Canadian Bastards, Mullahs, and Canadian Farce

“This July, Mullahs and Basiji Students in Canada want to have a summit at the large and well-appointed NAV Centre in Cornwall, Ontario. The Montreal Toheed Society plans the conference. This society is a network of Basiji thugs and Mullah students in Canada. The conference’s major sponsor is Iran’s Higher Education Advisory (HEA), another Mullah organization in Canada”, the people media report. Recently, the West only shows its true face (its dirty face) to Iranians. The angry Iranians say: “The Canadian bastards and Stephen Farter (Harper) create many problems for the ordinary Iranians, because the Canadian bastards in Ottawa, and their masters in Washington, only love Islamists, Mullahs, crooks, thieves, killers, rapists, and idiots. They hate the wise and normal people, who can see the truth”. In the recent days, you can hear many shameful news, and you can understand why Iranians should love the West ! The people media report: “Ten Iranian-Canadian academics have written a letter to Carleton University President to criticize the university for hosting a conference honoring Khomeini, founding dictator of the Mullah regime. The conference, titled ‘The Islamic Awakening and Imam Khomeini’s Thoughts [!!]‘. The Mullah embassy is particularly active at Carleton University in Ottawa. The Mullah Cultural association of Carleton University is led by son of a Mullah diplomat, Hamid Mohammadi. The Mullah embassy’s cultural centre regularly joins with the Carleton student group to co-sponsor events”. It’s really shameful. “Fuck you Canada; Canada has become the land of Mullah killers and Mullah crooks. Fuck you Canada; Canada has become the land of Mullahs, Islamists, terrorists, killers, and rapists. Fuck you Canada, the land of stupid protesters, stupid faggots, and the stupid sheep. Fuck you Canada”, the angry Iranians say. It’s really shameful that the stupid Canadians should live in the free world and should make fun of ‘protest’ and protesters, but the wise Iranians should live under a medieval tyranny that the West loves it and supports it. It’s really shameful.


Recently, the people media reported: “the Mullah embassy in Canada is sponsoring a panel at York University on ‘Islam and the Challenges of Modernity [!!]’, that is a panel on ‘Islam and the Challenges of Killing and Raping the Modern Iranians with the Help of the West’ [!!!] The panel’s co-sponsors are the Thaqalayn Muslim Association, a York student group, and the Organization of Imam Reza Circle, that is another Mullah organization in Canada for Islamists, Basiji thugs and Mullah Gestapo”. The angry Iranians say: “Canada has become the home of Basiji thugs, Mullah Gestapo, Islamist killers, and Islamist crooks. The Canadian bastards in Ottawa have fucked Canada. But the stupid Canadians only make fun of themselves by their stupid protest. Canada Bill 78 is a great historical shame for Canada, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The shameful story of Mullahs and Canada is more important than Bill 78″. Some angry Iranians use satire as a tool to talk about the Canadian Farce and the Canadian foolishness. They talk about the Mullah Dictionary and the Canadian Dictionary, that are Orwellian dictionaries. They say: “The words in these dictionaries are Orwellian words. For instance, War = peace; Human rights = Nuclear issue; Human values = The law of the jungle. In the Canadian Dictionary, you can find these words: “Democracy = Bill 78; Freedom = Bill 78 + Mullahs in Canada; Protest = nudity, kiss, drug, s-e-x, fun; Let’s protest = let’s have s-e-x, let’s have fun, let’s kiss, lets do drug, let’s make a fool of ourselves, etc”. And in the Mullah Dictionary, you read: “Canada = the land of Mullahs, Islamists, Basiji brothers, Terrorist brothers, and the nude faggots and prostitutes whose brain is in their ass; Democracy = We decide for your life, and the West supports us; Freedom = you are free to do what we dictate to you, and the West aids us in silencing you; Protest = blood, murder, torture, rape; tracking and killing people with the help of the West; Let’s protest = let’s be killed; let’s be tortured;”


