2012 Election and Religious Fascism in America

In these days, the Mullahs are helping Obama and US sanctions against the Iranian people, and the West is eating shame and vomiting decency, but most non-Iranians are blind, ignorant, or silent, and don’t care about the Iranian people and their problems that have been created by the West and its puppets. But as the wise Iranians say to the world: “those bad guys that hurt Iranians today, will hurt you tomorrow. Today’s Iranians are pioneer, and their today is your tomorrow”. And some Iranians add: “Just look at today’s USA, today’s UK, today’s Europe, or the US election farce, and see how the stupid upstarts just go backward. Look and see how they suppress and betray their people, how they want to have Theocracy, and how our yesterday can be their tomorrow”. The 2012 election in USA seems like a stupid farce, but it can show us many things about the US and its problems. In these days, Mitt Romney plays the role of ‘Bogeyman’, and it’s obvious that he can’t win the 2012 election, that is the worst election in the US history. But many stupid Americans still care about the Romney-Obama farce. As the wise Iranians say: “US idiots still say: ‘this is a choice between bad and worse’. But their 2012 election is not even a choice between worse and worst; it’s a choice between worst and worst”. Obama and Romney are great evils. Obama helped, and still help, the Islamists and the terrorists, and betrayed the Iranian people and the freedom and democracy in Iran. But he betrayed, and still betray, the American people as well. The current situation in USA is really shameful. For instance, the average Americans write about “Poverty and hunger in America “, and say: “The number of people in poverty has grown to 48.5 million, or 16% of the US population. Food stamps just lifted 4 million individuals out of poverty, including 1.7 million children, keeping food on their table”, and some add: “Food stamps, and about 49 million real poor people (like the homeless), and about 100 million poor people (like their counterparts in [Iran]) are a sign of a broken society. The causes of their poverty are: corruption, inequality, greed, bad governance, exploitation, etc”. The history shows us that those who betray other people and other nations, will betray their own people as well. It’s the story of Hitler, Stalin, Genghis, British Colonialism, Communism, Slavery, etc. And now, the sad story of filtering, censorship, suppression, poverty, surveillance, tyranny, and corruption in the US and Europe; or the story of religious fanatics, terrorists, lobbyists, racists, Sheeple, and stupid lefts/ rights in the West; or the story of the UK riots, the OWS, the European and Canadian riots, the corrupt democracy, the corrupt media, etc can show that those who betrayed Iranians, betray their own people as well. In these days, the wise guys talk about the real threat of Fascism and Theocracy in the US, but most Westerners can’t get the important message: “If you don’t care about other humans, and if you live like sheep or animals, the bad guys that hurt and betray other humans, will hurt and betray you as well”. The threat of Religious Fascism in America is very important. As the wise guys say: “Romney is not important. He plays the role of bogeyman, maybe because he wants to scare Americans into voting for Obama. But Romney and Obama can remind us of the real threats/ problems in USA, including American Fascism, American Theocracy, American National Capitalism, American Foolishness, and American Hypocrisy”. We have already written about Romney and US Christian fanatics. And everybody is aware of the story of Patriotism in USA, and how they refer to Nationalism as “Patriotism”. But these two factors, ie US religious fanatics and US nationalists, can create “Religious Fascism” in USA. As the wise Americans say: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross“. The wise Americans, that are in the minority, also add: “Religious chauvinism has always been a problem in America“. It’s very important. In fact, the threat of Religious Fascism in USA is very serious. For instance, the stupid Mormon, Romney, says: There was a time, when each of us could walk a little taller and stand a little straighter [!] We had a gift that no one else in the world shared [!] We were Americans [!!] That meant something special to each of us [!!] We knew it without question [!!] And so did the world [!] Those days are coming back. Thats our destiny [!!] Can you believe it? It’s exactly like what the fascists said. The stupid Americans say: “It’s American Patriotism”! But it’s obvious that it’s Chauvinism. Even some wise guys say: “It’s worse than Chauvinism. It’s American Fascism. It’s American Nazism. It’s the American National Capitalism!”. Those who don’t read history, often think that Mussolini and fascists were illiterate thugs. But Mussolini was a journalist and a writer that many saw him as an intellect. As the wise guys say: “Mussolini was one of Italy’s most prominent journalists. Mussolini knew and praised Nietzsche and Plato. He wrote several essays about German literature, some stories, and one novel. He was really wiser than Obama, Romney, etc. He was a journalist that entered politics, founded Fascism, and finally became a brutal dictator. He loved the Roman Empire and those days that Italians could walk a little taller ! He believed that they had a gift that no one else in the world shared! Being Italians meant something special to him! And most Italians, that were stupid or naive, accepted his bullshit without question. They thought that their great days should come back, because it’s their destiny! And it led to a great disaster called ‘Italian Fascism'”. The stupid Mormon, Romney, loves repeating history. He says: In America, we place our hand over our heart during the playing of the national anthem. No other people on Earth do that [!!]