Euro 2012 and Femen Group

In the recent weeks, Femen Group try to protest against some problems in their own country, Ukraine, and also in Poland, that are hosts of Euro 2012. Femen Group uses nudity as a tactic, but they are not like those Canadians who just want to have fun, in the name of protesting. Femen’s activists clearly say that many people in Ukraine and Eastern Europe are ignorant or stupid, and they are forced to use nudity to attract attention to their protests. “This is the only way to be heard here”, they say. As the Right groups say, Ukraine and the former soviet country are a major human trafficking source and transit hub. “Ukraine has many beautiful girls, and many problems, and has become Europe’s brothel”, some say. The media reported: “In Ukraine, more than 100,000 women are involved in the s-e-x business. Ukraine also has the highest incidence of people with the s-e-xually-transmitted virus in Europe “. What Femen Group’s activists do is a kind of ‘protest’, and is understandable. They are not like the stupid Canadian protesters that just want to have fun, and their mass protest against a serious problem is just an excuse for nudity and having fun. “Femen Group has also campaigned against sexual harassment of students in universities and railed against international beauty contests such as the Miss Universe competition”, the media reported. “Femen Group is a small group in a large society that the majority is ignorant and can’t see many serious problems. They are forced to use nudity to attract attention to their protests”, the pro-Femen guys say, and it’s hard to say it’s wrong.


The story of s-e-x and prostitution in Europe, and also in the US and Canada, is tragicomic. “In Poland prostitution is tolerated, but procuring is illegal. In Ukraine both are outlawed [!] But Ukraine is Europe’s brothel, because soliciting sexual workers is legal, and many bribe the police. Providing sexual services constitutes a misdemeanor in Ukraine punishable by fines of about $20 [!], but in practice prostitutes have to buy police protection with money and sex“, the media reported. Europe has many funny paradoxes. Even in the UK, prostitution and brothel is illegal, and it’s what many Iranians can’t believe it. The European people, including Britons, have funny views about prostitution and brothel (that we would write more about it later). As the wise guys say: “Europe suffers from many serious problems, including many old and global problems. Today’s Iranians and their views about many things, including s-e-x and prostitution, are more modern than their European counterparts. When you see many horny and stupid boys in Europe, and also many stupid hooligans and idiots who just care about s-e-x, beer, and violence, you can understand that the Iranian baboons, who live in the the West and call themselves ‘intellectual’ or ‘journalist’, are worthless pigs that tell big shameful lies about today’s world and today’s Iranians. They pretend that all Europeans are intellectuals, and say: Iranians can’t have democracy, because all Iranians are not intellectuals [!!]”. The Iranian baboons always tell stupid jokes.


“An activist of Ukrainian womens movement FEMEN wearing a p-e-n-is costume stands in position on a flower bed in the form of EURO 2012 mascots Slavek and Slavko in Independence Square in Kiev on May 31, 2012”, the media reported. Femen’s message is clear, they say: “Today we and football fans must be aware of Ukraines social problems and the fact that Ukraine has become a brothel“, but it’s funny to know that the mass media try to distort the facts. They reported: “The Femen protest was held to oppose the Euro 2012, and staging of the Euro 2012 football championships in the Ukraine”. The Femen activists have clearly said: We want to make sure they get the message Ukrainian women are not their sex objects and Ukraine not their brothel. We know what men are like -they want a beer, to watch football and then their mind turns to s-e-x”. Ukraine suffers from a big tragicomedy. In Ukraine, both prostitution and procuring are illegal, but as the media reports: “S-e-x tourism in Ukraine has sky-rocketed in recent years with seven new lap dance clubs opening in Kiev alone ahead of the Euro 2012 due to start on 8th June. Experts estimate 30% of Kievs prostitutes are HIV positive. More than 40% of Ukrainian s-e-x workers do not use condoms regularly, and 25% of them are also drug users. The fan who has intercourse without a condom is playing Russian roulette, well, Ukrainian roulette in this case”.


Ukraine’s Femen activists say: ‘Today Ukraine has turned into a huge brothel, Europe’s center for s-e-x. Ukraine has a booming prostitution industry. Ukraines social problems are serious, and the Euro 2012 that began in Warsaw on June 8 with the final in Kiev on July 1, can create more social problems for Ukraine and Poland. These two countries will become Euro-brothel. Fuck Euro 2012″. ‘Football and s-e-x tourism’ is a serious problem in Europe, but some European media says: “Euro 2008 hosts Austria and Switzerland also expected s-e-x tourism, but as it turned out the fans didnt have the time for it. It was either football or beer”, but other media report: “Major sporting events -such as Euro 2012 and the London Olympics- are regularly coupled with a boom in prostitution, fuelled by the trafficking of women and girls. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, national authorities noted an increase in the number of prostitutes in host cities. The 2011 South African World Cup brought a huge increase in the s-e-x trade, with the number of women and girls involved in prostitution, as well as the doubling of the number of brothels. Research in 2009 already found signs of increases in prostitution in the London boroughs hosting the 2012 Olympics”. Unfortunately, the s-e-x trade is still like the slave trade. The trafficking of women and girls is a very serious problem, and unfortunately. the gangs and organized criminals, not normal people, are behind the s-e-x trade.


