Sanctions, IMF Plan, Mullahs, and the West

The year 2012 has become one of the important years of the post-2009 era, and can show you many things about the West, the Lefts, the Mullahs, and other puppets of the West. In 2010 and 2011, when the Mullahs implemented the IMF Plan, known as “Subsidies Cut Plan” or “Rideman Plan” (Shitting Plan), and when the IMF (International Monetary Fund) repeatedly praised the corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt system, many Iranians could see who was behind the 2009 coup. When the Mullahs implemented the IMF Plan, and openly made love with the IMF – that the Lefts see it as “the best tool of US Imperialism”, and the Mullahs had already described it as “a Zionist Organization” [!!]- and when the IMF openly and shamelessly praised the Mullahs and their corrupt brutal dictatorship, many could see the true face of the Lefts and the West, and why these bastards supported the 2009 Mullah coup. As we said before, the IMF Plan destroyed Iran’s economy, and the price of basic foods and basis needs increased 400% to 2000% ! In fact, the IMF Plan was worse than all Western sanctions, but as the wise Iranians say: “In these days, what the Western media say about the new sanctions is very funny. The Mullahs implemented the IMF plan, and it raised the price of basic needs by 2000%, but now, the Western mass media pretend this price rise is a result of the new sanctions, not the IMF plan ! In fact, the IMF Plan is worse than all Western sanctions, and the West knows it well. The West sees the IMF Plan as the main part of the new sanctions !, because they know that the IMF plan is more destructive than all Western sanctions“. Now, many Iranians ask: “Why the Mullahs implement the IMF plan? Why the Mullahs and Mr. shit aid the West in destroying Iran’s economy? Do Mr. shit and the Mullahs work for the CIA and the West?” In the early 2012, when Mr. shit helped the Western sanctions by continuing his very destructive economic policy, many Iranians started to ask serious questions about his Jewish family. We should write more about the story of Ahmadinejad’s Jewish family in the near future, but now many Iranians clearly say: ‘Ahmadinajad is a bad Jew. He is a Zionist agent and works for the bad guys in the Jewish state. He is a Zionist [In Iran, the bad Jews are called Zionists’), and his mission is clear: Destroying Iran. And that’s why the West supported the 2009 coup’. In the early 2012, the Mullah media was forced to confess that ‘if Mr. shit doesn’t stop part of his economic policy (about interest rates), it would be clear that he works for the West [!] and serves the Zionist interests [!!]’. As we said before (check Archive), Mr. shit was forced to change part of his very destructive plan, that was a plan for destroying Iran and Iran’s economy. This change, that Mr. shit had rejected it for 7 years, decreased prices and proved that the new Western sanctions are not important, but do you know what happened after that? Mr. shit and the Mullahs started to implement the second phase of the IMF plan ! In fact, they tried to help the Western sanctions again. It seems like a joke, but as the people media report: “It was not a joke, but when Iranians saw it, they just laughed and said: ‘How the Mullahs should prove that they are puppets of the West? How Ahmadinajad (Mr. shit) should prove that he is a Zionist agent and his Jewish family is a Zionist family?’ In fact, people can see how Mullahs and Mr. shit serve the West’s interests, and why the West supported Mullahs in 2009”. In these days, the Western mass media, from the BBC and the Telegraph to the New York Times and the Guardian have funny reports. For instance, they say: “Western sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program are continuing to bring financial hardship to millions of Iranians across the country. Prices are not stable these days. Every day it is increasing. Leading a normal life has become difficult for ordinary people”. But Iranians say: “Yah, leading a normal life has become difficult for ordinary people, but it’s not a new thing. It began at Mr. shit’s era, specially after implementing the IMF plans in Iran. The IMF plan, that the Mullahs implement it in Iran, and the medieval tyranny, systematic corruption and mismanagement, lack of freedom and free press, etc are the main problems, not the new Western sanctions. But why the West and the Western media say nothing about the IMF plan and its disastrous results, or about the systematic corruption and mismanagement in the Mullah regime and its disastrous effects ?” It’s a good question, and can show you many things.

