Iranian Monarchists, Khomeini, and The West

In the recent days, when the Mullah TV talks about Khomeini, his life and his death, and when the American baboons and the European monkeys are making love with the Iranian terrorists (MKO), the Iranian Pofyooz (Iranian Monarchists), and the Mullahs, it’s not bad to write about the story of the West and the Iranian Monarchs (dictators) in the past 100 years. When Iranians were illiterate, stupid and ignorant, the West could make use of their foolishness, and supported the Monarchy and dictatorship in Iran. In the past 100 years, the Iranian Monarchs, from Reza Kachal (Reza, the Bald) to Khomeini and Khamenei, were stooges of the West or served the West’s interests directly or indirectly. They were stupid dictator that their first mission was: “keeping Iran backward and weak”. As the independent historians say: “Reza Kachal that his mother was a poor prostitute (Zan Sighe-ii), was a stupid and illiterate soldier that the British politicians appointed him as Iran’s ruler”. And as the wise guys say, “In these days, when Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) is making a fool of himself in Germany and Netherlands, and the Dutch faggots and the American baboons desperately try to care about him, there is no doubt that Reza Pofyooz, that 99% of Iranians hate him, is a worthless mercenary like his stupid father and his stupid grandfather”. In these days, the BBC, the VOA, Radio Farda, Deutsche Welle, and other media that belong to the Western monkeys and Iranian baboons, can show you who is the employer of Reza Pofyooz. Iranians inside Iran, know both the Mullahs and the Pahlavi well, but many non-Iranians don’t know that the Mullahs and the Pahlavi family are alike, and both of them are Monarchists, and stooges of the West. As the wise guys truly say, the contemporary history is like a large puzzle that many of its pieces still are missing. You can’t be sure about many details, and the West still tries to hide many things, including the West’s affair with the Mullahs. The West thinks the people should not know the historical facts, because it can show them many things about the current events, including the 2009 coup and what is happening in these days. “Maybe, we are not aware of many details, but it doesn’t meant that we can’t see the big picture. For instance, we don’t know how much money Reza Pofyooz, Mr. Balatarin, and other Iranian baboons get from their Western employers, but we can know who is mercenary and who is not”, the wise guys say. The details are not clear, and that’s why there are many crazy conspiracy theories about the Mullahs and their relations with the UK and the West, but it doesn’t mean that the story of the Mullahs and the UK is conspiracy theory. “In 1970s, an Iranian TV series (‘Dear Uncle Napoleon’) tried to brainwash Iranians into accepting a big lie: ‘all things that Iranians say about the UK are conspiracy theories’. The Iranian mercenaries tied to use ‘Dear Uncle Napoleon’ as an excuse to claim that there is no British conspiracy. At that time, the stupid or naive people didn’t know who is behind ‘Dear Uncle Napoleon’. But the wise people knew the British agents, and knew that those who say all things are British conspiracies, are as stupid as those who say there is no British conspiracy“, the wise Iranians say. The relations between the UK and the Mullahs is not conspiracy theory. As the wise guys say, “the secret agents or mercenaries spread rumors, conspiracy theories or big lies, as part of War of Nerves, because it can confuse the people, and can create doubts about the truth“. For instance, the Mullahs, that are religious Monarchists, say: “the West supported Pahlavi in 1979 and the Mullahs fought against both the West and the Pahlavi [!!]'”, and the Iranian Monarchists in LA, that are secular Monarchists, say: “Pahlavi was a democrat and nationalist Iranian, but Khomeini was a non-Iranian and a lifelong agent of British and American intelligence agencies [!]”. But many Iranians are not stupid and know who is who. The relation between the West, the Pahlavi, and the Mullahs, is so funny.


