Alireza Nourizadeh = Iranian Baboon

When you live in the big prison (Iran), and when Mullahs, Islamists, and other puppets of the West make your life hell, and when the West and puppets of West deny your basic rights and your basic freedoms, you can’t forget and forgive the Iranian traitors and their betrayals. When you live in Iran, you feel that these bastards, that work for the West and/or the Mullahs, are largely responsible for your horrible conditions and your pain and suffering in Iran. After toppling the Mullah regime, these bastards will be tried for betraying Iranians inside Iran, the freedom and democracy in Iran, and many other things. But before that time, the world should know these bastards, and we should write about them. Here is not ‘court’ and we are not judge, but the world should hear the voice of Iranians inside Iran, that are voiceless and everybody betrays them. The silence majority in Iran are victims of the Mullah savagery, the Western hypocrisy, and the Iranian baboons’ betrayals. We have already written about the Iranian baboons and those who betrayed people in the past three years. We have already written about those worthless baboons that the world knew them as Iranian intellects, famous journalists, or well-known figures, but now most of Iranians know their true colors, hate them and don’t give a shit about them. We have already written about the Iranian baboons, including Akbar Ganji, Masoud Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, Nikahang Kosar, Ebrahim Nabavi, Abbas Abdi, Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), etc, that in the best case, you can call them “worthless opportunists”. Most of these bastards get money from the West, or earn good money in the West, in the name of defending Iranians inside Iran ! Many Iranians believe these bastards work for the bad guys in the West and Iran, but the world knows nothing about them. We should try to write more about these bastards. The world should know how these famous baboons showed their true colors, and how Iranians inside Iran think about them. Alireza Nourizadeh is an Iranian journalist in London that many thought “he is on people’s side”. As the wise Iranians say: “For about 15 years, Alireza Nourizadeh was seen as an anti-Mullah and semi-independent journalist. Alireza Nourizadeh worked for the Iranian Monarchists and their journal in London, but many could ignore it, because the Iranian expats and their community was like a city of the blind people, and Nourizadeh was like a person who had one eye. In fact, as the ancient Iranians said: ‘In city of the blind people, that person who has only one eye is the king, and Alireza Nourizadeh was that half-blind person. But now, Nourizadeh has showed his true colors to Iranians, and many people know that they should use a better proverb to describe him: ‘A blind person has become a guide for blind people’. Now, even Nourizadeh knows that most of Iranians are aware of his true colors, and that’s why he has started to defend Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi). Now, Iranians see Nourizadeh as an old whore and a stupid Khayemal (ass-kisser)”. After “Madhi scandal” in June 2011, that we have already written about it (check Archive), some Iranians wrote about Alireza Nourizadeh and his shameful behaviors, and many saw his true colors. At that time, many refused to write about the stupid Nourizadeh, because they thought it’s what the Mullah Gestapo wants. But when Alireza Nourizadeh showed his true colors more and more in the last year, many wise guys started to write or talk about him. Unfortunately, most of Iranian journalists are like Nourizadeh, or even worse than him. As the wise Iranians say: “Alireza Nourizadeh and Masoud Behnoud are symbols of Iranian media whores. They belong to the older generations of Iranians who created the Islamic regime. In 1979, they kissed Khomeini’s ass, and now after 30 years, they are still stupid and Khayemal (ass-kisser). Now, they kiss Pahlavi’s ass, Khatami’s ass, Obama’s ass, the West’s ass, or the Mullah’s ass. They pretend that they are journalist, while they are men of power and politics. They are Khayemal (ass-kisser). They are symbols of Iranian media whores”.


