UK Jokes: from London Olympics to London Riots

The Olympic games should unite humans and human community, but the London Olympics is full of corruption, fraud, racist and nationalist comments, mismanagement, and other stupid things. As some Iranians say: “The British bastards (the bad Britons) and the West just care about ‘medal count’, ‘national pride’, and other political or chauvinistic issues. And many make use of fraud, bribery, and other dirty tricks, and want to gain more medals at any price. The London Olympics is a stupid joke”. But it’s funny to know that the shameless British media say: ‘For Iran, the Olympic Games involves Persian pride (and politics) [!!]’. The British bastards love distorting the truth. For Iranians, the London Olympics is a dirty Olympics. As the people media report: “The story of an Iranian boxer, Ali Mazaheri, that became a victim of the British bastards, the Boxing Mafia and a stupid German referee, or the story of an Iranian wrestler, Saeed Abdvali, that became a victim of the British bastards, the Wrestling Mafia and the French faggots, just remind Iranians of the systematic injustice and bullying in today’s world. When Mazaheri said: ‘It was a fix. It was a set up; Ive never seen anything like it in my life. They don’t want to see our success’, it could remind you of the 2009 coup and when most of Iranians said the same thing, and saw the true face of the stupid West [, the stupid Lefts, ] and their puppets”. Of course, some Britons talk about “Stupid London Olympics” or “stupid, smelly, hateful Olympics in London”, too. But the angry Iranians say: “The London 2012 Olympics is a dirty, stupid, political Olympics. When eight badminton players tried to deliberately lose group stage matches, and when that Swiss player and those stupid Britons and other idiots made racist comments about other nations, or when those German bastards in that German TV made a racist comment about Iran and that Iranian ping pong player, or when we saw how the British bastards copy the Mullah tactics, and use soldiers and students to fill the empty seats, or when we saw their stupid opening ceremony, we understood that the London 2012 Olympics is one the stupidest Olympics of all times”. The London Olympics has a stupid logo, but some Britons have made a cool logo that connects the London Olympics to the London Riots, and I think it’s one of the best logos for the London Olympics.


“The London 2012 logo is stupid logo, and about GBP 400,000 was wasted on designing it. The first public reaction to the stupid logo was largely negative; more than 80% of votes gave the logo the lowest possible rating”, some say. But the above loge is a good logo and can show us many things, as the UK riots or the London Riots in 2011, could show us many things about the British society and its serious problems. And now, the British media and the British bastards that use the Olympics games as a tool for boosting “national pride”, dirty politics and chauvinism, can show us many things about understand the roots of problems in the UK. The British bastards, i.e. politicians and other bad guys in the UK, have created many serious problems for Iranians, Indians, Africans, and other other nations. Unfortunately, Iranians still are victims of the British bastards or “the British Mullah-Makers”. In the recent days, Khamenei, that many Iranians see him as a British agent, has said: ‘Our dear Basiji [thugs] didn’t had to attack the British embassy [!] It was a mistake’. It’s funny to know that most of the Mullah media censored his words. It’s funny, but not funnier than what the media reported yesterday. “The British banks help the Mullahs (not Iranians). While the Iranian people are victims of the Western sanctions, the Mullahs make use of the British banks and transfer billions of dollars. The HSBC and the StanChart work with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia. The Standard Chartered was a ‘rogue institution’ that “schemed’ with the Mullahs. They hid 60,000 secret transactions to earn hundreds of millions of dollars [!] in fees over nearly 10 years. The British banks had exposed the U.S. banking system to terrorists, drug traffickers and corrupt groups, the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) said. HSBC currently is under investigation by U.S. law enforcement, too. The StanChart officials say: ‘You (expletive) Americans. Who are you to tell us that we should not make deal with Mullahs [!!]’. It’s a catastrophic reputational damage to the British banks”, the media reported. The secret relations between British bastards, Mullahs, and Iranian baboons is a very important part of Iran’s modern history. As some Iranians say: “The UK and British bastards have had a key role in destroying Persia, supporting Mullahs and Iranian dictators, and keeping Persia backward. And that’s why most of Iranian people hate the British bastards so much. In fact, Iranians are not alone, and many other nations, including Indians, Africans, and the Chinese, hate the UK and the British bastards so much. Who can like charlatans, the brutal colonial powers, or the stupid bastards?”

