9/11, Internet Censorship, Plague & Filtering in USA

Mitt Romney declared that, if elected president, every computer in USA would have a filtering software [ie. censorship tool] installed [!!]“, the American media reported in September 2012. It’s like a bad joke, but it’s just a small part of what the American fascists and the American pigs want to do in USA. It’s just a small part of plagues in USA, 11 years after the 9/11. Unfortunately, “Censoring and Filtering the Internet” has become a global problem, and now many people in USA and Europe can feel it. In these days, the Mullahs that are puppets of the US and the UK, desperately try to unplug the internet in Iran, and clearly talk about “National Internet”, that is an Intranet (local network) and the first phase of a bigger project: “Unplugging the Internet in Iran”. When the Mullahs tried to implement the internet filtering in Iran with the help of the West, many westerners said: “who cares about Iranians”, but now even these jerks can see that “Internet Censorship is a plague“, and can fuck them, too. When the American pigs and the British pigs and other European pigs betrayed the freedom and democracy, and helped the Mullahs in censoring and filtering the internet, and when the American pigs and the Europeans pigs aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians in the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), many selfish jerks in USA and Europe said: “Who cares about Iranians and their problem [that have been created by the West and its puppets]”. But now, even these jerks feel fear about “the Internet Censorship” and other plagues in the West. And it can remind you of Albert Camus’s The Plague (check archive). The story of the Iranian 9/11 and Obama bin Laden, that we have written about it and should write more about it later, is very important. The 9/11 in Iran, or the Iranian 9/11, that is the US-backed 2009 coup, was a great tragedy, greater than the 9/11 in USA. It can show you many things about this shitty world, its stupid Sheeple, and its stupid secrets. The story of the Iranian 9/11 and Obama bin Laden is the story of the Plague, and can show you the fate of those who betrayed the anti-Islamists Iranians and created the Iranian 9/11, that is much more important than the 9/11 in USA. In these days, Mitt Romney and the American Taliban, that are like Obama bin Laden, clearly talk about “Christian Democracy” or “Christian Republic” (like the Islamic Republic) !, and it’s very funny. They clearly talk about banning, filtering, censoring, suffocating, and at the same time, they talk about obeying God ! The American Taliban and Obama bin Laden are the shame shit, and both defend the savagery in the name of ‘National Interests” or ‘National Security”, and both defend the internet censorship and filtering in the name of “War on Terror” or “War on P-o-r-n”!, and it’s exactly like what the Mullahs say. But everybody knows that “War on Internet” is “War on Freedom”, “War on Free Speech”, and “War on Democracy”. All politicians, ie all power-mongers, dictators and fascists, are like each other, as all religious fanatics are alike. The American Taliban, the Mullahs, and the Christian fanatics are alike, as the American fascists, the Zionists, the German Nazi, the Italian Fascists are alike. They use the same methods and the same words, and all belong to ‘the tribe of the bad guys’. In these days, the situation in USA is really tragic and stupid. As the wise guys say: “The American Taliban try to create ‘Religious Fascism in USA’, and try to scare their ordinary people. They play the role of Bogeyman, and maybe they want to encourage Americans to vote for Obama bin Laden, that the invisible hands still love him. The 2012 election is really the worst election in the US history”. Unfortunately, only very a few Americans think or talk about protesting against both Republicans & Democrats and other great evils like Chomsky, or about boycotting the election and solving the main problems. Most Americans cannot see the real problems, and many can’t see the real threats, including the threat of Filtering. Only some Americans say: “We imagine that additional filtering might be suggested at the ISP level in USA , aligning it with efforts in the UK [!]”. It certainly will happen, if the people don’t protest against the Christian fanatics and the American fascists in USA, and if the Americans continue to ignore the Iranian people and their problems, that have been created by USA and puppets of USA. Obama bin Laden and other American pigs created and supported the Iranian 9/11, and sooner or later Iranians will punish these jerks, but you should not forget that these jerks betray Americans, too; and the story of Filtering, SOPA, etc is just the beginning. Those Americans that are not stupid, say: “Republicans, all for smaller government & deregulation unless it’s to do with s-e-x, religion, freedom, and democracy [they are like Mullahs] … Romney wants to ban p-o-rn and anti-Religion things, but he doesn’t has the balls enough to say this during his campaign. The ultimate aim being to completely control the Internet … I have had lots of experience with Mormons, they are like other religious fanatics; they are hypocrite; they love p-o-rn, but … It reminds me of the Mullahs, the Morality Police, the Chinese Firewall … You can’t manage a country by religion. But we’re going to spend the next 200 years running a totalitarian regime to prove it ! … It’s not United States of America, it’s United States of Censorship [and Corruption]”. And some American media report: “The internet filter coming to the US. The US Congress wants to pass a mandatory ISP-based Internet filter. Both Democrats and Republicans support the internet filtering”. It’s really a big tragedy, and clearly shows that USA just goes backward, and if Americans remain silent, they will have the Christian Republic of America! soon. A European student says: “I moved to USA, and bought a prepaid card for my Iphone. After typing in the search, my phone said: ‘Webguard does not allow you to visit this site‘. Webguard? Who is that, and how did he get my number? Thats what T-Mobiles homepage says: Web Guard is a optional feature which restricts access to […] material on your phone”. But it was not optional. It was default ! It says a lot about the American culture”. But it says a lot about the freedom and censorship in the West, and remind you of this fact that “Censorship and Suppression is a Plague” and those who don’t care about Iranians and their problems that have been created by the West and its puppets (including Mullahs), will be victims of the same shit soon. The world should know “How the US and the West help Mullahs and betray Iranians”, and should care about it, otherwise the plague pollutes everywhere and fucks everybody.


