Iranian Expats, Iranian Baboons, & Iranian Traitors

August 30, 2012

Iranian traitors and their western employers have created many problems for the Iranian people. These bastards help terrorists, separatists, anti-Iran pigs, Obama, Islamists, Mullahs, Zionists, Monarchists, Pahlavists, and other pigs. But now, most people know these bastards, and many write about them. It’s not bad that we write about these bastards, too. But lets ignore those issues that many write about them, and lets take a look at some lesser-known facts and examples. We have already written about the Iranian expats, the Iranian baboons, and the Ashura traitors, but who is an “Iranian traitor”? As some say: “Baboons and traitors work for the bad guys -including the CIA, the MI6, the Mullah Gestapo, etc. But baboons often work indirectly, secretly, or unintentionally, while traitors often work openly, directly, or intentionally. But the people are victims of both groups, that the West and the Mullahs love them”. The people should live in a big prison (Iran) and should suffer from the Western betrayals and sanctions, but traitors, baboons, and Mullahs can go and live in the free world, and earn good money by betraying people. It’s really a big tragedy. In the post-2009 era, specially in 2012, anyone with half a brain knows that most of Iranian expats are stupid, traitor, or Khayemal (ass-kisser). As the wise Iranians say: “About 90% to 99% of the Iranian expats are among traitors or baboons. But more than 4 million Iranians live in the West, and even if 99% of them were bad, it means that at least 1% of them, ie more than 40,000 Iranian expats, are not bad. And if these 40,000 Iranians were not inactive and indifferent, many things would change”. In fact, tens of thousands of Iranians that live abroad are wise or good people, but unfortunately, they are a very tiny minority, and the vase majority of the Iranian expats are among the Iranian baboons, and some of them are “traitor” and work for the bad guys. As some say: “The bad guys in the US and the West recruit the Iranian baboons, give them money and visa, call them ‘anti-regime’, ‘anti-Mullah’ or ‘Opposition’, and encourage them to do or write ‘anti-Iran’ things. The Mullahs are Arab pigs who hate Iran, Iranians and the Iranian culture. The Mullahs have occupied Iran; they are an occupying force that work for their Western masters. But they are not alone. Many Iranian expats are like or worse than Mullahs. They are paid to kiss ass and betray the truth”. The Western bad guys and their Iranian mercenaries have been a big historical problem in Iran since 300 years ago. Now, they have media and everything. Their English media are full of shit. They tell big lies and try to misinform and brainwash the non-Iranians. But here, in this website, we don’t want to write about those sick media or sick websites that are called “the bad guys’ media about Iran”. We also don’t want to write more about the BBC, the VOA, Radio Farda, Deutsche Welle, etc, because they have revealed their true colors, and now many say: “Those Iranians that still work for the VOA Persian, the BBC Persian, etc, are like those who work for the Mullah TVs. They are Iranian traitors”. But even the unknown baboons/ traitors or the lesser-known American websites about Iran, such as Tehran Bureau (as part of and that are among “the dubious media”, can show you many things. So, lets write about them. As we said before, the stupid West tries to distort the truth and destroy Iran’s image, and the Western journalists and the Iranian baboons help them. But in the recent years, some Iranians and non-Iranians have started to write about Iran’s true image and the differences between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people, but do you know how the bastards react? Their reaction is funny and informative. Lets give you an example. A stupid article, “Iran and Its Visitors”, was published in July 2012, in the American media, including Enduring America and Tehran Bureau. The writer of this stupid article, that is an “anonymous” baboon or traitor, wrote: “I left Iran at 14, did not return for 6 years, and now visit only every summer [!] In certain respects, I am a visitor. My diplomat friend in Tehran [!!] is clearly frustrated. He says: ‘Everyone is hospitable and everyone is interested when we meet. But it never goes deep. Either they don’t let me into their lives, or I end up rejecting them because they ask me to get them a Schengen visa. Everyone I meet is some version of abnormal. Iranians, like all Third-Worlders [!!] and perhaps more than most [!], are fascinated by the West‘ … There is the feeling that we Iranians [!] cannot be understood. We Iranians [ie we Iranian baboons] are strong consumers of the dominant, European culture … I favor sanctions because sanctions are working pretty well [!]: rising prices, unhappy people [!!] Westerners who visit Iran briefly report about the warm hospitality of Iranians, the ease with which conversations get started. But it’s not the truth [!!!] Iran has a lot of contradictions, and the contradictions are not marginal to understanding the country [!!] … the visitors should take my diplomat friend‘s advice [!!!], when they reach the stage of analysis [!!]”. I think it doesn’t need any explanations, and can show you how an Iranian baboon that has a Western diplomat friend ! can get visa and can leave the big prison (Iran), and then betrays Iran and Iranians by telling lies and by repeating what a Western diplomat (or a western spy) dictates. It reminds me of “the story of Western countries and Iranian baboons” (check Archive) that was a fictional story, but now you can see that it’s the story of many Iranians baboons and Iranian expats. They just flee from a big prison to a big cesspool.


Unfortunately, most of Iranian expats are among the Khayemals (ass-kissers), the Iranian baboons, and the Iranian traitors. Many of them are worthless mercenaries that sell their souls, betray the truth, and tell shameful lies about Iran and Iranians. They work for the bad guys, and that’s why some call them “Khod-Forukhteh” (Self-sold) or “Khod-Bakhteh” (“Self-defeated”) or “Mozdoor-e Khod-Bakhteh” (Self-defeated mercenary). As some funny Iranians say: “Those who can get visa from the Western embassies in Tehran are two groups: (1)Khod-Forukhteh (self-sold) (2)Khod-Bakhteh (self-defeated). And do you know who cannot get visa from the Western embassies? two groups: (1)Khod-Agah (self-aware) (2)Khod-Sakhteh (self-made)“. It’s a joke, but it can show you a sad truth. The Iranian baboons and the Iranian Khayemals (ass-kissers) work for the bad guys or help them directly or indirectly. They aid the bad guys in destroying Iran and torturing Iranians! Unfortunately, many don’t know how the media or the mercenaries distort the truth and help the bad guys, including anti-Iran pigs, separatists, anti-democracy forces, etc. So, lets give you some examples. The headlines in “Tehran Bureau” in July 2012 were: “Cycle of Repression and Protest: Iranian Arabs in Khuzestan”, “Iran and Its Visitors” [a shameful lie], “Iran’s Industry and Trade Minister: Western Sanctions ‘Paralyzing’ Iran”, “Iranians Watch as Country’s Economy Withers”, “In Iran: The Life of an Ethnic Afghan Widow and Mother” [a shameful lie], etc. Even the Guardian is full of these shits. In July 2012, the headlines in their “Iran-blog” were: “Iran steps up crackdown against its Arab minority”, “Right groups call on Iran to release Kurdish activist”, “Long queues for chicken as Ramadan comes to sanction-hit Iran”, “Iran dismisses commanders involved in the British embassy attack [!]“, “UK condemns Iranian vice president [!] for anti-semitic remarks”, etc. The Western media can show the secrets of the 2009 coup, too. EnduringAmerica had a stupid article on March 5, 2012, titled “Why Iranians Voted in the 2012 Elections [!!]”. This big lie can show you many things. These bastards wrote: “For almost all Iranians -even those who are in complete opposition to the Iranian regime- participating in the election is their strong sense of loyalty [!!!], taking responsibility for their countrys fate [!!!]. It is common to hear from Iranians, even those who are not religious and those who are hostile to Mullahs, that they are voting for Iran [!!!!] … This may explain the controversial decision of Khatami to vote, despite the call of many reformists to boycott the election. He gave the message to the Iranian people that, while we are from different political parties who may challenge each other [!], we all accept the Islamic Republic [!!!]“. Can you believe it? Apparently, the stupid bastards in USA don’t know that publishing big lies show their true colors. “Such big lies just show us who is behind the Mullah regime”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “It’s funny that the American websites, that some of them get money from the US government, publish such big lies. Unfortunately, many Western journalists are mercenary. They are like those ex-CIA agents (Leverets and others) that make love with Mullahs”. And some people media report: “Scott Lucas, that can be a [bad guy], works for EnduringAmerica. In March 2012, Scott Lucas said: ‘Fars, [Basij News Agency], has noted my interview with BBC Persian. I had said: ‘The Western Leaders Don’t Have a Clear Understanding of the Iranian Elections [!]‘. Lucas had told the BBC Persian that the Iranian people still love Mullahs and the Mullah election show! But if he had said ‘the Jews still love Hitler’, or ‘the Americans still love Bin Laden’, it was more acceptable and more reasonable! What he did is an example of the collaboration between Americans, Britons, and Mullahs”. Unfortunately, the Western journalists and the Western media often tell big lies about Iran and Iranians, but now many know its reasons: “The West is enemy of Iran and Iranians, but is friend of Mullahs and Iranian baboons. The West just wants to keep Iran weak and backward”. We have already written about the 2012 Mullah election (check “Iran Election Boycott and Western Media”) and how the Western journalists revealed their true face. Unfortunately, in 2012, almost all western journalists tell big lies about Iran and the past three years, and it’s really shameful, and also very meaningful. But in these days, some ultra-stupid Iranian expats ask the Western journalists or Ban Ki-moon to tell the truth about Iran and Iranians during the NAM summit in Tehran! As the wise Iranians say: “The past three years clearly proved that the UN and many Western journalists work for the bad guys. They are like the Iranian baboons, and both are paid to distort or betray the truth”. Recently, the American media, including Tehran Bureau and Enduring America, published a funny article, in which an “anonymous” Iranian baboon said: “Three years have passed since the 2009 presidential election and its violent aftermath. Three years are nothing. But strangely, most of the Iranians don’t talk about those events anymore [!!] They have forgotten it [!!!] … It is difficult to forget such traumatic violence and humiliation. But memory is a strange thing, it changes over time [!!!]”. Can you believe it? In fact, the Iranian baboons and their Western employers try to pretend that the Iranian people are stupid, and have forgotten how the West betrayed them in 2009 ! But as funny Iranians say: “The stupid Westerners have a short memory, and thinks Iranians are as stupid as themselves. But even if the Jews forgot Hitler and the Americans forgot the 9/11, Iranians will never forget the year 2009 -the most important year in Iran’s modern history. Who can forget the Western betrayals, and the dirty face of the West and its puppets?”


The stupid West and their Iranian mercenaries tell big lies about Iran and Iranians, and reading their big lies is informative. On July 11, 2012, Wall Street Journal published an article, “In Iran, a Public Debate on Syria” [!!], written by an Iranian baboon, “Farnaz Fassihi” that works for WSJ. As the witty Iranians say: “The stupid bastards try to pretend that ‘Iranians have public debate in the big prison (Iran)’, while as you know, we even can’t fart freely here. Public debate in the Mullahs regime means: the Mullahs dictate and the mercenaries obey. Even little kids know that Public debate is meaningless in Iran today”. But that Iranian baboon wrote for WSJ: “Iran is opening a public debate over its approach toward Syria’s crisis [!!!]” The funny Iranians say: “They are paid to tell lie. They ‘pretend that they are donkey’ (Khod ro beh Khariat Mizanand); but they are worse than pigs”. And the wise Iranians add: “They deliberately use Iran for referring to Mullahs; for instance they say: ‘Iran supports Assad’, while they know the truth, and know that more than 90% of Iranians hate Mullahs, Assad, and other dictators. These stupid bastards are Iranian traitors”. In August 2012, the Washington Post published an article, “Struggle over what to wear in Iran”, written by an Iranian baboon, Jason Rezaian. She wrote: “Iranian leaders [!] attempt to deflect the publics attention from economic woes spurred by crushing foreign sanctions (i.e. Western sanctions)”. It’s funny that she and other shits say nothing about “the IMF Plan, or the Western betrayals and how the US and the West betrayed Iranians and the whole world in 2009”. But this matter doesn’t prove that she is an Iranian baboon. When she wrote about “The Irani hejab style” !, she showed her true colors. When she wanted to like to a website about this subject, she made like to an Arab website and an Arab pig, ie a non-Iranian and a pro-Mullah pig who tells big lies about Iran and Iranians. That Arab pig had written: “In all honesty, if the Irani style of manteau or scarves interest you, you [should know that] their styles are Turkish [!!] … As far as Irani styles go, you basically have the scarf with manteau and chador [!!!] Im personally not a huge fan of the stereotypical Irani style [!] [ie I’m an Arab-Islamist pig who lives in Lebanon but aides Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians!] … Most women in Iran still cover properly [!!!] Personally, I dislike short manteau [ie the Iranian style!]“. This Arab pig even talked about “abaya” in Iran !, but that Iranian baboon made link to such Arab pig that tell such big lies. The Arab pig also added: “Iranian women were never obliged to wear Hejab or Chador [!!!]”. Of course some Iranians had put comments in the Arab pig’s website, and said: “The reason those Dirty Islamic Mullahs force Hijab on Iranian women is because they want to control the largest segment of Iranian population. [Mullahs impose Hijab on Iranian women by force]”. But the Arab pig replied: “really? [you should know Iran and Islam !!!], before making such a ignorant comment [!!!]Anytime I am in Iran if I hear people saying such stupid things about Hijab I make an effort to pull out the Quraan and hadeeths and educate them from the Sunnah about covering [!!!] I pray Iranians study and learn Islam [!!!]“. It’s so funny, isn’t it? Apparently, this Arab pig is a Basiji thug, but that Iranian baboon and her American master made link to such Arab pig, not to an Iranian, and it can show you many things about the West, its Iranian mercenaries, Mullahs and Arab pigs. Such articles are not a rare case, and the Western media is full of such crap. Recently, the NRP had an article, “Fleeing Iran After A Fateful Gig”, in which an Iranian baboon that “now lives and works in Vancouver, Canada” was asked about the biggest problems in Iran, and he said: “Drinking in Iran is illegal, [and it’s the biggest problem !]”. In fact, if you want to read stupid jokes about Iran and the West, you should read the Western mass media or the lefty media, and see how they distort the truth, and how they tell jokes and big lies.


