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In these months, it’s very rare to read a reasonable comment, and most of people comments in the Western mass media, and most of comments that are sent to us, show that the bad guys and the sick people are very active, and the good guys and the wise guys are silent and inactive. But in the recent days, we received a reasonable comment from a reader, Chris B., about “US Tragedies: from Colorado Shooting to OWS”. Here, I try to write about his remarks, and I think it can be useful for both the new readers and the old readers. Thank you Chris for your comments. At first, I can recommend that the new readers read Our answers to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) . In our articles, many terms, many reactions, and many things have a reason or a background that we have already written about it. Our articles are connected together, and when you have a serious question/ misconception about what you read in one article, you often can find your answer in other articles. Christ wrote: ‘[In this article,] you are getting repetitive with your remarks. You could have gotten by with half the word count and made a more impact”. He also added: “All that I would ask that you articulate a more focused point”. ‘Short and in detail’ or ‘Short and Articulate’ seems like a paradox. But Charles Darwin can show us the truth. As Darwin wrote in his autobiography, when he wrote the first draft of “On the Origin of Species”, it had about 3000 pages. For some years he tried to make it shorter and shorter. He wrote many drafts, and omitted many things and added new things, and after several years, the final draft of “On the Origin of Species” had about 300 pages, and became a popular book. In fact, ‘short and in detail’ is possible, and is the best, but it’s very time consuming. Here, we have had a motto: “Short and in Detail, as much as possible”, and that’s why you can’t find any article with more than 4,000 words in this website. But as almost all writers, artists, scientists, etc say, all your works can’t be the best or your bests; some of your works are better and some of them are weaker. In each work, you often focus on a special topic, but you cant answer all possible questions about it. Its impossible. In each article, we try to write about one angle or a few aspects of one problem. We should repeat and explain the main issues and the important topics more, specially when most of Westerners, and those who live in the outside world, know almost nothing about Iran, Iranians, the lefts, and what happened in the past three years; and when the mass media, the pseudo intellectuals, and the Lefts still can deceive the majority of the Westerners; and when the wise guys and the good guys are silent and inactive; and when many can’t see the differences between conspiracy theories and important issues; and when Iranians are continuously suffering from the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, the Western naivety and foolishness, etc. In these conditions, we are forced to write about the main issues repeatedly, in the hope of encouraging others to think or know more about them.

Chris wrote: “As an American citizen, white, atheist, who sides with no political party; I find your perspective to be similar to my own. You are correct in many of your assumptions, primarily about the many pseudo intellectuals, and the dangerous line we tread in my country to becoming a Christian theocracy”. But dear Chris, why you and other good Americans or wise Americans don’t try to write about these important issues. Why you don’t try to write about the lefts and the pseudo intellectuals, specially Noam Chomsky, and how they betray Americans, Iranians and other nations. Why you don’t try to write about the important problems. Why no one writes about the serious problems of the OWS or the Canadian protest, and those who ruined it. Why no one writes about Christian theocracy or Christian fanatics, and don’t compare them with the Muslim fanatics or the Mullah regime. Why you don’t write about the Western betrayals, and how the West and the Left helped the Mullahs and betrayed the Iranian people in the past three years. Why no one asks why the West shamelessly talks about ‘anti-Iran’ sanctions in 2012, while the West refused to impose today’s sanctions and ‘anti-Mullah’ sanctions in 2009, when Iranians asked for it. If many try to write or think about these issues and other important problems, many things will change, and we are not forced to write about these issues. I ask the good Americans: “If you are aware of these issues and these problems, why you don’t write about them; and if you are not aware of these issues, why you don’t try to read and think about them. Why you are silent and inactive? Why you allow the bad guys and the pseudo intellectuals to have the upper hand in the US and the world?