Iran, Jewish Nazism, and Jewish Offensive War

In these days, the Jewish fanatics are threatening bombing Iran on a daily basis, and openly and shamelessly talk about “the Jewish preventive war against Iran” ! or “the Jewish offensive war against Iran” ! Let’s write about this stupid joke and what Iranians say about it. It’s so obvious that this stupid joke make Iranians angry, but many don’t know why, and many don’t know which part of this stupid joke is important. Some truly say: “It’s a bluff and bullshit. US & EU economic crises, the US election, the West’s love affair with Mullahs, the Syrian tragedy, and many other things can show us that the Zionists are timid dogs that just bark a lot. They know that any Jewish offensive war against ‘Iran’ is equal to the end of the Jewish state”, and even some Western media report: ‘The enthusiasm of Netanyahu and other Zionists for an air strike on Iran appears to have united their country against them. What the Zionists say is bluff”. But it’s not important. It’s not important that some American analysts say: “confrontation with Iran would be disastrous for the US. The consequences of any such confrontation will be devastating for every American”. It’s not important that even some Jewish analysts say: “An offensive Jewish attack against Iran would be a ‘total mistake’. It would be a devastating strategic error. It creates a never-to-be-forgotten Persian vendetta against us“. But it’s very important that the Zionists openly talk about “offensive military attack” on a daily basis, but the world is silent and doesn’t slap their mouth. The world’s silence is very important. Most Iranians, including us, hate the religious fanatics, and hate reading or writing about them; but unfortunately, Iranians and other nations are victims of these bastards and should not be indifferent to them. We have already written about Zionists, Mullahs, and Religious Fanatics . The religious fanatics in the US and the Jewish state are like or worse than Mullahs. The Jewish fanatics, that openly talk about “Offensive war” or “Preventive war”, are a global threat. They can show us a real threat that some name it “the rise of the Jewish Nazism”. Some truly say: “The Zionists are worse the German Nazi. These Jewish bastards repeatedly talk about ‘the Jewish offensive war’ and are threatening bombing Iran on hourly basis. It’s the Jewish Nazism, but the world has closed its dirty mouth. If it was Iran threatening bombing the Jewish state on hourly basis, what the stupid West and their f-u-c-king mass media would say about Iran and Iranians?“. It’s a very important question. Think about it. We have already written about the Jewish fanatics and the Nazi, and why there is no exaggeration to say that the Zionists are exactly like the Nazi, because their logic is Goebbelss logic and their words are Goebbelss words. But when the Jewish terrorists clearly talk about war and the right of a first strike against Iran; and when they deliberately use Iran for referring to Mullahs; and when the world and the UN have closed their dirty eyes; and when the West and the world desperately try to torture the Iranian people, while they betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement in Iran and aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians, it’s so obvious that the story of the 2010s is stupider than the story of the 1930s. The wise guys say: “The economic crises, the Western foolishness, the world’s silence, the global crises, and many other things are like the 1930s, but this time the Nazism is a 100% Jewish Nazism. The Zionists in the US and the Jewish state, and their Zionist agents in the Mullah regime try to play with public opinion. Of course many Iranians know the truth; they clearly say: ‘Ahmadinejad is a Jewish shit. He is a Zionist agent. This Jewish shit and his friends are Jewish spies and work for the Zionists’. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t know that Ahmadinejad comes from a Jewish family, and has a Jewish root. Most people don’t know who has said: ‘An excellent idea enters my mind. To attract outright anti-Semites and to make them the destroyers of Jewish wealth‘”.


