Only Bad Guys and Sheeple live in the West ?

July 14, 2012

In these days, many things are disappointing and unbearable. The bad guys have the upper hand; the good guys are indifferent and inactive; the internet speed and the internet censorship is so horrible; many anti-censorship tools are blocked or don’t work well (in Iran); many search engines censor us and boycott us; many Western media tell big laughable lies about Iran and the stupid West; and the story of Iranian traitors, Iranian baboons, the Mullahs and Islamists, the stupid West, and the disappointing conditions in Syria, Egypt, Spain, USA, UK, etc, that makes you feel sick. When the good guys are indifferent and inactive in the West, the stupid West, its bad guys and its Sheeple (sheep people) make the Iranian people feel that only idiots, racists, bastards, sick people and animals live in the West. Now, many Iranians ask: “Only Bad Guys, Sheeple, and Pigs live in the West ?!” In fact, the good guys in the West are invisible, and it makes you feel that they don’t exist. It’s very disappointing and very dangerous. It can create hatred, war, and other evil things. People comments in the Western mass media, and comments that are sent to us, are very disappointing, and make you feel that only the bad guys and sick people live in the West and the outside world. In the recent weeks, when you read, for instance, 100 comments in the Western mass media, you can see that about 90 comments are very very stupid, about 9 comments are unacceptable and disappointing, and only about 1 comment is reasonable or acceptable ! And it makes you feel that only racists, chauvinists, stupid lefts, idiots, utilitarians, and sick people live in the West, and the Western countries are full of Sheeple and bad guys -who make life unbearable. In these days, when many things are disappointing and embarrassing, we have to write about what the Western media and Westerners say about Iran and Iranians, and how Iranians react to these bullshit. In these days, the West and Western media are full of shits. For instance, some Westerners say: “Sanctions on Iran should punish the Iranian people [!!] It was the people who supported and voted for the Mullahs in 1979 [!]” Can you believe it ?! The wise Iranians say: “Apparently, only animals and sick people live in the West. They are blind and their IQs are less than monkey’s IQ. The majority of today’s Iranians didn’t exist, or were little kids, at the time of the 1979 revolution and cannot be made accountable in anyway for it and its outcome. They are the main victims of the 1979 revolution, that the stupid West supported it. But If today’s Iranians are responsible for the 1979 revolution, then today’s Westerners are responsible for two world wars, Holocaust, the Nazi savageries, the fascist regimes, and many other human disasters. The 1979 revolution just hurt and destroyed Iran and Iranians’ life, but if today’s Iranians are responsible for it, then today’s Britons and today’s Americans not only are responsible for killing millions of Indians, Jews, Africans, Native Americans, and other innocent people, but they are responsible for exploiting and destroying many countries, and should be punished by the whole world. If today’s Iranians are responsible for the 1979 revolution, then today’s Germans are responsible for the Nazi regime, today’s Italians are responsible for the fascist regime, etc. Are today’s Westerners ready to accept their responsibility ?! According to their stupid logic, the world should punish all Western people, because the stupid West and its savage bastards have created the greatest human tragedies of all times – from colonialism to world wars”. And the angry Iranians add: “The Western people still support their corrupt and savage politicians, form Bush and Blair to Obama and other pigs. But today’s Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. In fact, today’s westerners support and vote for their corrupt politicians and their corrupt systems, and should be punished. The Western people live like sheep and deserve to be fucked by their own bad guys. They deserve their current crises and their corrupt systems. But today’s Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, and don’t give a shit about them, their media, and their election shows. Today’s Iranians hate the Mullahs and all other puppets of the West. And the post-2009 era clearly showed us that only the West and the lefts love and support the Mullahs“. In fact, the stupid Westerners that live like sheep can not see the truth, but the wise guys in all around the world, and those who can open their eyes and their minds, can see the truth.

