Monarchists, Terrorists, and American Democracy

The stupid lefts and some one like Noam Chomsky, that defend the brutal dictators in the name of human values, are like Mullahs, Islamists, and other evil forces. When they ridicule “American Democracy”, it just reminds you of the old proverb: “the pot calling the kettle black”. When the stupid lefts and their pseudo-intellects talk about “American Democracy”, you think Hitler and Genghis talk about the human rights. These bastards that supported the savage Mullahs in 2009, and defended the brutal dictators in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, etc, are sick people and their disgusting bullshit only can make you laugh. As the wise Iranians say: “They try to discredit any strong criticism of American Democracy and American gestures of democracy. But the year 2009, and the post-2009 era, specially this year (2012), showed us many things. The stupid lefts and Noam Chomsky showed us their true colors, and now, we know that them and their employers”. If you want to know the true meaning of American Democracy, and the true colors of the Western
(pseudo-)intellectuals, you can take a look at Iran’s case in 2009 and Egypt’s case in 2011. It’s funny to know that in both cases, both the Western politicians and the stupid lefts defended an evil force: The Islamists. In 2009, these bastards supported the Mullahs and Islamists that more than 90% of Iranians hated them and revolted against them. And in 2011, these bastards supported the Islamists in Egypt, and tried to repeat the story of the 1979 disaster in Egypt. It’s very important. We all should think and write more about it. The case of Egypt, that we have already written about it (check Archive), can show you part of the truth, and the case of Iran (that just started in 2009 and has not finished yet) can show you the true meaning of the American Democracy, and the true colors of the West, the Western intellects, the Western media, the Western politics, etc. Those people who care about the truth, and want to know the truth, can learn many things from Iran’s case. We have already written about Iran’s case, and what happened in the past three years (check Archive), and how the stupid lefts and the stupid West betrayed the anti-Islamist Iranians. But there are many new or unwritten things. The majority of today’s Iranians are anti-Mullah, anti-Monarchy, anti-Dictatorship, and anti-Political Hypocrisy. Their thoughts and their views are at least as modern as their western counterparts, and as many Iranians believe, that’s why the stupid West and the stupid lefts aided the Mullahs in suppressing and silencing them. In these days, when the West ate shame and vomited decency , you can see many funny and informative things. Now, the American baboons openly and shamelessly show their true face, which always is hidden behind the mask of freedom and democracy. Now, we all can see the true meaning of ‘American Democracy’. Recently, the media reported: “At a rally in Paris, former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, spoke on behalf of the MEK, a group considered a terrorist organization by the US State Department. Embarrassingly, Gingrich that railed against the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, pretended ignorance that the State Department says the MEK participated in it. The MEK is also said to have praised the 9/11 attacks when they occurred in 2001. The American officials rarely mention the MEKs violent and anti-American past, and try to remove the MEK from the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO)”. As funny Iranians say: “Apparently, Americans are sick people and always should defend the sick bastards”. We have already written about the Rajavi cult that has different names -MEK, MKO, PMOI, NCR, NCRI, etc ! They are a bad joke. Their record includes assassinations of US military advisers and attacks on US diplomats. The MEK shares the terror list (FTO list) with Al Qaeda, and more than 99.99% of Iranians hate them, but now, the American bastards praise them without shame. And it’s ‘American Democracy’. The Monitor (CS Monitor) published an article, Iranian group’s big-money push to get off US terrorist list , on August 8, 2011. This long article is not bad. The Monitor reported: “The FBIs 2004 report found that the MEK ‘actively involved in planning and executing acts of terrorism’ … A US State Dept. report in 1994 dismissed MEK efforts to reinvent itself. Noting the MEKs ‘dedication to armed struggle’; the ‘fact that they deny or distort sections of their history, such as the use of violence’; the ‘dictatorial methods’ of their leadership; and the ‘cult-like behavior of its members,’ the State Dept. concluded that the MEKs ’29-year record of behavior does not substantiate its capability or intention to be democratic”. But now, the shameless American pigs defend and praise the terrorists and call it “American Democracy” !