In the recent weeks, when even the stupid Iranian expats started to spit on Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian Monarchists, Alireza Nourizadeh that has become a hateful figure, stupidly started to defend Reza Pahlavi. As the people media report: “Nourizadeh told big lies: ‘Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi [!] has repeatedly said that he is not king [!] and doesn’t want to become king [!!] why you attack him? [!] He is a freedom fighter [!] If the people don’t want him, he easily can find a new job for himself as a pilot [!] He is a good politician and a good pilot [!]’. He also added: ‘We should call Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi [!!]'”. As the wise Iranians say: “Nourizadeh that works for the Monarchist journal in London, known as ‘London Keyhan’, often kissed the Iranian Monarchists’ ass indirectly, but now he has started to kiss their ass openly and publicly. In 1979, he kissed Khomeini’s ass, and now he kisses Pahlavi’s ass. He loves kissing dictators’ ass and earning good money”. After Madhi Scandal in 2011, Alireza Nourizadeh showed his true colors to all Iranians. As the people media report: “Arash Sigarchi, a stupid Iranian journalist that lives in the US and works for the VOA, was the first person that criticized Nourizadeh for praising, defending, and presenting Madhi. But instead of apologizing to people for betraying their trust, Nourizadeh just threatened to expel Sigarchi from the VOA!, and added: ‘the little kids try to teach me life lessons. Now, a little kid, that has become a wolf with the help of me [!!], says that I’m a betrayer. I should not answer to the little kids [!!]’. In fact, Alireza Nourizadeh showed us that he is a little shit”. Nourizadeh’s reaction to Madhi Scandal was very shameful and very informative. The people media add: “On June 8, 2011, Sigarchi, that one day was Nourizadeh’s protégé, wrote in his blog: ‘You cannot be journalist and political activist at the same time. An Iranian journalist that lives in London (Nourizadeh) praised Madhi, his secret source, a lot. And then friends of this journalist, including Khansari [and other Iranian Monarchists] made love with Madhi and put pressure on the Iranian media that they should care about Madhi, too. But now, we all know that Madhi was a Mullah spy. The journalists should not be political activists. They should be independent. Madhi became Madhi, because of that journalist. Didn’t he betray his readers and their trust? You should be a journalist or a political activist, but not both’. Sigarchi is stupid, but what he said about Nourizadeh was not wrong. But on June 14, 2011, Alireza Nourizadeh reacted to him and said: “The little kid (Sigarchi) should watch his mouth. If he continues to talk about me, he will not be able to work where he works now (ie in the VOA) [!!]“. When people saw this reaction, they said: ‘Nourizadeh Goh Ziadi Khordeh’ (Nourizadeh ate extra shit). And many added: ‘This little shit (Nourizadeh) are very stupid. Instead of threatening other people, he should apologize people. He just proves that he is a political whore. Shame on Nourizadeh’. In fact, most of Iranians saw his true colors, and started to spit on him”. Madhi and Nourizadeh (the below picture) and their story was so funny. Madhi, an unknown Mullah spy and an agent of Mullah Gestapo, was firstly introduced by Nourizadeh. He presented Madhi as a hero and as his main secret source in Iran ! Madhi was Mr. Nobody, and even after Nourizadeh’s show, nobody cared about him, and in June 2011, when the Mullahs declared that Madhi was a Mullah spy or “Diamond for Deceit”, most of Iranians laughed at the stupid Mullahs, because Madhi was just a hero for Alireza Nourizadeh, Mr. Balatarin, and other Iranian baboons, not for the Iranian people. But Nourizadeh’s reaction to Madhi’s scandal was very meaningful. Instead of apologizing, he ate extra shit and showed his true colors. In the last year, many other events showed Nourizadeh’s true colors, too. As the people media report: “His love affair with Arab dictators, his love affair with separatist groups, specially the Arab-Iranian separatists that are puppets of Britain, his collaboration with worthless stupid whores like Nouri Ala and other Iranian Monarchists, and finally his defense of Reza Pahlavi showed his true colors well. Now, many Iranians believe he works for the bad guys, specially for the MI6”. You can’t be sure about the secret things, but it’s funny to know many people feel that Alireza Nourizadeh work for the bad guys. The Iranian baboons or the Iranian whores, that many call them “the Iranian Traitors”, are little shits and are not important. But when the West and the Western media try to present these little shits -including Alireza Nourizadeh, Esmaiel Nouri Ala, Elaheh Boghrat, Nikahang Kosar, Medhi Yahyanejad, Masoud Behnoud, etc- as Iranian intellect, Iranian opposition, representative of Iranians !, etc, it becomes an important issue, and needs more attention. And that’s why we are forced to write about these bastards.