Khomeini’s date of birth is not clear, but many believe he was born in 1900, that means he was about two years older than Sedeq Hedayat, who was born in 1903. Hedayat was a famous intellectual and died in 1951, but Khomeini was unknown and only his friends knew him before 1963. In the first years of 1960s, Khomeini became a grand Mullah, at the age of 60+, and when the Shah announced his White Revolution in 1963, Khomeini opposed him and was arrested for the first time. The differences between Khomeini and Hedayat are very interesting, and when we write about Hedayat, in the near future, you can see that even in the past 100 years, Iranians could become educated and modern, more than their Western counterparts. But unfortunately, the West wanted, and still wants, to keep the East backward so that its natural resources, including oil, could continue to be looted. As the wise guys say: “Both Pahlavis, that were appointed by the UK, were stupid dictators and their first mission was ‘keeping Iranians illiterate and stupid, and keeping Iran backward as much as possible‘. And it was the Mullah mission in 1979, too. The West have always supported the dictators (Monarchs) in Iran. When the dictators were good puppets and carried out their mission, the West supported them strongly, but when they started to become more independent and didn’t obey the West’s orders as before, the West toppled them. In 1979, the Mullah mission was ‘Destroying Iran’ and ‘keeping Iran backward’, that they could do it well, because the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid”. There is no doubt that Iranians were so stupid in 1979, and the West used it well, but we should not forget that in 1900s, during the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, when the number of illiterate Iranians was larger, the ordinary Iranians supported Nouri’s execution. As the wise guys say: “Nouri was a grand Mullah that supported the Shah and the Absolute Monarchy. When the people and the Constitutionalist defeated the Shah in a civil war, the people asked for Nouri’s execution, and the grand Mullah, that was the enemy of the people and the main supporter of the tyranny, was executed in Tehran. Today’s Mullahs clearly declare that they are followers of Nouri. They call Nouri ‘martyr’. Of course, Nouri is a martyr in path of tyranny ! He is an evil martyr. It’s a good question if you ask: Why the 1905 Constitutional Revolution was more modern than the 1979 Revolution, and why Iranians went backward? And why Nouri’s supporters became ruler of Iran? For answering this question, you should think about the role of the West, the illiterate Iranians, and the Iranian intellectuals. Before the 1900s, the UK and the West just employed the Iranian politicians, and their relation with the Mullahs, the journalists, and the pseudo-intellectuals was not systematic. Several Mullahs received a “monthly stipend” from the Britons, but before the story of Oil, the Britons didn’t waste their money on the Mullahs and other Iranian mercenaries a lot. The relation between the Mullahs and the UK, that had started in the first decades of the 19th century, became serious during and after the Constitutional Revolution. The UK used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and supported both pro-Constitutionalists and
anti-Constitutionalists. But when the Iranian people killed Nouri, the UK found Oil in Southern Persia, and it changed many things. In 1910s, the UK supported the backward Mullahs financially, and aided them in reviving the Mullah schools in Qom. In 1920s, the UK appointed Reza Kachal (Pahlavi I), as a Military ruler. Reza was a illiterate peasant, son of a prostitute (Zan Sighe-ii), without any Royal background. At first, he wanted to abolish Monarchy and establish a Republic system, but the Mullahs, that followed the British advice, encouraged him to become King, and finally in 1925, the Mullahs and other British agents appointed Pahlavi as the King. The comparison between Khomeini and Reza Kachal is funny and useful. Khomeini lost his father in his youth, but he lived with his family and they sent him to school and he became literate. But Reza Kachal, born in 1878, was son of a prostitute, who used to married to men temporarily, known as ‘temporary marriage’. She remarried in 1879 and left Reza to the care of his uncle, who, in turn, sent Reza away to a friend, who was an army officer. Khomeini and Reza Kachal were almost alike, but Khomeini was smarter and more educated than Reza Kachal”.


