Persia, Western Hypocrisy, and Spirit of Olympics

“If the London 2012 Olympics has shown one thing, it’s about the true face of Britain and the stupid West, and their sickening hypocrisy. The Western nationalists and hypocrites screw the so-called ‘spirit of the Olympics’. When these bastards talk about globalism or ‘spirit of the Olympics’, it’s like when the Mullahs talk about ‘freedom and democracy'”, the wise Iranians say. The Western Hypocrisy is really sickening. The stupid Americans say: “We watch the Olympics games, just because we want to see the U.S kick every other country’s ass ! the Olympics games is about faith and pride in our country”. And the British bastards clearly talk about Team GB and necessary patriotism (i.e. nationalism and chauvinism) and add (even in the Guardian): “The Olympics is and always has been a highly political event [!] And now we can claim that the age of Britain’s decline, 1948- until now, was ended in 2012 [!] We are a superpower again [!!]”. It can remind you of a Persian proverb, “Camel dreams of … [impossible dreams]”, and it can show you their sickening hypocrisy and stupidity. When we and other Iranians write about the whole world and all humans, the Western idiots think that it’s a sign of weakness. They say: “You care about the whole world, because your country is a small and weak country [!]”. The number of these idiots is not small in the US and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “If Iranians want to behave like Americans and Europeans, they have many things to say, more than those pigs who ate each others, and have created the Middle age, the colonialism age, the slave trade, the fascism, the Nazism, many horrible wars, hundreds of millions of victims, etc”. We’re happy that many Iranians care about all humans and the whole world. It’s a sign of wisdom, not weakness. But as the wise Iranians say: “We are proud of this level of wisdom and tolerance among Iranians, but apparently the stupid West and their idiots that are sick pigs, can’t understand the human values and the human language. We should speak to them with their own language”. Here I try to show you why even the wise Iranians are angry, and how they react to the stupid Westerners and the Western hypocrisy. “The stupid West and its sick pigs pretend that Iran is a small or weak country, but all educated people know that Iran or Persia has been among the oldest, richest, and greatest countries and civilizations in the world, and that’s why the stupid Westerners have always been so jealous of Persia”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “When the stupid West, i.e. their bad guys and their sick pigs, talk about the world history and the human civilization, they try not to use terms like ‘Iran’, ‘Persia’, ‘Iranian’, ‘Persian’, etc, and instead they call Iran or Persia ‘the Caucasus’, ‘the Central Asia’, ‘the Middle East’, etc. The stupid West tell big lies about Persia, and it’s very funny and important“. Those who read history, or even those who watch the Olympics games, can learn many things about human history and Persians (Iranians). The London 2012 Olympics showed many things. For instance, a Hungarian gold medalist (in Athletics) had a Persian name: Krisztian Pars. “Pars” means “a person from Persia”, and it’s obvious that these Hungarians had Persian roots, and were proud of it. But unfortunately, many don’t know that many people in the Eastern Europe have Persian roots. Many people in Croatia, Hungary , Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, etc have Persian roots. Of course many Europeans are aware of this issue. The tourists, athletes or couches that come to Iran from Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc clearly say: “We know that our ancestors have been Iranians and have immigrated to Europe from Persia”. It’s funny to know that some of them try to marry Persians, or learn Persian language, and most of them want to have more connections with Persia, their ancient homeland. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs are Arabs and anti-Persia. They are an occupying force, and have occupied Iran. They hate the Iranian culture, and that’s why the West loves the Mullahs and supports them. But in the near future, Iranians will rule Iran, and try to restore Great Persia, and will have very close and special relations with the good guys in the Eastern Europe and other parts of the world, specially in India and China, that were old friends of Persia. Of course Great Persia will punish the stupid West for betraying Iranians”. The wise Iranians also add: “It’s needless to say that Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc are parts of Persia, and those who live there are “Iranian”, with Iranian culture. Sooner or later, Iranians will restore Great Persia, maybe as a federal state: United States of Persia. At that time, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc that were invaded and occupied by Russia and Britain in the 19th century, will return home, and will unit to form ‘Great Persia’ again. At that time, the stupid West and other racists and sick bastards will die of jealousy again“. What Iranians say makes the bad guy angry. It makes their blood boil, but they had to know that their betrayals and their strategic mistakes in the past three years, would reveal their true colors. Now, as the wise Iranians say: “Iranians are aware of an undeniable fact: Those anti-Iran pigs who made that stupid film (‘300’), that was a ridiculous joke, are behind the Mullah regime, and aided Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians”.


