New Monkey Species found in USA, UK, & West !

“A new monkey species found in Congo, Africa”, the media reported recently. In these days, many Iranians are angry but many non-Iranians don’t know why Iranians are angry! Maybe the monkey world can show them why Iranians should be angry. “The new monkey in Africa, called ‘Lesula’, found in remote forests. Lesula has a weird face and a mane of long blond hairs, and is described by the researchers as shy and quiet. It lives on the ground and in trees. Its diet is mostly fruit and vegetation”, the media reported. Lesula has encouraged some satirists to write about the monkeys in the West. As they say: “Lesula is more intelligent and more human than Obama, Cameron, and other Western monkeys. As you know, you can find many monkeys in the US and Europe, that some of them are new monkeys and some are old monkeys”. In these days, many things are ridiculous and tragicomic. We should write more about them later, but as some Iranians say: “these ridiculous things prove that today’s world is really the monkey world, not the human world”. So, Let’s take a look at this monkey world, its main news, and what Iranians say about it. The angry, witty Iranians say: “In the past 3 years, several new monkey species have been discovered in the West. The main new monkey species in USA is ‘the Stupid Monkey’. He loves the Islamists and the terrorists. In 2009, he helped the Mullahs and Islamists in Iran, and aided them in killing and suppressing the ordinary Iranians, ie the majority of Iranians that hated the Mullahs and Islamists. And in 2011, he helped the Islamists in Egypt, and revealed many secrets. The Stupid Monkey loves eating shit, sucking blood, and sowing the seeds of hate. Before the year 2009, the majority of Iranians that are young, modern and anti-Islamists, loved the US. But now, they are changing their views about the US, and many of them hate the US. In fact, the Stupid Monkey has succeeded in sowing the seeds of hate in the Iranians’ hearts “. They also add: “The American monkeys love blood, shit, Islamists, Mullahs, Zionists, terrorists, fanatics, etc. They eat shit and suck blood, and hate peace, freedom, democracy, humanity, anti-Islamists, modern people, etc”. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s wrong. In the recent days, the media reported: “USA and Obama administration want to [officially declare that they] remove [a notorious terrorist group, MEK,] from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, which includes al Qaeda and Hezbollah. [Most Iranians, ie more than 99.99% of Iranians, hate MEK]”. And some Western media and Western monkeys said: ‘Why arent the Iranians scared? They should be surrendering all of their nuclear weapons stuff and begging us for mercy [!!!!] Why are they still strong? [!]“. And some media reported: ‘NBC News, along with a leading US newspaper (USA Today), insist that the Egyptian Islamists should be grateful to the US for having freed them [!!] The Americans say it was the US that freed the Egyptian Islamists from tyranny, when the US turned its back on its old friend Hosni Mubarak [!]‘. And some wise Iranians said: “Yah, the American monkeys love terrorists, Islamists, and anti-democracy forces. In fact, the American monkeys and the US are the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran and the world, and if Iranians want to have freedom and democracy in Iran, they should fuck or nuke USA first ! The US is the number one enemy of the human values, humanity, and the human world”. The wise, angry Iranians also add: “The old monkeys and the new monkeys in the US and the West have a low IQ, and that’s why they stupidly reveal the secrets of the 2011 Arab shits and the 2009 Mullah coup. The animals are really more intelligent and more human than those Western monkeys that call themselves politician, intellect, journalist, etc”. In these days, even some Westerners write about Lesula and the Western monkeys; they say: “Are you sure this is a new species of monkey? Looks like Queen to me … Lesula looks like [the English Queen] … Lesula has a nicer expression than [our leaders] … Lesula looks like Cameron … Lesula’s eyes are more intelligent than David Cameron’s … Lesula’s face is more human than Cameron’s … Reminds me of Obama and Cameron”. And the wise, angry Iranians add: “The Western monkeys can show us many things about the West. The American monkeys and European monkeys just love eating extra shit. They often eat shit and die, but they can’t stop eating shit. They have a small brain, and a low IQ. They clearly confess: ‘Iranians dont take our threats seriously. Iranians [don’t give a shit about us, that are culturally and historically inferior to them]. They have a huge stockpile of missiles to use against us [!]’. These monkeys love barking, farting, and eating shit”. They also add: “God Bless Lesula, and other monkeys in Africa. Lesula is more intelligent and more human than the Western monkeys. And compared to the Zionists, Lesula is Einstein”.