In these days, many talk about “Unplugging the internet in Iran”, and the Iranian traitors and their media, including the main cesspools of the Iranian baboons (Balatarin.com, Roozonline.com, etc), try to help the Mullahs and the West, and disappoint and discourage the people. But it’s hard to say what would happen. The Mullahs and other puppets of the West, and also their Western employers, desperately try to unplug the internet in Iran. But it has a very very high price for them. Iran has more than 40 million internet users, and the Mullahs and their Western masters are in deep shit. The Mullahs and their western employers know the story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) well, and that’s why they desperately try to find a face-saving formula. In the recent months, many Iranians have openly and publicly protested against the internet speed and the stupid “National Internet” in Iran. As the people media report: “Dr. Shahshahani, that live in Iran and is ‘Father of Internet in Iran’, has said: ‘They talk about ‘National Internet’, but they want to control or unplug the internet in Iran. National Internet is a synonym for Control and Filtering. They want to control 100% of the internet connections in Iran. Now, they control about 95% of all connections’. Many public figures have said the same things, and the Mullahs just have one answer: it’s rumor; we don’t want to unplug the internet in Iran. it’s just war of nerves !”. The Mullahs and their Western masters know that Iranians are angry and hate them so much, and that’s why they just deny their plans or tell stupid jokes. Recently, the Mullah minister of communication has said: “The Internet speed is slow in Iran, for security reasons [!!]”. It’s a funny confession. And as some Iranians say: “Sooner or later the Internet speed in USA and Europe decreased significantly, for security reasons ! The Orwellian systems use the same methods”. We have already written about the tragedy of the internet and the internet speed in Iran (check Archive), and also about how the West aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and creating the Great Firewall in Iran (check Archive). And it’s just part of the story of Obama bin Laden and the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup). When you think about the year 2009, and how both the stupid Lefts and the stupid West created and/or supported the Iranian 9/11, you can see many secrets of this shitty world. In these says, when the search engines still censor and boycott our voice and the voices of other ordinary Iranians, you can see many things. The love story of the Iranian baboons and the stupid West is so funny. Recently, some said: “When you search and google for ‘Abbas Abdi’, you see ‘paid search results !, while several months ago you could find some critical comments on this Iranian traitor”. We have already written about “Search Engines, Misinformation, and Censorship”. It’s so obvious when the West censors the voices of the Iranian people, they censor the voices of their own people as well. But as some Iranians ask: “Why the bad guys in USA and Britain should support a little Islamist shit like Abbas Abdi ?” It’s a good question. Recently, “Abbas Abdi” and his Islamist friends, including Saeed Hajarian that we have not written about him yet just because of his tragic disability, have started to defend both Khatami and the Mullah regime. Of course the Iranian people don’t give a shit about these Islamist jerks, and everybody hates them, but as Iranians ask: “why both the Mullahs and the West, including the American pigs and the British bastards, should support some one like Abbas Abdi, and should try to cover his ass?” It’s funny to note that these Islamist shits are those who attacked the US embassy and created the Hostage Crisis in 1979, that led to Iraq-Iran war, and it can remind you of today’s love story of the US and the Islamists in Egypt and the Arab world. The wise guys say: “When Ban Ki-moon that had shut his dirty mouth in the past three years, says nothing about the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup), and when this Korean shit (Ban) that is puppet of USA, clearly defends the Mullah Mafia and the Islamist shits during the 2012 NAM summit, and stupidly repeats the Mullah words and says: ‘It is especially important for the voices of Iran’s people to be heard during next year’s presidential election [!!!]‘, it’s so obvious who was behind the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), and who support the Mullahs and Islamists in Iran, and why most Iranians see Mullahs, Islamists, Khatamists, Pahlavists, and other Iranian baboons as puppets of the West”. The wise guys also add: “The main bad guys in the US and the West control and censor everything. They create hatred and war, control and censor the internet and the media, sell Mullahs and dictators the tools of suppression & surveillance, support the Jewish Nazism, the Jewish Mullahs and the Jewish terrorists, and aid Mullahs and other brutal dictators in killing and suppressing their people. They are [the tribal leaders of ‘the tribe of the bad guys’] that have created many problems for all humans, including Iranians “. In these days, the relations between Obama bin Laden, that some funny Americans call him ‘Obama bin Biden ‘, and Mullahs are so funny. As the people media report: “The Mullahs just help the US sanctions, and deliberately try to create stupid crises in Iran, like today’s dollar crisis or that chicken’s crisis, because the Mullahs try to help [Obama bin Biden] in the US election. Before the November election, the Mullahs would create more stupid crises, but almost all Iranians know why Mullahs and [Obama bin Biden] love and help each other”. The story of these days is like the story of the Filtering. In the Persian language, “Filtering” or “Filter” has a funny meaning, if you read it as “Fil Ter” that means (‘Elephant shit’ or ‘Elephant shits on … [the internet]’ ). And as the witty Iranians say: “Today, the big Elephant shit on everything and everywhere! In fact, the big Elephant has started shitting on the US and those bastards who betrayed or ignored Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and sooner or later the big Elephant will fuck these bastards, and they really deserve it”.