The independent historians also add: “In the 1920’s, Khomeini went to Qum and started his serious Mullah education in one of the British Mullah schools in Qom. The British politicians and the Pahlavi supported the Mullah schools financially until 1979. In 1920s, they appointed Reza Kachal as a military ruler, and supported the 1921 military coup. At that time, Russia had many problems, because of the 1917 revolution, and the UK was the only Colonialist power in Iran. In 1930s, Reza Kachal continued the process of modernization that had been started by Naser-Din Shah Qajar, but he just followed the British orders, and his modernization was superficial and unbalanced. The UK supported both Pahlavi and the Mullahs, as part of the British ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics. Pahlavi suddenly became anti-religion, and the Mullahs that relied on the British financial and political supports, became his enemy. In 1939, when Pahalvi I tried to become independent, and became pro-Germany, the UK and Russia attacked Iran and toppled him. They appointed his son, Pahlavi II, as the new king, and the Mullahs supported him. The UK continued to supported the Mullahs and the Islamists, and they assassinated some political and intellectual figures in 1940s, and then finally in 1953, the Mullahs supported the CIA-MI6 coup against the Oil Nationalization movement and the Iranian Nationalists. There is no doubt that the Mullahs, including Kashani that had become speaker of the Parliament with the UK’s help, aided the UK and the US in the 1953 coup. After 1953, many Iranians started to say: ‘The Mullahs are British mercenaries. The Mullahs always served the interests of their British masters’. In 1963, the Mullahs, including Khomeini, opposed the White Revolution and Iran’s modernization, specially women’s rights and abolishing of the feudal system, but the majority of Iranians didn’t care about the Mullah protests. The UK continued to support the backward Mullahs financially and politically, mainly because: (1) it was part of their ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic (2) they saw the Mullahs a backward force who can keep Iran backward. Even the stupid Shah supported the Mullahs and the Islamists, because he thought they are stupid, weak, but useful. They could aid him in controlling the people, and kept the people ignorant. The story of two grand Mullahs, Khomeini and Shariatmadari, and their power struggle from 1963 to 1980, can show us the true colors of the Mullahs and the Islamists. Shariatmadari and his men worked for Savak, the Pahlavi Gestapo, and betrayed Khomeini. On the other hand, Khomenei’s men, that finally killed and tortured Shariatmadari and his men, were corrupted people. There are many notorious figures, including Beheshti, Ebrahim Yazdi, Sadegh Tabatabaie, Ghotbzadeh, Hassan Ayat, etc that worked for the intelligence services of USA, UK, France, and Germany. For instance, Tabatabaie confessed (in a TV program) that he had contacts with the German intelligence service, or the notorious Hassan Ayat, who had worked as a British agent since the 1953 coup, was the first man who talked about ‘Velayate Faqih’ (Mullah Theocracy) and the Islamic Monarchy in 1979. Beheshti and Yazdi’s contacts with the US are undeniable facts, and no one can deny it. The power struggle between two grand Mullahs, Khomeini and Shariatmadari, was a clear sign that the Mullahs are hypocrite and corrupted”.


There is no doubt that the West supported the Mullahs in 1978 and 1979. We have already written about this issue. There are many undeniable facts that prove the West wanted to topple the Shah. The Guadeloupe Conference (Conference of the heads of four Western powers -U.S., UK, France and West Germany- in the first days of 1979, in which French President Giscard dEstaing, US President Jimmy Carter, British Prime Minister James Callaghan, and German chancellor Helmut Schmidt reached the conclusion that Shah must go and Khomeini should gain power), General Huyser’s mission to Tehran (Huyser tried to neutralize the Iranian army and prevented a military coup against the Mullahs), the mission of the US ambassador in Iran, William Sullivan, in the last two years of the Pahlavi regime, the role of Hussein Fardoost in establishing the Mullah regime. Fardoost was the Shah’s right-hand man, and a high rank member of Savak, but he worked for the CIA and his last mission was ‘Toppling the Pahlavi regime’. Fardoost neither left Iran, nor was executed by the Mullahs. He lived in Iran until his death, and his role in the 1979 revolution is one of the funny secrets of the Mullah regime. There was a main difference between Khomeini and the Shah: Khomeini was not as coward as the Shah and didn’t follow all American orders. Khomeini told many big lies, specially about progress, democracy, freedom, corruption, and economic problems. Khomeini said: ‘Water, Electricity, gas, oil, etc should be free of charge in Iran’ or ‘The Mullahs are men of god; they are not corrupt men. In the Islamic regime, you will not see the previous corruptions’. But now, even the little kids know that the Mullahs are the most corrupt people, and the economic crises and the financial corruptions in the Islamic regime are much more than any other regime. We have already written about the US-Mullah relation, including the Iran-Contra scandal and the October surprise. But you can ask yourself why the US supported the Mullahs and toppled the Shah regime? Some say: “In the 1970s, the Shah had become an ambitious man. His nuclear program, his plans and his speeches in his last years had scared the West. In 1974, the Shah regime developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program. In an interview with