Mitt Romney, Mormonism, & American Theocracy

For the first time in the US history, a Mormon has become a prime candidate for the US presidency. But many Americans don’t know why it’s a great shame and a threat. Many Americans are not aware of the main threats in America, including “Fascism” and “Theocracy”. Romney and Obama that form the worst and stupidest election in the US history, are not important. But they can create many problems, and can show many things about the horrible problems in USA. We have already written about “US Christian fanatics” or “Religious Fanatics in the West” (check Archive) and how stupid they are. More than 90 million religious fanatics live in USA, and many of them are stupider than Mullahs and Basijis. They are “the American Taliban”. But unfortunately, most people, including most Americans, don’t know the American Taliban. They also don’t know Mormonism, that is an American cult. But the threat of “American Theocracy” or “Christian Republic” (like Islamic Republic) is a real threat, and we all should know more about Mormonism and their “Theo-Democracy”. As Americans say: “Joseph Smith, the Mormon founder (prophet) coined the term ‘Theo-Democracy’ (ie Theocracy + Democracy). In fact, Mormons and their prophet don’t believe in the separation of church and state“. It’s very important. As many know, both the Mullah regime and the Zionist regime are “Theodemocracy”. And as the wise guys say: “In Theodemocracy, God and the people held power jointly. Of course God’s agents have the upper hand and veto power, and the people should obey God’s agents”. As many know, Mormonism has had many serious problems, including racism, violation of women’s rights, polygamy, etc. And as we said before, in “American Priest had 80 Wives !” (check Archive), a leader of a Mormon church has about 80 wives!, including 12 who he married at 16, and 12 who he married at 15 or younger. In fact, many American Mormons still live in the Stone Age. In their “Articles of Faith”, Mormons talk about “Thirteen basic points of belief to which Mormons subscribe. Two years before he died, the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote these 13 points”. Part of these points are: “(7) We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth (9) We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God (10) We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent [!]; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory (12) We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers [!!], and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law”. It’s really horrible. As some wise guys say: “Mormons not only confess that they see America as their Zion, but these American Zionists also confess that they are sheep (because of 12). They clearly say that they want to establish their kingdom of God, or their theocratic regime in USA”. And some Americans add: “Do you know the Mormon Plan for America? America is their Zion! and their ‘Kingdom of God’ is a Mormon theocracy that will be run by a Mormon. They did swear such an oath”. Mormons are really weird. As some American scholars say: “Mormons believe that God lives on the planet Kolob. Mormons take the same blood oaths as Masons [!] and some of them have dozens of wives!”. But the most important things about Mormons is their similarities to the Jewish & Christian Zionists. As the Americans say: “Mormonism was created by Joseph Smith with a specific purpose of bringing about the Kingdom of God on Earth, a physical kingdom. Many Christians believe, as the Bible declares, that Christ will return to the Zion (Jerusalem) in Israel, to establish His millennial kingdom, whereas Mormons believe that they must establish their Zion, a worldwide Mormon kingdom, in America, dictated from their Missouri base in order to make it possible for Christ to return“. They also add: “ Romney swore an oath when he became a priest [ie a Mormon Mullah,] to do everything he can to build the Mormon political Kingdom of God“. It’s very important, while the American media try to hide Romney and Mormonism behind the freedom of religion. But as the wise Iranians say: “We believe in the freedom of religion. Your religion is not important to us. You even can worship shit or cow, or anything else. It’s none of our business. But if you want to build political kingdom, theocracy, theo-democracy, etc, your foolishness hurt us and others. You can eat shit, but you can’t force others to eat shit. It’s what Iranians call it ‘eating extra shit’, and no one can tolerate those who eat extra shit”. But unfortunately, most Americans live like sheep, and know nothing about the stupid Mormon or the stupid Monkey (Obama), and the mass media brainwash them. Only a few Americans know that both Romney and Obama are the same shit and the great evils.