If you know the Persian language, you can read more stupid jokes, and you can laugh more. Let’s give you an example. We have already written about, the cesspool of the Ashura traitors, that the West supports it financially (check “How Iranian Baboons Websites Work”). These bastards that helped the Mullah regime and betrayed the Iranian people in 2009, specially after the Ashura Massacre, can show you many things about the secrets of the 2009 coup. In these days, they try to help the Western sanctions, and try to aid the West and the Mullah regime in torturing the Iranian people. In July 2012, their headlines were so funny: “Chicken could force Iranians to start the street protests [!!], “How The Chicken Symbolizes Irans Economic Disaster [!!]”, “In Iran only the 15% have access to the internet [!!!]”, “Iranian Officials [!] Now Repeatedly Acknowledge: The Sanctions are Devastating“, “Khamenei should drink the cup of Poison [and give up Iran’s nuclear programs]”. In 2009, these bastards said: “We are worried. [We should save the Mullah regime]. The Street protest is not our solution. The Street protest is enough. The people should return to their homes”. But now, these bastards that are happy to see people’s pain and suffering, shamelessly talk about “starting the street protests”! As the funny Iranians say: “Even pigs have more shame. But these jerks are slaves and just obey their master. They tell themselves: ‘We are Nokar (slave). If our Arbab (our master) wants to help Mullahs, we help him; if our Arbab wants to torture people, we help him. Our best intellectual activity is Khayemali (kissing ass). Our Arbab pays us, and we should obey him and kiss his ass. It’s the true meaning of freedom, democracy, honor, intellectualism, etc“. These stupid bastards and other Iranian baboons are the main responsible for creating the current shit. As we said before, many Iranians truly say: “Even if Iranians can forgive Mullahs, they will never forgive and forget the traitors and those bastards that help Mullahs and the West and betray people”. It’s important to note that the Ashura traitors and those who helped the West and the Mullah regime in 2009, defend and support the Western sanctions in 2012, and still try to help Obama, the stupid West, and Mullahs. They say: “Sanctions against Iran, which began this year (2012) have resulted in steep prices of many daily goods”. But even little kids know that we are witnessing 400% to 2000% increase in prices, and it’s a result of the IMF plan, not the Western sanctions. These bastards just love telling big lies, such as: “The unprecedented hikes in prices, inflation and unemployment began in early 2012”, while it began in 2010, after implementing the IMF plan in Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “The hikes in prices, inflation, unemployment, and financial corruption are not new things, and the past 30 years and Mr. shit’s era, specially after implementing the IMF plan that made the West happy, are full of these shits. The Iranian traitors are paid to discourage and disappoint Iranians. They are parts of a War of Nerves (Jang-e Ravani). They shed crocodile tears, but people know their true colors and spit on them. In the Age of Internet, many can see the truth. Many know that the West loves Mullahs and other dictators, and just wants to destroy Iran. Many know that the West loves Mullahs, and just wants to bring the Iranian nation to its knees. Many know that the West just wants to keep Iran weak and backward, and the West prays for annihilation of Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs). Many know that in Greece or Spain, there are food lines, and long queues for free food; but they are not under any sanctions. In the US, the number of the poor who use the food stamp has increased dramatically, while the US is not under any sanctions. In Iran, the corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt system, that the West and the IMF love and support it, are worse than any sanctions. The Mullahs implemented the IMF plan, and showed that they and their leftist friends serve which interests. Iranians are suffering, but it’s not a new thing. But now, Iranians know who has created their pain and suffering”. It’s good that many Iranians know the truth, and are aware of the relations between the West, the Mullahs, the lefts, and the Iranian traitors. It’s a good news. I hope that the good guys and the wise guys in all around the world can see the truth, and can see the true face of the traitors and the mercenaries that work for the bad guys. The wolves in sheep’s clothing are worse than wolves. Everybody knows wolves, but most people, specially most Westerners, don’t know “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, and it’s very dangerous. I hope the wise guys try to talk or write more about “the real wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Zionists (Jewish Mullahs) Pray for Annihilation of Iran

August 27, 2012

“Senior I-s-r-a-e-li rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, the Orthodox leader of the Shas party, calls for Irans destruction and Iran’s annihilation. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef appears to be advocating genocide. He called on Jews to pray for the destruction of Iran, this past Saturday. [This Jewish Nazi] said: ‘God shall strike Iranians down and kill them’. He added: ‘Do good, God, wipe them out, kill them’. [This Jewish terrorist that loves genocide] also added: ‘Destroy them God, obliterate them from the face of the earth'”, the media reported yesterday. And the people media added: ‘The Zionists bark and eat shit, but the world, the UN, the US, the EU, the Western mass media and other bastards are silent, or just encourage the Jewish terrorists. Ovadia Yosef is a Nazi Rabbi and a Jewish terrorist, but why the UN and Ban Ki-moon [that some call him ‘Chiz-to-Koon’ (a thing in his ass; f-a-g-got)] don’t sharply criticize the Jewish Nazis, and say nothing about their offensive and inflammatory statements and their call for Annihilation of Iran? Do you remember what the UN and the West said about Iran and Iranians, when that Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) verbally attacked the Zionists and the Zionist regime? But even that Jewish spy and Mullahs didn’t dare to say what the Jewish Nazis say today”. In these days, many can see how the religious fanatics in the US, Europe, and the Jewish State think and behave like the religious fanatics in other parts of the world. It’s really shameful that many religious fanatics still live in the US and the West. “The religious fanatics think, or even dress like each others. The Jewish Mullahs are the worst kinds of Mullahs”, some say. The religious fanatics are the same shit, and it’s funny and important that the Jewish fanatics dress like Mullahs. But it’s really shameful that the Jewish Mullahs or the Christian fanatics can fool or play with the world and public opinion. And it’s embarrassing that many Westerners are dumb as hell.


The Shas shit, Ovadia Yosef, is a Jewish terrorist and a Jewish Nazi, but he looks like Mullahs. When many see his pictures, they say: “Wow! This Jewish bastard is a real Mullah. Apparently all Mullahs are Jews or puppets of Jews! The Mullah regime and the Zionist regime are really alike”. In fact, many are shocked, and can’t believe that the Jewish fanatics are exactly like Mullahs. But the wise guys, that knew the truth, say: “The religious fanatics love the same shit, and both the Mullah regime and the Zionist regime are Theocratic regimes. Shas is currently I-s-r-a-el’s fourth largest party in the Knesset. In Netanyahu’s present coalition government the party holds four cabinet posts. The stated purpose of the party is to ‘return the crown to the former glory’ [!!]. Shas has its own government-funded education system [!!]”. But unfortunately, even USA is eager to become a Theocracy. As the wise American say: “Mormons are the American Taliban or the American Mullah. Similar to the Jews, Mormons believe that they are a chosen people and that America is the Promised Land. They want to establish a Theocracy in USA”. The Jewish fanatics are like or worse than Mullahs, and the Christian fanatics and Mormons are like or worse than the Jewish Mullahs. This shitty world is really a big shithole. As some wise guys say: “Mullah as a title has been used in some Jewish communities to refer to the community’s leadership, especially religious leadership. So, it’s better that you refer to Rabbis and Orthodox Jews as Jewish Mullahs. Orthodox Jews with full beards, long black coats, and their stupid hats look like Mullahs. In fact, both their looks and their thoughts are alike in many ways“. We have written about Zionists, Mormons and the religious fanatics in the US and the West. But the story of Romney, Mormons and American Theocracy is a great tragedy that needs more attention.


“Shas leader calls on Jews to pray for annihilation of Iran. But do you know what Shas means in Persian? Shas or ‘Shas-Cool’ is a slang term that means ‘retard’, brainless, idiot, etc in Persian. The Jewish Shas or The Jewish Shas-Cool are Jewish Basijis. They are like or worse than the Basiji thugs”, some Iranians say. And some media add: “Shas former party leader, Aryeh Deri, was arrested and imprisoned on corruption charges in 1999. Shas leaders are corrupted religious leaders. Shas opposes feminists, atheists, liberals, non-Jews, gays and lesbians, etc”. And some people media add: “The Shas party and The Jewish Shas not only are worse than Mullahs, but they are worse than the German Nazi. It’s funny to know that the Shas leader, that is a Jewish terrorist, is an Arab ! He is an anti-Iran pig”. And the wise guys say: “many Jews are Arabs, and think and behave like the Arab terrorists. In fact, the Jewish terrorists and the Arab terrorists are two sides of the same coin. Both of them are anti-Iran, anti-humanity, anti-democracy, anti-modernity, anti-Science, etc”. Even the ordinary Jews know Shas and say: “Shas’s leader teaches how to pray for killing … the Shas ultra-Orthodox party, a key faction in Netanyahus governing coalition, loves hatred, war, and violence. We hate them“. The Shas’s leader is really a Mullah, a Jewish Mullah. But we all should wait and see how the UN, the US, the EU, and the Western mass media respond to this Jewish terrorist and the Jewish Nazism. We should wait and see how the UN and the West react to the Jewish Mullahs and the Jewish bullshit. It would show many things.


“The West loved and supported that Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) and his military coup in Iran. That Jewish shit (Ahmadinejad) ate shit, but he never said what the Shas’s leader says today. The Western media pretend that their beloved Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) is representative of Iranians, while the Iranian people hate him and his Western supporters. The Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) ate shit, but the Western media reported: ‘Iran has said that I-s-r-a-el must be wiped off the map [!!]‘. They interpreted his words as a call for genocide ! But the story of ‘wipe off the map’ is funny, because no such idiom exists in Persian Language. If you want to translate Mullah words in English, you should say: “they did say they hoped the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem, would collapse”. It’s what they say in Persian. The European fascists, Nazis, Zionists, Christians, or Arabs have words or idioms like ‘wipe off the map’ and ‘genocide’, but you can’t find such idioms in Persian language and Persian history. The only nation in the world that can not be accused of genocide, are Persians (Iranians). The Persian history is free from genocide, while the European history, the American history, the Christian history, the Arab history, the Jewish history, the Japanese history, etc are full of genocide”, some wise Iranians say. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. We should write more about it later. Unfortunately, many know nothing about the story of the Jewish Mullahs, the Jewish spies, or the Christian fanatics. This shitty world is really full of shit and shitheads, but many still live in a stupid fantasy world, and stupidly think that Westerners are more modern, liberal, tolerant, intellectual, or wiser than Iranians and other nations.


“Do you know why Mullahs, Zionists, and Christian fanatics help each others? and why Obama and USA supported Mullahs and that Jewish spy (Ahmadinejad) in 2009, and aided them in killing Iranians? The Jewish fanatics, the Christian fanatics, the American Mormons, and other religious fanatics are like Talibans; they all deny women rights, women equality, human rights, democracy, etc. In fact, a bunch of religious bastards try to destroy the world and all humans, with the help of the Sheeple”, some Iranians say. We all should ask: why the stupid West supports the Jewish Mullahs openly and shamelessly? But when the Christian West supports the Jewish Mullahs, it’s so obvious that they can support the Muslim Mullahs as well. As the wise guys say: “The Jewish Mullahs describe non-Jews as ‘born only to serve us’ ! They hate Christians, Muslims and all other humans. They hate Jesus and see him as an apostate. But why the Christian fanatics love and support the Jewish Mullahs? Why the Christian fanatics that think the Jews killed Jesus, pretend that they love the Jews? And why the West and its Holocaust’s creators should help the Mullah regime and that Jewish spy?” These questions are important, and related to the secrets of the 2009 coup. In 2009, Obama, USA, and the stupid West aided Mullahs and Iranian baboons in killing and suppressing the Iranian people, and now in 2012, even the stupidest people can see its reasons. In fact, Obama, the Lefts, the stupid West, the Jewish Mullahs, the Iranian baboons and their cesspools, including or RoozOnline, and other jerks and traitors that the Iranian people have seen their true colors and hate them so much, can show you many things about the secrets of the 2009 coup.


The year 2012 has revealed many things about the 2009 coup. Those bastards that betrayed the Iranian people and supported the Mullah regime in 2009, said: “sanction or any political pressure on Mullahs is wrong. The West should not help the Iranian people and their movement. The West should not support Iranians in the name of democracy or human rights”. But in 2012, these bastards that still support Mullahs, say: ‘sanction or any pressure on ‘Iran’ is good. The West should punish Iran and Iranians. The West should torture Iranians, and should keep Iran backward, in the name of nuclear issue”. The past three years can show you many things about the lefts, the stupid West, the intellectual mercenaries, the Iranian baboons and other jerks. The Jewish Mullahs and the Christian fanatics are a big threat, but they are not the biggest threat. Many Americans know the religious fanatics and Zionists. Many know Mormons, and even write about “Muslims and Mormons: Shared Beliefs, Shared Struggles”; but they don’t know the Lefts, the intellectual mercenaries, or some one like Noam Chomsky, that is more dangerous than the religious fanatics. Of course the American Sheeple not only don’t know the leftist bastards or the religious fanatics, but they even don’t know their politicians, their media, or the threat of American Theocracy and American Fascism. As Americans say: “We once feared that the US was under threat from a band of religious fanatics. But who were these feared ‘fanatics?’ Muslims? no; they were Mormons and Christian fanatics. Lying about their religion is not a sin to many of them. They want to establish a Theocracy in the US, and call it Theo-Democracy. But the American people just help them”. In fact, U.S. fanatics are like or worse than Mullahs and Jewish terrorists, but do you know who help these bastards openly and secretly, and why? Many know the religious fanatics or the greedy capitalists, but only a very few people know the lefts, the pseudo intellectuals and the wolves in sheep’s clothing that try to fool and control the Sheeple. And it’s dangerous. As the wise Iranians say: “The secrets of the 2009 coup, and those who supported Mullahs and that Jewish shit (Ahmadinejad) in 2009, can show you many things about this shitty world and its secrets”. Think about it.

Life, Human Suffering, Suicide, and Tony Scott

August 23, 2012

“Famed director Tony Scott jumped Off an L.A. bridge, and committed suicide on 19 August 2012. Witnesses described seeing Scott park his car on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, a 56-metre-high bridge overlooking Los Angeles harbor, and leaping to his death ‘without hesitation’ at about 12.30pm local time. Some said a suicide note was found in Scott’s car, which was parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge. Tony Scott directed such films as ‘Top Gun’, ‘Spy Game’, and ‘Enemy of the State’. The 68-year-old Tony Scott was the younger brother of director Ridley Scott”, the media reported. And some added: “Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer and killed himself to spare his family the pain of watching his slow death, sources close to him have revealed. He didnt have any money problems or family problems. He lived in Beverly Hills, and his wife, Donna, is a model and actress who had appeared in some of his films. Tony Scott met his wife Donna in 1994, after two unsuccessful marriages. She gave birth to twins Max and Frank in 2000. Scott loved action films, and his tragic death can be the last action scene of his action films. His tragic death comes just weeks after he was pictured looking pained as he left a Beverly Hills restaurant on July 23. Scott had been in hospital earlier this summer and told friends it was for a hip operation. But they knew he had previously kicked cancer and suspected it had come back”. The story of his cancer has not been confirmed yet. Some media also added: “A passenger in a vehicle that was crossing the bridge at the time, says: ‘He was on the roadway close to the fence looking around. He looked nervous. I thought it was some extreme sports guy. (Scott) paused a couple of seconds and then began to climb the fence … He put his foot on the top of the fence and paused again … and then he threw himself off‘”. In these days, Tony Scott’s suicide and many other bad news make many feel bad. So, lets write about the tragedy of life, the human suffering, suicide, and hope. “Life is Tragedy“, the wise guys say; and who can deny it? Life is not like a movie. Life is a real tragedy, or as Woody Allen says: “Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable”. Suicide is a very complicated subject. Some ask: “Is suicide a solution?” It’s hard to say yes, and it’s hard to say no! Humans have many fundamental questions about Life, Meaning of Life, Death, and many other things, that have remained unanswered. Religion, delusion, self-deception, and other tricks can bring hope, or can offer some hope, that is certainly good, but they provide no real answers. “Life is Tragedy“, and a little self-deception can be good or acceptable, but with excessive self-deception, life just becomes a great tragedy. Almost all humans have problem with life and “Meaning of Life”, and when they become deeply depressed, they think about suicide. Many people, specially the depressed people, ask: “Why we have to keep on breathing?” It’s a very serious question, and everybody tries to find his/her own answer, but I think one of the best answers is what you can see in Cast Away (2000), a famous film directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks: “You just have to keep on breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise and who knows what the tide will bring“. It’s the best shortest answer that I’ve heard.


Cast Away is a very good film, and I think it has one of the best dialog in the history of cinema, specially when Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) talk about life and hope. Let’s take a look at some excerpts from Chuck’s dialog: “I was going to die there [on that island], totally alone. The only choice I had, the only thing I could control was when, and how and where it [my death] was going to happen. So, I made a rope and I went up to the summit, to hang myself. I had to test it; you know me. And the weight of the log, snapped the limb of the tree, so I couldn’t even kill myself the way I wanted to. I had power over ‘nothing’. And that’s when this feeling came over me like a warm blanket. I knew, somehow that I had to stay alive. I had to keep breathing. Even though there was no reason to hope. And all my logic said that I would never see this place again. So that’s what I did. I stayed alive. I kept breathing. And one day, my logic was proven all wrong because the tide came in, and gave me a sail. And now, here I am. I’m back … Now, I’ve lost her. I’m so sad … But I know what I have to do now. I got to keep breathing. Because tomorrow, the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide could bring?“. It’s one of the best dialog in the history of cinema, and it’s one of the best and shortest dialog about the human life and hope. Many have seen Cast Away (2000). Chuck is one of the typical American businessmen who want to be ‘successful’ and don’t want to be ‘loser’. And when he is cast away on a small island, he changes his views about life, “success”, “losers”, “hope”, etc. But all of us can be a Chuck. You don’t need ‘being cast away on a remote island’ for understanding many things. The human suffering, the mental pains, or the human life that is full of horrible tragedies, can show you many things. When a bad thing happen to your loved ones or yourself, you can be a Chuck. When you lose your hopes or part of your hopes, or when you are too upset or get depressed, you can be a Chuck. And it’s when you can think or behave like Chuck. And it’s when you can tell yourself: “Let’s keep breathing. who knows what the tide will bring tomorrow“. Only a very few people are satisfied with their life, as only a very few people have a few problems with Life, Illness, the Old Age, etc. Most people have many serious problems in this shitty world, and suffer from the same pains and the same tragedies. Most people have many serious problems with the basic needs and the basic questions. In the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, depression, mental disorders, poverty, drug addiction, irresponsible parents, cold-blooded people that are indifferent to others, suicide and other horrible problems are still among the serious social problems. But you should not forget that there’s nothing worse than living in a shithole like Iran under the Mullah regime, that in which the Mullahs and the West cause people many unique horrible problems. Our situation in Iran under the Mullah regime is like or worse than Chuck’s situation on that remote island. When Chuck said: “I don’t want to stay here and die on this shithole island spending the rest of my life talking …“, you could think that the writer has copied this from what some Iranians say in Iran. In fact, Iranians can understand Chuck well. Of course other people can understand him as well, if they can live with open eye and open mind.


