Zionist Hitler, Red Line, and American Pigs

“Netanyahu made a fool of himself, and presented a cartoon-like diagram in front of the UN, and drew a red line with a marker !”, the people media reported. They also added: “The American pigs finally declared that they officially de-listed the notorious terrorist group (MEK). The US crossed the red line, and proved that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy”. The Zionist Hitler and the US are bad jokes. Now, not only Iranians, but even Westerners, say: “[The Jewish Hitler] was obsessed with ‘red line’, but no one gave a damn shit about him. [His inferiority complex] forced him to make a fool of himself at the UN”. And the wise Iranians add: “The American pigs and their puppets have killed and tortured tens of thousands of the anti-Mullah Iranians. The American pigs are worse than the Zionist Hitler. The Zionists are stupid psychopaths. They threaten Iranians with nuclear bomb! They are really stupid and savage, and now, all anti-Mullah Iranians hate them. Their childish and barbaric behaviors just proved that their IQ is less than zero. But the American pigs are worse than them. The American pigs prove that the US is the bad guy“. As the Western media report: “[The Jewish Hitler’s] cartoon certainly grabbed attention, but not the kind he wanted. In his UN speech, Netanyahu adopted the persona of an elementary school teacher talking to a [foolish] class to explain nuclear bomb!”. And the wise Iranians add: “Netanyahu, the Jewish Hitler, is a stupid coward. He barked, and now he farts. In the UN, he just repeated Obama’s words, and it’s a great retreat. He licked Obama’s ass, and proved that the Zionists are little cowards”. It’s very important. The Iranian baboons that work for the bad guys, try to pretend that the Zionists are an important factor. But many things, including the story of “Obama and Netanyahu” in the election season, clearly shows that the Zionists are not important. As the wise Iranians say: “If the Zionists were important, then in the election season, Obama didn’t treat Netanyahu like shit. As their media report: ‘Obama avoids Netanyahu meeting. The White House refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the US to attend the UN General Assembly’. Obama hates Netanyahu so much. In November 2010, Obama was on a foreign visit when Netanyahu came to the US! And now, in the election season, Obama threats Netanyahu like shit. Recently, Obama rejected Netanyahu’s idea of red line, and said: No leader wants his hands tied with Iran red lines [!]. Even the American media said: ‘Netanyahus recent behavior is outrageous. He is trying push us into a war that is not in our national interest. He is trying to get us to damage our relations with the rest of the world [!] Netanyahu is overplaying his hand and creating problems for himself and Obama [!] This could make life very hard for him, if Obama win re-election’. They also added: ‘Obama described Israeli pressure on him as noise he tries to ignore [!!], according to remarks aired Sunday [23rd Sep], in his interview with CBS (60 Minutes)’. The Zionist barks are really stupid noise. In fact, the Zionists are puppet of the West. As the American media reported: ‘Romney criticized Obama for refusing to meet with Netanyahu. And Obama replied: ‘So if Romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so’. The current farce shows many things”. As The people media report: “In 2010, Sarkozy and Obama were in Cannes, France. Over microphones that were inadvertently left open, Sarkozy tells Obama, ‘I cant stand to see him anymore, hes a liar [!]’, referring to Netanyahu; to which Obama responds, ‘You are fed up with him, but me, I have to deal with him every day’. It’s the honest feelings of Western leaders regarding the Zionists. In fact, everybody hates the Zionist Hitler. Even those Jewish politicians that are wiser than their Hitler, hate him. Some of them that are Iranian, like Mofaz, say to him: ‘Who are you trying to replace? The administration in Washington or that in Tehran? The world is not sick of Israel, the world is sick of Netanyahu [!]. Never in all of the State of Israel’s years of existence, had the drums of war beat so hard as today. Our policy has played into the hands of the Ayatollah and reinforced the foundation of their regime’. They also add: ‘The defense minister (Barak) has chosen to start his campaign at the expense of national interests and on the back of Netanyahu”. Now, most people hate the Jewish Hitler and his friends, who are psychopath. As the funny Iranians say: “The Zionists love blood and red line, but hate red rag. They draw childish red line, but when people criticizes them, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. If you show them the truth, it’s like a red rag to a bull. They hate the truth and the reason. And only the American pigs, that have converted USA into the land of bad guys and terrorists, are worse than them”.