Lesula (above picture) is really more intelligent and more human than Obama, Cameron, Harper, and other Western monkeys. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “The empty gestures of the freedom and democracy in the UK and Europe are really funny. They laugh at the Muslim fanatics, while they, themselves, are as savage and stupid as the Arabs. Recently, some [wise] Britons wrote about ‘The UK’s Communications Data Bill” known as “the Spying Bill”, that is an Orwellian law and can create an Orwellian nightmare in the UK. But many know nothing about ‘The UK’s war on internet freedom‘ and ‘the lack of freedom in the UK’. The British monkeys that are the main supporter and creator of the Mullahs and the Iranian [baboons], try to create the same shithole in the UK”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. Recently, the British media reported: ‘The draft Communications Data Bill will give police and intelligence services the power to access all your email data and internet connections. If this bill becomes law, we will never learn how this vast expansion of collection and retention of our data actually affects our lives and distorts the nature of our democratic society [!] Of course everyone accepts that the police and intelligence services need to be able to probe the internet [!!!]”. Can you believe it ?! As the wise Iranians say: “The British monkeys are those old monkeys that waged war on the freedom, democracy, and progress in other countries, and pretended that their own country is a democracy, but now, you can see that they just have an Orwellian system. In fact, those monkeys that exploit other countries and betray other nations, fuck and betray their own country as well”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. In these days, the wise Britons say: “The Spying bill and such mass data collection, filtering and monitoring in the UK is like or worse than what Orwell said in ‘1984’”. It’s really true. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “The British monkeys are Orwellian monkeys, like their counterparts in Canada and USA. For them, democracy = tyranny, freedom = censorship, media = corruption, protest = kissing ass, immigration = recruiting mercenary, politics = lie and hypocrisy, human life = animal life, modern values = the law of the jungle, support =betrayal, hate = love, etc. It’s quite natural that these Western monkeys love the Jewish monkeys, ie the primitive and savage monkeys. Recently, the Jewish media and the Zionist faggots said: ‘Just imagine that tomorrow, the beautiful and ancient city of Isfahan, may vanish, with just one bomb [!!!!]‘. Even the Nazi monkeys didn’t say such thing, but now the Jewish faggots that are little spoiled rats, threaten Iran with nuclear bombs, but the West and the UN, and other monkeys have closed their dirty eyes and their dirty mouths”. We should write more about the Jewish Nazi, their nuclear threats, and the world’s silence, but as the wise, angry Iranians say: “The Zionist monkeys are little savage monkeys that live like parasites. The Zionists are vermin, and if the Western monkeys don’t help them, they will die soon. But the Zionist vermin, aka the Jewish Nazi, can show us that today’s world is a stupid jungle that its main law is the law of the jungle, and the Western monkeys and their puppets can’t understand the human language (Zaboon Adamizad)”. The wise, angry Iranians also add: “The American monkeys and the British monkeys love the Zionist parasites, and don’t care about the human values, including the freedom and democracy. The British monkeys love censorship and tyranny. Recently, some people media wrote: ‘The lack of freedom of speech in the UK is demonstrated by sentencing someone for sending a rude email‘. They linked to an article in the Guardian, but just after several days, the Guardian deleted the article ! As the wise Britons say: ‘The UK Is Being Transformed Into A Hellish Big Brother Society’. The British monkeys betray their own people, because they hate humanity and other humans”. The lack of freedom of speech in the UK and the EU is an important issue that we should write more about it later, but as the wise Iranians say: “if you want to know the British monkeys, you should read their press. Recently, the British media said: ‘I-s-r-a-el could send Iran back to Stone Age [!!!] The Jewish state could cripple Iran’s power grid [!!] with electromagnetic pulses ‘. The British monkeys that still love blood, war, barbarism and colonialism, tell such stupid jokes, but the Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘God bless Hitler. God bless the Nazi Germany. The Jewish Nazi and their British- American supporters are worse than Hitler and the German Nazi. They are very stupid, because they just show us that Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons, and certainly should punish the UK, the US, and other pigs'”. The wise Iranians also add: “The story of the UN that is a puppet of USA is so funny. Just look How Zionist Regime’s Nuclear Threats Overlook by the UN and the West‘, and just see the UN Silence toward the Jewish Nazism and the Zionist nuclear threats. Today’s world is really a stupid jungle, and Iran certainly should have nuclear bombs and should stop the Western monkeys. Lesula is really more intelligent and more human than Cameron, Obama, Harper, and other Western monkeys”.