Iranians, Indians, and other nations are not the only victims of the British bastards. The ordinary Britons are one of the main victims of the British bastards and their corrupt system. When Britons try to connect the London Olympics to the London Riots in their works, you can see the depth of their anger. And when Britons say: “We feel the police represent a community that doesn’t include me. No one could understand why rioters targeted their local areas, but on that night the shops were owned by the police who had forever targeted us with stop and searches”, you can understand them. Many Britons feel their government doesn’t represent them. Many Britons hate Cameron, Tories, the stupid Queen, and other British bastards. The 2011 English riots was just the tip of the iceberg. When the BBC, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Financial Times, and other British media tell big lies about Iran and the Iranian people, or make love with the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, it’s so obvious that they betray the ordinary Britons, too. But unfortunately, the British media still can brainwash many Britons. As we said before (check Archive), during the UK riots, the British media used “Divide and Rule” tactics, and tried to fool people and hide the roots of problems. Unfortunately, the UK riots was a stupid and blind riot, and showed that today’s Iranians are wiser and more modern than their British counterparts, but we should not forget how the British bastards and the British media tried to control people and hide the truth at that time. And it’s like what the American media try to do about the American terrorist. After more than two weeks, the American media and the American officials still try to hide the truth about Holmes, the American terrorist. Apparently, the American terrorist is like the Norwegian terrorist, and has a manifesto that the US officials try to hide it. As the media reported: ‘Officials have received a notebook from Holmes on Monday after massacre. The notebook detailed Holmes’ plans to kill people. But neither officials with the university nor law enforcement would discuss the contents of his package, citing a judge’s order banning people from discussing it [!!]“. This level of censorship and hiding the truth in the US and the UK is really horrible. The US tries to hide the American terrorist and his motives, as the UK tried to hide the roots of the UK riots, but the real tragedy is that the Sheeple (sheep people) in the US and the UK don’t protest against this level of tyranny and censorship. The Western Sheeple just follow their media and their pseudo intellectuals like sheep, and it’s a very big tragedy.

What you see in the London 2012 Olympics, from the horrible mismanagement and the widespread corruption to the racist and chauvinistic comments, are tragic jokes. The 2011 London riots and what the British system and their corrupt media did in 2011, were tragic jokes, too. But the stupid Iranian expats, i.e. the Iranian baboons that get money and betray the truth, pretend ignorance about the horrible problems in Britain. They said nothing about the 2011 UK riots, and didn’t compare it with the 2009 Iranian uprisings, because it just proved that many Britons are stupider than many Iranians. When Britons, Americans, Europeans, and other nations talk about ‘national pride’ and care about their country’s medals in the Olympics games, or the image of their country, the Iranian baboons say: ‘Oh, it’s natural. They are proud of their country. They are happy, and they deserve it’. But when the Iranian people express the same emotions, the Iranian baboons say: ‘Iranians are nationalist. But those who are proud of their country, and care about Olympic medals and national pride are very stupid. Iranians are very stupid !’ These ridiculous double standards can show you many things about the Iranian expats, specially the Iranian baboons and those who sell themselves for visa or money. If nationalism, tribalism, chauvinism, etc is bad, it’s bad for all people and all countries, not just for Iranians, who are less nationalist than Americans and Europeans. Recently, the stupid Mormon, Romney, that tries to become the US president, has said: “We place our hand over our heart during the playing of the national anthem. No other people on Earth do that [!]”. Romney has also added: “There was a time, when each of us could walk a little taller and stand a little straighter [!]. We had a gift that no one else in the world shared [!] We were Americans [!!]. That meant something different to each of us but it meant something special to all of us [!]. We knew it without question [!!]. And so did the world [!!]. Those days are coming back. That’s our destiny [!!!]”. This level of chauvinism in the US and Europe is really embarrassing, and just reminds you of Nazism, Fascism, Chauvinism, racism, genocide, and many other horrible problems in the West. But the Iranian baboons are blind and can’t see how “the US and the West are turning a neo-fascist B-movie into reality“. Of course, many people can take a look at the US presidential campaigns, the London 2012 Olympics, or the Western protests in the past three years, and can see why today’s Iranians are at least as modern as their Western counterparts.

Almost all British media care about the London 2012 Olympics a lot. Of course, they just care about “the host nation and ‘the big sporting countries’ [!]”. And it can remind you of the British football hooligans, who are worse than the fascists. “ The Olympic games should unite all humans, but for Britain, the Olympic Games is equal to British pride and dirty politics “, the wise guys say. When you watch the Olympic games, you can see all humans are like each others. You can see all humans have family, friends, emotions and human feelings, or they want to win or want to have fun, or they have a special talent and want to express it. The Olympic games can reminds us that all men and women, independent of their nationality, are humans. Many of normal people like or admire one person or one team during a match, and just want to have fun, and it’s quite natural. But those who admire one person or one team only because of a special race or nationality, and don’t give a shit about other humans, are great idiots who can create great disasters. Unfortunately, the London 2012 Olympics can show us that the number of these great idiots in Britain, the West, and all around the world is not small. Of course, the good news is that their number is not so large, and it can be a victory. Many Britons are not stupid, and talk about the Stupid Olympics; some of them say: “Stupid Olympics with its rooftops missiles, and total disregard for the fact that ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary lives are humans. They spent about GBP 14 billion, but it has not changed our lives in London”. Of course, many Britons say: “We are so proud to have the Olympics in the UK. Well done Team GB”, and the number of those Britons who say: “lets forget GB, and lets care about the whole international community” is small, and it can show many things about today’s Britain. “Other people are nationalists; but we are patriots [!!]”, the stupid Americans and Britons say. And the wise Iranians add: “The chauvinists and the fascists call themselves ‘patriots’, as the Mullahs call themselves ‘Islamist Thinkers’. The American terrorist, Holmes, is a terrorist, but they don’t call him ‘terrorist’, as the Arabs didn’t call Bin Laden ‘terrorist’. And the stupid British Queen, that everybody hates her or doesn’t care about her, sees people as her slaves and pretends that people love her. It’s a disease that some call it ‘Foolishness Disease'”.


