Norwegian Terrorist’s Luxury Prison, and Paradoxes

“Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, lives in a luxury prison. In his three-room cell, he has an exercise room with a treadmill, a TV, a laptop-equipped office, private gym, laundry service, home-cooked meals from Mom, etc”, the media reported. They also added: “The Oslo court said that Breivik, whose terrorist attacks killed 77 people, was not a psychopath. Breivik was given the maximum sentence of 21 years, but with a ‘preventive detention’ clause that means his time in jail can be extended as long as he is deemed a threat to society. In his court, Breivik used his chance to address the court by apologizing to ‘militant nationalists’ across Europe [!], for not killing more people during his attacks [!]. His two terrorist attacks induced a period of introspection for a nation of 5 million which had prided itself as a safe and stable society, and also raised questions about the prevalence of far-right views in a country where oil wealth has encouraged one of the fastest immigration rates in Europe. The judges agreed that Breivik’s anti-immigration views were shared by a nexus of like-minded individuals and disparate groups”. The story of the Norwegian terrorist is full of paradoxes. Of course it’s good that the Norwegians treat prisoners and criminals like human and don’t kill them or don’t torture them. But as the wise guys ask: “why a Christian terrorist and a religious fascist that has killed 77 people by his own hand, should live in a luxury Prison that is like a hotel, and why he should have access to many leisure facilities? This Norwegian terrorist even doesn’t apologize to the victims and their families, and even he says he should kill more people during his terrorist attacks”. It’s a good question. Some Norwegian say: “It’s more like a paid vacation, not prison”, and it’s a good point. But some Norwegian officials say: “we want to give criminals and terrorists humane living conditions”. And some reply: “But such luxury prison for a savage terrorist just encourages Terrorism and Religious Fascism in Europe. They gave Breivik a world stage for repeating his bullshit, and now he can enjoy a paid vacation in a hotel, aka a luxury prison. But when you compare it with the way that the West treated other terrorists or extremists, you just can see a great sickening paradox and a great sickening and breathtaking hypocrisy and double standard. The US and Europe owe a big apology to the world. The Christian terrorists, the Jewish terrorists, the European terrorists, and the American terrorists are like or worse than Muslim terrorists. In fact, the Western fascists and the Christian terrorists are worse than animals. They are the greatest monsters in the human history, but the stupid West treated these bastards like hero or human, while non-Europeans and non-Americans should be tortured or die in the secret prisons, or in the Guantanamo and other horrible prisons in USA and Europe”. Think about it.


“Breivik would love to spend time in prison, because Norway’s prisons are among the world’s most luxurious prisons. The actual cells look like glorified dorm rooms and there are communal kitchens and living rooms for the inmates to chill out and decompress after a long day of resting. The inmates can attend a vast range of courses at a school located inside the prison. Subjects can include languages, IT, science, catering, music, (there is even a professional sound studio) art and handicraft and several sports. Their well-stocked libraries contain not only books but magazines, CDs, and DVDs. The inmates get to play guitar, bongos, the piano and sing. The prisoners have access to many other leisure activities … In many of Norway’s prisons, prison guards don’t carry guns”, the media reported. Norway has many wise and good guys. More than any other country in Europe, the Norwegians have protested against the neo-fascists and the religious fanatics in Europe. And it’s good. Some say: “This is Norway the land of the liberals”. But the story of Breivik showed us that many ultra-stupid fanatics and brainless extremists live in Norway, too. The wise guys know that each nation has its own bad guys and its own good guys, but the stupid West just love pretending ignorance. I don’t know what would have happened to Breivik, if he had been a Muslim, an immigrant, or a non-Christian and non-European. But many say: “In this case, they would have treated him like Bin Laden”. I think sooner or later you would see how they would treat such case, and at that time, you should remember Breivik and how they treated him. Unfortunately, the West treated the Norwegian terrorist as a hero or an ordinary criminal, and now his luxury prison just encourages the European fanatics/ terrorists to commit the same crime. As some say: “The West is really full of shit and shitty paradoxes. Just look how the UK, the US or even Sweden treated Assange or Bradley Manning, who are whistle blowers. The story of Assange, Manning, and Breivik can show you many things”. And some add: “Norway’s system is stupid, not liberal. It’s good that they treat criminals or prisoners like humans, but it’s too stupid, not too liberal, that they treat a mass murderer or a religious terrorist like a normal prisoner. Breivik is proud of his terrorist attacks, but the stupid Norwegian system allows him to enjoy living a life of luxury. It’s hypocrisy, foolishness, or naivety, not liberalism or humanitarianism. The Christian terrorists and the European neo-fascists in the 2010s are like the Nazi and the fascists in the 1930s; and the current level of stupidity, naivety, silence, corruption, and charlatanism in the West is equal to the 1930s’. In fact, the West has become the land of the sheep again”. Think about it.