. But as the smart guys say: “All fascists play with their hands during the playing of their national anthem. The Italian fascists placed their hand above their heart or their head. The German Nazi placed their hand above their head, into the air, and the Americans place their hand over their heart. There is little difference between them! The Nazi Germany had ‘National Socialism’, and USA wants to have ‘National Capitalism’! “. Chauvinism and Nationalism in America is a serious problem, and if it merges with “Christian Fundamentalism” and “Religious Fanaticism” in America, it can create the greatest tragedy of all times, ie “US Religious Fascism” or “American National Capitalism”. Unfortunately, many Americans are naive and think that the fascists or the religious fascists should have horn, or should look like thugs ! But as the wise guys say: “Mussolini was a journalist and a writer. And many religious fanatics don’t look like the Taliban. Some of them look like the Jewish Mullahs in the Jewish state; some look like the Mormons and the American Taliban in USA, and some look like the Mullahs in Iran. What the Mullahs say in Iran is exactly like what the American Taliban say in USA. The Mullahs or the Jewish Mullahs don’t say: ‘Oh, yah, we hate freedom or democracy; we are fanatic’. They are charlatan, and talk about the ‘real’ freedom, and the ‘real’ democracy ! But as the ancient Iranians said: ‘Audience should be wise’. The fascists don’t say: ‘we are evil’ or ‘we are fascist’. The people should know them and their masks”. Yah, the people should read history, and should see the signs of horrible disasters, before it’s too late.


Those who read history, and know Fascism or Religious Fanaticism, know why today’s conditions in the West are dangerous. As they say: “Fascism can be described as a ‘middle class’ phenomenon. Insecurity among the lower middle-classes creates anxiety and anger that can easily be directed by populist-sounding demagogues. Economic destabilization is an important factor in the creation of Fascism. Forerunners of fascism in their efforts to gain political power, played on peoples frustration, and also on people’s fears of revolution with its subsequent chaos, anarchy, and general insecurity. They appealed to nationalist sentiments and prejudices, and portrayed themselves as champions of law, order, Christian morality, and the sanctity of private property. Fascism traditionally employs either a master-race or master-culture narrative. The fascists brainwash their people by talking about ‘their greatness‘, and try to restore the greatness of their master-race. They see women as a threat, religion as a ‘source of power’, and immigrants as an enemy. They encourage vigilantism, and present it as a modern phenomenon. Fascism is a reactionary modernism, a response to class struggle. And both German and Italian variants came to power after the defeat of revolutionary upsurges”. The wise guys also add: “The precursors of Fascism – ie militarization of culture, vigilantism, xenophobia, economic destabilization, etc- are ascendant in the US today. In American society right now, with the immigration hysteria fueled by faux populists, there is a growing wave of xenophobia that has begun to legitimate vigilantism; and vigilantism is always a feature of fascism in periods before it decisively achieves state power“. The 2012 US presidential election can show you the threat of “American Fascism” or “US Religious Fascism”. As some wise guys say: “What Romney and many other Americans say is worse than religious chauvinism. It’s American National Capitalism. Just look what they say about America and being American, or how they talk about ‘their greatness’ and congratulate themselves from morning to night. Their words and their delusions can remind you of Hitler and Mussolini, and can show that the US and the West are turning a neo-fascist B-movie into reality“. Unfortunately, only a few Americans can see the real threats, and other Americans just follow the stupid lefts, the stupid rights, the media whores, or the pseudo intellectuals like sheep. Some of those Americans that see the threat of Fascism in the US, say: “Characteristics of Fascism [in US and Europe] are: (1) Powerful and Continuing Nationalism (Patriotism): Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays (2) Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights : Fascist regimes [say that] human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of ‘need’ (3) Identification of Enemies as a Unifying Cause: The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: minorities, liberals, socialists, immigrants, nuclear threats, terrorists, etc (4) Supremacy of the Military: Soldiers and military service are glamorized (5) Rampant S-e-xism: The fascists tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated (6) Controlled Mass Media : Censorship [and filtering] is very common (7) Obsession with National Security: Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses (8) Religion and Government are Intertwined: Religious rhetoric and terminology is common (9) Corporate Power is Protected (10) Labor Power is Suppressed: Labor unions are either eliminated or suppressed (11) Disdain for Intellectuals: Fascists tend to promote hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and academics to be censored or even arrested (12) Police unlimited power: Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws or suppress people (13) Rampant