking to reporters about protests in Iran, Clinton blamed Iran’s government -rather than Western sanctions- for the financial troubles [!]. ‘They have made their own government decisions – having nothing to do with the sanctions– that have had an impact on [their] economic conditions’, Clinton said’. It’s very funny, specially when the Western pigs say: ‘Our sanctions have a serious impact’! It’s what Iranians call it ‘Goh Gijeh’ (shitty confusion). The American pigs suffer from ‘Goh Gijeh’! They don’t know what they should do, because now, the Iranian people know the truth and hate both the Mullahs and the US. The American pigs are in deep shit, because their IQ is near zero”. In fact, those who aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousand of Iranians in 2009, are stupid bad guys. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, the Iranian people are aware of who is responsible for their pain and suffering. Now, they know the US. The American pigs love Mullahs and terrorists, but Iranians hate them and see them as puppets of USA. The American pigs are bad guys, and those Americans that vote for Obama, Romney, and other pigs, are like them and just help the bad guys”.


MEK is the worst of the worst. MEK is Marxist, Islamist, and Terrorist !. Delisting the MEK is very important, because it proved that ‘freedom and democracy’ are meaningless words for America”, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about the MEK, that has different names such as MEK, MKO, PMOI, NCR, NCRI, etc! They had different names, because they wanted to deceive non-Iranians. Even at the first days of this website, the US and the MEK showed many things. At those days, the WordPress kicked us out of Iran tag, because of the MEK! You can read its story in “We, WordPress and PMOI” (check archive). As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the US, you should know the MEK, and If you want to know the MEK, you should know ‘The Secrets of Camp Ashraf’ (check archive). And If you want to know those American pigs that are worse than the Mullahs, read about Monarchists, Terrorists, and American Democracy. The MEK or Rajavi’s Cult is worse than Ku Klux Klan and Al-Qaede. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) hates people of other races or religions. And Al-Qaede is an Islamist-terrorist group. But the MEK is an Islamist, Marxist, terrorist, cultish group. The KKK doesn’t hate the US and all Americans, but the MEK hates Iran and all Iranians. They work with the sworn enemies of Persia. The MEK’s favorite system is: Islamic North Korea !! They are Islamist-Marxists, the worst possible shit! MEK members are slaves of Rajavi, and should worship him. They have no access to newspapers or radio or television, other than what is fed them. Rajavi is a shitty Big Brother! No one can criticize Rajavi! They are told that they are at war, and they cannot have wives and husbands! They should kill their s-e-xual emotions, and ‘their emotions should be channeled toward Rajavi! The American pigs delist and support such group!”. Iranians also add: “MEK’s ideology is a blend of Marxism, Islamism, and Khayemalism! (kissing ass!). In the early 1970s, MEK started to kill Americans and civilians in Iran. In 1979, they attacked the US Embassy. The MEK supported the takeover of the US Embassy, aka the Hostage Crisis. This event led to the Iraq-Iran war. But in 1986, the MEK moved its headquarters to Iraq, and started to help the Iraqi dictator (Saddam) in killing the Iranian people! In the 1990s, they helped the Iraqi dictator in killing Kurds. During the 2003 Iraq war, US forces cracked down on MEK’s bases in Iraq, and in 2003 French authorities arrested MEK members, including Rajavi”. In these days, Iranians are angry at the US, and many say: “USA is the land of pigs; the US is the land of shits; the US is the land of terrorists; the US is the land of jerks and assholes, etc”. And the main responsible for such situation is American Hitler, the worst US president ever. As the wise Iranians say: “Now, Iranians hate both the Mullahs and the US. And many know that the US just uses the MEK and the Monarchists (Pahalvists) as Kleenex. The MEK and the Monarchists are exactly what the Mullah regime needs. In fact, the US just helps the Mullahs. The American bitch, Hillary Clinton, said Wednesday: ‘[our] sanctions on Iran could be eased quickly if [Mullahs] worked with [us] to address questions about their nuclear program‘. The US just wants to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and the MEK and other traitors will be sacrificed. But it’s not important. Now, the majority of Iranians that are modern and anti-Islamist [and were pro-American], hate the US”. They also add: “Clinton has said: ‘Our sanctions could be remedied in short order if the Iranian government were willing to work with [us]’. In fact, the MEK, the Monarchists and other stupid traitors will be the first victims of the US. But who cares about these stupid traitors. Just look how the American pigs discredit and disgrace the US. It’s the most shameful episode of the US history”. They also add: “How many Americans love or support Al-Qaede? It’s not clear. But if you say that 10% (30 million) or 25% of Americans love or support Al-Qaede, and then you start to support Al-Qaede in USA, what would Americans say about you and your IQ?! There is no doubt that the number of those Iranians who love or support MEK, is very very smaller than the number of those Americans that love or support Al-Qaede. The American pigs are so stupid. They just revealed their true colors. They just proved that the US is the bad guy. Delisting the MEK revealed and proved many things”.