Mitt Romney doesn’t try to deny his Mormon faith. As the Americans say: “In 2008, Romney addressed his religion in a ’60 minutes’ interview and in a speech called ‘Faith in America‘”. But do you know what Romney said in the so-called ‘Faith in America‘? In this speech that you can find it in many websites (google it), Romney says: ‘Freedom requires religion [!!] . I do not define my candidacy by my religion. A person should not be elected because of his faith nor should he be rejected because of his faith [!!] [ie Mullahs, Popes, Church, etc can have a role in State, and the separation of church and state is a joke!] When I place my hand on the Bible and take the oath of office, that oath becomes my highest promise to God[!] There are some for whom these commitments are not enough. They would prefer it if I would simply distance myself from my religion, say that it is more a tradition than my personal conviction, or disavow one or another of its precepts. That I will not do [!] I believe in my Mormon faith [!!] and I endeavor to live by it [!] My faith is the faith of my fathers – I will be true to them and to my beliefs . Some believe that such a confession of my faith will sink my candidacy. If they are right, so be it [!!]” In fact, he confesses that he believes in Mormonism, the faith of his fathers, and he tries to live by it! But do you know Mormonism and their prophet? If you know them, you would know many things. As the wise guys say: “Joseph Smith (1805- 1844) was a little kid when he founded Mormonism in 1830 (at age 25!) According to Smith, beginning in the early 1820s he had visions!, in one of which an angel directed him. Unfortunately, when the people are so stupid, even the little kids that are immature guys or shallow guys, can create historical problems. Joseph Smith, like most teens, was horny, and loved s-e-x, or even polygamy, etc, but his followers [are blind]. In 1844, a rift developed between Smith and some of his closest associates. Most of them said that Smith had proposed marriage to their wives ! Smith excommunicated them!, and they sued Smith for polygamy, rape, and other crimes. The story of Joseph Smith, the Mormon founder (prophet), is like the story of David Koresh and Davidians in Waco, Texas in the 1990s”. It’s important to note that Joseph Smith tried to become the US president in 1844. But now, in 2012, a Mormon shit that is proud of Smith and his cult, want to become US president. It’s beyond tragedy. The Mormon Mullah, Romney, adds: “In recent years, the notion of the separation of church and state has been taken by some well beyond its original meaning [!!] They seek to remove from the public domain any acknowledgment of God. They see Religion as merely a private affair with no place in public life [!!]. They are wrong [!!]They are intent on establishing a new religion in America – the religion of secularism [!!]” Can you believe it? it’s what the wise guys call it ‘American Theocracy’ or ‘Christian Republic of America’, and it would create “Religious Fascism”, that we would write about it later. Romeny’s Faith in America speech is exactly like the Mullah speech, and is full of the political rhetoric, empty words and empty gestures that try to hide the main points, but many can see the main points. The American idiots think that the Mullahs are naive and say: “Oh, yah, we are evil and we are religious fanatic; and we want to kill and torture people; and we hate freedom and democracy” But what the Mullahs say is exactly like what Romney or the American Taliban say. They wear masks, and pretend that they care about the freedom and democracy, or the human values, but as the ancient Iranians said: “the audience should be wise”. The Nazi and Hitler didn’t say: “we are dangerous” or “we are evil”, as the Zionists and the American fascists don’t say: “we are fascist” or “we are evil”. The people should know them and their masks. In these days, many write about “Mitt Romney’s Mormon Secrets”, but only a few Americans write about the main secret: “The Kingdom of God on the earth and Zion, that mean, to Mormons, the theocracy will replace the non-religious civil government. They believe, of course, that Christ will come to run this government, using faithful Mormons as his agents!”