“Tony Scott was rich, and could satisfy most of his needs. We can’t understand why he and other rich people commit suicide”, some say. But if they know about the hierarchy of needs, or the existential issues, they can understand why even the super rich people get depressed or commit suicide. And that’s why some wise guys say: “If you solved all the political problems in the world, and solved all the relationship problems, and nobody was starving and everyone was living in peace and all of that, we would still have existential issues”. Money, fame, and even peace, freedom, democracy, justice, good family, good society, and many other good things don’t solve all human problems; these good things are good tools for solving problems, and just lack of them create many many horrible problems. In fact, these good things and many of our needs are Deficiency Needs, that means ‘only the lack or shortage of them create very serious problems’. We have written about these issues in “Maslows Hierarchy of Needs” and “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and Critics” (check Archive). Having good society or good family is very important, but it doesn’t solve all human problems. Yah, it can be very depressing, but it also can be a good news for all of us, specially those who live under a brutal dictatorship. All of us live in a bad society, with corrupt politicians, corrupt systems, and the bad guys that try to hurt us. But when you know even if you live in a good society, you still can have many problems, it can help to ease your pains. It can show you that you need “real solutions”. It can show you that if you try to explore and reach your full human potential, and become one of the self actualized people, you not only feel more alive, happier, self-sufficient, more aware of truth, justice, harmony, goodness, and so on, but you have more chance to find a solution to the fundamental problems or the existential issues. Of course when you live in a shithole like Iran under the Mullah regime, it’s hard to become a self actualized, but it’s not impossible. In such shitholes, you can feel the true meaning of tragedy, pain, or the human suffering. As you know, ‘humans generally prefer a safe, orderly, predictable, organized world, which they can count on, and in which unexpected, unmanageable or other dangerous things do not happen, and in which, in any case, they have powerful supporters who protect and shield them from harm’. A good society should make its members feel safe enough from criminals, and other bad guys and bad things. But when you live in a shithole like Iran under the Mullah regime, the brutal puppet regime has just one goal: the people should not feel safe or good. In such shitholes, most people are unsatisfied, because their safety needs, their basic needs, and their human needs are largely unsatisfied. In the recent years, when you see the Iranian people, most of them are unhappy and unsatisfied. They are not satisfied with many things, including the stupid service they received. In Iran, when you go to a hospital or a court building, you can see the depth of the tragedy, and how the world’s most corrupt regime can create a corrupt system and a corrupt society. Recently, I was forced to go to a hospital for a loved one. The corrupt system or the unkind health care workers can really piss you off. When you see even many health care workers have become greedy businessmen or cold-blooded jerks, it’s really tragic. Of course it’s so obvious that those who have many unsatisfied basic needs and safety needs, become selfish, nervous, and indifferent to others. A brutal corrupt system can create many greedy and selfish people. But in Iran, you still can see hopeful things. After the recent earthquakes in Iran, the Iranian people that don’t trust Mullahs and the Mullah regime, tried to help the victims directly. The Iranian people don’t trust Mullahs, but they tried to trust athletes and other public figures, and donated more than $50 million to the victims. Only two athletes could collect more than $5 million donations. And it proves that Mullahs, their brutal puppet regime and their corrupt system are the main problem, not people. It clearly proves that the Iranian people just need trustworthy figures or trustworthy alternative for getting rid of the Western puppets and the big shithole that has been created by them. In fact, even in this shithole, people can keep breathing and think that “tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring”. Tony Scott, Chuck, and Iranians had much in common.


The Iranian people live in a very difficult and tragic situation. Here, life is more meaningless than many other places. A very brutal puppet regime and puppets of the West have created a big shithole here. The crooks, the killers, the mercenaries, the jerks, and the meanest and stupidest people, that the stupid West and the stupid lefts love them and support them, create and rule this shithole and try to make our life hell. But when even in this shithole, some people can tell themselves: ‘lets keep on breathing, who knows what the tide can bring”, or when even some one like Stephen Hawking, that have lived with the prospect of an imminent death for the last 50 years, says: ‘Im not afraid of death, but Im in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first’, it can mean that all humans in all around the world, can try to keep on breathing, and can tell themselves: ‘Who knows what the tide will bring. Maybe tomorrow the tide gives us … ‘. Of course as the witty Iranians say: ‘In this shithole, the tide often gives us shit and shitty things’. But even in the worst possible conditions, no one knows what the tide will bring, and it’s not a lie; It’s the meaning of ‘hope’. I can understand Tony Scoot. No one can blame him. But some wise guys say: “Yah, suicide can be a solution; but why are you in such a hurry to die? Sooner or later, you die. It’s inevitable. So, don’t hurry to die”. And some wise guys add: “Many wise guys think about suicide. They have some plans for suicide. They don’t care about death, but they have so much that they prefer to do first”. And some wise guys say: “Sometimes [you are like Chuck, and] you even can’t kill yourself the way you want to. You think you have power over nothing. But you have power over many things. You can choose your thoughts, and your views about the world, yourself, your life, etc”. Many things annoy humans, and “money” or “fame” can’t solve many problems. As some say: “Tony Scott was a British-born film director and producer. He was the youngest of three brothers. As a result of his father’s career in the British military, his family moved around a lot. Their mother loved the going to the movies and instilled a love of cinema in her children. He and his brothers were rich and well-known. They had everything”. But the human suffering and the tragedy of life is not just a physical issue. It’s a mental pain. Many try to use self-deception methods, and many can’t deceive themselves with such things. But you can be in no hurry to die, and can tell yourself: ‘Who knows what the tide will bring. Maybe tomorrow the tide brings … ‘. We all can get rid of our stupid needs. As Maslow said: “The healthy, normal, fortunate man has no s-e-x needs or hunger needs, or needs for safety, or for love, or for prestige, or self-esteem, except in stray moments of quickly passing threat”. Many people envy others, and it’s really stupid. When you know the human needs, the human suffering, and the tragedy of life, you don’t envy others, and don’t hurt yourself by your stupidities. When you see that many Iranians say: ‘I envy Americans or Canadians, they seem so happy there’, or when you see that many Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc say: ‘We are not happy. We have many serious problems here” or ‘I really envy the rich men, they seem so happy’, and when you see what the rich and well-known figures say or do, you can see the main issues. As the wise guys say: ‘Life is tragic, but sometimes you can see life as a fight against ‘meaningless life’, and you can fight to the last drop of blood, or the last drop of hope, or the last drop of money. Sometimes you are so tired of everything, and suicide seems like a good solution, but it’s better you don’t hurry to die. Maybe when you are so tired of life, you can think about Chuck and what he said: ‘tomorrow, the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring in'”.

Iran, Jewish Nazism, and Jewish Offensive War

August 19, 2012

In these days, the Jewish fanatics are threatening bombing Iran on a daily basis, and openly and shamelessly talk about “the Jewish preventive war against Iran” ! or “the Jewish offensive war against Iran” ! Let’s write about this stupid joke and what Iranians say about it. It’s so obvious that this stupid joke make Iranians angry, but many don’t know why, and many don’t know which part of this stupid joke is important. Some truly say: “It’s a bluff and bullshit. US & EU economic crises, the US election, the West’s love affair with Mullahs, the Syrian tragedy, and many other things can show us that the Zionists are timid dogs that just bark a lot. They know that any Jewish offensive war against ‘Iran’ is equal to the end of the Jewish state”, and even some Western media report: ‘The enthusiasm of Netanyahu and other Zionists for an air strike on Iran appears to have united their country against them. What the Zionists say is bluff”. But it’s not important. It’s not important that some American analysts say: “confrontation with Iran would be disastrous for the US. The consequences of any such confrontation will be devastating for every American”. It’s not important that even some Jewish analysts say: “An offensive Jewish attack against Iran would be a ‘total mistake’. It would be a devastating strategic error. It creates a never-to-be-forgotten Persian vendetta against us“. But it’s very important that the Zionists openly talk about “offensive military attack” on a daily basis, but the world is silent and doesn’t slap their mouth. The world’s silence is very important. Most Iranians, including us, hate the religious fanatics, and hate reading or writing about them; but unfortunately, Iranians and other nations are victims of these bastards and should not be indifferent to them. We have already written about Zionists, Mullahs, and Religious Fanatics . The religious fanatics in the US and the Jewish state are like or worse than Mullahs. The Jewish fanatics, that openly talk about “Offensive war” or “Preventive war”, are a global threat. They can show us a real threat that some name it “the rise of the Jewish Nazism”. Some truly say: “The Zionists are worse the German Nazi. These Jewish bastards repeatedly talk about ‘the Jewish offensive war’ and are threatening bombing Iran on hourly basis. It’s the Jewish Nazism, but the world has closed its dirty mouth. If it was Iran threatening bombing the Jewish state on hourly basis, what the stupid West and their f-u-c-king mass media would say about Iran and Iranians?“. It’s a very important question. Think about it. We have already written about the Jewish fanatics and the Nazi, and why there is no exaggeration to say that the Zionists are exactly like the Nazi, because their logic is Goebbelss logic and their words are Goebbelss words. But when the Jewish terrorists clearly talk about war and the right of a first strike against Iran; and when they deliberately use Iran for referring to Mullahs; and when the world and the UN have closed their dirty eyes; and when the West and the world desperately try to torture the Iranian people, while they betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement in Iran and aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians, it’s so obvious that the story of the 2010s is stupider than the story of the 1930s. The wise guys say: “The economic crises, the Western foolishness, the world’s silence, the global crises, and many other things are like the 1930s, but this time the Nazism is a 100% Jewish Nazism. The Zionists in the US and the Jewish state, and their Zionist agents in the Mullah regime try to play with public opinion. Of course many Iranians know the truth; they clearly say: ‘Ahmadinejad is a Jewish shit. He is a Zionist agent. This Jewish shit and his friends are Jewish spies and work for the Zionists’. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians don’t know that Ahmadinejad comes from a Jewish family, and has a Jewish root. Most people don’t know who has said: ‘An excellent idea enters my mind. To attract outright anti-Semites and to make them the destroyers of Jewish wealth‘”.


“Do you know who has said this? Hitler? Goebbels? Ahmadinejad? no. Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, wrote this in his Dairy. ‘We shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends’, Herzl added. Herzl and other Zionists decided to use the Jewish spies as anti-Jews and anti-Semites. The Zionist reliance on Anti-Semitism to further their goals continues to this day”, the wise guys say. They also add: “The Jewish fanatics believe that the Jews include 3 groups: people who were born to a Jewish family regardless of whether or not they follow the religion; those who have some Jewish ancestral background or lineage; and people who formally convert to Judaism. In fact, traditional Judaism say that a Jew, whether by birth or conversion, is a Jew forever, that means a Jew who claims to be an atheist or converts to another religion is still considered to be Jewish. In fact, the Jewish fanatics believe if one of your parents or your ancestors is a Jew, you are a Jew forever. For the Jewish fanatics, Judaism is not a faith, but is a race”. Theodor Herzl (1860- 1904), the father of Zionism, and also Ahmadinejad, his Jewish family, and his mission, can show you many things. But here, I don’t want to write about the Mullahs or Mr. shit that most Iranians see them as British agents or Jewish spies. In these days, even little kids say: ‘Mullahs are Arabs or pro-Arabs, and Mr shit is a Jewish agent; they work for the West or the Zionists and try to keep Iran weak/ backward’. We would write more about these issues later. But here, lets think about the Jewish Nazi, and how the world allows a bunch of Zionists to threaten its security. We have already written about the historic relations between Iranians and Jews, and how Iranians have supported the Jews and other oppressed minority groups since 3000 years ago. We should write more about “Iranians and Jews”, but the Jews are aware of the truth, and the ordinary Jews respect Persia and Persians for their help. It’s the West that pretends ignorance. As the wise Iranian say: “The Christian West and the Christian fanatics, that think the Jews killed Jesus, have ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (deep hatred) towards the Jews, and wants to annihilate them. The West is the Holocaust creator. But the Western mass media that are master at telling big lies, pretend that the main and old supporter of the Jews, ie Iranians, are enemy of the Jews, but the main and old enemy of the Jews, ie the West and the Christian fanatics, are friend of the Jews !! It’s the end of Charlatanism”. But the world says nothing about this level of charlatanism. You can ask yourself: “The Zionists behave like the Nazi, but why the world is silent?” or “Ahmadinejad is a Jewish shit that the West supports him and his military coup. The Iranian people hate this Jewish shit so much, but why the West and the Zionists pretend that this Jewish agent is the representative of Iranians?” or “if it was Iran threatening bombing the Jewish state on hourly basis, what would happen?” or “why a world of 7 billion allow a tiny tinpot country of 7 million threaten its security and stability?”. Thinking about these questions can show you many things. Some wise guys say: “The US and the Christian fanatics hate the Jews and want to get rid of the Jews. They just see the Jews as a tool for accelerating the end of times, and as tool for creating periodic wars and crises. Many US politicians are Christian fanatics. For instance, Mitt Romney is a fascist shit and a stupid Mormon. But why the Christian fanatics that have ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (= ‘killed father’ = ‘deep hatred’) towards the Jews, and most of them hate the Jews so much, support the Jewish fanatics and pretend that they love the Jews?” It’s an important question. Think about it. It can show you many things about this shitty world, specially about the stupid, childish, sick world of the religious fanatics.


Do you know who has said: “The security of the state requires that … Our states security requires that we take whatever measures seem necessary to protect our community from their threat“. It’s exactly like what the Zionists and the US politicians say in 2012, but it’s what Goebbels wrote in the early 1940s. The Zionists and the US bastards behave like the Nazi and animals. They use terms like ‘our security’ or ‘our red line’ and bully others into surrendering to them. The wise guys say: “The notion that any country is setting a red line and saying, ‘If you cross that red line, were going to use force,’ is not only crazy and wont work, but its the law of the jungle and the law of the Stone Age”. And the ordinary Iranians add: “Who cares about these bastards, their Jewish red line or their American red line. They can go to hell and f-u-ck themselves. It’s these bastards that must fear of our red lines !”. As the wise Iranians say: “The Zionist regime is like the Mullah regime. The Jewish state is a Jewish theocracy, not a democracy. Sometimes the Zionist regime is worse than the Mullah regime. The Mullahs are anti-Iran pigs, and kill and torture the Iranian people, but the Jewish terrorists clearly talk about ‘offensive attack’ or ‘preventive war’, and behave like the Nazi. The Mullahs have never talked about ‘offensive attack’ or ‘preventive war’. The Mullahs and the Islamist pigs just kill and torture the Iranian people, destroy Iran, and serve the West’s interests and the Zionist interests. Do you remember the Iran-Contra scandal? In the 1980s, during the Iran-Contra scandal, the Mullahs, the Zionists, and USA worked together and made love with each others But since 2005, a Jewish shit and a Zionist agent (Ahmadinejad) eats shit in the name of the Iranian people, and destroys Iran and Iran’s economy, and kills and tortures the Iranian people with the help of the West, but the world just pretends ignorance. The religious fanatics in the US and the Jewish state are worse than the Mullahs. They only think of genocide, the end of times, Armageddon, killing all unbelievers, and this kind of horrible bullshit”. The wise Iranians also add: “We are not worried about war against Iran. A tiny tinpot country that is smaller than a Persian city can not be a threat for Persia. Those who eat extra shit would be annihilated. More than 100,000 Iranian Jews live in the Jewish state, and many high rank Jewish politicians are Iranians. They and other normal Jews know why they should prevent the Jewish Nazi from eating extra shit. But we should ask why the Jewish Nazi are allowed to talk about ‘Offensive war’ or ‘Preventive war’? Why the Jewish bastards are allowed to behave like the German Nazi and threaten the world peace?“. The Jewish fanatics repeat the Nazi words and tell stupid jokes, but the West and the Western mass media just encourage them ! It’s very funny and important. In these days, the Western mass media report: “I-s-r-a-el prepared for 30-day war with Iran … a month-long Jewish war against Iran would leave 500 Jewish dead [!!] … they need to stop Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon … It’s the moment at which I-s-r-a-el’s red lines are crossed … they can destroy the Iranian cities [!]… Iran is rapidly approaching the ‘immunity zone’ – the critical point in time after which Iran will no longer be vulnerable to a military strike [!!!]”. It’s funny to know that yesterday, the Western mass media told one of the stupidest jokes of all times: “US, EU, and also U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [that funny Iranians call him ‘Chiz-to-Koon’ (a thing in his ass; f-a-g-got)] sharply criticized Iran’s leaders [!], describing their latest verbal attacks on the Jewish state as ‘offensive and inflammatory’ [!!]”. But do you know how Iranians react to this level of sickening hypocrisy and stupidity? Some say: “The West wants to destroy the Jewish state, kill all Jews, and create Armageddon. And that’s why they encourage the Jews to commit suicide”. The funny Iranians say: “It’s a good joke that the US and the Jewish f-a-g-gots are threatening bombing Iran on hourly basis, but the UN and the Chiz-to-Koon not only don’t condemn these offensive and inflammatory statements, but they call puppets of the West and the Jewish spies ‘Iran’s leaders'”. And many add: “In this shitty world, the main law is ‘the law of the jungle’, and that’s why Iran certainly should have nuclear weapons“. We would write more about this issue later. But there is no doubt that Iran must have nuclear weapons. The stupid West proved it to us.