Breivik Apologises For Not Killing More“, the Norwegian media reported. Some Norwegians, including victims’ families, are not happy that, as they say, “the Norwegian terrorist lives in a hotel that is called prison”. The Norwegian comments are funny. They say: “The killer would have a nicer room than I have … It’s an inspiration for becoming a criminal in Norway … there are many ordinary citizens who dont live this well … This human monster will be living a better life than many people do … We would support longer sentences and slightly worse conditions than today … Don’t let this monster get any more satisfaction for what he did … Warm comfortable surroundings, three meals a day, TV, computer, exercise room, and many other leisure activities, is it hotel or prison? … This terrorist is crap that needs to be punished and treated like dogs”. The American comments are funnier. They say: “That looks like the hotel room I stayed in last time I was in … Prison?! Looks more like a nice motel room to me! … It’s better than my room … If I want to hide or run away and have someone take care of me the rest of my days. Ill just go to Norway, commit a crime (kill a dozen), and enjoy myself“. The Norwegian system is not like US system, and it’s good, but the crime and the punishment should be in proportion to each other. The punishment for two terrorist attacks and killing 77 people, when the terrorist still defends his terrorist attacks and prays for killing more people, is not ‘living in a luxury prison that is like a hotel”. The Norwegian terrorist should not enjoy many facilities, specially when he still defends Terrorism and Fascism and refuses to apologize to the people. Unfortunately, many Westerners are like Breivik, or even worse than him, and what the West and the Western media do about the Norwegian terrorist, just encourage these bastards. As the wise guys say: “You should not forget that Breivik is worse than Bin Laden. Bin Laden didn’t kill the innocent people by his own hand, while Breivik killed children, men and women by his own hand. Bin Laden didn’t defend racism and didn’t want to kill all Christians, all Americans, or all Jews. But Breivik and his fans defend racism, and want to kill all Muslims, all immigrants, all non-Christians, all non-Jews, or all non-Westerners. Breivik is a copy of Hitler or Mussolini, and the number of people that are like him, or worse than him, is not small in Europe and USA. But why only a very few people talk about this issue in the West? Breivik is worse than Bin Laden, but why they kill Bin Laden, while they make love with Breivik in his court and in his luxury prison?” Think about it.