. It’s very important, as much as what Mormons say about the human rights and basic rights. Some Mormon leaders clearly say: ‘There is no such thing as Constitutional rights or human rights. Its a misnomer. Rights come from God’. It’s what Romney has confirmed it, too. In his Faith in America speech, Romney said: “The US founders proscribed the establishment of a state religion, but they did not countenance the elimination of religion from the public square. We are a nation ‘Under God’ and in God, we do indeed trust. We should acknowledge the Creator as did the Founders -in ceremony and word. Our greatness would not long endure without God. I will not separate us and the affairs of government from ‘the God who gave us liberty [!] Nor would I separate us from our religious heritage! We believe that every single human being is a child of God. Americans acknowledge that liberty is a gift of God“. And some Iranians say: “Do you know why even Romney’s best words, that are like the Islamist-Reformists’ words, are dangerous? The religious fanatics that see you as a child of God or a slave of God, one day will say: ‘God wants to punish his children/ slaves, and we as God’s agents should punish you !’ The religious fanatics see all things as a gift of God, and one day, they will say: ‘You should return God’s gifts ! God hates you, and needs his gifts! God has told us -ie God’s agents- that we should not allow you to have any gifts of God. You don’t deserve it!’ But we are not slave of anything. And our freedom, liberty and our basic rights are not gifts of anybody. God doesn’t need any agent, any defender, or any attorney. Leave God alone. God, if exists, hates politicians, charlatans, and liars”. And as the wise guys say: “the religious fascists talk about God, but God is just an excuse for having power and ‘theocratic regime’. They just want to rule the world or enslave people”. The American Taliban are really worse than Mullahs, but only a few Americans write about them.


The American Taliban are often political activists. Even in the 19th century, Joseph Smith wanted to become US president. Those Americans that write about “Joseph Smith’s 1844 presidential campaign”, add: “Although he was murdered only a few months into the campaign. But his candidacy marks an important moment in Mormon history. In 1844, the Mormon Council elected Smith as ‘prophet, priest and king’ of the millennial monarchy’ [!!]” As many say, Smith and Mormons coined the term “Thoe-Democracy”. A long article about this issue has been written by Patrick Q. Mason, titled “God and the People: TheoDemocracy in Nineteenth-Century Mormonism” [1], that is not bad. Lets take a look at some excerpts of this article: “Joseph Smith sought to create a sociopolitical order that combined the virtues of government by God (theocracy) and by the people (democracy). The term ‘Theodemocracy’ coined in the midst of Joseph Smith’s 1844 presidential campaign. The kingdom of God rhetoric of Smith and other early Mormons [is important]. Smith’s prophecies, like the 1836 prophecy that ‘the great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the doors’, [all were false prophecies, and showed his true colors]. In the 1844 U.S. presidential campaign, Smith proposed theodemocracy as the solution to tyranny [!] He equated God’s rule with ‘unadulterated freedom’. [Of course] the anti-Mormon critics denounced Smith as a tyrant and his politics as theocratic despotism. [Some of them] killed Joseph Smith in June 1844. He was killed shortly after making his statement on ‘theodemocracy’. [But his followers were like him, and one of them, ] George A. Smith said in 1865: ‘Our system should be Theo-Democracy, -the voice of the people consenting to the voice of God‘. The next generation of church leadership, who did not know Joseph Smith personally, continued to ruminate on the meaning and implications of theodemocracy. Their rhetoric about theodemocracy, or talk of the kingdom of God on earth in general, equated theodemocracy with ecclesiastical government”. In fact, the Mormons believe in Theo-Democracy, and don’t believe in Democracy and the separation of Church and State, but they often try to hide or deny it. As the wise guys say: “It’s funny that the Mormons think and behave like the Zionists. In 1830, Joseph Smith identified Jackson County, Missouri, as the location of the city of Zion, and it led to the Mormon war”. And some Americans add: “The Mormon War is a name given to the 1838 conflict which occurred between Mormons and their neighbors in the US state of Missouri. This conflict is also referred to as the Missouri Mormon War to differentiate it from the Utah Mormon War and the Illinois Mormon War. In 1831, Joseph Smith revealed that the Second Coming of Christ was near !, and the City of Zion would be in Missouri [!], and that his followers were destined to inherit the land held by the current settlers [!] Smith’s followers, ie Mormons, began to settle in Jackson County in 1831 to ‘build up’ the city of Zion [!!]