The Monitor added: “The more recent 2009 RAND study came to similar conclusions. It speaks of the MEK’s ‘long history of deception,’ and how it has become ‘increasingly adept at crafting … its image as a democratic organization … The MEK was [and still is] the only Iranian group that assassinated Americans. One MEK song from the time revels in anti-US sentiment: ‘Leave American, your blood is [already spilling] on the ground’ … The MEK has claimed responsibility for killing thousands of Iranians it called ‘agents of the regime'”. But now, the American pigs, including Newt Gingrich, praise and support the MEK. As witty Iranians say: “Apparently, to US officials in Washington, the terrorists are freedom fighters, Hypocrisy is Democracy, and the terrorists and the monarchists are democratic forces [!] In the near future, Americans will praise Al Qaeda, Hitler, and Bin Laden. They would call Bin Laden ‘a martyr and a freedom fighter’. It’s the American Democracy”. The Monitor showed how some US officials get money from MEK and try to support them: “A roster of influential former US officials is speaking at rallies in support of removing the MEK, a group with a violent anti-American history, from the US terrorist list … Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, hailed Rajavi in Berlin last March … He said: ‘Rajavi does not sound like a terrorist to me; We should be recognizing her as the president of Iran [!!!]’ … Howard Dean confirmed to the Monitor that he received payment for his appearances [!!] … Former US officials taking part in MEK-linked events told the Monitor or confirmed publicly that they received substantial fees. The State Dept. official, who is familiar with the speech contracts, explains the mechanism: ‘Your speech agent calls, and says you get $20,000 to speak for 20 minutes. They will send a private jet, you get $25,000 more when you are done, and they will send a team to brief you on what to say [!!]“. It’s very funny and informative. “The Americans, including the former USA government officials get about $50,000, and then support the terrorists openly and shamelessly. If you pay them $100,000 or $1 million, they would support and praise Bin Laden, Hitler and any other human monsters. It’s the American Democracy”, the funny Iranians say. Some ask: “Where did that cash come from?” The Monitor reported: “The sources of funding for the campaign to rehabilitate the MEK are not clear, even to US officials [!!] … Besides the string of well-attended events at prestigious American hotels and locations, and in Paris, Brussels, and Berlin, the campaign has included full-page advertisements in The New York Times and Washington Post – which can cost $175,000 apiece – that demand delisting the MEK. Several conferences have been sponsored by ExecutiveAction, LLC, whose CEO Neil Livingstone has long been active with MEK issues. His company has produced lengthy reports rebutting official US positions on the MEK“. As some Iranians say: “The CIA, the US government, Saddam, European countries, the Arabs, and even the Mullah Gestapo have supported the MEK financially”. You can’t be sure about these secret things, but the Monitor’s report and other good reports can show us part of the truth. The Monitor added: “[The terrorist group] hired the powerful Washington law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld to lobby on its behalf to remove the MEK from the terrorism list … But the State Dept. has described how the MEK ‘has formed associated groups with benign names’ to raise cash and sympathy … According to Ken Pollack, a former CIA analyst and National Security Council director for Gulf affairs, in his book The Persian Puzzle, Saddam armed them, paid them, and sent them on missions into Iran during the Iran-Iraq War”. The world should know the true face of the West and the stupid lefts. The MEK and the Rajavi cult were Marxists and loved Noam Chomsky and other stupid lefts and their anti-Imperialist bullshits. The Monitor added: “MEK was formed in the 1960s with an anti-US, Marxist-Islamist ideology. They assassinated US military advisers and Iranians in the 1970s. They supported the Islamic revolution and then the seizure of the American Embassy in 1979, and tried to block any deal with what it then called ‘the US, this satanic force threatening the world … the main adversary’ … US government documents frequently use the term ‘cult-like’ when describing the MEK, and describe ‘years of ideological training’ for members akin to ‘brainwashing'”. But now, the American pigs support the MEK. As the media reported: “About 55 [American pigs], including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Democratic Party Chairman Gov. Ed Rendell, former US Ambassador to UN Gov. Bill Richardson, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and former Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley were among [the American pigs] who praised the MEK and addressed their current event”. And it’s ‘American Democracy’ that is “American Hypocrisy’, and Iranians knew it since 1953.


