Search Engines, Misinformation, and Censorship

Censorship, suppression, and suffocation are part of daily life in Iran under the Mullah regime. But Iranians are not merely victim of Mullahs. Writing in this website was a rare opportunity to know more about the West and this shitty world, and also about “Free Speech” and “Censorship” in the West. Writing in this website was a rare opportunity to see how the West and its mercenaries suffocate people voice. We learned or experienced many sad things, and here I try to write about part of this sad story, specially about the role of ‘Search Engines’ in misinforming and suffocating people. Recently, the mass media reported: “There has been an alarming rise in the number of times governments attempted to censor the internet in last six months. Some search engines are worrying about a troubling increase in requests to remove political content. Many of these requests came from western countries. Spanish regulators asked Google to remove 270 links to blogs and newspaper articles critical of public figures. Google was asked by Canadian officials to remove YouTube videos. Thai authorities asked Google to remove hundreds of YouTube videos for insulting the monarchy. The UK asked Google to remove dozens of YouTube videos and YouTube accounts. And the US asked Google to remove hundreds of YouTube videos and hundreds of blogs and articles. Google complied with about 50% of them“. It’s really horrible. It’s what the mass media reported, and as you know what they report is just a small and distorted part of the truth. But if you can read between the lines, you can see the main news: “The Western politicians ask search engines to censor people voices, and search engines often obey politicians’ orders”. It’s really embarrassing. Before writing in this website, we preferred to think like the majority and those who think the freedom and democracy in the West will not let this level of censorship and suffocation, that belongs to the despotic systems, happen. When the Rajavists (MEK, PMOI, etc) or their Western supporters kicked us out of “Iran” tag in “WordPress” (WP) in February 2011 (i.e. in less than 2 weeks after launching this website), we preferred to think that it’s a mistake, not a systematic suffocation. But now, when the WP has kicked us out of “Iran” tag and all other tags in the WP, for more than six months, it’s hard to believe that it’s a mistake. But here, I don’t want to write about the WP, because the story of Search Engines is more important and more informative. What we saw and experienced was annoying and disappointing. It was hard to see that the West, aka the free world, censors and suffocates people voices. Of course, as the wise Iranians say: “their censorship’s methods are not like the Mullah methods, and they often don’t try to kill you, torture you, erase you, or arrest you, but they try not to allow your voice to be heard or reach other people. It’s like what they do in the US, and about Americans”. But when you live in the pig prison (Iran), you like to tell yourself: “At least the US and the free world don’t behave like dictators and other evil forces; at least they will not try to censor you and suffocate you like the brutal dictators”. Even when you see the truth, and see how they try to boycott you, and how they try not to allow other people to hear you, and how your voice is censored, you want to deny it. But after the first denials, you finally will be forced to accept the sad truth, and it can show you many things about the freedom and democracy in the West, the secrets of the 2009 coup, or how the West has love affairs with Iranian baboons, Stupid Lefts, and Mullahs.


Many know nothing about the role of search engines in fooling people or suffocating their voices. ‘But the role of search engines in constructing information inequalities and in framing our knowledge in specific ways’, is more dangerous than the role of mass media in brainwashing people and distorting the facts. In the recent years, the wise guys have started to write about “Web of Deception” or “Misinformation on the Internet”, or the role of search engines in censoring people voices. But many people know nothing about the techniques of censorship and misinformation in the West. Many think censorship and misinformation belongs to the dictatorships, not the West. But we know from bitter experience that censorship and misinformation in the West is a serious problem. This website could show us many things about “techniques of censorship and misinformation” in the West. Lets provide some examples. In 2011, when you searched the web for information about Iranian baboons, for instance, about “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, you didn’t see any “paid search results“, and you could find some criticisms of them. But when we and other Iranians started to write more about these bastards, and when the number of strong criticism increased, the bad guys try to save or help their puppets. At first, they sent threatening letters, and then made use of search engines. In 2012, when you search the web for information about Iranian baboons, for instance, about “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, you just see “paid search results “. In fact, some pay search engines to arrange search results in specific ways, and it’s very horrible. “Search neutrality” is very important, and ‘Search engine results should be driven by the pursuit of relevance and not skewed for political or commercial gain’, but unfortunately, many get money and betray the truth and everything. In many search engines, search results are driven by the political issues, and are skewed for political gain. Of course, some search engines, including Google, don’t remove or censor most of links, and if you use right key words, you can get rid of paid search results. For instance, if you search for “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, you will see “paid search results“; but if you search for “stupid Masoud Behnoud”, “Masoud Behnoud a mercenary”, etc, you can get rid of “paid search results“, because the bad guys can’t pay for all possible key words. In fact, as funny Iranians say: “Google eats from both the manger and the nose bag. They have some facilities for both the bad guys and the people”. Many hate Google and see it as a great evil. But in this shitty world almost all search engines are like or worse than Google. It’s important to note that Google has not removed our website and most of our links yet. Of course, almost all search engines try not to allow people to find our articles easily. Some say: “If the Big Brothers don’t like what you write, your articles would be blacklisted in almost all search engines”. It can be a conspiracy theory, but if search engines continue to boycott us and suffocate our voice, we will be quite sure that it’s not ‘conspiracy theory’. Here I should thank those unknown people who have tried to replicate our articles in other websites. We don’t know these unknown people, and we even were not aware of their attempts, because they don’t send us, or we don’t receive, any comment, any trackback (link), or any sign of their existence. We just find some of them by chance, as we find many other things by chance. For instance, we became aware that some replicate our articles in , and here I should thank them; Or we became aware that some replicated our “Canada, Mullahs, and serious questions” in the CNN Blog [h-t-t-p://] (But apparently, some have tried to censor it, and have deleted most parts of it! And it can remind you of the year 2009, when the West, their mass media, their leftist media, and their Iranian baboons revealed their true colors). These unknown people and their attempts to fight against the systematic boycott and suffocation, can show if the good guys try to help each others, they can solve many problems in this shitty world.


