Zionist Hitler, Red Line, and American Pigs

September 29, 2012

“Netanyahu made a fool of himself, and presented a cartoon-like diagram in front of the UN, and drew a red line with a marker !”, the people media reported. They also added: “The American pigs finally declared that they officially de-listed the notorious terrorist group (MEK). The US crossed the red line, and proved that the US is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy”. The Zionist Hitler and the US are bad jokes. Now, not only Iranians, but even Westerners, say: “[The Jewish Hitler] was obsessed with ‘red line’, but no one gave a damn shit about him. [His inferiority complex] forced him to make a fool of himself at the UN”. And the wise Iranians add: “The American pigs and their puppets have killed and tortured tens of thousands of the anti-Mullah Iranians. The American pigs are worse than the Zionist Hitler. The Zionists are stupid psychopaths. They threaten Iranians with nuclear bomb! They are really stupid and savage, and now, all anti-Mullah Iranians hate them. Their childish and barbaric behaviors just proved that their IQ is less than zero. But the American pigs are worse than them. The American pigs prove that the US is the bad guy“. As the Western media report: “[The Jewish Hitler’s] cartoon certainly grabbed attention, but not the kind he wanted. In his UN speech, Netanyahu adopted the persona of an elementary school teacher talking to a [foolish] class to explain nuclear bomb!”. And the wise Iranians add: “Netanyahu, the Jewish Hitler, is a stupid coward. He barked, and now he farts. In the UN, he just repeated Obama’s words, and it’s a great retreat. He licked Obama’s ass, and proved that the Zionists are little cowards”. It’s very important. The Iranian baboons that work for the bad guys, try to pretend that the Zionists are an important factor. But many things, including the story of “Obama and Netanyahu” in the election season, clearly shows that the Zionists are not important. As the wise Iranians say: “If the Zionists were important, then in the election season, Obama didn’t treat Netanyahu like shit. As their media report: ‘Obama avoids Netanyahu meeting. The White House refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the US to attend the UN General Assembly’. Obama hates Netanyahu so much. In November 2010, Obama was on a foreign visit when Netanyahu came to the US! And now, in the election season, Obama threats Netanyahu like shit. Recently, Obama rejected Netanyahu’s idea of red line, and said: No leader wants his hands tied with Iran red lines [!]. Even the American media said: ‘Netanyahus recent behavior is outrageous. He is trying push us into a war that is not in our national interest. He is trying to get us to damage our relations with the rest of the world [!] Netanyahu is overplaying his hand and creating problems for himself and Obama [!] This could make life very hard for him, if Obama win re-election’. They also added: ‘Obama described Israeli pressure on him as noise he tries to ignore [!!], according to remarks aired Sunday [23rd Sep], in his interview with CBS (60 Minutes)’. The Zionist barks are really stupid noise. In fact, the Zionists are puppet of the West. As the American media reported: ‘Romney criticized Obama for refusing to meet with Netanyahu. And Obama replied: ‘So if Romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so’. The current farce shows many things”. As The people media report: “In 2010, Sarkozy and Obama were in Cannes, France. Over microphones that were inadvertently left open, Sarkozy tells Obama, ‘I cant stand to see him anymore, hes a liar [!]’, referring to Netanyahu; to which Obama responds, ‘You are fed up with him, but me, I have to deal with him every day’. It’s the honest feelings of Western leaders regarding the Zionists. In fact, everybody hates the Zionist Hitler. Even those Jewish politicians that are wiser than their Hitler, hate him. Some of them that are Iranian, like Mofaz, say to him: ‘Who are you trying to replace? The administration in Washington or that in Tehran? The world is not sick of Israel, the world is sick of Netanyahu [!]. Never in all of the State of Israel’s years of existence, had the drums of war beat so hard as today. Our policy has played into the hands of the Ayatollah and reinforced the foundation of their regime’. They also add: ‘The defense minister (Barak) has chosen to start his campaign at the expense of national interests and on the back of Netanyahu”. Now, most people hate the Jewish Hitler and his friends, who are psychopath. As the funny Iranians say: “The Zionists love blood and red line, but hate red rag. They draw childish red line, but when people criticizes them, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. If you show them the truth, it’s like a red rag to a bull. They hate the truth and the reason. And only the American pigs, that have converted USA into the land of bad guys and terrorists, are worse than them”.


As the wise Iranians say: “These days are a complete mess (In Ruza Shahr Sholughe)”. It’s a Persian proverb that can describe the days before the US election. In these days, the Mullahs only help the US sanctions, and Iranians pay the price of America’s secret love affair with the Mullahs”. But lets forget these shitty news, and lets see what the funny Iranians say about the Jewish farce: “The Jewish Hitler is a bad joke, but what he did at the UN was a good joke! The Jewish Hitler thought that the UN is like a class room in a kindergarten, and the world leaders are his foolish pupils. And that’s why he said: ‘So, how much enriched uranium do you need for a bomb? And how close is Iran to getting it? Let me show you. I brought a diagram for you [!!] Here’s the diagram. This is a bomb; this is a fuse [!!]‘. His diagram and his speech was a scientific revolution. He said: ‘Iran has to go through three stages. 1st: low enriched uranium 2nd: medium enriched uranium 3rd: high enriched uranium [!]’ He added: ‘Where’s Iran? They’re 70% of the way there. And where should [my] red line be drawn? The red line should be drawn right here [!!]’. And then he draw his red line that he was obsessed by it, and then the little kids, aka the world leaders, stood up, applauded loudly, and said: such a beautiful red line!”. What the Jewish Hitler said in his UN speech, is exactly like what you read here. The funny Iranians have not changed his words. They add: “The Jewish Hitler, that is a stupid psychopath, loves red line and drawing red line with marker. We can advise his doctors to buy a whiteboard for him and allow him to draw red line from morning to night . His doctors should know that no one gives a damn shit about him and his red lines. So, he can draw red line as much as he wants. No one takes him serious”. They also say: “The Jewish Hitler said: ‘They’re 70% of the way there. And the red line should be drawn right here. And that’s why I speak today with such a sense of urgency [!]’. But while he was speaking with ‘such a sense of urgency’, he added: ‘Red lines don’t lead to war; red lines prevent war’ [!!] He really thinks the UN is a kindergarten. In fact, all Zionists think that the world is a kindergarten, all people are stupid kids, and the Zionists that their IQ is near zero are teachers of this kindergarten”. In these days, many Westerners laugh at the Zionists, too. Some of their comments are funny. For instance, they say: “This is truly comical. He brought a chart as if he was teaching third grade students … He just shows again that Zionists think Americans are dumb and have to be shown kindergarten level stuff to learn … Thoughts on Netanyahu while watching his speech: bellowing, bullying, begging, demands all your attention all the time,
neurotically needy , oppressive, self-obsessed, suffocating, paranoid, narcissistic … The funny thing is that hes making Mullahs and Ahmadinejad look like a rational player“. The Iranian comments are funny and informative as well. For instance, they say: “Don’t be such a coward, [the Jewish Hitler]. Instead of kissing Obama’s ass, just draw a real red line if you dare … Zionists are worse than Nazis … [Jewish Hitler] and Zionists go Red or go Pale? … Zionists suffer from the mad cow disease. They need a good doctor … The Jewish Hitler and Zionists first go Red, then go insane, and finally go to hell … Zionists just remind me of ‘The Straw Dogs’ film. They are really straw dogs”. Iranians also add: “Obama is American Hitler. He is an American pig that ate shit and loved shit, and finally became a great shit, greater than Mr. shit … The US and the Americans should die of shame. USA is on the wrong side of history, and has become the land of the bad guys“. We will write more about this issue later, but as the wise Iranians say: “Those who support the terrorists, the monarchists, and the Islamists, or threaten Iranians with war or violence, are brainless savages. They are evil forces that their plans and their threats backfire.


“The Zionists are really stupid. They bark a lot, reveal their true colors, and gain nothing. If they wage war against Iran, they just prove that they are savage, and Iranians bring an end to the Jewish state. Now, even the Jewish media report: ‘Most Israelis fear for the outbreak of war with Iran, half fear for the existence of Israel if that happens, a poll has found. The Jewish people said they either ‘fear’ or ‘greatly fear’ for the survival of I-s-r-a-el if war did break out‘. Many Jews know the truth”, some wise Iranians say. As the people media report: “Some Iranians played with Netanyahu’s UN speech and told the truth with his own words: ‘The medieval forces of radical Judaism want to destroy Iran, Asia, Africa, Europe, America, etc. They want to extinguish freedom. They want to end the modern world. Their intolerance is directed first at their fellow Jews, and then to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, secular people, anyone who doesn’t submit to them. The Zionists, ie the forces of medievalism, seek a world in which women and minorities are subjugated, in which knowledge is suppressed, in which not life but death is glorified. The Zionists hate the forces of modernity. They want to drag humanity back to the Stone Age. But we are sure of one thing. Ultimately they will fail, and go to hell. We’ve seen that happen before. To understand what the world would be like with a nuclear-armed I-s-r-a-el, just see today’s world and how a tiny tin-pot state plays with the world peace and the world security, or just imagine the world with a nuclear-armed Al-Qaeda. Now, these lethal weapons are in the hands of the world’s most dangerous terrorist regime, ie the Zionist regime that barks a lot and stupidly and savagely threatens Iranians with nuclear bomb. The Zionist regime and the Nazi regime are alike. They’re both fired by the same hatred; they’re both driven by the same lust for violence. In 2009, the Mullahs brutally put down mass protests for democracy in Iran, and the Zionists and their companies helped them. The Zionists, aka the Jewish Nazi, repeatedly deny Iran’s rights and pray for Iran’s destruction and threaten Iran with war almost on a daily basis. Their war threats and their nuclear threats against Iran can remind you of Hitler and the Nazi Germany. But the truth is that Zionist aggression is worse than Nazi aggression. They love Armageddon and the end of the modern world, and clearly say: The Jews should rule the world. They think that after the Word War III or the Jewish nuclear Armageddon, the Zionists will rule the earth. That’s what is actually guiding their policies and their actions. It’s a clash between modernity and medievalism. The Zionists hate liberty, equality, human rights, democracy, and all modern values. They love blood, hatred, and genocide. They cherish death and pray and strive for war. They hate the human values and the Persian people’s gifts to mankind”. And some Iranians add: “In 1987, 25 years ago, Rabin, the late PM of the Jewish state said, ‘Iran is I-s-r-a-el’s best friend and we do not intend to change our position in relation to Tehran, because the Mullahs regime will not last forever’. But now, the Jewish Hitler just helps the Mullah regime, and betray the best friend of the Jewish people in the past 3000 years. The Jewish Hitler and other ungrateful Jews, betray those Jews that want to live in peace with other people, including Palestinians. Iranians, as the ancient supporters of the Jews, care about all humans, including Jews, Palestinians, and other oppressed people”. They also add: “if you need help, Iranians don’t care about your religion, your race, your nationality, and your color; they will help you. But If you betray Iranians and hurt them, it’s not important that you are a Jew, a Westerner, an Arab, etc, Iranians will send you to hell”.


In these days, some Westerners say: “Hitler created the first Holocaust of the Jews, and Netanyahu will be responsible for the second Holocaust of the Jews in the 21st century. Netanyahu will be the Hitler of the 21st century to the Jews“. And some Zionists say: ‘The public display of the US and I-s-r-ael undermining each other must cease. The only winner is Iran [!]’. As the wise Iranians say: “The Jewish Hitler proved that the Zionists are stupid straw dogs. In his UN speech, The Jewish Hiter said: ‘For over two years, our intelligence agencies didn’t know that Iran was building a huge nuclear enrichment plant under a mountain’. He also added: ‘Two days ago, President Obama reiterated that the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran cannot be contained. I very much appreciate the President Obama’. In fact, what the Iranian baboons and their Western employers say about the Zionists is a big lie. The Zionists only are expert in kissing ass and telling lie. The Zionists are puppets of the US. They are little cowards”. And some Iranians add: “The Zionists have a very small state, that is smaller than a village in Iran, but they try to attach themselves to USA, or compare themselves with Iran! The Jewish Hitler is full of shit, and just shows the depth of his foolishness and his insanity. For instance, he said: ‘Iran could produce the nuclear detonator within a few months. The detonator can be made in a small workshop the size of a classroom. It may be very difficult to find and target that workshop, especially in Iran, that’s a [very big] country that’s bigger than France, Germany, Italy and Britain combined‘. In fact, he just confessed that Iran is a great country, and if the Zionists attack Iran, the Jewish state should say hello to its end”. They also add: “The Jewish Hitler’s jokes are funny. He just made a fool of himself and Zionists in the front of the UN. Just look at people comments in all around the world, and see how they react to the Jewish Hitler. Thank you, the Jewish Hitler. You, the little stupid dog, proved that all people in all around the world hate you and the Zionists”. What the Iranian people say about the Zionists, show how the anti-Islamist Iranians think about the bad guys. In these days, many Iranians say: “The Zionists and the Mullahs love and help each other; they badly need each other … Zionists and Mullahs both are puppets of the West … Zionists love Mullahs. They just say: Mullah should be weak. In fact, they are the enemy of a free and strong Iran … Zionists are really sick. They just betray the Jews … They are like or worse than Mullahs … They suffer from Inferiority Complex and mad cow disease … They are stupid, coward, and psychopath …. They have an insane obsession with waging war and eating shit … they love war, blood, and genocide, and we should fuck them … we should punish the Zionists … the Zionists just help Mullahs and Islamists … they are puppet of the US … Zionists are worse than pigs, and only the Iranian pigs, that live in the West, love them … The Iranian pigs and [their shithole], Balatarin.com and Roozoline.com, are anti-Iran. These pigs get money and betray everything. Now, they support the Zionists and the American pigs … They are a small group. The MEK is a small Marxist-Islamist group with about 5,000 members … Monarchists + MEK + all Iranian pigs and all their fans, in the best case, are less than 1 million … [But] More than 75 million Iranians live in Iran, and more than 80 million Iranians live in the world. The American pigs have a very low IQ … Traitors just love licking ass. These bastards (MEK, Pahlavists, Khatamists, and other pigs) are like or worse than Mullahs … USA loves MEK that is terrorist, Islamist, and Marxist! … MEK, Pahlavists, Jewish Terrorists, Mullahs, and American pigs are alike. All of them are great evils, and enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. All of them try not to allow us to have a free and strong Iran“. What Iranians inside Iran say, show that they not blind, and they are among the wisest people in today’s world.


“The American pigs love the Jewish terrorists, the Christian terrorists, the Islamist terrorists, and even the Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK)! The American pigs have converted the US into the land of terrorists”, many Iranians say in these days. They add: “[The Jewish Nazi] have nuclear bomb, and threaten Iran with nuclear bomb, but the UN and the World are silent and have closed their dirty eyes and their dirty mouths. Iran certainly should have nuclear weapon”. Of course many Iranians are wiser than their western counterparts, and clearly say: “The Mullahs and the US love each other. Their fight is ‘Zang-e Zargari’ (Sham Fight). Delisting the MEK is the best gift for Mullahs, and just helps the Mullah regime. The US really loves the Mullahs, and the Mullahs love the American pigs. And that’s why the Mullahs are helping the US sanctions”. As the wise Iranians say: “They talk about death, because they want to ask you to accept fever! It’s an Iranian proverb, and it’s what the West, the Mullahs, and the Iranian traitors do in these days. They torture people with sanction farce and artificial crises, they support terrorists and monarchists that more than 99% of Iranians hate them, and they intimidate people or talk about war, because they want to set the stage for an important event in 2013: The Mullahs want to make a good deal with the US”. It’s not a bad analysis, and many Iranians are aware of it. They say: “The Iranian traitors [in BBC, VOA, RoozOnline, etc and MEK and Pahlavists] just help the Mullahs and the West. [Many of them are idiots, and will be victim. But their charlatans that get good money from the bad guys] try to intimidate Iranians into accepting the Mullahs and a deal between the Mullahs and the US. The Zionists are part of the plot, and should play the role of bogeyman, as Rajavists (MEK) and Pahlavists play the role of bogeyman”. We would write about this issue later, but it’s so obvious that Iranians inside Iran are not blind, and don’t give a shit about the West and its puppets. Now, many Iranians talk about the clear signs of “Zang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight). The Jewish Hitler’s farce is just one of many signs. As the wise Iranians say: “The Jewish Hitler just kissed Obama’s ass. And Obama, that loves the Mullahs, will win the 2012 election. And if you take a look at the Mullah media, you can see that the Mullahs have started to write about ‘negotiation and relation with the US after 33 years! It’s just a complement to Ranfanjani’s farce and Ban Ki-moon and Jeffery Feltman’s farce”. It’s good that many Iranians are not blind. The Iranian people and their awareness can change many things. In these days, even Western analysts say: “Iran is not an Arab state or a West-made state, clumsy collections of tribes and ethnicities cobbled together by Europeans a century ago. Iran is an ancient country [, older than all European countries]. It has the best-educated population in [Asia]; and that population is extremely proud of the countrys heritage while also are generally pro-American. Iranians hate the former colonial powers and their machinations. Iran represents the greatest mismatch between a people and a government of any country in the world“. Yah, but this great mismatch has been created by the West. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs are puppets of the West. Iranians hate the Mullahs and other pigs, while the US love these pigs. The American pigs love Mullahs, terrorists (MEK), and monarchists (Pahlavists). Yes, Iranians were pro-American, but now, the American pigs and their betrayals have changed many things in Iran. When the American pigs support a small terrorist group (MEK), Iranians only can hate the US. When the American pigs support a small anti-democracy group (Monarchists), Iranians only can hate the US. And when the American pigs support the Mullahs, the Islamists, and [the Iranian baboons], but try to torture the Iranian people with the sanction farce, Iranians only can hate the US. The American Hitler aided Mullahs in suppressing Iranians, and still sows the seeds of hate”. We should write more about these days and its shitty news. As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, you can see how the West reveals its true face, how the Western media censor the news and the comments, and how the American pigs prove that the US is the bad guy. The people protests in Spain and Greece, or the US election farce, can show that most Westerners are angry, but unfortunately, they know nothing about the real problems and the real solutions. Most Westerners are victims of the bad guys, and hate them. But the bad guys and their mercenaries still can fool and control the people”. I hope the wise guys don’t remain silent, and think more about the real problems and the real solutions.