As the wise Iranians say: “These days are a complete mess (In Ruza Shahr Sholughe)”. It’s a Persian proverb that can describe the days before the US election. In these days, the Mullahs only help the US sanctions, and Iranians pay the price of America’s secret love affair with the Mullahs”. But lets forget these shitty news, and lets see what the funny Iranians say about the Jewish farce: “The Jewish Hitler is a bad joke, but what he did at the UN was a good joke! The Jewish Hitler thought that the UN is like a class room in a kindergarten, and the world leaders are his foolish pupils. And that’s why he said: ‘So, how much enriched uranium do you need for a bomb? And how close is Iran to getting it? Let me show you. I brought a diagram for you [!!] Here’s the diagram. This is a bomb; this is a fuse [!!]‘. His diagram and his speech was a scientific revolution. He said: ‘Iran has to go through three stages. 1st: low enriched uranium 2nd: medium enriched uranium 3rd: high enriched uranium [!]’ He added: ‘Where’s Iran? They’re 70% of the way there. And where should [my] red line be drawn? The red line should be drawn right here [!!]’. And then he draw his red line that he was obsessed by it, and then the little kids, aka the world leaders, stood up, applauded loudly, and said: such a beautiful red line!”. What the Jewish Hitler said in his UN speech, is exactly like what you read here. The funny Iranians have not changed his words. They add: “The Jewish Hitler, that is a stupid psychopath, loves red line and drawing red line with marker. We can advise his doctors to buy a whiteboard for him and allow him to draw red line from morning to night . His doctors should know that no one gives a damn shit about him and his red lines. So, he can draw red line as much as he wants. No one takes him serious”. They also say: “The Jewish Hitler said: ‘They’re 70% of the way there. And the red line should be drawn right here. And that’s why I speak today with such a sense of urgency [!]’. But while he was speaking with ‘such a sense of urgency’, he added: ‘Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war’ [!!] He really thinks the UN is a kindergarten. In fact, all Zionists think that the world is a kindergarten, all people are stupid kids, and the Zionists that their IQ is near zero are teachers of this kindergarten”. In these days, many Westerners laugh at the Zionists, too. Some of their comments are funny. For instance, they say: “This is truly comical. He brought a chart as if he was teaching third grade students … He just shows again that Zionists think Americans are dumb and have to be shown kindergarten level stuff to learn … Thoughts on Netanyahu while watching his speech: bellowing, bullying, begging, demands all your attention all the time,
neurotically needy , oppressive, self-obsessed, suffocating, paranoid, narcissistic … The funny thing is that hes making Mullahs and Ahmadinejad look like a rational player“. The Iranian comments are funny and informative as well. For instance, they say: “Don’t be such a coward, [the Jewish Hitler]. Instead of kissing Obama’s ass, just draw a real red line if you dare … Zionists are worse than Nazis … [Jewish Hitler] and Zionists go Red or go Pale? … Zionists suffer from the mad cow disease. They need a good doctor … The Jewish Hitler and Zionists first go Red, then go insane, and finally go to hell … Zionists just remind me of ‘The Straw Dogs’ film. They are really straw dogs”. Iranians also add: “Obama is American Hitler. He is an American pig that ate shit and loved shit, and finally became a great shit, greater than Mr. shit … The US and the Americans should die of shame. USA is on the wrong side of history, and has become the land of the bad guys“. We will write more about this issue later, but as the wise Iranians say: “Those who support the terrorists, the monarchists, and the Islamists, or threaten Iranians with war or violence, are brainless savages. They are evil forces that their plans and their threats backfire.


“The Zionists are really stupid. They bark a lot, reveal their true colors, and gain nothing. If they wage war against Iran, they just prove that they are savage, and Iranians bring an end to the Jewish state. Now, even the Jewish media report: ‘Most Israelis fear for the outbreak of war with Iran, half fear for the existence of Israel if that happens, a poll has found. The Jewish people said they either ‘fear’ or ‘greatly fear’ for the survival of I-s-r-a-el if war did break out‘. Many Jews know the truth”, some wise Iranians say. As the people media report: “Some Iranians played with Netanyahu’s UN speech and told the truth with his own words: ‘The medieval forces of radical Judaism want to destroy Iran, Asia, Africa, Europe, America, etc. They want to extinguish freedom. They want to end the modern world. Their intolerance is directed first at their fellow Jews, and then to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, secular people, anyone who doesn’t submit to them. The Zionists, ie the forces of medievalism, seek a world in which women and minorities are subjugated, in which knowledge is suppressed, in which not life but death is glorified. The Zionists hate the forces of modernity. They want to drag humanity back to the Stone Age. But we are sure of one thing. Ultimately they will fail, and go to hell. We’ve seen that happen before. To understand what the world would be like with a nuclear-armed I-s-r-a-el, just see today’s world and how a tiny tin-pot state plays with the world peace and the world security, or just imagine the world with a nuclear-armed Al-Qaeda. Now, these lethal weapons are in the hands of the world’s most dangerous terrorist regime, ie the Zionist regime that barks a lot and stupidly and savagely threatens Iranians with nuclear bomb. The Zionist regime and the Nazi regime are alike. They’re both fired by the same hatred; they’re both driven by the same lust for violence. In 2009, the Mullahs brutally