“. I’m sure that many good guys and wise guys live in the US and the West, and it’s quite natural, as many wise guys and good guys live in Iran and other countries. But why Americans and other people don’t talk or write about this fact? Why most of them have forgotten the year 2009, and still think ‘Iran is full of ignorant, stupid, or Islamist people’. It’s a very very big lie, but why no one writes about it. Why no one writes about the serious problems in the US and the West, specially about the lefts and the pseudo intellectuals, who directly and indirectly work with politicians and bad guys, and help them. Unfortunately, most of intellectuals in the US, Europe, and Iran are pseudo intellectuals and intellectual mercenaries, that are paid by the bad guys to deceive people or play with people. The story of pseudo intellectuals and intellectual mercenaries is a long story that we should write more about it, but what I should say here is that most of today’s famous intellectuals are worse than Hegel (1770-1831), that was a charlatan and worked for his employers. But the real tragedy is that most of the educated Americans see Chomsky and Hegel as top intellectuals. Schopenhauer (1788-1860) talked about “ the stupid and clumsy charlatan Hegel” and Karl Popper and other real intellectuals said: “the charlatan Hegel [that defended the monarchy, the monarch, the dictatorship, etc] should not be treated on a level with great men“. But now, Chomsky that defends the Mullahs and other brutal dictators in the name of human values, or Hegel and other idiots or charlatans are still heroes in the US and the West. It’s really tragic that many can’t see “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”, or those who are paid to fool people. We try to write about these problems, but unfortunately only very few Westerners write about these issues. Sometimes, we are forced to repeat the main issues, mainly because there is no sign of “becoming aware”, or as Iranians say: “Oftadan Dozari” (accepting 2-cent coin [, by a public telephone]). Unfortunately, many can’t see “the wolf in sheep’s clothing” and the true face of many leftist intellects, leftist media, pseudo intellectuals, politicians, media whores, etc.


Chris also added: “I think its important to note, despite its inevitability, that you try to suspend judgment on things you have no personal experience with”. Those who try to create a definite answer for all questions, are charlatans or idiots. Those who care about the truth and seek the truth are honest and know that seeking the truth is an unended quest. They know that many questions don’t have “yes or no” answer or any simple definite answers, and many questions need more investigations and more discussions. The wise guys often try to raise questions, and ask serious questions, instead of answering questions. Asking or raising good questions is more important and helpful than providing answers, specially the stupid and inaccurate answers, like the answers of politicians, clergymen, pseudo intellectuals, or media whores. On the other hand, If the West and its stupid visa systems and its stupid sanctions didn’t force Iranians to live in the big prison (Iran), and if we were free like the Westerners and were able to live where we want, we would be able to have more personal experience and first hand experience, but unfortunately, the West just cares about the Iranian mercenaries and those who sell their souls for visa or money . We have already written about “the story of Western countries and Iranian baboons”, that was a fictional story, but can show you many things. In the US, you are free to go and live in many countries without any visa or any serious restriction, but in Iran, you live in a big prison, and the West and the bad guys don’t allow you to leave the big prison. And it’s one of the great differences between the US and Iran under the Mullah regime. Chris added: “I could not claim to know what its like to be an Iranian”. In this website, we try to show the outside world the true meaning of being Iranian and living in Iran. As funny Iranians say: “when you are victim of a brutal puppet regime, but you are judged by the wrongdoings of that brutal puppet regime; and when you hate a brutal puppet regime, while they (the West) love it and aid it in suppressing you, but they pretend that you love it and they hate it; and when you live in a big prison, but the world only helps your prisoners and betrays you, you are an Iranian !“. We all are humans, and just were born in “different places”, known as “different countries”. In today’s world, the differences between humans are not more than the differences between two members of one family or one tribe. Sometimes, even your siblings or your family seem stranger, or more stupid, or more undesirable than the good people from other countries. Being Iranian or American has no real meaning. Many good guys, bad guys, fanatics, idiots, racists, ignorant people, sick people, wise people, open-minded people, etc live in USA, Iran, and other countries. Your family, your country, your race, your color, your gender, your tribe, your nationality, etc don’t determine who you are. Your thoughts, your views, your personality, your knowledge, your behaviors, and your own characteristics determine who you are. I know that the wise guys in all around the world are aware of this issue. But I don’t know why they are silent and inactive. I hope the good guys put more comments in the media, or send us more comments, or write more about the serious problems. The bad guys try to disappoint all of us. They try to create hatred, war, violence, racism, fanaticism, shortsightedness, naivety, foolishness, selfishness, and other evil things. The good guys should not remain silent, and should aid each others in solving the main problems.