2012 Election and Religious Fascism in America

September 26, 2012

In these days, the Mullahs are helping Obama and US sanctions against the Iranian people, and the West is eating shame and vomiting decency, but most non-Iranians are blind, ignorant, or silent, and don’t care about the Iranian people and their problems that have been created by the West and its puppets. But as the wise Iranians say to the world: “those bad guys that hurt Iranians today, will hurt you tomorrow. Today’s Iranians are pioneer, and their today is your tomorrow”. And some Iranians add: “Just look at today’s USA, today’s UK, today’s Europe, or the US election farce, and see how the stupid upstarts just go backward. Look and see how they suppress and betray their people, how they want to have Theocracy, and how our yesterday can be their tomorrow”. The 2012 election in USA seems like a stupid farce, but it can show us many things about the US and its problems. In these days, Mitt Romney plays the role of ‘Bogeyman’, and it’s obvious that he can’t win the 2012 election, that is the worst election in the US history. But many stupid Americans still care about the Romney-Obama farce. As the wise Iranians say: “US idiots still say: ‘this is a choice between bad and worse’. But their 2012 election is not even a choice between worse and worst; it’s a choice between worst and worst”. Obama and Romney are great evils. Obama helped, and still help, the Islamists and the terrorists, and betrayed the Iranian people and the freedom and democracy in Iran. But he betrayed, and still betray, the American people as well. The current situation in USA is really shameful. For instance, the average Americans write about “Poverty and hunger in America “, and say: “The number of people in poverty has grown to 48.5 million, or 16% of the US population. Food stamps just lifted 4 million individuals out of poverty, including 1.7 million children, keeping food on their table”, and some add: “Food stamps, and about 49 million real poor people (like the homeless), and about 100 million poor people (like their counterparts in [Iran]) are a sign of a broken society. The causes of their poverty are: corruption, inequality, greed, bad governance, exploitation, etc”. The history shows us that those who betray other people and other nations, will betray their own people as well. It’s the story of Hitler, Stalin, Genghis, British Colonialism, Communism, Slavery, etc. And now, the sad story of filtering, censorship, suppression, poverty, surveillance, tyranny, and corruption in the US and Europe; or the story of religious fanatics, terrorists, lobbyists, racists, Sheeple, and stupid lefts/ rights in the West; or the story of the UK riots, the OWS, the European and Canadian riots, the corrupt democracy, the corrupt media, etc can show that those who betrayed Iranians, betray their own people as well. In these days, the wise guys talk about the real threat of Fascism and Theocracy in the US, but most Westerners can’t get the important message: “If you don’t care about other humans, and if you live like sheep or animals, the bad guys that hurt and betray other humans, will hurt and betray you as well”. The threat of Religious Fascism in America is very important. As the wise guys say: “Romney is not important. He plays the role of bogeyman, maybe because he wants to scare Americans into voting for Obama. But Romney and Obama can remind us of the real threats/ problems in USA, including American Fascism, American Theocracy, American National Capitalism, American Foolishness, and American Hypocrisy”. We have already written about Romney and US Christian fanatics. And everybody is aware of the story of Patriotism in USA, and how they refer to Nationalism as “Patriotism”. But these two factors, ie US religious fanatics and US nationalists, can create “Religious Fascism” in USA. As the wise Americans say: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross“. The wise Americans, that are in the minority, also add: “Religious chauvinism has always been a problem in America“. It’s very important. In fact, the threat of Religious Fascism in USA is very serious. For instance, the stupid Mormon, Romney, says: There was a time, when each of us could walk a little taller and stand a little straighter [!] We had a gift that no one else in the world shared [!] We were Americans [!!] That meant something special to each of us [!!] We knew it without question [!!] And so did the world [!] Those days are coming back. Thats our destiny [!!] Can you believe it? It’s exactly like what the fascists said. The stupid Americans say: “It’s American Patriotism”! But it’s obvious that it’s Chauvinism. Even some wise guys say: “It’s worse than Chauvinism. It’s American Fascism. It’s American Nazism. It’s the American National Capitalism!”. Those who don’t read history, often think that Mussolini and fascists were illiterate thugs. But Mussolini was a journalist and a writer that many saw him as an intellect. As the wise guys say: “Mussolini was one of Italy’s most prominent journalists. Mussolini knew and praised Nietzsche and Plato. He wrote several essays about German literature, some stories, and one novel. He was really wiser than Obama, Romney, etc. He was a journalist that entered politics, founded Fascism, and finally became a brutal dictator. He loved the Roman Empire and those days that Italians could walk a little taller ! He believed that they had a gift that no one else in the world shared! Being Italians meant something special to him! And most Italians, that were stupid or naive, accepted his bullshit without question. They thought that their great days should come back, because it’s their destiny! And it led to a great disaster called ‘Italian Fascism'”. The stupid Mormon, Romney, loves repeating history. He says: In America, we place our hand over our heart during the playing of the national anthem. No other people on Earth do that [!!]. But as the smart guys say: “All fascists play with their hands during the playing of their national anthem. The Italian fascists placed their hand above their heart or their head. The German Nazi placed their hand above their head, into the air, and the Americans place their hand over their heart. There is little difference between them! The Nazi Germany had ‘National Socialism’, and USA wants to have ‘National Capitalism’! “. Chauvinism and Nationalism in America is a serious problem, and if it merges with “Christian Fundamentalism” and “Religious Fanaticism” in America, it can create the greatest tragedy of all times, ie “US Religious Fascism” or “American National Capitalism”. Unfortunately, many Americans are naive and think that the fascists or the religious fascists should have horn, or should look like thugs ! But as the wise guys say: “Mussolini was a journalist and a writer. And many religious fanatics don’t look like the Taliban. Some of them look like the Jewish Mullahs in the Jewish state; some look like the Mormons and the American Taliban in USA, and some look like the Mullahs in Iran. What the Mullahs say in Iran is exactly like what the American Taliban say in USA. The Mullahs or the Jewish Mullahs don’t say: ‘Oh, yah, we hate freedom or democracy; we are fanatic’. They are charlatan, and talk about the ‘real’ freedom, and the ‘real’ democracy ! But as the ancient Iranians said: ‘Audience should be wise’. The fascists don’t say: ‘we are evil’ or ‘we are fascist’. The people should know them and their masks”. Yah, the people should read history, and should see the signs of horrible disasters, before it’s too late.


Those who read history, and know Fascism or Religious Fanaticism, know why today’s conditions in the West are dangerous. As they say: “Fascism can be described as a ‘middle class’ phenomenon. Insecurity among the lower middle-classes creates anxiety and anger that can easily be directed by populist-sounding demagogues. Economic destabilization is an important factor in the creation of Fascism. Forerunners of fascism in their efforts to gain political power, played on peoples frustration, and also on people’s fears of revolution with its subsequent chaos, anarchy, and general insecurity. They appealed to nationalist sentiments and prejudices, and portrayed themselves as champions of law, order, Christian morality, and the sanctity of private property. Fascism traditionally employs either a master-race or master-culture narrative. The fascists brainwash their people by talking about ‘their greatness‘, and try to restore the greatness of their master-race. They see women as a threat, religion as a ‘source of power’, and immigrants as an enemy. They encourage vigilantism, and present it as a modern phenomenon. Fascism is a reactionary modernism, a response to class struggle. And both German and Italian variants came to power after the defeat of revolutionary upsurges”. The wise guys also add: “The precursors of Fascism – ie militarization of culture, vigilantism, xenophobia, economic destabilization, etc- are ascendant in the US today. In American society right now, with the immigration hysteria fueled by faux populists, there is a growing wave of xenophobia that has begun to legitimate vigilantism; and vigilantism is always a feature of fascism in periods before it decisively achieves state power“. The 2012 US presidential election can show you the threat of “American Fascism” or “US Religious Fascism”. As some wise guys say: “What Romney and many other Americans say is worse than religious chauvinism. It’s American National Capitalism. Just look what they say about America and being American, or how they talk about ‘their greatness’ and congratulate themselves from morning to night. Their words and their delusions can remind you of Hitler and Mussolini, and can show that the US and the West are turning a neo-fascist B-movie into reality“. Unfortunately, only a few Americans can see the real threats, and other Americans just follow the stupid lefts, the stupid rights, the media whores, or the pseudo intellectuals like sheep. Some of those Americans that see the threat of Fascism in the US, say: “Characteristics of Fascism [in US and Europe] are: (1) Powerful and Continuing Nationalism (Patriotism): Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays (2) Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights : Fascist regimes [say that] human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of ‘need’ (3) Identification of Enemies as a Unifying Cause: The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: minorities, liberals, socialists, immigrants, nuclear threats, terrorists, etc (4) Supremacy of the Military: Soldiers and military service are glamorized (5) Rampant S-e-xism: The fascists tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated (6) Controlled Mass Media : Censorship [and filtering] is very common (7) Obsession with National Security: Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses (8) Religion and Government are Intertwined: Religious rhetoric and terminology is common (9) Corporate Power is Protected (10) Labor Power is Suppressed: Labor unions are either eliminated or suppressed (11) Disdain for Intellectuals: Fascists tend to promote hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and academics to be censored or even arrested (12) Police unlimited power: Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws or suppress people (13) Rampant Cronyism and Corruption: [Lobbyists], groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions [rule and exploit the people] (14) Fraudulent Elections: The fascist Elections are a complete sham, or are manipulated and controlled (15) Widespread support for the pseudo intellects and the media whores …”. Unfortunately, there are many similarities between the 1920s & the 1930s and the 2000s & the 2010s, including the economic crises, the wars and its results, the widespread corruption and tyranny, the widespread frustration, the widespread foolishness/ ignorance, and the role of the pseudo intellectuals and the pseudo modern people (Sheeple). Unfortunately, the pseudo intellectuals and the media whores still can manipulate the people, and many follow them like sheep. The story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and the story of Iran and the West in the past three years is very important and informative, but the Sheeple and most Westerners know nothing about it and its great importance. In the recent days, a Western writer said: ‘[The story of Iran and USA (MEK scam)] more vividly illustrates the rot and corruption at the heart of America’s DC-based political culture than almost any episode I can recall”. But he and others should know that the story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) in the past three years ‘more vividly illustrates the main problems in the US and the West than any episode in the modern history ‘. If you want to know the stupid lefts, the pseudo intellectuals, the intellectual mercenaries, the corrupt media, the Western Sheeple, the Western corrupt democracy, and many hellish secrets of today’s world, you should study the story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and what happened in the past three years. In this website, we have tried to write about this story, that is like a large puzzle. Solving this large puzzle, that we can see the big picture of it but many of its pieces are unknown or unnoticed, can lead to the real solutions to many global problems. If you want to know the main problems in the US and Europe, you should know the large puzzle of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and what happened in the past three years. The threats of Religious Fascism, Tyranny and Suppression, Internet Filtering and Censorship, Surveillance and Lack of Freedom, Corruption and Economic crises, World War, Foolishness Disease and Naivety, Selfishness and Animal life, Brainwashing and Control, etc are among those things that this large puzzle can show you well. And the story of Obama, Romney, the Jewish fanatics, the Christian fanatics, and the Muslim fanatics is just a small part of this large puzzle.


The role of pseudo intellectuals and the intellectual mercenaries in creating big disasters, like Theocracy, Tyranny, or Fascism, is very important. “Manifesto of the Fascist Intellectuals” in the 1920s, was written or singed by those philosophers and intellectuals that get money and betray the truth. Many culturally influential Italian public intellectuals signed the Manifesto of the Fascist Intellectuals, and tried to justify the violence, the tyranny, and the corruption in the name of the human values. They were like the stupid lefts or the Iranian baboons and Western monkeys, and suffered from both “Foolishness Disease” and “Hypocrisy Disease”. As the wise Iranians say: “If you only suffer from ‘Foolishness Disease’, you can cure yourself, if you try to be honest. The honest idiots/ fanatics have a chance of salvation, but those who suffer from both ‘Foolishness Disease’ and ‘Hypocrisy Disease’, ie those who get money and betray the truth and other human values intentionally, are sick animals that become the bad guys. Many politicians, journalists, and intellects belong to this group. They often try to hide their true face behind masks, and it’s hard to see their true colors in the normal conditions. But during the serious crises, like what happened in 2009, 2011, and 2012, they remove their masks, because their employers are in deep shit, and saving them is the first priority”. Now, many Iranians know the true colors of the bad guys and their mercenaries, but unfortunately, most non-Iranians, including most Americans, still don’t know who is who, and still see the bad guys and their mercenaries as the trusty guys. It’s a very big problem. The European people in the 1920s and the 1930s didn’t know the true colors of the Fascist Intellectuals, the Nazi intellectuals, and the Marxist intellects, and it led to great disasters. And now, if the Americans and other Westerners remain silent or ignorant, the threats of Fascism, Tyranny, Theocracy, National Capitalism, and Orwellian Society in the US and the West become a reality soon. As the wise guys say: “It’s really true that when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. In fact, Fascism will come to America in the name of religion, national security, and national interests. When most Americans are nationalist or religious fanatic, a Mormon can become the stupid monkey’s main rival. USA is really on the edge of Religious Fascism”. In these days, some Americans write about “Christian Fascism in America“, but they forget the threat of the stupid lefts and the pseudo intellects, who defend the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism. As the wise guys say: “The stupid lefts and the stupid rights are two sides of the same coin. A stupid left can easily become a stupid right, because they have a lot in common. And that’s why many fascists were among the stupid lefts, who suddenly turned right !“. Noam Chomsky is the symbol of the stupid lefts in the US today, and he and other Marxists and Communists that are worse than him, defend the brutal dictators and/or the tyranny in the name of the human values. Unfortunately, most of the lefts are the stupid lefts. Only a few lefts, like the late Howard Zinn, have been open-minded and cared about the truth, and hated the tyranny and all brutal dictators. Most of today’s lefts are stupid and hypocrite, and can’t understand, or pretend ignorance, that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely“. But instead of kissing politicians’ ass, intellects should care about real solutions, like ‘direct democracy’ or ‘a world without politicians’. We have already written about these issues in “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” and “Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians” (check Archive). In the recent years, many Westerners are frustrated, and many things in the US and Europe look like the Age of Fascism and Great Depression, and we all should take the threat of Fascism seriously. Many Westerners write about “Control the press and the internet”, “National surveillance system”, “Harass citizens’ groups”, “Engage in arbitrary detention and release”, “Cast dissent as Treason and criticism as Espionage”, “Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don’t toe the line”, “Suspend the rule of law”, “Widespread lies and hypocrisy”, “Crushing peaceful protests”, “How Media distort truth”, etc that all of them are among the symptoms of Fascism. As some wise Americans say: “Hypocrisy and lies is the lifeblood of the US and the west“, and it’s a very important problem. It’s the base of all great disasters. We have already written about those American bastards that get money and support the terrorists and the MMM -Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds (MEK). As the wise, angry Iranians say: “USA is the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism. The disgusting MMM are Islamists, monarchists, and terrorists, and more than 90% of Iranians hate all of them, but the American pigs support them without shame. And that’s why USA becomes a third world crap hole, ie a backward third world theocratic crap hole lead by Christian fanatics bent on annihilation of others”. The American people should know that those who betray Iranians, will betray Americans as well. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s important to note that Iranians have always cared about all humans. They defended the Jews in 3000 years ago. They wrote the first charter of human rights. They were the first nation that cared about charity and donation. In fact, Iran (Persia) is the ancient land of tolerance, and Iranians were, and still are, the most tolerant people in the world. It’s important to note that the Mullahs and most of those pigs that suppress the Iranian people with the help of the West, are Arabs or puppets of the West, and all of them hate Iran, Iranians, the Iranian culture, and the Iranian tolerance. It’s very important. In the 13th century, when both Arabs and Europeans were savage fanatics, Iranians clearly wrote: “Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul; If one member is afflicted with pain – Other members uneasy will remain; If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain“. It’s Manifest of Humanity”. It’s really true. Now, we all can see that “if you have no sympathy for human pain”, not only “the name of human you cannot retain”, but “nothing except disaster and plague you can gain”, because the bad guys that hurt and betray other humans, will hurt and betray you as well. Unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans think and behave like the stupid upstarts. As the wise angry Iranians say: “They are appealing to past glory, imperial power and manifest destiny! But when a new country that didn’t exit before the 18th century, wants to be proud of its past!, what Iranians should say? We are Iranian, that means Aryan. We live in the land of Aryans, the oldest civilized country of the world that is the Cradle of Civilization. We are Persian, that our great civilization is the root of the Western civilization. We are Persian, that taught Europeans Human civilization. We are Persian, the first humans that care about and write about the human rights, when Europeans ate each others or were proud of Gladiatorial Savagery. If Iranians want to behave like Americans, they should say: ‘It’s Persia that is really great and special. All nations and all people knew it, as the history knows it. Those days will come back soon. That’s our destiny!’ But we are not as stupid as Americans. Persians have always cared about the whole world and all humans. But the stupid Americans should know that if some nations want to think and behave like Americans, then they have many things to say, more than Americans“. And the wise Iranians add: “The world and the good Americans should ask themselves: what would happen, if Persia, India, China, etc think and behave like Americans? If Nationalism and Chauvinism is bad, that is bad, it’s bad for America, too. In fact, it’s too bad for Americans, because they have a new country with a short history and a short memory, and many Americans don’t read the world history and don’t learn from other countries. In fact, those who are so selfish and so stupid and don’t care about other humans and human values, are the real third worlders and the real backward people. They are ‘sick animals’, and will pay a very high price for their shameful and inhumane behaviors. Their destiny is like the destiny of the Nazi Germany and the Fascist Italy”. Think about it. I hope the good guys can see the real threats, before it’s too late.

New Monkey Species found in USA, UK, & West !

September 22, 2012

“A new monkey species found in Congo, Africa”, the media reported recently. In these days, many Iranians are angry but many non-Iranians don’t know why Iranians are angry! Maybe the monkey world can show them why Iranians should be angry. “The new monkey in Africa, called ‘Lesula’, found in remote forests. Lesula has a weird face and a mane of long blond hairs, and is described by the researchers as shy and quiet. It lives on the ground and in trees. Its diet is mostly fruit and vegetation”, the media reported. Lesula has encouraged some satirists to write about the monkeys in the West. As they say: “Lesula is more intelligent and more human than Obama, Cameron, and other Western monkeys. As you know, you can find many monkeys in the US and Europe, that some of them are new monkeys and some are old monkeys”. In these days, many things are ridiculous and tragicomic. We should write more about them later, but as some Iranians say: “these ridiculous things prove that today’s world is really the monkey world, not the human world”. So, Let’s take a look at this monkey world, its main news, and what Iranians say about it. The angry, witty Iranians say: “In the past 3 years, several new monkey species have been discovered in the West. The main new monkey species in USA is ‘the Stupid Monkey’. He loves the Islamists and the terrorists. In 2009, he helped the Mullahs and Islamists in Iran, and aided them in killing and suppressing the ordinary Iranians, ie the majority of Iranians that hated the Mullahs and Islamists. And in 2011, he helped the Islamists in Egypt, and revealed many secrets. The Stupid Monkey loves eating shit, sucking blood, and sowing the seeds of hate. Before the year 2009, the majority of Iranians that are young, modern and anti-Islamists, loved the US. But now, they are changing their views about the US, and many of them hate the US. In fact, the Stupid Monkey has succeeded in sowing the seeds of hate in the Iranians’ hearts “. They also add: “The American monkeys love blood, shit, Islamists, Mullahs, Zionists, terrorists, fanatics, etc. They eat shit and suck blood, and hate peace, freedom, democracy, humanity, anti-Islamists, modern people, etc”. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s wrong. In the recent days, the media reported: “USA and Obama administration want to [officially declare that they] remove [a notorious terrorist group, MEK,] from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, which includes al Qaeda and Hezbollah. [Most Iranians, ie more than 99.99% of Iranians, hate MEK]”. And some Western media and Western monkeys said: ‘Why arent the Iranians scared? They should be surrendering all of their nuclear weapons stuff and begging us for mercy [!!!!] Why are they still strong? [!]“. And some media reported: ‘NBC News, along with a leading US newspaper (USA Today), insist that the Egyptian Islamists should be grateful to the US for having freed them [!!] The Americans say it was the US that freed the Egyptian Islamists from tyranny, when the US turned its back on its old friend Hosni Mubarak [!]‘. And some wise Iranians said: “Yah, the American monkeys love terrorists, Islamists, and anti-democracy forces. In fact, the American monkeys and the US are the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran and the world, and if Iranians want to have freedom and democracy in Iran, they should fuck or nuke USA first ! The US is the number one enemy of the human values, humanity, and the human world”. The wise, angry Iranians also add: “The old monkeys and the new monkeys in the US and the West have a low IQ, and that’s why they stupidly reveal the secrets of the 2011 Arab shits and the 2009 Mullah coup. The animals are really more intelligent and more human than those Western monkeys that call themselves politician, intellect, journalist, etc”. In these days, even some Westerners write about Lesula and the Western monkeys; they say: “Are you sure this is a new species of monkey? Looks like Queen to me … Lesula looks like [the English Queen] … Lesula has a nicer expression than [our leaders] … Lesula looks like Cameron … Lesula’s eyes are more intelligent than David Cameron’s … Lesula’s face is more human than Cameron’s … Reminds me of Obama and Cameron”. And the wise, angry Iranians add: “The Western monkeys can show us many things about the West. The American monkeys and European monkeys just love eating extra shit. They often eat shit and die, but they can’t stop eating shit. They have a small brain, and a low IQ. They clearly confess: ‘Iranians dont take our threats seriously. Iranians [don’t give a shit about us, that are culturally and historically inferior to them]. They have a huge stockpile of missiles to use against us [!]’. These monkeys love barking, farting, and eating shit”. They also add: “God Bless Lesula, and other monkeys in Africa. Lesula is more intelligent and more human than the Western monkeys. And compared to the Zionists, Lesula is Einstein”.