It’s really shameful that many Westerners are sick people. We and many other Iranians have cared about the West, respected it, and liked it, because of the wise guys and the good guys in the West, not because of its sick people, its politicians, and its Sheeple. The shameless people in the West only can make you feel sick. In the Western mass media, they clearly say: The people of Iran should be held to account for wrongdoing by their Islamic regime [!!] It’s not the West’s fault that these backward nations (i.e Iran) can’t have a democracy [!!]“. Can you believe it ?! The wise angry Iranians say: “Don’t make us laugh, idiots. You the Western faggots have no shame. You the sick idiots support and vote for your corrupt politicians, but Iranians hate their politicians and don’t participate in the Mullah election shows. They revolted against the Mullahs, and you the sick bastards supported the Mullahs, and showed Iranians your true colors in the past three years. You, the American faggots, the British faggots, etc aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranian protesters, and now, you the shameless pigs claim: It’s not the West’s fault ! Oh, yah, it was not Hitler’s fault that the backward nations of Europe were punished and millions of them were killed. Oh, yah, It was not Hitler’s fault that millions of Jews and Europeans were killed in the 1940s. They deserved it. Oh, yah, It was not Al Qaede’s fault that several Americans were killed in 9/11. They deserved it. And it’s your own logic, the sick Westerners. The past three years showed the world many things. Your ridiculous and embarrassing protests against your corrupt systems clearly showed that you are among the stupidest people in today’s world, while today’s Iranians are among the wisest and bravest people. You, the great idiots, that you brain is in your ass, even can’t solve the horrible problems of Bill 78 or the corrupt American lobbyists, that have converted your stupid democracies into Sheepocracy and Corruptocracy. You the brainless faggots live in the free world, but not because you deserve it. You deserve to live under tyranny, but you live in the free world, because you were born in the free world, like a stupid rich kid that was born in a family of crooks and thieves . In today’s world, you are backward nations, not today’s Iranians that their IQs, their knowledge, their thoughts, their views, are far superior to yours. You the stupid pigs, that your brain is between your legs, still live in the Tribalism Age. You are racist and stil talk about your tribal interests, and call it “National interests”. You are the real backward nations. You are the modern sheep, not the modern people. Your stupid democracies are badly corrupted, and many of you, the idiots, want to restore Theocracy, Communism, and other backward systems. You, the people of the West should be held to account for wrongdoing by your corrupt regimes, because your support and vote for our corrupt systems and your corrupt politicians. Take a look at your stupid OWS movement, or your stupid British riots, or your stupid Canadian protests, or your embarrassing situation in Spain, Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden, etc. You are the real backward nations, not today’s Iranians that hate Mullahs, Islamists, stupid lefts, your corrupt systems, your corrupt politicians, your corrupt media, your corrupt intellects, and many other backward and stupid things in your countries and today’s world. Just look in the mirror, and see your own true face. In today’s world, you are the real backward nations, idiots“. They also add: “It’s exactly the West’s fault that today’s Iranians should live under tyranny. The uncultured Western faggots showed their true colors in 2009, 1979, 1953, 1941, 1925, and in the 19th and 18th centuries, when they supported dictators, Mullahs, traitors, Islamists, mercenaries, and other bad guys financially, politically, and militarily. But now, today’s Iranians know the West and its backward nations, and their puppets in Iran”. As we said before, we didn’t want to reflect the voices of angry Iranians here, but when the stupid West proved that many stupid Westerners have no shame, and when the stupid West ate shame and vomited decency, we felt that the outside world should know how angry Iranians are. When the stupid Westerners openly and shamelessly are talking nonsense and trash talking, it’s so obvious that many Iranians should be angry and should answer the Western crap, according to the Western logic. And for the record, we publish what both sides say. The world and the good guys should know how shameless and how stupid today’s West is, and why Iranians are angry. In the Western mass media, the Western idiots clearly say: “The suffering of Iranian people counts for nothing in the West … Is the nuclear Iran (not the Mullahs) acceptable and non-threatening? If not, do the West has the right to intervene? If the right to intervene exists, how can this most effectively be realized? Our answers would be: Iran (not the Mullahs) is a threat, Intervention is necessary. If sanctions don’t work, we should wage war against Iran” Can you believe it ?!


