Horny Sheeple and Stupid Protests in the West

August 13, 2012

The OWS, the Canadian protests, the UK riots, or the Spanish protests, that we have already written about them (check Archive), can show us many things about the serious problems in the World and the West. As you know, we were sympathetic to these protests in the West, and we had a lot of sympathy for the protesters, but when the bad guys, specially the stupid lefts, the pseudo intellectuals, and the intellectual mercenaries ruined the people movements, and didn’t allow people to have progressive goals and clear demands, and when people followed them like sheep, and when the idiots and the s-e-x addicts gained the upper hand, we started to criticize these protests. And now, when almost all of these protests have been ruined, we all should think about their fate, and should ask why? why the bad guys could control and fool the Western people and their movements? It’s very important. I think you can see the same pattern in almost all Western protests in the past two years – i.e. in the OWS, the Spanish protests, the UK riots, the Canadian protests, etc. These protests that could create serious, modern, progressive movements, and could bring real changes, became stupid, fruitless, embarrassing protests, and we all should ask why and should think about it. The story of “Sheeple and Stupid Protests” or “Pseudo Intellectuals and Stupid Protests” in the West is a very important story. In fact, it’s the story of controlling and fooling people, making the people movements infertile, betraying peoples hopes, and diverting the people movements into a swamp or a deadlock. It’s a very great tragedy, and we all should care about it. It’s the real tragedy that the Western protests, from the OWS to the Spanish protests, suffered from the same serious problems. As we already wrote about the OWS or the Spanish protests, “just calling for change is not enough. There have to be concrete goals, a clear list of demands, and a plan of action, or change means nothing“. But in these stupid protests, the lack of clarity became the lack of clear demands; and without progressive goals and clear demands, they just wasted their energy, and made a fool of themselves. In these stupid protests, the s-e-x addicts, and those idiots that their brain is in their ass, and those who follow the stupid lefts and the pseudo intellectuals like sheep, could gain the upper hand and could destroy the people movement.


Recently, some told us: “Why you are not sympathetic towards the people protests in the West? They protested against the bad guys and their corrupt systems, and you have no sympathy for them”. It’s really stupid. If you check our Archive page, you can see that we have already expressed our sympathy for them. For instance, when we wrote about “Spains Uprising and Censorship”, that very few people have written about it, we had a lot of sympathy for the so-called 15-M (15 May) movement, also known by its motto «Democracia Real Ya!» (Real Democracy Now). But what happened to that movement? At first, they talked about “Real Democracy” or “Direct Democracy”, and it was very good, but the bad guys and the Sheeple, and also the lack of clarity and the lack of clear demands, destroyed their movement. The Sheeple (sheep people), the s-e-x addicts, and those who only wanted to have fun (s-e-x), could converted “Real Democracy” into “Real Sheepocracy”. Photos can show you many things -for instance, what you see here are photos about the Spanish protests (1&2), the OWS (3&4), and the UK riots (5). They can show you that almost all Western protests in 2011, were almost like the 2012 Canadian Farce. Unfortunately, the bad guys in USA, UK, Spain, Canada, etc try to control and fool people with the same tactics, but no one write about this issue. The roots of problems in USA, UK, Spain, Canada, and other countries are almost alike, and all humans should try to aid each others in solving these global problems, but unfortunately, most of Westerners, specially the idiots, just repeat the stupid lefts’ bullshit or the bad guys’ crap, or just care about ‘national interests’, patriotism, ‘nation pride’, etc, and still live in the Tribalism Age or the Stone Age. Of course, many people and some protesters in Spain, USA, UK, Canada, etc are wise and open-minded, but they are not in the majority, and could not save the people movements. Some said: “Over half of the Spanish population distrust politicians and do not feel represents by any political parties”, but unfortunately, the Spanish 15-M could not unit them behind a progressive movement for real democracy and real changes. And now many people are very disappointed. Unfortunately no one writes about the Sheeple, the horny idiots, the Horny West, the stupid lefts, the religious fanatics, or the pseudo intellectuals that helped the bad guys and ruined the people movement.