Cronyism and Corruption: [Lobbyists], groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions [rule and exploit the people] (14) Fraudulent Elections: The fascist Elections are a complete sham, or are manipulated and controlled (15) Widespread support for the pseudo intellects and the media whores …”. Unfortunately, there are many similarities between the 1920s & the 1930s and the 2000s & the 2010s, including the economic crises, the wars and its results, the widespread corruption and tyranny, the widespread frustration, the widespread foolishness/ ignorance, and the role of the pseudo intellectuals and the pseudo modern people (Sheeple). Unfortunately, the pseudo intellectuals and the media whores still can manipulate the people, and many follow them like sheep. The story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and the story of Iran and the West in the past three years is very important and informative, but the Sheeple and most Westerners know nothing about it and its great importance. In the recent days, a Western writer said: ‘[The story of Iran and USA (MEK scam)] more vividly illustrates the rot and corruption at the heart of America’s DC-based political culture than almost any episode I can recall”. But he and others should know that the story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) in the past three years ‘more vividly illustrates the main problems in the US and the West than any episode in the modern history ‘. If you want to know the stupid lefts, the pseudo intellectuals, the intellectual mercenaries, the corrupt media, the Western Sheeple, the Western corrupt democracy, and many hellish secrets of today’s world, you should study the story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and what happened in the past three years. In this website, we have tried to write about this story, that is like a large puzzle. Solving this large puzzle, that we can see the big picture of it but many of its pieces are unknown or unnoticed, can lead to the real solutions to many global problems. If you want to know the main problems in the US and Europe, you should know the large puzzle of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and what happened in the past three years. The threats of Religious Fascism, Tyranny and Suppression, Internet Filtering and Censorship, Surveillance and Lack of Freedom, Corruption and Economic crises, World War, Foolishness Disease and Naivety, Selfishness and Animal life, Brainwashing and Control, etc are among those things that this large puzzle can show you well. And the story of Obama, Romney, the Jewish fanatics, the Christian fanatics, and the Muslim fanatics is just a small part of this large puzzle.


The role of pseudo intellectuals and the intellectual mercenaries in creating big disasters, like Theocracy, Tyranny, or Fascism, is very important. “Manifesto of the Fascist Intellectuals” in the 1920s, was written or singed by those philosophers and intellectuals that get money and betray the truth. Many culturally influential Italian public intellectuals signed the Manifesto of the Fascist Intellectuals, and tried to justify the violence, the tyranny, and the corruption in the name of the human values. They were like the stupid lefts or the Iranian baboons and Western monkeys, and suffered from both “Foolishness Disease” and “Hypocrisy Disease”. As the wise Iranians say: “If you only suffer from ‘Foolishness Disease’, you can cure yourself, if you try to be honest. The honest idiots/ fanatics have a chance of salvation, but those who suffer from both ‘Foolishness Disease’ and ‘Hypocrisy Disease’, ie those who get money and betray the truth and other human values intentionally, are sick animals that become the bad guys. Many politicians, journalists, and intellects belong to this group. They often try to hide their true face behind masks, and it’s hard to see their true colors in the normal conditions. But during the serious crises, like what happened in 2009, 2011, and 2012, they remove their masks, because their employers are in deep shit, and saving them is the first priority”. Now, many Iranians know the true colors of the bad guys and their mercenaries, but unfortunately, most non-Iranians, including most Americans, still don’t know who is who, and still see the bad guys and their mercenaries as the trusty guys. It’s a very big problem. The European people in the 1920s and the 1930s didn’t know the true colors of the Fascist Intellectuals, the Nazi intellectuals, and the Marxist intellects, and it led to great disasters. And now, if the Americans and other Westerners remain silent or ignorant, the threats of Fascism, Tyranny, Theocracy, National Capitalism, and Orwellian Society in the US and the West become a reality soon. As the wise guys say: “It’s really true that when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. In fact, Fascism will come to America in the name of religion, national security, and national interests. When most Americans are nationalist or religious fanatic, a Mormon can become the stupid monkey’s main rival. USA is really on the edge of Religious Fascism”. In these days, some Americans write about “Christian Fascism in America“, but they forget the threat of the stupid lefts and the pseudo intellects, who defend the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism. As the wise guys say: “The stupid lefts and the stupid rights are two sides of the same coin. A stupid left can easily become a stupid right, because they have a lot in common. And that’s why many fascists were among the stupid lefts, who suddenly turned right !