“Rudy Giuliani and other pigs get money and support the terrorists. But the story of ‘Giuliani and the MEK’ can show you many things about the story of ‘Giuliani and the 9/11’!”, some Iranians say. In these days, many Westerners write about delisting the MEK. But the number of acceptable articles is very small. Their best article is what the Guardian published on Sunday 23 September 2012: “Five lessons from the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group”, written by Glenn Greenwald. It was not bad. Greenwald wrote: “A large group of prominent former US government officials from both political parties has spent the last several years receiving substantial sums of cash to give speeches to the MEK, and have then become vocal, relentless advocates for the [terrorist] group. Money has also been paid to journalists such as The Washington Post’s Carl Bernstein and the Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page. Townsend is a CNN contributor and Rendell is an MSNBC contributor, yet those MEK payments are rarely, if ever, disclosed by those media outlets when featuring those contributors (indeed, Townsend can go on CNN to opine on Iran, with no disclosure whatsoever during the segment of her MEK payments)”. It’s really a great tragedy. As the wise Iranians say: “When the CNN, and other American mass media get money and betray the truth, it means that the US is the land of the free corruption, not the land of the free. When even the American journalists love bribery and telling big lies, it means that the US is the land of the bribery, not the land of the brave!”. Greenwald also added: “This MEK scam more vividly illustrates the rot and corruption at the heart of America’s DC-based political culture than almost any episode I can recall”. As we said before, the puzzle of the Iranian 9/11 more vividly illustrates the main problems in the US than any episode of the modern history. Greenwald added: “It is worthwhile to take note of the five clear lessons it teaches: Lesson 1: [The Rule of Law is really meaningless in USA]. In sum, there are numerous American Muslims sitting in prison for years for far less substantial interactions with terror groups than this bipartisan group of former officials gave to MEK … Former US officials are swimming in cash as they advocate on behalf of a designated terrorist organization. After receiving their cash, they met with MEK leaders, and [even] Howard Dean declared that the [terrorist] group’s leader should be recognized as President of Iran … [Even] numerous MEK shills, including CNN’s Townsend praised […] [But] there was no repercussions whatsoever from this extensive support given by these DC luminaries to this terror group … Now that MEK will be removed from the terror list, there almost certainly never will be any consequences! … [But] the fact that a group is subsequently removed from the list does not retroactively legalize the providing of material support when it was on the list” It’s very important. In fact, it means that the rule of law is meaningless in USA. Greenwald added: “Lesson 2: The US government is not opposed to terrorism; it favors it. Lesson 3: ‘Terrorism’ remains the most meaningless, and thus the most manipulated term. Lesson 4: Legalized influence-peddling within both parties is what drives DC”. These lessons are important. But what Greenwald said as his lesson 5 was stupid: “Lesson 5: there is aggression between the US and [Mullahs]”. Greenwald wrote other stupid things, such as: “As the Iran experts [!!] Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett wrote …”. In fact, Greenwald is not wise. As the wise Iranians say: “Greenwald should know that Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett are CIA agents or American baboons, not Iran experts! They are bad guys. They support the Mullahs and the 2009 coup”. They also add: “If Greenwald really cares about the truth, he can focus on Flynt Leverett and his wife. They can show him many things about the role of the CIA, and the role of US polling organizations, etc in the 2009 coup. If Greenwald really cares about the truth, he can read and write about the Mullahs and the Mullah TV in Washington, about Obama and Mullahs, about Trita Parsi, NIAC, Bob Ney, Chomsky, and their relations with the CIA and the Mullah regime. If Greenwald is a good guy, he can read, think, and write about the 2009 coup and its secrets”. In these days, only a very few Westerners tell the truth. Some of them say: “Is it only the MEK the US is helping? no. The MEK is a small hated group. The US helps Mullahs more than MEK”. They also add: “The MEK is a Stalinist-Islamic treasonous group with a cult of personality. I have not seen a single Iranian who would prefer these terrorists to Mullahs”. And some say: “During World War II siding with the enemy was treason and punishable by death. The MEK committed treason, and Iranians know them. In 2009, we saw thousands of Iranians in New York. They protested against the election theft. The MEK and the Monarchists were also there, but their numbers were puny and their presence pathetic. The MEK is nothing and nobody, either inside or outside Iran “. It’s good that at least a few Westerners are not stupid.