Lesula (above picture) is really more intelligent and more human than Obama, Cameron, Harper, and other Western monkeys. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “The empty gestures of the freedom and democracy in the UK and Europe are really funny. They laugh at the Muslim fanatics, while they, themselves, are as savage and stupid as the Arabs. Recently, some [wise] Britons wrote about ‘The UK’s Communications Data Bill” known as “the Spying Bill”, that is an Orwellian law and can create an Orwellian nightmare in the UK. But many know nothing about ‘The UK’s war on internet freedom‘ and ‘the lack of freedom in the UK’. The British monkeys that are the main supporter and creator of the Mullahs and the Iranian [baboons], try to create the same shithole in the UK”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. Recently, the British media reported: ‘The draft Communications Data Bill will give police and intelligence services the power to access all your email data and internet connections. If this bill becomes law, we will never learn how this vast expansion of collection and retention of our data actually affects our lives and distorts the nature of our democratic society [!] Of course everyone accepts that the police and intelligence services need to be able to probe the internet [!!!]”. Can you believe it ?! As the wise Iranians say: “The British monkeys are those old monkeys that waged war on the freedom, democracy, and progress in other countries, and pretended that their own country is a democracy, but now, you can see that they just have an Orwellian system. In fact, those monkeys that exploit other countries and betray other nations, fuck and betray their own country as well”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. In these days, the wise Britons say: “The Spying bill and such mass data collection, filtering and monitoring in the UK is like or worse than what Orwell said in ‘1984’”. It’s really true. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “The British monkeys are Orwellian monkeys, like their counterparts in Canada and USA. For them, democracy = tyranny, freedom = censorship, media = corruption, protest = kissing ass, immigration = recruiting mercenary, politics = lie and hypocrisy, human life = animal life, modern values = the law of the jungle, support =betrayal, hate = love, etc. It’s quite natural that these Western monkeys love the Jewish monkeys, ie the primitive and savage monkeys. Recently, the Jewish media and the Zionist faggots said: ‘Just imagine that tomorrow, the beautiful and ancient city of Isfahan, may vanish, with just one bomb [!!!!]‘. Even the Nazi monkeys didn’t say such thing, but now the Jewish faggots that are little spoiled rats, threaten Iran with nuclear bombs, but the West and the UN, and other monkeys have closed their dirty eyes and their dirty mouths”. We should write more about the Jewish Nazi, their nuclear threats, and the world’s silence, but as the wise, angry Iranians say: “The Zionist monkeys are little savage monkeys that live like parasites. The Zionists are vermin, and if the Western monkeys don’t help them, they will die soon. But the Zionist vermin, aka the Jewish Nazi, can show us that today’s world is a stupid jungle that its main law is the law of the jungle, and the Western monkeys and their puppets can’t understand the human language (Zaboon Adamizad)”. The wise, angry Iranians also add: “The American monkeys and the British monkeys love the Zionist parasites, and don’t care about the human values, including the freedom and democracy. The British monkeys love censorship and tyranny. Recently, some people media wrote: ‘The lack of freedom of speech in the UK is demonstrated by sentencing someone for sending a rude email‘. They linked to an article in the Guardian, but just after several days, the Guardian deleted the article ! As the wise Britons say: ‘The UK Is Being Transformed Into A Hellish Big Brother Society’. The British monkeys betray their own people, because they hate humanity and other humans”. The lack of freedom of speech in the UK and the EU is an important issue that we should write more about it later, but as the wise Iranians say: “if you want to know the British monkeys, you should read their press. Recently, the British media said: ‘I-s-r-a-el could send Iran back to Stone Age [!!!] The Jewish state could cripple Iran’s power grid [!!] with electromagnetic pulses ‘. The British monkeys that still love blood, war, barbarism and colonialism, tell such stupid jokes, but the Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘God bless Hitler. God bless the Nazi Germany. The Jewish Nazi and their British- American supporters are worse than Hitler and the German Nazi. They are very stupid, because they just show us that Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons, and certainly should punish the UK, the US, and other pigs'”. The wise Iranians also add: “The story of the UN that is a puppet of USA is so funny. Just look How Zionist Regime’s Nuclear Threats Overlook by the UN and the West‘, and just see the UN Silence toward the Jewish Nazism and the Zionist nuclear threats. Today’s world is really a stupid jungle, and Iran certainly should have nuclear bombs and should stop the Western monkeys. Lesula is really more intelligent and more human than Cameron, Obama, Harper, and other Western monkeys”.


The wise, angry Iranians also say: “In these days, the Western monkeys and the Iranian monkeys can show us the secrets of the 2009 coup. On September 20, 2012, the Iranian traitors and the Iranian monkeys in Roozonline.com, [the cesspool of the Ashura traitors] that the West support it financially, had a very funny headline: ‘They [should] Nuke Iran [!!]’. Can you believe it ?! The Iranian monkeys that betrayed the Iranian people in 2009, and call themselves ‘Iranian Opposition’, pray for annihilation of Iran !, and help the Zionist vermin. In a stupid interview with Hooshang Hasan Yari, an Iranian-Canadian monkey in Canada, Roozonline repeated the Jewish Nazi’s bullshit. Just read their shameful interview, and see how Hooshang Hasan Yari and Roozonline prove that are they are worthless, anti-Iranian pigs. In fact, they are anti-Iranians, anti-democracy, anti-humanity, and anti-Truth. It’s very funny that Hooshang Hasan Yari and the worthless pigs in Roozonline, that betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement in Iran, now defend the stupid West, the Western sanctions, the Jewish Nazi and their nuclear threats ! These stupid bastards are worthless ass-lickers that just want to intimidate the people, while now no one gives a damn shit about them in Iran. But the world should know these pigs and their Western employers, and should know how these anti-Iran pigs earn money in the name of ‘defending Iran or Iranians’ !! They are really worse than Mullahs. Just read their interview, and see how these anti-Iran pigs, that some of them call themselves ‘Iranian Nationalist’ !, pray for annihilation of Iran. Just read their interview and see why the Iranian expats and their Western employers are worse than pigs, and should be called ‘the stupid, mean, motherfuckers'”. I read their interview, and it’s really shameful. We should write more about Roozonline, Balatarin, Hooshang Hasan Yari, and other Iranian pigs that can show you the secrets of the 2009 coup. But it’s very funny that the anti-Iran and pro-Mullah pigs get their visa or their mercenary money in the name of defending Iran or Iranians ! As the wise, angry Iranians say: “When we try to be silent, and just laugh at the depth of their stupidity and savagery, the Western monkeys, their Zionist puppets, and their Iranian mercenaries try to eat extra shit and make a fun of themselves. They are really brainless, and not only show us the depth of the Western Barbarism, but they just prove that they are sick animals and this shitty world is a stupid jungle”. They also add: “In the recent days, French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, warned that an I-s-r-a-eli strike on Iran would backfire. ‘It allows Iran to cast itself as a victim [!!]’, he said. It’s funny that the French monkeys defend the Jewish Nazi, because according to the French monkeys’ logic, in the 1940s, Hitler and the Nazi Germany were right, and France just tried to cast itself as a victim ! “. The Western monkeys are really brainless. They don’t know that their bullshit can change many things in Iran. Now, even the wise Iranians are angry and say: “The British monkeys and the Jewish Nazi clearly say: ‘I-s-r-a-el could send Iran back to Stone Age [!!]’ or ‘Just imagine that tomorrow, the beautiful and ancient city of Isfahan, may vanish, with just one bomb [!!!!]’ And the Jewish Mullah clearly say: ‘God, wipe Iranians out, kill them. Destroy Iran and Iranians God, obliterate them from the face of the earth’. But it just shows that the West and the Zionists are not human, but are sick animals who just love blood, war, and genocide, and only can understand the animal language”. And many ordinary Iranians that are anti-Mullahs, clearly say: “We should speak to them with their own language: ‘If the Jewish Nazi wage offensive war on Iran, Iran and Iranians don’t send Israel back to Stone Age, but Iran and Iranians wipe the tiny Jewish state off the map and obliterate all Jewish terrorists from the face of the earth. It’s their own language, and they only can understand this language. We should fuck them and destroy them, and only in this way they stop hurting other people”. And the wise, angry Iranians say: “Those Jewish Nazi and Jewish monkeys that threat Iran with nuclear bombs and tell barbaric jokes, are puppets of the UK and the US, and love ‘genocide’ and ‘wipe off the map’. But they just show us that Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons and even weapons that are more powerful than nuclear weapons. The tiny Jewish state is a small shithole that may vanish with just one bomb. But this tiny shithole is not important. Iran should be able to fuck USA with just one bomb. The whole USA should vanish with just one bomb ! Iran should have such weapons, and should punish those pigs who created and supported [the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup)] and imposed the 2012 sanctions. The Western monkeys and their Zionist puppets can only understand their own language. Their world is the animal world and its main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, so, we should treat them like sick animals”. It’s so obvious why Iranians should be angry.


“Why the stupid monkey (Obama) and other Western monkeys try to show us their true colors?”, many Iranians ask. It’s a good question. As the wise Iranians say: “Politicians in the US and Europe are less honorable than Prostitutes. They are stupid, and don’t care about their honor, or even a face-saving formula. They just care about money and power. Apparently, they want to make a good deal with the Mullahs. It’s their plan A. And their plan B is like their plan A. And if we ignore their plan C, D, or E, we can say that their plan F is ‘using the terrorists (MEK) and the Monarchists (Pahlavists)’, that more than 99% of Iranians hate them, as Alternative ! They don’t care about their true face, because their IQ is less than pigs’ IQ. They still believe that their plan A or plan B will work, that means, in 2013, after the US election, all the current barks and farts would convert into a love story between the US and the Mullahs. But both sides are worried about a main obstacle: the Iranian people and their awareness”. In fact, the wise Iranians talk about “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight), because they can see the clear signs of the Sham Fight in the past 3 years, and also in the recent days. For instance, they say: “In August and September 2012, Obama sent his Jewish aide !, the top US Diplomat Jeffrey Feltman, to meet with Khamenei in Iran. Feltman is the first senior American officials to meet with the Mullah leader, Khamenei, openly and publicly”. And as the people media report: “Jeffrey Feltman is a Jew and a Zionist, and he was very happy to see his Jewish-Zionist brothers, specially AhmadiNejad, in Tehran! Feltman is a Jew that loves the Zionists, the CIA, and also the Mullahs and the Hezbollah. Jeffrey Feltman is a Zionist Jew. Seeing Feltman sitting between Ki-Moon and a Mullah facing the Mullah leader, Khameini, is very funny. Jeffrey Feltman can show you many things about the secret relations between USA, the Zionists, and the Mullahs”. And some wise Iranians add: “AhmadiNejad is a Jew, Jeffrey Feltman is a Jew, Noam Chomsky is a Jew, and you are still stupid and blind, and can’t see the truth ?!“. We should write more about this issue later, but the clear signs of “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight) are really undeniable. Even some Americans can see these signs and say: “The Mullah regime kills their own citizens, but Obama loves them and supports them. Obama’s envoy tacitly approve this with his presence“. The story of the current barks and farts, and the clear signs of “Jang-e Zargari” (Sham Fight) is not paradoxical. As the wise Iranians say: “Those who know the dirty world of politics, that is like the animal world, know that the Mullahs and the West don’t have any serious problem with each other. Both sides just want to win more concessions, and the freedom and democracy and the human values are meaningless for both sides. When Ban Ki-moon that is a stupid puppet of USA, said: ‘It is especially important for the voices of Iran’s people to be heard during next year’s presidential election [!!!]‘, it’s so obvious that those who created and/or supported the 2009 coup (the Iranian 9/11) are one team and work for one goal”. We should write more about the story of Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Feltman. But now, some wise Iranians say:” Ban Ki-moon, aka Chiz To-koon (thing in his ass), is a puppet of USA, and what he said in Tehran, in front of a group of Basiji thugs, is the US policy”. Many think that the Zionists are an important factor, but as the wise Iranians say: “The Zionists are less than nothing. The only important factor is the Iranian people and their awareness. Just about 14 million Jews live in the whole world, and less than 1 or 2 millions of them are Zionist. The Zionists are not important, and the Christian fanatics just use them as a tool for accelerating the Armageddon and the end of the time ! And the first victim of any Armageddon and any world war, will be the Jews. The Christian fanatics hate the Jews so much, because they think that the Jews killed Jesus. They just fool and use the Jews”. In these days, the story of USA and the Jewish state is funny. Recently, Reuters and other Western media reported: “Obama Avoids Netanyahu Meeting. Obama doesn’t meet Netanyahu during a U.S. visit later this month. The White House had refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the US to attend the U.N. General Assembly. [Obama and Netanyahu badly hate each other]”. We would write more about this issue later, but as the wise Iranians say: “it can show that the Zionists are not an important factor. They are just stupid, and bark and fart a lot. Some Jewish Nazi that are angry, say: ‘US should beg I-s-r-a-e-l to bomb Iran [!!]‘. Their IQ is really less than monkey’s IQ. The Western monkeys, their puppets, their war threats, and their nuclear threats, clearly show that they still live in the Stone Age”. But if the good guys and the wise guys remain silent, those monkeys that have a low IQ, and love blood, hatred, war, and barbarism, would destroy the whole world.

Canada, Mullahs, Canadian Jerks & Iranian Traitors

September 19, 2012

“Canada closes its embassy in Iran, and expels Iranian Diplomats from Canada”, the media reported in the early September 2012. In these days, many Iranians are angry at the West, because they can see many stupid farces that can show them many things about the West and today’s world. In this website you hear the voices of the ordinary Iranians that are voiceless and the mass media censor their voices. In the recent months, many Iranians, even the wise Iranians, are angry, and we try to make their voice heard, because the Western bad guys and their Iranian ass lickers, aka the Iranian traitors, “have eaten shame and vomited decency”, and the world should know it and its results. In these days, Canada shows the depth of stupidity and hypocrisy in the West. After the 2009 and 2011 scandals, anyone with half a brain knows that Canada and Harper’s government love the Mullah regime, and Canada is a safe heaven for the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Stephen Farter (Harper) is an unknown, but hateful figure in Iran, that means, many don’t know him, but those who know this Canadian shit, hate him so much. Stephen Farter (Harper) and other Canadian bad guys are called ‘Canadian bastards’, ‘Canadian pigs’, ‘Canadian jerks’, etc in Iran. And we all know why”. If you check our archive page, you can see our previous articles about Canada and Mullahs, such as “Canada = Safe Heaven for Mullah Embezzlers ?”, “Canada, Mullahs, and Serious Questions”, “Canadian Bastards, Mullahs, and Canadian Farce”, “Canadian Apology, or How the West Apologizes”, “Rafsanjani, Corruption, Oxford, UK and Canada”, etc, and you can see why Iranians should be angry at Canada. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “The Canadian jerks have destroyed Canada’s image in Iran, and have converted Canada into the land of Mullahs, Basijis, crooks, thieves, charlatans, liars, and other jerks and bad guys. Stephen Farter (Harper) and other Canadian pigs are really stupid charlatans. They are enemy of Iranians and human values, and are friends of Mullahs, Islamists, Zionists, Nazis, Monarchists, and other shits. The Canadian pigs are really so shameless. They say: ‘Canadas position on the Mullah regime in Iran is well known [!] Canada views the Mullahs as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today [!!]’ And it’s a good joke. We all know Canadas position on the Mullah regime, and it’s really well known! Canada sees the Mullahs as the best friend and the best source of the dirty money. Canada loves Mullahs and baboons, and hate the wise Iranians“. If you read our pervious articles about Canada and Mullahs, you know why Iranians say such things, and why Iranians should hate Harper and his Canada. In Iran, even the little kids know how the West, including Canada, made love with the Mullahs in 2009, during the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup). As the wise, angry Iranians say: “When ten of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and with the help of the West, and when millions of Iranians were in the streets and fought against the Mullahs with bare hands, the Canadian jerks made love with the Mullahs and the Basiji, and granted them ‘Immigration Visa’ within several months, while the ordinary Iranians had to wait about 4 to 8 years for a fucking Canadian visa. In 2009, Canada and the Canadian pigs not only didn’t suspended diplomatic relations with the Mullahs, and didn’t close their stupid embassy in Tehran, and didn’t expel the Mullahs from Canada , but instead, Canada and the Canadian pigs made love with the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs that were killing Iranians; and many Mullahs and Basijis, that had killed Iranians and stolen their money, went to Canada and lived there in luxury. In 2009, Canada didn’t close its fucking embassy for the human rights, freedom, democracy, and other human values, but now in 2012, the Canadian pigs close their stupid embassy in Iran, for the sake of Obama, Zionists, and the Jewish Nazi . It’s the true face of Canada and the Canadian pigs”. It’s so obvious why Iranians should be angry. Now, many say: “Canada is pro-Mullahs and anti-Iranians” or “Canada is a frozen shithole, that only the shithead still like it”. And who can blame the angry Iranians? They see a dreadful hypocrisy and betrayal, and express their right anger. Canada’s pro-Mullah and anti-Iranian policies are really shameful, and it’s so obvious that Iranians should change their views about Canada. We and many other Iranians inside Iran cared, or still care, about Canada just because of the good guys and the wise guys in Canada, not because of the Canadian jerks and the Canadian Sheeple that their brain is in their ass. They have converted Canada into the land of the idiots and the charlatans. In the recent days, the people media report: “The Mullah regime seeks to open a new religious school in Montreal [!] Canada really loves Mullahs and Islamists, and specially their dirty money that they have stolen from Iran. Mullahs still have many Islamic-spying centers in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and other Canadian cities. Thousands of high rank Mullahs and their families still live in Canada. Members of Khamenei’s family, Rafsanjani’s family, Larijani’s family, Yazdi’s family, Mesbah’s family, and the Mullah crooks and Mullah embezzlers, like Khavari, Buzari and Amir Khosravi, and many others that have stolen billions of dollar from Iran and had a role in killing or suppressing the Iranian people, still live in Canada without any problem ! But Canada just closes embassies for the sake of USA and Zionists, and don’t expel thousands of Mullahs and Basijis that still live in Canada. The Canadian jerks are worse than pigs, and when thousands of Mullahs and Basiji thugs still live in Canada, they pretend that they hate Mullahs !, and think that all people are as stupid as the Canadian jerks. Canada is really ‘C-u-n-t-ada’, the land of the stupid c-u-n-t-s. Shame on Canada”. Iranians are angry, and anyone with half a brain knows why Iranians should be angry, specially at Canada.