. The tensions between Mormons and other settlers increased in 1833-34. In a speech that was endorsed by Joseph Smith, a Mormon leader said: ‘It shall be between us and [them] a war of extermination; for we will follow them until the last drop of their blood is spilled; we will carry the seat of war to their own houses and their own families , and one party or the other shall be utterly destroyed’ . They loved genocide, but in their battles against the non-Mormons, they were defeated. Missourians saw the Mormon community as a violent threat, and finally, as a result of the war, nearly all Mormons in Missouri (several thousands), were forced to leave the state. Missourians tried Joseph Smith, and he was sentenced to death. But during a transfer to another prison in 1839, Smith escaped!”. The similarities between the Mormons and the Zionists can say many things about the Mormons, and why Mitt Romney, the Mormon Mullah, support the Zionists and the Jewish Mullahs. As some Americans say: “Romney loves [hatred and war]. In Mormonism, the oath of vengeance (or law of vengeance) was an oath that was made by Mormons between about 1845 and 1920s, in which participants vowed to pray that God would avenge the blood of the prophet Smith. They cursed Americans for killing Smith”. Some American books about the Mormons, like “The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes”, and the American comments about them are funny: “I was raised a Mormon I never knew that Joseph Smith was a polygamist and his wife Emma was unaware of his marriages and that he married women who already had husbands. I didn’t know a thing aboutblacks being denied the priesthood until 1978. [Women are still denied the priesthood]. Discovery the truth of my religion was a horrible experience … Being a Mormon for 27 years; I pray everyday for Mormons to open their minds and hearts so they may see the truth … Mormons believe that God lives on a planet called Kolob, and that God came down in the form of a man and had physical relations with Mary to conceive Jesus”. Unfortunately, only a few Americans know Mormons and Romney. As Americans say: “Mitt Romney was a Mormon priest, [ie a Mormon Mullah]. His family has been in the Mormon church for generations. But Romney is not alone. There are many Mormons in Congress !” It’s a great tragedy. As the funny guys say: “Such a great progress USA has had. In the 21st century, USA wants to become a Theocracy or a Mormon Zion ! Welcome to the Stone Age, America!


Unfortunately, many Americans are really stupid and ignorant. They don’t know the world, the history, and the great evils. They live like sheep, and their media brainwash them. Instead of talking about the threats of “Theocracy”, “Theo-Democracy”, “Religious Fascism” or “Mormonism”, the American mass media, even the CNN, publish stupid articles like, “Mitt Romney is a Mormon. How much will it matter?“, and clearly say: “[We should not be worried about Mormons]. Religion and politics are different things [!!!]” The American Foolishness is really unbelievable. In 1979, the Iranian media whores said: “[We should not be worried about Mullahs]. Religion and politics are different things”, but now, in 2012, the Americans repeat the same crap, and are blind and stupid. As some Iranians say: “today’s Americans are really stupider than today’s Iranians. Many Americans are like or worse than the Arabs (Muslim fanatics), who live in the Internet Age, but they are still stupider than Iranians in the Stone Age!