The wise, angry Iranians also say: “In these days, the Western monkeys and the Iranian monkeys can show us the secrets of the 2009 coup. On September 20, 2012, the Iranian traitors and the Iranian monkeys in, [the cesspool of the Ashura traitors] that the West support it financially, had a very funny headline: ‘They [should] Nuke Iran [!!]’. Can you believe it ?! The Iranian monkeys that betrayed the Iranian people in 2009, and call themselves ‘Iranian Opposition’, pray for annihilation of Iran !, and help the Zionist vermin. In a stupid interview with Hooshang Hasan Yari, an Iranian-Canadian monkey in Canada, Roozonline repeated the Jewish Nazi’s bullshit. Just read their shameful interview, and see how Hooshang Hasan Yari and Roozonline prove that are they are worthless, anti-Iranian pigs. In fact, they are anti-Iranians, anti-democracy, anti-humanity, and anti-Truth. It’s very funny that Hooshang Hasan Yari and the worthless pigs in Roozonline, that betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement in Iran, now defend the stupid West, the Western sanctions, the Jewish Nazi and their nuclear threats ! These stupid bastards are worthless ass-lickers that just want to intimidate the people, while now no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. But the world should know these pigs and their Western employers, and should know how these anti-Iran pigs earn money in the name of ‘defending Iran or Iranians’ !! They are really worse than Mullahs. Just read their interview, and see how these anti-Iran pigs, that some of them call themselves ‘Iranian Nationalist’ !, pray for annihilation of Iran. Just read their interview and see why the Iranian expats and their Western employers are worse than pigs, and should be called ‘the stupid, mean, motherfuckers'”. I read their interview, and it’s really shameful. We should write more about Roozonline, Balatarin, Hooshang Hasan Yari, and other Iranian pigs that can show you the secrets of the 2009 coup. But it’s very funny that the anti-Iran and pro-Mullah pigs get their visa or their mercenary money in the name of defending Iran or Iranians ! As the wise, angry Iranians say: “When we try to be silent, and just laugh at the depth of their stupidity and savagery, the Western monkeys, their Zionist puppets, and their Iranian mercenaries try to eat extra shit and make a fun of themselves. They are really brainless, and not only show us the depth of the Western Barbarism, but they just prove that they are sick animals and this shitty world is a stupid jungle”. They also add: “In the recent days, French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, warned that an I-s-r-a-eli strike on Iran would backfire. ‘It allows Iran to cast itself as a victim [!!]’, he said. It’s funny that the French monkeys defend the Jewish Nazi, because according to the French monkeys’ logic, in the 1940s, Hitler and the Nazi Germany were right, and France just tried to cast itself as a victim ! “. The Western monkeys are really brainless. They don’t know that their bullshit can change many things in Iran. Now, even the wise Iranians are angry and say: “The British monkeys and the Jewish Nazi clearly say: ‘I-s-r-a-el could send Iran back to Stone Age [!!]’ or ‘Just imagine that tomorrow, the beautiful and ancient city of Isfahan, may vanish, with just one bomb [!!!!]’ And the Jewish Mullah clearly say: ‘God, wipe Iranians out, kill them. Destroy Iran and Iranians God, obliterate them from the face of the earth’. But it just shows that the West and the Zionists are not human, but are sick animals who just love blood, war, and genocide, and only can understand the animal language”. And many ordinary Iranians that are anti-Mullahs, clearly say: “We should speak to them with their own language: ‘If the Jewish Nazi wage offensive war on Iran, Iran and Iranians don’t send Israel back to Stone Age, but Iran and Iranians wipe the tiny Jewish state off the map and obliterate all Jewish terrorists from the face of the earth. It’s their own language, and they only can understand this language. We should fuck them and destroy them, and only in this way they stop hurting other people”. And the wise, angry Iranians say: “Those Jewish Nazi and Jewish monkeys that threat Iran with nuclear bombs and tell barbaric jokes, are puppets of the UK and the US, and love ‘genocide’ and ‘wipe off the map’. But they just show us that Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons and even weapons that are more powerful than nuclear weapons. The tiny Jewish state is a small shithole that may vanish with just one bomb. But this tiny shithole is not important. Iran should be able to fuck USA with just one bomb. The whole USA should vanish with just one bomb ! Iran should have such weapons, and should punish those pigs who created and supported [the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup)] and imposed the 2012 sanctions. The Western monkeys and their Zionist puppets can only understand their own language. Their world is the animal world and its main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, so, we should treat them like sick animals”. It’s so obvious why Iranians should be angry.