“The Norwegian terrorist is able to ring a room-service bell to have cigarettes and other services delivered. The Norwegian [terrorist] has compared his prison to being in kindergarten [!!]”, the media reported. The Norwegian terrorist is a shameless fascist that his behaviors are really sickening, but unfortunately, the Norwegian system treats him like a normal prisoner, and it’s more sickening. The Norwegian terrorist should not be able to disgrace and discredit the human values and the liberal ideas. It’s good that they dont have the death penalty in Norway. It’s good that they don’t have inhuman conditions in their prisons. It’s good that they treat prisoners like human. And it’s good that many Norwegians hate the Norwegian terrorist and his thoughts, but the Norwegian system should not pretend that such human monster is a normal prisoner. It’s an insult to other prisoners. It’s an insult to human rights and human principles. The Norwegian terrorist still defends his terrorist attacks, and is proud of killing 77 innocent people. This little fascist and his fascist fans should not be allowed to ridicule the human values. They should treat this fascist shit as an exception. Yes, we don’t defend the capital punishment and any tortures and inhuman punishments, but it doesn’t mean that we can allow a brutal terrorist to ridicule the human values. This savage terrorist should not have access to many leisure facilities. The story of the Norwegian terrorist not only is an insult to all humans and all prisoners, but it can remind you of the inhuman conditions in Iran. It’s really good that the Norwegian prisons don’t have inhuman conditions. But why a savage terrorist should enjoy these modern facilities and ridicule the modern values, while the wise and modern Iranians should be victim of the West and its puppets (specially Mullahs)? We have already written bout the horrible inhuman conditions in the Mullah prisons (for instance, you can check “Vakilabad Prison: A Hell on Earth” and “On the edge of Animal Life”). Iran’s prisons, aka “Mullah prisons”, are like “a hell on Earth”. But do you know who live in “a hell on Earth”, “on the edge of Animal Life”? Prisoners of conscience, ie those who are in prison just because of their thoughts or their modern ideas. And political prisoners, ie those who are in prison because they have opposed or criticized the Mullahs and other bad guys. The wise guys that are victims of the stupid West and its puppets should live in a big prison (Iran), but in Norway, a savage terrorist and a copy of Hitler lives in a luxury prison. It’s really painful. As the funny guys say: “Living conditions in the Norwegian prisons are probably far better than living conditions in Iran, USA, and many other countries !”, but why a savage terrorist should enjoy such living conditions? As the wise guys say: :Fascism and Nazism are European diseases, and Neo-Fascism and Neo-Nazism and Racism are among the serious diseases in the West today; and when even a calm country like Norway can have such a bloody fascist terrorist, it’s so obvious that the situation in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc is much worse; but why they treat a savage fascist like a hero or a political prisoner, while they treat the wise Iranians, that the stupid Westerns should lick their shoes, like the second class citizens of this shitty world?” Think about it


“In Iran, you live in a big prison, and if you want to live like a human, your living conditions is like or worse than the living conditions of a savage terrorist in Norway. You can’t leave the big prison, and you can’t live like a free man, and you can’t have access to many modern facilities because of the sanctions and other restrictions that have been created by the West and puppets of the West; but a savage terrorist in Norway has access to the internet, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, books, TVs, and many other things. Fuck you the stupid world. Fuck you and your ridiculous foolishness”, some Iranians say. This shitty world should change, and all humans should know that your nationality or your race doesn’t determine your knowledge, or the level of your humanity and your wisdom. Breivik, that is a savage terrorist and a shitty copy of Hitler and Mussolini, is a Norwegian. But we should judge all Norwegians by Breivik? or are all Norwegian as savage or uncultured as Breivik? Breivik is a Norwegian, but Abel was a Norwegian, too. In Norway, some are really stupid, and some are wise, and it means that “being Norwegian” doesn’t have any special meaning. The same is true for all nations, including Americans, Iranians, Britons, etc. Each nation has its own wise guys and its own idiots. But the stupid West and the bad guys judge Iran and other nations by the idiots, while they judge their own nations by their wise guys ! And it’s beyond charlatanism. As the wise Iranians say: “If we were like them, we would judge Norway and all Norwegians by Breivik. But we are not like them. If we were like them, we would judge Germany and all Germans by Hitler or the neo-Nazis. If we were like them, we would judge USA and all Americans by Obama, Bush, or other American pigs. But we are not like them. If we were like them, we would judge Britain and all Britons by British politicians and the savage colonialists. But we are not like them. They (the stupid West) still think and behave like animals and suffer from ‘Foolishness Disease'”. The last two years clearly proved that the Western fanatics and the Christian terrorists are like or worse than the Muslim fanatics; and the European terrorists and the American terrorists are like or worse than the Eastern terrorists. But the stupid West just tries to hide the truth about its savage terrorists, and it’s sickening. The story of the American terrorist, James Holmes, is so funny and informative, and we would write more about it later, but it’s sadly funny that the Western media even don’t call Breivik or Holmes ‘terrorist’, while in his court, the Norwegian terrorist just tried to prove that he is a
religious-political terrorist. The paradoxes and double standards in the West are really sickening. And as you know, the Iranian people are the main victim of the Western paradoxes and the Western double standards. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Western hypocrisy is a clear sing of sickness, backwardness and foolishness. In fact, the stupid Westerners still live in the Tribalism Age, because their thoughts and their behaviors belong to that age. The truth is that the stupid Westerners are the real Third-Worlders in today’s world“. Think about it.

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