The West and the religious fanatics love war and hatred, and the Zionists and the Mullahs can have a phony war and can help each others, but the big loser of any war would be the Jews. Iranians inside Iran clearly say: “Any Attack on Iran in the name of the nuclear issue, just proves that the US and the Jewish state are worse than the Nazi Germany. The Jewish fanatics can be sure that after any Jewish offensive attack on Iran, they should say hello to their end, because Persia and the Iranian people (ie the anti-Islamists Iranians) not only will not support the ungrateful Jews any longer, but they will not allow even one Jewish fanatic, Zionist, or Jewish terrorist to live on our planet Earth”. The Iranian Jews know the truth, and that’s why the Iranian Jews in the Jewish state clearly say: “Attacking Iran would be the equivalent of 1,000 9/11s for the Iranian people“, and it’s what the world should not forget it. Those bastards that didn’t care about the Iranian people and the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, and aided the Mullahs in 2009, and now shamelessly talk about “war and sanction” in the name of the nuclear issue, and try to torture the Iranian people, are sick animals. And what the Iranians inside Iran say to them is clear: “Now, all Iranians hate you, the sick bastards. They only spit on you, the motherfucker. The Iranians inside Iran have seen your true colors; they are not as stupid as the Lefts or the Iranian expats”. Most people in Iran are anti-Mullahs, anti-Islamists and hate the Arab pigs (ie anti-Iran and pro-Mullahs pigs), but they clearly say: “Any Jewish offensive war against ‘Iran’, with or without US help, just proves that what the Nazi said about the Jews was right“. Even the wise Iranians say: “any Jewish offensive military attack on ‘Iran’, just proves that we were wrong and Goebbels was right about the Jews”. In the 1940s, Goebbels said: “The Jews wanted war, and now they have it. The Jews must be removed from our [world], for they endanger our existence. They will never give us rest. If they could, they would drive one nation after another into war against us. They only want to force the world to accept their bloody domination. The Jews started this war and they direct it. Their goal is to destroy and exterminate our people. There is only one effective measure: cut them out. The Jews will have to answer for their countless crimes against the happiness and peace of mankind, and one day the whole world will give them the penalty that they are suffering today. When dealing with the Jews there are only two choices: to surrender to them or to fight them. The Jews are the most dangerous enemy that ever threatened the life, freedom, and dignity of humanity“. The wise guys and good guys, including the wise Jews, should not remain silent about U.S. and Jewish Nazis. Some ask: “The West had no option. What do you expect from the West?” It’s really stupid. The West had many options. But the stupid West, the stupid Lefts, and the stupid monkey (Obama) decided to help the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, and betray the Iranian people and the human values. We have already written about it, and about “What Iranians Expect from the West” (check Archive). The first thing that the stupid West must do is: “Apologizing to the Iranian people for betraying them in 2009 and the past three years”. The West should stop behaving like animals. It’s funny to know that in these months, the Iranian baboons that ‘were worried’ about the Mullahs in 2009, and helped the Mullahs and the West, and betrayed the people, and earned good money in the name of ‘Iranian Opposition’, have closed their dirty mouths now. Now, they not only ‘are not worried’ about Iran and Iranians, but they aid the Zionists, the stupid West, and the Pahlavists in torturing and suffocating people. We should write more about the Iranian baboons or the Iranian traitors that are worse than pigs, and are one of the main responsible for the current shit. Anyway, a world that its main laws are “the law of the jungle”, “charlatanism”, “tribalism”, “utilitarian double standards”, “hypocrisy”, etc is not a human world. It’s a stupid jungle. It’s a stupid animal world. I hope the wise guys and good guys can see the main problems and “the Jewish Nazism”, and don’t underestimate the stupidity of idiots and religious fanatics in the Jewish state and USA.

Persia, Western Hypocrisy, and Spirit of Olympics

August 16, 2012

“If the London 2012 Olympics has shown one thing, it’s about the true face of Britain and the stupid West, and their sickening hypocrisy. The Western nationalists and hypocrites screw the so-called ‘spirit of the Olympics’. When these bastards talk about globalism or ‘spirit of the Olympics’, it’s like when the Mullahs talk about ‘freedom and democracy'”, the wise Iranians say. The Western Hypocrisy is really sickening. The stupid Americans say: “We watch the Olympics games, just because we want to see the U.S kick every other country’s ass ! the Olympics games is about faith and pride in our country”. And the British bastards clearly talk about Team GB and necessary patriotism (i.e. nationalism and chauvinism) and add (even in the Guardian): “The Olympics is and always has been a highly political event [!] And now we can claim that the age of Britain’s decline, 1948- until now, was ended in 2012 [!] We are a superpower again [!!]”. It can remind you of a Persian proverb, “Camel dreams of … [impossible dreams]”, and it can show you their sickening hypocrisy and stupidity. When we and other Iranians write about the whole world and all humans, the Western idiots think that it’s a sign of weakness. They say: “You care about the whole world, because your country is a small and weak country [!]”. The number of these idiots is not small in the US and the West. As the wise Iranians say: “If Iranians want to behave like Americans and Europeans, they have many things to say, more than those pigs who ate each others, and have created the Middle age, the colonialism age, the slave trade, the fascism, the Nazism, many horrible wars, hundreds of millions of victims, etc”. We’re happy that many Iranians care about all humans and the whole world. It’s a sign of wisdom, not weakness. But as the wise Iranians say: “We are proud of this level of wisdom and tolerance among Iranians, but apparently the stupid West and their idiots that are sick pigs, can’t understand the human values and the human language. We should speak to them with their own language”. Here I try to show you why even the wise Iranians are angry, and how they react to the stupid Westerners and the Western hypocrisy. “The stupid West and its sick pigs pretend that Iran is a small or weak country, but all educated people know that Iran or Persia has been among the oldest, richest, and greatest countries and civilizations in the world, and that’s why the stupid Westerners have always been so jealous of Persia”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “When the stupid West, i.e. their bad guys and their sick pigs, talk about the world history and the human civilization, they try not to use terms like ‘Iran’, ‘Persia’, ‘Iranian’, ‘Persian’, etc, and instead they call Iran or Persia ‘the Caucasus’, ‘the Central Asia’, ‘the Middle East’, etc. The stupid West tell big lies about Persia, and it’s very funny and important“. Those who read history, or even those who watch the Olympics games, can learn many things about human history and Persians (Iranians). The London 2012 Olympics showed many things. For instance, a Hungarian gold medalist (in Athletics) had a Persian name: Krisztian Pars. “Pars” means “a person from Persia”, and it’s obvious that these Hungarians had Persian roots, and were proud of it. But unfortunately, many don’t know that many people in the Eastern Europe have Persian roots. Many people in Croatia, Hungary , Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, etc have Persian roots. Of course many Europeans are aware of this issue. The tourists, athletes or couches that come to Iran from Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc clearly say: “We know that our ancestors have been Iranians and have immigrated to Europe from Persia”. It’s funny to know that some of them try to marry Persians, or learn Persian language, and most of them want to have more connections with Persia, their ancient homeland. But as the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs are Arabs and anti-Persia. They are an occupying force, and have occupied Iran. They hate the Iranian culture, and that’s why the West loves the Mullahs and supports them. But in the near future, Iranians will rule Iran, and try to restore Great Persia, and will have very close and special relations with the good guys in the Eastern Europe and other parts of the world, specially in India and China, that were old friends of Persia. Of course Great Persia will punish the stupid West for betraying Iranians”. The wise Iranians also add: “It’s needless to say that Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc are parts of Persia, and those who live there are “Iranian”, with Iranian culture. Sooner or later, Iranians will restore Great Persia, maybe as a federal state: United States of Persia. At that time, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc that were invaded and occupied by Russia and Britain in the 19th century, will return home, and will unit to form ‘Great Persia’ again. At that time, the stupid West and other racists and sick bastards will die of jealousy again“. What Iranians say makes the bad guy angry. It makes their blood boil, but they had to know that their betrayals and their strategic mistakes in the past three years, would reveal their true colors. Now, as the wise Iranians say: “Iranians are aware of an undeniable fact: Those anti-Iran pigs who made that stupid film (‘300’), that was a ridiculous joke, are behind the Mullah regime, and aided Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians”.


Unfortunately, many don’t know the world history. They don’t know that Russia is a new-born country, or Russia and Britain invaded Persia and occupied many parts of it in the 19th century. The Western idiots, that their number is not small, say: “We all lived in Southern Russia [!!!] 4,500 years ago“. These stupid bastards refer to “Persia” as “Southern Russia” !!, but why? Some say: “because their media and their politicians have brainwashed them”. But as the historians say: “Russia is a new-born state that didn’t exist before the 15th century. In the Northern borders of Persia, just a few [savage] Tatar tribes lived in the frozen wasteland (today’s Russia). [Some Tatar tribes were under the Iranian cultural sphere, but other tribes were savage tribes]. For Iranians, ‘Tatar’ was, and still is, a slang term that meant ‘savage’, ‘barbarian’, ‘wild’, etc. For thousands of years, Iran (Persia) was a great country, and today’s Persian Golf’s states, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, many parts of Pakistan, etc were parts of Persia. The people in these areas are Iranians, and have Iranian culture. But Russia and Britain invaded Persia and occupied these parts of Persia in the 19th century”. And the independent historians add: “Russia and Britain tried to change the people’s culture, but many people in these areas are still proud of their ancient Iranian culture. When a new state began to grow around Moscow in the 15th century, and when a very brutal dictator, Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584), became the first tsar, Russia was a small new-born country. ‘The Tatar khan’ term became ‘Tsar’, and that frozen wasteland started to become a country, and then they started to suppress those Tatar tribes that were under the Iranian cultural sphere“. We should write more about ‘Persia and Russia’, ‘Persia and Britain”, and ‘Persia, Caucasus and Western Hypocrisy’, but here I should say that when Iran was experiencing it’s sharp decline, Russia started to emerge as a power during the reign of Peter, who built Saint Petersburg in the first decades of 18th century. And then Russia invaded Persia in the 19th century, and could occupy the northern parts of Persia with the help of Britain. When Russia invaded Persia and tried to occupy the Caucasus in the 19th century, many people in the Caucasus fought against the Russian occupying army and were killed. Even after 150 years, they have not forgotten their Iranian culture and their Iranian roots. They are still part of the Iranian cultural sphere. In the London 2012 Olympics, you could see that the athletes form Georgia and other parts of the Caucasus had Iranian names, like Manouchehr, Ramin, Rostam, etc. Many young and old people in Iran and the Caucasus, see each others as ‘fellow countrymen’, not as people from different countries or different cultures. As the wise Iranians say: “In the Olympics games, all athletes from these countries are athletes from Great Persia (GP) !, that is really a great country with a great history, not like those idiots who just call themselves ‘Great’, but are smaller than ‘small’. We know difference between greatness and gestures of greatness“. They also add: “Do you know how many Iranians have been killed for Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and other parts of the Caucasus? When Russia and the UK invaded Persia and occupied these areas in the 19th century, many Iranians in Iran and the Caucasus were killed, because they wanted to defend Persia, and if the British bastards didn’t help the Russian bastards, Russia was not able to defeat Persia, even in the 19th century, when Persia was not as powerful as before”. After the Western betrayals in the past three years, Iranians have seen the true face of the West, and that’s why they think about restoring Great Persia, or the United States of Persia. The bad guys have always been so stupid, and they still live and think like animals, and love the law of the jungle. The independent historians add: “The Russian [bastards] and the British [bastards] tried to change ethnic identity in the occupied parts of Persia. They used ‘ethnic cleansing’ tactics, engineered mass immigration, and forced many people to leave their home, but even these horrible dirty tricks, could not change many things in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc, because these areas were part of Persia for thousands years, and the Iranian culture was part of their blood”. It’s funny to know that even in Russia, many wise and cultured people have Persian roots. The historians say: “Strong Persian cultural influence even can be traced up as far as central Russia. Even today, after decades of partition, most of these regions retain a sort of Iranian identity, as seen in their old beliefs, traditions and customs. In these years, in all parts of Russia you can see many people that have Persian roots”. It’s very important, and that’s why some Russian athletes in the Olympics games had 100% Persian names, like ‘Rostam’. The historians also add: “the so-called North Caucasus region in today’s southern Russia, including Dagestan, Chechnya, Ossetia, etc long formed part of Persia and the Iranian cultural sphere until they were invaded and occupied by Russia in the 19th century”. When the Western idiots say: “The US, France, Canada and Britain have perhaps the most multi-ethnic Olympic teams”. The witty Iranians say: “The black slaves were prisoners, and they exploited the African slaves and their offspring, but now their medals are considered as American medals or British medals, and they call it multiculturalism. But at the same time, these bastards tell big shameful lies about Persia and Caucasus, that have the same (Iranian) culture and the same root, much more than what you can see in Europe, USA, or even a small country like Switzerland. These bastards have always been jealous of Persia, and as you know, Inferiority complex creates sick hypocrites or narcissistic idiots. Those Spartans and those savage Europeans that even the ancient Greeks called them ‘Barbarians’ (below pix), only licked the Iranians’ shoes. But their Inferiority complex forced them to write ‘fictional’ stories about their war or their relation with Great Persia, and now their offspring still suffer from that ancient Inferiority complex”.


