Mullah Corruption, The Lefts, and The West

In the third anniversary of the 2009 coup and the Iranian anti-Mullah movement, Iranians are thinking, talking, or writing about the regime of crooks, thieves, killers and rapists, i.e. the Mullah regime, and its western supporters, specially the US and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). Now, many Iranians know how the West, including the Western politicians and the Western intellectuals, betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. Now, many Iranians say: “In the past three years, the West clearly proved: ‘The West and the US are the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran‘. When the US and the West sold tools of suppression and surveillance (Orwellian technology) to the Mullahs and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and when they made love with the Mullahs but imposed sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, they just proved that the West is friend of Mullahs, and enemy of modern Iranians, i.e. more than 90% of Iranians that hated Mullahs and Islamists”. And almost all Iranians add: “The West and Mullahs are old friends. What the West said about freedom, democracy, or human rights was bullshit. Their stupid sanctions and their phony war with the Mullahs just have one goal: ‘Destroying Iran’. We were naive and thought the West is our friend. But the West is our enemy, not our friend“. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry at the West. When Mullah crooks, Mullah terrorists, and Mullah killers can go and live in Canada, the US, and Europe, and when the West is making love with them, while the ordinary Iranians suffer from the Western sanctions, Iranians only can spit on the West. Now, many Iranians are thinking or talking about the whys, not the how. They are thinking, talking, or writing about the roots of problems. For instance, some talk about the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the IMF’s plans for Iran. We have already written about the IMF’s love affair with the Mullahs. Iranians say: “The IMF is a Mullah-lover, and in the past seven years, they have praised the Mullahs a lot, because the Mullahs implement the IMF’s plans, and destroy Iran’s economy. But why the IMF, that the lefts know it as the best tool of US Imperialism, loves and praises the Mullahs and the widespread Mullah corruption and Mullah savagery? And why the Western lefts have closed their dirty eyes?” It’s a good question. They also add: “The Mullahs implemented the IMF’s plans, including Subsidies Cut Plan, and f-u-c-ked Iran’s economy more than before, and created a horrible crisis and inflation, but the stupid lefts and their spiritual leader, Noam Chomsky, are blind or have closed their dirty eyes. Of course, many Iranians are not blind, like the stupid donkey (Chomsky), and can see how the West supported the Mullahs in the past three years”.Now, many Iranians are thinking or talking about the root of problems, and it’s a result of Western betrayals and the West’s refusal to apologize to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement. For instance, Iranians say: “The Mullahs are the most corrupt people in the world. Recently, even the Mullah media confess that Mr. shit and his cabinet are badly corrupted. Their media reported that Mr shit (Ahmadinejad) and his close friends, including Mr. shit’s VPs, Rahimi and Mashaei, have embezzled more than $48 billion. In a show trial for Fatemi Mafia or Bimeh Embezzlement, Jaber Abdali confessed that he has bribed Mr. shit’s son and Mr. shit close friends, including Bahonar and Daneshjo, with the help of Mr. shit’s VP. Abdali and Ramihi stole billions of dollars from a public insurance company and gave millions of dollars to almost all Mullah MPs. On the other hand, the Mullahs confessed that Mr. shit’s close friends, including Mashaei, Khavari and Khosravi have stolen more than $3 billion from Iranian banks. But why both the Western lefts and the Western politicians supported the Mullah crooks and their military coup in 2009?”. And the wise Iranians answer: “The stupid lefts and Chomsky defended the Mullahs and betrayed Iranians, because it’s their mission. They not only don’t care about the freedom and democracy, but even what they say about corruption or imperialism is bullshit. They are aware of the IMF’s plans and the Mullah corruption, and this fact that the Mullahs and the IMF have destroyed Iran’s economy and have caused extensive inflation, but they still support the Mullahs. It’s too naive to think that Chomsky and other stupid lefts are not intellectual mercenaries. When you take a look at what happened in the past three years, specially the role of the stupid lefts, you can see that there is only two options: (1)Chomsky and the stupid lefts are blind and have the lowest IQs (an IQ of 50-) (2) Chomsky and the stupid lefts are intellectual mercenaries. Those who support the corrupt Mullahs and the Mullah tyranny, just help the Western politicians. Obama sold secret weapons (Orwellian technology) to the Mullahs and aided them in killing and torturing Iranians, because the West still wants to keep Iran backward and doesn’t wants to allow the young and modern Iranians to live in a free and strong country. The Iranian dictators suppress and silence the young and modern Iranians, and that’s why the West always supported, and still supports, the Iranian dictators, form the Mullahs to the stupid Pahlavi“.