“Why the stupid monkey (Obama) and other Western monkeys try to show us their true colors?”, many Iranians ask. It’s a good question. As the wise Iranians say: “Politicians in the US and Europe are less honorable than Prostitutes. They are stupid, and don’t care about their honor, or even a face-saving formula. They just care about money and power. Apparently, they want to make a good deal with the Mullahs. It’s their plan A. And their plan B is like their plan A. And if we ignore their plan C, D, or E, we can say that their plan F is ‘using the terrorists (MEK) and the Monarchists (Pahlavists)’, that more than 99% of Iranians hate them, as Alternative ! They don’t care about their true face, because their IQ is less than pigs’ IQ. They still believe that their plan A or plan B will work, that means, in 2013, after the US election, all the current barks and farts would convert into a love story between the US and the Mullahs. But both sides are worried about a main obstacle: the Iranian people and their awareness”. In fact, the wise Iranians talk about “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight), because they can see the clear signs of the Sham Fight in the past 3 years, and also in the recent days. For instance, they say: “In August and September 2012, Obama sent his Jewish aide !, the top US Diplomat Jeffrey Feltman, to meet with Khamenei in Iran. Feltman is the first senior American officials to meet with the Mullah leader, Khamenei, openly and publicly”. And as the people media report: “Jeffrey Feltman is a Jew and a Zionist, and he was very happy to see his Jewish-Zionist brothers, specially AhmadiNejad, in Tehran! Feltman is a Jew that loves the Zionists, the CIA, and also the Mullahs and the Hezbollah. Jeffrey Feltman is a Zionist Jew. Seeing Feltman sitting between Ki-Moon and a Mullah facing the Mullah leader, Khameini, is very funny. Jeffrey Feltman can show you many things about the secret relations between USA, the Zionists, and the Mullahs”. And some wise Iranians add: “AhmadiNejad is a Jew, Jeffrey Feltman is a Jew, Noam Chomsky is a Jew, and you are still stupid and blind, and can’t see the truth ?!“. We should write more about this issue later, but the clear signs of “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight) are really undeniable. Even some Americans can see these signs and say: “The Mullah regime kills their own citizens, but Obama loves them and supports them. Obama’s envoy tacitly approve this with his presence“. The story of the current barks and farts, and the clear signs of “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight) is not paradoxical. As the wise Iranians say: “Those who know the dirty world of politics, that is like the animal world, know that the Mullahs and the West don’t have any serious problem with each other. Both sides just want to win more concessions, and the freedom and democracy and the human values are meaningless for both sides. When Ban Ki-moon that is a stupid puppet of USA, said: ‘It is especially important for the voices of Iran’s people to be heard during next year’s presidential election [!!!]‘, it’s so obvious that those who created and/or supported the 2009 coup (the Iranian 9/11) are one team and work for one goal”. We should write more about the story of Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Feltman. But now, some wise Iranians say:” Ban Ki-moon, aka Chiz To-koon (thing in his ass), is a puppet of USA, and what he said in Tehran, in front of a group of Basiji thugs, is the US policy”. Many think that the Zionists are an important factor, but as the wise Iranians say: “The Zionists are less than nothing. The only important factor is the Iranian people and their awareness. Just about 14 million Jews live in the whole world, and less than 1 or 2 millions of them are Zionist. The Zionists are not important, and the Christian fanatics just use them as a tool for accelerating the Armageddon and the end of the time ! And the first victim of any Armageddon and any world war, will be the Jews. The Christian fanatics hate the Jews so much, because they think that the Jews killed Jesus. They just fool and use the Jews”. In these days, the story of USA and the Jewish state is funny. Recently, Reuters and other Western media reported: “Obama Avoids Netanyahu Meeting. Obama doesn’t meet Netanyahu during a U.S. visit later this month. The White House had refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the US to attend the U.N. General Assembly. [Obama and Netanyahu badly hate each other]”. We would write more about this issue later, but as the wise Iranians say: “it can show that the Zionists are not an important factor. They are just stupid, and bark and fart a lot. Some Jewish Nazi that are angry, say: ‘US should beg I-s-r-a-e-l to bomb Iran [!!]‘. Their IQ is really less than monkey’s IQ. The Western monkeys, their puppets, their war threats, and their nuclear threats, clearly show that they still live in the Stone Age”. But if the good guys and the wise guys remain silent, those monkeys that have a low IQ, and love blood, hatred, war, and barbarism, would destroy the whole world.

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