“The MEK is a terrorist group worse than Al-Qaida. The MEK is North Korea + Al-Qaede! In fact, the American pigs not only love Islamists, but they love Marxists, and even Islamist-Marxists! The US is a stupid bad guy”, the wise Iranians say. In these says, the stupid lefts and the Marxists -ie those pigs that helped the Mullahs and Obama in 2009, and those who support the brutal dictators- tell stupid jokes. The stupid lefts say: “Why the US de-listed the MEK? The only credible answer is ‘blah, blah’.” And their ‘blah, blah’ is always total bullshit! Many of them are blind and stupid, and can’t see the truth, but it’s not the whole story. In these days, the stupid lefts say: “The MEK works for the CIA”. Even the little kids know this fact, but as the wise, angry Iranians say: “Many lefties and many pigs in ‘United States of Assholes’ work for the CIA. In the United States of Corruption, their lobbyists bribe politicians and intellects. In the United States of Lie, their corrupt politicians and their corrupt media get money and tell blatant lies. In the United States of Hypocrisy, their pigs support a terrorist Islamist Marxist group!, and their lefts support Mullahs, Assad, Gaddafi, and other brutal dictators. All of these American pigs work with the CIA”. They also add: “The MEK is an Islamist-Marxist terrorist group. Chomsky is their natural leader. But in these days, Chomsky work with the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia in the US, and the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia work with the CIA, as the MEK and other traitors work for the CIA. Chomsky and his friends that support the brutal dictators, are part of the United States of Charlatans“. We have already written about Lobbyists and Lobbying industry in the US, and also about the NIAC (National Iranian American Council!) and the Mullah Mafia in the US. But the stupid lefts say nothing about these issues. As some wise Iranians say: “many Americans talk about the MEK and the CIA, but most of them don’t know that ‘the NIAC is like or worse than the MEK’.” They also add: “What would happen if the Americans realize that Noam Chomsky works for the CIA? Maybe it would lead to the 2nd Civil War in the US! But in Iran, many people are not ignorant. For instance, many say: ‘Alireza Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud are stupid traitors. They are anti-Iranian. Alireza Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud work for MI6’. You can’t be sure about such secret things, but it’s obvious that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. In fact, today’s Iranians are really wiser than today’s Americans and today’s Europeans”. In these days, many Iranians are angry, and talk about the bad guys. For instance, they say: ‘ and work with the CIA and the MI6, as the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi work with the MI6 and the CIA … Pahlavists and Rajavists (MEK) are stupid agents of the CIA … AhmadiNejad is a Jew and a Zionist agent … Khamenei is a British agent … Mullahs are puppets of the US and the UK … Today’s Iranian opposition are stooges of the US, the UK and the Mullahs”. It’s what the ordinary people say. What they say is their guess, that can be wrong, but as some wise Iranians say: “Many Iranians are not blind, and can see and guess many things. But in the US, most Americans are ignorant. If Americans realize that many leftist intellects work for the CIA, it can lead to a revolution or a great depression! The CIA works with many groups, including Islamists, Marxists, and Islamist-Marxists. But most Americans are ignorant, and that’s why the US has become the land of the bad guys, and the Americans pigs can defend a terrorist Islamist-Marxist group without any backlash”. In these days, some Americans write about “The Hypocrisy and Looming Danger of De-Listing MEK”, but they know nothing about the real problems. They just repeat the leftist bullshits. But many Iranians are not stupid. Their comments show that they are wiser than today’s Americans. For instance, they say: “The big terrorist (USA) decides to not call another terrorist a terrorist does not change anything … the US loves a self-appointed leader that wants to establish Islamic North Korea! The US is the main supporter of Islamists and Marxists! … MEK is a Stalinist cult. But the US loves them, as Chomsky loves Mullahs …Compared to Rajavi, Mullahs seem like Einstein! … Compared to Obama, Hitler seems like Einstein!”