“Do you know who has said this? Hitler? Goebbels? Ahmadinejad? no. Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, wrote this in his Dairy. ‘We shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends’, Herzl added. Herzl and other Zionists decided to use the Jewish spies as anti-Jews and anti-Semites. The Zionist reliance on Anti-Semitism to further their goals continues to this day”, the wise guys say. They also add: “The Jewish fanatics believe that the Jews include 3 groups: people who were born to a Jewish family regardless of whether or not they follow the religion; those who have some Jewish ancestral background or lineage; and people who formally convert to Judaism. In fact, traditional Judaism say that a Jew, whether by birth or conversion, is a Jew forever, that means a Jew who claims to be an atheist or converts to another religion is still considered to be Jewish. In fact, the Jewish fanatics believe if one of your parents or your ancestors is a Jew, you are a Jew forever. For the Jewish fanatics, Judaism is not a faith, but is a race”. Theodor Herzl (1860- 1904), the father of Zionism, and also Ahmadinejad, his Jewish family, and his mission, can show you many things. But here, I don’t want to write about the Mullahs or Mr. shit that most Iranians see them as British agents or Jewish spies. In these days, even little kids say: ‘Mullahs are Arabs or pro-Arabs, and Mr shit is a Jewish agent; they work for the West or the Zionists and try to keep Iran weak/ backward’. We would write more about these issues later. But here, lets think about the Jewish Nazi, and how the world allows a bunch of Zionists to threaten its security. We have already written about the historic relations between Iranians and Jews, and how Iranians have supported the Jews and other oppressed minority groups since 3000 years ago. We should write more about “Iranians and Jews”, but the Jews are aware of the truth, and the ordinary Jews respect Persia and Persians for their help. It’s the West that pretends ignorance. As the wise Iranian say: “The Christian West and the Christian fanatics, that think the Jews killed Jesus, have ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (deep hatred) towards the Jews, and wants to annihilate them. The West is the Holocaust creator. But the Western mass media that are master at telling big lies, pretend that the main and old supporter of the Jews, ie Iranians, are enemy of the Jews, but the main and old enemy of the Jews, ie the West and the Christian fanatics, are friend of the Jews !! It’s the end of Charlatanism”. But the world says nothing about this level of charlatanism. You can ask yourself: “The Zionists behave like the Nazi, but why the world is silent?” or “Ahmadinejad is a Jewish shit that the West supports him and his military coup. The Iranian people hate this Jewish shit so much, but why the West and the Zionists pretend that this Jewish agent is the representative of Iranians?” or “if it was Iran threatening bombing the Jewish state on hourly basis, what would happen?” or “why a world of 7 billion allow a tiny tinpot country of 7 million threaten its security and stability?”. Thinking about these questions can show you many things. Some wise guys say: “The US and the Christian fanatics hate the Jews and want to get rid of the Jews. They just see the Jews as a tool for accelerating the end of times, and as tool for creating periodic wars and crises. Many US politicians are Christian fanatics. For instance, Mitt Romney is a fascist shit and a stupid Mormon. But why the Christian fanatics that have ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (= ‘killed father’ = ‘deep hatred’) towards the Jews, and most of them hate the Jews so much, support the Jewish fanatics and pretend that they love the Jews?” It’s an important question. Think about it. It can show you many things about this shitty world, specially about the stupid, childish, sick world of the religious fanatics.


Do you know who has said: “The security of the state requires that … Our states security requires that we take whatever measures seem necessary to protect our community from their threat“. It’s exactly like what the Zionists and the US politicians say in 2012, but it’s what Goebbels wrote in the early 1940s. The Zionists and the US bastards behave like the Nazi and animals. They use terms like ‘our security’ or ‘our red line’ and bully others into surrendering to them. The wise guys say: “The notion that any country is setting a red line and saying, ‘If you cross that red line, were going to use force,’ is not only crazy and wont work, but its the law of the jungle and the law of the Stone Age”. And the ordinary Iranians add: “Who cares about these bastards, their Jewish red line or their American red line. They can go to hell and f-u-ck themselves. It’s these bastards that must fear of our red lines !”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Zionist regime is like the Mullah regime. The Jewish state is a Jewish theocracy, not a democracy. Sometimes the Zionist regime is worse than the Mullah regime. The Mullahs are anti-Iran pigs, and kill and torture the Iranian people, but the Jewish terrorists clearly talk about ‘offensive attack’ or ‘preventive war’, and behave like the Nazi. The Mullahs have never talked about ‘offensive attack’ or ‘preventive war’. The Mullahs and the Islamist pigs just kill and torture the Iranian people, destroy Iran, and serve the West’s interests and the Zionist interests. Do you remember the Iran-Contra scandal? In the 1980s, during the Iran-Contra scandal, the Mullahs, the Zionists, and USA worked together and made love with each others But since 2005, a Jewish shit and a Zionist agent (Ahmadinejad) eats shit in the name of the Iranian people, and destroys Iran and Iran’s economy, and kills and tortures the Iranian people with the help of the West, but the world just pretends ignorance. The religious fanatics in the US and the Jewish state are worse than the Mullahs. They only think of genocide, the end of times, Armageddon, killing all unbelievers, and this kind of horrible bullshit”. The wise Iranians also add: “We are not worried about war against Iran. A tiny tinpot country that is smaller than a Persian city can not be a threat for Persia. Those who eat extra shit would be annihilated. More than 100,000 Iranian Jews live in the Jewish state, and many high rank Jewish politicians are Iranians. They and other normal Jews know why they should prevent the Jewish Nazi from eating extra shit. But we should ask why the Jewish Nazi are allowed to talk about ‘Offensive war’ or ‘Preventive war’? Why the Jewish bastards are allowed to behave like the German Nazi and threaten the world peace?“. The Jewish fanatics repeat the Nazi words and tell stupid jokes, but the West and the Western mass media just encourage them ! It’s very funny and important. In these days, the Western mass media report: “I-s-r-a-el prepared for 30-day war with Iran … a month-long Jewish war against Iran would leave 500 Jewish dead [!!] … they need to stop Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon … It’s the moment at which I-s-r-a-el’s red lines are crossed … they can destroy the Iranian cities [!]… Iran is rapidly approaching the ‘immunity zone’ – the critical point in time after which Iran will no longer be vulnerable to a military strike [!!!]”. It’s funny to know that yesterday, the Western mass media told one of the stupidest jokes of all times: “US, EU, and also U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [that funny Iranians call him ‘Chiz-to-Koon’ (a thing in his ass; f-a-g-got)] sharply criticized Iran’s leaders [!], describing their latest verbal attacks on the Jewish state as ‘offensive and inflammatory’ [!!]”. But do you know how Iranians react to this level of sickening hypocrisy and stupidity? Some say: “The West wants to destroy the Jewish state, kill all Jews, and create Armageddon. And that’s why they encourage the Jews to commit suicide”. The funny Iranians say: “It’s a good joke that the US and the Jewish f-a-g-gots are threatening bombing Iran on hourly basis, but the UN and the Chiz-to-Koon not only don’t condemn these offensive and inflammatory statements, but they call puppets of the West and the Jewish spies ‘Iran’s leaders'”. And many add: “In this shitty world, the main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, and that’s why Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons“. We would write more about this issue later. But there is no doubt that Iran must have nuclear weapons. The stupid West proved it to us.