If the racist, narcissistic Westerners and their sickening hypocrisy and their sickening narcissism didn’t exist, we would not write about Persia and the angry Iranians. But when the stupid West and its stupid racists, chauvinists, narcissists, and other idiots “eat ‘shame’ and vomit ‘decency'” (it’s a Persian proverb), we are forced to react. I know that many Iranians think like us, and they hate speaking about one country or one nation. When you live in Iran, and when you see many Iranians talk about and care about the whole world and all humans, you only can hate the stupid West and the Western media that tell big lies about such a wise tolerant people. I just care about the truth, not Iran, the West or any thing else. I like to write about all humans, the whole world, the better world and the better future. Iran has its own problems and its own stupidities, but when the stupid West and their mercenaries, that have many many serious problems and stupidities, talk nonsense and betray the truth, many can’t remain silent. The stupid West and their mercenaries have created many problems for Iranians and other nations. They still tell big lies and betray the truth. These bastards and their sickening hypocrisy are really unbearable. As the wise Iranians say: “When the Western bastards talk about Globalism, it means Americanization, and destroying other cultures and other humans They don’t care about other people and other nations. They are selfish, racist, nationalist, narcissist, and utilitarian. They just screw the so-called ‘spirit of the Olympics’, and clearly say: ‘The Olympics games is not about individualism, humanism, or globalism; It’s about Nationalism [!!]’. But these bastards should know that if Iranians and others want to behave like them, they should go to hell and f-u-c-k themselves. Iranians can kick their ass and every other country’s ass. Iran is the cradle of civilization and the oldest and greatest country in the world, that has many able men and women who can f-u-ck the bastards easily”. The story of the Western hypocrisy is important, and we all should ask why they tell big lies about Persia, Caucasus, and the world history. We should ask why the sick bastards don’t say that many things in the West have Persian roots, and instead, they stupidly say: “we and our culture have Russian roots !” As funny Iranians say: “Oh, Yah, only the good and wise Westerners have Iranian roots. The sick bastards in the West are offspring of the Neanderthals or those savage Tatars that were uncultured”. When the Western bastards talk about the human history, they talk about Russia, while Russia didn’t exist before the 15th century, and we all should ask why? As the historians say: “ Khwarazm is one of the oldest Iranian regions in the world. You can read about it even in the ancient book of Avesta (about 4000 to 5000 years ago). The name also appears in Achaemenid inscriptions. Khwarezm and her cities appear in Persian literature in abundance, in both prose and poetry. Dehkhoda called Khwarazm ‘the cradle of the Aryan tribe and the Iranian people. Kkwarazm or Kharazm is a large region on the Amu Darya river delta in the Northern Persia [, that the stupid West calls it ‘Central Asia’]. The famous scientist Biruni, a Kharazm native, said (in the 10the century): ‘The people of the Kharazm were a branch from Persian tree’. Today Khwarazm is split between several central Asian states”. They also add: “Parts of Khwarazm and the famous Persian cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, Shirin, Zar-afshan, etc are located in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. These cities are the birthplace of the post-Islamic Persian literature. The Samanids, who claimed inheritance to the Sassanids, had their capital built there. [It’s important to note that] even Turco-Mongolian invasions and long rule by Turco-Mongol dynasties could not change many Iranian characters of the region”. In the 19th century, when the Russian occupying army started to annex Kharazm and other parts of Persia, the stupid West and the colonial powers supported Russia. Of course they didn’t know that an occupying army can occupy a region, but they can’t change the people, their culture and their customs easily, even by force. As the independent historians say: “In the Colonialism age, Britain, Russia, and other evil forces tried to change cultural and ethnic identities, and used ‘ethnic cleansing’ tactics, engineered mass immigration, and used many other inhuman tactics in the occupied lands, including Persia, India, America, Australia, and Africa. But even these inhuman tactics could not change the people, their culture and their customs, at least in Persia“. And as the wise Iranians say: “The British bastards have always used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and tried to keep Persia, India, Africa, etc weak and backward. They even used the same tactics in America. But now, it’s Britain that is weak, small, and stupid. And the story of Russia doesn’t need explanation”. In these days, when we had an earthquake in Azerbaijan province, the Western bastards and their mercenaries started to tell big jokes about Persia and Azerbaijan. The British bastards, that have always supported the separatist groups in Persia and other countries, know that Azerbaijan or the Caucasus has always been parts of Persia, but they say: ‘Azerbaijan is Turk, and should join Turkey or Turkestan !’ But those who read history, know how Azerbaijan’s people hated the Ottoman Turks and fought against them for hundreds of years, and how Azerbaijan’s people tried to restore the Persian Empire during the Safavid dynasty (in 16th century). Yah, in the 11th century, groups of Turks went to Azerbaijan and lived there with Iranians, but after several decades, they were as Iranian as other Iranians, because nobody forced them to become Iranian, and they loved the great culture of the ancient land of tolerance. The ordinary people in Azerbaijan and other parts of Persia hate the pan-Turk bastards, as they hated the Ottoman Turks, who were racist and anti-Iran. It’s funny to know that even many people in today’s Turkey have Iranian roots. In the 2012 Olympics games, a boxer from Turkey, had a Persian name: “Bahram Mozafar”. The story of the Ottoman Turks and people of Azerbaijan and other parts of Persia, can show you many things about the true face of the British bastards and the stupid West, who want to destroy Iran with the help of their agents, specially the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons. But now, almost all Iranians know that the stupid West is anti-Iran and pro-Mullahs. Now, Iranians say: “We know why the West supported the Mullahs. The Mullahs are anti-Iran pigs, who hate the Iranian culture. The Mullahs are puppets of the West. They are Arab pigs, and hate Iran and Iranians. And that’s why the West loves and supports the Mullahs”. Even the Olympic games can show you how the Mullahs try to keep Iran backward, and how the Mullahs torture Iranians and try to prevent them from building a strong Iran. It’s the Mullahs’ mission, and we would write more about it later.

Horny Sheeple and Stupid Protests in the West

August 13, 2012

The OWS, the Canadian protests, the UK riots, or the Spanish protests, that we have already written about them (check Archive), can show us many things about the serious problems in the World and the West. As you know, we were sympathetic to these protests in the West, and we had a lot of sympathy for the protesters, but when the bad guys, specially the stupid lefts, the pseudo intellectuals, and the intellectual mercenaries ruined the people movements, and didn’t allow people to have progressive goals and clear demands, and when people followed them like sheep, and when the idiots and the s-e-x addicts gained the upper hand, we started to criticize these protests. And now, when almost all of these protests have been ruined, we all should think about their fate, and should ask why? why the bad guys could control and fool the Western people and their movements? It’s very important. I think you can see the same pattern in almost all Western protests in the past two years – i.e. in the OWS, the Spanish protests, the UK riots, the Canadian protests, etc. These protests that could create serious, modern, progressive movements, and could bring real changes, became stupid, fruitless, embarrassing protests, and we all should ask why and should think about it. The story of “Sheeple and Stupid Protests” or “Pseudo Intellectuals and Stupid Protests” in the West is a very important story. In fact, it’s the story of controlling and fooling people, making the people movements infertile, betraying peoples hopes, and diverting the people movements into a swamp or a deadlock. It’s a very great tragedy, and we all should care about it. It’s the real tragedy that the Western protests, from the OWS to the Spanish protests, suffered from the same serious problems. As we already wrote about the OWS or the Spanish protests, “just calling for change is not enough. There have to be concrete goals, a clear list of demands, and a plan of action, or change means nothing“. But in these stupid protests, the lack of clarity became the lack of clear demands; and without progressive goals and clear demands, they just wasted their energy, and made a fool of themselves. In these stupid protests, the s-e-x addicts, and those idiots that their brain is in their ass, and those who follow the stupid lefts and the pseudo intellectuals like sheep, could gain the upper hand and could destroy the people movement.


Recently, some told us: “Why you are not sympathetic towards the people protests in the West? They protested against the bad guys and their corrupt systems, and you have no sympathy for them”. It’s really stupid. If you check our Archive page, you can see that we have already expressed our sympathy for them. For instance, when we wrote about “Spains Uprising and Censorship”, that very few people have written about it, we had a lot of sympathy for the so-called 15-M (15 May) movement, also known by its motto «Democracia Real Ya!» (Real Democracy Now). But what happened to that movement? At first, they talked about “Real Democracy” or “Direct Democracy”, and it was very good, but the bad guys and the Sheeple, and also the lack of clarity and the lack of clear demands, destroyed their movement. The Sheeple (sheep people), the s-e-x addicts, and those who only wanted to have fun (s-e-x), could converted “Real Democracy” into “Real Sheepocracy”. Photos can show you many things -for instance, what you see here are photos about the Spanish protests (1&2), the OWS (3&4), and the UK riots (5). They can show you that almost all Western protests in 2011, were almost like the 2012 Canadian Farce. Unfortunately, the bad guys in USA, UK, Spain, Canada, etc try to control and fool people with the same tactics, but no one write about this issue. The roots of problems in USA, UK, Spain, Canada, and other countries are almost alike, and all humans should try to aid each others in solving these global problems, but unfortunately, most of Westerners, specially the idiots, just repeat the stupid lefts’ bullshit or the bad guys’ crap, or just care about ‘national interests’, patriotism, ‘nation pride’, etc, and still live in the Tribalism Age or the Stone Age. Of course, many people and some protesters in Spain, USA, UK, Canada, etc are wise and open-minded, but they are not in the majority, and could not save the people movements. Some said: “Over half of the Spanish population distrust politicians and do not feel represents by any political parties”, but unfortunately, the Spanish 15-M could not unit them behind a progressive movement for real democracy and real changes. And now many people are very disappointed. Unfortunately no one writes about the Sheeple, the horny idiots, the Horny West, the stupid lefts, the religious fanatics, or the pseudo intellectuals that helped the bad guys and ruined the people movement.


As we said before, “Choosing between a limited circle of corrupt politicians is a vicious circle”. But many Westerners are still controlled and fooled by this small corrupt circle. “The vicious circle should be broken by the people”, but even the elite are blind and stupid. The American people want to choose between two great evils in the 2012 election. And that stupid election in Spain could not solve any problem, and now many people are frustrated. In 2011, and in our “Spanish Police vs Spanish Protesters” (check archive), we made a joke and said: “One of the funny and interesting matter about the young Spanish protesters is: ‘Spanish boys and girls working and sleeping together in the streets'”. We also added: “Instead of sleeping together all day or all night, some Spanish boys and girls should create a good website in English, with a good collections of protesters blogs, pictures, articles, etc, and should cover the Spanish protests properly. Sleep together, OK, but work together, too ! Work a little for your movement !“. But the Sheeple and the sex addicts that their brain is in their ass, could destroy the Spanish movement, as they destroyed the OWS, the Canadian protests, the UK riots, etc. Unfortunately, no one writes about the serious problems in the West, and no one talks about the real and feasible solutions, for instance about having direct democracy, holding referendum or boycotting the stupid elections in the West. I know why their bad guys hate these ideas and try to fool their people, but I don’t know why the wise guys and the good guys remain silent. As the wise Iranians say: “The 2012 US election is one of the stupidest elections in the US history. The Americans should choose between two great evils – a stupid Monkey (Obama) and a stupid Mormon (Romney). But no one talks about boycotting the election and protesting against ‘the vicious circle’. If the American people can create a movement for boycotting the 2012 presidential election, like what the Iranian people did about the 2012 Mullah election, or a movement for having referendum (or direct democracy) about the main problems, many things would change in the US. But why the American people can not have a progressive movement with clear demands?” The bad guys and their media try to fool the Westerners, and don’t allow them to boycott the election, ask for referendum, etc but unfortunately the wise guys are silent and inactive.


The OWS and other western protests in 2011 and 2012, were stupid protests, but many even don’t know why. Some idiots say: “The people tried to revolt against their corrupt systems and their corrupt politicians. Their movements were not stupid. Shame on you !”. It’s really shameful that they can’t see the obvious things. It’s so obvious that ‘revolting against the bad guys, specially against the corrupt systems and the corrupt politicians’ is a very good thing, but the OWS and other western protests were stupid protests, because the bad guys and their intellectual mercenaries could control and fool people and their movement. Those who said: “we should not have any goal or any demand. The OWS should not have a clear list of demands”, were charlatans or the intellectual mercenaries, but they could play with people. Unfortunately, you can see the same thing in the UK, Canada, Spain, etc. The bad guys try to brainwash people, and censor the people voices, but most of Westerners say nothing about the horrible problems, including censorship and other controlling tactics. Maybe they think: “Censorship just hurt the Iranian people; and who care about them and their pain and suffering”. But the plague will pollute everywhere. When Albert Camus wrote “The Plague”, he hoped that the world and the West learn form their mistakes, and don’t repeat their horrible mistakes. But unfortunately, the selfish idiots and the sick utilitarians, and their sickening foolishness and their sickening hypocrisy, don’t allow us to have a better world. In 2011, and during the Spanish protests, some Spaniards wrote about ‘Poor coverage, no analysis, dreadful and completely misleading headline’, and it was a sad truth, but they had forgotten the story of Iranians in 2009 and 2011. At that time, we wrote: “The Western mass media is really hypocrite and charlatan. Even the Guardian has not covered the current uprising in Spain. Its really meaningful. Now the young Europeans, especially the young Spaniards, can understand the Iranian protesters. When the Western mass media closed their eyes to the Iranian protesters [and the Western betrayals, ] and distorted the facts about Iran, it was very obvious that sooner or later they would do the same thing about the western protesters and the western countries”. The plague can’t discriminate between the people in Iran and the West, and those who don’t care about the Iranians’ pain and suffering, are as stupid as those who lived in the 1930s.


“Economic Collapse, Poverty Explosion, Increase In Crime, National Debt Crisis, Corrupt Politicians, Censorship and Misinformation, the Lobbying Industry, Gang Violence, War, Anxiety Epidemic, Drug Addiction Epidemic, Child Abuse Epidemic, Teen Pregnancy, Divorce Epidemic, etc, Oh, why are so many bad things happening to America and Europe?”, some Americans ask. I think if you can see the main problems of the OWS, you can find the answer. When they even could not have clear demands, and when many stupid protesters talked about the armed revolution or the classic revolution, and when many stupid protesters wanted to restore the Christian Theocracy, the Communism, and other backward systems, and when the stupid lefts and the intellectual mercenaries could fool and control the people, it was so obvious that their stupid protests are ‘shameful things’ that could change nothing, and it was obvious that ‘many bad things should happen to the West’. In 2009, the stupid West and the stupid lefts aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people, and now in 2012, these bastards impose more sanctions on the Iranian people and try to torture them more, but the world and public opinion are blind and deaf. And it can show you ‘why many bad things should happen to America and Europe’. Those who betray the Iranian people, betray other people and other nations as well. Those idiots who have no sympathy for the Iranian people, and enjoy watching Iranians’ pain and suffering, are like their politicians, and deserve them. They deserve their corrupt system. It’s really shameful that many Westerners don’t care about the Iranian people, but we and many other Iranians are not like them. Even what we wrote about “Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian Farce”, is like what we said about the OWS and other Western protests: “[We] hope the wise Canadians can change the current embarrassing situation in Canada. The Canadian politicians make concessions, only when the wise Canadians have the upper hand, not now, when the brainless s-e-x addicts have the upper hand“. It’s needless to say that we just care about the wise guys and the good guys in the West, not about their sick people, their racists, their fanatics, their Sheeple, and their bad guys.


The bad guys or the idiots try to abuse the valuable concepts, and try to destroy them. For instance, the sick bastards in the Assad regime, or the sick Mullahs, talk about “Foolable Sheeple of the West”; or some idiots and/or intellectual mercenaries in the alternative media -such as,, etc – abuse the valuable concepts. As the Iranians say: “they want to pollute the water and catch their own fish”. In fact, the bad guys and their mercenaries try to confuse people, and try not to allow people to see the main problems and the roots of problems. But if all good guys try to help each others, they can defeat the bad guys. Of course you can not fight against the bad guys alone. It’s stupid and useless. We and this website don’t want and don’t try to “fight against the bad guys”. We think it’s stupid, useless, and fruitless. If you read our “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change” (check archive), you can see why we think in this way. We just can’t live like sheep, and can’t bear seeing some serious problems and remaining silent. In these days, many things are annoying, and many things try to disappoint us, and I hope the good guys don’t remain silent. When they are silent or inactive, the bad guys can create evil things, including hatred, war, disappointment, etc. Anyway, here I should answer another comment and finish writing. After writing these lines, I saw a comment about our “London Olympics and The Horny West”. A reader asked: “Can you tell me why the Spanish protests are among the ‘shameful things’ in the West?”. This article is the answer. But s/he that can be an Iranian expat, a Spaniard, a bad guy, or anything else, also repeated some common stupid things, and added: “You insult me with saying I am ‘shameful’ [!]”. In an article that has about 1500 words, some try to find 1 word or 1 term – that is not even related to the main topic- and try to use it as an excuse to judge us by it ! It’s a clear sing of stupidity or sickness. But as the wise Iranians say: “Even if we insult those bastards that their foolishness or their silence have allowed the US and the West to make love with Mullahs, convert Iran into a big prison, and betray and torture the Iranian people, we have every right. Whatever Iranians have to say about them is justified. Even if Iranians use bad language and invective (Fohsh Khar-Madar’), and even if Iranians insult the West and the Western people from morning to night, it’s really less than what they deserve it. What the West and the Western people have done to Iran and the Iranian people, specially in the past three years, is worse than the greatest possible insults. So, they deserve everything, including severe punishment for aiding the Mullahs and betraying and ignoring the Iranian people“. Anyway, I hope the good guys can ask themselves: why many Americans and Europeans try to enjoy s-e-x in the name of protesting? Why they try to hide their s-e-x-ual desires behind protesting? or why they try to satisfy their sexual needs in the name of protesting against tyranny and corruption ? When you are horny or s-e-x addict, and when your brain is in your ass, and when you are one of the Sheeple, you can’t protest against tyranny, corruption, and other serious problems; you just f-u-c-k a serious movement and help the bad guys. It’s what the OWS, the Canadian Farce, the Spanish protests, and the UK riots showed us, and I hope all of you can think about it.