“Canada and the Canadian Farter (Harper) don’t care about the human values. Human rights, or Freedom and Democracy are meaningless words for Canada. They just kiss the world powers’ ass, and live like parasites. The only meaningful words for Canada and the Canadian Farter (Harper) are: corruption, crook, embezzlement, hypocrisy, lie, licking ass, etc. The Canadian Farter and his Canada are really stupid and hypocrite”, the wise, angry Iranians say. And as the media report: “Canada announced its reasons for cutting ties with Iran: Iran’s nuclear program and hostility toward [the Zionists] [!!]”. It’s very funny. As the witty Iranians say: “The Canadian jerks have a very low IQ, and think that the Iranian 9/11 and what happened in 2009, has happened in 1009 !, ie 1000 years ago, and people have forgotten it !”. They also add: “When your brain is in your ass, you think all people are as stupid as yourself. But even pigs and animals can remember the main, recent events. For remembering the Iranian 9/11 and what happened in 2009, you don’t need Albert Einstein’s IQ !, and even with Harper’s IQ or Pahlavi’s IQ or pigs’ IQ, you can remember it well !“. Canada and the Canadian jerks can show us the true face of the stupid West, its Sheeple, and its media. In these days, even one mass media or Western media didn’t ask Canada about the year 2009, or about the high rank Mullahs that still live in Canada. It’s very funny and important. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “It can show us the true meaning of the freedom, the free speech, and the free press in Canada and the West. The Western journalists only are expert in kissing ass. They get money and tell big lies whiteout shame, and call it journalism! The Western journalists are master at telling big lies and distorting the truth. They are paid to distort the truth, and kiss ass. They work for the bad guys, and sell their souls and their pens”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. In these days, we all can see that those Western pigs that created and/or supported the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) and aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the anti-Mullah Iranians, bark and fart a lat, and no one asks them any serious questions. “Is this the meaning of the freedom and democracy in the West?”, many Iranians ask. “Why the Western journalists just kiss ass, and don’t ask any serious questions about the year 2009, and also about the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia in USA, Canada, Britain, etc? Is it Freedom and Democracy? But it’s just like tyranny, censorship, and suffocation”, some Iranians add. Canada and the Canadian farces can show the true colors of many things. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Instead of condemning the Jewish Nazi and the Jewish Nazism, and those Jewish Mullahs who pray for annihilation of Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs), and clearly say: “Do good, God, wipe Iranians out, kill them. Destroy Iran and Iranians God, obliterate them from the face of the earth; and instead of condemning the Jewish Nazi who talk about offensive war, and even threaten Iran with nuclear bomb!, the Canadian pigs say that they cut their ties with Iran [!] ‘for the sake of the Jewish Mullahs and the Jewish Nazi’ ! Fuck you Canada, and Fuck you the UN and the West”. In these days, the Jewish Nazi and their Western masters bark and fart a lot, and their nuclear threats and the world’s silence is very funny and informative. As the wise Iranians say: “It just shows us the depth of the Western Barbarism. Of course those who bark a lot, are timid dogs. These cowards often fart a lot as well, because they fear. In fact, the little timid dogs bark and fart a lot”. We would write more about this issue later, but the story of the Jewish Nazi and Canada is very funny. As the media reported: “The Zionists [aka the Jewish Nazi,] thanked Canada and the Canadian people [!!] for cutting their ties with Iran“. It’s so funny that Netanyahu, the Jewish Hitler, thank Canada. As the media added: “Netanyahu says he is grateful that Harper is getting tough with Iran. In his interview with CBS, Netanyahu [the Jewish Hitler,] called severing diplomatic ties ‘extremely important’ to show Iran it can’t continue its nuclear program [!!]“. It’s really funny. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “It clearly shows that the human rights, or the freedom and democracy and other human values are meaningless words for Canada and the Canadian Farter. The Canadian pigs just kiss the ass of Obama and the Jewish Nazi”. They also add: “Iranians inside Iran have seen the true colors of Canada and the Canadian Farter, and now many say: ‘Age een Harumzadeha Adam Budand (ya Sharaf dashtand) … ‘ (If the Canadian stupid bastards were human, then in 2009 … ). In fact, many know, and say, that the Canadian Embassy in Iran just made love with the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs, and it’s good that it was closed”. As we said before, in “Canadian Apology, or How the West Apologizes”, ‘the Visa Section at the Embassy of Canada in Iran was closed (in the early 2012) and their services were transferred to the Embassy of Canada in Turkey”. In fact, Canada’s 10 diplomats in Iran just made love with the Mullahs, and just kissed the Mullah ass. As the people media report: “In the last year, the Canadian embassy didn’t provide any service to the Iranian people, and Iranians had to go to Turkey. In 2012, the Canadian embassy only provided service to the Mullahs and the Islamist thugs, not to the ordinary Iranians. The Canadian embassy was ‘Jackal House’ (Lune Shoghal) and the Canadian jackals just made love with the Mullahs, and insulted people by providing no services, absolutely nothing, to the ordinary Iranians”. But it’s not the whole story. The Iranian baboons and the Iranian traitors, that Canada and the West love them so much, have a disgusting story, “How to Eat Shit and Die”, that is like the story of Canada, and is funny and informative. Let’s take a look at it.


For understanding the story of the Iranian traitors, ie “How to Eat Shit and Die”, you should know Sadeq Hedayat, the Iranian Intellectual. We have written him (check archive). Hedayat (1903- 1951), as one of the wisest Iranian intellects, could see the main problems, and used funny terms to describe them. He referred to the meanest and stupidest people -including the Monarchs (dictators), their agents and their ass-kissers- as “Mojudat-e Past-e Ahmagh-e MatharGhahbeh” (the stupid, mean, motherfucker [creatures]). And the story of the Iranian traitors and many Iranian-Canadians is the story of such creatures. They are “Past-o, Ahmagh-o, MatharGhahbeh” (stupid, mean, and motherfucker), and the West love them! As the wise Iranians say: “In these days, those
Iranian-Canadians that are ‘stupid, mean, and motherfucker’, thanked Canada and the Canadian Farter. They clearly say: ‘Well Done Canada [!!] Canada provides hope to freedom loving Iranians that Canada stands in solidarity with them [!!]‘ Can you believe it? It’s really shameful”. And as the angry Iranians say: “Akhe Adam Cheghadr Bayad Past-o, Aghmagh-o-, MatharGhahbeh Bash-e keh …” that means: “They are so stupid, mean, and motherfucker, that … [say such things]”. And the wise Iranians say: “The Canadian jerks clearly said that they cut their ties for the sake of the Zionists and the nuclear program, not for Iranians or human rights. But instead of saying ‘Shame on Canada’, or asking serious questions about the 2009 year or the Mullahs and the Basiji crooks that still live in Canada, the Iranian traitors say ‘Well Done Canada’ ! It clearly proves that most of the Iranian expats and Iranian-Canadians are ‘Mojudat-e Past-e Ahmagh-e MatharGhahbeh’ (the stupid, mean, motherfuckers)”. It’s really sickening that such stupid bastards should live where they want, but the wise Iranians should live in the big prison, under the West-backed tyranny. The world should know the Iranian traitors, and why the stupid West loves them. In these days, one of the stupid, mean, motherfuckers that live in Canada, wrote about “Proud to be an Iranian-Canadian” [!] and said: “During the past several years that I have been living in Canada, I’ve met a lot of Iranians. Iranians in Canada are politically very diverse, and It’s difficult to find a [wise Iranian !] in Canada. Since Iranians in Canada are not hypocrites [!!] it’s natural for them to despise the Mullah regime [!!] … I have met a lot of Iranians that are monarchist [!] … and all Iranian-Canadians celebrate the closure of Mullah embassy in Ottawa. We celebrate the fact that west-residing Islamists cannot poison Canada with their Islamist propaganda anymore [!!]” Can you believe it? It’s really hard to find a normal or wise Iranians in Canada, because Canada just loves the Iranian jerks and the Iranian shits who are master at kissing ass and selling their souls. As the wise Iranians say: “Do you know how these shits can get visa? by licking the Canadian jerks’ ass and by kissing the Western pigs’ ass, and by selling their souls (Khod-Forukhtegi) and by selling their humanity (Khod-Bakhtegi). Canada and USA love these shits, because from the point that Hedayat called it ‘licking the Mullah ass’ (Koon-e Akhund Lici) and licking Pahlavi’s ass, these shits have reached the point called ‘Licking Obama’s ass’, licking Harper’s ass, licking the Canadian pigs’ ass, licking the Zionist pigs’ ass, and licking the Western pigs’ ass. And that’s why most of the Iranian expats, including many Iranian-Canadians and Iranian-Americans, deserve to be called ‘The stupid, mean, motherf-u-c-k-ers”. Hedayat wrote about ‘licking the Mullah ass’ (Koon-e Akhund Lici), and it can show you two key points: the old problem of the Iranian baboons, and also the influence of the Persian language in English. As some Iranians say: “Licking Ass is an old Persian term, and English borrowed it form Persian. ‘Lic’ is a Persian word that became Lick in English. In fact, you can find many Persian idioms in English, like ‘Lick Ass’, ‘Eat shit’, ‘Eat Shit and Die’, etc”. And some funny Iranians add: “And maybe that’s why some people and some countries [including the Canadian jerks, the Zionist pigs, the British and American shits, and the Iranian expats] can’t understand the meaning of these idioms, and still love eating shit or reading the book of ‘How to Eat Shit and Die’ !“. Anyway, as the people media report: “the cesspool of the Ashura traitors, Roozonline.com, that get money from the West and betray Iranians, had a funny headline in the recent days: ‘Canada closes its embassy in Tehran for Human rights [!!!]’. It’s really funny that the Iranian pigs defend the Canadian pigs in this way, by telling such big lies”. Yah, it’s really funny. As the wise, angry Iranians say: “Now, even the little kids know that the Iranian pigs in the main cesspools [of the Iranian baboons], including Balatain.com and Roozonline.com, work for the bad guys in the West. They are stupid, mean, and motherfucker. They get money to kiss ass and betray people”. The story of these days is so funny and informative. Recently, some American media reported: “New Burdens for Iranian Students Seeking to Study in USA. The Obama Administration would ban visas for Iranian students [!]“. And as some Iranians say: “It’s good that those pigs who said: ‘our Administration wants to expand opportunities for Iranian students, because we are friend of the Iranian people [!]’, reveal their true face in such way”. And the wise Iranians add: “The stupid West hates the wise or normal Iranians, and loves the Iranian traitors because they are stupid and abnormal. Those who are proud of Khayemali (kissing ass) and living like animals, suffer form serious mental disorders, including ‘Khod-Forukhtegi’ (selling soul) and ‘Khod-Bakhtegi’ (selling humanity). They are psychopath or ‘Mojudat-e Past-e Ahmagh-e MatharGhahbeh’ (the stupid, mean, motherf-u-c-k-ers)”. In these days, the normal Iranians have changed their minds about the West and those who kiss the West’s ass; and many don’t like Canada and the West any longer. They say: “Canada is: the land of the Sheeple, the land of the Mullah-lovers, the land of the Motherfuckers, etc”. What the angry Iranians say is really understandable. They just react to the Western bad guys and their shameful behavior that is a very big insult to humanity and humans. As the funny Iranians say: “The Western bad guys are worse than pigs and other animals. And if you call these bastards ‘pig’ or ‘animal’, you have insulted animals!”. Anyway, the story of the Western countries and the Iranian baboons, is a long story. But even a small part of it can show you many things. As the wise guys say: “If you want to know who are ‘the main sources of global terror’, and who are “the most significant threat to peace and security”, and who are “the most significant threat to humanity and human values”, you should know the West and its mercenaries”. But unfortunately, almost all Westerners are ignorant or silent. Only some say: “Canada just follows the policies dictated by USA and Zionists”, but most of them are stupid lefts. And as you know, the stupid lefts are part of the problem. They shed crocodile tears, and just help the bad guys. They are the main supporter of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), and the brutal dictators. But the bad guys should know that all people are not blind and stupid, and many don’t sell their souls. I hope the good, wise guys don’t remain silent and inactive. The plague wants to pollute everywhere, and screw everyone.

Mitt Romney, Mormonism, & American Theocracy

September 15, 2012

For the first time in the US history, a Mormon has become a prime candidate for the US presidency. But many Americans don’t know why it’s a great shame and a threat. Many Americans are not aware of the main threats in America, including “Fascism” and “Theocracy”. Romney and Obama that form the worst and stupidest election in the US history, are not important. But they can create many problems, and can show many things about the horrible problems in USA. We have already written about “US Christian fanatics” or “Religious Fanatics in the West” (check Archive) and how stupid they are. More than 90 million religious fanatics live in USA, and many of them are stupider than Mullahs and Basijis. They are “the American Taliban”. But unfortunately, most people, including most Americans, don’t know the American Taliban. They also don’t know Mormonism, that is an American cult. But the threat of “American Theocracy” or “Christian Republic” (like Islamic Republic) is a real threat, and we all should know more about Mormonism and their “Theo-Democracy”. As Americans say: “Joseph Smith, the Mormon founder (prophet) coined the term ‘Theo-Democracy’ (ie Theocracy + Democracy). In fact, Mormons and their prophet don’t believe in the separation of church and state“. It’s very important. As many know, both the Mullah regime and the Zionist regime are “Theodemocracy”. And as the wise guys say: “In Theodemocracy, God and the people held power jointly. Of course God’s agents have the upper hand and veto power, and the people should obey God’s agents”. As many know, Mormonism has had many serious problems, including racism, violation of women’s rights, polygamy, etc. And as we said before, in “American Priest had 80 Wives !” (check Archive), a leader of a Mormon church has about 80 wives!, including 12 who he married at 16, and 12 who he married at 15 or younger. In fact, many American Mormons still live in the Stone Age. In their “Articles of Faith”, Mormons talk about “Thirteen basic points of belief to which Mormons subscribe. Two years before he died, the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote these 13 points”. Part of these points are: “(7) We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth (9) We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God (10) We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent [!]; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory (12) We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers [!!], and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law”. It’s really horrible. As some wise guys say: “Mormons not only confess that they see America as their Zion, but these American Zionists also confess that they are sheep (because of 12). They clearly say that they want to establish their kingdom of God, or their theocratic regime in USA”. And some Americans add: “Do you know the Mormon Plan for America? America is their Zion! and their ‘Kingdom of God’ is a Mormon theocracy that will be run by a Mormon. They did swear such an oath”. Mormons are really weird. As some American scholars say: “Mormons believe that God lives on the planet Kolob. Mormons take the same blood oaths as Masons [!] and some of them have dozens of wives!”. But the most important things about Mormons is their similarities to the Jewish & Christian Zionists. As the Americans say: “Mormonism was created by Joseph Smith with a specific purpose of bringing about the Kingdom of God on Earth, a physical kingdom. Many Christians believe, as the Bible declares, that Christ will return to the Zion (Jerusalem) in Israel, to establish His millennial kingdom, whereas Mormons believe that they must establish their Zion, a worldwide Mormon kingdom, in America, dictated from their Missouri base in order to make it possible for Christ to return“. They also add: “ Romney swore an oath when he became a priest [ie a Mormon Mullah,] to do everything he can to build the Mormon political Kingdom of God“. It’s very important, while the American media try to hide Romney and Mormonism behind the freedom of religion. But as the wise Iranians say: “We believe in the freedom of religion. Your religion is not important to us. You even can worship shit or cow, or anything else. It’s none of our business. But if you want to build political kingdom, theocracy, theo-democracy, etc, your foolishness hurt us and others. You can eat shit, but you can’t force others to eat shit. It’s what Iranians call it ‘eating extra shit’, and no one can tolerate those who eat extra shit”. But unfortunately, most Americans live like sheep, and know nothing about the stupid Mormon or the stupid Monkey (Obama), and the mass media brainwash them. Only a few Americans know that both Romney and Obama are the same shit and the great evils.


Mitt Romney doesn’t try to deny his Mormon faith. As the Americans say: “In 2008, Romney addressed his religion in a ’60 minutes’ interview and in a speech called ‘Faith in America‘”. But do you know what Romney said in the so-called ‘Faith in America‘? In this speech that you can find it in many websites (google it), Romney says: ‘Freedom requires religion [!!] . I do not define my candidacy by my religion. A person should not be elected because of his faith nor should he be rejected because of his faith [!!] [ie Mullahs, Popes, Church, etc can have a role in State, and the separation of church and state is a joke!] When I place my hand on the Bible and take the oath of office, that oath becomes my highest promise to God[!] There are some for whom these commitments are not enough. They would prefer it if I would simply distance myself from my religion, say that it is more a tradition than my personal conviction, or disavow one or another of its precepts. That I will not do [!] I believe in my Mormon faith [!!] and I endeavor to live by it [!] My faith is the faith of my fathers – I will be true to them and to my beliefs . Some believe that such a confession of my faith will sink my candidacy. If they are right, so be it [!!]” In fact, he confesses that he believes in Mormonism, the faith of his fathers, and he tries to live by it! But do you know Mormonism and their prophet? If you know them, you would know many things. As the wise guys say: “Joseph Smith (1805- 1844) was a little kid when he founded Mormonism in 1830 (at age 25!) According to Smith, beginning in the early 1820s he had visions!, in one of which an angel directed him. Unfortunately, when the people are so stupid, even the little kids that are immature guys or shallow guys, can create historical problems. Joseph Smith, like most teens, was horny, and loved s-e-x, or even polygamy, etc, but his followers [are blind]. In 1844, a rift developed between Smith and some of his closest associates. Most of them said that Smith had proposed marriage to their wives ! Smith excommunicated them!, and they sued Smith for polygamy, rape, and other crimes. The story of Joseph Smith, the Mormon founder (prophet), is like the story of David Koresh and Davidians in Waco, Texas in the 1990s”. It’s important to note that Joseph Smith tried to become the US president in 1844. But now, in 2012, a Mormon shit that is proud of Smith and his cult, want to become US president. It’s beyond tragedy. The Mormon Mullah, Romney, adds: “In recent years, the notion of the separation of church and state has been taken by some well beyond its original meaning [!!] They seek to remove from the public domain any acknowledgment of God. They see Religion as merely a private affair with no place in public life [!!]. They are wrong [!!]They are intent on establishing a new religion in America – the religion of secularism [!!]” Can you believe it? it’s what the wise guys call it ‘American Theocracy’ or ‘Christian Republic of America’, and it would create “Religious Fascism”, that we would write about it later. Romeny’s Faith in America speech is exactly like the Mullah speech, and is full of the political rhetoric, empty words and empty gestures that try to hide the main points, but many can see the main points. The American idiots think that the Mullahs are naive and say: “Oh, yah, we are evil and we are religious fanatic; and we want to kill and torture people; and we hate freedom and democracy” But what the Mullahs say is exactly like what Romney or the American Taliban say. They wear masks, and pretend that they care about the freedom and democracy, or the human values, but as the ancient Iranians said: “the audience should be wise”. The Nazi and Hitler didn’t say: “we are dangerous” or “we are evil”, as the Zionists and the American fascists don’t say: “we are fascist” or “we are evil”. The people should know them and their masks. In these days, many write about “Mitt Romney’s Mormon Secrets”, but only a few Americans write about the main secret: “The Kingdom of God on the earth and Zion, that mean, to Mormons, the theocracy will replace the non-religious civil government. They believe, of course, that Christ will come to run this government, using faithful Mormons as his agents!”. It’s very important, as much as what Mormons say about the human rights and basic rights. Some Mormon leaders clearly say: ‘There is no such thing as Constitutional rights or human rights. Its a misnomer. Rights come from God’. It’s what Romney has confirmed it, too. In his Faith in America speech, Romney said: “The US founders proscribed the establishment of a state religion, but they did not countenance the elimination of religion from the public square. We are a nation ‘Under God’ and in God, we do indeed trust. We should acknowledge the Creator as did the Founders -in ceremony and word. Our greatness would not long endure without God. I will not separate us and the affairs of government from ‘the God who gave us liberty [!] Nor would I separate us from our religious heritage! We believe that every single human being is a child of God. Americans acknowledge that liberty is a gift of God“. And some Iranians say: “Do you know why even Romney’s best words, that are like the Islamist-Reformists’ words, are dangerous? The religious fanatics that see you as a child of God or a slave of God, one day will say: ‘God wants to punish his children/ slaves, and we as God’s agents should punish you !’ The religious fanatics see all things as a gift of God, and one day, they will say: ‘You should return God’s gifts ! God hates you, and needs his gifts! God has told us -ie God’s agents- that we should not allow you to have any gifts of God. You don’t deserve it!’ But we are not slave of anything. And our freedom, liberty and our basic rights are not gifts of anybody. God doesn’t need any agent, any defender, or any attorney. Leave God alone. God, if exists, hates politicians, charlatans, and liars”. And as the wise guys say: “the religious fascists talk about God, but God is just an excuse for having power and ‘theocratic regime’. They just want to rule the world or enslave people”. The American Taliban are really worse than Mullahs, but only a few Americans write about them.