Obama is really the worst US president ever, but some idiots still say: “Bush was worse than Obama”. These idiots are brainless. As the people media report: “It’s important to note that George W. Bush included Saddams support for terrorist groups like MEK in his reasons justifying the invasion of Iraq in 2003. ‘Iraq shelters terrorist groups including the MEK’, reads a document in the archives of the White Houses website. In fact, Bush at least pretended that he hated terrorists, but Obama openly and shamelessly supports terrorists and Mullahs”. It’s very funny and important. Of course many of those idiots who used to say: “Bush was worse than Obama”, have changed their mind, and now say: “God Bless George W. Bush !“. In these days, you can see a great change in Iran. We have already warned about the image of USA in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “Before 2009, most of the Iranian people were pro-American. But after Obama’s betrayals in 2009, and after all American betrayals in the past three years, many things have changed. Obama is a great criminal. His America crossed the red line. Obama just proved that the US is the bad guy, and today’s Iranians that are modern, anti-Islamist and wiser than today’s Americans, should see the US as their main enemy. Now, most Iranians hate the US”. Yah, Obama is a great evil, and many Iranians know him well. They say: “Obama love the Mullahs. The Mullah regime welcomes delisting the MEK (while publicly denouncing it) because it helps to discredit the people movement and the people opposition in Iran. In fact, delisting the MEK is the best gift for Mullahs. Delisting the MEK is part of ‘Jang-e Zargari'”. We should write more about ‘Jang-e Zargari’ (Sham fight) and its signs, but it’s good that many Iranians are not blind and stupid. I hope Americans can learn from Iranians. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant. As some Iranians say: “The story of the MEK and the US proves that today’s USA is the land of idiots. The American pigs still can manipulate their people, and many Americans don’t care about bribery, financial corruption, and other disasters in the US. And when the American people are silent, the American pigs eat extra shit”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. “Members of Congress are to press the Obama administration to recognize the MEK as the ‘legitimate opposition’ to Iran’s regime. The Americans described the MEK as a US ‘ally’ [!]”, the Western media report. And funny Iranians say: “Terrorists, Marxists, and Islamists have always been the best US ally!”. As the people media report: “Some groups in the US that poured significant sums of money to bribe the US officials, issued a statement praising the delisting! Texas congressmen, Bob Filner and Ted Poe, who love terrorists and dirty money, have described the MEK as ‘Iran’s main opposition’ and ‘freedom fighters’. The US congressman Dana Rohrabacher, that has received thousands of dollars from the terrorists (MEK) this year alone, has said the MEK’s past attacks on Americans and civilians, and its support of Saddam is history!”. It’s really funny. We should write more about the American pigs, specially Dana Rohrabacher that is worse than the Nazi. As funny Iranians say: “Dana Rohrabacher is a brainless pig. According to his logic, the 9/11 attacks and Bin Laden’s past attacks on Americans, is history! According to their logic, Bin Laden is a freedom fighter and a martyr!”. And the wise Iranians add: “USA is the real bad guy. The US and Americans side with the terrorists and the oppressors. They are on the wrong side of history. In 2009, and in the past three years, Obama and Americans supported the Mullahs against the people of Iran. When millions of the Iranian people poured into the Iranian streets, Obama and the US supported the Mullahs and let the Iranians down. The echo of millions of people shouting in the Iranian streets: ‘Obama are you with us or with them [the mullahs]’ was a clear message that history will never forget it. In 2009, the US sided with the oppressors, as the US sides with the terrorists (MEK) and the oppressors (Mullahs, Monarchists, etc) in 2012“. In these days, some Americans say: “The US public asks: Why do they hate us? And we tell them because our media don’t tell us how the US kills them”. It’s good, but if Americans open their eyes, the puzzle of the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup) can show them many things. In these days, the wise Iranians say: “Thank you Obama bin Laden. Thank you for showing us the truth. Thank you for showing us who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. Thank you for showing us who is the main responsible for our pain and suffering in Iran”. In these days, even some Americans say: “America is the Worlds Largest Sponsor of Terrorism. And as the US moves toward tyranny, it doesn’t deserve to be considered the good guy”. And I hope one day most humans can see who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