As we said before, “Choosing between a limited circle of corrupt politicians is a vicious circle”. But many Westerners are still controlled and fooled by this small corrupt circle. “The vicious circle should be broken by the people”, but even the elite are blind and stupid. The American people want to choose between two great evils in the 2012 election. And that stupid election in Spain could not solve any problem, and now many people are frustrated. In 2011, and in our “Spanish Police vs Spanish Protesters” (check archive), we made a joke and said: “One of the funny and interesting matter about the young Spanish protesters is: ‘Spanish boys and girls working and sleeping together in the streets'”. We also added: “Instead of sleeping together all day or all night, some Spanish boys and girls should create a good website in English, with a good collections of protesters blogs, pictures, articles, etc, and should cover the Spanish protests properly. Sleep together, OK, but work together, too ! Work a little for your movement !“. But the Sheeple and the sex addicts that their brain is in their ass, could destroy the Spanish movement, as they destroyed the OWS, the Canadian protests, the UK riots, etc. Unfortunately, no one writes about the serious problems in the West, and no one talks about the real and feasible solutions, for instance about having direct democracy, holding referendum or boycotting the stupid elections in the West. I know why their bad guys hate these ideas and try to fool their people, but I don’t know why the wise guys and the good guys remain silent. As the wise Iranians say: “The 2012 US election is one of the stupidest elections in the US history. The Americans should choose between two great evils – a stupid Monkey (Obama) and a stupid Mormon (Romney). But no one talks about boycotting the election and protesting against ‘the vicious circle’. If the American people can create a movement for boycotting the 2012 presidential election, like what the Iranian people did about the 2012 Mullah election, or a movement for having referendum (or direct democracy) about the main problems, many things would change in the US. But why the American people can not have a progressive movement with clear demands?” The bad guys and their media try to fool the Westerners, and don’t allow them to boycott the election, ask for referendum, etc but unfortunately the wise guys are silent and inactive.


The OWS and other western protests in 2011 and 2012, were stupid protests, but many even don’t know why. Some idiots say: “The people tried to revolt against their corrupt systems and their corrupt politicians. Their movements were not stupid. Shame on you !”. It’s really shameful that they can’t see the obvious things. It’s so obvious that ‘revolting against the bad guys, specially against the corrupt systems and the corrupt politicians’ is a very good thing, but the OWS and other western protests were stupid protests, because the bad guys and their intellectual mercenaries could control and fool people and their movement. Those who said: “we should not have any goal or any demand. The OWS should not have a clear list of demands”, were charlatans or the intellectual mercenaries, but they could play with people. Unfortunately, you can see the same thing in the UK, Canada, Spain, etc. The bad guys try to brainwash people, and censor the people voices, but most of Westerners say nothing about the horrible problems, including censorship and other controlling tactics. Maybe they think: “Censorship just hurt the Iranian people; and who care about them and their pain and suffering”. But the plague will pollute everywhere. When Albert Camus wrote “The Plague”, he hoped that the world and the West learn form their mistakes, and don’t repeat their horrible mistakes. But unfortunately, the selfish idiots and the sick utilitarians, and their sickening foolishness and their sickening hypocrisy, don’t allow us to have a better world. In 2011, and during the Spanish protests, some Spaniards wrote about ‘Poor coverage, no analysis, dreadful and completely misleading headline’, and it was a sad truth, but they had forgotten the story of Iranians in 2009 and 2011. At that time, we wrote: “The Western mass media is really hypocrite and charlatan. Even the Guardian has not covered the current uprising in Spain. Its really meaningful. Now the young Europeans, especially the young Spaniards, can understand the Iranian protesters. When the Western mass media closed their eyes to the Iranian protesters [and the Western betrayals, ] and distorted the facts about Iran, it was very obvious that sooner or later they would do the same thing about the western protesters and the western countries”. The plague can’t discriminate between the people in Iran and the West, and those who don’t care about the Iranians’ pain and suffering, are as stupid as those who lived in the 1930s.


