Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

In these days, many can see that the West still lives in the age of Tribalism and Primitivism, and many talk about the “hidden, disgusting face of the West“. The story of the Olympics games, the US election, or the racists/ religious fanatics/ terrorists in the West, or what the West says about the immigrants, the national interests, the 2009 coup, the 2009-2012 period, the sanctions, the freedom and democracy, the nuclear issue, the Jewish Nazism, etc can show that the stupid West is really stupid and primitive. In fact, the stupid Westerners are the real Third-Worlders in today’s world. As the wise Iranians say: “They [the stupid West] are culturally and intellectually inferior to Iranians and others. They still just care about their own tribe. Of course they often f-u-c-k their own tribe, too; because they are so selfish and live like animals. They refer to ‘Nationalism’, ‘Tribalism’ or ‘Chauvinism’ as Patriotism, and think ‘playing with words’ can hide or solve their horrible problems”. The story of Obama and Romney, and the real threat of American Fascism and American Theocracy, that we should write about it later, is really shameful and horrible. It’s like the story of the Jewish Nazism, and can show many things. The 2012 presidential election in USA is the worst election in the US history, and the Americans are forced to choose between two great evils, a stupid Monkey (Obama) and a stupid Mormon (Romney). The wise Americans that see the threats, talk about “American Fascism”, “American Tribalism”, and “American Taliban”. They warn people that “American Fascism Is on the Rise“. Even the wise European see the real threats, and warn their people that “Fascism Returns to Europe” or “Patriotism is for reactionaries”. We write more about this issue later, but it just shows a bitter truth: USA and Europe just go backward, and they still live in the age of Tribalism and Primitivism. It’s important to note that Fascism, Barbarism, Nationalism, Patriotism, Racism, periodic wars, and many other disasters are based on Tribalism. We all know what Tribalism did in the 1940s or the 1910s, or how the Western countries and their patriots waged periodic wars on each other in the recent centuries. As the wise Iranian say: “The Western states still love war and blood. And only the nuclear bombs stop them, not reason. They still think and behave like the past centuries, and if the nuclear weapon didn’t exist, they still would kill and destroy each other like the past decades and past centuries . The 2009-2012 period can show the depth of their stupidity”. The bad guys and their agents say: “There is No Alternative to Tribalism”. They clearly say: “It is human instinct to demonize the enemy, to wage war, to threaten others, to shed blood, and raise flags [!!]. But it’s animal instinct, not human instinct. And those who say such things still live in the Stone Age. Those bastards that still see their country or their tribe as the Chosen people, are sick & abnormal, and have to be taken to a madhouse. Even in the past centuries, the wise Iranians and non-Iranians knew that there is alternative to Tribalism. They talked about ‘humans as a whole” or “the ability to choose your tribe”, etc, and now we can talk about the real Globalism, and this fact that there’s just two key tribes: the tribe of the good guys and the tribe of the bad guys. As you know, the stupid West sees Globalization or Globalism, as “Americanization” or “Western Tribalism”. The world of power and politics is like the animal world. Politicians and other bad guys just care about power and ‘logic of power’, that is a high-class name for ‘the law of the jungle’. Politicians and the bad guys live like animals and see life as ‘fucking others’, ‘exploiting others’, ‘waging war against others’, ‘eating others’, ‘killing others’, ‘destroying others’, etc. They live at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs. They have small brains. They are sick animals, or as the psychologists say, they are abnormal and the best place for them is a mental hospital or a madhouse. But they live with us, and even rule us and decide about our life, our world, and our future. It’s beyond tragedy. They are our politicians, our bankers, our celebs, our media, our (pseudo) intellects, etc. And it’s really beyond tragedy. We all know the bad guys and the good guys in our own life. But as the bastards try to misinform people, it’s good to ask: who are the good guys? and who are the bad guys? The real defining characteristics of the bad guys or the good guys are the universal values, that don’t depend on where you live. The bastards and idiots try to define the good guys or the bad guys by the tribal values, the religious values, the political values, etc, but the bad guys and the good guys are defined by the universal values. As you know, when Psychology, Psychiatry, etc talk about the human relationships, the mental disorders, the human brain, the human values, etc they talk about the universal problems, the universal facts, or the universal values, because we all are humans, and our differences are not comparable to our similarities. So, lets write more about the universal values and the world of personal relationships, and compare it with the dirty world of power and politics, that is the world of the sick, small brains.