Mullah Tactics in Spain, UK, US and Europe

October 2, 2012

In these days, Iranians are angry but they laugh, because tragedy at its peak is comedy. In these days, we have a new stupid artificial crisis, known as “Dollar Crisis” in Iran, that is just one of many artificial crises that the Mullahs have deliberately created them. The last one was ‘Chicken Crisis’. Now, most Iranians know that the Mullahs create these artificial crises, because they want to make Obama and other bad guys happy. In these days, many talk about “How the US and the Mullahs help each other”, that we will write more about it later. But here lets write about a sad truth: How the bad guys use “Mullah Tactics” in USA and Europe. It’s funny and important. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullah tactics are tyrannical tactics or Orwellian tactics. But you can call them ‘British tactics’ or European tactics’, too; because the British bastards are the main teacher/ supporter of the Mullahs. And the British bastards and other European bastards used these tactics first (in the past decades & past centuries)”. The main Mullah tactic is “Shamelessness” or “Bi-Sharmi” /”Veghahat” as Iranians call it. Some Iranians say: “Sharm is a Persian word that you see it in English as ‘Shame’. But as they are shameless!, they use this Persian word, without saying that it has a Persian root, like many other English words”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs and the West both tell big blatant lies without shame. Iranians used to talk about ‘the shameless way the Mullahs lie to us’, but now, many talk about ‘the shameless way the West lie to us'”. In these days, this shitty world is full of important shameful news, and the most important shameful news is “Delisting the terrorist Islamist-Marxist group (MEK)”. As many say: “It’s the Best US gift to the Mullahs, who help Obama and US sanctions”. We will write more about it later, but in these days Iranians just laugh and joke about the US, US foolishness, and US shamelessness. For instance, they say: “The American pigs that love Mullahs and terrorists, refer to their country as ‘the land of the free’ ! or ‘the land of the brave’!, but now, many know that the US is ‘the land of the bad guy’, ‘the land of the pig’, ‘the land of the terrorist’, ‘the land of the asshole’, etc. The American pigs delisted the MEK, and proved that USA is an acronym of ‘United States of Assholes’ !“. The angry Iranians also add: “It’s obvious that the main supporter of the Mullahs and the terrorists is USA. The US proved that the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran is USA, not Mullahs; and If Iranians want to have a free, democratic, and strong Iran, they should fuck the US, and fight against the US, not the Mullahs “. And some add: “The American pigs used to pretend that the US is the good guy. But now, even the little kids know that the US is the bad guy, and USA is an acronym of ‘United States of Animals'”. In these days, Iranians are angry at the US, and who can blame them? They say: “USA is anti-democracy and anti-freedom; USA is an acronym of ‘United States of Abnormals’ or ‘United States of Anti-Democracy'”, and who can blame them? It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry, because “Delisting the MEK” just confirms that USA is the bad guy. Even the wise, angry Iranians say: “The US and the American pigs are like or worse than the Mullahs”. We would write more about this issue later, but as we said before, those bad guys that betray and hurt Iranians, will betray and hurt other people as well. And in these days, you can see how the Western bad guys betray their own people, and how they use the Mullah tactics in the West. In this website, we write for the good guys in all around the world. We and many other Iranians have a lot of sympathy for the good guys in the West, but we can’t understand why only a few Westerners have sympathy for Iranians, and why only a few Westerners can see the real problems. The sad story of tyranny, suppression, and censorship in Spain, Greece, UK, and other parts of Europe, and the tragicomedy of the US election and the corruption and poverty in the US, can show that those who betray Iranians, betray their own people as well. It’s very important. Now, the Western pigs use the Mullah tactics in the West, and it’s sadly funny. The Western bad guys, specially the British pigs, taught the Mullahs the dirty tactics and helped them to use the Orwellian tactics in Iran, but at that time many Westerners said nothing or said: ‘Who cares about Iranians’. But now, the bad guys use the same tactics in the West, and the Western people are victims of the same bad guys and the same shits. Lets take a look at some Mullah tactics that are used in the .