The West and the religious fanatics love war and hatred, and the Zionists and the Mullahs can have a phony war and can help each others, but the big loser of any war would be the Jews. Iranians inside Iran clearly say: “Any Attack on Iran in the name of the nuclear issue, just proves that the US and the Jewish state are worse than the Nazi Germany. The Jewish fanatics can be sure that after any Jewish offensive attack on Iran, they should say hello to their end, because Persia and the Iranian people (ie the anti-Islamists Iranians) not only will not support the ungrateful Jews any longer, but they will not allow even one Jewish fanatic, Zionist, or Jewish terrorist to live on our planet Earth”. The Iranian Jews know the truth, and that’s why the Iranian Jews in the Jewish state clearly say: “Attacking Iran would be the equivalent of 1,000 9/11s for the Iranian people“, and it’s what the world should not forget it. Those bastards that didn’t care about the Iranian people and the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, and aided the Mullahs in 2009, and now shamelessly talk about “war and sanction” in the name of the nuclear issue, and try to torture the Iranian people, are sick animals. And what the Iranians inside Iran say to them is clear: “Now, all Iranians hate you, the sick bastards. They only spit on you, the motherfucker. The Iranians inside Iran have seen your true colors; they are not as stupid as the Lefts or the Iranian expats”. Most people in Iran are anti-Mullahs, anti-Islamists and hate the Arab pigs (ie anti-Iran and pro-Mullahs pigs), but they clearly say: “Any Jewish offensive war against ‘Iran’, with or without US help, just proves that what the Nazi said about the Jews was right“. Even the wise Iranians say: “any Jewish offensive military attack on ‘Iran’, just proves that we were wrong and Goebbels was right about the Jews”. In the 1940s, Goebbels said: “The Jews wanted war, and now they have it. The Jews must be removed from our [world], for they endanger our existence. They will never give us rest. If they could, they would drive one nation after another into war against us. They only want to force the world to accept their bloody domination. The Jews started this war and they direct it. Their goal is to destroy and exterminate our people. There is only one effective measure: cut them out. The Jews will have to answer for their countless crimes against the happiness and peace of mankind, and one day the whole world will give them the penalty that they are suffering today. When dealing with the Jews there are only two choices: to surrender to them or to fight them. The Jews are the most dangerous enemy that ever threatened the life, freedom, and dignity of humanity“. The wise guys and good guys, including the wise Jews, should not remain silent about U.S. and Jewish Nazis. Some ask: “The West had no option. What do you expect from the West?” It’s really stupid. The West had many options. But the stupid West, the stupid Lefts, and the stupid monkey (Obama) decided to help the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, and betray the Iranian people and the human values. We have already written about it, and about “What Iranians Expect from the West” (check Archive). The first thing that the stupid West must do is: “Apologizing to the Iranian people for betraying them in 2009 and the past three years”. The West should stop behaving like animals. It’s funny to know that in these months, the Iranian baboons that ‘were worried’ about the Mullahs in 2009, and helped the Mullahs and the West, and betrayed the people, and earned good money in the name of ‘Iranian Opposition’, have closed their dirty mouths now. Now, they not only ‘are not worried’ about Iran and Iranians, but they aid the Zionists, the stupid West, and the Pahlavists in torturing and suffocating people. We should write more about the Iranian baboons or the Iranian traitors that are worse than pigs, and are one of the main responsible for the current shit. Anyway, a world that its main laws are “the law of the jungle”, “charlatanism”, “tribalism”, “utilitarian double standards”, “hypocrisy”, etc is not a human world. It’s a stupid jungle. It’s a stupid animal world. I hope the wise guys and good guys can see the main problems and “the Jewish Nazism”, and don’t underestimate the stupidity of idiots and religious fanatics in the Jewish state and USA.

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