The American Taliban are often political activists. Even in the 19th century, Joseph Smith wanted to become US president. Those Americans that write about “Joseph Smith’s 1844 presidential campaign”, add: “Although he was murdered only a few months into the campaign. But his candidacy marks an important moment in Mormon history. In 1844, the Mormon Council elected Smith as ‘prophet, priest and king’ of the millennial monarchy’ [!!]” As many say, Smith and Mormons coined the term “Thoe-Democracy”. A long article about this issue has been written by Patrick Q. Mason, titled “God and the People: TheoDemocracy in Nineteenth-Century Mormonism” [1], that is not bad. Lets take a look at some excerpts of this article: “Joseph Smith sought to create a sociopolitical order that combined the virtues of government by God (theocracy) and by the people (democracy). The term ‘Theodemocracy’ coined in the midst of Joseph Smith’s 1844 presidential campaign. The kingdom of God rhetoric of Smith and other early Mormons [is important]. Smith’s prophecies, like the 1836 prophecy that ‘the great and dreadful day of the Lord is near, even at the doors’, [all were false prophecies, and showed his true colors]. In the 1844 U.S. presidential campaign, Smith proposed theodemocracy as the solution to tyranny [!] He equated God’s rule with ‘unadulterated freedom’. [Of course] the anti-Mormon critics denounced Smith as a tyrant and his politics as theocratic despotism. [Some of them] killed Joseph Smith in June 1844. He was killed shortly after making his statement on ‘theodemocracy’. [But his followers were like him, and one of them, ] George A. Smith said in 1865: ‘Our system should be Theo-Democracy, -the voice of the people consenting to the voice of God‘. The next generation of church leadership, who did not know Joseph Smith personally, continued to ruminate on the meaning and implications of theodemocracy. Their rhetoric about theodemocracy, or talk of the kingdom of God on earth in general, equated theodemocracy with ecclesiastical government”. In fact, the Mormons believe in Theo-Democracy, and don’t believe in Democracy and the separation of Church and State, but they often try to hide or deny it. As the wise guys say: “It’s funny that the Mormons think and behave like the Zionists. In 1830, Joseph Smith identified Jackson County, Missouri, as the location of the city of Zion, and it led to the Mormon war”. And some Americans add: “The Mormon War is a name given to the 1838 conflict which occurred between Mormons and their neighbors in the US state of Missouri. This conflict is also referred to as the Missouri Mormon War to differentiate it from the Utah Mormon War and the Illinois Mormon War. In 1831, Joseph Smith revealed that the Second Coming of Christ was near !, and the City of Zion would be in Missouri [!], and that his followers were destined to inherit the land held by the current settlers [!] Smith’s followers, ie Mormons, began to settle in Jackson County in 1831 to ‘build up’ the city of Zion [!!]. The tensions between Mormons and other settlers increased in 1833-34. In a speech that was endorsed by Joseph Smith, a Mormon leader said: ‘It shall be between us and [them] a war of extermination; for we will follow them until the last drop of their blood is spilled; we will carry the seat of war to their own houses and their own families , and one party or the other shall be utterly destroyed’ . They loved genocide, but in their battles against the non-Mormons, they were defeated. Missourians saw the Mormon community as a violent threat, and finally, as a result of the war, nearly all Mormons in Missouri (several thousands), were forced to leave the state. Missourians tried Joseph Smith, and he was sentenced to death. But during a transfer to another prison in 1839, Smith escaped!”. The similarities between the Mormons and the Zionists can say many things about the Mormons, and why Mitt Romney, the Mormon Mullah, support the Zionists and the Jewish Mullahs. As some Americans say: “Romney loves [hatred and war]. In Mormonism, the oath of vengeance (or law of vengeance) was an oath that was made by Mormons between about 1845 and 1920s, in which participants vowed to pray that God would avenge the blood of the prophet Smith. They cursed Americans for killing Smith”. Some American books about the Mormons, like “The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes”, and the American comments about them are funny: “I was raised a Mormon I never knew that Joseph Smith was a polygamist and his wife Emma was unaware of his marriages and that he married women who already had husbands. I didn’t know a thing aboutblacks being denied the priesthood until 1978. [Women are still denied the priesthood]. Discovery the truth of my religion was a horrible experience … Being a Mormon for 27 years; I pray everyday for Mormons to open their minds and hearts so they may see the truth … Mormons believe that God lives on a planet called Kolob, and that God came down in the form of a man and had physical relations with Mary to conceive Jesus”. Unfortunately, only a few Americans know Mormons and Romney. As Americans say: “Mitt Romney was a Mormon priest, [ie a Mormon Mullah]. His family has been in the Mormon church for generations. But Romney is not alone. There are many Mormons in Congress !” It’s a great tragedy. As the funny guys say: “Such a great progress USA has had. In the 21st century, USA wants to become a Theocracy or a Mormon Zion ! Welcome to the Stone Age, America!


Unfortunately, many Americans are really stupid and ignorant. They don’t know the world, the history, and the great evils. They live like sheep, and their media brainwash them. Instead of talking about the threats of “Theocracy”, “Theo-Democracy”, “Religious Fascism” or “Mormonism”, the American mass media, even the CNN, publish stupid articles like, “Mitt Romney is a Mormon. How much will it matter?“, and clearly say: “[We should not be worried about Mormons]. Religion and politics are different things [!!!]” The American Foolishness is really unbelievable. In 1979, the Iranian media whores said: “[We should not be worried about Mullahs]. Religion and politics are different things”, but now, in 2012, the Americans repeat the same crap, and are blind and stupid. As some Iranians say: “today’s Americans are really stupider than today’s Iranians. Many Americans are like or worse than the Arabs (Muslim fanatics), who live in the Internet Age, but they are still stupider than Iranians in the Stone Age!“. If the Americans don’t read history and don’t know the world, they would see the Middle ages and the dark ages in USA soon. Many Americans don’t care about the separation of Church and State, and it’s dangerous. As the wise Iranians say: “The American Taliban repeat the Mullah words, and the American Fascists repeat the Zionist words or the fascist words, but the stupid Americans accept these bullshit. It’s a great shame and a great tragedy for USA. It clearly shows that today’s Iranians are more modern and wiser than their counterparts in USA. But the American media love telling big lies about Iranians. In the 1970s, Iranians were stupid and didn’t know puppets of the West, including Mullahs. But now, in the 2010s, almost all Iranians hate religious fanatics, Mullahs and other puppets of the West, while Americans still have more than 90 million religious fanatics, and still care about the American Taliban or a Mormon Mullah like Romney. It clearly shows who are really backward or the real third-Worlder in the world today”. Mitt Romney in his best case, ie when he tries to be an intellect!, is like an Islamist-Reformist. But the stupid Americans and their comments about Romney, like their comments under the CNN’s article, “Mitt Romney is a Mormon. How much will it matter?”, can show you the depth of the American foolishness. They say: “I’m betting his Mormonism will be a big plus for his campaign [!!] just like Obama’s race was for his [!] … Romney’s Mormonism matters as much to me as Obama’s faith … I guess a Mormon is better than nothing [!] … Obama doesn’t go to church on Sundays [!!] … I would trust a good Mormon ,more than a bad Christian [!] … This is AMERICA, freedom of religion[!] … 80% of Americans say they can vote for a Mormon as president … We should not dislike politicians because of their religion or how much cash they have in their bank accounts [!!!]“. Of course, as non-Americans say: “Do you Americans allow a Muslim to become your president? Never, ever!”. Those Americans that are not stupid, say: “the Mormons will run the USA as a theocracy. The Mormon cult is dangerous and has many dangerous beliefs. You want a cultist for president? Look up their beliefs, you’ll be appalled … Potential Matchup Between Monkey and Mormon Poses Dilemma for Nation’s Bigots”. Unfortunately, the wise or normal Americans are in the minority, otherwise Obama’s rival was not a Mormon. But it’s so dangerous that the majority of Americans are stupid or ignorant. It’s a very big and important problem, and the wise Americans should try to solve it, before it’s too late. Romney is not important, but the American foolishness is very important. If Americans remain stupid, and don’t know politicians, lefts, or religious fanatics, sooner or later some one like or worse than Romney or Chomsky will destroy America. Politicians are not like ordinary people, and their religion, their money, their views, their relations, etc are very important, as the separation of Church and State is very important. I hope one day humans can get rid of all fanatics and all politicians. Anyway, lets finish this writing with some jokes about Romney and USA: “Q: Romney is a Mormon or Moron? A: both. Q: Difference between Mormons, Morons, and Mullahs? A: nothing, all are the shame shit. Of course a Mormon is worse than a Mullah. Q: In 2012, America will be a Mormon Country or a Moron Country? A: both. Q: Difference between the Nazi Germany and USA? A: the former was the National Socialism, the latter is the National Capitalism! Q: In which presidential elections, the Americans had to choose between: Q1: a stupid Mormon and a stupid Monkey? Q2: a Mormon and a Moron? Q3: a Moron and a Monkey? Q4: two Morons? A1: In the 2012 election A2: In several elections A3: In many elections A4: in almost all elections!”. Some funny Americans say: “Romney’s religion is Moronism, not Mormonism, ie a new religion that belongs to the Stone Age”. In 2011, a high rank Mormon Mullah that has 80 wives, including little girls, was tried, but do you know which part of their story is so funny? “These stupid bastards ridicule the Muslim fanatics! And it’s really more than a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and you should invent a new proverb for it!”. Unfortunately, today’s USA is full of bad jokes and stupid jokes, like the story of Mormons, Christian fanatics, American Theocracy, American Sheeple, or the story of a stupid Monkey and a stupid Mormon who want to rule USA! “Such a great progress USA has had! Now, their beloved politicians are “Obama bin Biden” or Mormon Mullah, and their beloved intellects are Chomsky, etc, that all are enemies of the freedom, democracy, and humanity in USA, Iran, and the whole world”. I hope the wise Americans don’t remain silent and inactive.

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[1] Stop-Obama-Now.net is one of the rare American websites that see both Obama and Romney as great evils. This website has a page, Bibliography of Mitt Romneys Mormonism , in which you can find a collection of links about Mormonism and Mitt Romney. Some links are good.

9/11, Internet Censorship, Plague & Filtering in USA

September 12, 2012

Mitt Romney declared that, if elected president, every computer in USA would have a filtering software [ie. censorship tool] installed [!!]“, the American media reported in September 2012. It’s like a bad joke, but it’s just a small part of what the American fascists and the American pigs want to do in USA. It’s just a small part of plagues in USA, 11 years after the 9/11. Unfortunately, “Censoring and Filtering the Internet” has become a global problem, and now many people in USA and Europe can feel it. In these days, the Mullahs that are puppets of the US and the UK, desperately try to unplug the internet in Iran, and clearly talk about “National Internet”, that is an Intranet (local network) and the first phase of a bigger project: “Unplugging the Internet in Iran”. When the Mullahs tried to implement the internet filtering in Iran with the help of the West, many westerners said: “who cares about Iranians”, but now even these jerks can see that “Internet Censorship is a plague“, and can fuck them, too. When the American pigs and the British pigs and other European pigs betrayed the freedom and democracy, and helped the Mullahs in censoring and filtering the internet, and when the American pigs and the Europeans pigs aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians in the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), many selfish jerks in USA and Europe said: “Who cares about Iranians and their problem [that have been created by the West and its puppets]”. But now, even these jerks feel fear about “the Internet Censorship” and other plagues in the West. And it can remind you of Albert Camus’s The Plague (check archive). The story of the Iranian 9/11 and Obama bin Laden, that we have written about it and should write more about it later, is very important. The 9/11 in Iran, or the Iranian 9/11, that is the US-backed 2009 coup, was a great tragedy, greater than the 9/11 in USA. It can show you many things about this shitty world, its stupid Sheeple, and its stupid secrets. The story of the Iranian 9/11 and Obama bin Laden is the story of the Plague, and can show you the fate of those who betrayed the anti-Islamists Iranians and created the Iranian 9/11, that is much more important than the 9/11 in USA. In these days, Mitt Romney and the American Taliban, that are like Obama bin Laden, clearly talk about “Christian Democracy” or “Christian Republic” (like the Islamic Republic) !, and it’s very funny. They clearly talk about banning, filtering, censoring, suffocating, and at the same time, they talk about obeying God ! The American Taliban and Obama bin Laden are the shame shit, and both defend the savagery in the name of ‘National Interests” or ‘National Security”, and both defend the internet censorship and filtering in the name of “War on Terror” or “War on P-o-r-n”!, and it’s exactly like what the Mullahs say. But everybody knows that “War on Internet” is “War on Freedom”, “War on Free Speech”, and “War on Democracy”. All politicians, ie all power-mongers, dictators and fascists, are like each other, as all religious fanatics are alike. The American Taliban, the Mullahs, and the Christian fanatics are alike, as the American fascists, the Zionists, the German Nazi, the Italian Fascists are alike. They use the same methods and the same words, and all belong to ‘the tribe of the bad guys’. In these days, the situation in USA is really tragic and stupid. As the wise guys say: “The American Taliban try to create ‘Religious Fascism in USA’, and try to scare their ordinary people. They play the role of Bogeyman, and maybe they want to encourage Americans to vote for Obama bin Laden, that the invisible hands still love him. The 2012 election is really the worst election in the US history”. Unfortunately, only very a few Americans think or talk about protesting against both Republicans & Democrats and other great evils like Chomsky, or about boycotting the election and solving the main problems. Most Americans cannot see the real problems, and many can’t see the real threats, including the threat of Filtering. Only some Americans say: “We imagine that additional filtering might be suggested at the ISP level in USA , aligning it with efforts in the UK [!]”. It certainly will happen, if the people don’t protest against the Christian fanatics and the American fascists in USA, and if the Americans continue to ignore the Iranian people and their problems, that have been created by USA and puppets of USA. Obama bin Laden and other American pigs created and supported the Iranian 9/11, and sooner or later Iranians will punish these jerks, but you should not forget that these jerks betray Americans, too; and the story of Filtering, SOPA, etc is just the beginning. Those Americans that are not stupid, say: “Republicans, all for smaller government & deregulation unless it’s to do with s-e-x, religion, freedom, and democracy [they are like Mullahs] … Romney wants to ban p-o-rn and anti-Religion things, but he doesn’t has the balls enough to say this during his campaign. The ultimate aim being to completely control the Internet … I have had lots of experience with Mormons, they are like other religious fanatics; they are hypocrite; they love p-o-rn, but … It reminds me of the Mullahs, the Morality Police, the Chinese Firewall … You can’t manage a country by religion. But we’re going to spend the next 200 years running a totalitarian regime to prove it ! … It’s not United States of America, it’s United States of Censorship [and Corruption]”. And some American media report: “The internet filter coming to the US. The US Congress wants to pass a mandatory ISP-based Internet filter. Both Democrats and Republicans support the internet filtering”. It’s really a big tragedy, and clearly shows that USA just goes backward, and if Americans remain silent, they will have the Christian Republic of America! soon. A European student says: “I moved to USA, and bought a prepaid card for my Iphone. After typing in the search, my phone said: ‘Webguard does not allow you to visit this site‘. Webguard? Who is that, and how did he get my number? Thats what T-Mobiles homepage says: Web Guard is a optional feature which restricts access to […] material on your phone”. But it was not optional. It was default ! It says a lot about the American culture”. But it says a lot about the freedom and censorship in the West, and remind you of this fact that “Censorship and Suppression is a Plague” and those who don’t care about Iranians and their problems that have been created by the West and its puppets (including Mullahs), will be victims of the same shit soon. The world should know “How the US and the West help Mullahs and betray Iranians”, and should care about it, otherwise the plague pollutes everywhere and fucks everybody.


