Lady Gaga and Modern Sheep

This shitty world is really unbearable, but not merely because of politicians and the dirty world of politics. If you want to know this shitty world and its main problems better, you should know the Sheeple (sheep people) and the modern sheep. And if you want to know the Sheeple and the modern sheep better, you should know the fashion world and the celeb world, specially in the US. And the most famous American celebrity, Stefani Germanotta (born 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, can show you many things about today’s USA, its fashion world, and its Sheeple. As some say: “Lady Gaga was an ordinary girl that became famous and millionaire in 2008, at the age of 22. The American media cared about her a lot, and now she has become the symbol of American beauty and American utopia. As the media reports she has sold an estimated 23 million albums and 64 million singles worldwide, making herself one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Maybe, she could be a good singer, but the stupidity of the fashion world and the celeb world has converted her into the symbol of stupidity and the worst celebs of all time. Lady Gaga before she was famous and blonde [!], was an ordinary girl that could focus on her talents. Even a stupid advisor could tell her that she is not very photogenic and she should avoid making a fool of herself by lots of makeup and other stupid gestures. But in the fashion world, only the sick advisors can make you a hero, and then those who follow fashion like sheep (i.e. the modern sheep), care about you because it’s in fashion. It’s really tragic that the media still can manipulate the people who live like sheep (i.e. the Sheeple)”. Lady Gaga can show us many things about today’s world, today’s USA and the serious problems.


“Lady Gaga was a rich girl from New York; she had everything, except talent”, some say. But I think Stefani (Gaga) was not a great idiot like Reza Pahlavi, who has no talent and still gets money from his mummy at age 50+. Reza Pahlavi is a Heyfe Noon , but Stefani is not. (‘Heyfe Noon’ or ‘Heyfe Nan’ is a funny Persian term that has no equivalent in English. It literally means ‘Bread [food] was wasted on him’ or ‘He is unworthy to get bread [food]’. The funny Iranians use it when they talk about a very stupid or unworthy person). Sometimes, you forget your own special talents, and instead, you focus on a wrong talent, and it leads to a great disaster. Stefani could focus on her own special talents, and could avoid making a fool of herself. But as some say: “when the fashion world is stupid, and when a little kid has no wise advisor, and when a little kid becomes millionaire and forgets who is s/he, it leads to a great disaster. The violence, doing drugs, and other stupid things made Lady Gaga a celeb. In 2008, she started to dress in little more than a bikini in addition to experimenting with drugs. And after a while, the American media reported: ‘Lady Gaga won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for Fashion Icon [!!]’. In the US, many care about the fashion world a lot. Even their pseudo-intellects are part of their stupid fashion world. The media reported that Slavoj Zizek had an affair with Lady Gaga !” It’s really tragicomic. Those who care about the fashion world a lot, are modern sheep, not modern people.


Some Americans say: “Lady Gaga is ugly. She’s less than average with lots of makeup. That’s why she gotta wear slutty clothes to throw ppl off. She is ugly as hell”. In fact, many Americans don’t like her, and don’t follow their media and their fashion world like sheep, but unfortunately, they are not in the majority. Some say: “Why she should think she is Megan Fox or Elizabeth Taylor? There is no need that everybody looks like Megan Fox or Elizabeth Taylor. You should focus on your own talents. In this way, both you and your audience are more satisfied”. Lady Gaga has said: “A lot of people in America didn’t know who I was until [I became an idiot like what you can see today]”. It’s really tragic. It can remind you of Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy (1983) “, and how an idiot or a criminal can become a hero in the US, and how the media and the fashion world can play with naive people. In fact, Lady Gaga is a victim of the stupid fashion world and the stupid media world in the US. Some angry Americans say: “Here in the US, a disgusting coke whore shits on stage, but it just makes headlines and more publicity. Those people who buy this shit just aid the bad guys in destroying our country”. In fact, if the people don’t live like sheep, then many things will change, and politicians and other bad guys can’t fool and exploit people. The Sheeple and the modern sheep allow politicians, lobbyists, crooks, intellectual mercenaries and other bad guys to destroy a country in the name of human values, including the freedom and democracy.