Censorship, Hypocrisy and Lie

In these days, the wise guys talk about “Censorship in Europe”, “Tyranny in Europe”, “Suppression in Europe”, or “Barbarism in Europe”. The pictures (like the above and below pictures) can show many things. In these days, most European media censor the main news or don’t cover the people protests in Spain, Greece, and other parts of Europe. The European censorship is really horrible. Unfortunately, their tactics are a copy of the Mullah tactics. As Spaniards say: “The Spanish media has been silenced by the government. They don’t cover the Spanish protests and what the people say and do. The Spanish Media are indeed on silent mode“. And some add: Unfortunately, we witnessed the appalling actions of the Spanish police on Russia Today. The BBC and Sky and [other pigs] are silent “. This level of censorship is really horrible. As the wise Iranians say: “The British pigs and their BBC, the American pigs and their VOA, and other Western pigs, specially the stupid lefts, played the same role in 2009, during the Iranian protests. Now, the Spanish media, the British media and other pigs show the Spaniards part of the Iranian sufferings in the past three years”. In these days, Spain can remind many of the Fascist years or the Franco period in Spain, but the Western media have closed their eyes and say nothing. It’s very important. In 2011, we wrote about Spanish protests and censorship (check archive); but now, the Western media, the Spanish police, and other bad guys just remind you of Fascism, but the European pigs are silent or just help the fascists. The voices of ordinary Spaniards are hardly heard in the Western media and the internet. Search engines and those who try to control the internet, censor or boycott the people voice. In fact, the plague is polluting everywhere. As the wise Iranians say: “Europe is the land of Corruption and Hypocrisy, not Democracy”. But many are still ignorant. The idiots say: “Spain is a fascist state, but the UK is a democracy!”. The idiots know nothing about the British Hypocrisy, or about “Corruption, Censorship, Surveillance and Lack of Freedom in the UK“. In these days, the story of “Communications Data Bill” or “Spying Bill” in the UK is really shameful. This British bill is worse than the Mullah bills. But it’s just a small part of the UK’s war on freedom and free internet. “Spying Bill” is just one of many bills and laws in the UK that threaten the freedom and democracy. We would write more about this issue later, but even the recent story of Queen and the BBC’s apology can show why some say: “British system is an Orwellian, hypocritical Monarchy. British Democracy means ‘British Hypocrisy’. British Democracy is a hypocritical tyranny“. We should write more about “the lack of freedom of speech in the UK” and “the empty gestures of freedom and democracy in the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, only a few people write about these issues. Of course many Britons hate their politicians and their corrupt system, but they are passive. As the wise Iranians say: “The British system is one of the most corrupt systems. And it’s obvious that such a corrupt system can’t be a democracy. In July 2012, the British media reported: ‘UK’s largest financial institution, HSBC, accepted around $15 billion in cash from money laundering Mexican druglords and Mullahs. Fifteen billion dollars !! All of this happened under the leadership at HSBC of Stephen Green who is now a minister in the government [!!] and an adviser on banking to George Osborne’. In fact, the British pigs that are teachers of the Mullahs, are like or worse than Mullahs”. HSBC’s scandal is important, but as Britons say: “A new scandal unfolding on a weekly basis! God knows what other horrors are lurking beneath the surface. British system is corrupted … The bastards control the justice system, the media and the ‘democratic’ (what a joke) structures that continue to strangle many of our so-called freedoms … The rich in the UK are great crooks. The have been getting richer and the poor and middle class have been getting poorer”. As the wise Iranians say: “In the recent centuries, the British system was just a little better than other systems, but it don’t mean that Britain was a democracy. What the British bastards say about the British Democracy is bullshit. Even in the 20th century, the UK was not a democracy. In 1880, Queen Victoria clearly declared that ‘any attempt to make our institutions democratic will be most disastrous’. The UK is the land of Hypocrisy, Lie, Corruption, and Shamelessness. And when the UK suffers from suppression and censorship, it’s obvious that you can except nothing form Spain. If you check the web, you can’t find any cartoons or good works about tyranny, surveillance, censorship, or lack of freedom in the UK. It’s very important. You can find many things about the US, but not about the UK, while the US is more free and more democratic than the UK. It’s a clear sign of horrible censorship in the UK. If you have doubt, just google it”. We had doubt, and checked it. But we could not find any good cartoons about the UK ! It’s horrible. We should write more about the UK later.


Tyranny, Suppression and State Thugs

In these days, many can see the symptoms of Tyranny and Fascism in the West. As Spaniards say: “These days remind us of the Franco period, when Spaniards went ‘missing’, or were killed and tortured”. The Spanish police use the Mullah tactics a lot. As Spaniards say: “The Spanish protesters saw a group of undercover policemen who had been at the front of the protest waving red flags and encouraging others to violence. Other police certainly thought their undercover colleagues were troublemakers, and there is also film of one of them being dragged out of the crowd to be arrested and shouting: ‘I am a colleague! I am a colleague!'” As some Iranians say: “It just minds us of the 2009 protests in Iran, when the Basiji thugs played the same role”. They also add: “Agent Provocateur is a secret agent who is employed to encourage violence and foolishness. He or she is ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, a fascist agent or ‘a traitor that works for the bad guys. S/he is a state thug. And the State thugs have a main role in controlling, fooling, suppressing, or even beating or killing people. In Syria, Libya, and Iran you can see many of them, but even in the US and Europe you can find them. In these days, in Spain, Greece, etc, you can see the state thugs and agents provocateurs who use violence or encourage violence. They are like the state thugs in the Fascist Spain, Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. They just want to discredit the whole protests”. Using these fascist methods is a clear sign of tyranny and returning fascism to Europe. The brutal suppression in Spain, Greece, and Europe is horrible. But unfortunately, the Western media censor the news, and most Europeans know nothing about the roots of problems and real solutions, and their wise guys are inactive. It’s very dangerous. Their current solutions, like calling for new election, or what their stupid lefts and their stupid rights say, are really stupid. The people comments in the Western mass media show that about 90% of the Westerners are stupid or ignorant. But it’s not the whole story. We should not be naive.