put down mass protests for democracy in Iran, and the Zionists and their companies helped them. The Zionists, aka the Jewish Nazi, repeatedly deny Iran’s rights and pray for Iran’s destruction and threaten Iran with war almost on a daily basis. Their war threats and their nuclear threats against Iran can remind you of Hitler and the Nazi Germany. But the truth is that Zionist aggression is worse than Nazi aggression. They love Armageddon and the end of the modern world, and clearly say: The Jews should rule the world. They think that after the Word War III or the Jewish nuclear Armageddon, the Zionists will rule the earth. That’s what is actually guiding their policies and their actions. It’s a clash between modernity and medievalism. The Zionists hate liberty, equality, human rights, democracy, and all modern values. They love blood, hatred, and genocide. They cherish death and pray and strive for war. They hate the human values and the Persian people’s gifts to mankind”. And some Iranians add: “In 1987, 25 years ago, Rabin, the late PM of the Jewish state said, ‘Iran is I-s-r-a-el’s best friend and we do not intend to change our position in relation to Tehran, because the Mullahs regime will not last forever’. But now, the Jewish Hitler just helps the Mullah regime, and betray the best friend of the Jewish people in the past 3000 years. The Jewish Hitler and other ungrateful Jews, betray those Jews that want to live in peace with other people, including Palestinians. Iranians, as the ancient supporters of the Jews, care about all humans, including Jews, Palestinians, and other oppressed people”. They also add: “if you need help, Iranians don’t care about your religion, your race, your nationality, and your color; they will help you. But If you betray Iranians and hurt them, it’s not important that you are a Jew, a Westerner, an Arab, etc, Iranians will send you to hell”.


In these days, some Westerners say: “Hitler created the first Holocaust of the Jews, and Netanyahu will be responsible for the second Holocaust of the Jews in the 21st century. Netanyahu will be the Hitler of the 21st century to the Jews“. And some Zionists say: ‘The public display of the US and I-s-r-ael undermining each other must cease. The only winner is Iran [!]’. As the wise Iranians say: “The Jewish Hitler proved that the Zionists are stupid straw dogs. In his UN speech, The Jewish Hiter said: ‘For over two years, our intelligence agencies didn’t know that Iran was building a huge nuclear enrichment plant under a mountain’. He also added: ‘Two days ago, President Obama reiterated that the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran cannot be contained. I very much appreciate the President Obama’. In fact, what the Iranian baboons and their Western employers say about the Zionists is a big lie. The Zionists only are expert in kissing ass and telling lie. The Zionists are puppets of the US. They are little cowards”. And some Iranians add: “The Zionists have a very small state, that is smaller than a village in Iran, but they try to attach themselves to USA, or compare themselves with Iran! The Jewish Hitler is full of shit, and just shows the depth of his foolishness and his insanity. For instance, he said: ‘Iran could produce the nuclear detonator within a few months. The detonator can be made in a small workshop the size of a classroom. It may be very difficult to find and target that workshop, especially in Iran, that’s a [very big] country that’s bigger than France, Germany, Italy and Britain combined‘. In fact, he just confessed that Iran is a great country, and if the Zionists attack Iran, the Jewish state should say hello to its end”. They also add: “The Jewish Hitler’s jokes are funny. He just made a fool of himself and Zionists in the front of the UN. Just look at people comments in all around the world, and see how they react to the Jewish Hitler. Thank you, the Jewish Hitler. You, the little stupid dog, proved that all people in all around the world hate you and the Zionists”. What the Iranian people say about the Zionists, show how the anti-Islamist Iranians think about the bad guys. In these days, many Iranians say: “The Zionists and the Mullahs love and help each other; they badly need each other … Zionists and Mullahs both are puppets of the West … Zionists love Mullahs. They just say: Mullah should be weak. In fact, they are the enemy of a free and strong Iran … Zionists are really sick. They just betray the Jews … They are like or worse than Mullahs … They suffer from Inferiority Complex and mad cow disease … They are stupid, coward, and psychopath …. They have an insane obsession with waging war and eating shit … they love war, blood, and genocide, and we should fuck them … we should punish the Zionists … the Zionists just help Mullahs and Islamists … they are puppet of the US … Zionists are worse than pigs, and only the Iranian pigs, that live in the West, love them … The Iranian pigs and [their shithole], Balatarin.com and Roozoline.com, are anti-Iran. These pigs get money and betray everything. Now, they support the Zionists and the American pigs … They are a small group. The MEK is a small Marxist-Islamist group with about 5,000 members … Monarchists + MEK + all Iranian pigs and all their fans, in the best case, are less than 1 million … [But] More than 75 million Iranians live in Iran, and more than 80 million Iranians live in the world. The American pigs have a very low IQ … Traitors just love licking ass. These bastards (MEK, Pahlavists, Khatamists, and other pigs) are like or worse than Mullahs … USA loves MEK that is terrorist, Islamist, and Marxist! … MEK, Pahlavists, Jewish Terrorists, Mullahs, and American pigs are alike. All of them are great evils, and enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. All of them try not to allow us to have a free and strong Iran“. What Iranians inside Iran say, show that they not blind, and they are among the wisest people in today’s world.