The interrelation between Western sanctions and the IMF plan, that the Mullah have implemented it since 2010, is funny and important. In the recent weeks, the shameless Western media try to present the disastrous results of the IMF plan as results of the new Western sanctions ! The wise Iranians say: “In these days, the Western media report: ‘Iranians buy hard currencies or gold, over fears of a currency collapse’, but they don’t say that it’s not a new thing, and it began after implementing IMF’s plans in Iran. In fact, IMF’s plan or Rideman Plan is worse than all Western sanctions, and has brought financial hardship to millions of Iranians, but the stupid West pretend that these disastrous results are results of the new Western sanctions ! It’s very funny and informative. It’s part of Western Charlatanism and Western Hypocrisy“. Relations between Western sanctions and the IMF plan can show you many things about the secrets of the 2009 coup, and why the West and the lefts supported the Mullahs. It also can show you the true face of the lefts and some one like Noam Chomsky. You can ask yourself : why the Mullahs implemented the IMF plan in 2010-2011? Why they are implementing the second phase of the IMF plan in 2012, after the new sanctions? and why the West tries to present the destructives results of the IMF plan as results of the new sanctions ?! It’s funny to know that the American media report: “As a result of sanctions and the surges in electricity, water and natural gas prices, businesses have struggled to cope with the new environment. But Ahmadinejad’s opponents have tried to block the next phase of the IMF program that is useful for Iran [!!], and is due to cut subsidies further [!]”. It’s very funny, it’s it?! The wise Iranians say: “Western Charlatanism seems like a stupid joke. Now, anyone with half a brain knows that Ahmadinejad is a Zionist agent, like most of Mullahs that are British agents, and all of them just serve the West’s interests. But the Western Sheeple know nothing about these issues, or about Ahmadinejad’s Jewish family or the historic relations between Mullahs and Britain. In 2012, the West, their media whores, and their intellectual mercenaries don’t talk about the 2009 anti-Mullah movement in Iran and how the West betrayed it. But why? It’s a good question. Nobody asks if the West was enemy of Mullahs, the West would have imposed todays sanctions in 2009, when millions of Iranians were in the streets and revolted against Mullahs, and repeatedly asked the stupid West to put pressure on Mullahs and stop supporting Mullahs. But why the stupid West just aided Mullahs in killing and torturing the Iranian protesters, and why the Lefts and the Western media just helped and supported Mullahs? If you compare the year 2009 and the year 2012, you can learn many things about the true colors of the West and the Lefts“. It’s hard to say it’s wrong, but as witty Iranians say: “We don’t know why most of Westerners have forgotten the year 2009. Do all Westerners suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and have forgotten everything ?! The year 2009 and its great tragedies didn’t happened 1000 years ago, but most of Westerners live like sheep and have forgotten what happened in 2009″. They also add: “The Westerners live like sheep, and that’s why their corrupt politicians f-u-ck them and betray them regularly. They deserve it”. We have already written about “Prices in Iran and Canada” and about the IMF plan and the IMF’s love affair with Mullahs (check Archive). But most of Western media say nothing about these issues. Only a few western media tell the truth. They report: “The Iranian people, that are angry at the West, say: ‘The West said the sanctions have aimed at halting nuclear activities. But they have targeted our families and children’. Iranians not only oppose sanctions, but increasingly support the acquisition of nuclear weapons, PRECISELY because of the sanctions and the bullying“. It’s really true. Iranians hate bullying and bully boys, but the stupid West loves playing the role of a stupid bully boy. The stupid West clearly says: “We tighten the sanctions until Iranians (not Mullahs) understand that the costs of pursuing nuclear weapons outweigh the perceived benefits [!] It’s a bit utilitarian [!], but we should be honest [!]”. Some shameless Westerners say: “The Mullahs, not the West, are enemy of Iran. The Iranian people should ask why they allow themselves to be ruled by the Mullahs [!!!]” And the funny Iranians say: ‘They asked this question in 2009, and now, they know the answer: Because the West and its army of media whores, intellectual mercenaries, politicians, stupid lefts, etc love and support the Mullah regime by any means. In fact, the West, not the Mullahs, is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”.