Mercenaries, Cyber army, & Nazi-like Propaganda

As some wise Iranian say: “When most of the people comments in the mass media are stupid or abnormal, it shows that those who manage the comments and those who put the comments are not normal people. The year 2009 showed us that the cyber armies, ie those mercenaries that are known as ‘Cyber Mercenaries’, are very active. In 2009, the Mullah cyber mercenaries put comments in the Western mass media, and the Western media helped them and worked with them! At that time, it was very shocking, and Iranians could not believe that the Western media work with the Mullah mercenaries and cover their ass. But now, in 2012, even the little kids can see how the West work with ‘cyber Mercenaries’ or help them. For instance, the MEK is a small terrorist group that Iranians know it well. The MEK has its own cyber army that has several hundred ‘cyber mercenaries’. They are a very very small group, but just look how the CNN, the WSJ, and many other American media work with them and allow them to pretend that they are big or they are the voice of Iranians! The mass media censor and delete the ordinary people’s comments, but when they need, they allow ‘the cyber mercenaries’ to feel free, and it creates a false image and a false sense. We know this dirty tricks in the Western mass media, because we know the Mullahs, the MEK, the Pahlavists, and other Iranian pigs. But when the mass media betray the truth and distort the truth about Iran and Iranians in this way, it’s obvious that they use the same tactics in their own country as well. In fact, the Western media still use the Goebbels’s tactics and the Nazi-like propaganda. In 2011, during the UK riots, many could see these tactics in the UK, and now, many can see the same tactics in Spain and Greece. In fact, European bad guys have their own cyber armies and their own systematic censorship”. I’m not sure about what these Iranians say about Europe, but what they say about the terrorist group (MEK) is different. I checked what they said about the CNN and the Iranian comments under the CNN’s article about the MEK. Most of the comments under the CNN’s article are the comments of the MEK mercenaries. As the wise Iranians say: “the CNN should be ashamed of itself, because all Iranians know the truth, and know the MEK. Why the CNN should be so stupid and should allow the cyber mercenaries to create such a stupid false image? It’s not hard to find the truth about such false images. For instance, if the CNN publishes an article about Al-Qaede, and then under it you see that 90% of Americans love and support Al-Qaede!, you would know that it’s a false image. Sometimes you can easily see who work for whom, without knowing the secrets”. The story of the Western mass media and those who get money and betray the truth is a long story that we should write more about it later, but it’s just one of many dirty tactics that both the Mullahs and the West use them. Recently, the Canadian media reported: “Harper met with a group of Iranian Canadians ! In this meeting, the Iranian [baboons] thanked Harper for […]”. It’s so funny. It reminds many of the Mullah news and when Mullahs meets with Basiji thugs! As the wise Iranians say: “Harper’s regime is like the Mullah regime. Many Iranian Canadians are Basiji thugs, or are like or worse than Basiji thugs. In Iran, they kissed the Mullah ass or the Pahlavi’s ass, and in Canada they kiss Harper’s ass and the Canadian pigs’ ass. The Canadian pigs love the Iranian pigs, and Harper plays the role of Big Brother for them!” It’s really shameful that Harper loves the Basiji crooks and uses the Mullah tactics, but most Canadians are silent. Only a few Canadians say: “Harper depicts an increasingly ugly and intolerant Canada. Canada used to be a country didn’t make a fool of itself, and didn’t get involved in foreign adventures. But Canada has changed”. Many Western politicians are like or worse than Harper. For instance, Italy’s foreign minister that can be an Italian fascist, has kissed Netanyahu’s ass and said: “Netanyahu’s UN speech was presented very efficiently [!]'”, and some Iranians added: “Yah, Netanyahu’s speech was as efficient as Mussolini’s speeches!”. As the wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, most Western politicians are bad guys, or work for the bad guys. They are brainless. Their eyes, their ears, and their brain are in their ass, but they are proud of it!, and their people are proud of them or care about them!”. It’s really tragic. As the media report: “The Spanish protests are organized by the Indignados group and other groups that call for new elections in Spain [!]“. It can remind you of the Mullah tactics. As the wise Iranians say: “These Spanish organizers are so stupid. Have they eaten ‘Maghze Khar’ (Donkey’s brain)?! They are like the [Iranian baboons], and maybe they work for the bad guys, too. They want to fool and control their people. They still kiss their politicians’ ass, while their politicians just remind you of ‘a case of the pot calling the kettle black’. Spain and the world need the new solution, not the new election. The new solution should be a real solution, like direct democracy, Swiss system, etc”. [We have already written about some real problems and real solutions in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” and “Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians” and “Horny Sheeple and Stupid Protests in the West” (check Archive)].