London Olympics and The Horny West

August 10, 2012

Olympic female beach volleyball players would be allowed to wear more clothes [!!]“, the British media reported before the Olympic games. And it’s one of the tragicomic stories of the London 2012 Olympics. It’s part of an old story: “Women and S-e-x Slaves”. The British media added: “female beach volleyball players will have the option to wear less revealing outfits [!!]”, that just means: “they were forced to wear a revealing bikini”. It’s really shameful, and can show you many things about today’s world and today’s West. Some western media clearly say that their people love watching “semi-naked women playing volleyball”, and the witty Iranians call the West “Gharb-e Hashari” (the horny West), but if you think about this issue more, it can show you many things. In the recent years, many have protested against the women’s beach volleyball. The wise guys, including the wise Westerners, clearly say: “It’s just s-e-x, not sport. It’s part of the s-e-x industry”. But the main question is: “Why many Americans and Europeans feel ashamed of the s-e-x industry, and try to enjoy s-e-x in the name of sports, the Olympic games, etc? Why they try to hide themselves and their desires behind sports and other things? Why they are such hypocrites? ” In fact, the main question is about the Horny West and their ridiculous hypocrisy.


“This female suit is pretty ridiculously skimpy”, Americans say. But “to Wear cloth or not to wear cloth” is not important; Hypocrisy and “Khod ro beh Khariat Zadan” (that means ‘pretend that you are a donkey; pretend that you can’t understand the main issue’) is the main problem. “Beach volleyball belongs to the hot and sultry areas, and the weather determines what they should wear. But in the cold weather of London, they treat the female players like s-e-x slaves, who should make their masters happy. The Brazilian and Spanish girls must have been freezing in London, specially as the rain poured down”, some say. But the idiots can’t understand the main issue, and say: “They enjoy wearing the revealing bikini, because it makes their sport s-e-xy [!]”. And the wise guys reply: “You (not them) enjoy it, idiots. Women are clearly s-e-x objects first, athletes second”. And the wise Iranians add: “The ancient Europeans were stupid and hypocrite, too. They pretended that the Gladiatorial combats are sports!” In fact, the main point is not about s-e-x or ‘wearing a revealing bikini’, but is about ‘Hypocrisy’. You can have s-e-x industry or s-e-xy events, but not in the name of sports, the Olympic games, and other things. You can create the s-e-x Olympics, and many would like it. But it’s so obvious that you can’t call a slave, s-e-x object, s-e-x worker, porn start, or s-e-x slave “athlete”, as you can’t call s-e-x “sports”.


Some ask good questions: “Why many female athletes don’t dress like the male athletes? Why they are almost naked? Most of men just love seeing their hot bodies and their tits and ass. And it’s s-e-x, not sport”. But unfortunately, many are hypocrite, and don’t want to admit that they just care about s-e-x or ‘tits and ass’, not sports or other things. Many people, specially many Americans and Europeans, watch the Olympics games only because of the women and s-e-x. And the story of the women’s beach volleyball is so stupid. Some Americans say: “You can see a trend in beach volleyball photos. They focus on womens asses. They see women as ‘tits and ass’, not as human or athlete”. It clearly shows that the Western Hypocrisy, that Iranians are one of its main victims, is not just a political issue. The wise Iranians say: “If it was sport, the women in beach volleyball, gymnastics, athletics, etc would dress like the male athletes. But the West is horny, stupid, and hypocrite. They are still obsessed with s-e-x. They act like a horny teenager, but they and their mercenaries call other people and other nations, not themselves, ‘horny’, ‘stupid’, or ‘s-e-x addict’, and we all should ask why they are such hypocrites? why they tell big lies and try to hide the truth?”


Some Americans say: “many gymnastics and volleyball images are erotic images, not sports images”. In fact, as the wise guys say: “the West and their mass media are hypocrite and stupid, and prefer to hide their real emotions, their real intentions, and their low level needs behind other things. They use sports and other things as an excuse for enjoying ’embarrassing stuff’ and hiding the truth”. Some Americans say: “Would men care about it if all these women in gymnastics and volleyball [were dressing like men, and] weren’t wearing tight, revealing clothing? They just love to see women only as tits and ass”. And the wise Iranians ask: “ Who cares if they wear nothing, but why they don’t play naked, and instead, play ‘almost’ naked ?!” It’s a good question. In fact, if they wear nothing and play naked, it would be more acceptable, more understandable and more reasonable, but why they play ‘almost’ n-a-k-ed? Some reply: “because they are hypocrite. In fact, their men are hypocrite and their women are stupid. If they play n-a-k-ed, they can’t call it sport. Most of people would see it as part of the s-e-x industry, that they feel ashamed of it. So, they play almost n-a-k-ed, and fool themselves, and think they can fool others by their stupid gestures. They are charlatans, and it’s part of the Western Hypocrisy”. And some ask: “Why they feel ashamed of the s-e-x industry and try to hide the truth? Why they are not honest with themselves? Why they are like Mullahs, and behave like Mullahs and other idiots?”


Some Americans say: “Their Olympics is not about sports, it’s about s-e-x. In the early 90’s, they added beach volleyball to the Olympics to increase sagging viewer ratings”. And some Americans add: “most of men who watch volleyball or gymnastics only want to see girls in bikinis. Other than that everyone wants to see the U.S kick every other country’s ass !“. It’s really shameful. The Olympic games can show us the funny relations between eroticism, fanaticism, and chauvinism. As funny guys say: “Those who want to cheer for their country, often watch the Olympic games and other things because of the tits and ass, and often say that they are religious people and God loves them and their leaders”. In fact, the idiot nations and the Sheeple suffer from a serious disease: their brain is in their ass. This disease has created many serious problems, and the bad guys know it well, and make use of it well. The OWS, the Canadian Farce, the UK riots, the Spanish protests, and many other shameful things in the West – even the Western betrayals and the Western sanctions that hurt the Iranian people – are results of this disease. When your brain is in your ass, and when you are horny or s-e-x addict, you live like sheep and just help the bad guys, who want to control and exploit the people and try to destroy our lives and our world more and more.


The Olympics games is about faith and pride in your country [!!]“, the stupid Americans say. The stupid Americans can show us how eroticism can create fanaticism, chauvinism, fascism, and other horrible problems. In fact, when your brain is in your ass, you can’t see the obvious things, and you live like sheep, and it just help the bad guys and make them happy. The stupid Westerners say: “There is no higher honor than winning a gold at the Olympics [!] … When my country gets a medal I feel kinda proud to be a member of that country [!]”. This level of stupidity and chauvinism in the US and the West is really horrible. They talk about the global village, the Olympics goals, and the human community, while they are racist, chauvinist, and utilitarian. It’s beyond hypocrisy. And that’s why the world is still full of hatred, discrimination, injustice, war, etc. Some say: “The Horny West is charlatan and stupid. Their Olympics games is still like their Gladiatorial combats, as their values are still like the tribal values and the Stone Age’s values. They just care about the animal needs and the animal life. They just play with words and change ‘names’, and think hypocrisy can hide their true face and their horrible problems“. The Iranian people are the main victim of the Western Hypocrisy, but the Western Hypocrisy is a serious disease that doesn’t allow all of us to have a better world.

UK Jokes: from London Olympics to London Riots

August 8, 2012

The Olympic games should unite humans and human community, but the London Olympics is full of corruption, fraud, racist and nationalist comments, mismanagement, and other stupid things. As some Iranians say: “The British bastards (the bad Britons) and the West just care about ‘medal count’, ‘national pride’, and other political or chauvinistic issues. And many make use of fraud, bribery, and other dirty tricks, and want to gain more medals at any price. The London Olympics is a stupid joke”. But it’s funny to know that the shameless British media say: ‘For Iran, the Olympic Games involves Persian pride (and politics) [!!]’. The British bastards love distorting the truth. For Iranians, the London Olympics is a dirty Olympics. As the people media report: “The story of an Iranian boxer, Ali Mazaheri, that became a victim of the British bastards, the Boxing Mafia and a stupid German referee, or the story of an Iranian wrestler, Saeed Abdvali, that became a victim of the British bastards, the Wrestling Mafia and the French faggots, just remind Iranians of the systematic injustice and bullying in today’s world. When Mazaheri said: ‘It was a fix. It was a set up; Ive never seen anything like it in my life. They don’t want to see our success’, it could remind you of the 2009 coup and when most of Iranians said the same thing, and saw the true face of the stupid West [, the stupid Lefts, ] and their puppets”. Of course, some Britons talk about “Stupid London Olympics” or “stupid, smelly, hateful Olympics in London”, too. But the angry Iranians say: “The London 2012 Olympics is a dirty, stupid, political Olympics. When eight badminton players tried to deliberately lose group stage matches, and when that Swiss player and those stupid Britons and other idiots made racist comments about other nations, or when those German bastards in that German TV made a racist comment about Iran and that Iranian ping pong player, or when we saw how the British bastards copy the Mullah tactics, and use soldiers and students to fill the empty seats, or when we saw their stupid opening ceremony, we understood that the London 2012 Olympics is one the stupidest Olympics of all times”. The London Olympics has a stupid logo, but some Britons have made a cool logo that connects the London Olympics to the London Riots, and I think it’s one of the best logos for the London Olympics.


“The London 2012 logo is stupid logo, and about GBP 400,000 was wasted on designing it. The first public reaction to the stupid logo was largely negative; more than 80% of votes gave the logo the lowest possible rating”, some say. But the above loge is a good logo and can show us many things, as the UK riots or the London Riots in 2011, could show us many things about the British society and its serious problems. And now, the British media and the British bastards that use the Olympics games as a tool for boosting “national pride”, dirty politics and chauvinism, can show us many things about understand the roots of problems in the UK. The British bastards, i.e. politicians and other bad guys in the UK, have created many serious problems for Iranians, Indians, Africans, and other other nations. Unfortunately, Iranians still are victims of the British bastards or “the British Mullah-Makers”. In the recent days, Khamenei, that many Iranians see him as a British agent, has said: ‘Our dear Basiji [thugs] didn’t had to attack the British embassy [!] It was a mistake’. It’s funny to know that most of the Mullah media censored his words. It’s funny, but not funnier than what the media reported yesterday. “The British banks help the Mullahs (not Iranians). While the Iranian people are victims of the Western sanctions, the Mullahs make use of the British banks and transfer billions of dollars. The HSBC and the StanChart work with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia. The Standard Chartered was a ‘rogue institution’ that “schemed’ with the Mullahs. They hid 60,000 secret transactions to earn hundreds of millions of dollars [!] in fees over nearly 10 years. The British banks had exposed the U.S. banking system to terrorists, drug traffickers and corrupt groups, the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) said. HSBC currently is under investigation by U.S. law enforcement, too. The StanChart officials say: ‘You (expletive) Americans. Who are you to tell us that we should not make deal with Mullahs [!!]’. It’s a catastrophic reputational damage to the British banks”, the media reported. The secret relations between British bastards, Mullahs, and Iranian baboons is a very important part of Iran’s modern history. As some Iranians say: “The UK and British bastards have had a key role in destroying Persia, supporting Mullahs and Iranian dictators, and keeping Persia backward. And that’s why most of Iranian people hate the British bastards so much. In fact, Iranians are not alone, and many other nations, including Indians, Africans, and the Chinese, hate the UK and the British bastards so much. Who can like charlatans, the brutal colonial powers, or the stupid bastards?”

Iranians, Indians, and other nations are not the only victims of the British bastards. The ordinary Britons are one of the main victims of the British bastards and their corrupt system. When Britons try to connect the London Olympics to the London Riots in their works, you can see the depth of their anger. And when Britons say: “We feel the police represent a community that doesn’t include me. No one could understand why rioters targeted their local areas, but on that night the shops were owned by the police who had forever targeted us with stop and searches”, you can understand them. Many Britons feel their government doesn’t represent them. Many Britons hate Cameron, Tories, the stupid Queen, and other British bastards. The 2011 English riots was just the tip of the iceberg. When the BBC, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Financial Times, and other British media tell big lies about Iran and the Iranian people, or make love with the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, it’s so obvious that they betray the ordinary Britons, too. But unfortunately, the British media still can brainwash many Britons. As we said before (check Archive), during the UK riots, the British media used “Divide and Rule” tactics, and tried to fool people and hide the roots of problems. Unfortunately, the UK riots was a stupid and blind riot, and showed that today’s Iranians are wiser and more modern than their British counterparts, but we should not forget how the British bastards and the British media tried to control people and hide the truth at that time. And it’s like what the American media try to do about the American terrorist. After more than two weeks, the American media and the American officials still try to hide the truth about Holmes, the American terrorist. Apparently, the American terrorist is like the Norwegian terrorist, and has a manifesto that the US officials try to hide it. As the media reported: ‘Officials have received a notebook from Holmes on Monday after massacre. The notebook detailed Holmes’ plans to kill people. But neither officials with the university nor law enforcement would discuss the contents of his package, citing a judge’s order banning people from discussing it [!!]“. This level of censorship and hiding the truth in the US and the UK is really horrible. The US tries to hide the American terrorist and his motives, as the UK tried to hide the roots of the UK riots, but the real tragedy is that the Sheeple (sheep people) in the US and the UK don’t protest against this level of tyranny and censorship. The Western Sheeple just follow their media and their pseudo intellectuals like sheep, and it’s a very big tragedy.

What you see in the London 2012 Olympics, from the horrible mismanagement and the widespread corruption to the racist and chauvinistic comments, are tragic jokes. The 2011 London riots and what the British system and their corrupt media did in 2011, were tragic jokes, too. But the stupid Iranian expats, i.e. the Iranian baboons that get money and betray the truth, pretend ignorance about the horrible problems in Britain. They said nothing about the 2011 UK riots, and didn’t compare it with the 2009 Iranian uprisings, because it just proved that many Britons are stupider than many Iranians. When Britons, Americans, Europeans, and other nations talk about ‘national pride’ and care about their country’s medals in the Olympics games, or the image of their country, the Iranian baboons say: ‘Oh, it’s natural. They are proud of their country. They are happy, and they deserve it’. But when the Iranian people express the same emotions, the Iranian baboons say: ‘Iranians are nationalist. But those who are proud of their country, and care about Olympic medals and national pride are very stupid. Iranians are very stupid !’ These ridiculous double standards can show you many things about the Iranian expats, specially the Iranian baboons and those who sell themselves for visa or money. If nationalism, tribalism, chauvinism, etc is bad, it’s bad for all people and all countries, not just for Iranians, who are less nationalist than Americans and Europeans. Recently, the stupid Mormon, Romney, that tries to become the US president, has said: “We place our hand over our heart during the playing of the national anthem. No other people on Earth do that [!]”. Romney has also added: “There was a time, when each of us could walk a little taller and stand a little straighter [!]. We had a gift that no one else in the world shared [!] We were Americans [!!]. That meant something different to each of us but it meant something special to all of us [!]. We knew it without question [!!]. And so did the world [!!]. Those days are coming back. That’s our destiny [!!!]”. This level of chauvinism in the US and Europe is really embarrassing, and just reminds you of Nazism, Fascism, Chauvinism, racism, genocide, and many other horrible problems in the West. But the Iranian baboons are blind and can’t see how “the US and the West are turning a neo-fascist B-movie into reality“. Of course, many people can take a look at the US presidential campaigns, the London 2012 Olympics, or the Western protests in the past three years, and can see why today’s Iranians are at least as modern as their Western counterparts.