“. If the Americans don’t read history and don’t know the world, they would see the Middle ages and the dark ages in USA soon. Many Americans don’t care about the separation of Church and State, and it’s dangerous. As the wise Iranians say: “The American Taliban repeat the Mullah words, and the American Fascists repeat the Zionist words or the fascist words, but the stupid Americans accept these bullshit. It’s a great shame and a great tragedy for USA. It clearly shows that today’s Iranians are more modern and wiser than their counterparts in USA. But the American media love telling big lies about Iranians. In the 1970s, Iranians were stupid and didn’t know puppets of the West, including Mullahs. But now, in the 2010s, almost all Iranians hate religious fanatics, Mullahs and other puppets of the West, while Americans still have more than 90 million religious fanatics, and still care about the American Taliban or a Mormon Mullah like Romney. It clearly shows who are really backward or the real third-Worlder in the world today”. Mitt Romney in his best case, ie when he tries to be an intellect!, is like an Islamist-Reformist. But the stupid Americans and their comments about Romney, like their comments under the CNN’s article, “Mitt Romney is a Mormon. How much will it matter?”, can show you the depth of the American foolishness. They say: “I’m betting his Mormonism will be a big plus for his campaign [!!] just like Obama’s race was for his [!] … Romney’s Mormonism matters as much to me as Obama’s faith … I guess a Mormon is better than nothing [!] … Obama doesn’t go to church on Sundays [!!] … I would trust a good Mormon ,more than a bad Christian [!] … This is AMERICA, freedom of religion[!] … 80% of Americans say they can vote for a Mormon as president … We should not dislike politicians because of their religion or how much cash they have in their bank accounts [!!!]“. Of course, as non-Americans say: “Do you Americans allow a Muslim to become your president? Never, ever!”. Those Americans that are not stupid, say: “the Mormons will run the USA as a theocracy. The Mormon cult is dangerous and has many dangerous beliefs. You want a cultist for president? Look up their beliefs, you’ll be appalled … Potential Matchup Between Monkey and Mormon Poses Dilemma for Nation’s Bigots”. Unfortunately, the wise or normal Americans are in the minority, otherwise Obama’s rival was not a Mormon. But it’s so dangerous that the majority of Americans are stupid or ignorant. It’s a very big and important problem, and the wise Americans should try to solve it, before it’s too late. Romney is not important, but the American foolishness is very important. If Americans remain stupid, and don’t know politicians, lefts, or religious fanatics, sooner or later some one like or worse than Romney or Chomsky will destroy America. Politicians are not like ordinary people, and their religion, their money, their views, their relations, etc are very important, as the separation of Church and State is very important. I hope one day humans can get rid of all fanatics and all politicians. Anyway, lets finish this writing with some jokes about Romney and USA: “Q: Romney is a Mormon or Moron? A: both. Q: Difference between Mormons, Morons, and Mullahs? A: nothing, all are the shame shit. Of course a Mormon is worse than a Mullah. Q: In 2012, America will be a Mormon Country or a Moron Country? A: both. Q: Difference between the Nazi Germany and USA? A: the former was the National Socialism, the latter is the National Capitalism! Q: In which presidential elections, the Americans had to choose between: Q1: a stupid Mormon and a stupid Monkey? Q2: a Mormon and a Moron? Q3: a Moron and a Monkey? Q4: two Morons? A1: In the 2012 election A2: In several elections A3: In many elections A4: in almost all elections!”. Some funny Americans say: “Romney’s religion is Moronism, not Mormonism, ie a new religion that belongs to the Stone Age”. In 2011, a high rank Mormon Mullah that has 80 wives, including little girls, was tried, but do you know which part of their story is so funny? “These stupid bastards ridicule the Muslim fanatics! And it’s really more than a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and you should invent a new proverb for it!”. Unfortunately, today’s USA is full of bad jokes and stupid jokes, like the story of Mormons, Christian fanatics, American Theocracy, American Sheeple, or the story of a stupid Monkey and a stupid Mormon who want to rule USA! “Such a great progress USA has had! Now, their beloved politicians are “Obama bin Biden” or Mormon Mullah, and their beloved intellects are Chomsky, etc, that all are enemies of the freedom, democracy, and humanity in USA, Iran, and the whole world”. I hope the wise Americans don’t remain silent and inactive.

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[1] is one of the rare American websites that see both Obama and Romney as great evils. This website has a page, Bibliography of Mitt Romneys Mormonism , in which you can find a collection of links about Mormonism and Mitt Romney. Some links are good.

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