Alireza Nourizadeh has worked for the BBC, the VOA, Radio Farda, Deutsche Welle, and many other Western media. He is also a senior writer for the Saudi Arabian Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. But many non-Iranians don’t know his true colors and how Iranians think about him. Many Iranians didn’t care that he works for the Saudi Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, but when it was clear that he attended a conference in July 2011, known as “London Conference” that was a conference for the separatists and anti-Iran groups, many things changed. In 2011, the people media reported: “Alireza Nourizadeh was a key figure in London Conference, that was a secret conference for the separatists and anti-Iran groups, specially the Arab mercenaries. In this conference, they said ‘Khozestan should be called ‘Arabia’ [!], and is part of Arabia [!!]’. But when some ask about this conference and its sponsors, Nourizadeh threatened them and said : ‘Who are you that ask me about this conference and its sponsors [!]. Why I should talk about my sponsors and my financial supporters ? [!!!] It’s none of your business [!]’. He attacked Fariba Davoodi Mohajer, an ex-Islamist Reformists that lives in the US, because she had asked him about this conference and its sponsors ! He openly said to Fariba Davoodi Mohajer: ‘You get money from the US. The US government pay your rent, and we say nothing. Who are you that ask me these questions? Don’t interfere in those issues that are higher than your rank and your level [!!] (Jaii-ke Balatar as Had-o-Hodud Shomast !) It’s none of your business. You should not be nosy and interfere in our business [!!] (Khod ro Nokhod Har Aash Nakonid !!)‘. At that time, Fariba Davodi Mohajer said: ‘I just ask him two simple questions. Why he should be angry? Why he is so angry? Why he has been forced to show his true colors in this way ?!’ In fact, Nourizadeh just showed his true colors”. Mohajer, Sigarchi, and others are not wiser than Nourizadeh, but Nourizadeh’s reaction to their reasonable questions was very shameful and very meaningful. As the wise Iranians say: “Nourizadeh just proved that he is a stupid baboon, and a worthless mercenary. The Mullahs say that Alireza Nourizadeh works for the MI6, and recently Iranians have started to believe it. When Nourizadeh openly and shamelessly defends Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian Monarchists, when he supports the separatist and anti-Iran groups, when he goes secretly to Saudi Arabia and gets money from Saudi dictator, when he threatens people instead of apologizing people or answering their questions, and when he openly kisses Arab dictator’s ass, it’s so obvious that many should think he works for the MI6”. As we said before, you can’t be sure about the secret things. But it’s funny to know that many people, even wise guys, think Nourizadeh works for the bad guys. And it’s funny to know that the British bastards and the Western media still see him as “a prominent London-based Iranian analyst [!!]”, while most of Iranians have changed their views about him, and now see him as “a prominent London-based Iranian Khayemal (ass-kisser)” ! The story of Alireza Nourizadeh is funny and informative. As the people media report: “Alireza Nourizadeh’s father was a Mullah, and that’s why Nourizadeh has many friends among the Mullahs. He could work in Pahlavi’s TV and Pahlavi’s media as a journalist, because he was a Khayemal (ass-kisser) since his youth. In 1978, he started to kiss Khomeini’s ass, and supported the Mullahs. In 1979, he wrote for some Iranian journals, including “Omid Iran” and “Ettelaat”. In his shameful articles, he often kissed Khomeini’s ass and the Mullah’s ass. When the Mullahs refused to pay his share, he went to London, where he started to kiss Pahlavi’s ass again. He started to work for Pahlavists and Monarchists again. After Khomeini’s death, he started to kiss Khamenei’s ass. He said: ‘I know Khamenei. I was his friend. Khamenei is good, but his friends are bad. Khamenei is a poet, musician, artist, intellect, etc, but other Mullahs are bad [!!]’ In 1997, he started to kiss Khatami’s ass. He praised Khatami and the
Islamist-Reformists, and when he and Akbar Ganji worked together and wrote about the Chain Murders, they became heroes. But they were straw heroes, and now most of Iranians know their true colors, and only spit on them and shit on them”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong.