We all know the universal values, and have the same feelings about them. We all hate those who tell big lies, or those who are hypocrite/ charlatan and cheat others, or those who kill and torture the innocent people, or those who exploit others and treat them like slave, or those who are so selfish and indifferent to others, or those who betray their family and close friends. These are part of the universal values. It’s not important that you live in Iran, USA, Africa, etc; you have the same feelings about the inhumanity; and if you love the inhumane, barbaric things, the psychologists truly call you ‘abnormal’, and you should go to ‘prison’ or ‘madhouse’, and cure yourself. In our personal life, we all care about, for instance, “trusting relationship”. “Trust” is the base of any serious relationships, and “lack of trust” destroys human relationships. “Trust” is a universal value. But as you know, “Trust” cant be written into a contract or a law. It’s an abstract value and we all know its meaning, but we don’t try to define it accurately, because a simple definition that we all know and feel it -ie Trust = a belief in the honesty, goodness, etc of someone – is enough for us. We all know who is a close friend or a good friend, and who is a jerk or a betrayer, and what is the meaning of a trusty relationship. We all know what we are talking about, and it’s enough. And it’s like the story of the bad guys and the good guys. The bad guys are those that are connected to the negative universal values, and the good guys are those that are connected to the positive universal values. Of course, the politicians, the idiots, and the sick people have tried to abuse this simple concept, and it has created serious problems. The religious fanatics, the fascists, the racists, the Marxists, the media whores and other stupid bastards try to present their own self-made values as the universal values . In fact, the sick bastards try to deceive you, but with an open mind and open eye you can see their true face. As the wise guys say: “You can know them, just use both your heart (instincts) & your brain! And also read history”. It’s really like the world of personal life and personal relationships, that you know it well. You know those jerks that pretend they are your friend or close friend, but they just betray you or hurt you. You know those jerks that pretend they are good guys, but they just try to use others and exploit others. Many women talk about “nice guys” and ask: ‘how can I find a nice guy? I don’t want to worry whether the guys putting up a front or cheating’, or many men ask: “why many women are attracted to jerks and bad guys? Do women hate the niceness?”, it’s like when many talk about the bad guys or the good guys in the world of politics, media, celebrities, etc. The scientists and psychologists have good advice about the personal life, that can be useful for all aspects of life. For instance, they say: “if you want a nice guy, be a nice guy. Be friendly, trustworthy, honest, open-minded, etc” or “Be yourself. Be real and genuine, not a ‘charlatan’ or a ‘fraud’. Learn new things and new skills. Change yourself and live like a human” or “the bad friends (bad guys) are so selfish and just care about themselves; they just try to use you, and see you and others as a tool/ object; they are dishonest, hypocrite, and a real show-off; they often tell lie, play with people, and distort the truth” or “The funny thing about nice guys, is that they’re so busy being nice and respecting your boundaries that they usually don’t approach you (women) that often. If you want a nice guy, chances are you’ll have to start knowing him & talking to him first” or “You can know the bad guys, if you know their typical characteristics. Of course it’s hard to know the professional bad guys in a short period of time, but if you don’t trust them before establishing a logical trust, you can know them, too”. The good advice are useful for both private life and public life and knowing public figures. The good guys and the bad guys in all around the world are like each other, and that’s why the universal advice work. But unfortunately, many idiots still just care their own tribe, not all humans. In your family, in your city, in your country, or among your friends you can see both the good guys and the bad guys. In your own life or in films, you can see that even close friends or members of one family can live on two different planets, and can hate and betray each other, while two people in two different countries can think and behave like each other. But what it means? As some say: “In USA, you can see that many Americans are badly stupid or hypocrite. In Europe, you can see that many Europeans are really stupid, racist, or hypocrite. In Iran and other countries, you can see that many are stupid or hypocrite. On the other hand, in Iran, USA, Europe, and other countries, you can see many good guys and wise guys. What it means?” Yah, it means that “understanding”, “wisdom”, “goodness”, “badness”, “foolishness”, etc are independent of ‘race’ or nationality. Those who say: “we just care about our fellow countrymen”, are primitive men. The good guys care about all “our fellow men”. And we all need the good guys and the good friends. The good friends and the good guys having a key role in having a better life and a better world, and without them, the human life becomes meaningless, and the human world will be worse than the animal world. We all should try to show each other that ‘Goodness’ is still alive. It’s so important. The bad guys try to disappoint all of us. The good guys or the good friends should show each other that they exist or they are still alive. The bad guys try to pretend that “there is no good guy”, because they want to annihilate all good guys, in their “Evil vs Good” war. And if the good guys remain silent or inactive, Evil will win. The bad guys want to control and corrupt our world or our ‘Matrix’. “Bad Guys”, “Evil”, etc are synonyms of ‘Control’. And now, all people in all around the world can feel “Control”. But in the “Good vs Evil” battle, Good can win, only if the good guys don’t remain silent and inactive.