In these days, many talk about “Unplugging the internet in Iran”, and the Iranian traitors and their media, including the main cesspools of the Iranian baboons (Balatarin.com, Roozonline.com, etc), try to help the Mullahs and the West, and disappoint and discourage the people. But it’s hard to say what would happen. The Mullahs and other puppets of the West, and also their Western employers, desperately try to unplug the internet in Iran. But it has a very very high price for them. Iran has more than 40 million internet users, and the Mullahs and their Western masters are in deep shit. The Mullahs and their western employers know the story of the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup) well, and that’s why they desperately try to find a face-saving formula. In the recent months, many Iranians have openly and publicly protested against the internet speed and the stupid “National Internet” in Iran. As the people media report: “Dr. Shahshahani, that live in Iran and is ‘Father of Internet in Iran’, has said: ‘They talk about ‘National Internet’, but they want to control or unplug the internet in Iran. National Internet is a synonym for Control and Filtering. They want to control 100% of the internet connections in Iran. Now, they control about 95% of all connections’. Many public figures have said the same things, and the Mullahs just have one answer: it’s rumor; we don’t want to unplug the internet in Iran. it’s just war of nerves !”. The Mullahs and their Western masters know that Iranians are angry and hate them so much, and that’s why they just deny their plans or tell stupid jokes. Recently, the Mullah minister of communication has said: “The Internet speed is slow in Iran, for security reasons [!!]”. It’s a funny confession. And as some Iranians say: “Sooner or later the Internet speed in USA and Europe decreased significantly, for security reasons ! The Orwellian systems use the same methods”. We have already written about the tragedy of the internet and the internet speed in Iran (check Archive), and also about how the West aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and creating the Great Firewall in Iran (check Archive). And it’s just part of the story of Obama bin Laden and the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup). When you think about the year 2009, and how both the stupid Lefts and the stupid West created and/or supported the Iranian 9/11, you can see many secrets of this shitty world. In these says, when the search engines still censor and boycott our voice and the voices of other ordinary Iranians, you can see many things. The love story of the Iranian baboons and the stupid West is so funny. Recently, some said: “When you search and google for ‘Abbas Abdi’, you see ‘paid search results !, while several months ago you could find some critical comments on this Iranian traitor”. We have already written about “Search Engines, Misinformation, and Censorship”. It’s so obvious when the West censors the voices of the Iranian people, they censor the voices of their own people as well. But as some Iranians ask: “Why the bad guys in USA and Britain should support a little Islamist shit like Abbas Abdi ?” It’s a good question. Recently, “Abbas Abdi” and his Islamist friends, including Saeed Hajarian that we have not written about him yet just because of his tragic disability, have started to defend both Khatami and the Mullah regime. Of course the Iranian people don’t give a shit about these Islamist jerks, and everybody hates them, but as Iranians ask: “why both the Mullahs and the West, including the American pigs and the British bastards, should support some one like Abbas Abdi, and should try to cover his ass?” It’s funny to note that these Islamist shits are those who attacked the US embassy and created the Hostage Crisis in 1979, that led to Iraq-Iran war, and it can remind you of today’s love story of the US and the Islamists in Egypt and the Arab world. The wise guys say: “When Ban Ki-moon that had shut his dirty mouth in the past three years, says nothing about the Iranian 9/11 (2009 coup), and when this Korean shit (Ban) that is puppet of USA, clearly defends the Mullah Mafia and the Islamist shits during the 2012 NAM summit, and stupidly repeats the Mullah words and says: ‘It is especially important for the voices of Iran’s people to be heard during next year’s presidential election [!!!]‘, it’s so obvious who was behind the Iranian 9/11 (the 2009 coup), and who support the Mullahs and Islamists in Iran, and why most Iranians see Mullahs, Islamists, Khatamists, Pahlavists, and other Iranian baboons as puppets of the West”. The wise guys also add: “The main bad guys in the US and the West control and censor everything. They create hatred and war, control and censor the internet and the media, sell Mullahs and dictators the tools of suppression & surveillance, support the Jewish Nazism, the Jewish Mullahs and the Jewish terrorists, and aid Mullahs and other brutal dictators in killing and suppressing their people. They are [the tribal leaders of ‘the tribe of the bad guys’] that have created many problems for all humans, including Iranians “. In these days, the relations between Obama bin Laden, that some funny Americans call him ‘Obama bin Biden ‘, and Mullahs are so funny. As the people media report: “The Mullahs just help the US sanctions, and deliberately try to create stupid crises in Iran, like today’s dollar crisis or that chicken’s crisis, because the Mullahs try to help [Obama bin Biden] in the US election. Before the November election, the Mullahs would create more stupid crises, but almost all Iranians know why Mullahs and [Obama bin Biden] love and help each other”. The story of these days is like the story of the Filtering. In the Persian language, “Filtering” or “Filter” has a funny meaning, if you read it as “Fil Ter” that means (‘Elephant shit’ or ‘Elephant shits on … [the internet]’ ). And as the witty Iranians say: “Today, the big Elephant shit on everything and everywhere! In fact, the big Elephant has started shitting on the US and those bastards who betrayed or ignored Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and sooner or later the big Elephant will fuck these bastards, and they really deserve it”.


Internet Censorship is really a plague“, and now almost all countries suffer from it. Recently, the British media reported: “The British government wants to make ISPs offer a filtered Internet to everyone, under the pretext of protecting children! [The British politicians say] that ISPs should put in place filters as a default [!], and should block websites and contents [!] The filtering proposal in the UK is part of ‘War on P-o-r-n’ [!!] [The British bastards claim] this filtering is in the public interest [!]”. It’s really unbelievable. The British bastards are really the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in all around the world. As the wise Iranians say: “They suppress their own people, help the Mullahs and other British agents, help the Syrian dictator with his British wife and his British family, and help almost all brutal dictators in Africa, Asia, the Arab world, etc. And that’s why the situation in the UK is worse than other Western countries”. The situation of the free speech in USA, is really better than the UK, Canada, and other countries. But when even USA has, or wants to have, a filtering system, it’s so obvious that the situation in other Western countries is really worse, and tragicomic. As the people media report: “Internet censorship in Australia is shameful. The Australian regime maintains a ‘black-list’ of websites which is then provided for use in filtering software. In June 2011, two Australian ISPs, Telstra and Optus, confirmed they filter or block access to a list of websites provided by the Australian regime. In 2009, part of this blacklist was leaked. Internet censorship in Canada is embarrassing. The main Canadian ISPs have confirmed their ‘voluntary blocking of access to hundreds of websites’. But in Canada, the libel laws are worse than any censorship laws. They create ‘self-censorship’. Internet censorship in Europe and the EU is really shameful. As the OpenNet reports, the EU has many shameful programs, including ‘The Safer Internet Program’, that try to filter and censor ‘the illegal and harmful content on the Internet ‘ ! The EU talks about ”new studies into filtering technology for illegal content’ ! And many member states have taken it upon themselves to filter unwanted content.In addition to filtering directed by governments, ISPs and search engines within the EU countries have often taken it upon themselves to monitor and filter controversial content ! Italy is listed as engaged in selective Internet filtering in the social area. Currently internet filtering in Italy is applied against gambling, P2P web-sites [!], etc. In France, the administrative filtering of the web and the defense of a ‘civilized’ Internet! is really shameful. In 2011, France was added to Reporters Without Borders list of ‘Countries Under Surveillance’. In Germany, the politicians tried to introduce the internet filtering in 2009! Of course they decided to repeal their Internet censorship law in the mid-2011, but now they still talk about the internet filtering, and some ISPs filter and block websites. The landmark model of large-scale ISP filtering in Europe originated in the UK. Today, more than 90% of ISPs in the UK have filtering programs of one form or another ! They have a governmental blacklist (IWF’s blacklist), from which 98% of commercial Internet customers in the UK are filtered. During the 2011 riots, the British officials used this system and censored and blocked the social media, including Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry. In Europe, the UK is the number one enemy of the internet”. The British bastards and other Western hypocrites are the enemy of the freedom and democracy, “and that’s why the love and support the Mullahs”, Iranians say. But unfortunately, many Westerners are stupid or ignorant. They don’t know how their politicians and their pseudo intellects, specially the stupid lefts and the stupid rights, try to fuck them. They know nothing or say nothing about the evil technologies, like DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and other Orwellian technologies that the West sell them to the Mullah regime. But these evil technologies are used, or will be sued, in the Western countries, too. The bad guys try to control and censor the internet and everything with the same tools and the same methods, and our horrible conditions in Iran today can be your future in the West and other parts of the world. Recently, some European officials clearly said: “Google and other search engines should take steps to ensure that other websites [ie people and their websites] are not used as vehicles to breach the law [!!]”. If you don’t know who has said this crap, you think that it’s the Mullah words. But the Western pigs and the Mullahs that love and help each other, are the same shit and belong to the same tribe. Both the 9/11 and the Iranian 9/11 can show you many things about the bad guys, but it’s the Iranian 9/11 that can reveal the main secrets of this shitty world and the main secrets of the tribe of the bad guys. Those who created and supported the Iranian 9/11, want to control all humans and the whole world. And if the good guys remain silent and inactive, the Western pigs and other shits that created and supported the Iranian 9/11 and the Great Firewall in Iran, will destroy the whole world, and create the same shits and the same plagues in all around the world, including the US and Europe.

Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

September 9, 2012

In these days, many can see that the West still lives in the age of Tribalism and Primitivism, and many talk about the “hidden, disgusting face of the West“. The story of the Olympics games, the US election, or the racists/ religious fanatics/ terrorists in the West, or what the West says about the immigrants, the national interests, the 2009 coup, the 2009-2012 period, the sanctions, the freedom and democracy, the nuclear issue, the Jewish Nazism, etc can show that the stupid West is really stupid and primitive. In fact, the stupid Westerners are the real Third-Worlders in today’s world. As the wise Iranians say: “They [the stupid West] are culturally and intellectually inferior to Iranians and others. They still just care about their own tribe. Of course they often f-u-c-k their own tribe, too; because they are so selfish and live like animals. They refer to ‘Nationalism’, ‘Tribalism’ or ‘Chauvinism’ as Patriotism, and think ‘playing with words’ can hide or solve their horrible problems”. The story of Obama and Romney, and the real threat of American Fascism and American Theocracy, that we should write about it later, is really shameful and horrible. It’s like the story of the Jewish Nazism, and can show many things. The 2012 presidential election in USA is the worst election in the US history, and the Americans are forced to choose between two great evils, a stupid Monkey (Obama) and a stupid Mormon (Romney). The wise Americans that see the threats, talk about “American Fascism”, “American Tribalism”, and “American Taliban”. They warn people that “American Fascism Is on the Rise“. Even the wise European see the real threats, and warn their people that “Fascism Returns to Europe” or “Patriotism is for reactionaries”. We write more about this issue later, but it just shows a bitter truth: USA and Europe just go backward, and they still live in the age of Tribalism and Primitivism. It’s important to note that Fascism, Barbarism, Nationalism, Patriotism, Racism, periodic wars, and many other disasters are based on Tribalism. We all know what Tribalism did in the 1940s or the 1910s, or how the Western countries and their patriots waged periodic wars on each other in the recent centuries. As the wise Iranian say: “The Western states still love war and blood. And only the nuclear bombs stop them, not reason. They still think and behave like the past centuries, and if the nuclear weapon didn’t exist, they still would kill and destroy each other like the past decades and past centuries . The 2009-2012 period can show the depth of their stupidity”. The bad guys and their agents say: “There is No Alternative to Tribalism”. They clearly say: “It is human instinct to demonize the enemy, to wage war, to threaten others, to shed blood, and raise flags [!!]. But it’s animal instinct, not human instinct. And those who say such things still live in the Stone Age. Those bastards that still see their country or their tribe as the Chosen people, are sick & abnormal, and have to be taken to a madhouse. Even in the past centuries, the wise Iranians and non-Iranians knew that there is alternative to Tribalism. They talked about ‘humans as a whole” or “the ability to choose your tribe”, etc, and now we can talk about the real Globalism, and this fact that there’s just two key tribes: the tribe of the good guys and the tribe of the bad guys. As you know, the stupid West sees Globalization or Globalism, as “Americanization” or “Western Tribalism”. The world of power and politics is like the animal world. Politicians and other bad guys just care about power and ‘logic of power’, that is a high-class name for ‘the law of the jungle’. Politicians and the bad guys live like animals and see life as ‘fucking others’, ‘exploiting others’, ‘waging war against others’, ‘eating others’, ‘killing others’, ‘destroying others’, etc. They live at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs. They have small brains. They are sick animals, or as the psychologists say, they are abnormal and the best place for them is a mental hospital or a madhouse. But they live with us, and even rule us and decide about our life, our world, and our future. It’s beyond tragedy. They are our politicians, our bankers, our celebs, our media, our (pseudo) intellects, etc. And it’s really beyond tragedy. We all know the bad guys and the good guys in our own life. But as the bastards try to misinform people, it’s good to ask: who are the good guys? and who are the bad guys? The real defining characteristics of the bad guys or the good guys are the universal values, that don’t depend on where you live. The bastards and idiots try to define the good guys or the bad guys by the tribal values, the religious values, the political values, etc, but the bad guys and the good guys are defined by the universal values. As you know, when Psychology, Psychiatry, etc talk about the human relationships, the mental disorders, the human brain, the human values, etc they talk about the universal problems, the universal facts, or the universal values, because we all are humans, and our differences are not comparable to our similarities. So, lets write more about the universal values and the world of personal relationships, and compare it with the dirty world of power and politics, that is the world of the sick, small brains.


We all know the universal values, and have the same feelings about them. We all hate those who tell big lies, or those who are hypocrite/ charlatan and cheat others, or those who kill and torture the innocent people, or those who exploit others and treat them like slave, or those who are so selfish and indifferent to others, or those who betray their family and close friends. These are part of the universal values. It’s not important that you live in Iran, USA, Africa, etc; you have the same feelings about the inhumanity; and if you love the inhumane, barbaric things, the psychologists truly call you ‘abnormal’, and you should go to ‘prison’ or ‘madhouse’, and cure yourself. In our personal life, we all care about, for instance, “trusting relationship”. “Trust” is the base of any serious relationships, and “lack of trust” destroys human relationships. “Trust” is a universal value. But as you know, “Trust” cant be written into a contract or a law. It’s an abstract value and we all know its meaning, but we don’t try to define it accurately, because a simple definition that we all know and feel it -ie Trust = a belief in the honesty, goodness, etc of someone – is enough for us. We all know who is a close friend or a good friend, and who is a jerk or a betrayer, and what is the meaning of a trusty relationship. We all know what we are talking about, and it’s enough. And it’s like the story of the bad guys and the good guys. The bad guys are those that are connected to the negative universal values, and the good guys are those that are connected to the positive universal values. Of course, the politicians, the idiots, and the sick people have tried to abuse this simple concept, and it has created serious problems. The religious fanatics, the fascists, the racists, the Marxists, the media whores and other stupid bastards try to present their own self-made values as the universal values . In fact, the sick bastards try to deceive you, but with an open mind and open eye you can see their true face. As the wise guys say: “You can know them, just use both your heart (instincts) & your brain! And also read history”. It’s really like the world of personal life and personal relationships, that you know it well. You know those jerks that pretend they are your friend or close friend, but they just betray you or hurt you. You know those jerks that pretend they are good guys, but they just try to use others and exploit others. Many women talk about “nice guys” and ask: ‘how can I find a nice guy? I don’t want to worry whether the guys putting up a front or cheating’, or many men ask: “why many women are attracted to jerks and bad guys? Do women hate the niceness?”, it’s like when many talk about the bad guys or the good guys in the world of politics, media, celebrities, etc. The scientists and psychologists have good advice about the personal life, that can be useful for all aspects of life. For instance, they say: “if you want a nice guy, be a nice guy. Be friendly, trustworthy, honest, open-minded, etc” or “Be yourself. Be real and genuine, not a ‘charlatan’ or a ‘fraud’. Learn new things and new skills. Change yourself and live like a human” or “the bad friends (bad guys) are so selfish and just care about themselves; they just try to use you, and see you and others as a tool/ object; they are dishonest, hypocrite, and a real show-off; they often tell lie, play with people, and distort the truth” or “The funny thing about nice guys, is that they’re so busy being nice and respecting your boundaries that they usually don’t approach you (women) that often. If you want a nice guy, chances are you’ll have to start knowing him & talking to him first” or “You can know the bad guys, if you know their typical characteristics. Of course it’s hard to know the professional bad guys in a short period of time, but if you don’t trust them before establishing a logical trust, you can know them, too”. The good advice are useful for both private life and public life and knowing public figures. The good guys and the bad guys in all around the world are like each other, and that’s why the universal advice work. But unfortunately, many idiots still just care their own tribe, not all humans. In your family, in your city, in your country, or among your friends you can see both the good guys and the bad guys. In your own life or in films, you can see that even close friends or members of one family can live on two different planets, and can hate and betray each other, while two people in two different countries can think and behave like each other. But what it means? As some say: “In USA, you can see that many Americans are badly stupid or hypocrite. In Europe, you can see that many Europeans are really stupid, racist, or hypocrite. In Iran and other countries, you can see that many are stupid or hypocrite. On the other hand, in Iran, USA, Europe, and other countries, you can see many good guys and wise guys. What it means?” Yah, it means that “understanding”, “wisdom”, “goodness”, “badness”, “foolishness”, etc are independent of ‘race’ or nationality. Those who say: “we just care about our fellow countrymen”, are primitive men. The good guys care about all “our fellow men”. And we all need the good guys and the good friends. The good friends and the good guys having a key role in having a better life and a better world, and without them, the human life becomes meaningless, and the human world will be worse than the animal world. We all should try to show each other that ‘Goodness’ is still alive. It’s so important. The bad guys try to disappoint all of us. The good guys or the good friends should show each other that they exist or they are still alive. The bad guys try to pretend that “there is no good guy”, because they want to annihilate all good guys, in their “Evil vs Good” war. And if the good guys remain silent or inactive, Evil will win. The bad guys want to control and corrupt our world or our ‘Matrix’. “Bad Guys”, “Evil”, etc are synonyms of ‘Control’. And now, all people in all around the world can feel “Control”. But in the “Good vs Evil” battle, Good can win, only if the good guys don’t remain silent and inactive.