“The football hooligans in Europe, specially in Britain, can show us that many Europeans are so stupid. They live like animals, and just care about ‘football, beer, s-e-x, and violence’. They are stupider than Iranians, even Iranian football hooligans. What the Iranian faggots (the Iranian baboons) tell about Europe and Europeans is really bullshit”, some Iranians say. In these days, when you hear about the hostility between, for example, Germany and Netherlands, the two Dutch countries, and how their people hate each others, it just reminds you that Europe still has many serious problems. These stupid problems that are tribal problems, can show us that “European Tribalism” is still a serious problem, and “European Modernization” is still incomplete. Tribal fights and Tribalism in Europe is a very serious problem, and you can see it in Britain, Spain, Switzerland etc, and that’s why the wise Iranians say: “today’s Iranians at least are as modern as their European counterparts”. The younger generations of Iranians don’t care about tribal fights and tribalism. Many of them are not even nationalist, and just care about the whole world, while many young Europeans are racist and chauvinist. Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, is just the tip of the iceberg. The football hooligans, the anti-immigrants, the fascists, and those who follow the fashion world, Lady Gaga, Noam Chomsky, and other stupid jerks like sheep, and those who live like animals and just care about s-e-x, drug, and violence, can show you that many Europeans are really stupid, more than many Iranians. The stupid Iranian exapts and the Iranian
pseudo-intellectuals, that the West loves them, are stupid ass-lickers that know nothing about both the West and Iran”.


Femen group says that Ukraine has become Europe’s brothel, but the story of young prostitutes in Ukraine is a global story. The media reported: “Yulia, a 20-year-old call girl, is awaiting Euro 2012 with a mix of excitement and dread. She’s upped her rates in the hope of earning enough to go to college next year [!], but ‘every girl is afraid,’ she admits. ‘Anything can happen’. Yulia came to Kiev to escape poverty in her provincial hometown in southern Ukraine where both of her parents are unemployed. With no college education, few skills, no jobs around and a family to support, she became a prostitute at 18. She now earns about $1,200 per month -averaging about 2-3 clients a day- at hotels, apartments and in cars. For many that’s an enviable income compared with the national monthly average of $400. But the money has a price. Once, she recalled, she came to a Kiev flat, expecting one client, but instead found two who violently raped her. Many people in Ukraine consider women who have engaged in sex work to be ‘permanently tainted’. Yulia admits to harboring faint hopes that one of her clients may fall in love with her and take her away from Ukraine, similar to what happened to Julia Roberts’ heroine [!!] in ‘Pretty Woman’ a movie she loves“. It’s really tragic. Unfortunately, many prostitutes live in the fantasy world of ‘Pretty Woman’, that was not a bad film, but its heroine’s fate was very very rare. I can recommend “ Lilya 4 Ever (2002) “, a movie that you can call it ‘Pretty Woman and the real world’, to the Eastern Europe’s girls.


“The image of Ukraine is a top destination for s-e-x tourists and men shopping for mail-order brides. Ukraine with its cheap beautiful girls has become a large brothel. Ukraine President [, that plays the rule of pimp,] last year invited foreign investors to Ukraine to observe ‘how women begin to take their clothes off when it gets warm in Ukrainian cities [!!]’ “, the media reported. Some say: “We traveled around Ukraine and run into many men who were basically there for prostitutes or ‘Ukrainian brides’. Many were mentally ill Western men”. The story of s-e-x and prostitution in Ukraine is tragicomic, but in the West is comic, because it’s full of funny paradoxes and contradictions. Many European are fanatic and live with ridiculous double standards, and it’s funny to know that many Iranians are more liberal and open-minded than their European counterparts. The wise people in Iran and other parts of the world know that prostitution should be legal, but they also know that there are many serious issues surrounding this topic. They say: “Zero tolerance for human trafficking and those who use drugs and other dirty tricks to keep people on the game against their will. We all should know what is crime and what is fun”. It’s so obvious that s-e-x and prostitution are two different things, and in each society, the number of prostitutes is like a ‘meter’ that can show you the social problems and the human development in that society. Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe, and many other countries is worse than Iran, and the situation in the US and Europe is not really better than Iran, and it’s one of the miracles of today’s Iranians, who live under a medieval religious tyranny that the West and the Western puppets have imposed it on them, but they are not stupider than the Westerners and the people who live in the free world.

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