Almost all British media care about the London 2012 Olympics a lot. Of course, they just care about “the host nation and ‘the big sporting countries’ [!]”. And it can remind you of the British football hooligans, who are worse than the fascists. “ The Olympic games should unite all humans, but for Britain, the Olympic Games is equal to British pride and dirty politics “, the wise guys say. When you watch the Olympic games, you can see all humans are like each others. You can see all humans have family, friends, emotions and human feelings, or they want to win or want to have fun, or they have a special talent and want to express it. The Olympic games can reminds us that all men and women, independent of their nationality, are humans. Many of normal people like or admire one person or one team during a match, and just want to have fun, and it’s quite natural. But those who admire one person or one team only because of a special race or nationality, and don’t give a shit about other humans, are great idiots who can create great disasters. Unfortunately, the London 2012 Olympics can show us that the number of these great idiots in Britain, the West, and all around the world is not small. Of course, the good news is that their number is not so large, and it can be a victory. Many Britons are not stupid, and talk about the Stupid Olympics; some of them say: “Stupid Olympics with its rooftops missiles, and total disregard for the fact that ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary lives are humans. They spent about GBP 14 billion, but it has not changed our lives in London”. Of course, many Britons say: “We are so proud to have the Olympics in the UK. Well done Team GB”, and the number of those Britons who say: “lets forget GB, and lets care about the whole international community” is small, and it can show many things about today’s Britain. “Other people are nationalists; but we are patriots [!!]”, the stupid Americans and Britons say. And the wise Iranians add: “The chauvinists and the fascists call themselves ‘patriots’, as the Mullahs call themselves ‘Islamist Thinkers’. The American terrorist, Holmes, is a terrorist, but they don’t call him ‘terrorist’, as the Arabs didn’t call Bin Laden ‘terrorist’. And the stupid British Queen, that everybody hates her or doesn’t care about her, sees people as her slaves and pretends that people love her. It’s a disease that some call it ‘Foolishness Disease'”.


“The mismanagement, the empty seats, the ticket sales, the fraud and corruption, and the high prices are among the defining memories of the London Olympics. The Olympics were for the amateurs and for the people. They still are. The amateurs organize them, the people pay them”, some say. Unfortunately, as the wise guys say: “Corrupt officials killing the Olympics games”. In fact, the bad guys try to control everything, including the Olympics. And “those who just want to be medalists for their country, even by fraud and corruption”, and “those who only care about money and power”, and “those who just care about their own tribe”, are sick people and help the bad guys. But you can find them everywhere, as you can find the idiots everywhere. As the funny Iranians say: “Those who pay GBP 3000 for watching the Olympic games, and those who watch the Olympic Games only because they want to watch the hot women, are idiots; and If stupidity was an offence, they should have been jailed for life!”. It’s funny to know that some Britons published the below photo, and said: “Why I Enjoy Watching the Olympic Games”. It’s a joke; But many stupid people, including stupid Britons, only watch the Olympic Games for such things. The Iranian baboons pretend that only Iranians are stupid, but as the wise Iranian say: “many Westerners just watch the Olympic Games for seeing hot stuff, and ‘Mellat Hashari’ (horny nation) is a good nickname for the UK, the US, Europe, and other nations including Iran”. Many women in the Olympic games dress like beach volleyball players, and the story of the women’s beach volleyball is a funny story. As the people media repot: “Most of Westerners see the women’s beach volleyball as an erotic thing, not a sport. [And it’s funny to know that] the British media reported: ‘The 2012 Olympics will be replacing the women’s beach volleyball bikinis with uniforms that are less revealing [!]’. But it was a stupid gesture, because their people just watch the women’s beach volleyball for seeing those revealing bikinis”. We should write more about this issue later, but it’s so obvious that sport is one thing, and eroticism is another thing. As the wise Iranians say: “You can make a porno film, but you can’t call it art, sport, or other things that have their own definition. Those who try to hide their s-e-x-u-al desires and try to deceive themselves and others by stupid gestures are sick people. In fact, if you want to watch hot women and erotic things, you should see erotic films, not the the Olympic Games. But it’s an old dirty British trick that you hide your real emotions or your real intentions by gestures of morality, modernity, or humanity”.


The story of sport and eroticism can remind you of the human needs, the high level and low level needs, and also of the British upstarts and their stupid gestures. In the 18th and 19th century, the British bastards that were stupid upstarts, called themselves “Gentlemen” or “Noblemen”, while they were brutal slaveholders, and while they killed and tortured other people, exploited other nations, and sucked people blood. The wise Britons hated these stupid upstarts, but they were in the minority. Unfortunately, those stupid upstarts still manage the political scene and the mass media in the UK. The British bastards, i.e. politicians and other bad guys in the UK, are among the greatest bastards in the world, and that’s why many nations, including Iranians and Indians, hate the UK and the British bastards so much. As the wise Iranians say: “In the past 300 years, the British bastards and their mercenaries tried to pretend that non-Britons or non-Europeans are stupid and backward. But now, when you take a look at the London riots or the London Olympics, you can see who is really stupid and backward. And when you compare the 2008 Olympics in China with the 2012 Olympics in Britain, you can understand why the UK has become a small hateful country, and why the British bastards confess: ‘Without the EU, we’re just Little England to China and India and other nations’. The British bastards are the most utilitarian people in the world. They think they are master at telling big lies and fooling people, but they have a low IQ. They live like animals, and with the logic of animals, and pretend that Charlatanism is Modernism. For thousands years the British bastards ate each others in a small remote island, and knew nothing about the human civilization, and maybe that’s why they think exploiting other people, Colonialism, killing millions of innocent people, or supporting brutal dictators is what you can be proud of it in the opening ceremony of Olympics”. If you read history, you can understand why many people hate the UK and the British bastards. The ordinary Britons are victims of the British bastards, and I hope all people, including the wise Britons, can see the true face of the British bastards, who are one of the main supporters of Mullahs, Iranian baboons, and other evil forces.

Search Engines, Misinformation, and Censorship

August 5, 2012

Censorship, suppression, and suffocation are part of daily life in Iran under the Mullah regime. But Iranians are not merely victim of Mullahs. Writing in this website was a rare opportunity to know more about the West and this shitty world, and also about “Free Speech” and “Censorship” in the West. Writing in this website was a rare opportunity to see how the West and its mercenaries suffocate people voice. We learned or experienced many sad things, and here I try to write about part of this sad story, specially about the role of ‘Search Engines’ in misinforming and suffocating people. Recently, the mass media reported: “There has been an alarming rise in the number of times governments attempted to censor the internet in last six months. Some search engines are worrying about a troubling increase in requests to remove political content. Many of these requests came from western countries. Spanish regulators asked Google to remove 270 links to blogs and newspaper articles critical of public figures. Google was asked by Canadian officials to remove YouTube videos. Thai authorities asked Google to remove hundreds of YouTube videos for insulting the monarchy. The UK asked Google to remove dozens of YouTube videos and YouTube accounts. And the US asked Google to remove hundreds of YouTube videos and hundreds of blogs and articles. Google complied with about 50% of them“. It’s really horrible. It’s what the mass media reported, and as you know what they report is just a small and distorted part of the truth. But if you can read between the lines, you can see the main news: “The Western politicians ask search engines to censor people voices, and search engines often obey politicians’ orders”. It’s really embarrassing. Before writing in this website, we preferred to think like the majority and those who think the freedom and democracy in the West will not let this level of censorship and suffocation, that belongs to the despotic systems, happen. When the Rajavists (MEK, PMOI, etc) or their Western supporters kicked us out of “Iran” tag in “WordPress” (WP) in February 2011 (i.e. in less than 2 weeks after launching this website), we preferred to think that it’s a mistake, not a systematic suffocation. But now, when the WP has kicked us out of “Iran” tag and all other tags in the WP, for more than six months, it’s hard to believe that it’s a mistake. But here, I don’t want to write about the WP, because the story of Search Engines is more important and more informative. What we saw and experienced was annoying and disappointing. It was hard to see that the West, aka the free world, censors and suffocates people voices. Of course, as the wise Iranians say: “their censorship’s methods are not like the Mullah methods, and they often don’t try to kill you, torture you, erase you, or arrest you, but they try not to allow your voice to be heard or reach other people. It’s like what they do in the US, and about Americans”. But when you live in the pig prison (Iran), you like to tell yourself: “At least the US and the free world don’t behave like dictators and other evil forces; at least they will not try to censor you and suffocate you like the brutal dictators”. Even when you see the truth, and see how they try to boycott you, and how they try not to allow other people to hear you, and how your voice is censored, you want to deny it. But after the first denials, you finally will be forced to accept the sad truth, and it can show you many things about the freedom and democracy in the West, the secrets of the 2009 coup, or how the West has love affairs with Iranian baboons, Stupid Lefts, and Mullahs.


Many know nothing about the role of search engines in fooling people or suffocating their voices. ‘But the role of search engines in constructing information inequalities and in framing our knowledge in specific ways’, is more dangerous than the role of mass media in brainwashing people and distorting the facts. In the recent years, the wise guys have started to write about “Web of Deception” or “Misinformation on the Internet”, or the role of search engines in censoring people voices. But many people know nothing about the techniques of censorship and misinformation in the West. Many think censorship and misinformation belongs to the dictatorships, not the West. But we know from bitter experience that censorship and misinformation in the West is a serious problem. This website could show us many things about “techniques of censorship and misinformation” in the West. Lets provide some examples. In 2011, when you searched the web for information about Iranian baboons, for instance, about “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, you didn’t see any “paid search results“, and you could find some criticisms of them. But when we and other Iranians started to write more about these bastards, and when the number of strong criticism increased, the bad guys try to save or help their puppets. At first, they sent threatening letters, and then made use of search engines. In 2012, when you search the web for information about Iranian baboons, for instance, about “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, you just see “paid search results “. In fact, some pay search engines to arrange search results in specific ways, and it’s very horrible. “Search neutrality” is very important, and ‘Search engine results should be driven by the pursuit of relevance and not skewed for political or commercial gain’, but unfortunately, many get money and betray the truth and everything. In many search engines, search results are driven by the political issues, and are skewed for political gain. Of course, some search engines, including Google, don’t remove or censor most of links, and if you use right key words, you can get rid of paid search results. For instance, if you search for “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, you will see “paid search results“; but if you search for “stupid Masoud Behnoud”, “Masoud Behnoud a mercenary”, etc, you can get rid of “paid search results“, because the bad guys can’t pay for all possible key words. In fact, as funny Iranians say: “Google eats from both the manger and the nose bag. They have some facilities for both the bad guys and the people”. Many hate Google and see it as a great evil. But in this shitty world almost all search engines are like or worse than Google. It’s important to note that Google has not removed our website and most of our links yet. Of course, almost all search engines try not to allow people to find our articles easily. Some say: “If the Big Brothers don’t like what you write, your articles would be blacklisted in almost all search engines”. It can be a conspiracy theory, but if search engines continue to boycott us and suffocate our voice, we will be quite sure that it’s not ‘conspiracy theory’. Here I should thank those unknown people who have tried to replicate our articles in other websites. We don’t know these unknown people, and we even were not aware of their attempts, because they don’t send us, or we don’t receive, any comment, any trackback (link), or any sign of their existence. We just find some of them by chance, as we find many other things by chance. For instance, we became aware that some replicate our articles in , and here I should thank them; Or we became aware that some replicated our “Canada, Mullahs, and serious questions” in the CNN Blog [h-t-t-p://] (But apparently, some have tried to censor it, and have deleted most parts of it! And it can remind you of the year 2009, when the West, their mass media, their leftist media, and their Iranian baboons revealed their true colors). These unknown people and their attempts to fight against the systematic boycott and suffocation, can show if the good guys try to help each others, they can solve many problems in this shitty world.


The Internet censorship is a very big problem, and when search engines censor and boycott people voices, the information Age can convert into “the misinformation Age”. In some search engines, including Google, you can get rid of “paid search results“, but many search engines censor and boycott some links or websites for ever. As the experts say: “they can have a black list, and can censor or boycott some links or websites according to that blacklist”. You can’t be sure about these secret things, but you can feel their effects. As some say: “When you write about important topics, specially about what politicians and bad guys don’t like it, search engines start to boycott or censor your website or your links. In a gradual process, your search engines’ Referrers, i.e. the number of those people who refer to your website by search engines, decrease significantly. And then no one can find your serious links or your strong criticisms by search engines”. Unfortunately, we have experienced it, or at least part of it. It’s very horrible that when you start to write about serious issues or main problems, suddenly the number of people who refer to your website by search engines, decrease significantly. It clearly shows that some ask search engines to boycott you. It’s very unbelievable. Unfortunately, the bad guys use search engines to control and misinform people. As the wise guys say: “if you write about important topics and serious problems, they boycott you; and your ‘Search Terms’, i.e. those terms that people refer to your website by them, became unimportant terms. In fact, search engines don’t allow people to refer to your website by the important terms, i.e. those terms that related to important topics and serious problems“. Unfortunately, we have experienced it, too. The number of people who refer to this website by search terms like “Noam Chomsky”, “Lefts and Mullahs”, ‘IMF and Mullahs”, “Mullahs and USA”, “Mullahs and Obama”, “Mullahs and Canada”, “Chomsky and Iran”, “Lefts and Iran”, or by the name of Iranian baboons or any term that related to Iranian baboons, or by many other important terms that related to our main topics, is near zero ! But the number of those people who refer to this website by unimportant terms like “Scarlett Johansson”, “Scarlett Johansson leak video”, “air pollution”, “Iranian food”, “Shomal Iran”, “Persian jokes”, “Kale pache” !, etc is very very larger than many important terms and topics that we have repeatedly written about them! It’s an undeniable fact, not “conspiracy theory”. And If search engines continue to boycott us and suffocate our voice, we will be quite sure that what the wise guys say about the systematic censorship and the systematic relations between the bad guys and search engines are not ‘conspiracy theories’, but are the sad truths. Here I want to ask you all dear readers that if you have the same experience, or if you know more about this kind of problems, please let us know.


You can ask yourself: Who supports “Noam Chomsky”, “the intellectual mercenaries”, “the pseudo intellectuals”, “the stupid Lefts” or the Iranian baboons and some one like “Masoud Behnoud” or “Balatarin”, and who asks search engines to hide the truth about them? Who asks search engines to boycott people websites, people voices, or strong criticisms? Some experts say: “When you want to know more about a topic, or when you want to find an alternative website, you often use search engines. More than 40 percent of the visits to websites in the US are search-specific visits. In fact, search engines control your access to information, and can easily misinform you. Politicians can exploit search engines, and unfortunately, search engines are highly biased toward politicians [and their mercenaries]. Politicians try to use ‘paid keywords’, ‘paid search results’ or advertising programs to control public opinion, and search engines are aware of such attempts to bias the ‘integrity’ of their ranking systems, but they [get money and betray the truth]. In 2002, Google China and Yahoo China excluded search results of
anti-governmental nature and even information on the democratic system
“. It’s really horrible. “Paid search results” just create tyranny and suffocation. It is very dangerous that search engines are highly biased toward political or serious contents. As some media report: “Censorship and government control is not restricted to non-Western states. For example, in January 2006 the US Government required the biggest American search engines to provide a list of all search queries conducted over a one-week period, as well as a random list of one million websites that appeared in their search results. Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft immediately complied with the request. Only Google initially refused to provide this data. Three months later, in March 2006 a federal judge ordered Google to obey government’s orders !” Can you believe it? This level of tyranny in the US is really embarrassing. But the U.S. problems has a direct effect on Iranians and other nations. “Iranians inside Iran can’t have any media or any alternative [to Iranian baboons and their media], because of ‘Censorship and Suffocation’, Hypocrisy, and other horrible problems in the West. Of course, the West tolerates small personal websites or other small media. The West wants to hear the real voices of Iranians inside Iran, because they need it, but not because they like it, or not because they care about the freedom, democracy, human rights, Iranians’ rights, etc”, the wise Iranians say. In the recent months, many Iranians saw how the Western bad guys and search engines work together. The BBC reported: “Iranians have been complaining that Google Maps now has no name on the Persian Gulf. A Google representative told the BBC it did not name every place in the world [!]. [But] he was unable to provide an example of a similar case of a missing landmark. He said the company also did not want to take any political stance in response to the angry Iranian reaction. Iranians [truly] say there is absolutely no historical justification for calling it anything but the Persian Gulf. Several years ago, Iranians launched an internet protest after National Geographic did [the same shameful act]. A number of Iranians have posted on twitter a link to Google Maps with the question: ‘Where’s the Persian Gulf?'”. Unfortunately, Iranians don’t have just one enemy, and the Mullahs are not the main obstacle. If you open your eyes, you can see who support the Mullahs, who sell them the suppression tools and the censorship tools, and who aid them in suppressing Iranians and destroying Iran.


