Toronto Shooting and Colorado Massacre victim

“It’s very rare to be victim of two shootings in less than two months. But a girl that had escaped from Toronto shooting on June 2, 2012, became victim of Colorado shooting on July 20, 2012. It’s quite unbelievable. ‘It’s stranger than fiction'”, some say. Jessica Ghawi’s ‘Final Destination’ was like the movies. Jessica Ghawi’s blog just has two posts, that one of them is about “Eaton Center Shooting”. She wrote: “I cant get this odd feeling out of my chest. This empty, almost sickening feeling wont go away. I noticed this feeling when I was in the Eaton Center in Toronto just seconds before someone opened fire in the food court. An odd feeling which led me to go outside and unknowingly out of harms way. Its hard for me to wrap my mind around how a weird feeling saved me from being in the middle of a deadly shooting“. She wrote this on June 5, 2012, and didn’t know that she would be victim of another deadly shooting in July, the next month. She added: “I was on a mission to eat sushi that day, and when Im on a mission, nothing will deter me. When I arrived at the Eaton Center mall, I walked down to the food court and spotted a sushi restaurant. Instead of walking in, sitting down and enjoying sushi, I changed my mind, which is very unlike me, and decided that a greasy burger and poutine would do the trick. I rushed through my dinner. I found out after seeing a map of the scene, that minutes later a man was standing in the same spot I just ate at and opened fire in the food court full of people. Had I had sushi, I wouldve been in the same place where one of the victims was found. My receipt shows my purchase was made at 6:20 pm. The gunshots rung out at 6:23. After that purchase I said I felt funny. A feeling that was overwhelming enough to lead me to head outside in the rain to get fresh air instead of continuing back into the food court to go shopping at SportChek. I walked around the outside of the mall. People started funneling out of every exit. When I got back to the front, I saw a police car, an ambulance, and a fire truck”. On July 20, 2012, Ghawi was at the theater with her good friend from Texas, Brent Lowak (he survived). Her boyfriend that lives in Toronto says: ‘We were video conferencing before the movie started. I was kinda falling asleep, and she told me to sleep well, and that was five minutes before it all happened’. In her last tweets, she wrote: “Never thought I’d have to coerce a guy into seeing the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises with me …. We’re seeing Dark Knight. Redheaded Texan spitfire, people should never argue with me. Maybe I should get in on those NHL talks”. But very soon a stupid Redheaded argued with her, and she was in the middle of another deadly shooting.


Jessica Ghawi (1987- 2012), that some say she had a Lebanese root and some say she had a Palestinian root, wrote in her blog: “[near the Eaton Center] I saw a man on a stretcher, the blanket underneath him spotted with blood. Multiple gunshot holes in his chest, side, and neck were visible. Its not like in the movies when you see someone shot and theyre bleeding continuously from the wound. There was no blood flowing from the wounds, I could only see the holes”. But in less than 50 days, she could change her views about ‘what is like in the movies and what is not’. Sometimes, what you see by your own eyes is more unreal than the movies. And sometimes, your life and your fate can be more stranger than the movies. She added: “Im not trained to handle crime and murder. Gun crimes are fairly common where I grew up in Texas, but I never imagined Id experience a violent crime first hand. Im on vacation and wanted to eat and go shopping. Everyone else at the mall probably wanted the same thing. I doubt anyone left for the mall imagined they witness a shooting “. It’s very tragic that she experienced two violent mass shooting in less than two months. Most of humans never imagine they witness a shooting or a massacre, but she witnessed two shootings in less than two months. We all should ask why? Why crimes, violence, and stupid protests have become fairly common in North America ? What we saw in the OWS and the stupid Canadian protests against the despotic Bill 78, showed that North America has many serious social problems. The wise guys should think about it. Jessica Ghawi also added: “I was shown how fragile life was on Saturday. I saw the terror on bystanders faces. I saw the victims of a senseless crime. I feel like I am overreacting about what I experienced. But I cant help but be thankful for whatever caused me to make the choices that I made that day. My mind keeps replaying what I saw over in my head. I hope the victims make a full recovery. I wish I could shake this odd feeling from my chest. The feeling thats reminding me how blessed I am [!] . The same feeling that made me leave the Eaton Center. The feeling that may have potentially saved my life”. It’s really tragic, but our feelings can’t always save us. Some Iranians say: “Why their feelings should save them from senseless crimes ? Why God should save them from social problems? This sort of blessing belongs to backward nations. You should be able to eat your food or watch your movie, without bothering God to intervene ! Why you should need miracle when you eat food or watch movie ?! Only the backward nations need miracle to do their routine jobs”. As the media reported: “On June 2, 2012, a shooting took place at a food court at the Toronto Eaton Centre, while the mall was heavily crowded. Five people were shot; one of them, 24-year-old Ahmed Hassan, died at the scene and another on June 11. On June 4, 23-year-old Christopher Husbands turned himself in to authorities, and was charged in connection with the attack. At the time of the shooting, he was under house arrest [!!]. The Eaton Centre is a tourist attraction, and has many cameras and the large security and police presence [!] Two months prior to the shooting, Husbands had survived an attack in which he was stabbed more than 22 times by six gang rivals. Hassan belonged to the same gang, police said. Husbands was employed as a part-time recreation worker. He worked for police [!]. He was out on bail on a sexual assault charge while he held the job!”. Now many ask: “Canada and USA have become a joke, and also a safe heaven for crooks, gangs, Mafia, Mullahs, terrorists, killers, rapists, etc ?! The daytime shooting at the Eatons Centre, and the midnight shooting at Aurora’s Century theater? North America is as safe as Iraq and Afghanistan ?!” The poor Jessica Ghawi was victim of two mass shooting in less than two months, and it’s really horrible. The wise guys should think about it.