Internet Censorship is really a plague“, and now almost all countries suffer from it. Recently, the British media reported: “The British government wants to make ISPs offer a filtered Internet to everyone, under the pretext of protecting children! [The British politicians say] that ISPs should put in place filters as a default [!], and should block websites and contents [!] The filtering proposal in the UK is part of ‘War on P-o-r-n’ [!!] [The British bastards claim] this filtering is in the public interest [!]”. It’s really unbelievable. The British bastards are really the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in all around the world. As the wise Iranians say: “They suppress their own people, help the Mullahs and other British agents, help the Syrian dictator with his British wife and his British family, and help almost all brutal dictators in Africa, Asia, the Arab world, etc. And that’s why the situation in the UK is worse than other Western countries”. The situation of the free speech in USA, is really better than the UK, Canada, and other countries. But when even USA has, or wants to have, a filtering system, it’s so obvious that the situation in other Western countries is really worse, and tragicomic. As the people media report: “Internet censorship in Australia is shameful. The Australian regime maintains a ‘black-list’ of websites which is then provided for use in filtering software. In June 2011, two Australian ISPs, Telstra and Optus, confirmed they filter or block access to a list of websites provided by the Australian regime. In 2009, part of this blacklist was leaked. Internet censorship in Canada is embarrassing. The main Canadian ISPs have confirmed their ‘voluntary blocking of access to hundreds of websites’. But in Canada, the libel laws are worse than any censorship laws. They create ‘self-censorship’. Internet censorship in Europe and the EU is really shameful. As the OpenNet reports, the EU has many shameful programs, including ‘The Safer Internet Program’, that try to filter and censor ‘the illegal and harmful content on the Internet ‘ ! The EU talks about ”new studies into filtering technology for illegal content’ ! And many member states have taken it upon themselves to filter unwanted content.In addition to filtering directed by governments, ISPs and search engines within the EU countries have often taken it upon themselves to monitor and filter controversial content ! Italy is listed as engaged in selective Internet filtering in the social area. Currently internet filtering in Italy is applied against gambling, P2P web-sites [!], etc. In France, the administrative filtering of the web and the defense of a ‘civilized’ Internet! is really shameful. In 2011, France was added to Reporters Without Borders list of ‘Countries Under Surveillance’. In Germany, the politicians tried to introduce the internet filtering in 2009! Of course they decided to repeal their Internet censorship law in the mid-2011, but now they still talk about the internet filtering, and some ISPs filter and block websites. The landmark model of large-scale ISP filtering in Europe originated in the UK. Today, more than 90% of ISPs in the UK have filtering programs of one form or another ! They have a governmental blacklist (IWF’s blacklist), from which 98% of commercial Internet customers in the UK are filtered. During the 2011 riots, the British officials used this system and censored and blocked the social media, including Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry. In Europe, the UK is the number one enemy of the internet”. The British bastards and other Western hypocrites are the enemy of the freedom and democracy, “and that’s why the love and support the Mullahs”, Iranians say. But unfortunately, many Westerners are stupid or ignorant. They don’t know how their politicians and their pseudo intellects, specially the stupid lefts and the stupid rights, try to fuck them. They know nothing or say nothing about the evil technologies, like DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and other Orwellian technologies that the West sell them to the Mullah regime. But these evil technologies are used, or will be sued, in the Western countries, too. The bad guys try to control and censor the internet and everything with the same tools and the same methods, and our horrible conditions in Iran today can be your future in the West and other parts of the world. Recently, some European officials clearly said: “Google and other search engines should take steps to ensure that other websites [ie people and their websites] are not used as vehicles to breach the law [!!]”. If you don’t know who has said this crap, you think that it’s the Mullah words. But the Western pigs and the Mullahs that love and help each other, are the same shit and belong to the same tribe. Both the 9/11 and the Iranian 9/11 can show you many things about the bad guys, but it’s the Iranian 9/11 that can reveal the main secrets of this shitty world and the main secrets of the tribe of the bad guys. Those who created and supported the Iranian 9/11, want to control all humans and the whole world. And if the good guys remain silent and inactive, the Western pigs and other shits that created and supported the Iranian 9/11 and the Great Firewall in Iran, will destroy the whole world, and create the same shits and the same plagues in all around the world, including the US and Europe.

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