Heikal, the Egyptian Journalist, Shah said, ‘You have no idea the number of clashes I have had with the Americans. The last of these was over OPEC. The Americans wanted to break it up from the inside and tried to do so. But I didn’t allow it to happen’. And in an interview with U.S. News & World Report, Shah said that if the U.S. would take an unfriendly attitude towards Iran, then Iran ‘can hurt you (U.S.) as badly, if not more so, than you can hurt us (Iran). Not just through oil, we can create trouble for you in the region. If you force us to change our friendly attitude, the repercussions will be immeasurable’. The CIA brought Shah back to power, by the 1953 coup, and protected him for about 20 years. But in his last years, the CIA only tried to topple his regime. Shah was quiet aware of the CIA’s involvement in Iran, but he was a coward and stupid dictator, and his people hated him a lot”. When some read about Iranian dictators and Iranian problems, they think only Iranians were stupid and other nations have been wiser than Iranians. But it’s wrong. Even in Europe, including Spain, Greece, or Portugal, the dictators had the upper hand until the 1970s. And we should not forget that the Fascism and the Nazism in 1920s to 1940s, and the two world wars and other great tragedies were European-Western tragedies. Unfortunately the list of savage tyrants and lifelong dictators since 1900, who ruled for 30 consecutive years or more, is a long list. Part of the list is as follows: (the whole list has more than 100 items):

Name Country Start End Length
Castro Cuba 1959 2011 52 Years
Kim Il-Sung N. Korea 1948 1994 45 Years
Gaddafi Libya 1969 2011 42 Years
Franco Spain 1936 1975 39 Years
Pahlavi Iran 1941 1979 37 Years
Tito Yugoslavia 1943 1980 36 Years
Paul Biya Cameroon 1975 2011 36 Years
Salazar Portugal 1932 1968 36 Years
Zhivkov Bulgaria 1954 1989 35 Years
Mao China 1943 1976 33 Years
Saleh Yemen 1978 2011 33 Years
Mugabe Zimbabwe 1980 2011 31Years
Sese Seko Zaire 1965 1997 31 Years
Stalin Russia 1922 1953 30 Years
Mubarak Egypt 1981 2011 30 Years
Hafez Assad Syria 1971 2000 30 Years

The story of the West and the Middle Eastern dictators is funny, but the story of the West and the Mullahs is so funny. “In 1978, the BBC became the voices of the Mullahs, and refused to give the Shah regime an equal chance to reply. The Mullahs opposed Irans nuclear program, and repeated what the West dictated to them. The disappearance of Imam Musa Sadr, during a visit to Libya, was like the Spy movies. The Iranian leader of the Lebanese Shia, Imam Musa Sadr, was more popular than Khomeini in the Shia world, but he had refused to accept Khomeini as Imam (leader). As the wise Iranians say: “The West clearly supported the Mullahs, whose mission was ‘keeping Iran backward’, but the stupid Iranians were blind and supported the Mullahs. Karl Marx said that the uneducated masses are useful idiots, and the West used the Iranian foolishness to destroy Iran. In 1980, Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said that the Iran-Iraq war is consistent with American policy in the region. American strategy was simple, which was to destabilize the region, by having one boogie man. The US economy benefited from this policy of destabilization. The Americans sold their weapons to both Iran and Iraq. The US profited from both the war and its conclusion”. There is no doubt that Anglo-American intelligence was committed to toppling the Shah. But why? Different groups have different answers. But it’s so obvious that you can ask the same question about the 1953 coup, and the 2009 coup, and the answer is almost alike. The story of oil, colonialism, exploitation, and free ride are so popular, but it’s just part of the answer. Some say: “In the mid-70s, a CIA project called Green Belt was elaborated. The Green Belt project’s target was to surround the former Soviet Union with Islamic religious regimes. The CIA believed that Islamists would be easier to control”. Some others say: “By May 1979, the new Khomeini regime had singled out the country’s nuclear power development plans and announced cancellation of the entire program for the reactor construction. The Mullahs also stopped all Shah’s programs that could convert Iran into a global power. Shah wanted to build an empire that he claimed would be the sixth greatest power in the world. To make his dream a reality, he wanted to buy the most modern weapons in the world. The Shah spent more than $20 billion in the military field. This was a great concern for both the US and the USSR, because this would create a strong Iran. So, the West toppled the Shah, and supported their beloved Mullahs, whose mission was ‘destroying Iran’ and ‘keeping Iran backward'”. Some say: “In the Mullah regime, the gap between the rich and the poor widened extensively. The financial corruption increased astronomically, and the greatest embezzlements in Iran’s history became just a small part of the Mullah corruptions. The West is so happy that Iran is weak, corrupted, and ruined”. And some add: “The West supported the 2009 coup, but they have forgotten that the 1953 coup set the stage for a generation of anti-American hatred in Iran, the most powerful countries of the Middle East and the most ancient countries of the World. Today’s Western betrayals will create a long term anti-American hatred in Iran, and it learns today’s Iranians what the West says about globalization is bullshit, and the stupid West is still full of nationalists and chauvinists, and the modern Iranians should create a secular republican government and a strong Iran that certainly will have nuclear weapons. The Western betrayals in 2009 and the past three years were strategic mistakes. Iranians will never forget it”.