Chris added: “I cant presume that the media is accurate in any sense of the term in its reports on the things that happen in your country”. It’s good; its a sign of wisdom. But as you know, most of Americans and Westerners accept what the mass media and the leftist media say about Iran, Iranians, and other nations. It’s a big problem. We try to show the world that both the mass media and the leftist/ rightist alternative media continuously tell big lies about Iran, Iranians, and many other things. They say nothing about how the West and the Left helped the Mullahs and betrayed Iranians, and they don’t tell the truth about today’s Iranians, that are wise, modern, and open-minded, at least as much as their Western counterparts. We try to write about these issues here, while the wise Americans and other wise guys are silent and say nothing about these issues. Sometimes, it’s very disappointing. Chris added: “I get the feeling there is something youre trying to say and that its important, but Im not sure what it is”. Dear Chris, if you check our Archive page and read our articles, you can find your answer. We try to write about those issues that the bad guys try to hide them, or tell big lies about them. For instance, we try to write about the true colors of the Left and those intellectuals who betray people in the name of human values; or about those intellectual mercenaries that get money from bad guys and betray people; or about why and how the West, the Left, the Iranian mercenaries, and other bad guys betray the Iranian people, who are at least as modern as the American people and the European people; or about the West that supported the Mullahs, and has become the number one enemy of the modern Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. Chris wrote: “As for the comparison to OWS and connection to the shooter, I am not sure what point you are trying to make”. Our pervious articles about OWS can show you our point. We want to say both the stupid rights and the stupid lefts don’t allow Americans to have real changes, and the American Left and the leftist intellects are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The American people could defeat the bad guys by their 2011 movement (OWS), and could win many serious concessions, and could change many things in the US, but the Leftist bastards and the intellectual mercenaries tried to fool and control people, and didn’t allow them to have any change. The story of the 2012 election and choosing between two great evils is so horrible, but unfortunately both the lefts and the rights try to fool the American public, and help the bad guys. In fact, the story of controlling and fooling the American public, and making the people movements infertile and betraying people’s hopes, and diverting the people movements into a swamp or a deadlock, that was repeated in the OWS, is the real tragedy. It’s more painful and tragic than the Colorado shooting . If it’s still unclear, we should write more about it later. It can be part of the pseudo paradox of “Short and In Detail”. Chris added: “You seem to think there are great similarities between the US and Iran and also great differences? What do you think the similarities are? Where are we different?”. We have already written about it, and we should write more about it later. As we said before, Iranians and Americans and other nations are humans, and they are almost alike. Their differences are like the differences between two members of one family or one tribe. But in that article, we talked about the differences and similarities between the US and Iran under the Mullah regime, as two different systems, not different people. We have already written about this issue (about corruption, freedom, democracy, religion, fanatics, etc in the US and Iran); and we should write more about it later. Chris finally said: “From personal experience I think its best to talk about oneself self than it is to comment on others”. It’s true. But we don’t write about others, their personal issues, their personal life, or their personal views; we write about politicians, systems, public figures, and other public issues that make our life hell, and we are victims of them; it’s a different thing. “Politicians and public figures” are not ‘others’, and it’s important to note that the public ignorance and other serious problems in the US and the West have direct effects on Iranians and other nations. We all should think and write about those bastards that don’t allow us to “have a better world and a better life, and live in peace with each others, and aid each others in building a better world, a better life, and a better future”.

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