True Face: UK Public Transport and Harassments

The Intellectual mercenaries and the media whores, that are paid by the West and/ or the Mullahs, tell big lies about Iran and the West, and try to fool the world and disappoint and discourage the Iranian people. In a series of articles, called True Face, we have tried to write about the serious problems in the West, specially those problems that the bad guys try to hide them or tell big lies about them. “True Face” can show you the differences and similarities between the West and Iran, and how the West and its mercenaries try to distort the truth. The West and its Iranian media, from the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi to the Iranian baboons’ media (Balatarin, Roozonline, etc), close their dirty eyes and their dirty mouths to many serious sociopolitical problems in the West, and instead, they try to pretend that this kind of problems and other ‘global problems’ are “special Iranian problems”. In these days, when the world is watching the stupid London Olympics, it’s not bad that we take a look at some serious problems in the UK, that is one of the evil and colonial powers in the past 300 years. Recently, I read an article titled “Sexual harassment on [British] public transport must stop”, by Jennette Arnold. This article and the British people’s comments about this issue, reminded me of Iranian baboons and Iranian mercenaries that get money to betray the truth. The British bastards and their Iranian mercenaries try to fool people. They tell big lies about Iran and the West. For instance, they clearly say: “Iranians are stupider than Britons”! or they desperately try to find a social problem in the Iranian society, and then shamelessly pretend that this problem is ‘a special Iranian problem’ or ‘a result of Iranian foolishness’ !, while you can see a bigger version of that problem in the UK, the US and the West. It’s funny to know that they often call themselves “intellect”, “journalist”, or even ‘thinker’. “Sexual harassment on public transport” is a serious problem in the UK and other parts of the world, but the Iranian baboons never talk or write about it, and instead, they pretend this problem is a special Iranian problem! Jennette Arnold wrote: “In 2010 a 40-year-old man was convicted for making lewd comments to two women on the London Underground, groping their breasts and running away … Many women have experienced unwanted s-e-xual attention and s-e-xual harassment such as aggressive staring, touching, rubbing, groping, lewd comments and flashing on public transport. A recent survey found that 31% of women aged 18-24 have experienced unwanted sexual attention while on public transport”. In fact, this problem in Iran under the Mullah regime is not worse than the UK. But you should not forget that Iranians don’t live in the free world, and instead, they live in a big prison. In fact, a medieval puppet regime and its Western supporters, specially the British bastards, have created horrible conditions for today’s Iranians. And it’s a very big difference. Arnold adds: “Through my work I have encountered many women who have been the victim of unwanted s-e-x-ual attention or s-e-x-u-al harassment. One was Katie, who was traveling by bus when she was harassed. A man approached her and persistently pressed himself against her while she was seated … Katie shouted, expecting help. No one helped, including the driver. This happened in broad daylight and even worse, he got away with it. She told me that it was bad enough that this had happened, but that no one stepped in to help made her feel completely powerless. Katie did not report her harassment, which is common”. It clearly shows that the situation in the Iranian society and the British society is almost alike, and even Britons have more serious problems. In fact, as the wise Iranians say: “it’s Iran’s regime and Britain’s regime, and their laws, their systems, and also the level of freedom and democracy in Iran and the UK that is quite different. Under these conditions, today’s Iranians are wiser, braver, or more modern than Britons, and it’s an Iranian miracle”. You should not forget that Iranians don’t live in the free world. The UK and the West love and support the Mullahs, and Iranians are victims of both the Mullahs and the stupid West. And that’s why many Iranians believe: “Britons are Mullah-makers, and the UK is the main supporter of Mullahs”. When you see how the Iranian baboons try to hide the current serious problems in Canada, USA, Britain, and Europe, and when you see how these stupid bastards censor the news and hide the truth about OWS, Bill 78, UK riots, Western terrorists, and many other serious problems in the West, you only can laugh at them and their Western employers, who still think they can use their old dirty tricks in the age of Internet. In the past 300 years, the West and its Iranian mercenaries tried to keep Iran backward and make Iranians feel that all Westerners are intellectuals, and that’s why the West is not like Iran. It’s one of the secrets of Persia’s decline in the past 300 years. But now, many things have changed, and the wise Iranians know how ridiculous this kind of bullshit are.