Unfortunately, many don’t know the world history. They don’t know that Russia is a new-born country, or Russia and Britain invaded Persia and occupied many parts of it in the 19th century. The Western idiots, that their number is not small, say: “We all lived in Southern Russia [!!!] 4,500 years ago“. These stupid bastards refer to “Persia” as “Southern Russia” !!, but why? Some say: “because their media and their politicians have brainwashed them”. But as the historians say: “Russia is a new-born state that didn’t exist before the 15th century. In the Northern borders of Persia, just a few [savage] Tatar tribes lived in the frozen wasteland (today’s Russia). [Some Tatar tribes were under the Iranian cultural sphere, but other tribes were savage tribes]. For Iranians, ‘Tatar’ was, and still is, a slang term that meant ‘savage’, ‘barbarian’, ‘wild’, etc. For thousands of years, Iran (Persia) was a great country, and today’s Persian Golf’s states, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, many parts of Pakistan, etc were parts of Persia. The people in these areas are Iranians, and have Iranian culture. But Russia and Britain invaded Persia and occupied these parts of Persia in the 19th century”. And the independent historians add: “Russia and Britain tried to change the people’s culture, but many people in these areas are still proud of their ancient Iranian culture. When a new state began to grow around Moscow in the 15th century, and when a very brutal dictator, Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584), became the first tsar, Russia was a small new-born country. ‘The Tatar khan’ term became ‘Tsar’, and that frozen wasteland started to become a country, and then they started to suppress those Tatar tribes that were under the Iranian cultural sphere“. We should write more about ‘Persia and Russia’, ‘Persia and Britain”, and ‘Persia, Caucasus and Western Hypocrisy’, but here I should say that when Iran was experiencing it’s sharp decline, Russia started to emerge as a power during the reign of Peter, who built Saint Petersburg in the first decades of 18th century. And then Russia invaded Persia in the 19th century, and could occupy the northern parts of Persia with the help of Britain. When Russia invaded Persia and tried to occupy the Caucasus in the 19th century, many people in the Caucasus fought against the Russian occupying army and were killed. Even after 150 years, they have not forgotten their Iranian culture and their Iranian roots. They are still part of the Iranian cultural sphere. In the London 2012 Olympics, you could see that the athletes form Georgia and other parts of the Caucasus had Iranian names, like Manouchehr, Ramin, Rostam, etc. Many young and old people in Iran and the Caucasus, see each others as ‘fellow countrymen’, not as people from different countries or different cultures. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Olympics games, all athletes from these countries are athletes from Great Persia (GP) !, that is really a great country with a great history, not like those idiots who just call themselves ‘Great’, but are smaller than ‘small’. We know difference between greatness and gestures of greatness“. They also add: “Do you know how many Iranians have been killed for Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and other parts of the Caucasus? When Russia and the UK invaded Persia and occupied these areas in the 19th century, many Iranians in Iran and the Caucasus were killed, because they wanted to defend Persia, and if the British bastards didn’t help the Russian bastards, Russia was not able to defeat Persia, even in the 19th century, when Persia was not as powerful as before”. After the Western betrayals in the past three years, Iranians have seen the true face of the West, and that’s why they think about restoring Great Persia, or the United States of Persia. The bad guys have always been so stupid, and they still live and think like animals, and love the law of the jungle. The independent historians add: “The Russian [bastards] and the British [bastards] tried to change ethnic identity in the occupied parts of Persia. They used ‘ethnic cleansing’ tactics, engineered mass immigration, and forced many people to leave their home, but even these horrible dirty tricks, could not change many things in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc, because these areas were part of Persia for thousands years, and the Iranian culture was part of their blood”. It’s funny to know that