In the recent days, the Iranian baboons, including Nourizadeh (above picture), had a conference in Brussels. No one in Iran gave a damn shit about them, but the world should know the Iranian baboons and their western employers. As the people media report: “Instead of condemning the Iranian terrorists (MEK), the Iranian Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Mullahs and their western supporters, that are anti-democracy forces and more than %90 of Iranians inside Iran hate them, the Iranian baboons declared that all Iranian groups, including terrorists and monarchists, should work together! In Brussels Conference, Mohsen Sazegara that has become a political prostitute, said: ‘We should work with all Iranian groups. There is no limit or restriction’. And funny Iranians replied: “So, you should invite Khamenei, Mullahs, and Basijis to your stupid conference, that is a conference for all whores and all worthless mercenaries”. The stupid Nourizadeh and other baboons kissed Reza Pahlavi’s ass, and the American and European officials asked the Iranian traitors to declare that Iran (not the Mullahs) should not have nuclear program. It just remind you of 1978, and how the Mullahs played the same role at that time”. It’s very funny that the Western officials have talked about Iran’s nuclear programs in this stupid Conference, that they call it “Iranian Opposition’s Conference”. Apparently, these stupid bastards and their Iranian mercenaries think they can repeat the story of 1978, when the Mullahs rejected Iran’s nuclear program and other programs that could convert Iran into a global or serious power, and then the West supported them. We should write more about the story of Iranian Opposition and Iran’s nuclear program, but it’s funny to know how the West and the Iranian traitors stupidly try to repeat history. As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid Reza Pahalvi tries to play the role of Khomeini, and Nourizadeh and other old farts try to repeat their 1979 roles. In these days, Nourizadeh supports Nouri Ala, that is a stupid old fart. Esmaiel Nouri Ala is a little shit and little whore that his today’s bullshit is exactly like his bullshit in 1979. He kissed Khomeini’s ass in 1979, and now he kisses Reza Pahlavi’s ass. This little shit is a stupid Monarchist, but he calls himself ‘Republican’. In fact, the worthless shits and the stupid Monarchists call themselves “Republican”, because they know all Iranians hate Reza Pahlavi and Monarchists. But they call themselves ‘Republican’, and then try to defend Reza Pahlavi, and it’s very funny. These little shits don’t know that today’s Iranians are not as stupid as themselves. What they did in 1979 was a tragedy, but now, what they do is a very stupid farce. The Iranians inside Iran don’t give a damn shit about these old farts, and the leader of these old farts and old whores, Nourizadeh”. From June 2011 to June 2012, we didn’t write about Nourizadeh, and he showed his true colors more and more, and proved that he is a stupid baboon, and we should write about him. The outside world should know that Iranians inside Iran, that more than 75% of them are young, modern and well-educated, are not blind and stupid, and the old farts and the old whores can’t deceive them. The story of Iranian baboons and Iranian expats can show you why Iranians inside Iran are angry and silent, and why they just spit and shit on all Iranian baboons and wait for a proper time. As the wise Iranians say: “The future belongs to the young Iranians and the wise Iranians who live in Iran and know the notorious MMM (Mullahs, Monarchists, Mojaheds) well, and know that the MMM are the intolerant and the anti-democracy groups, and should be banned from any political activity. The young Iranian intellects say: “We are not as stupid as our parents in 1979. We know why the real intellectuals said: ‘If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then tolerance and the tolerant will be destroyed. The intolerant teach their followers to answer your arguments by the use of their fists or pistols, or by threatening you. We should claim the right to suppress them if necessary even by force. For the sake of tolerance, we should not tolerate the intolerant. we should consider incitement to the revival of the slave trade, fascism, etc as criminal’. In today’s world, we know that we should consider incitement to the revival of Monarchy and also the revival of Theocracy, as criminal. Even little kids know why we should not tolerate Mullahs, Monarchists, Mojaheds, and a little shit like Reza Pahlavi and his ass-kissers. Of course, we are more liberal and more tolerate than Americans and Europeans. In the US and Europe, they don’t allow Bin Laden and terrorists to have media or website, but we allow monarchists or terrorists to have media. They can have their own media; they are free to speak in their own media, but they are not free to restore Monarchy, as terrorists and fascists are not free to restore terrorism and fascism. In Iran, Monarchists group, including secular monarchists (Pahlavists) and religious monarchists (Mullahs) that are the main anti-democracy groups are banned form any political activity. Those who support or care about Reza Pahlavi and Iranian Monarchists are traitor, and will treated like a worthless traitor. In any referendum about Iran’s future, the people will show how they feel about Monarchy, Fascism, Communism, Nazism, Mullah regime, and other options that are like each others. Today’s Iran will not repeat the 1979 mistakes, and Iranians will entertain Reza Pahlavi and Iranian traitors with Guillotines”. In fact, today’s Iranians are not stupid, and the outside world should know that both the Mullah regime and today’s Iranian opposition are bankrupt in Iran, and more than 90% of Iranians hate them. The future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians, not the old farts and the old whores. Those who support the Iranian baboons, the old farts and the old whores politically and financially just remind you of an old Iranian proverb: “They Crush water in the Mortar !”.

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