Secret History: The 1953 coup and The 2009 coup

These days are the third anniversary of the 2009 coup, and many Iranians are thinking about the 2009 coup and what happened in these three years. It’s funny to know that just after three years, many Iranians know most of traitors, betrayers and mercenaries who betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement. The Iranian baboons, the Ashura traitors, the Western politicians, the Western media, the Western companies, the Western intellectuals specially the stupid lefts and their leader Noam Chomsky, and other jerks, that we have already written about them (check Archive), have now been discredited and dishonored in Iran. The Iranian people know them, and spit on them, even when the secret history of the 2009 coup , and more than 90% of its secret documents have not been published yet. It’s funny to know that even after 60 years, the secret history of the 1953 coup is still incomplete, because the CIA and MI6 still refuse to publish their secret documents. The 1953 coup has many similarities with the 2009 coup, and when you read part of the secret history of the 1953 coup, specially what the CIA has published about the 1953 coup, you can see these similarities. In both coups, the role of the West and their Iranian mercenaries, including the Mullahs, the lefts, and the Iranian journalists is almost alike. The 1953 coup was resolved within several months, but the 2009 coup was not resolved within several years, and it allowed many to see the true face of almost all traitors and mercenaries. Many facts about the role of the Western lefts, the Western media, and the Western politicians in the 2009 coup are not secret things, but have been left unsaid, and we should write more about them later. But if you want to know more about the secrets of the 2009 coup, you can take a look at the secrets of the 1953 coup. The West’s role in the 1953 coup, that was a military coup against the Oil Nationalization movement and the freedom and democracy in Iran, was like the West’s role in the 2009 coup. Both coups were against a free, independent, and strong Iran: The 1953 coup ousted Iran’s elected prime minister and returned the Shah to power, and the 2009 coup ousted Iran’s elected president and kept the Mullahs and Khamenei in power. We have already written about the relation between the West, the Pahlavis and the Mullahs in the past 100 years, but some non-Iranians still have doubt about it, and think it’s “Conspiracy Theory” ! So, let’s take a look at a secret document that the CIA made it public after about 50 years. The New York Times (NYT) published an article on April 16, 2000 by JAMES RISEN, titled “SECRETS OF HISTORY: The C.I.A. in Iran” (you can google it and find it easily). “This secret history obtained by The New York Times is the first detailed government account of the 1953 coup to be made public“, they said. In fact, NYT’s report was parts of a booklet, Donald Wilber’s booklet, titled “Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq of Iran”, that was written in March 1954 by Donald Wilber, a CIA agent who had played an active role in the 1953 coup. published more parts of Donald Wilber’s booklet, that you can find it here . Wilber’s booklet and NYT’s report are historical documents that show part of the truth. They can show you what happened in 1953 and also in 2009, specially the role of the West and their Iranian agents (mercenaries). It’s not “Conspiracy Theory”, and many historians already knew it. Let’s take a look at NYT’s report and Donald Wilber’s secret history, in which the Americans have removed names and identifying descriptions of their Iranian agents. In fact, they have removed all important names, but it’s not important, because many Iranian historians know almost all names. But here, let’s ignore those names, and instead, let’s talk more about the 2009 coup, and compare it with the 1953 coup.