Today’s Iranian society is as modern as the British society, the American society, the Japanese society, etc. But it doesn’t mean that the Iranian society and the Iranian people dont have any problem. In fact, they have a lot of problems, but most of their problems are global problems, and their Western counterparts have more serious problems. What today’s Iranians do -at least in their private life-, their views, their thoughts, their stupidities, their problems, their mistakes, etc are as modern as or as stupid as what you can see in the West. It’s very important. As witty Iranians say: “Iran and the West, ‘Jofteshoon Yek Gohand’ (both are the same shit)”. But the western mass media and the Iranian baboons tell big shameful lies about today’s Iran and today’s West. The British people’s comments about “S-e-x-u-al harassment on public transport in the UK” can show you many things. The Britons say: “The bigger issue is the general lack of safety on public transport. These kind of incidents are far less likely with conductors, just as tube trains need the reintroduction of guards. Sometimes, for different reasons, the public are reluctant to get involved … Nowhere is free from harassment for women. If you walk home, someone might grab and grope you. If you take the bus, someone rubs their erection in your back or whispers what they are going to do to you in your ear … I’m sure the majority of the population has had this happen to them at some point – whether on public transport, at work, in a club … I was on the Tube with her and some guy tried groping her. She grabbed his hand, held it in the air and said ‘Does this hand that is groping my ass belong to anyone?’ He got off at the next stop … In 2010, I was traveling on a train. It was a Sunday night. Three drunk guys got on the train. He came and sat by me, not taking his eyes off me, but didn’t say anything. I continued to look out the window wishing that he’d go away, and after a few minutes he got back up and went back to his friends, whereupon he started a loud conversation, heard by all the others around us, about exactly what he’d like to do to me. It was a literal, graphic rundown of myself, him and a copy of the Karma Sutra. He was starting to shout, a torrent of abuse. Nobody asked him to stop. Mortified, I burst into tears … I has a similar thing happen to me on a bus, in the middle of the day. I was too shocked. A man was leaning his arm against my breast. I realized he was moving a lot more than the bus was moving. When he moved his arms so his hand was there instead of his arm I reacted with a sharp jab of my elbow in his ribs. He got up instantly and got off the bus at the next stop … a man sitting across from me on the Tube started masturbating in front of me … a guy grabbed my breasts on the Tube … a frowsy man squeezed up next to me. I had the window seat and the whole time his leg’s rubbing up and down mine … I have known people who have been harassed and bullied on public transport and not a soul has said a word … I have been sexually assaulted in clubs. Pinned up against walls and kissed, groped etc … One time I was on the subway and saw a woman was being harassed by a bunch of drunk football fans. Poor woman was terrified and all men just sat there … I have a solution; Cut their cocks off … A taser or a pepper spray is the best answer to any harassment “. These problems are global problems, and it’s sadly funny that public transport in Iran is more safer than public transport in the UK, but the Iranian baboons stupidly pretend that “Only Iran has these problems”. The story of S-e-x-u-al harassment on public transport in Iran has a funny story. In the late 1980s, when Mullahs made buses Islamic, that means when buses had been segregated into men and women areas, many Iranians truly laughed at the stupid Mullahs. In fact, many knew that s-e-xual segregation is like racial segregation, and doesn’t solve any problem. The segregation of men and women in schools, buses, and many other public places in Iran, created many serious problems for Iranians, but the modern Iranians could cope with them. They tried to solve their problems in their private life. It was so hard, but not impossible. The underground activities became a main part of the Iranian life, despite the fact that Mullahs and Islamists arrest the people. The Mullahs raid the private parties and dont allow the people to have their own life in their own homes, but it could not stop today’s Iranians. Now, they are as modern as their Western counterparts, but there is a big difference between them: “Iranians live in the big prison, and under a medieval tyranny that the West loves it and supports it, but Westerners live in the free world and enjoy their basic rights”. The intellectual mercenaries used to say, and still say without shame, that Iranians are stupid, but Westerners are wise. And It’s not merely a very big lie. It’s a very dirty trick. They try to brainwash people and keep them backward. I know that the UK and the West had the same policy in India, China, and other parts of the world. The colonial powers tried to pretend that the ancient and cultured nations of Persia, India, or China are backward nations or deserve to be backward, but the savage Westerners that ate each others and loved Genocide or Gladiatorial savagery, and for thousands years were much more uncultured than Persia, India, or China, are ‘modern nations’! As funny Iranians say: “Yah, they are modern nations, because they have killed millions of innocent people and created the greatest human disasters; and because they love the law of the jungle and bullying and exploiting other nations”. China and India have many serious social problems, but if they try to solve the problems of poverty, education, private life, discrimination, etc, many things would change in their societies, as many things changed in the Iranian society.