As Iranians say: “More than 99.99% of Iranians hate the MEK (Mujaheds). More than 99% of Iranians hate the Monarchists. And more than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullahs and Islamists, but the US and the West only support the disgusting MMM (Mullahs, Mujaheds, and Monarchists), and show us the true meaning of American Democracy”. It’s really shameful. As the media reported, ” the American pig (Newt Gingrich), who is former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, spoke before supporters of the Rajavists (Mujahes) in Paris on Sunday, June 24, 2012. He said: ‘You, the Mujaheds, your cult and your leadership, Rajavi, have the capacity to bring about change in Iran and to establish democracy in that country [!!!]'” The funny Iranians say: “Oh, Yah. Rajavi and Pahlavi have the capacity to to establish democracy in Iran, as Bin Laden and Hitler have the capacity to to establish democracy in the US ! Oh, compared to the American pigs and some one Gingrich, Bin Laden and Hitler seem like Plato and Aristotle“. In fact, when you know or read about the Rajavi Cult or “The secrets of Camp Ashraf” (check Archive), you can understand the true meaning of American Democracy better. It’s really shameful that the American pigs disgrace and discredit the concept of Democracy or Freedom, that is a universal concept, not a Western or American concept. As some say: “The Western version of ‘Freedom and Democracy’ is what we saw it in the past 300 years. It was savagery, slavery, colonialism, racism, massacre, KKK, Fascism, Nazism, Holocaust, the law of the jungle, etc, that just remind you of the Gladiatorial Savagery and Barbarism in the ancient Europe”. It’s so obvious that “Freedom and Democracy” is not a Western concept, as “Human rights” is not a Persian concept. The human values are universal values. They are part of human legacies, and don’t belong to any country. The great men and wise humans, from the wise Persians to the wise Westerners, only cared about the truth and the human values, not about a special race or a special tribe. Today’s American pigs or European monkeys, i.e. the bad guys in the West, are not like those great men and those wise Europeans and Americans, that all humans are proud of them. Newton, Einstein, Darwin, Popper, Godel, and other great men only cared about the truth, and don’t belong to one nation or one country. Today’s American pigs, European monkeys, or Iranian baboons can show us that wisdom and foolishness are not racial issues. It’s so obvious that each nation has its own good guys and bad guys. But the American media and the American pigs tell big shameful lies and deceive the naive people. It’s so obvious that when the American pigs praise Mujaheds, Monarchists and their ‘Convention for Democracy in Iran’ !!, it just reminds Iranians of Mullahs, and also of Bin Laden, Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi and their ‘Convention for Democracy’ ! Iranians say: “You only can laugh at the American pigs and their IQs. They even don’t try to find a face-saving tactic. They openly and shamelessly praise the anti-democracy forces, specially Monarchists and Mujaheds, and show Iranians and all wise people that the US only cares about terrorists, fascists, and worthless mercenaries. They clearly show Iranians that the US and the West only can support a dictatorship and a fascist regime in Iran. Today’s USA is really disappointing. The stupid monkey (Obama), the stupid donkey (Chomsky), the stupid pigs (Gingrich, Romney, etc) and other idiots have converted the US into a jungle of idiots. In the 2012 election, the Americans should choose between a stupid monkey (Obama) and a stupid Mormon (Romney). Today’s Americans are the Sheeple and the sheep nation or what?! Romney and American Chauvinism, Obama and American Hypocrisy, Gingrich and American Democracy, Chomsky and American Foolishness, Oh, No, the US and the West are turning a neo-fascist B-movie into reality“. And the people media add: “Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Bush, and Obama are symbols of American Democracy. Gingrich is rumored to have slept or had ‘sex’ with a number of female interns on his campaign trail. And then cheats on his second wife and marries his secretary (26 years his junior). He was apparently cheating on his second wife, while he led the congressional campaign to impeach Bill Clinton for adultery [!]. He is full of shit and full of himself. Newt Gingrich is the speaker of the US Parliament that have been found guilty of 80 – yes eighty – ethics violations, including taking cash from lobbyists”. Of course, all Westerners and their media are not stupid. Some of them truly say: “The Iranian people and their Green Movement steadfastly reject the MEK and the Monarchists as anti-democratic and violent forces. The MEK and the Monarchists are exactly what the Mullah regime needs to legitimate itself“. But many don’t say how the Western media care about the anti-democratic forces. Recently, the German media and the Dutch media follow the American media and the British media like sheep, and it’s very funny and meaningful. Recently, FOCUS Online (, Deutsche Welle, and other stupid Dutch media had interviews with Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), and he called himself “the legal king of Iran” ! He clearly confessed that the Arab pigs and the Arab dictators in Saudi Arabia and Qatar support him ! It’s very funny, because most of Iranian Monarchists are racist and chauvinist, and clearly say: “We are anti-Arab” ! As Iranians say: “You only can laugh at the American pigs and their IQs, because they desperately try to support the Iranian Monarchists and the Iranian terrorists, that not only are reactionary forces, but more than 99% of Iranians hate them”.