NYT’s report says: “For nearly five decades, America’s role in the military coup that ousted Iran’s elected prime minister and returned the shah to power has been lost to history … But a copy of the agency’s secret history of the 1953 coup has surfaced, revealing the inner workings of a plot that set the stage for the Islamic revolution in 1979, and for a generation of anti-American hatred in Iran. The document, which remains classified, discloses the pivotal role British intelligence officials played in initiating and planning the coup, and it shows that Washington and London shared an interest in maintaining the West’s control over Iranian oil. The secret history, written by the C.I.A.’s chief coup planner and obtained by The New York Times, says agency officers orchestrating the Iran coup worked directly with royalist Iranian military officers … [the CIA officers] directed a campaign of bombings by Iranian members of the Communist Party, and planted articles and editorial cartoons in newspapers … the agency’s Tehran station began disseminating ‘gray propaganda,” passing out anti-Mossadegh cartoons in the streets and planting [shameful] articles in the Iranian press“. It’s exactly like what the West and their Iranian agents, who live in the West as “journalist” or “Iranian opposition”, did in 2009 and the past three years. The US and the UK shared an interest in maintaining the Mullahs in power, and the Ashura traitors and the Iranian baboons, that we have already written about them (check Archive), had their own ‘green propaganda’ that tried to prevent the Iranian people from remaining in the streets and winning concessions from the Mullahs. NYT’s report adds: “The CIA was intensifying its propaganda campaign. A leading newspaper owner was granted about $45,000 [!!]“. It’s a funny confession, and it can show you what many Iranians say about “the leading websites in 2009”, including or, is not merely a conspiracy theory. When many Iranians say: “Iranian bastards, and some one like Masoud Behnoud or Mr. Balatarin, and other Iranian jerks were paid to betray the people and their anti-Mullah movement”, some answer: “It’s conspiracy theory”. But those who read history say: “When you read history, and when you see who defend who, and who censor and silence who in these years, you can see that many things are not conspiracy theories”. Reading about the 1953 coup is really useful. NYT’s report says: “Britain initiated the plot in 1952. The Truman administration rejected it, but President Eisenhower approved it shortly after taking office in 1953, because of fears about oil and Communism … The coup had its roots in a British showdown with Iran, restive under decades of near-colonial British domination. The prize was Iran’s oil fields. Britain occupied Iran in World War II for the oil … Britain occupied Iran in World War II and ousted the shah’s father, whom it regarded as unmanageable [!!]“. It clearly can show you why Iranians should hate Britain, and it can show you what we have already written about the relation between the West and Iranian dictators isn’t “conspiracy theory”. In fact, when the Iranian dictators were good puppets and carried out their mission well, the West supported them strongly, but when they became unmanageable !, i.e. when they tried to be more independent and didnt obey the Wests orders as before, the West tried to topple them. NYT adds: “In 1951, Iran’s Parliament voted to nationalize the oil industry … and elected Mossadegh as prime minister. But Britain responded with threats and sanctions“. It’s exactly like what they do in these years. The West and the Western bastards don’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, and even they aid the Iranian dictators in killing and torturing Iranians, and only when Iranians want to nationalize an industry the West responds with threats and sanctions. NYT adds: “In meetings in November and December 1952, the secret history says, British intelligence officials startled their American counterparts with a plan for a joint operation to oust the nettlesome prime minister … In March 1953, an unexpected development pushed the plot forward: the C.I.A.’s Tehran station reported that an Iranian general had approached the American Embassy about supporting an army-led coup”. Many believe what happened in 2009 was a joint operation, too.