The bad guys are not invisible. There is no doubt that those who tell big lies and deliberately try to deceive and mislead people are bad guys. Those who get money and betray the truth and tell shameful lies are bad guys. The thieves, the crooks, the corrupt politicians, and the corrupt bankers are bad guys. Those who love “telling lies”, hypocrisy, charlatanism, fraud, hurting others, etc are bad guys. In fact, they are sick people that suffer from serious mental disorders. The bad guys are like or worse than animals, but the good guys are humans that care about the human values and the meta needs, including Truth, Justice, Honesty, Sympathy, Goodness, etc. In fact, the story of the bad guys and the good guys is the story the Hierarchy of Needs. The bad guys love living like animals at the bottom of the Hierarchy, while the good guys and the wise guys climb the Hierarchy of Needs . The bad guys are really sick, and just want to fuck and hurt others, or ‘kick everybody’s ass’, as they say. They are full of “negative energy”, and behave like nasty idiots. In these days, we can see many of them. The bad guys and the sick bastards in USA and Europe, that their number is not small, often tell shameful lies about Iranians. When the modern and educated Iranians care about the West, these jerks say: “Iranians, like all Third-Worlders, are fascinated by the West”. And when the modern and educated Iranians criticize the West and shit on the stupid West, these jerks say: “Iranians are nationalist. They hate the West. The Persian proud has blinded them”. These jerks tell paradoxical lies, while they say nothing about their own stupidities and their own serious problems in the West. As the wise Iranians say: “[these jerks] say: ‘In Iran, many are stupid or abnormal’. While in the West, many are really stupid and abnormal, and the West is full of the Sheeple, the horny people, the racists and fanatics that their brain is in their ass. They try to hide their own problems. They say nothing about their terrorists, their religious fanatics, their Sheeple, their fascists, their corrupted systems, etc”. The Western hypocrisy is really sickening, and as the psychologists believe this level of ‘Hypocrisy’ is a clear sign of a serious ‘mental disorder’, and those who suffer from it, have to be taken to a madhouse !. The West is badly sick. Recently, some Iranian exapts said: “‘Leaving Iran is like death. [The West] wants to see you as a victim and they push you to be even more a victim because they see you miserable and they feel good“. And the wise Iranians add: “This level of sickness is horrible. In 2012, we all can see that the stupid West loves causing disaster and seeing people’s pain and suffering. The West has to be taken to a madhouse ASAP!” But as funny guys say: “The stupid West is still uncultured. Their empty gestures and their empty words just are common symptoms of another serious mental disorder. But they don’t need a madhouse; today’s West is a real madhouse !”. All bad guys are abnormal, and many of them, including the Iranian baboons, suffer from “Foolishness Disease”. As the wise guys say: “All normal people hate the Iranian traitors, who are like a Kleenex, because everybody knows that those who get money and betray Iran today, will get money and betray them as well”. It’s no exaggeration to say that the West is really sick. As some say: ‘When they (the West) talk about Iran, they say nothing about the 2009 coup and how the US and the West helped the Mullahs and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in Iran; or they say nothing about tens of millions of the young Iranians are at least as wise and modern as their Western counterparts. [These jerks] are sick animals”. It’s so obvious that all humans hate the sick, bad guys. Those who censor and suffocate the voices of people, and those who tell big shameful lies, are hateful bastards that all humans hate them. We, the authors of this website, don’t care about any special nation/ tribe. We want to live with the good guys and the wise guys, not with Iranians or any other tribes. And if we want to choose a tribe and be proud of it, we certainly choose the tribe of the good guys, not the Iranian tribe, the US tribe, the European tribes, etc. We want to live with the good guys and the wise guys, not with the idiots and the bastards in Iran, USA, Canada, Europe, etc. We want to live with the good guys, that can come from USA, Canada, Iran, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. We want to be able to live with the good guys wherever we want, not where politicians want or choose for us. We want to be able to live with the good guys wherever we want, without any visa or political shits. I know that many people in all around the world think like us. The bad guys try to control and restrict us of us. The bad guys have their own tribal values and tribal laws, that we don’t like them. They can go and fuck themselves in their own tribe (community), ie the tribe of the bad guys. But why we should be forced to live with them and their stupidities? The Western bad guys love the Mullahs, the Zionists, the fascists, the Iranian traitors, and other jerks, and they should go and fuck themselves in the tribe of the bad guys. They should not decide about us, our life and our world. If all good guys try to unite, the bad guys can’t ‘eat extra shit’. Unfortunately, only the bad guys try to unite, while the good guys are inactive and play the role of victim. It’s not good. The good guys and the wise guys should unite. The bad guys have their own tribe and aid each other in fucking, controlling and exploiting people. Karl Marx was so stupid that said: Workers of All Countries, Unite!. Instead of this stupid slogan, we should say: Good Guys of All Countries, Unite!, or “Wise Guys of All Countries, Unite!, or Open-minded People of All Countries, Unite! ; Unite against the bad guys that try to control all of us with the same tactics. The good guys and the wise guys can create a better world, if they try to unite. The bad guys shed crocodile tears for us and try to disappoint us, because they want to control us. But having a better world is not a fantasy. If all humans try to explore and reach their full human potential, and can climb the hierarchy of needs, we certainly would have a very very better world.