In these days, anyone with half a brain knows that If the Mullah regime was an anti-USA regime, it didn’t send green signals to Obama, it didn’t make love with the IMF and didn’t help the Western sanctions, and it didn’t pretend that the new sanctions have bit. But as the mass media reported: “Ahmadinejad and the Mullah officials repeatedly have acknowledged the new sanctions have bite [!]”. It’s funny and important. You can ask yourself: “Why Mullahs and Mr. shit just help the West and the Western sanctions? And why Mullahs try to aid Obama in the 2012 election?” The witty Iranians say: “Because the Mullahs and Obama are close friends, and the Mullahs want to reciprocate Obama’s help [in 2009]”. The story of the EU and its stupid sanction is as stupid as the story of Obama and USA. As the witty Iranians say: “The EU is a joke. They talk about oil sanction, while Iran’s major oil buyers are not Europeans. They talk about banking sanctions, while the Mullah bank accounts in the European banks are exempt form the EU’s sanctions, because the EU loves Mullahs and billions of dollars that Mullahs have stolen form the Iranian people ! In fact, the stupid EU just shows us that Europe is enemy of Iranian people, and Iranians should punish the EU in the future, after the Mullahs’ downfall”. In these days, the Western media clearly say: “Western sanctions target Iran’s oil, Iran’s banks, and Iran’s people [!!]. The west hopes the Mullahs will eventually find it in their own interests to give up their nuclear program [!]“. In fact, the shameless West clearly declares that “The West just wants to make a good deal with the savage Mullahs, and the West doesn’t give a shit about people, humanity, the freedom and democracy, etc”. In the recent days, the British bastards and William Hague said: “[Our Mullah friends] should seize the opportunity to [make a good deal with us and, ] secure a more prosperous and peaceful future for the Iranian people [!]“. Can you believe it ?! The British bastards are master at telling stupid jokes. As the funny Iranians say: “The British bastards had to ask Hitler to secure a more prosperous and peaceful future for Britons ! Iranians hate the British bastards, their crocodile tears, and their puppets (Mullahs)”. In these days, the Iranian baboons and the Iranian expats, that are paid by the West and/ or the Mullahs, just repeat what the Western media say. It’s important, because these bastards that betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement, did the same thing in 2009. In fact, when the West wanted to help the Mullahs, they helped the West and the Mullahs, and now when the West and the Mullahs want to destroy Iran and torture Iran’s people, these bastards help the West and the Mullahs again. But it’s funny to know that in these days many Iranians clearly say: “Today’s Iranian opposition and Iranian journalists (i.e. Ashura traitors and Iranian baboons) work for the CIA, MI6, and the Mullah Gestapo. Most of them are double agents”. Now, many Iranians ask: “Why the West shows its true colors in this way? Why the stupid West even don’t try to find a face-saving formula?” And the wise guys reply: “Because: (1) the West knows that Iranians have seen the West’s true face, and the West and its mercenaries are not able to fool Iranians any longer (2)Now, the West just cares about its own public opinion. They know that the West is full of Sheeple, and the Western lefts and the Western mass media can fool and manipulate the Western Sheeple easily”. The people comments in the Western mass media can show you the depth of Western foolishness. For instance, they say: ‘ There is a liberal minority in Iran, and others love the Mullahs and the Islamists [!!]‘. And Iranians reply: ‘Oh, yah, and that’s why millions of Iranians revolted and fought against the savage Mullahs and Islamists in 2009, and that’s why the West aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranian protesters !’ In these days, the Western media talk about “Iran’s reliance on oil, the structural weakness of its economy”, and specially about “deep economic crises such as the sharp rise in inflation, negative economic growth and increasing unemployment“, but they don’t say who created these problems. These problems that are not new problems -and are results of tyranny, corruption, mismanagement, the IMF plan, etc- make the West happy, and that’s why they don’t say how Mullahs and the IMF have destroyed Iran and its economy, and how they created these problems with the help of the West. The stupid West just shed crocodile tears for Iranians and stupidly pretend that these problems are results of the new Western sanctions ! It’s very funny and very meaningful. In these days, the Western media talk about ‘the rising price of bread and chicken’ in Iran, but they don’t say the Mullahs and Mr. shit deliberately raised these prices by 150%, as part of the IMF plan. Iran’s regime can easily solve the problem of the rising price of meat, bread, foods, public transports, and everything. But the Mullahs are implementing the second phase of the IMF plan !, and instead of addressing the situation urgently, the Mullahs just serve the West’s interests. For instance, the Mullahs say: “Showing people who eat chicken in films is not good. Some people could not buy chicken [!]”. It not only makes people laugh, but it’s a green signal for the West, and the Western media receive this signal and declare: “The Mullahs confessed that our sanctions have bite !” And the British media, including the BBC and the Telegraph, add: “Rising chicken prices have come to symbolize [!] the privations being endured by Iranians amid the Western sanctions [!!]”. Their stupid reports also add: “With chicken forming a core part of the meat-rich national diet, queues have been reported at state food distribution centers, where it has been sold at lower prices. The experts warned that inflation could rise by 50 to 70 per cent over the next six months [!]”. It’s part of the British War of Nerves. They say nothing about the IMF plan and the Mullah corruption, and how Mullahs and the IMF fucked Iran and its economy, and how the West helped Mullahs and betrayed the Iranian people in 2009. Only a few media report: “Prices on everything in Iran have been rising quickly since the subsidy cuts (the IMF Plan) were introduced in December 2010”. But now, many Iranians ask: “When things get a little better, and when sanctions prove to be unsuccessful, the Mullahs try to implement the second phase of the IMF plan, and raise prices deliberately. But why ?! Why they deliberately try to create more economic crises and help the West ? ” It’s a good question, and proves that the Iranian people aren’t blind and stupid.