Only when you live in Iran, under the medieval Mullah tyranny, you can understand the depth of Iranians’ anger. When the stupid West impose stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but make love with the Mullah killers and the Mullah crooks, and when the stupid West aided the Mullahs in silencing the wise anti-Islamist Iranians, but helped the stupid Islamist Egyptians and created the current stupid Farce in Egypt, it’s so obvious that Iranians should hate the West and should spit on the stupid West. Now, we only hear the voice of bad guys in the West. I don’t know why the good guys are silent or invisible, and why the Iranians should only see the dirty face of the bad guys in the West. It’s really disappointing, much more than the story of Iranian exapts, who are the dumbest and the most disgusting creatures in the world. The Iranian expats that live in the West and are master at kissing ass and eating extra shit, are really disgusting creatures. As we said before, the West only allows the sheep and the stupid bastards to leave the big prison (Iran), and that’s why most of the Iranian expats are worse than pigs, and the number of wise Iranian expats is so small. Do you know how the Iranian expats protest, for instance about the Canadian bastards’ love affair with the Mullahs? Only a very small group talk or write about this issue, and others say: “The Mullahs and Basiji thugs upset the Iranian expats [who are stupid and coward]. We fear that if we oppose the Mullah regime, our anti-regime activities will be reported back to Tehran endangering our families [!]”. But it’s funny to know that these stupid bastards, i.e. the spineless cowards that live in the free world, criticize Iranians inside Iran ! and say: “Why Iranians inside Iran don’t protest? Why they don’t kill themselves ?! They are coward and stupid !”. It’s what the funny Iranians call it “Goh Ziadi Khordan” (Eating extra shit). The Iranian expasts are really the most disgusting creatures in the world. In the best case, their role models are the stupid Westerners who love Chomsky and making fun of protesting.


“The Mullahs have created a sense of fear in Canada and USA [!!]”, Iranian exapts say. And when Iranians inside Iran hear such bullshits, they tell the Iranian expats: “So, instead of eating extra shit and talking nonsense about Iranians inside Iran, Close your dirty mouths and die of shame, you the stupid bastards. You, the motherf-u-c-k-ers, should kiss the balls of Iranians inside Iran, that millions of them fought against the Mullahs, and tens of thousands of them were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and the West, but you the worthless pigs betrayed them”. Unfortunately, many of Iranian expats get money and betray Iranians inside Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian expats, that live in the free world, should help the Iranians inside Iran, but these bastards just create further problems for Iranians. Many of them are mercenaries that are paid by the West, the Mullahs, the Monarchists, etc, and betray the Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran. The Iranians inside Iran need media, but the Iranian expats and their media are like the Mullahs and the Mullah media. The West and the Mullah Gestapo love them, and even support them financially, because they betray Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran”. More than 4 millions of Iranian expats live in the West, and if they were wise, many things would have changed, but the vast majority of them are so stupid. The reason is obvious. As the wise Iranians say: “When you want to get visa from the Western countries, you should not protest against their shameful behaviors, and should not ask any question. Otherwise, you can get visa. They love the charlatan and the sheep, and hate the wise people. And that’s why the majority of the Iranian expats are the Iranian baboons and the idiots”. As we said before, if Iranians inside Iran were like the Iranian expats, we would tell you and Iran can’t be a free and modern country within the next 300 years ! But Iranians inside Iran are at least as modern as their western counterparts. They clearly proved it in the past three years. Compared to the stupid Canadian protesters, the Iranian protesters seemed like Albert Einstein.