The Internet censorship is a very big problem, and when search engines censor and boycott people voices, the information Age can convert into “the misinformation Age”. In some search engines, including Google, you can get rid of “paid search results“, but many search engines censor and boycott some links or websites for ever. As the experts say: “they can have a black list, and can censor or boycott some links or websites according to that blacklist”. You can’t be sure about these secret things, but you can feel their effects. As some say: “When you write about important topics, specially about what politicians and bad guys don’t like it, search engines start to boycott or censor your website or your links. In a gradual process, your search engines’ Referrers, i.e. the number of those people who refer to your website by search engines, decrease significantly. And then no one can find your serious links or your strong criticisms by search engines”. Unfortunately, we have experienced it, or at least part of it. It’s very horrible that when you start to write about serious issues or main problems, suddenly the number of people who refer to your website by search engines, decrease significantly. It clearly shows that some ask search engines to boycott you. It’s very unbelievable. Unfortunately, the bad guys use search engines to control and misinform people. As the wise guys say: “if you write about important topics and serious problems, they boycott you; and your ‘Search Terms’, i.e. those terms that people refer to your website by them, became unimportant terms. In fact, search engines don’t allow people to refer to your website by the important terms, i.e. those terms that related to important topics and serious problems“. Unfortunately, we have experienced it, too. The number of people who refer to this website by search terms like “Noam Chomsky”, “Lefts and Mullahs”, ‘IMF and Mullahs”, “Mullahs and USA”, “Mullahs and Obama”, “Mullahs and Canada”, “Chomsky and Iran”, “Lefts and Iran”, or by the name of Iranian baboons or any term that related to Iranian baboons, or by many other important terms that related to our main topics, is near zero ! But the number of those people who refer to this website by unimportant terms like “Scarlett Johansson”, “Scarlett Johansson leak video”, “air pollution”, “Iranian food”, “Shomal Iran”, “Persian jokes”, “Kale pache” !, etc is very very larger than many important terms and topics that we have repeatedly written about them! It’s an undeniable fact, not “conspiracy theory”. And If search engines continue to boycott us and suffocate our voice, we will be quite sure that what the wise guys say about the systematic censorship and the systematic relations between the bad guys and search engines are not ‘conspiracy theories’, but are the sad truths. Here I want to ask you all dear readers that if you have the same experience, or if you know more about this kind of problems, please let us know.