“Who can blame Iranians. From their side of the fence they see our hypocrisy, double standards, ignorance, arrogance, a rampant blood lust, the list goes on. The west should be ashamed of itself”, a few wise Westerners say. In fact, the wise guys in all around the world can see the truth, but I don’t know why they are silent. The wise Iranians say: “In these days, the West barks a lot. But as the ancient Iranians said: ‘A dog that barks a lot, is a spineless coward that doesn’t bite’. The West is like a spineless dog that barks a lot. But it farts a lot, too; because many things scare it. Their media say: ‘About 20m barrels of oil is transported through the Strait of Hormoz. Everyone knows how important peace is for the Persian Gulf in a world driven by oil … Iran has cruise missiles, capable of reaching all of Europe as well as Eastern US including New York. US ships would be vulnerable to Iran’s shore to sea cruise missiles’. Even the Zionist media clearly say: ‘Who wants I-s-r-a-el to bomb Iran? Who wants us to bomb Iran?[!] The one who most wants an I-s-r-a-e-li attack on Iran is the Mullah [!], whose desire is to deal a very heavy blow, if not a deathblow, to I-s-r-a-el [!]’. They bark and fart a lot, because they are in deep shit. Now, the EU’s hands are empty, like their empty heads. The European heads is really full of shit. They still think they live in the Colonial Era and other people and other nations are their slaves. The West barks and thinks the Iranian people would say: ‘Oh, the Western dogs, who aided the Mullahs in killing us, please forgive us. We are stupid, and have eaten Maghze Khar (donkey’s brain), and are not able to see your true colors. Please forgive us; Please attack us, and please destroy Iran with the help of your puppets and your agents, including the Mullah and the Iranian baboons’. But now, almost all Iranians inside Iran say to the West: ‘Eat shit and die‘ or ‘You, the Western dogs, just bark a lot, and just show us your true colors more and more. Your IQ is less than a dog’s IQ’. There is no doubt that the West is in deep shit, and its brain is full of shit. If they were wise, instead of showing their true face in this way, they would have aided the Iranian people in 2009, or at least they would have apologized to the Iranian people for betraying them”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. The West loves the Mullahs and the Islamists, because as some wise westerners say: “the Mullahs and Islamists server the West’s interests well, and they can keep their own countries weak and backward, and that’s why the West loves them, and that’s why the Islamists are the winner of the Arab spring. The West-supported Islamist hardliners hate the separation of religion and state, and now Islamic law is getting imposed everywhere by new fundamentalist government that mimic Mullah’s government structure”. And the wise Iranians add: “Today’s Iranians hate the Islamists and the stupid Arabs. Most of today’s Iranians used to talk about the lovely, peace-loving, tolerant, cultured Western countries. But now, they know the true face of Western countries, too. Now, many Iranians say: ‘The West and many Westerners are the Jackass, and an ignorant one as well. The West seems like a bully boy (Bacheh Porru) that says: ‘Give me money or I will burn your house down’. But Iranians know how to face a bully, and know Bullies are often cowards. Now, many Iranians say: ‘Why 85 percent of marine insurance is provided by EU firms and British firms? In the future, at least 50 percent of marine insurance should be provided by Iranian firms or independent firms. Why Iran and other countries should use the U.S. dollar in the international markets. Iran should make use of its own currency or hard currencies other than the U.S. dollar. After toppling the Mullah regime, when Iran will become a world power again, we should punish the West. We would make use of our own hard currency, should form our own insurance syndicate and insuring system, should reduce oil production to save our reserves for the future, should not sell oil to the EU, should develop alternatives to SWIFT system, etc’. In fact, today’s Iranians know that the West, the Arabs, and other sworn enemies of Persia, are sworn enemies of the freedom, democracy, human rights, and other human values, too. They just want to gravely weaken Iran“. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. The stupid West barks and farts a lot, and just discredits and dishonors itself more and more. Now, they say: “There are several obstacles on the way to an attack on Iran [!]. One is public opinion. Another is the realization deep in the heads of the world leaders that it’s impossible to use military force to defeat a community of 80 million people [!]. Another obstacle is the fear of violent revenge in European countries by Iran. Iran has the means to deal painful blows to Europe[!]”. The story of these days is sadly funny. The Mullahs love the Stupid Monkey (Obama), and try to aid him in the 2012 election, and Iranians pay the price of his re-election! If you want to see how Mullahs help Obama, you can think about the IMF plan, or about the story of oil price, that is very important. Many things can easily lead to oil price rise, and it’s in Iran’s interests, but the Mullahs don’t like rise in oil prices, because its big loser would be Obama and the West. We should write more about this issue later, but if you just think more about the story of Western Sanctions and the IMF Plan, you can see many things about the secrets of the 2009 coup, and the secret relations between the Mullah, the West, and the Lefts.

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