“. Noam Chomsky is the symbol of the stupid lefts in the US today, and he and other Marxists and Communists that are worse than him, defend the brutal dictators and/or the tyranny in the name of the human values. Unfortunately, most of the lefts are the stupid lefts. Only a few lefts, like the late Howard Zinn, have been open-minded and cared about the truth, and hated the tyranny and all brutal dictators. Most of today’s lefts are stupid and hypocrite, and can’t understand, or pretend ignorance, that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely“. But instead of kissing politicians’ ass, intellects should care about real solutions, like ‘direct democracy’ or ‘a world without politicians’. We have already written about these issues in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” and “Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians” (check Archive). In the recent years, many Westerners are frustrated, and many things in the US and Europe look like the Age of Fascism and Great Depression, and we all should take the threat of Fascism seriously. Many Westerners write about “Control the press and the internet”, “National surveillance system”, “Harass citizens’ groups”, “Engage in arbitrary detention and release”, “Cast dissent as Treason and criticism as Espionage”, “Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don’t toe the line”, “Suspend the rule of law”, “Widespread lies and hypocrisy”, “Crushing peaceful protests”, “How Media distort truth”, etc that all of them are among the symptoms of Fascism. As some wise Americans say: “Hypocrisy and lies is the lifeblood of the US and the west“, and it’s a very important problem. It’s the base of all great disasters. We have already written about those American bastards that get money and support the terrorists and the MMM -Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds (MEK). As the wise, angry Iranians say: “USA is the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism. The disgusting MMM are Islamists, monarchists, and terrorists, and more than 90% of Iranians hate all of them, but the American pigs support them without shame. And that’s why USA becomes a third world crap hole, ie a backward third world theocratic crap hole lead by Christian fanatics bent on annihilation of others”. The American people should know that those who betray Iranians, will betray Americans as well. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s important to note that Iranians have always cared about all humans. They defended the Jews in 3000 years ago. They wrote the first charter of human rights. They were the first nation that cared about charity and donation. In fact, Iran (Persia) is the ancient land of tolerance, and Iranians were, and still are, the most tolerant people in the world. It’s important to note that the Mullahs and most of those pigs that suppress the Iranian people with the help of the West, are Arabs or puppets of the West, and all of them hate Iran, Iranians, the Iranian culture, and the Iranian tolerance. It’s very important. In the 13th century, when both Arabs and Europeans were savage fanatics, Iranians clearly wrote: “Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul; If one member is afflicted with pain – Other members uneasy will remain; If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain“. It’s Manifest of Humanity”. It’s really true. Now, we all can see that “if you have no sympathy for human pain”, not only “the name of human you cannot retain”, but “nothing except disaster and plague you can gain”, because the bad guys that hurt and betray other humans, will hurt and betray you as well. Unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans think and behave like the stupid upstarts. As the wise angry Iranians say: “They are appealing to past glory, imperial power and manifest destiny! But when a new country that didn’t exit before the 18th century, wants to be proud of its past!, what Iranians should say? We are Iranian, that means Aryan. We live in the land of Aryans, the oldest civilized country of the world that is the Cradle of Civilization. We are Persian, that our great civilization is the root of the Western civilization. We are Persian, that taught Europeans Human civilization. We are Persian, the first humans that care about and write about the human rights, when Europeans ate each others or were proud of Gladiatorial Savagery. If Iranians want to behave like Americans, they should say: ‘It’s Persia that is really great and special. All nations and all people knew it, as the history knows it. Those days will come back soon. That’s our destiny!’ But we are not as stupid as Americans. Persians have always cared about the whole world and all humans. But the stupid Americans should know that if some nations want to think and behave like Americans, then they have many things to say, more than Americans“. And the wise Iranians add: “The world and the good Americans should ask themselves: what would happen, if Persia, India, China, etc think and behave like Americans? If Nationalism and Chauvinism is bad, that is bad, it’s bad for America, too. In fact, it’s too bad for Americans, because they have a new country with a short history and a short memory, and many Americans don’t read the world history and don’t learn from other countries. In fact, those who are so selfish and so stupid and don’t care about other humans and human values, are the real third worlders and the real backward people. They are ‘sick animals’, and will pay a very high price for their shameful and inhumane behaviors. Their destiny is like the destiny of the Nazi Germany and the Fascist Italy”. Think about it. I hope the good guys can see the real threats, before it’s too late.

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