The stupid mass media try to pretend that all Americans love Lady Gaga or worship Lady Gaga, but it’s a big lie. Some Americans say: “The makeup makes her uglier. The drug use destroys her. Dozens of tattoos on her body are disgusting. Shes really a gross whore. Gaga turns to the crowd and employs a crude slang word and says: ‘I hope you brought your d-i-c-k-s ?[!]’ Is it really funny? She is sick. She is tacky and tries too hard for attention. We see her as an attention junky”. And some add: “Lady Gaga has become a symbol of foolishness, not modernity. She can show us the American stupidity, and the power of the media in brainwashing the naive Americans. She is just a symbol, and can show us many things that the mass media try to hide them”. Stefani is a victim, but it’s funny to know that some shameless American media pretend that those who hate Lady Gaga and her stupidities, are fanatic and are not modern people ! The wise guys reply: “Those who care about Gaga a lot, are the modern sheep. And the media whores who defend her and her tragicomedy, are animals in human clothing”. Some media and some idiots are really shameless, and clearly say that only those people who care about “Lady Gaga” and her tragicomedy a lot are modern people ! These bastards, that really deserve to be called “The Modern Sheep”, just remind you of a funny Persian term “Ghalat-haye Ziadi” (‘extra shits’ or ‘eating extra shit’) and a funny Persian proverb: “If you respect a dead man a lot, he would shit in his coffin”.


Some wise guys say: “Violence, masochism, sadomasochism, drug use, tattooed on their body, Oh, aren’t they psycho? Those who care about Lady Gaga, violence, and drug use a lot, are sick people, not modern people. ‘S-e-x and violence’ is the best definition of ‘Animal Life’. The sick media whores that care about violence, sadomasochism, drug use, etc are really animals in human clothing. They are like those uncultured Europeans who loved the Gladiatorial combats. Today’s media whores that care about Gaga a lot, and encourage her to do more stupid things, are like those sick people who forced the poor slaves to kill each others”. The media whores pretend that the majority of Westerners love Gaga and her foolishness, but many Westerners hate her and her stupid gestures. The media reported: ‘Gaga’s performances of that scene on tour in England triggered protests from family groups and fans in the aftermath of a local tragedy, in which a taxi driver had murdered 12 people’, and it’s just one case of public protest against Gaga. There is no doubt that only the sick people, the psycho, and the Sheeple and the modern sheep care about violence, masochism, sadomasochism, and drug use a lot. These sick bastards allow politicians and other bad guys to treat people like sheep. These sick bastards are the worst type of the modern ship.


Some wise guys say: “Lady Gaga wears revealing clothes, but it’s not important. She’s not ‘Lady Behave Yourself’. OK. But she likes violence, masochism, sadomasochism, drug use, etc. It’s the important issue. She needs mental help. But why shes such an inspiration to young woman across America? It’s the important issue Politicians and their media whores care about sick celebs a lot, because politicians need the Sheeple and the modern sheep. A country that most of its people are among the Sheeple and the modern sheep is a paradise for politicians and the bad guys”. It’s really hard to understand Gaga’s fans. Some of them, that are not so stupid, say: “She is not Madonna. But her music is good. Lady Gaga to us is a musical genius”. It can be understandable. “But do all her fans just care about her music and her musical talents? or do they care about her because it’s in fashion, and because other idiots care about her?”, some ask. They also add: “Unfortunately, many of her fans are sick people. They live like sheep and just follow fashion. They care about her, violence, masochism, sadomasochism, or drug use, only because it’s in fashion. They just follow fashion like sheep. It’s a great tragedy. These fans are the modern sheep”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. The Sheeple and the modern sheep allow politicians and the bad guys to treat people like slaves. This shitty world can be a better world, only when the number of the Sheeple and the modern sheep decreases significantly.


Some Americans say: “Lady Gaga is really the big tragedy of the fashion world. When you look at her fans, and how her stupid fans care about her, you feel sorry for America and Americans”. And it’s what many other non-Americans say it, too. It’s really tragic that many people in all around the world live like sheep and follow fashion like sheep. The wise guys say: “In our time, the people who follow fashion like sheep should be called ‘the modern sheep’. They use the modern tools or the modern technology, but it doesn’t mean that they are modern people, mainly because their thoughts and their views belong to the Stone Age. They think and behave like the sheep. They need shepherd, and the fashion world, the media, politicians, and other bad guys play the role of shepherd for them. They love violence, masochism, sadomasochism, drug use, and other stupid things that the media and the stupid shepherd dictate on them. Those who needs mental help are their role models. They are a new version of the classic sheep, including Jewish fanatics, Christian fanatics, Islamists, and other fanatics. They are ‘the modern sheep’. A psycho, a crook, an idiot, or a criminal can become their hero and their shepherd, and it’s really a great disaster”. It’s so obvious only when the number of the Sheeple and the modern sheep decreases, this shitty world can become a better place to live.

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