In 1979, the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid, and that’s why the West could destroy Iran with the help of the Mullahs. Even in 1989, when Khomeini died, many still were stupid. They even worshiped (and paradoxically insulted) Khomeini’s dead body. At that time, more than 75% of today’s Iranians, who are young, modern and educated, were little kids. As the wise guys say: “In 1979, when the Tudeh Party was stooges of the USSR, and the Mullahs and others were stooge of the US and the West, Iranian mercenaries and Iranian pseudo-intellectuals could make use of public ignorance and public foolishness in Iran. The Pahlavi regime was a secular dictatorship or a secular Monarchy, but the Mullahs that had promised to establish a Republic system, established ‘Islamic Theocracy’, in which Islamic Monarch (leader), or ‘Vali Faqih’, played the role of the Caliphate or the Shah (Monarch) that control everything and rule the country as an Islamic Big Brother. ‘Vali Faqih’ is an Orwellian Big Brother who controls everything and all aspects of life. What you eat or drink, what you wear, what you listen to, what you watch, what you read, your relationships, your lifestyle, your basic freedom, your basic rights, etc all are controlled by “Vali Faqih” and his Islamist thugs. In the Mullah Animal Farm, Republic means Monarchy, election means selection by the Mullahs, and freedom means ‘feel free to do or say what we dictate to you’. In the Mullah Animal Farm, the majority means 10% and the minority means 90%; the president means the servant of the Islamic Monarch; ‘Islamic Justice’ means embezzlement and bribery, and ‘Islamic values’ means killing, raping and torturing the innocent protesters. The American baboons and the European monkeys desperately try to support the Islamic or secular Monarchy in Iran, because they are enemy of a free and strong Iran. The Iranians baboons, the European monkeys and the American baboons still work together for taking Iran back to the Stone Age. But ‘Can the Iranian traitors and mercenaries and their Western employers succeed in achieving their goal?’ In 1979, they could succeed because the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid. But now, many things have changed. Now, the young Iranians, that the majority of them are university-educated and modern, know the true colors of the West and the Western puppets, including the Islamist and secular Monarchists”. In 2009, many Iranians did not know the true colors of Iranian baboons and American baboons, and it was a serious weak point. The 2009 coup was a very tragic event, but it was very useful. What happened in 2009, was a good historical lesson for Iranians. It could show them many things. The 2009 coup and the strategic mistakes of the Mullahs and their Western supporters were a godsend for Iranians. In Iran’s modern history, nothing is more informative and more useful than the 2009 coup and the past three years. The Iranian traitors and mercenaries, specially the pseudo-intellectuals and their Western supporters that could fool the people before 2009, are great losers. Now, the wise Iranians truly say: “The Iranian mercenaries had two types: (1) the Iranian faggots and prostitutes, including the Pahlavists, the Rajavists, and the Communists, that 99% of Iranians knew them and hated them, even more than the Mullahs (2) the Islamist-Reformists and the pseudo-intellectuals, that some of them were still popular before 2009. But what happened in 2009 and in the past three years, showed the true colors of all Iranian mercenaries, and now all of them, and their employers (the Mullahs and the West) are as hateful as the old Iranian faggots and the old prostitutes”. They also add: “Thank the West, the Western betrayals, and the Iranian mercenaries. They showed many things to Iranians. The stupid West showed its true colors and also the true colors of its Iranian mercenaries, and it’s very very important and useful. It can show Iranians and non-Iranians how they can build a free, modern, and strong country”.

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