The Western jerks openly and shamelessly say: “The Iranian people [not the Mullahs] cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons [!]. But we (i.e the West) have to have the nukes. The nuclear bombs must be the preserve only of civilized states – ie the West [!!!!] and Israel [!!!]” Can you believe it ?! The angry Iranians say: “Don’t make us laugh, the Western faggots. You, the savage pigs, are civilized ?! You, the Holocaust creators, are civilized? You, the Nazi killers and the Fascist states are civilized ?! If you the corrupt pigs are civilized, then all animals are Albert Einstein ! Don’t make us laugh, idiots. You, the Western pigs are fascists, racists, chauvinists, warmongers, and idiots. You are still as savage as your savage ancestors who loved the Gladiatorial savagery. But when you ate each others, Iranians were writing the first Charter of Human rights. When you ate each others and when some of you sucked the Iranian cocks to learn something from the Great Persia, that was the cradle of civilization, Persia was the greatest civilization of all times. It’s funny to know that even the civilized people of the ancient Greece, specially the Athenians, were Aryans who immigrated to Greece from Persia. Many Western historians say: ‘About 10,000 years ago, people in Persia began farming the land and developing other technologies, and knowledge of these new technologies slowly spread with Persian (Aryan) immigrants into ancient Greece. Their technological skills greatly accelerated around 3000 BC, when the Greeks learned from Persian people how to work with metals, how to use the wheel for transport, etc‘. It’s what you can find it in almost all historical books. When, you the savage animals ate each others and were called ‘Barbarians’, and when you praised savagery, slavery, massacre, Gladiatorial combats, etc, Iranians were writing about human rights, and were helping the Jews and other minority groups, and were teaching you what is human civilization. In today’s world, if only one nation should have nuclear bombs, it’s Iranians”. The sick westerners and bad guys in the West have no shame. They clearly say: “Iranians are inferior to us [!!!]. They had to organize their own nation into democracies, and should have done it years ago. They are not ready for democracy, and also for nuclear weapons” Can you believe it ?! The funny Iranians say: “How racists you the Westerners are. You the racist pigs just show us your IQs and your true colors. It’s good. The ancient Persians tried to teach you humanity and human civilization, but your IQs didn’t allow you to learn so much. And now, we are forced again to teach you what is humanity and human civilization, and again your IQs don’t allow you to learn so much. The stupid Westerners that more than 60 millions of them still believe that Earth is flat and the sun orbits the earth !, and more than 150 millions of them are Christian fanatics and worse than the Mullahs, are superiors to Iranians ?!! Oh, Yah, If humans were inferior to pigs, then Iranians were inferior to the Westerners! For thousands years, you the stupid pigs licked Iranians’ shoes and sucked Iranians’ cocks. Only in the past [300] years, a few western countries could gain the upper hand, and then created the most horrible wars and the greatest human tragedies of all times, and called it ‘Modernism’ ! But it’s funny that even in the past [300] years, Iranians were more modern than many Western nations. In 1905, when Iranians had their Constitutional Revolution, many European countries were so undeveloped and backward nations. Only in Britain, France, USA, and a few other countries, the situation was a little better than Iran. But from 1910s to 1950s, the Western countries killed more than 100 millions of their own people, ruined their own countries and returned to the Stone Age. They were like cavemen and animals, but just had modern weapons. And finally, only the nuclear weapons could prevent them from killing each others. They are still like cavemen and animals, and prepare themselves for nuclear Armageddon !!”. And it’s funny to know that some stupid Westerners clearly say: “If our democracy brings us to the point of nuclear Armageddon [!], we can rest peacefully with our [stupid] belief that ‘we’ are better than ‘them’ [!!]”. The angry Iranians say: “The Westerners are worthless pigs and you should fuck them and nuke them. They are pigs, and only understand the logic of animals and the law of the jungle. They are not able to understand the human language (Zaboon Adamizad), the human values, and the human civilization”. It’s so obvious why Iranians should be angry.

