Zionists (Jewish Mullahs) Pray for Annihilation of Iran

“Senior I-s-r-a-e-li rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, the Orthodox leader of the Shas party, calls for Irans destruction and Iran’s annihilation. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef appears to be advocating genocide. He called on Jews to pray for the destruction of Iran, this past Saturday. [This Jewish Nazi] said: ‘God shall strike Iranians down and kill them’. He added: ‘Do good, God, wipe them out, kill them’. [This Jewish terrorist that loves genocide] also added: ‘Destroy them God, obliterate them from the face of the earth'”, the media reported yesterday. And the people media added: ‘The Zionists bark and eat shit, but the world, the UN, the US, the EU, the Western mass media and other bastards are silent, or just encourage the Jewish terrorists. Ovadia Yosef is a Nazi Rabbi and a Jewish terrorist, but why the UN and Ban Ki-moon [that some call him ‘Chiz-to-Koon’ (a thing in his ass; f-a-g-got)] don’t sharply criticize the Jewish Nazis, and say nothing about their offensive and inflammatory statements and their call for Annihilation of Iran? Do you remember what the UN and the West said about Iran and Iranians, when that Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) verbally attacked the Zionists and the Zionist regime? But even that Jewish spy and Mullahs didn’t dare to say what the Jewish Nazis say today”. In these days, many can see how the religious fanatics in the US, Europe, and the Jewish State think and behave like the religious fanatics in other parts of the world. It’s really shameful that many religious fanatics still live in the US and the West. “The religious fanatics think, or even dress like each others. The Jewish Mullahs are the worst kinds of Mullahs”, some say. The religious fanatics are the same shit, and it’s funny and important that the Jewish fanatics dress like Mullahs. But it’s really shameful that the Jewish Mullahs or the Christian fanatics can fool or play with the world and public opinion. And it’s embarrassing that many Westerners are dumb as hell.


The Shas shit, Ovadia Yosef, is a Jewish terrorist and a Jewish Nazi, but he looks like Mullahs. When many see his pictures, they say: “Wow! This Jewish bastard is a real Mullah. Apparently all Mullahs are Jews or puppets of Jews! The Mullah regime and the Zionist regime are really alike”. In fact, many are shocked, and can’t believe that the Jewish fanatics are exactly like Mullahs. But the wise guys, that knew the truth, say: “The religious fanatics love the same shit, and both the Mullah regime and the Zionist regime are Theocratic regimes. Shas is currently I-s-r-a-el’s fourth largest party in the Knesset. In Netanyahu’s present coalition government the party holds four cabinet posts. The stated purpose of the party is to ‘return the crown to the former glory’ [!!]. Shas has its own government-funded education system [!!]”. But unfortunately, even USA is eager to become a Theocracy. As the wise American say: “Mormons are the American Taliban or the American Mullah. Similar to the Jews, Mormons believe that they are a chosen people and that America is the Promised Land. They want to establish a Theocracy in USA”. The Jewish fanatics are like or worse than Mullahs, and the Christian fanatics and Mormons are like or worse than the Jewish Mullahs. This shitty world is really a big shithole. As some wise guys say: “Mullah as a title has been used in some Jewish communities to refer to the community’s leadership, especially religious leadership. So, it’s better that you refer to Rabbis and Orthodox Jews as Jewish Mullahs. Orthodox Jews with full beards, long black coats, and their stupid hats look like Mullahs. In fact, both their looks and their thoughts are alike in many ways“. We have written about Zionists, Mormons and the religious fanatics in the US and the West. But the story of Romney, Mormons and American Theocracy is a great tragedy that needs more attention.


“Shas leader calls on Jews to pray for annihilation of Iran. But do you know what Shas means in Persian? Shas or ‘Shas-Cool’ is a slang term that means ‘retard’, brainless, idiot, etc in Persian. The Jewish Shas or The Jewish Shas-Cool are Jewish Basijis. They are like or worse than the Basiji thugs”, some Iranians say. And some media add: “Shas former party leader, Aryeh Deri, was arrested and imprisoned on corruption charges in 1999. Shas leaders are corrupted religious leaders. Shas opposes feminists, atheists, liberals, non-Jews, gays and lesbians, etc”. And some people media add: “The Shas party and The Jewish Shas not only are worse than Mullahs, but they are worse than the German Nazi. It’s funny to know that the Shas leader, that is a Jewish terrorist, is an Arab ! He is an anti-Iran pig”. And the wise guys say: “many Jews are Arabs, and think and behave like the Arab terrorists. In fact, the Jewish terrorists and the Arab terrorists are two sides of the same coin. Both of them are anti-Iran, anti-humanity, anti-democracy, anti-modernity, anti-Science, etc”. Even the ordinary Jews know Shas and say: “Shas’s leader teaches how to pray for killing … the Shas ultra-Orthodox party, a key faction in Netanyahus governing coalition, loves hatred, war, and violence. We hate them“. The Shas’s leader is really a Mullah, a Jewish Mullah. But we all should wait and see how the UN, the US, the EU, and the Western mass media respond to this Jewish terrorist and the Jewish Nazism. We should wait and see how the UN and the West react to the Jewish Mullahs and the Jewish bullshit. It would show many things.


