Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian Farce

These days are the third anniversary of the 2009 coup and the Iranian anti-Mullah movement, in which tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and with the help of the stupid West, that aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. In these days, we hear about Canada’s first cannibal killer, Luka Rocco Magnotta, that was a porn star. “He was a psychopathic faggot, like many other Canadian faggots. Many Canadians take pride in the fact that Canada is placid and has a low homicide rate, but the videotaped stabbing, dismemberment and apparent eating of parts of Lin’s body, followed by the posting of some of his remains, show why the Mullah killers and the Mullah rapists can freely live in Canada. Canada has become the country of savage killers, rapists, psychopathic faggots, crooks, thieves, and the Sheeple. If such horrible murder has happened in Iran, not in Canada, what they would have said about Iran and Iranians?! But this savage Canadian faggot is just a small part of the Canadian Farce. Canadian Bill 78 and the stupid protests against it, can show the world how stupid the West and many Westerners are”, some angry Iranians say. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. When you compare the 2009 Iranian protests with the 2012 Canadian protests, you can see many things. The media reported: “Canadian Protesters striped for police, and chanted slogans like Youre sexy, youre cute, take off your riot suit [!!!]. As some Iranians say: “You don’t know whether you should laugh, or …. The faggots, the sex addicts, the dope smokers, and the sheep whose brain is in their ass, are making fun of themselves in Canada, and ridicule the serious protests. When you compare today’s protests in Canada with the 2009 protests in Iran, you can see both the Mullah savagery and the Canadian foolishness”.


The stupid Canadians ridicule all Canadian protesters. “The Canadian faggots talk about ‘Boobs vs. Guns [!!]‘. These idiots , faggots and sex addicts know nothing about guns, tyranny, and brutal crackdown. If the Mullahs or the savage Westerners, like Magnotta, kill them, torture them, beat them to death, or rape them and push guns into their ass, they would understand the true meaning of ‘boobs v guns’. What they do in Canada is not ‘protest’, but it’s ‘making a fool of Canada’ and ‘making fun of all protesters’“, some wise guys say. They also add: “The West aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, but the Western faggots and the Western intellects supported the Mullahs, and now, they suffer from the same medieval laws. Their stupid protests can show you that they really suffer from congenital foolishness“. I don’t know the rate or the number of idiots and stupid people in Canada and the US, but when more than 90 millions of Americans are religious fanatics, and when the majority of the educated people in Canada and the US are fans or followers of some one like Noam Chomsky, who defends the Mullahs and the brutal dictators, you can be sure that many Canadians and Americans are really stupid, and it’s a fact that you can see it in the OWS and the Canadian protests, too. Unfortunately, many Canadians and Americans live like sheep, and that’s why their politicians can play with them and can pass a medieval law like Bill 78. Jean Charest, recently has said: “Its all well and good to protest against Jean Charest,But theyre in the process of hurting Quebecers [!!]“. As the funny guys say: “Apparently, Charest thinks all Canadians are as stupid as himself and Harper, who are making love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers in Canada. But unfortunately, he is not quite wrong. Many Canadian protesters seem like the stupid sheep. And in these conditions, how you can expect the West to stop betraying freedom and democracy in Iran, and stop supporting the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons?”


The Canadian police and the Canadian protesters have created a very stupid farce. The people chants in Canada are sadly funny. The media reported: They striped for police, and chanted ‘Youre sexy, youre cute, take off your riot suit [!]’. ‘Everyone naked in the street’, was another slogan that they chanted as they banged pots and pans together”.Jean Charest’s government had to collapse soon, after passing Bill 87; But why he still rules Quebec like tyrants? The wise Iranians say: “When the faggots and the s-e-x addicts protest against tyranny and corruption, no one takes them serious, and that’s why the Canadian politicians have not made any concessions to the protesters. Who care about the faggots, the sex addicts, and those whose brain is in their ass or between their legs. They just make fun of themselves”. Of course, all Canadians are not stupid, and at least some of them are wise, and that’s why their mass media censor their voices, but their number is small. We have not been able to find any reasonable website about the Canadian protest, or any people website that covers the voices of the wise protesters in Canada (If you know such a website, please let us know). The mass media coverage is so stupid. They censor the news and show us the stupid protesters. And it reminds me of the 2009 protests, when the Western mass media censored Iran’s news and don’t care about millions of Iranian protesters who bravely fought against tyranny. The wise Iranians say: “In 2009, the Western media, the Western polling organizations, the Western politicians, and the Western lefts and their intellectuals clearly showed us who is the main supporter of the Mullahs. In 2009, we could see the true meaning of freedom and democracy in the West, and now in 2012, Canadian laws and Canadian protesters can show us the root of problems, and why the West is stupid and hypocrite”.


“The Mullah thugs and the Mullah police killed and tortured the Iranian protesters, and the West helped the Mullahs. The Mullahs and the West both are fascist, and that’s why the Mullah crooks and the Mullah terrorists can live in Canada, the US, the UK, etc, and that’s why the West aided the Mullahs in killing anti-Mullah Iranians”, the wise guys say. In these days, the stupid Canadian protests just remind Iranians of the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, and the Mullah savagery. “In these days, many things can show us the true face of the West. Canadian farce is just a small part of the tragedy. When the Western faggots and their media care about a little shit, a disgusting fascist and a brainless faggot like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), and when the West tortures the ordinary Iranians, betray the freedom and democracy in Iran, and tries to destroy Iran with the help of Mullahs, and when the West and the Mullahs desperately try to make a deal, but they can’t, because on one can make a deal with a bankrupt regime -that is the regime of crooks, thieves, killers, and rapists – all people can see the true face of the West. And that’s why Iranians spit on the West . Iranians should be angry at the West. The stupid West has become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”, the wise guys say. They also add: “Many Westerners are stupid. Just look at the Canadian slogans. The media reported: ‘The crowd of several hundred chanted: ‘1,2,3,4, this is f-u-c-king class war – 5,6,7,8, overthrow this fascist state’. Apparently, it’s their best chant, that is a Marxist chant. ‘Our nudity expresses the demand for transparency [!!!]” a Canadian student has said to the AFP. Can you believe it? It seems like a joke, but it’s not joke, and it just shows the depth of Canadian stupidity. Canadian protest is a joke. The Canadian idiots should try to have sex (intercourse) in the streets, of course with condom as a sign of responsibility !, and then they can claim that ‘Our intercourse expresses the demand for a responsible government !’“.