The Iranian society has many problems, and the Mullahs just worsen the problems and create more problems. But the Mullahs were not able to keep today’s Iranians stupid or ignorant. In some cases, the Mullahs was forced to make a concession to the Iranian protesters. For instance, the modern Iranians could create one of the modern laws about “S-e-x-u-al harassment on public transport “. Now, women have an option in the Iranian subway system. Two subway cars in one subway train are “only for women”, but other cars are normal (for both men and women). And it can make women feel safer. “S-e-x-u-al harassment” in the Iranian subway system is really less than what you can see in the UK and the West. It’s important. In fact, as the wise Iranians say: “the Mullahs and puppets of the West have imposed many serious and unwanted problems on the Iranian people, but today’s Iranians could cope with many of these problems, and could create good solutions, because today’s Iranians not only are not stupider than Westerners, but they are wiser and more modern than them”. And it makes the stupid West angry. Some Western media and Western politicians clearly confess that: “Iranians are not like Arabs or other people that live under tyranny. When other people and other nations live under tyranny, they lose their wisdom and their dignity. But Iranians go in the opposite direction “. It’s funny that this fact makes the West angry. As the wise Iranians say: “That’s why the West aided the Mullahs in killing the modern Iranians. And that’s why the West imposes more stupid sanctions and restrictions on the Iranian people (not the Mullahs). And that’s why the West has become the number one enemy of Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs). Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) supported the Arab Islamists or UAE’s dictator, because Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) has ‘a badly burnt ass’ ! (Koonesh Badjoori Sukhteh!). In fact, Obama’s ass is in the fire, and he knows that the Iranian people know his true face and spit on him”. Anyway, what the Britons say about their social problems is exactly like what Iranians say. And it’s funny to know that many social problems in the UK, from football hooligans to collective civic duties, are more serious than what you can see in Iran. The Britons say: “From experience, most people wouldn’t consider getting involved in someone else’s problem. I think it’s cowardly and disgusting but there you go … People ignore acts of violence in public … Thank God for those people who do intervene, but if it happened today it might have ended very differently, I can understand why people don’t get involved, but I know, now that I am older and wiser, if I saw it happening to someone else, I would get involved; hang the consequences … Police advise that the public shouldn’t get involved and should instead call us, by which time the perpetrator is in another time zone. The official advice MUST change … People do simply walk on by something has broken in the idea of collective civic duty to each other within our society .. There is also the issue that you simply don’t know how to intervene – what do you say? what do you do?.. sometimes , the apparent victim says, ‘this is my boyfriend, I love it when he rubs himself against my leg on the bus’ then you have a funny story … You don’t know who is prostitute or who is victim … Many suspect that if they do get involved they’re as likely to be prosecuted as the wrongdoers”. In fact, many problems are global problems, but if the Iranian baboons saw the above-mentioned problems in Iran, not in the UK, they would say: “Iranians are stupid and don’t deserve the freedom and democracy [!!]”. But now, according to their stupid logic, the truth is: “the Britons, the Americans, the Canadians, etc are so stupid and don’t deserve the freedom and democracy”. The West and its Iranian mercenaries, specially the Iranian baboons, want to disappoint and discourage the Iranian people. It’s what they have done it in the past 300 years, but now the Iranian people can see that “the king is naked” (the West is naked). Of course, as the wise Iranians say: “We are not happy that the UK or the West have these horrible problems; we are not like the stupid West. They are uncultured people, and when they see our problems or our pain and suffering, they are happy; they try to create more problems for us; but we are not like them “. We all should not forget that many problems are global problems, and we all should try to help each others, and solve these problems. When Britons talk about solutions, it just reminds me of Iranians, and how all humans are like each others. Britons say: “Posters can stop the perverts and harassers … No, a poster will not stop someone who knows they shouldn’t do it … You don’t need posters up everywhere to say X is a crime, or don’t do Y …Blimey. I should get some posters and leaflets going about murder, robbery, mugging, shoplifting [!] … don’t spend money on posters, spend money on more Transport Police [!] … Whilst posters might not prevent a moron intent on sexual harassing women, they might help in highlighting an issue that draws less attention that it should“. What they say is a collection of good and stupid solutions, and it’s exactly like what you can see in Iran. In fact, today’s Iranians are at least as modern and wise as today’s Britons and today’s Westerners. It’s very important. Even sometimes, Iranians seem wiser. In fact, the continuous crises in all aspect of life in Iran, that are created by a brutal puppet regime, have forced Iranians to be wiser than their Western counterparts. As you probably know, Crisis is the mother of Evolution”. I hope the good people can see the differences and similarities between Iran and the West, and can think more about it.

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