The West censors and destroys many important and historical documents. NYT says: “The outlines of the American role in the coup were disclosed in Iran at the outset and later in the memoirs of C.I.A. officers and other published accounts. But many specifics have remained classified, and the secret history obtained by The New York Times [in the year 2000] is the first detailed government account of the coup to be made public … the agency said three years ago that a number of relevant documents had been destroyed in the early 1960’s“. In fact, what they say about “declassifying” is bullshit. They only declassify some of their secret documents, and most of their classified documents are destroyed or censored, because the people should not be aware of the true colors of the West. The official documents about the West’s love affair with the Mullahs, or about the relations between the Western politicians and the Western pseudo-intellectuals and some one like Chomsky, and many other things can remain secret for ever. But you can see the truth, if you open your eyes and see the indirect signs. NYT adds: “A British agent [an Iranian mercenary that worked for the UK] approached the Shah in late July and invited him to select a phrase that would then be broadcast at prearranged times on the BBC’s Persian-language program -as proof that he spoke for the British“. The role of the BBC in the 1953 coup is more than what they say now, but the role of the BBC in the 1953 coup is less important than the role of the BBC in the 1979 Mullah revolution and in the 2009 Mullah coup. In the pre-2009 era, the younger generations of Iranians thought what is said about the BBC is “conspiracy theory”, but now almost all Iranians know the true face of the BBC and the VOA and other Western baboons’ media. It’s one of the important lesson of the 2009 coup. NYT adds: “The British said they had recruited two brothers [Rashidian]. The Americans, the secret history discloses, did not trust the British and lied about the identity of their best ‘assets” inside Iran“. Both the UK and the US have lied about their Iranian agents, as the Mullahs lie about their agents. We have already written about Madhi Scnadal. The West, like the Mullahs, lies about the identity of their best ‘assets’ or their Diamonds of Deceit. As the wise guys say, “Madhi and Rashidians are worthless mercenaries, and that’s why their identity was officially revealed. The Mullahs and the West desperately try to hide the identity of their best ‘assets’, but when the people know the true face of almost all Iranian baboons, including Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nabavi, Kosar, Mr. Balatarin, and other jerks, it means that their best ‘assets’, that are among the Iranian baboons, are great losers who can’t deceive the people any longer”. The funny Iranians add: “Now, many Iranians know the cesspool of They know that the cesspool of Balatarin is where you can only hear the voices of the Mullah Gestapo, the CIA, and their beloved agents there”. NYT adds: “The operation, code-named TP-Ajax, was the blueprint for a succession of C.I.A. plots to foment coups and destabilize governments during the cold war -including the agency’s successful coup in Guatemala in 1954 and the disastrous Cuban intervention known as the Bay of Pigs in 1961. In more than one instance, such operations led to the same kind of long-term animosity toward the US that occurred in Iran“. Some funny Iranians say: “The code-named of the 2009 coup is still hidden, but maybe Chomsky or the Western mass media or the Western leftist media know it”. Many don’t know the code-named of the 2009 coup, but many know that ‘the same kind of long-term animosity toward the US that occurred in 1953, now is occurring in Iran in 2012. NYT adds: “The coup began on the night of Aug. 15 … [but it failed]. The next morning, the Tehran radio announced that a coup against the government had failed … C.I.A. officers inside the embassy were flying blind; they had ‘no way of knowing what was happening‘ … The C.I.A. station cabled headquarters for advice on whether to ‘continue with TP-Ajax or withdraw’. ‘ Headquarters spent a day featured by depression and despair,’ the secret history states, adding, ‘The message sent to Tehran on the night of Aug. 18 said that ‘the operation has been tried and failed,’ and that ‘in the absence of strong recommendations to the contrary operations against Mossadegh should be discontinued’ … Roosevelt left the embassy and tracked down Zahedi, who was in hiding north of Tehran. Surprisingly, the general was not ready to abandon the operation. The C.I.A. station in Tehran sent a message to The Associated Press in New York, asserting that ”unofficial reports are current to the effect that leaders of the plot are armed with two decrees of the shah, one dismissing Mossadegh and the other appointing Zahedi to replace him. The C.I.A. and its agents also arranged for the decrees to be mentioned in some Tehran papers. But the propaganda initiative quickly bogged down. Many of the C.I.A.’s Iranian agents were under arrest or on the run”. It’s interesting, it’s it ?! Can you see how the Western media and Iranian media work as the CIA propaganda? And it reminds many of 2009, when many Western media and Iranian media told big lies about the Iranian protests. In 1953, Mossadegh was stupid and made big mistakes. Sadegh Hedayat and the real intellectuals saw “Mossadegh” as a stupid populist, but if they were alive in 1953, they all would defended Mossadegh, who was stupid, but was not mercenary, like the stupid Shah and other Iranian jerks. Mossadegh made big mistakes, but as the history says, the West and their Iranian mercenaries were in deep shit, and their coup had failed, and only Mossadegh’s mistakes and foolishness helped them. Unfortunately, the same thing happened in 2009.