Our life is really so fragile, while life as a whole is so strong and “has a very thick skin”, as Iranians say. In more than 3 billions years, many great and horrible disasters have not been able to kill life on Earth. When more than 99% of all animals and animate objects were killed, and when you thought ‘it’s the end of times” or “it’s the end of the world”, life survived. When you see life as a whole, you can understand it better, and it becomes more reasonable and more meaningful. When you look at that 3 billion years and the path of evolution, you can say: “Oh, it’s not a bad game. It’s funny and interesting”. But when you look at a very very short period of time, for instance about 50 years to 100 years, that is the average length of our own life, you can’t understand life and it seems stupid, meaningless, or unfair. You can analyze billions of years, and other creatures and their evolution, but you don’t want to be part of that analysis. You don’t want to be a very very small part of a graph, a table, or a database. Many of us are not sheep, and don’t want to be a very small part of a huge herd, or be analyzed as an tiny unimportant sample or a tiny particle. The free humans, not the sheep, don’t want to be a very very small part of Life Game, Evolution Game, or Divine Lab! But when you see your life is too short and too fragile, and when you can’t fool yourself like the sheep, it’s very hard to understand life and solve its paradoxes. Anyway, Jessica Ghawi’s borther wrote in his website: “I received a phone call from my mother stating that my sister, Jessica Ghawi, had been shot while attending the midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in Denver. I was able to contact the man that was with my sister, mutual friend Brent, who stated that they were in the theatre when an incendiary device was fired into the crowd and that shots rang out immediately afterwards. Brent further stated that he took two rounds and that my sister took one round followed by an additional round which appeared to strike her in the head … Arrived at Childrens Hospital of Denver to see the man who was with Jessica. This is what I have been told by Brent [about that night]. Shots were fired, and Brent and Jessica immediately dropped to a prone position for cover. Jessica advised multiple times for someone to call 911, which Brent immediately attempted to do. Brent then heard Jessica scream and noticed that she was struck by a round in the leg. Brent, began holding pressure on the wound and attempted to calm Jessica. It was at this time that Brent took a round to his lower extremities. While still administering first aid, Brent noticed that Jessica was no longer screaming”. Apparently, she was struck by a new round in the head. He also added: “I have met with White House Press Secretary Carney and now have his assurance that he will not speak the suspects name in the press. Keeping the focus on the victims … Obama has also provided assurance that he will not mention the suspects name in the press”. I can understand her family and other victims’ families. They are deeply shocked, upset, and angry. It’s quite normal. A son of a bitch has killed or injured their loved ones. But they should not help the bad guys and politicians, who want to hide the American terrorist and his motives. Let’s forget the American terrorist’s name, but let’s not forget his motives.


In today’s US, the bad guys and politicians want to hide the truth about the American terrorist, who can be a racist, a religious fanatic, or anything else. Until now, they’ve hidden his motives, and it’s not good. The world and the American public, even the victims and their families, should know why that son of a bitch killed innocent people and became a terrorist. It’s very important. People should ask why he became a terrorist ? And was he a victim of corrupt politicians, greedy capitalists, stupid clergymen, bad parents, etc? We all should ask why Aurora massacre occurred ? We all should refuse to aid the bad guys and politicians in hiding the whys. We all, specially victims and their families, should repeatedly ask why, why, why. At least, it can prevent from further massacres. James Holmes, the American terrorist, should not become a celebrity. It’s very important. But people and history should know his motives, while they will forget his name soon. His motive is very important. The Americans should know whether he is a racist, a religious fanatic, a fascist, a political activist, or a victim of bad guys. The American public should ask about his motive, and at the same time, should not allow him to become a celebrity. In Norway, they allowed the Norwegian terrorist to have a world stage, and it was not acceptable. But now, in the US, they try to hide the American terrorist and his motive, and it’s really worse than Norway’s case. The North Americans and Jessica Ghawi’s family should think and should ask why she should be victim of two mass shootings in North America, in less than two months?. And then they should try to think about the tragedy of the OWS, Bill 78, and other things that can show them the roots of problems. On July 19, 2012, the Canadian media reported: “After the Eaton Center shooting, Torontonian are shocked. Yesterday, a man was found dead in Toronto’s north. It’s the fourth deadly shooting in three nights in the city, following a man who was shot and killed in a soccer field in the west end on Tuesday and a high-profile shootout that killed two young people and injured 24 others in Scarborough on Monday night. The guns are imported from other countries”. Now, some Iranians say: “When they allow the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers to live in North America freely, and when they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, and when they torture the Iranian people, instead of apologizing to them, and when no one says nothing about these great tragedies, it’s so obvious that Iranians curse them for their betrayals. What you see in North America in the recent years, is a result of that curse”. It’s just a metaphor, but we should think about its meaning. I hope Americans and Canadians can think about and care about tens of thousands of Iranians that were killed and tortured by the help of the US and the West in 2009, and also about tens of millions of Iranians that are victims of the US, the West, and their puppets. When the Arab pigs, the Iranian baboons, or the Russian dogs aid the Mullahs in suppressing Iranians, it’s not painful and important. But when the US, the West, and most of western figures betray Iranians, it’s painful and tragic, because the West is a symbol of the modern world. I hope Americans and Canadians can see the roots of problems, and also the relations and connections between our tragedies in Iran and their tragedies in North America.

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