“The mismanagement, the empty seats, the ticket sales, the fraud and corruption, and the high prices are among the defining memories of the London Olympics. The Olympics were for the amateurs and for the people. They still are. The amateurs organize them, the people pay them”, some say. Unfortunately, as the wise guys say: “Corrupt officials killing the Olympics games”. In fact, the bad guys try to control everything, including the Olympics. And “those who just want to be medalists for their country, even by fraud and corruption”, and “those who only care about money and power”, and “those who just care about their own tribe”, are sick people and help the bad guys. But you can find them everywhere, as you can find the idiots everywhere. As the funny Iranians say: “Those who pay GBP 3000 for watching the Olympic games, and those who watch the Olympic Games only because they want to watch the hot women, are idiots; and If stupidity was an offence, they should have been jailed for life!”. It’s funny to know that some Britons published the below photo, and said: “Why I Enjoy Watching the Olympic Games”. It’s a joke; But many stupid people, including stupid Britons, only watch the Olympic Games for such things. The Iranian baboons pretend that only Iranians are stupid, but as the wise Iranian say: “many Westerners just watch the Olympic Games for seeing hot stuff, and ‘Mellat Hashari’ (horny nation) is a good nickname for the UK, the US, Europe, and other nations including Iran”. Many women in the Olympic games dress like beach volleyball players, and the story of the women’s beach volleyball is a funny story. As the people media repot: “Most of Westerners see the women’s beach volleyball as an erotic thing, not a sport. [And it’s funny to know that] the British media reported: ‘The 2012 Olympics will be replacing the women’s beach volleyball bikinis with uniforms that are less revealing [!]’. But it was a stupid gesture, because their people just watch the women’s beach volleyball for seeing those revealing bikinis”. We should write more about this issue later, but it’s so obvious that sport is one thing, and eroticism is another thing. As the wise Iranians say: “You can make a porno film, but you can’t call it art, sport, or other things that have their own definition. Those who try to hide their s-e-x-u-al desires and try to deceive themselves and others by stupid gestures are sick people. In fact, if you want to watch hot women and erotic things, you should see erotic films, not the the Olympic Games. But it’s an old dirty British trick that you hide your real emotions or your real intentions by gestures of morality, modernity, or humanity”.


The story of sport and eroticism can remind you of the human needs, the high level and low level needs, and also of the British upstarts and their stupid gestures. In the 18th and 19th century, the British bastards that were stupid upstarts, called themselves “Gentlemen” or “Noblemen”, while they were brutal slaveholders, and while they killed and tortured other people, exploited other nations, and sucked people blood. The wise Britons hated these stupid upstarts, but they were in the minority. Unfortunately, those stupid upstarts still manage the political scene and the mass media in the UK. The British bastards, i.e. politicians and other bad guys in the UK, are among the greatest bastards in the world, and that’s why many nations, including Iranians and Indians, hate the UK and the British bastards so much. As the wise Iranians say: “In the past 300 years, the British bastards and their mercenaries tried to pretend that non-Britons or non-Europeans are stupid and backward. But now, when you take a look at the London riots or the London Olympics, you can see who is really stupid and backward. And when you compare the 2008 Olympics in China with the 2012 Olympics in Britain, you can understand why the UK has become a small hateful country, and why the British bastards confess: ‘Without the EU, we’re just Little England to China and India and other nations’. The British bastards are the most utilitarian people in the world. They think they are master at telling big lies and fooling people, but they have a low IQ. They live like animals, and with the logic of animals, and pretend that Charlatanism is Modernism. For thousands years the British bastards ate each others in a small remote island, and knew nothing about the human civilization, and maybe that’s why they think exploiting other people, Colonialism, killing millions of innocent people, or supporting brutal dictators is what you can be proud of it in the opening ceremony of Olympics”. If you read history, you can understand why many people hate the UK and the British bastards. The ordinary Britons are victims of the British bastards, and I hope all people, including the wise Britons, can see the true face of the British bastards, who are one of the main supporters of Mullahs, Iranian baboons, and other evil forces.

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