“Western governments contact Google directly to work together to censor certain ‘sensitive’ images. Following Google’s cooperation with the American and British governments, the Indian government made a similar attempt to modify the information on Google Earth. In February 2007, during a meeting between officials from the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology and Google Earth representatives, it was decided to camouflage certain military and scientific installations identified by the Indian Government. Google agreed to creatively distort building by adding structures and carefully masking certain aspects of the facilities without attracting the attention of users [!] It is therefore clear that Google Earth also engages in deliberate World misinformation if it is ‘convinced’ of the need to do so. Hence, behind the so-called ‘transparent’ services there are various political, economic, and evil forces that continuously shape and reshape the representation of the World“, the media reported. It’s really horrible. As some wise guys say: “A person who is located in China and uses popular search engines still find it difficult to retrieve information about politics. And it means that your location has a key role in determining your search results. In fact, when you search for many terms, the search results depend on where you live. For example, when you search for “Obama and Mullahs” or “Obama and Iranians”, you can find different search results in Iran and the US”. It’s really horrible. But I think these facts are not enough (If you have seen such things, please let us know). If such things were true, it’s a very big tragedy. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s what the bad guys want: Iranians should not hear the real voice of the American people, and Americans should not be able to hear the real voices of the Iranian people”. We all should think about this issue. “Manipulations of search results ” is a very serious problem. Search engines can aid us in reaching other people, but they also can misinform us, boycott us, or suffocate our voices. “The five big American corporations (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and control more than 90 percent of the search engine market. The only real way to counter the ill effects of search engine bias on the ever expanding web is to make sure a number of alternative search engines are available“, some say. But I think it’s not the real solution. As we can see, the current alternative search engines are not better than Google. Money and Power can corrupt everything . We all should think about the real solutions. The number of search engines should be so large, and the people should be able to have their own search engines, as they can have their own websites. Otherwise, the bad guys can control our access to information, can boycott us, and can misinform us. In Iran, “Internet censorship” is so horrible, but when you see how the West tries to help Mullahs and Iranian baboons, or how they try to censor you, boycott you, or suffocate your voice, you can see the roots of problems and you can understand who is who in this shitty world. It’s really shameful that Iranian baboons, a little shit like “Masoud Behnoud” or a little shithole like “ “, the main website of Iranian baboons, can enjoy the Western supports. We all should ask: Why the West should support these stupid bastards and should try to cover their ass ?. You can ask the same question about Noam Chomsky, the American lefts, etc. The story of Chomsky and the stupid lefts in the US and Europe, and their relations with the bad guys, is one of the important stories of our time, and can show us many things about this shitty world. Anyway, the wise guys, including Mark Twain, always said: “Don’t always believe everything you read”. And now, the wise guys say: “Don’t always believe everything search engines show you”. Our pain and suffering in Iran, that has been caused by the West, is really unbelievable. And it’s just part of “Hekayate MatharGhabegi” (the story of the Motherfucker), that is the sad story of our time. I hope you can think more about the problem of censorship and suffocation in the West, and how the Iranian people are victims of both the West and puppets of the West, including Mullahs and Iranian baboons.

For more information:

Finding good articles about this topic is really hard. I could not find what I want, but “Search engines and Power: A politics of online (mis-) information ” is not bad, and can show you many things, specially if you can read between the lines.

True Face: UK Public Transport and Harassments

August 2, 2012

The Intellectual mercenaries and the media whores, that are paid by the West and/ or the Mullahs, tell big lies about Iran and the West, and try to fool the world and disappoint and discourage the Iranian people. In a series of articles, called True Face, we have tried to write about the serious problems in the West, specially those problems that the bad guys try to hide them or tell big lies about them. “True Face” can show you the differences and similarities between the West and Iran, and how the West and its mercenaries try to distort the truth. The West and its Iranian media, from the BBC Persian and the VOA Farsi to the Iranian baboons’ media (Balatarin, Roozonline, etc), close their dirty eyes and their dirty mouths to many serious sociopolitical problems in the West, and instead, they try to pretend that this kind of problems and other ‘global problems’ are “special Iranian problems”. In these days, when the world is watching the stupid London Olympics, it’s not bad that we take a look at some serious problems in the UK, that is one of the evil and colonial powers in the past 300 years. Recently, I read an article titled “Sexual harassment on [British] public transport must stop”, by Jennette Arnold. This article and the British people’s comments about this issue, reminded me of Iranian baboons and Iranian mercenaries that get money to betray the truth. The British bastards and their Iranian mercenaries try to fool people. They tell big lies about Iran and the West. For instance, they clearly say: “Iranians are stupider than Britons”! or they desperately try to find a social problem in the Iranian society, and then shamelessly pretend that this problem is ‘a special Iranian problem’ or ‘a result of Iranian foolishness’ !, while you can see a bigger version of that problem in the UK, the US and the West. It’s funny to know that they often call themselves “intellect”, “journalist”, or even ‘thinker’. “Sexual harassment on public transport” is a serious problem in the UK and other parts of the world, but the Iranian baboons never talk or write about it, and instead, they pretend this problem is a special Iranian problem! Jennette Arnold wrote: “In 2010 a 40-year-old man was convicted for making lewd comments to two women on the London Underground, groping their breasts and running away … Many women have experienced unwanted s-e-xual attention and s-e-xual harassment such as aggressive staring, touching, rubbing, groping, lewd comments and flashing on public transport. A recent survey found that 31% of women aged 18-24 have experienced unwanted sexual attention while on public transport”. In fact, this problem in Iran under the Mullah regime is not worse than the UK. But you should not forget that Iranians don’t live in the free world, and instead, they live in a big prison. In fact, a medieval puppet regime and its Western supporters, specially the British bastards, have created horrible conditions for today’s Iranians. And it’s a very big difference. Arnold adds: “Through my work I have encountered many women who have been the victim of unwanted s-e-x-ual attention or s-e-x-u-al harassment. One was Katie, who was traveling by bus when she was harassed. A man approached her and persistently pressed himself against her while she was seated … Katie shouted, expecting help. No one helped, including the driver. This happened in broad daylight and even worse, he got away with it. She told me that it was bad enough that this had happened, but that no one stepped in to help made her feel completely powerless. Katie did not report her harassment, which is common”. It clearly shows that the situation in the Iranian society and the British society is almost alike, and even Britons have more serious problems. In fact, as the wise Iranians say: “it’s Iran’s regime and Britain’s regime, and their laws, their systems, and also the level of freedom and democracy in Iran and the UK that is quite different. Under these conditions, today’s Iranians are wiser, braver, or more modern than Britons, and it’s an Iranian miracle”. You should not forget that Iranians don’t live in the free world. The UK and the West love and support the Mullahs, and Iranians are victims of both the Mullahs and the stupid West. And that’s why many Iranians believe: “Britons are Mullah-makers, and the UK is the main supporter of Mullahs”. When you see how the Iranian baboons try to hide the current serious problems in Canada, USA, Britain, and Europe, and when you see how these stupid bastards censor the news and hide the truth about OWS, Bill 78, UK riots, Western terrorists, and many other serious problems in the West, you only can laugh at them and their Western employers, who still think they can use their old dirty tricks in the age of Internet. In the past 300 years, the West and its Iranian mercenaries tried to keep Iran backward and make Iranians feel that all Westerners are intellectuals, and that’s why the West is not like Iran. It’s one of the secrets of Persia’s decline in the past 300 years. But now, many things have changed, and the wise Iranians know how ridiculous this kind of bullshit are.


Today’s Iranian society is as modern as the British society, the American society, the Japanese society, etc. But it doesn’t mean that the Iranian society and the Iranian people dont have any problem. In fact, they have a lot of problems, but most of their problems are global problems, and their Western counterparts have more serious problems. What today’s Iranians do -at least in their private life-, their views, their thoughts, their stupidities, their problems, their mistakes, etc are as modern as or as stupid as what you can see in the West. It’s very important. As witty Iranians say: “Iran and the West, ‘Jofteshoon Yek Gohand’ (both are the same shit)”. But the western mass media and the Iranian baboons tell big shameful lies about today’s Iran and today’s West. The British people’s comments about “S-e-x-u-al harassment on public transport in the UK” can show you many things. The Britons say: “The bigger issue is the general lack of safety on public transport. These kind of incidents are far less likely with conductors, just as tube trains need the reintroduction of guards. Sometimes, for different reasons, the public are reluctant to get involved … Nowhere is free from harassment for women. If you walk home, someone might grab and grope you. If you take the bus, someone rubs their erection in your back or whispers what they are going to do to you in your ear … I’m sure the majority of the population has had this happen to them at some point – whether on public transport, at work, in a club … I was on the Tube with her and some guy tried groping her. She grabbed his hand, held it in the air and said ‘Does this hand that is groping my ass belong to anyone?’ He got off at the next stop … In 2010, I was traveling on a train. It was a Sunday night. Three drunk guys got on the train. He came and sat by me, not taking his eyes off me, but didn’t say anything. I continued to look out the window wishing that he’d go away, and after a few minutes he got back up and went back to his friends, whereupon he started a loud conversation, heard by all the others around us, about exactly what he’d like to do to me. It was a literal, graphic rundown of myself, him and a copy of the Karma Sutra. He was starting to shout, a torrent of abuse. Nobody asked him to stop. Mortified, I burst into tears … I has a similar thing happen to me on a bus, in the middle of the day. I was too shocked. A man was leaning his arm against my breast. I realized he was moving a lot more than the bus was moving. When he moved his arms so his hand was there instead of his arm I reacted with a sharp jab of my elbow in his ribs. He got up instantly and got off the bus at the next stop … a man sitting across from me on the Tube started masturbating in front of me … a guy grabbed my breasts on the Tube … a frowsy man squeezed up next to me. I had the window seat and the whole time his leg’s rubbing up and down mine … I have known people who have been harassed and bullied on public transport and not a soul has said a word … I have been sexually assaulted in clubs. Pinned up against walls and kissed, groped etc … One time I was on the subway and saw a woman was being harassed by a bunch of drunk football fans. Poor woman was terrified and all men just sat there … I have a solution; Cut their cocks off … A taser or a pepper spray is the best answer to any harassment “. These problems are global problems, and it’s sadly funny that public transport in Iran is more safer than public transport in the UK, but the Iranian baboons stupidly pretend that “Only Iran has these problems”. The story of S-e-x-u-al harassment on public transport in Iran has a funny story. In the late 1980s, when Mullahs made buses Islamic, that means when buses had been segregated into men and women areas, many Iranians truly laughed at the stupid Mullahs. In fact, many knew that s-e-xual segregation is like racial segregation, and doesn’t solve any problem. The segregation of men and women in schools, buses, and many other public places in Iran, created many serious problems for Iranians, but the modern Iranians could cope with them. They tried to solve their problems in their private life. It was so hard, but not impossible. The underground activities became a main part of the Iranian life, despite the fact that Mullahs and Islamists arrest the people. The Mullahs raid the private parties and dont allow the people to have their own life in their own homes, but it could not stop today’s Iranians. Now, they are as modern as their Western counterparts, but there is a big difference between them: “Iranians live in the big prison, and under a medieval tyranny that the West loves it and supports it, but Westerners live in the free world and enjoy their basic rights”. The intellectual mercenaries used to say, and still say without shame, that Iranians are stupid, but Westerners are wise. And It’s not merely a very big lie. It’s a very dirty trick. They try to brainwash people and keep them backward. I know that the UK and the West had the same policy in India, China, and other parts of the world. The colonial powers tried to pretend that the ancient and cultured nations of Persia, India, or China are backward nations or deserve to be backward, but the savage Westerners that ate each others and loved Genocide or Gladiatorial savagery, and for thousands years were much more uncultured than Persia, India, or China, are ‘modern nations’! As funny Iranians say: “Yah, they are modern nations, because they have killed millions of innocent people and created the greatest human disasters; and because they love the law of the jungle and bullying and exploiting other nations”. China and India have many serious social problems, but if they try to solve the problems of poverty, education, private life, discrimination, etc, many things would change in their societies, as many things changed in the Iranian society.


The Iranian society has many problems, and the Mullahs just worsen the problems and create more problems. But the Mullahs were not able to keep today’s Iranians stupid or ignorant. In some cases, the Mullahs was forced to make a concession to the Iranian protesters. For instance, the modern Iranians could create one of the modern laws about “S-e-x-u-al harassment on public transport “. Now, women have an option in the Iranian subway system. Two subway cars in one subway train are “only for women”, but other cars are normal (for both men and women). And it can make women feel safer. “S-e-x-u-al harassment” in the Iranian subway system is really less than what you can see in the UK and the West. It’s important. In fact, as the wise Iranians say: “the Mullahs and puppets of the West have imposed many serious and unwanted problems on the Iranian people, but today’s Iranians could cope with many of these problems, and could create good solutions, because today’s Iranians not only are not stupider than Westerners, but they are wiser and more modern than them”. And it makes the stupid West angry. Some Western media and Western politicians clearly confess that: “Iranians are not like Arabs or other people that live under tyranny. When other people and other nations live under tyranny, they lose their wisdom and their dignity. But Iranians go in the opposite direction “. It’s funny that this fact makes the West angry. As the wise Iranians say: “That’s why the West aided the Mullahs in killing the modern Iranians. And that’s why the West imposes more stupid sanctions and restrictions on the Iranian people (not the Mullahs). And that’s why the West has become the number one enemy of Iran and Iranians (not Mullahs). Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) supported the Arab Islamists or UAE’s dictator, because Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) has ‘a badly burnt ass’ ! (Koonesh Badjoori Sukhteh!). In fact, Obama’s ass is in the fire, and he knows that the Iranian people know his true face and spit on him”. Anyway, what the Britons say about their social problems is exactly like what Iranians say. And it’s funny to know that many social problems in the UK, from football hooligans to collective civic duties, are more serious than what you can see in Iran. The Britons say: “From experience, most people wouldn’t consider getting involved in someone else’s problem. I think it’s cowardly and disgusting but there you go … People ignore acts of violence in public … Thank God for those people who do intervene, but if it happened today it might have ended very differently, I can understand why people don’t get involved, but I know, now that I am older and wiser, if I saw it happening to someone else, I would get involved; hang the consequences … Police advise that the public shouldn’t get involved and should instead call us, by which time the perpetrator is in another time zone. The official advice MUST change … People do simply walk on by something has broken in the idea of collective civic duty to each other within our society .. There is also the issue that you simply don’t know how to intervene – what do you say? what do you do?.. sometimes , the apparent victim says, ‘this is my boyfriend, I love it when he rubs himself against my leg on the bus’ then you have a funny story … You don’t know who is prostitute or who is victim … Many suspect that if they do get involved they’re as likely to be prosecuted as the wrongdoers”. In fact, many problems are global problems, but if the Iranian baboons saw the above-mentioned problems in Iran, not in the UK, they would say: “Iranians are stupid and don’t deserve the freedom and democracy [!!]”. But now, according to their stupid logic, the truth is: “the Britons, the Americans, the Canadians, etc are so stupid and don’t deserve the freedom and democracy”. The West and its Iranian mercenaries, specially the Iranian baboons, want to disappoint and discourage the Iranian people. It’s what they have done it in the past 300 years, but now the Iranian people can see that “the king is naked” (the West is naked). Of course, as the wise Iranians say: “We are not happy that the UK or the West have these horrible problems; we are not like the stupid West. They are uncultured people, and when they see our problems or our pain and suffering, they are happy; they try to create more problems for us; but we are not like them “. We all should not forget that many problems are global problems, and we all should try to help each others, and solve these problems. When Britons talk about solutions, it just reminds me of Iranians, and how all humans are like each others. Britons say: “Posters can stop the perverts and harassers … No, a poster will not stop someone who knows they shouldn’t do it … You don’t need posters up everywhere to say X is a crime, or don’t do Y …Blimey. I should get some posters and leaflets going about murder, robbery, mugging, shoplifting [!] … don’t spend money on posters, spend money on more Transport Police [!] … Whilst posters might not prevent a moron intent on sexual harassing women, they might help in highlighting an issue that draws less attention that it should“. What they say is a collection of good and stupid solutions, and it’s exactly like what you can see in Iran. In fact, today’s Iranians are at least as modern and wise as today’s Britons and today’s Westerners. It’s very important. Even sometimes, Iranians seem wiser. In fact, the continuous crises in all aspect of life in Iran, that are created by a brutal puppet regime, have forced Iranians to be wiser than their Western counterparts. As you probably know, Crisis is the mother of Evolution”. I hope the good people can see the differences and similarities between Iran and the West, and can think more about it.