IMF Plans, Corruption, and US Sanctions

The Mullahs and the West use many dirty tactics, like scare tactics and shock tactics, that we should write about them later. But in these days, the stupid West just reveal its true colors, and tell big lies about Iran and Iranians, and it’s very informative. As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to understand the depth of the Western Shamelessness, just look what they say about the MEK, or what they say about the IMF plan and the US sanctions. What they say about their sanctions is a joke like this joke: ‘The Mullahs say that they have imposed crippling sanctions on Spain and Greece, and today’s conditions and today’s protests in Spain and Greece are the direct results of the Mullah sanctions! The Mullah sanctions against Spain and Greece bite and work, and are really crippling! If you have doubt, just look at the economic crises and the people protests in Spain and Greece!’ It’s a good joke, but it’s exactly like what the West say about Iran and US sanctions. Spain and Greece are not under any sanctions, but the corruption, the IMF/ EU plans, and other ‘Poverty Production’ plans have created the current shits there. The Spanish protest is like ‘IMF riots’, and is not a result of the Mullah sanctions against Spain! And the same is true about Iran. The stupid West say nothing about the disastrous results of the IMF plan in Iran, and how the Mullahs destroy Iran’s economy, and how the US and the Mullahs help each other. They just tell big lies about their stupid sanctions”. We have already written about the IMF’s love affair with the Mullahs, and how the Mullahs implemented the IMF plan in Iran, and how the Mullahs and the IMF f-u-c-k-ed Iran’s economy (check archive). As we said before, the IMF Plan in Iran, known as the Subsidy Cut Plan, is worse then all Western sanctions, but the US and the West try to present the disastrous results of the IMF plan as the results of the current sanctions! It’s very funny, like the story of the IMF plans and the IMF riots in the West, that we should write more about it later. As the Wise Iranians say: “In the 1980s and the 1990s, many countries were in crisis because of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The waves of protests in those countries became known as the ‘IMF riots‘. And now in the 2010s, we can see the new IMF riots in Europe. For the IMF, ‘Capitalism = Corruption’, and that’s why they don’t care about Financial Corruption and Corrupt Systems. And that’s why the IMF loves the Mullahs. The Mullahs implemented the IMF plan in 2010-2011, and the IMF plan had many disastrous results. But the stupid West pretend that the disastrous results of the Mullah tyranny and the IMF plan are the results of Obama’s sanctions! In the past 7 years, AhmadiNejad (AN) that is a Jew and a Zionist agent, tried to destroy Iran’s economy by the IMF plan and other disastrous [ultra-stupid] plans, and by the largest embezzlements and the greatest corruption in Iran’s history. Now, even the little kids know that AN and Mullahs just help the West and the Western sanctions. Now, even some Mullah media say: ‘AN is deliberately manipulating the market and the foreign currency reserves. At a time when our enemies put us under pressure, his [coup] government even doesn’t try to take control of the living conditions of people. The main source of inflation is the governments corruption and
‘. In fact, even the stupidest people know the truth”. In these months, we had many artificial crises in Iran, like Chicken Crisis or Dollar Crisis, that have been created by the Mullahs deliberately. As some Iranians say: “Just look at the economic crises in Europe and US, that are under no sanctions. Their economic crises are a result of corruption, mismanagement, and IMF plans, not sanctions. In Iran, the Mullah tyranny, the Mullah corruption, the IMF plan and USA’s secret love affair with Mullahs, are the root of problems”. In these days, many Westerners say: “If you are born poor or born rich in the US and Europe, you should stay that way“, and many Americans say: “The American dream’ just like ‘The land of the free’, was always total bullshit, but at least the rich gave the masses a belief in the aspiration to achieve. These bastards have now taken even that away … They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it! … Why is it only America that has ‘a dream’? Because everyone else is Awake!” Of course I don’t think that everyone else is awake, but I hope one day most humans can be awake and can see the main problems.