When the stupid Canadian protesters say: “Our nudity expresses the demand for transparency [!!]”, it just shows how stupid many Canadians are. Many full naked protesters, that apparently express their demand for full transparency !, and many half-naked protesters in Canada are good examples of the modern sheep. As the wise guys say: “They are not modern people. Their protest or their nudity is not a sign of wisdom. They just want to have fun, and they ridicule the whole protesters. They just help their corrupt politicians”. The media reported: “Canadian Students attempt to disrupt the Canadian Grand Prix, protesting against tuition price hikes! ‘Formula One (F1)! Polluter! Sexist! Thief!’ they shouted”. Some funny guys ask: “This stupid protest is about F1, Bill 78, tuition fee, or Sexists ?!!” and some answer: “This is about all things, that means nothing. This is just a stupid farce. The faggots and sex addicts just want to have fun, in the name of protesting. They make a fool of themselves, and the world laughs at them and their stupid government”. I don’t know why many Canadians should try to use serious protests as an excuse for nudity and having fun. If we had such an embarrassing situation in Iran, the Iranian baboons and the Iranian faggots that live in the West and call themselves “intellectual” or journalist, would have said: “Iranians suffer from Oedipus complex. Iranians are brainless and sex addicts. Iranians only think about sex and drugs, and that’s why Iran is a backward country and Iranians don’t deserve freedom and democracy [!!]” But now, when many Canadians show us that they are worst than Iranians, no one says nothing, and all Iranian baboons have closed their their dirty mouths. The Canadian farce can show us that today’s Iranians are not stupider than Canadians and Westerners. In fact, there is no doubt that Iranians are not stupider than their Western counterparts. Only the Mullahs, the Iranian expats and the Iranian baboons still live in the 1970s, and are so stupid.


The Canadian farce is a great historical shame. The pictures and the media reports can not show us the number of idiots in Canada, or what is happening in Canada. In these days, you should live in Canada and should see many things with your own eyes, and then you can have a reasonable judgment. But the media reports, and the people comments in the mass media, can show us that the number of idiots in Canada is not small. The media reported: “Michael Mohammad [!] of Toronto, watching the nude marchers. ‘I think its a worthy cause now [!]. If youre willing to take your clothes off Im willing to shave some dollars off your student fees [!]'” People like Michael Mohammad, Javad Jackson, Gholam Micheal, or Michael Naghi -that their stupid Mullah name seem like a funny paradox- can show us how stupid today’s Canadians are, and why the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers can live in today’s Canada and USA, while the ordinary Iranians should suffer from the stupid Western sanctions. The wise Iranians say: “In this shitty world, the faggots, the idiots, and the stupid bastards can live in Canada, but we should live in Iran under the Mullah regime, that is a medieval tyranny that the West and Chomsky support it“. And it’s one of tragic jokes of this shitty world. Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian protesters can show us the real problems of this shitty world. “The people whose top intellectual is Chomsky, who defends tyranny and brutal tyrants, and the people whose top celebrity is Lady Gaga, should suffer from Bill 78, and should have such embarrassing protests. Their politicians know that they are like the stupid sheep, and they need shepherd. The pigs and the animals who didn’t care about Iranians, and allowed the West to make love with the Mullahs and betray the anti-Mullah movement, deserve to be fucked by their politicians. These idiots don’t deserve better life, or even freedom and democracy. They only can live like animals, with the logic of animals”, the angry wise guys say.


The pictures are disappointing and embarrassing. They can’t show you the number of idiots in Canada, but as the wise guys say: “the pictures can show you that many Canadians are really stupid, and those who say ‘today’s Iranians are stupider than today’s Canadians or today’s Americans, are blind faggots or stupid mercenaries who kiss the West’s ass for a visa or a fistful of dollar. Even the Western experts confirm that today’s Iran suffer from an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy and the actual level of democracy in Iran. This gap is a direct result of the Western betrayals. As the Western experts said: ‘Our findings demonstrate that Iranian society as a whole is characterized by a pro-liberal value structure that is deeply at odds with the fundamentalist regime‘, but they don’t say that the West is the main responsible for this abnormally large gap. When such a gap exists, sooner or later, the countrys level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the societys potential. The same thing is true about Canada and USA. When many stupid people live there, sooner or later their system will adjust in accordance with their foolishness, and Bill 78 is just a beginning. The Canadian farce can show us that the main problem in Iran is not the people, but it’s the West and their Iranian mercenaries, who desperately try to keep Iran backward”. I hope all people can see the main problems. Only when the people can see the main problems, they can aid each others in finding the real solutions. I hope the wise Canadians can change the current embarrassing situation in Canada. The Canadian politicians make concessions, only when the wise Canadians have the upper hand, not now, when the brainless faggots have the upper hand. Now, some Canadian media have started to call the protesters “rebels without a cause”. And it’s really embarrassing.

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