even in Russia, many wise and cultured people have Persian roots. The historians say: “Strong Persian cultural influence even can be traced up as far as central Russia. Even today, after decades of partition, most of these regions retain a sort of Iranian identity, as seen in their old beliefs, traditions and customs. In these years, in all parts of Russia you can see many people that have Persian roots”. It’s very important, and that’s why some Russian athletes in the Olympics games had 100% Persian names, like ‘Rostam’. The historians also add: “the so-called North Caucasus region in today’s southern Russia, including Dagestan, Chechnya, Ossetia, etc long formed part of Persia and the Iranian cultural sphere until they were invaded and occupied by Russia in the 19th century”. When the Western idiots say: “The US, France, Canada and Britain have perhaps the most multi-ethnic Olympic teams”. The witty Iranians say: “The black slaves were prisoners, and they exploited the African slaves and their offspring, but now their medals are considered as American medals or British medals, and they call it multiculturalism. But at the same time, these bastards tell big shameful lies about Persia and Caucasus, that have the same (Iranian) culture and the same root, much more than what you can see in Europe, USA, or even a small country like Switzerland. These bastards have always been jealous of Persia, and as you know, Inferiority complex creates sick hypocrites or narcissistic idiots. Those Spartans and those savage Europeans that even the ancient Greeks called them ‘Barbarians’ (below pix), only licked the Iranians’ shoes. But their Inferiority complex forced them to write ‘fictional’ stories about their war or their relation with Great Persia, and now their offspring still suffer from that ancient Inferiority complex”.


If the racist, narcissistic Westerners and their sickening hypocrisy and their sickening narcissism didn’t exist, we would not write about Persia and the angry Iranians. But when the stupid West and its stupid racists, chauvinists, narcissists, and other idiots “eat ‘shame’ and vomit ‘decency'” (it’s a Persian proverb), we are forced to react. I know that many Iranians think like us, and they hate speaking about one country or one nation. When you live in Iran, and when you see many Iranians talk about and care about the whole world and all humans, you only can hate the stupid West and the Western media that tell big lies about such a wise tolerant people. I just care about the truth, not Iran, the West or any thing else. I like to write about all humans, the whole world, the better world and the better future. Iran has its own problems and its own stupidities, but when the stupid West and their mercenaries, that have many many serious problems and stupidities, talk nonsense and betray the truth, many can’t remain silent. The stupid West and their mercenaries have created many problems for Iranians and other nations. They still tell big lies and betray the truth. These bastards and their sickening hypocrisy are really unbearable. As the wise Iranians say: “When the Western bastards talk about Globalism, it means Americanization, and destroying other cultures and other humans They don’t care about other people and other nations. They are selfish, racist, nationalist, narcissist, and utilitarian. They just screw the so-called ‘spirit of the Olympics’, and clearly say: ‘The Olympics games is not about individualism, humanism, or globalism; It’s about Nationalism [!!]’. But these bastards should know that if Iranians and others want to behave like them, they should go to hell and f-u-c-k themselves. Iranians can kick their ass and every other country’s ass. Iran is the cradle of civilization and the oldest and greatest country in the world, that has many able men and women who can f-u-ck the bastards easily”. The story of the Western hypocrisy is important, and we all should ask why they tell big lies about Persia, Caucasus, and the world history. We should ask why the sick bastards don’t say that many things in the West have Persian roots, and instead, they stupidly say: “we and our culture have Russian roots !” As funny Iranians say: “Oh, Yah, only the good and wise Westerners have Iranian roots. The sick bastards in the West are offspring of the Neanderthals or those savage Tatars that were uncultured”. When the Western bastards talk about the human history, they talk about Russia, while Russia didn’t exist before the 15th century, and we all should ask