You can ask yourself: Who supports “Noam Chomsky”, “the intellectual mercenaries”, “the pseudo intellectuals”, “the stupid Lefts” or the Iranian baboons and some one like “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, and who asks search engines to hide the truth about them? Who asks search engines to boycott people websites, people voices, or strong criticisms? Some experts say: “When you want to know more about a topic, or when you want to find an alternative website, you often use search engines. More than 40 percent of the visits to websites in the US are search-specific visits. In fact, search engines control your access to information, and can easily misinform you. Politicians can exploit search engines, and unfortunately, search engines are highly biased toward politicians [and their mercenaries]. Politicians try to use ‘paid keywords’, ‘paid search results’ or advertising programs to control public opinion, and search engines are aware of such attempts to bias the ‘integrity’ of their ranking systems, but they [get money and betray the truth]. In 2002, Google China and Yahoo China excluded search results of
anti-governmental nature and even information on the democratic system
“. It’s really horrible. “Paid search results” just create tyranny and suffocation. It is very dangerous that search engines are highly biased toward political or serious contents. As some media report: “Censorship and government control is not restricted to non-Western states. For example, in January 2006 the US Government required the biggest American search engines to provide a list of all search queries conducted over a one-week period, as well as a random list of one million websites that appeared in their search results. Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft immediately complied with the request. Only Google initially refused to provide this data. Three months later, in March 2006 a federal judge ordered Google to obey government’s orders !” Can you believe it? This level of tyranny in the US is really embarrassing. But the U.S. problems has a direct effect on Iranians and other nations. “Iranians inside Iran can’t have any media or any alternative [to Iranian baboons and their media], because of ‘Censorship and Suffocation’, Hypocrisy, and other horrible problems in the West. Of course, the West tolerates small personal websites or other small media. The West wants to hear the real voices of Iranians inside Iran, because they need it, but not because they like it, or not because they care about the freedom, democracy, human rights, Iranians’ rights, etc”, the wise Iranians say. In the recent months, many Iranians saw how the Western bad guys and search engines work together. The BBC reported: “Iranians have been complaining that Google Maps now has no name on the Persian Gulf. A Google representative told the BBC it did not name every place in the world [!]. [But] he was unable to provide an example of a similar case of a missing landmark. He said the company also did not want to take any political stance in response to the angry Iranian reaction. Iranians [truly] say there is absolutely no historical justification for calling it anything but the Persian Gulf. Several years ago, Iranians launched an internet protest after National Geographic did [the same shameful act]. A number of Iranians have posted on twitter a link to Google Maps with the question: ‘Where’s the Persian Gulf?'”. Unfortunately, Iranians don’t have just one enemy, and the Mullahs are not the main obstacle. If you open your eyes, you can see who support the Mullahs, who sell them the suppression tools and the censorship tools, and who aid them in suppressing Iranians and destroying Iran.


“Western governments contact Google directly to work together to censor certain ‘sensitive’ images. Following Google’s cooperation with the American and British governments, the Indian government made a similar attempt to modify the information on Google Earth. In February 2007, during a meeting between officials from the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology and Google Earth representatives, it was decided to camouflage certain military and scientific installations identified by the Indian Government. Google agreed to creatively distort building by adding structures and carefully masking certain aspects of the facilities without attracting the attention of users [!] It is therefore clear that Google Earth also engages in deliberate World misinformation if it is ‘convinced’ of the need to do so. Hence, behind the so-called ‘transparent’ services there are various political, economic, and evil forces that continuously shape and reshape the representation of the World“, the media reported. It’s really horrible. As some wise guys say: “A person who is located in China and uses popular search engines still find it difficult to retrieve information about politics. And it means that your location has a key role in determining your search results. In fact, when you search for many terms, the search results depend on where you live. For example, when you search for “Obama and Mullahs” or “Obama and Iranians”, you can find different search results in Iran and the US”. It’s really horrible. But I think these facts are not enough (If you have seen such things, please let us know). If such things were true, it’s a very big tragedy. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s what the bad guys want: Iranians should not hear the real voice of the American people, and Americans should not be able to hear the real voices of the Iranian people”. We all should think about this issue. “Manipulations of search results ” is a very serious problem. Search engines can aid us in reaching other people, but they also can misinform us, boycott us, or suffocate our voices. “The five big American corporations (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and control more than 90 percent of the search engine market. The only real way to counter the ill effects of search engine bias on the ever expanding web is to make sure a number of alternative search engines are available“, some say. But I think it’s not the real solution. As we can see, the current alternative search engines are not better than Google. Money and Power can corrupt everything . We all should think about the real solutions. The number of search engines should be so large, and the people should be able to have their own search engines, as they can have their own websites. Otherwise, the bad guys can control our access to information, can boycott us, and can misinform us. In Iran, “Internet censorship” is so horrible, but when you see how the West tries to help Mullahs and Iranian baboons, or how they try to censor you, boycott you, or suffocate your voice, you can see the roots of problems and you can understand who is who in this shitty world. It’s really shameful that Iranian baboons, a little shit like “Masoud Behnoud” or a little shithole like “ “, the main website of Iranian baboons, can enjoy the Western supports. We all should ask: Why the West should support these stupid bastards and should try to cover their ass ?. You can ask the same question about Noam Chomsky, the American lefts, etc. The story of Chomsky and the stupid lefts in the US and Europe, and their relations with the bad guys, is one of the important stories of our time, and can show us many things about this shitty world. Anyway, the wise guys, including Mark Twain, always said: “Don’t always believe everything you read”. And now, the wise guys say: “Don’t always believe everything search engines show you”. Our pain and suffering in Iran, that has been caused by the West, is really unbelievable. And it’s just part of “Hekayate MatharGhabegi” (the story of the Motherfucker), that is the sad story of our time. I hope you can think more about the problem of censorship and suffocation in the West, and how the Iranian people are victims of both the West and puppets of the West, including Mullahs and Iranian baboons.

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Finding good articles about this topic is really hard. I could not find what I want, but “Search engines and Power: A politics of online (mis-) information ” is not bad, and can show you many things, specially if you can read between the lines.

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