“The West loved and supported that Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) and his military coup in Iran. That Jewish shit (Ahmadinejad) ate shit, but he never said what the Shas’s leader says today. The Western media pretend that their beloved Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) is representative of Iranians, while the Iranian people hate him and his Western supporters. The Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) ate shit, but the Western media reported: ‘Iran has said that I-s-r-a-el must be wiped off the map [!!]‘. They interpreted his words as a call for genocide ! But the story of ‘wipe off the map’ is funny, because no such idiom exists in Persian Language. If you want to translate Mullah words in English, you should say: “they did say they hoped the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem, would collapse”. It’s what they say in Persian. The European fascists, Nazis, Zionists, Christians, or Arabs have words or idioms like ‘wipe off the map’ and ‘genocide’, but you can’t find such idioms in Persian language and Persian history. The only nation in the world that can not be accused of genocide, are Persians (Iranians). The Persian history is free from genocide, while the European history, the American history, the Christian history, the Arab history, the Jewish history, the Japanese history, etc are full of genocide”, some wise Iranians say. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. We should write more about it later. Unfortunately, many know nothing about the story of the Jewish Mullahs, the Jewish spies, or the Christian fanatics. This shitty world is really full of shit and shitheads, but many still live in a stupid fantasy world, and stupidly think that Westerners are more modern, liberal, tolerant, intellectual, or wiser than Iranians and other nations.


“Do you know why Mullahs, Zionists, and Christian fanatics help each others? and why Obama and USA supported Mullahs and that Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) in 2009, and aided them in killing Iranians? The Jewish fanatics, the Christian fanatics, the American Mormons, and other religious fanatics are like Talibans; they all deny women rights, women equality, human rights, democracy, etc. In fact, a bunch of religious bastards try to destroy the world and all humans, with the help of the Sheeple”, some Iranians say. We all should ask: why the stupid West supports the Jewish Mullahs openly and shamelessly? But when the Christian West supports the Jewish Mullahs, it’s so obvious that they can support the Muslim Mullahs as well. As the wise guys say: “The Jewish Mullahs describe non-Jews as ‘born only to serve us’ ! They hate Christians, Muslims and all other humans. They hate Jesus and see him as an apostate. But why the Christian fanatics love and support the Jewish Mullahs? Why the Christian fanatics that think the Jews killed Jesus, pretend that they love the Jews? And why the West and its Holocaust’s creators should help the Mullah regime and that Jewish spy?” These questions are important, and related to the secrets of the 2009 coup. In 2009, Obama, USA, and the stupid West aided Mullahs and Iranian baboons in killing and suppressing the Iranian people, and now in 2012, even the stupidest people can see its reasons. In fact, Obama, the Lefts, the stupid West, the Jewish Mullahs, the Iranian baboons and their cesspools, including Balatarin.com or RoozOnline, and other jerks and traitors that the Iranian people have seen their true colors and hate them so much, can show you many things about the secrets of the 2009 coup.


The year 2012 has revealed many things about the 2009 coup. Those bastards that betrayed the Iranian people and supported the Mullah regime in 2009, said: “sanction or any political pressure on Mullahs is wrong. The West should not help the Iranian people and their movement. The West should not support Iranians in the name of democracy or human rights”. But in 2012, these bastards that still support Mullahs, say: ‘sanction or any pressure on ‘Iran’ is good. The West should punish Iran and Iranians. The West should torture Iranians, and should keep Iran backward, in the name of nuclear issue”. The past three years can show you many things about the lefts, the stupid West, the intellectual mercenaries, the Iranian baboons and other jerks. The Jewish Mullahs and the Christian fanatics are a big threat, but they are not the biggest threat. Many Americans know the religious fanatics and Zionists. Many know Mormons, and even write about “Muslims and Mormons: Shared Beliefs, Shared Struggles”; but they don’t know the Lefts, the intellectual mercenaries, or some one like Noam Chomsky, that is more dangerous than the religious fanatics. Of course the American Sheeple not only don’t know the leftist bastards or the religious fanatics, but they even don’t know their politicians, their media, or the threat of American Theocracy and American Fascism. As Americans say: “We once feared that the US was under threat from a band of religious fanatics. But who were these feared ‘fanatics?’ Muslims? no; they were Mormons and Christian fanatics. Lying about their religion is not a sin to many of them. They want to establish a Theocracy in the US, and call it Theo-Democracy. But the American people just help them”. In fact, U.S. fanatics are like or worse than Mullahs and Jewish terrorists, but do you know who help these bastards openly and secretly, and why? Many know the religious fanatics or the greedy capitalists, but only a very few people know the lefts, the pseudo intellectuals and the wolves in sheep’s clothing that try to fool and control the Sheeple. And it’s dangerous. As the wise Iranians say: “The secrets of the 2009 coup, and those who supported Mullahs and that Jewish shit (Ahmadinejad) in 2009, can show you many things about this shitty world and its secrets”. Think about it.

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