“The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. The Mullahs and the Islamists are the most corrupt people on Earth, and the greatest systematic corruption and the greatest record for embezzlement and financial corruption belong to the Mullah regime. The Mullahs and Islamists have broken all records for corruption in Iran’s history“, many Iranians truly say. In the recent days, the media reported: “a steep increase in the price of bread has shocked many Iranians. This is the third time in about one year that the price of bread has gone up significantly. The price of bread has already increased more than 400%, when the Mullahs implemented IMF’s plan in 2010- 2011. Iran’s inflation rate rises to more than 50% percent. ‘Everything has doubled in price. Our friends live in USA, and its cheaper to go shopping there’, an Iranian says”. The horrible inflation rate is a result of the Mullah corruption and the Mullah mismanagement. The wise Iranians say: “The Western sanctions are not as harmful as the Mullah corruption and mismanagement, and the West knows it well. The Mullahs implement the IMF’s plans, and the IMF and the West praise the Mullahs and their systematic corruption and mismanagement, that have destroyed Iran and Iran’s economy. In 2012, the shameless Mullahs talk about ‘national productions’ and say: ‘interest rate should be related to inflation rate’, but in the past 7 years, i.e. in Mr. shit’s era, the Mullahs not only destroyed ‘national productions’, that caused horrible inflation and unemployment, but the Mullahs always defended the interest rate of about 5%, while the inflation rate was about %40 !, and it created the greatest embezzlements in Iran’s history. But who defended the Mullahs and their systematic corruption? the IMF and the West”. In the recent weeks, Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi’s show trial was so funny. The people media reported: “Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi, who became Mr. shit’s close friend and created the greatest Embezzlement in Iran’s history, was poor and had nothing. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi is a thirty-something Basiji thug. His lawyer introduced him as ‘a member of a Basiji family’. In 2006 (in Mr. shit’s era), Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi that lived in Gilan as a poor Basiji thug, could get a loan of $50,000, because he was a Basiji and had contacts with Mr. shit. He not only didn’t repay the loan, but he learned how you can become a billionaire in the corrupt Mullah system. Within just two years, he got more loans for his paper companies (fake companies), didn’t repay them, and became a billionaire. Amir-Khosravi that had become a close friend of Mr. shit, learned the golden rule of how you can steal the people money in the Mullah system: Just kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and bribe the high rank Mullahs and members of Mullah Gestapo. In the pre-2009 era, Mah-Afarid embezzled about $200 million, but in the post-2009 era, he could embezzle more than $2,800 million. He had bribed all Mullahs, and he thought he has become a high-rank crook and the Mullahs don’t arrest him. But he didn’t know that many Mullahs and Islamists had stolen more than $3 billion, and he was just a little and low rank crook in the Mullah system. The Mullahs sacrificed him easily. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi was arrested, but his close friends and his managers are free, like Mafia movies. Of course, his brother, his family, and some of his friends, including Khavari, have fled to Canada, and live there in luxury and spend the stolen money there without any problem !” The wise guys add: “Those who defend the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers, know that the West needs enemy, specially fake enemy, and which fake enemy can be better than the corrupt dictators, including the Mullahs, Assad, or Chavez, who destroy their countries, suck their people’s blood, and serve the West’s interests directly or indirectly”.


“Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi was a poor Basiji thug. He was born in the first years of the 1970s in a poor Islamist family. He could steal about $3 billion from Iran’s banks. It’s the greatest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but Khosravi isn’t a high rank Mullah crook. In his show trial, one of his fellow crooks said: “Khosravi was a thirty-something boy, and in this country they don’t allow a little boy to control and manage an industry. They used him, and he was just a piece of a large dirty game. Mr. Khosravi, you should talk about them, the main criminals, who used you. Say who helped you, and say who helped Khavari to flee to Canada. Say and save us”. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi and his show trial just remind you of Mafia movies. As the people media reported: ‘In his show trial, Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi said: ‘The high rank Mullahs supported me, and if they remain silent and don’t defend me now, I will talk about them in the next session. I can provide many evidence against them‘. The Mullah judge: ‘There is no next session. It’s your first and last session‘. Khosravi: ‘You can’t wait one week, and you should finish all things in just one session ?! Isn’t it an excuse to cover up the main criminals ?’ The Mullah judge: ‘No, it’s your propaganda. You relation with the high rank Mullahs is not important for us [!!]. It’s your first and last session; Talk about your own crimes; you will not have any extra time [!!]'”. It’s really like a Mafia Movie or a Spy movie, when the managers and the boss try to silence a low rank agent. As we said before, and as many Iranians say, Khosravi was just a very small piece of the corrupt Mullah system. In his stupid show trial, Khosravi talked about the widespread Mullah corruption, but Iranians already knew it. The Mullahs didn’t allow him to talk about the key thieves and main crooks, but Iranians know them well. The full details of the Mullah corruption will be revealed after the Mullahs’ downfall, but as we said before, the Mullah bank accounts in the Western banks, and what all Iranians can see by their own eyes in Iran, just prove that almost all Mullahs and Islamists are crooks and thieves. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs and Islamists just break the world record for corruption. The Mullah media reports about ‘Embezzling 480,000 Billion Rials ($48 Billion) over a 6-year period’, but it’s just a small part of the tragedy. The Mullahs and their ass-kissers live in North Tehran, that is awash with Mercedes and Porsche SUVs costing as much as $500,000, after the sanction/ import tax has been paid [!] But the majority of Iranian families earn about $500 to $1000 a month, while everything, including foods and basic needs, is more expensive than the US and Canada”. We have already written about “Prices in Iran and Canada”, that is one of the Mullah miracles. “In this country, only the Mullahs and those who kiss the Mullahs’ ass can become millionaire or billionaire. They steal the people’s money and our oil money and save it in their bank accounts in the Western banks, but the Western jerks and their banks impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians !”, many Iranians say. And a new Iranian joke says: “the story of the Mullah crooks is like the story of ‘Usual Suspects’ movie. When you arrest Khosravi or other Mullah crooks, they say that their master, Keyser Shoze (KS), is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for the high rank Mullahs or the Mullah Gestapo. When you arrest the high rank Mullahs and members of Mullah Gestapo, they say that their master, KS, is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for Khamenei. And when you would arrest Khamenei, he would say that his master, KS, is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for Queen Elizabeth and Obama. And when you would arrest Queen Elizabeth and Obama, they would say that their master, KS, is the main criminal, and they just obeyed KS. But who actually is Keyser Shoze? Do you know who is Keyser Shoze? No, your guess is not a good guess. Keyser Shoze is Noam Chomsky!”. Iranians spit on the Mullahs and also on the lefts, Chomsky, and the West that defended the Mullah regime, and aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. In fact, many Iranians know ‘Usual Suspects’, and even those bastards who play the role of Keyser Shoze !