The bad guys are not invisible. There is no doubt that those who tell big lies and deliberately try to deceive and mislead people are bad guys. Those who get money and betray the truth and tell shameful lies are bad guys. The thieves, the crooks, the corrupt politicians, and the corrupt bankers are bad guys. Those who love “telling lies”, hypocrisy, charlatanism, fraud, hurting others, etc are bad guys. In fact, they are sick people that suffer from serious mental disorders. The bad guys are like or worse than animals, but the good guys are humans that care about the human values and the meta needs, including Truth, Justice, Honesty, Sympathy, Goodness, etc. In fact, the story of the bad guys and the good guys is the story the Hierarchy of Needs. The bad guys love living like animals at the bottom of the Hierarchy, while the good guys and the wise guys climb the Hierarchy of Needs . The bad guys are really sick, and just want to fuck and hurt others, or ‘kick everybody’s ass’, as they say. They are full of “negative energy”, and behave like nasty idiots. In these days, we can see many of them. The bad guys and the sick bastards in USA and Europe, that their number is not small, often tell shameful lies about Iranians. When the modern and educated Iranians care about the West, these jerks say: “Iranians, like all Third-Worlders, are fascinated by the West”. And when the modern and educated Iranians criticize the West and shit on the stupid West, these jerks say: “Iranians are nationalist. They hate the West. The Persian proud has blinded them”. These jerks tell paradoxical lies, while they say nothing about their own stupidities and their own serious problems in the West. As the wise Iranians say: “[these jerks] say: ‘In Iran, many are stupid or abnormal’. While in the West, many are really stupid and abnormal, and the West is full of the Sheeple, the horny people, the racists and fanatics that their brain is in their ass. They try to hide their own problems. They say nothing about their terrorists, their religious fanatics, their Sheeple, their fascists, their corrupted systems, etc”. The Western hypocrisy is really sickening, and as the psychologists believe this level of ‘Hypocrisy’ is a clear sign of a serious ‘mental disorder’, and those who suffer from it, have to be taken to a madhouse !. The West is badly sick. Recently, some Iranian exapts said: “‘Leaving Iran is like death. [The West] wants to see you as a victim and they push you to be even more a victim because they see you miserable and they feel good“. And the wise Iranians add: “This level of sickness is horrible. In 2012, we all can see that the stupid West loves causing disaster and seeing people’s pain and suffering. The West has to be taken to a madhouse ASAP!” But as funny guys say: “The stupid West is still uncultured. Their empty gestures and their empty words just are common symptoms of another serious mental disorder. But they don’t need a madhouse; today’s West is a real madhouse !”. All bad guys are abnormal, and many of them, including the Iranian baboons, suffer from “Foolishness Disease”. As the wise guys say: “All normal people hate the Iranian traitors, who are like a Kleenex, because everybody knows that those who get money and betray Iran today, will get money and betray them as well”. It’s no exaggeration to say that the West is really sick. As some say: ‘When they (the West) talk about Iran, they say nothing about the 2009 coup and how the US and the West helped the Mullahs and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in Iran; or they say nothing about tens of millions of the young Iranians are at least as wise and modern as their Western counterparts. [These jerks] are sick animals”. It’s so obvious that all humans hate the sick, bad guys. Those who censor and suffocate the voices of people, and those who tell big shameful lies, are hateful bastards that all humans hate them. We, the authors of this website, don’t care about any special nation/ tribe. We want to live with the good guys and the wise guys, not with Iranians or any other tribes. And if we want to choose a tribe and be proud of it, we certainly choose the tribe of the good guys, not the Iranian tribe, the US tribe, the European tribes, etc. We want to live with the good guys and the wise guys, not with the idiots and the bastards in Iran, USA, Canada, Europe, etc. We want to live with the good guys, that can come from USA, Canada, Iran, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. We want to be able to live with the good guys wherever we want, not where politicians want or choose for us. We want to be able to live with the good guys wherever we want, without any visa or political shits. I know that many people in all around the world think like us. The bad guys try to control and restrict us of us. The bad guys have their own tribal values and tribal laws, that we don’t like them. They can go and fuck themselves in their own tribe (community), ie the tribe of the bad guys. But why we should be forced to live with them and their stupidities? The Western bad guys love the Mullahs, the Zionists, the fascists, the Iranian traitors, and other jerks, and they should go and fuck themselves in the tribe of the bad guys. They should not decide about us, our life and our world. If all good guys try to unite, the bad guys can’t ‘eat extra shit’. Unfortunately, only the bad guys try to unite, while the good guys are inactive and play the role of victim. It’s not good. The good guys and the wise guys should unite. The bad guys have their own tribe and aid each other in fucking, controlling and exploiting people. Karl Marx was so stupid that said: Workers of All Countries, Unite!. Instead of this stupid slogan, we should say: Good Guys of All Countries, Unite!, or “Wise Guys of All Countries, Unite!, or Open-minded People of All Countries, Unite! ; Unite against the bad guys that try to control all of us with the same tactics. The good guys and the wise guys can create a better world, if they try to unite. The bad guys shed crocodile tears for us and try to disappoint us, because they want to control us. But having a better world is not a fantasy. If all humans try to explore and reach their full human potential, and can climb the hierarchy of needs, we certainly would have a very very better world.


Recently, a dear reader, Clara, asked us: “Just read that the Mullahs are banning women from Iranian universities. Is it true? Could you tell us more about it?” Clara asks about a false news that we would write about it later, and she shows us one of the defining characteristics of the good guys and the wise guys: “they do their own research, with an open mind, before accepting what the media say”. The good guys and the wise guys are really alike, but they are not a copy of each other. They are unique, and have different views, different tastes, different lifestyles, different personalities, etc, but they have the same basic characteristics, and are members of the same tribe. They don’t tell big lies, and know that “lie” and “dishonesty” destroy “humanity”, “trust”, and other good things. They are open-minded and care about the human values like Truth, Goodness, etc. They know that your race, your wealth, your nationality, your gender, etc are not important at all. It’s your wisdom, your knowledge, and your humanity that is important. They know the human needs, and know that it’s good that we are not 100% alike . As you know, If we all think and behave like each other, then ‘progress’, ‘grow’, ‘change’, ‘better world’, ‘human life’, etc become meaningless. Diversity, specially diversity of opinions, is very important. But “diversity” is one thing, and that ‘relativism’ that the pseudo intellects love it is another thing. Recently, I watch a good film, “Nothing But the Truth (2008)” -that we would write more it later. This film is about fundamental principles and the truth, and also about the corrupted democracy in USA. If you want to see a good film about Truth’, ‘Relativism’, and the freedom and democracy in USA, you can see this film. ‘Relativism’ is a complicated issue that the bad guys try to abuse it. Yah, many people and many things are not black and white, and many things are grey, but it doesn’t mean that everything is grey. Those bad guys and their corrupt systems that try to control and f-u-ck the people, and those bastards that try to help the bad guys or try to find an excuse to justify the bad guys, are not grey people. These jerks pretend that all people are grey, because they need an excuse to justify their own shameful behaviors. Yah, each person has his own whiteness and blackness, but those who have, for instance, 90% blackness & 10% whiteness, or 20% blackness & 80% whiteness are not grey people; they are good guys and bad guys, black and white . Yes, there is no 100% white or 100% black, but when you have 75% blackness & 25% whiteness, you are not grey. You are a bad guy. In fact, the bad guys belong to “the spectrum of the bad guys”. They create tyranny, slavery, corruption, control, and horrible disasters, or support it and strengthen it. They are sick animals, while the good guys are humans. Of course the good guys, and even the wise guys are not complete humans, and have many problems. Even the wise guys don’t know the answer of most questions. In today’s world, the human knowledge is like a drop in the ocean. But the human knowledge is enough to know how stupid the religious fanatics and other idiots are. In fact, our science and our knowledge can reject their bullshit easily, with good reasons. Of course those bad guys that are immature guys or shallow guys are not a real threat. Only those sick charlatans that are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are dangerous. When these sick bastards say: “you can’t see life and other complicated issues as a story about good guys and bad guys”. They mean: “we can help the dictators in killing and torturing the people, and we can call it ‘intellectualism’ or ‘relativism’ !” But brothers, it’s Motherfuckerism ! (MatharGhabegi), not Relativism. These motherfuckers, that many of them live in the West, just help the bad guys in screwing people. They aid the dictators in controlling the nice guys. The motherfucker aren’t gray. Anyway, lets forget the stupid tribal values that belong to the Stone Age, and lets care about Globalism, instead of Tribalism, and lets call for a better world. Good Guys of All Countries, Unite!, “Wise Guys of All Countries, Unite!. The good guys and the wise guys in all around the world belong to the same tribe, ie the tribe of the good guys.

Ahmadinejad is a Jew, Holocaust Denier is a Spy?

September 5, 2012

In these days, when the West and the Zionists bark and fart a lot and reveal many secrets, and when the Mullahs and the traitors help Obama and the Western sanctions, betray and suppress Iranians, and try to “unplug the internet in Iran”, and when the stupid West still try to censor and boycott us, lets write about a public secret that most Iranians and some non-Iranians are aware of it: AhmadiNejad (AN) comes from a Jewish family. Many Iranians, including us, didn’t care about AN and his Jewish root. Some public figures are Jews, and it’s not important to us. For instance, Noam Chomsky is a Jew, but until now we have not written about it. Some say: “It’s important that Chomsky is a Jew; it can explain why he supports Mullahs, Hezbollah, AN, etc”. But we think Chomsky’s crimes/ mistakes are important, not his Jewish family or his Jewish mission. Many thought like us, but when the Zionists bark a lot and try to create hatred or war, many things change. Now, many say: “The West helped AN and his 2009 military coup, and aided him in killing Iranians and destroying Iran, because AN is a Zionist spy and serves their interests”. The stupid West has changed many things. In 2005, only a few people saw AN as a ‘Jewish agent’, and the wise Iranians said: “He is a shit, and it’s not important that he is a Jewish shit or a Muslim shit”. Even before the 2009 coup, most Iranian preferred not to see AhmadiNejad, that was called AN (shit), as a Jewish agent. But after the 2009 coup, when the West refused to help the anti-Mullah movement, and instead aided Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians, the number of people who saw AN as a Zionist increased significantly. And when in 2011 and 2012, the US, the EU, and the Lefts supported the Islamists in Egypt, but imposed new sanctions on the anti-Islamist Iranians and tried to prove that the West is anti-Iran, anti-Iranians, pro-Mullahs, and pro-Islamists, most Iranians changed their views, and many started to say: “Now we can understand why the West supported the 2009 coup, and why the West betrayed our anti-Mullah movement in 2009”. Now, most Iranians see Ahmadinejad as a Zionist agent, and Khamenei as a British agent. Of course you can’t be 100% sure about such secret facts. But if you can analyze the available data, and think about all events in the past 7 years (2005 to 2012), you can see many things. Unfortunately, many don’t know who has said: “An excellent idea enters my mind. To attract outright anti-Semites and to make them the destroyers of Jewish wealth“. It’s not Hitler’s words or AN’s words. It’s what Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, wrote in his dairy. But the idiots say: “Those who talk about Ahmadinejad’s Jewish family, can’t explain his hostility toward the Jewish state [!!]”. Theodor Herzl (1860- 1904), the father of Zionism, explained many things. “We shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”, Herzl said. “Herzl and other Zionists used the Jewish spies as anti-Semites. The Zionist reliance on Anti-Semitism to further their goals continues to this day”, the wise guys say. They also add: “Ahmadinejad was born into a Jewish family. In fact, the Holocaust-denier is a Jew. He has changed his name. He was previously known as Saburchian -a Jewish name in Iran. His family converted to Islam after his birth, and changed their name to AhmadiNejad. But do you know what ‘Ahmadi Nejad’ means? It means: ‘from Islam’s race [!]’. (In Persian, Ahmad = Muslim’s Prophet; Nejad = race). It’s important that his new family name is ‘Ahmadi Nejad’. Some Jews who converted to Islam changed their name to Ahmadi + ‘Nejad, Nia, etc that all means ‘race’. Maybe they wanted to fool the naive people, because they tried to pretend that they are relatives of the Muslim’s prophet or have Islamic race ! And it can remind you of a funny Persian proverb: ‘Bar-aks Nahand Name Zangi Kafur’ ! (‘his name is the exact opposite of his true color’)“. It’s funny and important. On 2 July 2005, the Guardian published a report, “A humble beginning helped to form Iran’s new hard man”, that was so funny. They reported: “Mahmoud Saburchian, better known as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and his family try to hide ‘their roots’. They have changed their family name. [His family confirms it]”. Of course the British bastards didn’t say why AN tries to hide his root. They also said nothing about his ‘Jewish root”. But after the 2009 coup, many angry Iranians published artistic works (like below work) about “Jewish AN (shit)” and said: ‘Now, we know why the West tried to hide his Jewish root”. But even at that time, some Iranians, including us, preferred not to care about his Jewish root; but now many things have changed.


In these days, when the Zionists bark a lot, and when the stupid West help them and desperately try to torture the Iranian people, many talk about the Jewish agents. In fact, many see a 100% Jewish Nazism, and can’t be indifferent to it. The naive guys say: “Ahmadinejad and his family were Jews, but now they are Muslim. They have changed”. They don’t know the Jewish fanatics. They say: “Who is a Jew? anyone who says ‘I’m a Jew’, or formally converts to Judaism”. But as the wise guys say: “Who is a Jew? The Jewish fanatics believe the Jews include 3 groups: people who were born to a Jewish family regardless of whether or not they follow the religion; those who have some Jewish ancestral background or lineage ; and people who formally convert to Judaism. In fact, traditional Judaism say that a Jew, whether by birth or conversion, is a Jew forever, that means a Jew who claims to be an atheist or converts to another religion is still considered to be Jewish. In fact, the Zionist say that if one of your ancestors is a Jew, you are a Jew forever”. It’s very important. The wise guys also add: “Theodor Herzl’s son, Hans, committed suicide in 1930, at age 39. Hans left a death note explaining his reasons: ‘A Jew remains a Jew, no matter how eagerly he may submit himself to the disciplines of a new religion, how humbly he may place the redeeming cross upon his shoulders for the sake of his former coreligionists, to save them from eternal damnation: a Jew remains a Jew [for ever]‘. In fact, the Jewish fanatics and the Zionists see Judaism as a race or an ethnic group, not as a faith or religion”. It’s funny to know that even some Europeans say: “Some of the Jews or the Jewish converts work for I-s-r-a-eli intelligence as a Sayan (Hebrew for helper). The Sayans are Jewish spies. They are told that they help the Jews in the Diaspora. But they help the Zionists. A car Sayan, for example, running a rental car agency and help the Zionist rent a car without raising suspicions; an apartment Sayan would find accommodation without raising suspicions; or a doctor Sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to the police. But the most important Sayans are political Sayans. They hide their views, and they even attack the Jewish state. Ahmadinejad is a political Sayan“. Ahmadinejad’s Jewish background explains a lot about him. “By making anti-I-s-raeli statements and hiding his Jewish root, he tried to accomplish his mission. But what was his mission? Destroying Iran and its economy, creating the greatest corruption and embezzlements in Iran’s history, implementing the IMF plan, keeping Iran weak and backward, the 2009 coup, the 2012 sanctions, killing and torturing Iranians, and the current war games and war threats, etc can show you the answer”, some say. Everybody knows that the West is the Holocaust creator, but Iran is the only nation that has supported the Jews since 3000 years ago. And anyone with half a brain knows that those who have created the Holocaust should deny it, not Iranians. As the wise Iranians say: “The Christian fanatics in Europe and USA have ‘Peder Koshtegi’ (‘killed father’ = deep hatred) towards the Jews. They think the Jews killed Jesus. These bastards created the so-called Holocaust, and now they try to deny it. But why a Jewish shit should deny the Holocaust in the name of Iranians? Why a Jewish shit should help the West and its Holocaust creators in the name of Iran?“. These questions can show you many things. And that’s why Iranians say: “AN’s Holocaust denying indicated that he was an anti-Iran and pro-West spy. Why should an Iranian deny the Holocaust? The Holocaust creator is the West, and the ancient supporter of the Jews is Iran. This Jewish shit is a Zionist agent that just servers the West’s interests. He created the Iranian Holocaust in 2009, and killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians with the help of the West and his Zionist-Arab friends”. And some add: “Many Zionists consider AN as the greatest gift. In fact, AN (AhmadiNejad) is a Zionist with a clear mission: Destroying Iran”. When the non-Iranians become aware of AN’s Jewish family, they often say: “Oh, his anti-I-s-r-a-eli sentiments now made sense”.


The story of Ahmadinejad’s friends is as funny as his own story. Mohamad Ali Ramin, Ahmadinejad’s close friend that is known as ‘enemy of free speech’ and ‘Mou Sorkhe’ (Red Hairs), has a funny and informative story. Recently, some said: “Mou Sorkhe, the first Holocaust Denier in Iran, was arrested for spying”, and the Mullah media reported: “Mohammad Ali Ramin was arrested. Apparently, he is a spy”. But who is Ramin? As the PBS reported: “Ramin lived in Germany for over two decades [1970s- 1994], and worked with the neo-Nazi groups. He returned to Iran in 1994. When Ahmadinejad became [Mullah] president, Ramin became his adviser, and organized the Holocaust Conference, at which he invited [his German neo-Nazi friends] to participate . Ramin and his friends created an English website, irannazi.ir [!!], that said: ‘we are Iranian Nazis and Hitler Fans Forum!'”. And as the people media reported: “99.99% of Iranians knew nothing about this website and the neo-Nazi Basiji thugs! But Ramin became the deputy Islamic Guidance minister for press in Iran, and tried to fool the non-Iranians and destroy Iran’s image. He became the head of a small neo-Nazi group, ‘Sacrificers for Hitler’, that had about 10 members! He also was the head of another self-made group called Sacrificers for Velayat (Khamenei)”. In 2006, the Western media reported: “Mohammad-Ali Ramin is the brain behind Ahmadinejad [!] He is the editor-in-chief of Emamat monthly, and director of the Holocaust seminars. Ramin states that he is the founder of the Holocaust conference in Iran. [Apparently,] Ramin had a role in killing the intellects. Ramin says: ‘In Iran, we don’t want a system where people like Bush can be elected, but instead we want a system where the selection is ensured by our Islamic leaders [!!]“. In fact, AN and his friends can show you many things about the relations between the West, the Mullahs, the Zionists, and the freedom and democracy in Iran. “Ramin, a figure responsible for censorship and closure of many newspapers, and the intimidation and arrest of Iranian journalists, is like other Mullahs. He is a Western or Zionist agent who hates Iran and Iranians”, some say. And some wise Iranians add: “In June 2009, the Lefty media said: ‘With the help of Mousavi [!], the US is creating another oppressed people, like Iraqis under Saddam. Has Mousavi, the American candidate in the 2009 election who was roundly trounced [!], been chosen by Washington to become the American puppet ruler of Iran?[!]’ The stupid left was saying the truth, but they just changed key names. The truth is that: with the help of Ahmadinejad and the lefts, the US desperately tries to create another oppressed people, like Iraqis. AhmadiNejad, the American candidate in the 2009 election who even didn’t have 1 million votes, was chosen by Washington to become the American puppet ruler of Iran, and destroy Iran “. The story of the stupid lefts that many of them are Jews, is funny, but the story of the Western mass media is funnier. They still say: “AhmadiNejad’s words reflected the views of the Iranian people [!!]”. It’s the best jokes of all times. As the people media report: “The Arabs, the Holocaust creators and those who [have ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (killed father= deep hatred)] towards the Jews, love the best-known Holocaust denier. But Iranians hate this Jewish shit. Now, even little kids know that AN just serves the West’s interests. But the stupid West still claims: ‘Iran has said that Israel must be wiped off the map [!!]‘. The story of ‘wipe off the map’ is so funny, because no such idiom exists in Persian. The English translation of AN’s words is: ‘we hoped the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem, would collapse’. The West and the Zionists have words or idioms like ‘wipe off the map’ and ‘genocide’, but no such idiom exists in Persian. The European history, the American history, the Christian history, the Jewish history, the Arab history, etc are full of genocide. But the Persian history is free from genocide and it’s important. But do you know who confirm the Zionist crap? The Mullah Mafia in USA. In 2006, New York Times stated: ‘Siamak Namazi [a close friend of Trita Parsi and Bob Ney, key members of the NIAC and the Mullah Mafia in USA], says ‘wipe off’ is a translation for a Persian verb’ [!!] Of course NYT added that AN has never threatened war against the Jewish state!”. It’s funny, but as the wise guys say: “The stupid West tells big lies, because they try to destroy Iran and its image, and want to prepare public opinion for a regional war or a world war. The US makes use of AN a lot. For instance, the White House stated that Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric showed that ‘we should halt Iran’s nuclear program[!!]‘. In fact, the US and the West present their own agents as ‘representative of Iranians’ !, while Iranians hate these jerks so much. But unfortunately, many Westerners are brainwashed easily”.