Unfortunately, only a few Westerners care about the truth or tell the truth. They say: “We got into bed with supposed sworn enemies like al-Qaeda when it suits our interests [or when they bribed us]. It tells you a lot about our true face and the authenticity of our War on Terror. We are corrupted and hypocrite”. I don’t know why most of good guys in the West are silent. In these conditions, many Iranians are forced to believe that the good Westerners don’t exist ! But we believe that many good guys and wise guys live in the West, but they are silent and inactive. Only a few wise Westerners say: “Sanctions on Iran have always punished people, not Mullahs. Many services are denied to Iranians, not the Mullahs. The Islamists and the Mullahs have many ways of circumventing the restrictions but ordinary people should be victims [ of the Western Hypocrisy and the Western betrayals]. In Iran, If you want to subscribe to a journal, purchase goods from abroad or simply book a hotel in another country, you can’t. But there is no restriction on the Mullahs, their family, and their children, and they even can easily go and live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc. For some time, the west claimed that its sanctions are ‘smart’ and ‘targeted’, but it just meant that sanctions should only hurt the Iranian people, not the Mullahs ! The Western sanctions are only designed to punish the Iranian people, and help Obama (in the 2012 election) and the Mullahs. There’s nothing in these [stupid] sanctions that the west should be proud of. They just show the true face of the West to the Iranian people”. And the wise Iranians add: “If the West was not friend of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, they would have imposed today’s sanctions in 2009, when Iranians asked the stupid West to put pressure on the Mullahs. But at that time, when millions of Iranians were in the streets and repeatedly asked the stupid West to stop supporting the Mullahs, the stupid West wrote love letters to the Mullahs and aided them in killing and torturing the Iranian protesters. Now, Iranians know that the West and the US are enemy of the Iranian people, and friend of the Mullahs. The west and the US just want the Mullahs to be weak puppets. And the Mullahs know how the West betrays its friends. They know how the West betrayed Mubarak, Ben Ali, Pahlavi, Saddam, Saleh, etc. The West and the Mullahs are friends, but they know each others, and can’t trust each others. The West doesn’t care about the freedom and democracy, and clearly says that ‘Iran should be a weak country’. The West is waging war against the people of Iran, not the Mullahs. But sooner or later, Iranians will seek revenge and will punish the West and its puppets”. Unfortunately, today’s west is really full of shit. Recently the media reported: “Canada and a major Canadian bank, TD Canada (TD Bank), target people based on ethnicity or nationality. Canada’s TD Bank has frozen the assets of several Iranian Canadians, in many cases without notice. Some Iranian-Canadians say: ‘Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that a major bank in Canada would treat us like we are second-class citizens’. And some Iranians add: ‘Canada has become a safe haven for the Mullah regime and those affiliated with the Mullah dictatorship, including the Mullah crooks, the Mullah thieves, the Mullah killers, and the Mullah rapists. More and more we feel unsafe in Canada, that has become a save haven for the Mullahs and Islamist thugs’ . An Iranian-Canadian adds: ‘I’ve been a Canadian citizen for 10 years and this is the first time I’m feeling that I’m a second-class citizen in Canada. It is one thing to punish the Iranian regime and its agents. It’s another to close bank accounts of all Iranian Canadians'”. The stupid Iranian expats in Canada really deserve to be treated like shits. As the wise Iranians say: “When Canada betrayed Iranians in 2009, or when thousands of Mullah crooks went and lived in Canada, or when the Canadian jerks made love with Mullahs and Basiji thugs, and instead treated the ordinary Iranians like shit, the stupid Iranian Canadians just kissed Canada’s ass and remained silent and inactive. So, they should be second-class citizens in Canada, and the Mullah Crooks and the Islamists should be first class citizen ! Today’s Canada is the land of crooks, thieves, liars, hypocrites, charlatans, killers, racists, and rapists. But Iranian Canadians were just Khayemal (ass-kissers) and now they pay the price of their betrayals”. It’s really shameful that both today’s Canada and Iranian expats in Canada are so stupid. But apparently, they deserve each others. I hope one day all good guys can live with each others in where they want, in every part of the world without any visa and any restriction, and all bad guys can go to hell and f-u-c-k each others there. That world certainly would be a better place to live. In today’s world, the stupid West is racist and just cares about the logic of animals and the law of the jungle. Now, they clearly say: “The West like Iran [not the Mullahs] to give up. Iran [no the Mullahs] should not have nuclear program. Iran today could be Japan, China or Brazil tomorrow. Iran should not be a strong and independent country“. These stupid bastards love “Bullying” – that Iranians call it ‘Zurguei’, ‘Gholdor Bazi’, or ‘Porru Bazi’. But they don’t know that today’s Iranians believe ‘Bullies are often cowards’ and ‘you should teach bully boys a lesson that they never forget it’. It’s funny to know that in the recent days, dozens of Iranian baboons and Iranian traitors, that the West calls them “Iranian opposition” ! but the Iranian people don’t give a damn shit about them, had a conference in which the American officials clearly asked them to say that Iran (not Mullahs) should not have nuclear program ! In “Brussels Conference”, a few Iranian baboons, specially Alireza Nourizadeh, defended or praised Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) ! We should write more about “Brussels Conference” and the worthless Iranian baboons, specially Alireza Nourizadeh that has proved he is a stupid baboon. Now, many Iranians are angry, and say: “Iran certainly should have nuclear bombs, and after toppling the Mullah regime, Iranians should teach a good lesson to the stupid bully boys in the West, and their puppets. The payback time is near”. But I prefer that the good guys in all around the world aid each others in building a better world. And I hope all good guys can unite against the bad guys. We all, in all around the world, are victims of the bad guys and those who live like animals.