Recently, a dear reader, Clara, asked us: “Just read that the Mullahs are banning women from Iranian universities. Is it true? Could you tell us more about it?” Clara asks about a false news that we would write about it later, and she shows us one of the defining characteristics of the good guys and the wise guys: “they do their own research, with an open mind, before accepting what the media say”. The good guys and the wise guys are really alike, but they are not a copy of each other. They are unique, and have different views, different tastes, different lifestyles, different personalities, etc, but they have the same basic characteristics, and are members of the same tribe. They don’t tell big lies, and know that “lie” and “dishonesty” destroy “humanity”, “trust”, and other good things. They are open-minded and care about the human values like Truth, Goodness, etc. They know that your race, your wealth, your nationality, your gender, etc are not important at all. It’s your wisdom, your knowledge, and your humanity that is important. They know the human needs, and know that it’s good that we are not 100% alike . As you know, If we all think and behave like each other, then ‘progress’, ‘grow’, ‘change’, ‘better world’, ‘human life’, etc become meaningless. Diversity, specially diversity of opinions, is very important. But “diversity” is one thing, and that ‘relativism’ that the pseudo intellects love it is another thing. Recently, I watch a good film, “Nothing But the Truth (2008)” -that we would write more it later. This film is about fundamental principles and the truth, and also about the corrupted democracy in USA. If you want to see a good film about Truth’, ‘Relativism’, and the freedom and democracy in USA, you can see this film. ‘Relativism’ is a complicated issue that the bad guys try to abuse it. Yah, many people and many things are not black and white, and many things are grey, but it doesn’t mean that everything is grey. Those bad guys and their corrupt systems that try to control and f-u-ck the people, and those bastards that try to help the bad guys or try to find an excuse to justify the bad guys, are not grey people. These jerks pretend that all people are grey, because they need an excuse to justify their own shameful behaviors. Yah, each person has his own whiteness and blackness, but those who have, for instance, 90% blackness & 10% whiteness, or 20% blackness & 80% whiteness are not grey people; they are good guys and bad guys, black and white . Yes, there is no 100% white or 100% black, but when you have 75% blackness & 25% whiteness, you are not grey. You are a bad guy. In fact, the bad guys belong to “the spectrum of the bad guys”. They create tyranny, slavery, corruption, control, and horrible disasters, or support it and strengthen it. They are sick animals, while the good guys are humans. Of course the good guys, and even the wise guys are not complete humans, and have many problems. Even the wise guys don’t know the answer of most questions. In today’s world, the human knowledge is like a drop in the ocean. But the human knowledge is enough to know how stupid the religious fanatics and other idiots are. In fact, our science and our knowledge can reject their bullshit easily, with good reasons. Of course those bad guys that are immature guys or shallow guys are not a real threat. Only those sick charlatans that are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are dangerous. When these sick bastards say: “you can’t see life and other complicated issues as a story about good guys and bad guys”. They mean: “we can help the dictators in killing and torturing the people, and we can call it ‘intellectualism’ or ‘relativism’ !” But brothers, it’s Motherfuckerism ! (MatharGhabegi), not Relativism. These motherfuckers, that many of them live in the West, just help the bad guys in screwing people. They aid the dictators in controlling the nice guys. The motherfucker aren’t gray. Anyway, lets forget the stupid tribal values that belong to the Stone Age, and lets care about Globalism, instead of Tribalism, and lets call for a better world. Good Guys of All Countries, Unite!, “Wise Guys of All Countries, Unite!. The good guys and the wise guys in all around the world belong to the same tribe, ie the tribe of the good guys.

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