“Economic Collapse, Poverty Explosion, Increase In Crime, National Debt Crisis, Corrupt Politicians, Censorship and Misinformation, the Lobbying Industry, Gang Violence, War, Anxiety Epidemic, Drug Addiction Epidemic, Child Abuse Epidemic, Teen Pregnancy, Divorce Epidemic, etc, Oh, why are so many bad things happening to America and Europe?”, some Americans ask. I think if you can see the main problems of the OWS, you can find the answer. When they even could not have clear demands, and when many stupid protesters talked about the armed revolution or the classic revolution, and when many stupid protesters wanted to restore the Christian Theocracy, the Communism, and other backward systems, and when the stupid lefts and the intellectual mercenaries could fool and control the people, it was so obvious that their stupid protests are ‘shameful things’ that could change nothing, and it was obvious that ‘many bad things should happen to the West’. In 2009, the stupid West and the stupid lefts aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people, and now in 2012, these bastards impose more sanctions on the Iranian people and try to torture them more, but the world and public opinion are blind and deaf. And it can show you ‘why many bad things should happen to America and Europe’. Those who betray the Iranian people, betray other people and other nations as well. Those idiots who have no sympathy for the Iranian people, and enjoy watching Iranians’ pain and suffering, are like their politicians, and deserve them. They deserve their corrupt system. It’s really shameful that many Westerners don’t care about the Iranian people, but we and many other Iranians are not like them. Even what we wrote about “Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian Farce”, is like what we said about the OWS and other Western protests: “[We] hope the wise Canadians can change the current embarrassing situation in Canada. The Canadian politicians make concessions, only when the wise Canadians have the upper hand, not now, when the brainless s-e-x addicts have the upper hand“. It’s needless to say that we just care about the wise guys and the good guys in the West, not about their sick people, their racists, their fanatics, their Sheeple, and their bad guys.


The bad guys or the idiots try to abuse the valuable concepts, and try to destroy them. For instance, the sick bastards in the Assad regime, or the sick Mullahs, talk about “Foolable Sheeple of the West”; or some idiots and/or intellectual mercenaries in the alternative media -such as TheDailySheeple.com, OccupyStupidity.org, etc – abuse the valuable concepts. As the Iranians say: “they want to pollute the water and catch their own fish”. In fact, the bad guys and their mercenaries try to confuse people, and try not to allow people to see the main problems and the roots of problems. But if all good guys try to help each others, they can defeat the bad guys. Of course you can not fight against the bad guys alone. It’s stupid and useless. We and this website don’t want and don’t try to “fight against the bad guys”. We think it’s stupid, useless, and fruitless. If you read our “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” (check archive), you can see why we think in this way. We just can’t live like sheep, and can’t bear seeing some serious problems and remaining silent. In these days, many things are annoying, and many things try to disappoint us, and I hope the good guys don’t remain silent. When they are silent or inactive, the bad guys can create evil things, including hatred, war, disappointment, etc. Anyway, here I should answer another comment and finish writing. After writing these lines, I saw a comment about our “London Olympics and The Horny West”. A reader asked: “Can you tell me why the Spanish protests are among the ‘shameful things’ in the West?”. This article is the answer. But s/he that can be an Iranian expat, a Spaniard, a bad guy, or anything else, also repeated some common stupid things, and added: “You insult me with saying I am ‘shameful’ [!]”. In an article that has about 1500 words, some try to find 1 word or 1 term – that is not even related to the main topic- and try to use it as an excuse to judge us by it ! It’s a clear sing of stupidity or sickness. But as the wise Iranians say: “Even if we insult those bastards that their foolishness or their silence have allowed the US and the West to make love with Mullahs, convert Iran into a big prison, and betray and torture the Iranian people, we have every right. Whatever Iranians have to say about them is justified. Even if Iranians use bad language and invective (Fohsh Khar-Madar’), and even if Iranians insult the West and the Western people from morning to night, it’s really less than what they deserve it. What the West and the Western people have done to Iran and the Iranian people, specially in the past three years, is worse than the greatest possible insults. So, they deserve everything, including severe punishment for aiding the Mullahs and betraying and ignoring the Iranian people“. Anyway, I hope the good guys can ask themselves: why many Americans and Europeans try to enjoy s-e-x in the name of protesting? Why they try to hide their s-e-x-ual desires behind protesting? or why they try to satisfy their sexual needs in the name of protesting against tyranny and corruption ? When you are horny or s-e-x addict, and when your brain is in your ass, and when you are one of the Sheeple, you can’t protest against tyranny, corruption, and other serious problems; you just f-u-c-k a serious movement and help the bad guys. It’s what the OWS, the Canadian Farce, the Spanish protests, and the UK riots showed us, and I hope all of you can think about it.