“The American pigs love the Jewish terrorists, the Christian terrorists, the Islamist terrorists, and even the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK)! The American pigs have converted the US into the land of terrorists”, many Iranians say in these days. They add: “[The Jewish Nazi] have nuclear bomb, and threaten Iran with nuclear bomb, but the UN and the World are silent and have closed their dirty eyes and their dirty mouths. Iran certainly should have nuclear weapon”. Of course many Iranians are wiser than their western counterparts, and clearly say: “The Mullahs and the US love each other. Their fight is ‘Zang-e Zargari’ (Sham Fight). Delisting the MEK is the best gift for Mullahs, and just helps the Mullah regime. The US really loves the Mullahs, and the Mullahs love the American pigs. And that’s why the Mullahs are helping the US sanctions”. As the wise Iranians say: “They talk about death, because they want to ask you to accept fever! It’s an Iranian proverb, and it’s what the West, the Mullahs, and the Iranian traitors do in these days. They torture people with sanction farce and artificial crises, they support terrorists and monarchists that more than 99% of Iranians hate them, and they intimidate people or talk about war, because they want to set the stage for an important event in 2013: The Mullahs want to make a good deal with the US”. It’s not a bad analysis, and many Iranians are aware of it. They say: “The Iranian traitors [in BBC, VOA, RoozOnline, etc and MEK and Pahlavists] just help the Mullahs and the West. [Many of them are idiots, and will be victim. But their charlatans that get good money from the bad guys] try to intimidate Iranians into accepting the Mullahs and a deal between the Mullahs and the US. The Zionists are part of the plot, and should play the role of bogeyman, as Rajavists (MEK) and Pahlavists play the role of bogeyman”. We would write about this issue later, but it’s so obvious that Iranians inside Iran are not blind, and don’t give a shit about the West and its puppets. Now, many Iranians talk about the clear signs of “Zang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight). The Jewish Hitler’s farce is just one of many signs. As the wise Iranians say: “The Jewish Hitler just kissed Obama’s ass. And Obama, that loves the Mullahs, will win the 2012 election. And if you take a look at the Mullah media, you can see that the Mullahs have started to write about ‘negotiation and relation with the US after 33 years! It’s just a complement to Ranfanjani’s farce and Ban Ki-moon and Jeffery Feltman’s farce”. It’s good that many Iranians are not blind. The Iranian people and their awareness can change many things. In these days, even Western analysts say: “Iran is not an Arab state or a West-made state, clumsy collections of tribes and ethnicities cobbled together by Europeans a century ago. Iran is an ancient country [, older than all European countries]. It has the best-educated population in [Asia]; and that population is extremely proud of the countrys heritage while also are generally pro-American. Iranians hate the former colonial powers and their machinations. Iran represents the greatest mismatch between a people and a government of any country in the world“. Yah, but this great mismatch has been created by the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs are puppets of the West. Iranians hate the Mullahs and other pigs, while the US love these pigs. The American pigs love Mullahs, terrorists (MEK), and monarchists (Pahlavists). Yes, Iranians were pro-American, but now, the American pigs and their betrayals have changed many things in Iran. When the American pigs support a small terrorist group (MEK), Iranians only can hate the US. When the American pigs support a small anti-democracy group (Monarchists), Iranians only can hate the US. And when the American pigs support the Mullahs, the Islamists, and [the Iranian baboons], but try to torture the Iranian people with the sanction farce, Iranians only can hate the US. The American Hitler aided Mullahs in suppressing Iranians, and still sows the seeds of hate”. We should write more about these days and its shitty news. As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, you can see how the West reveals its true face, how the Western media censor the news and the comments, and how the American pigs prove that the US is the bad guy. The people protests in Spain and Greece, or the US election farce, can show that most Westerners are angry, but unfortunately, they know nothing about the real problems and the real solutions. Most Westerners are victims of the bad guys, and hate them. But the bad guys and their mercenaries still can fool and control the people”. I hope the wise guys don’t remain silent, and think more about the real problems and the real solutions.

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