As the secret history says, the West and the stupid Shah were in deep shit, and their coup had failed, but who saved them? The British Mullahs, the Intellectual mercenaries, and the thugs. The role of the Mullahs in the 1953 coup is important, but the US and the UK prefer to remain silent, and the reason is clear. NYT says: “That night the C.I.A. and Zahedi agreed to start a counterattack on Aug. 19, sending a leading Mullah from Tehran to the holy city of Qum to try to orchestrate a call for a holy war against Communism”. It’s just a small part of the truth. The role of Khashani and other Mullahs and their terrorist groups, including “Fadaiean Islam”, and their thugs are not hidden facts, and many historians have already written about it, but the West still tries to remain silent. NYT adds: “Once again, the shah disappointed the C.I.A. He left Baghdad for Rome the next day, apparently an exile. Pro-Mossadegh Newspapers reported that the Pahlevi dynasty had come to an end … [On the night of Aug. 18 the CIA was in deep shit; they were deeply disappointed; but suddenly !], Without specific orders, a journalist who was one of the CIA’s most important Iranian agents led a crowd toward Parliament, inciting people to set fire to the offices of a newspaper owned by Dr. [Fatemi]. Another Iranian C.I.A. agent led a crowd to sack the offices of pro-Tudeh papers. The C.I.A. tried to exploit the situation, sending urgent messages that the key agents should ‘swing the security forces to the side of the mobs’ … At the embassy, C.I.A. officers were elated, and Roosevelt got Zahedi out of hiding. An army officer found a tank and drove him to the radio station, where he spoke to the nation [!]“. Some funny Iranians say: “The West doesn’t talk about the role of the British Mullahs and their miracles, because the Mullahs still are their beloved active agents”. The 1953 coup can show us many things. It can show us that their plans and their coups can fail easily, but when the people and their leaders make big mistakes, the mercenaries and the bad guys ‘try to exploit the situation’, and save their ass in the last minute. It reminds many of the 2009 coup. When millions of Iranians were in the streets, both the West and the Mullahs had shitted in their pants and their Headquarters spent at least several weeks featured by depression and despair, but finally the story of the 1953 coup was repeated. NYT adds: “The Soviet Union was caught completely off-guard. Even as the Mossadegh government was falling, the Moscow radio was broadcasting a story on ‘the failure of the American adventure in Iran’. But C.I.A. headquarters was as surprised as Moscow. When news of the coup’s success arrived, it ‘seemed to be a bad joke, in view of the depression that still hung on from the day before,’ the secret history says”. Unfortunately, it just reminds you of 2009, when history repeated itself. The Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors didn’t allow the people to remain in the streets and win some concessions from the Mullahs. At that time, the people didn’t know the true face of Iranian baboons and the stupid West. But as the wise guys say: “the 2009 coup’s success still seem to be a bad joke for both the Mullahs and the West, because their depression and despair still hurt them, and they have not been able to solve their problems with the Iranian people, who have become aware”. NYT says: “the Shah had what the C.I.A. termed a ‘pathological fear’ of British intrigues “, and it’s not wrong. The wise guys say: “The stupid Shah was an awful coward, but who saved his ass? those who saved the Mullahs, who had shitted in their pants in 2009, and without the western support they would have gone to hell”. As we said before, only a few secrets of the 2009 coup have been revealed, including Obama’s secret letters to Khamenei, or “a secret meeting between the British defence secretary, Liam Fox, and the Mullahs, in May 2009, one month before the 2009 coup”, or “How Western Companies Aided Mullahs in Killing Iranians” or how the stupid lefts, the Western media, and the Western polling organizations supported the Mullah coup. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians are still ignorant, and don’t know what happened in the past three years. They don’t know how the lefts aided the Western politicians in supporting the Mullahs and their 2009 coup. They don’t know how Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, and British companies (including Creativity Software, AdaptiveMobile, etc) sold the tools of suppression to Mullahs, and how they armed Mullahs with Orwellian technology. As the wise guys say: “location tracking and message monitoring equipment, and the technology that allows the Mullahs to ‘analyze all messages in English or Persian for keywords or phrases; store them; and flag those caught by filters for review [know as ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ (DPI)] is Orwellian technology. It’s more dangerous than nuclear program, but the West sells it to Mullahs, and talks nonsense about nuclear program”. The CIA and MI6, Mullahs, Pahlavists, journalists, Intellectual mercenaries, thugs and prostitutes, the lefts (including Marxists) and other jerks played active role in both the 1953 coup and the 2009 coup, but there is a key difference between 1953 and 2009, that sooner or later, will change many things in Iran: In 1953, about 20 thousands of Iranians were university educated, and many Iranians cared about the Mullahs and the intellectual mercenaries, but now, more than 20 millions of Iranians are university educated, and more than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Iranian baboons, the intellectual mercenaries, and their western supporters.

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