The people media report: “When Gingrich and other American pigs make love with Rajavi, the leader in hiding of the cult terrorist group and ‘the self-declared president of Iran!, the German pigs and the Dutch media help the American monkeys and the British bastards, and make love with Pahlavi, the self-declared king of Iran. Focus Online, that apparently is a well-known German weekly magazine, published an interview with Reza Pahlavi on June 7, 2012. Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) thought Iranians don’t know German language, and he can remove the mask from his face during the interview. But a Persian translation was published soon. And then Iranians, even the stupid Iranian expats, started to spit on Reza Pofyooz. They wrote about ‘When Reza Pahlavi lies’ and talked about ‘when Reza Pahlavi let his guard down and expressed his true self, which was hidden behind the mask of freedom and democracy’. In fact, even the stupid Iranian expats could see the true face of Reza Pofyooz. Of course, the Iranians inside Iran don’t give a shit about Reza Pofyooz and his bullshit”. It’s really true, the Iranians inside Iran hate both today’s Iranian opposition and today’s Iran regime. The people media add: “The German pigs disgrace themselves and Germany. They kissed Reza Pofyooz’s ass, and Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) called himself the legal king of Iran ! He also praised the policy towards Iran of the despots of Saudi Arabi, Qatar, and other Arab states, and placed himself importantly next to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela ! But when even the stupid Iranian expats spat on him, he claimed: ‘Focus Online tells lie. They changed my words’ !! Of course, he daren’t repeat his claim in German or English language, because it’s a big lie. But some Iranians contacted Focus Online to ask about their view of his claim. They were told that, first, Focus Online has not received any request from Reza Pofyooz and his office, and second, that the interview was recorded and that the record is at their disposal. In fact, the sole purpose of the Pahlavi’s statement was to deceive Iranians. But the Western idiots don’t know that Iranians know the dictators and the psychology of dictators and power-seeking idiots better than other nations. Now, even the stupid Iranian expats say: The Iranian Monarchists often resort to such lies and deceit, and it’s the norm rather than an exception. And some of them add: ‘such a low and contemptible political act, which clearly reveals the backwardness and the foolishness of Reza Pahlavi. It revealed his empty, raw and childlike mind, which is at the same time is filled with foolishness and meaningless arrogance‘. Now, even the stupid Iranian expats know Reza Pofyooza and hate him”. For the record, lets take a look at what Reza Pofyooz told Focus Online. The people media report: “Reza Pahlavi said I wish one day to wear the crown of Iran. For me it would be the best thing ever [!] I’m a legal king. The ceremony took place on my 20th Birthday [after the 1979 referendum; when the majority of Iranians said no to the Monarchy system and his father regime, and when both King and the Monarchy were illegal and illegitimate]. I had reached that age I have to become king, according to our [own] Constitution [!!] However, the Iranian parliament had to take my oath of office [, but we ignored these legal procedures and I became a self-declared king !!] Now, I’m the legal King of Iran [!!] Now, Iranians [i.e. only my family and friends] know me as ‘crown prince’ [!]. I’m a man who fights for the freedom of Iran [!!] Iran needs the Monarch system, and the figure of the monarch is important [!!]. [Mousavi and Karoub hate me, but]I am in contact with Mousavi and Karoubi [!!]. Although I have not personally phoned Mousavi. But there are networks, through which we communicate [!!!]. [In order to justify my father’s dictatorial rule, I should say that], Iranian did not deserve democracy. Many of the former revolutionaries come to me and say, ‘Your father had to arrest and execute us [!!!]’ I’m Mahatma Gandhi of Iran [!!] [I’m also an anti-Arab, but] the Arabs and my Arab brothers in Saudi, UAE, Qatar, etc aid me in toppling the Mullah regime [!] If the West invades Iran [in the name of nuclear issue], many Iranians would fight on even the side of foreign invaders [!!!]. I want to create the National Council. Then comes the transition phase in which [I as the legal king ] will have a transitional government [!!]. Reza Pahlavi tells many big lies, and should be sued, but no ones care about him, because he is a very stupid joker. Mousavi and Karoubi, like almost all other Iranians inside Iran, clearly and repeatedly declared that they hate Reza Pahlavi, Rejavi, the Iranian Monarchists and the Iranian terrorists, who are stupid and small anti-democracy groups”. Iranians inside Iran, including us, don’t give a shit about Reza Pofyooz, Rajavi, Monarchists, and terrorists. “If they want to return to Iran, the Guillotines are ready to entertain them”, Iranians say. But these bastards can show us the true meaning of “American Democracy”. And their Western supporters and the Iranian traitors that get money and help them in the name of freedom and democracy, are the main problems of today’s Iran, and we should write more about them later.

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