In the post-2009 era, many Iranians express their wishes and their angers by their art works, and the above picture is one of them. Of course, in a better picture you should see more Mullahs and Iranian baboons, including Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, and other stupid pigs, that the West support them financially and politically. It’s really shameful that the West supports Mullahs, Monarchists, and Iranian baboons, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran are angry at the West and spit at the West, that has become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. In the recent days, an Islamist-Reformist, Mullah Nouri, has said: “We want to keep the Islamic regime safe. We don’t want to topple it. The people still love us and the Islamic regime”. It’s a good joke. It’s so obvious that Khatami, Mullah Nouri, and other Islamist-Reformists love the regime of crooks, thieves, killers and rapists, and want to keep it safe. Islamist-Reformists and Iranian baboons don’t care about what the people want, but it’s funny to know that they live in the West, and the Western countries support them and their media financially ! It’s really shameful, and now many Iranians ask: When more than 90% of Iranians hate Mullahs, Monarchists, Islamists, and other Iranian baboons, why the West support these bastards? It’s a good question. The Islamist-Reformists, the Iranian baboons, specially the Iranian Monarchists, and their Western supporters stupidly try to pretend that Iranians only have two options: (1) Religious Dictatorship (i.e. Mullahs and Islamist-Reformists) (2) Secular Dictatorship (i.e. Monarchists and Pahlavists). These stupid bastards think Iranians inside Iran are as stupid as the Iranian expats. We have already written about Iran’s population and how the Iranian society has changed fundamentally (check Archive). When today’s Iranians, that at least are as modern as their Western counterparts, see these funny Western options for Iran, they only laugh at the stupid West and its Iranian mercenaries, that their IQ is less than a dead rat’s IQ! In these conditions, Iranians only can hate the West, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran just shit and spit on the Iranian baboons and their Western supporters. Fortunately, the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals are not as stupid as the older generations. They know the world, the old excuses and the old dirty tricks. They are not mercenary and don’t sell their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar, and that’s why the Western bastards censor them and ignore them. They are creating a new discourse on many things in Iran, and as the wise guys say: “If they can leave the big prison (Iran), they can change many things, and that’s why the West doesn’t allow them to leave the big prison. And in their absence, the Iranian baboons and their media, including the cesspool of, try to distort the facts, and discourage and disappoint the people”. Iranians inside Iran are not stupid, and ask funny questions about the West and the Iranian baboons. For instance, they ask: “Why the West supports the cesspool of Balatarin or RoozOnline financially and politically? is a cesspool [of Ashura traitors and Behnoud’s protégés], but why Netherlands and other Western countries support it financially? Why the West and the Western politicians support the Iranian baboons, but don’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran ?” These questions are very important and meaningful. The wise Iranians add: “The cesspool of Balatarin, i.e the main websites of Iranian baboons, has become the home of Mullah Gestapo. If you want to hear the voice of Mullah Gestapo and their favorite opposition groups and their favorite idiots, you should check Balatarin. But why the Americans support this cesspool financially and politically?” It’s an important question, and we should write more about this cesspool and its Western supporters. Unfortunately, the Iranian expats, that in the best case should be called “novice democrats” or Neophytes, are so stupid. The neophytes think they should allow the Iranian Monarchists (fascists) to work for establishing a Monarchy system in Iran, and it’s democracy ! But in Iran, the wise Iranians know the enemies of democracy and open society. They know the old dirty tricks. They are tolerant, but they know why they should not tolerate the intolerant. They know that less than 10% of Iranians support the Mullahs and Islamists, and less than 1% of Iranians support the Iranian Monarchists and other idiots, but they know that the Mullahs or the Monarchists are evil forces not because they have a few supporters. They are evil forces because they are anti-democracy and because they are enemies of open society. The number of their supporters is not important at all. The enemies of the open society, including the fascists, the Monarchists, the Nazi, and the Mullahs want to destroy the open society and repeat history. Those who defend the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Fascists, or the Terrorists, in the name of freedom or democracy, are worthless whores that try to use the freedom and democracy to destroy it. They try to make use of people’s naivety to repeat the great historical disasters. They should be prosecuted. The wise Iranians know the differences between democracy and gesture of democracy, and that’s why they truly say: “The Iranian Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Mullahs (Islamists), and the terrorists and fascists are anti-democracy forces and should be banned from working for their cause (i.e. political activities)“. We have already written about this issue, and we would write more about it later, but here and in the third anniversary of the anti-Mullah movement, I prefer to finish this writing with what the wise Iranians say: “Now, after three years, almost all Iranian baboons, from Khatami to Reza Pofyooz, are dead rats, and Iranians inside Iran only spit on them and their graves. It’s a good news. Now, the Iranian public is changing its views about the West, because the West not only refuses to apologize to modern Iranians, but imposes more sanctions on them, tries to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and supports the Iranian baboons and some one like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) that is a little dictator. Iranians are seeing the true face of the West, and the Western betrayals in Iran and the world (that has a long story, and we would write more about them later) have changed many things. The West should know that they sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts, and sooner or later they will reap what they sow, and they will pay the price of their betrayals”.

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