why? As the historians say: “ Khwarazm is one of the oldest Iranian regions in the world. You can read about it even in the ancient book of Avesta (about 4000 to 5000 years ago). The name also appears in Achaemenid inscriptions. Khwarezm and her cities appear in Persian literature in abundance, in both prose and poetry. Dehkhoda called Khwarazm ‘the cradle of the Aryan tribe and the Iranian people. Kkwarazm or Kharazm is a large region on the Amu Darya river delta in the Northern Persia [, that the stupid West calls it ‘Central Asia’]. The famous scientist Biruni, a Kharazm native, said (in the 10the century): ‘The people of the Kharazm were a branch from Persian tree’. Today Khwarazm is split between several central Asian states”. They also add: “Parts of Khwarazm and the famous Persian cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, Shirin, Zar-afshan, etc are located in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. These cities are the birthplace of the post-Islamic Persian literature. The Samanids, who claimed inheritance to the Sassanids, had their capital built there. [It’s important to note that] even Turco-Mongolian invasions and long rule by Turco-Mongol dynasties could not change many Iranian characters of the region”. In the 19th century, when the Russian occupying army started to annex Kharazm and other parts of Persia, the stupid West and the colonial powers supported Russia. Of course they didn’t know that an occupying army can occupy a region, but they can’t change the people, their culture and their customs easily, even by force. As the independent historians say: “In the Colonialism age, Britain, Russia, and other evil forces tried to change cultural and ethnic identities, and used ‘ethnic cleansing’ tactics, engineered mass immigration, and used many other inhuman tactics in the occupied lands, including Persia, India, America, Australia, and Africa. But even these inhuman tactics could not change the people, their culture and their customs, at least in Persia“. And as the wise Iranians say: “The British bastards have always used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and tried to keep Persia, India, Africa, etc weak and backward. They even used the same tactics in America. But now, it’s Britain that is weak, small, and stupid. And the story of Russia doesn’t need explanation”. In these days, when we had an earthquake in Azerbaijan province, the Western bastards and their mercenaries started to tell big jokes about Persia and Azerbaijan. The British bastards, that have always supported the separatist groups in Persia and other countries, know that Azerbaijan or the Caucasus has always been parts of Persia, but they say: ‘Azerbaijan is Turk, and should join Turkey or Turkestan !’ But those who read history, know how Azerbaijan’s people hated the Ottoman Turks and fought against them for hundreds of years, and how Azerbaijan’s people tried to restore the Persian Empire during the Safavid dynasty (in 16th century). Yah, in the 11th century, groups of Turks went to Azerbaijan and lived there with Iranians, but after several decades, they were as Iranian as other Iranians, because nobody forced them to become Iranian, and they loved the great culture of the ancient land of tolerance. The ordinary people in Azerbaijan and other parts of Persia hate the pan-Turk bastards, as they hated the Ottoman Turks, who were racist and anti-Iran. It’s funny to know that even many people in today’s Turkey have Iranian roots. In the 2012 Olympics games, a boxer from Turkey, had a Persian name: “Bahram Mozafar”. The story of the Ottoman Turks and people of Azerbaijan and other parts of Persia, can show you many things about the true face of the British bastards and the stupid West, who want to destroy Iran with the help of their agents, specially the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons. But now, almost all Iranians know that the stupid West is anti-Iran and pro-Mullahs. Now, Iranians say: “We know why the West supported the Mullahs. The Mullahs are anti-Iran pigs, who hate the Iranian culture. The Mullahs are puppets of the West. They are Arab pigs, and hate Iran and Iranians. And that’s why the West loves and supports the Mullahs”. Even the Olympic games can show you how the Mullahs try to keep Iran backward, and how the Mullahs torture Iranians and try to prevent them from building a strong Iran. It’s the Mullahs’ mission, and we would write more about it later.

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