“The West is the Holocaust creator, and Holocaust denial is a Western phenomenon. In the 1960s, the Western Holocaust revisionists suggested the number of Holocaust victims was exaggerated”, the wise guys say. It’s an undeniable fact that the Christian Fanaticism, the European Nationalism, and xenophobia created a great tragedy in the 1940s, and after the war, some Europeans started to deny it. But as the wise guys add: “The West is badly hypocrite. They hate the Jews, but shed crocodile tears for them. In the 1980s and the 1990s, European countries tried to limit their own Holocaust deniers, and started to encourage other nations to deny the Holocaust. In the 2000s, some Western Holocaust deniers went to the Middle East. David Duke, the white supremacist from USA, that is a KKK racist, was one of them. He went to the Arab world and talk about ‘Struggle against Zionism’ [!]” This American fascist, David Duke, has a funny story. As the American media report: “David Duke is former Louisiana Republican state representative and Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). He met with AhmadiNejad (AN) in 2005, and gave AN a copy of his book about the Holocaust”. As the wise Iranians say: “Anti-Semitism has never been a problem in Iran. Anti-Semitism is a
European-Christian-Arab problem. Iran is the only nation that has supported the Jews since the ancient time. Even in Iran under the Mullah regime, the Mullah policy was anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism. Even the Mullahs didn’t dare to say anti-Jew things, because no one accepts such things in Iran. Many Jews have lived in Iran, and many of them were, and are, good guys. Iranians don’t have any problem with the Jews”. It’s very important. But as the wise guys say: “For the first time in Iran’s history, AN suggested the Holocaust to be an exaggeration in December 2005. But who is AN? A Jewish shit that killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians and destroyed Iran. Most Iranians hated him. But who supported AN? The West, the lefts, the Nazi, the far rights, the Zionists, the Christian fanatics, the Arabs, Hamas, etc”. It’s important. As the people media report: “In the Holocaust conferences in Iran, almost all participants were Americans and Europeans !. A few speakers were Basiji or Arab, but the majority of speakers were Westerners, specially fascists, racists, and Jews! Iranians hate AN, but he is a hero to the far right and the far left in the West. The European fascists and American pigs love him and praise him. They called for cooperation between the Mullah and the neo-Nazi ! In the US and Europe, Right-wing bastards and Left-wing pigs that often cast themselves as ‘alternative media voices’ [!] used their media to support AN”. It’s important. Think about it. The people media also add: “Michael Collins Piper is a journalist for a far right newspaper and author of Final Judgment, a book postulating that the Jews killed JFK. But a personal friend of Piper is a Mullah filmmaker, Nader Talebzadeh. This Mullah filmmaker, that is a Basiji thug, has a US green card ! In fact, Talebzadeh is a Basiji thug and an American citizen!. But this Basiji citizen of USA is a close friend of Ramin and AN. He says anti-US and anti-Zionist things, but in fact, he and his friends are anti-Iran pigs that serve the non-Iranian interests”. It’s good that many Iranians know the truth, and it’s very important that many Mullahs and Basiji thugs are American citizens, or have British passport or Canadian passport. It can show you many things about the relations between the West and the Mullahs. But as Iranians say: “In such conditions, the stupid West tells big lies such as: ‘AN is a Shia Muslim, and is the representative of Iranians [!!]. AN is the ‘elected’ president of Iran [!!]”. These Western bastards are worse than pigs. They helped the 2009 military coup, and aided AN and Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians, but now they pretend that AN or British Mullahs are representative of Iranians”.


AN’s Jewish family converted to Islam when he was 4-years old. AN is a kosher ! Even members of Mullah Gestapo, including Khazali, confessed that AN is a Jew and has a Jewish family. Even the Islamists, including E. Yazdi, confessed that AN is a Jewish agent. And even some Europeans say: ‘MI6 confirms AN’s Jewish root [!] AN is a member of the Zionist club'”, some say. They also add: “why the West refers to this Jewish shit as Iran or Iranian president? Why the West supported this Jewish agent and his military coup in 2009? Why the Christian West claims that this Jewish shit has insulted the Jews, while it’s a big lie? This Jewish AN loves the Jews. Even his aide (Mashaei) clearly said that ‘we don’t have any problem with the I-s-r-a-eli people. Two nations are friend’, and then Khamenei reacted and said: ‘Yah, we don’t have any problems with the Jews. But many Zionists live in the Jewish state. We have problem with Zionists’. Why the West and their media tell such big lies, but don’t condemn the Jewish offensive war?” These are good questions. But AN isn’t the only high ranking Jewish Mullahs. As the wise guys say: “for instance, Asgaroladi is a corrupt Mullah who calls himself ‘Fundamentalist’. But he has a Jewish family. He calls himself “ Asgaroladi, the Muslim!, but this fundamentalist Mullah, Habibollah Asgar-Oladi-e, is a Jewish convert. He added ‘Mosalman [Muslim]’ at the end of his name, to pretend that he is not like the non-converted Jewish Asgaroladis. Some Jewish converts, including Asgaroladi, helped a terrorist Islamist group, Fadayeean-e Islam (Sacrificers for Islam), and played an instrumental role in derailing Iran’s democracy by participating in the Islamist contribution to the American Coup of 1953. In fact, the Jewish converts have helped the West and USA at least since 1953“. Unfortunately, many Westerners are stupid or uneducated, and don’t know the truth. Some of them even think that Iranians are Arabs! They don’t know that Iranians hate the Arab pigs, ie those Arabs that are anti-Iran and pro-Islamists. Iranians say: “Fuck you Palestine, and Fuck you Lebanon. The Arab pigs in Palestine and Lebanon are anti-Iran pigs who help the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians. Even during the Iran-Iraq war, the Palestinians defended Saddam and fought against Iranians. In 2009, thousands of the Lebanese pigs went to Iran, helped the Mullahs, and killed the Iranian protesters. The Iranian people hate the Lebanese Islamists, aka the Lebanese pigs, and their leader Hassan Nasrollah. These pigs have Iranians’ blood on their hands. In 2009, the Iranian people talked about a collusion between AN and I-s-r-ael, and chanting in public places to congratulate the marriage of Basij and Zionists! “. It’s an undeniable fact; think about it. Iranians hate all bad guys, from the Arab pigs and Zionists to the American pigs and European jerks. The spies or puppets of the West try keep Iran weak and backward, but today’s Iranians know these bastards and hate them so much. In these days, the people media reported: “The Mullah police arrest the ordinary people, and insult them. These Arab pigs say to Iranians: ‘If being arrested for having bad Hijab bothers you, you should leave Iran. If supporting Islamists, Obama or Zionists, and keeping Iran backward bothers you, you should leave Iran. This country is not your country [!!] Iran has become an Islamic country and our country [!]’. The Mullahs and those Arab pigs that have occupied Iran are worse than [pigs]. But even in the streets and public places, the people clearly say to these Arab pigs and puppets of the US and the UK: ‘Fuck you, the Arab pigs. Get out of our country, you the Arab pigs. Get out of our ancient country, you puppets of the West. Get out of our country, you the Islamist-Zionist pigs’. In fact, the Iranian people have become aware”. It’s a good news. The Iranian people hate the MMM (Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds), the Iranian traitors, and also their Western employers/ supporters. It’s a good news. In 1905, during the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, only very few people knew who is who. But now, most Iranians know who is who, and that’s why Iran will become a free, modern, strong country soon. I hope the good guys and the wise guys in all around the world can see who is who in this shitty world.

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[ ] In “Ahmadinejad and I-s-r-a-el” entry in Wikepedia, you can find a list of links about this issue.

Norwegian Terrorist’s Luxury Prison, and Paradoxes

September 2, 2012

“Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, lives in a luxury prison. In his three-room cell, he has an exercise room with a treadmill, a TV, a laptop-equipped office, private gym, laundry service, home-cooked meals from Mom, etc”, the media reported. They also added: “The Oslo court said that Breivik, whose terrorist attacks killed 77 people, was not a psychopath. Breivik was given the maximum sentence of 21 years, but with a ‘preventive detention’ clause that means his time in jail can be extended as long as he is deemed a threat to society. In his court, Breivik used his chance to address the court by apologizing to ‘militant nationalists’ across Europe [!], for not killing more people during his attacks [!]. His two terrorist attacks induced a period of introspection for a nation of 5 million which had prided itself as a safe and stable society, and also raised questions about the prevalence of far-right views in a country where oil wealth has encouraged one of the fastest immigration rates in Europe. The judges agreed that Breivik’s anti-immigration views were shared by a nexus of like-minded individuals and disparate groups”. The story of the Norwegian terrorist is full of paradoxes. Of course it’s good that the Norwegians treat prisoners and criminals like human and don’t kill them or don’t torture them. But as the wise guys ask: “why a Christian terrorist and a religious fascist that has killed 77 people by his own hand, should live in a luxury Prison that is like a hotel, and why he should have access to many leisure facilities? This Norwegian terrorist even doesn’t apologize to the victims and their families, and even he says he should kill more people during his terrorist attacks”. It’s a good question. Some Norwegian say: “It’s more like a paid vacation, not prison”, and it’s a good point. But some Norwegian officials say: “we want to give criminals and terrorists humane living conditions”. And some reply: “But such luxury prison for a savage terrorist just encourages Terrorism and Religious Fascism in Europe. They gave Breivik a world stage for repeating his bullshit, and now he can enjoy a paid vacation in a hotel, aka a luxury prison. But when you compare it with the way that the West treated other terrorists or extremists, you just can see a great sickening paradox and a great sickening and breathtaking hypocrisy and double standard. The US and Europe owe a big apology to the world. The Christian terrorists, the Jewish terrorists, the European terrorists, and the American terrorists are like or worse than Muslim terrorists. In fact, the Western fascists and the Christian terrorists are worse than animals. They are the greatest monsters in the human history, but the stupid West treated these bastards like hero or human, while non-Europeans and non-Americans should be tortured or die in the secret prisons, or in the Guantanamo and other horrible prisons in USA and Europe”. Think about it.


“Breivik would love to spend time in prison, because Norway’s prisons are among the world’s most luxurious prisons. The actual cells look like glorified dorm rooms and there are communal kitchens and living rooms for the inmates to chill out and decompress after a long day of resting. The inmates can attend a vast range of courses at a school located inside the prison. Subjects can include languages, IT, science, catering, music, (there is even a professional sound studio) art and handicraft and several sports. Their well-stocked libraries contain not only books but magazines, CDs, and DVDs. The inmates get to play guitar, bongos, the piano and sing. The prisoners have access to many other leisure activities … In many of Norway’s prisons, prison guards don’t carry guns”, the media reported. Norway has many wise and good guys. More than any other country in Europe, the Norwegians have protested against the neo-fascists and the religious fanatics in Europe. And it’s good. Some say: “This is Norway the land of the liberals”. But the story of Breivik showed us that many ultra-stupid fanatics and brainless extremists live in Norway, too. The wise guys know that each nation has its own bad guys and its own good guys, but the stupid West just love pretending ignorance. I don’t know what would have happened to Breivik, if he had been a Muslim, an immigrant, or a non-Christian and non-European. But many say: “In this case, they would have treated him like Bin Laden”. I think sooner or later you would see how they would treat such case, and at that time, you should remember Breivik and how they treated him. Unfortunately, the West treated the Norwegian terrorist as a hero or an ordinary criminal, and now his luxury prison just encourages the European fanatics/ terrorists to commit the same crime. As some say: “The West is really full of shit and shitty paradoxes. Just look how the UK, the US or even Sweden treated Assange or Bradley Manning, who are whistle blowers. The story of Assange, Manning, and Breivik can show you many things”. And some add: “Norway’s system is stupid, not liberal. It’s good that they treat criminals or prisoners like humans, but it’s too stupid, not too liberal, that they treat a mass murderer or a religious terrorist like a normal prisoner. Breivik is proud of his terrorist attacks, but the stupid Norwegian system allows him to enjoy living a life of luxury. It’s hypocrisy, foolishness, or naivety, not liberalism or humanitarianism. The Christian terrorists and the European neo-fascists in the 2010s are like the Nazi and the fascists in the 1930s; and the current level of stupidity, naivety, silence, corruption, and charlatanism in the West is equal to the 1930s’. In fact, the West has become the land of the sheep again”. Think about it.


Breivik Apologises For Not Killing More“, the Norwegian media reported. Some Norwegians, including victims’ families, are not happy that, as they say, “the Norwegian terrorist lives in a hotel that is called prison”. The Norwegian comments are funny. They say: “The killer would have a nicer room than I have … It’s an inspiration for becoming a criminal in Norway … there are many ordinary citizens who dont live this well … This human monster will be living a better life than many people do … We would support longer sentences and slightly worse conditions than today … Don’t let this monster get any more satisfaction for what he did … Warm comfortable surroundings, three meals a day, TV, computer, exercise room, and many other leisure activities, is it hotel or prison? … This terrorist is crap that needs to be punished and treated like dogs”. The American comments are funnier. They say: “That looks like the hotel room I stayed in last time I was in … Prison?! Looks more like a nice motel room to me! … It’s better than my room … If I want to hide or run away and have someone take care of me the rest of my days. Ill just go to Norway, commit a crime (kill a dozen), and enjoy myself“. The Norwegian system is not like US system, and it’s good, but the crime and the punishment should be in proportion to each other. The punishment for two terrorist attacks and killing 77 people, when the terrorist still defends his terrorist attacks and prays for killing more people, is not ‘living in a luxury prison that is like a hotel”. The Norwegian terrorist should not enjoy many facilities, specially when he still defends Terrorism and Fascism and refuses to apologize to the people. Unfortunately, many Westerners are like Breivik, or even worse than him, and what the West and the Western media do about the Norwegian terrorist, just encourage these bastards. As the wise guys say: “You should not forget that Breivik is worse than Bin Laden. Bin Laden didn’t kill the innocent people by his own hand, while Breivik killed children, men and women by his own hand. Bin Laden didn’t defend racism and didn’t want to kill all Christians, all Americans, or all Jews. But Breivik and his fans defend racism, and want to kill all Muslims, all immigrants, all non-Christians, all non-Jews, or all non-Westerners. Breivik is a copy of Hitler or Mussolini, and the number of people that are like him, or worse than him, is not small in Europe and USA. But why only a very few people talk about this issue in the West? Breivik is worse than Bin Laden, but why they kill Bin Laden, while they make love with Breivik in his court and in his luxury prison?” Think about it.


“The Norwegian terrorist is able to ring a room-service bell to have cigarettes and other services delivered. The Norwegian [terrorist] has compared his prison to being in kindergarten [!!]”, the media reported. The Norwegian terrorist is a shameless fascist that his behaviors are really sickening, but unfortunately, the Norwegian system treats him like a normal prisoner, and it’s more sickening. The Norwegian terrorist should not be able to disgrace and discredit the human values and the liberal ideas. It’s good that they dont have the death penalty in Norway. It’s good that they don’t have inhuman conditions in their prisons. It’s good that they treat prisoners like human. And it’s good that many Norwegians hate the Norwegian terrorist and his thoughts, but the Norwegian system should not pretend that such human monster is a normal prisoner. It’s an insult to other prisoners. It’s an insult to human rights and human principles. The Norwegian terrorist still defends his terrorist attacks, and is proud of killing 77 innocent people. This little fascist and his fascist fans should not be allowed to ridicule the human values. They should treat this fascist shit as an exception. Yes, we don’t defend the capital punishment and any tortures and inhuman punishments, but it doesn’t mean that we can allow a brutal terrorist to ridicule the human values. This savage terrorist should not have access to many leisure facilities. The story of the Norwegian terrorist not only is an insult to all humans and all prisoners, but it can remind you of the inhuman conditions in Iran. It’s really good that the Norwegian prisons don’t have inhuman conditions. But why a savage terrorist should enjoy these modern facilities and ridicule the modern values, while the wise and modern Iranians should be victim of the West and its puppets (specially Mullahs)? We have already written bout the horrible inhuman conditions in the Mullah prisons (for instance, you can check “Vakilabad Prison: A Hell on Earth” and “On the edge of Animal Life”). Iran’s prisons, aka “Mullah prisons”, are like “a hell on Earth”. But do you know who live in “a hell on Earth”, “on the edge of Animal Life”? Prisoners of conscience, ie those who are in prison just because of their thoughts or their modern ideas. And political prisoners, ie those who are in prison because they have opposed or criticized the Mullahs and other bad guys. The wise guys that are victims of the stupid West and its puppets should live in a big prison (Iran), but in Norway, a savage terrorist and a copy of Hitler lives in a luxury prison. It’s really painful. As the funny guys say: “Living conditions in the Norwegian prisons are probably far better than living conditions in Iran, USA, and many other countries !”, but why a savage terrorist should enjoy such living conditions? As the wise guys say: :Fascism and Nazism are European diseases, and Neo-Fascism and Neo-Nazism and Racism are among the serious diseases in the West today; and when even a calm country like Norway can have such a bloody fascist terrorist, it’s so obvious that the situation in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc is much worse; but why they treat a savage fascist like a hero or a political prisoner, while they treat the wise Iranians, that the stupid Westerns should lick their shoes, like the second class citizens of this shitty world?” Think about it


“In Iran, you live in a big prison, and if you want to live like a human, your living conditions is like or worse than the living conditions of a savage terrorist in Norway. You can’t leave the big prison, and you can’t live like a free man, and you can’t have access to many modern facilities because of the sanctions and other restrictions that have been created by the West and puppets of the West; but a savage terrorist in Norway has access to the internet, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, books, TVs, and many other things. Fuck you the stupid world. Fuck you and your ridiculous foolishness”, some Iranians say. This shitty world should change, and all humans should know that your nationality or your race doesn’t determine your knowledge, or the level of your humanity and your wisdom. Breivik, that is a savage terrorist and a shitty copy of Hitler and Mussolini, is a Norwegian. But we should judge all Norwegians by Breivik? or are all Norwegian as savage or uncultured as Breivik? Breivik is a Norwegian, but Abel was a Norwegian, too. In Norway, some are really stupid, and some are wise, and it means that “being Norwegian” doesn’t have any special meaning. The same is true for all nations, including Americans, Iranians, Britons, etc. Each nation has its own wise guys and its own idiots. But the stupid West and the bad guys judge Iran and other nations by the idiots, while they judge their own nations by their wise guys ! And it’s beyond charlatanism. As the wise Iranians say: “If we were like them, we would judge Norway and all Norwegians by Breivik. But we are not like them. If we were like them, we would judge Germany and all Germans by Hitler or the neo-Nazis. If we were like them, we would judge USA and all Americans by Obama, Bush, or other American pigs. But we are not like them. If we were like them, we would judge Britain and all Britons by British politicians and the savage colonialists. But we are not like them. They (the stupid West) still think and behave like animals and suffer from ‘Foolishness Disease'”. The last two years clearly proved that the Western fanatics and the Christian terrorists are like or worse than the Muslim fanatics; and the European terrorists and the American terrorists are like or worse than the Eastern terrorists. But the stupid West just tries to hide the truth about its savage terrorists, and it’s sickening. The story of the American terrorist, James Holmes, is so funny and informative, and we would write more about it later, but it’s sadly funny that the Western media even don’t call Breivik or Holmes ‘terrorist’, while in his court, the Norwegian terrorist just tried to prove that he is a
religious-political terrorist. The paradoxes and double standards in the West are really sickening. And as you know, the Iranian people are the main victim of the Western paradoxes and the Western double standards. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Western hypocrisy is a clear sing of sickness, backwardness and foolishness. In fact, the stupid Westerners still live in the Tribalism Age, because their thoughts and their behaviors belong to that age. The truth is that the stupid Westerners are the real Third-Worlders in today’s world“. Think about it.