In these days, everybody can understand why Iranians inside Iran should hate the West and the Iranian expats. “The West has clearly closed its dirty eyes to the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran. They just talk about the nuclear issue and a good deal with the savage Mullahs. They have no shame, and have forgotten their empty words about the freedom, democracy, and human rights. In these conditions, Iranians only can spit on the West. Now, Iranians can see that the West just wants to keep Iran backward”, the wise Iranians say. The Western betrayals in the past three years, and sowing the seeds of hate in the Iranian hearts, were strategic mistakes, but apparently, the stupid West loves betrayal and telling big lies, and doesn’t think about its harmful effects. Recently, the people media reported: “Canadian Sun News reported: The ‘Iranian’ school kids taking Persian classes and study from ‘Iranian’ text books depicting Jews as ‘sons of apes’ [!] The Canadian bastards deliberately use ‘Iranian’, not Mullah. The Canadian bastards know that ‘the Islamist school kids in Canada’ is right, not the ‘Iranian’ school kids. Only the Mullah text books in Canada (not in Iran) can depict Jews as ‘sons of apes’, because Canada loves killers, rapists, hatred, and war. Many Mullahs, Basiji thugs, Islamists and other religious fanatics live in Canada. The Canadian bastards love them, but impose sanctions on the wise Iranians, because if the wise Iranians were in Canada, they don’t allow both the Mullahs and the Canadian bastards to eat extra shit”. If you want to know why the Canadian bastards love the Mullah killers and Basiji thugs, the wise Iranians can show you the answer. They say: ‘Recently, CTV news network reported that the police found slogans reading: ‘Islam will rule’ and swastikas [!!] drawn on the walls of the synagogue. The Canadian bastards want to create hatred and war, and if the wise Iranians live there, not the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, Canada and the world could see the true face of Iran and Iranians, and it’s what the Canadian bastards and their American masters don’t like it”.


Recently, a reader, Nathan, wrote us [about the Canadian Farce]: “Unfortunately, this is how the young left is in North America. Believe it or not, people like this are looked on upon just as harshly in North America as they are in Iran. Don’t let some stupid journalist trying to create controversy fool you”. Fortunately, many Iranians (inside Iran) know the true face of the West, from the Western media and the Western intellectuals to the Western lefts and the Western rights. The current Canadian Farce is very important and meaningful, but it’s funny to know that only the Iranians inside Iran write or talk about this issue, and the Iranian expats and the Iranian baboons have closed their mouths and censor the news. It’s very funny and important. Now, the funny Iranians say: “Everything in Canada is joke. The Iranian expats in Canada are joke, and the Canadian bastards who try to introduce the Mullah killers and the Islamist crooks as Iranians are joke. But the funnier joke is the Canadian protesters. In Canada, Bill C-309 criminalizes the wearing of masks and/or covering of faces at a protest. And Bill 78 criminalizes all protests, but the stupid protesters only love nudity. They wear nothing but their underwear, a small lacy underwear, and try to have fun. Who cares about serious issues in Canada. Who cares about the Mullahs in Canada, or for instance, about ‘pulling out of the Kyoto climate treaty’. Canada was committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 6% by 2012, compared to its 1990 levels. But its actual emissions have risen by over 30%. It’s a progress of the Canadian kind. Their Good Protesters just live like sheep; their brain is in their ass, and they only care about sex, drug, or violence”.


Stephen Farter (Harper) and the Canadian bastards have f-u-c-ked Canada, but you can’t see any serious protest against them in Canada. The funny Iranians say: “In the Canadian dictionary, you can find these word: Politicians = crooks and thieves who always insult people’s intelligence and treat people like sheep; People = those who live like sheep and just care about s-e-x and violence; Sanction = making love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers, and creating problems for the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs; Good Immigrants = Mullahs, Islamists, crooks, thieves, the good sheep, and those who don’t ask serious questions and don’t protest against our shameful behaviors”. The funny Iranians also add: “In a secret dictionary that Canadians and Americans have published about Iran, you can find these words: Politicians = Mullahs and Islamists who are master at killing, torturing, looting, kissing ass, telling big lies, etc; we love them; People = The anti-Mullah Iranians that we should aid the Mullahs in silencing them; Reza Pahlavi = a little dictator that the Iranian people hate him, but we and our Mullah friends love them as much as we love the Basiji thugs; Good Opposition = Pahlavists, Khatamists, Rajavists, Monarchists, Islamists and other idiots that 99% of Iranians hate them. We and the Mullah Gestapo strongly support them and their media, including, financially and politically. We and our Mullah friends should support them in our media, including the BBC, the VOA, etc; Chomsky = a lovely shit that supports the Mullahs and other dictators in the name of intellectualism”. In these days, when the Internet speed and the internet censorship, and many other things, are so horrible in Iran, news about the Western hypocrisy, the Western foolishness, or the Western betrayals can make you laugh. And almost all Iranians inside Iran try to express their love and their thanks to the West ! I hope the good people can open their minds and can see the main problems of this shitty world.

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