Political Jokes are Universal Jokes

June 30, 2012

Good jokes, specially political jokes, can be universal jokes. They can make us laugh, and can also force us to think about the serious problems. In these days, that is full of shit, it’s not bad to take a look at several political jokes, and laugh at some of them that are new jokes or good jokes:

A scientist, an accountant, an economist, and a journalist apply for a political job. The interviewer, that is a veteran politician, calls in the scientist and asks “What do two plus two equal?” The scientist replies “4”. The interviewer asks “4, exactly?” The scientist looks at the interviewer incredulously and says “Yes, 4, exactly”. Then the interviewer calls in the accountant and asks the same question “What do two plus two equal?” The accountant says “On average, four -give or take 20 percent, but on average, four”. The interviewer calls in the economist and ask the same question “What do two plus two equal?” The economist gets up, locks the door, closes the shade, sits down next to the interviewer and says, “What do you want it to equal?”. Then the interviewer calls in the journalist and poses the same question, “What do two plus two equal?” The journalist smiles and says, “It depends on how much you want to pay [me]”.

New Types of Computer Viruses:

WESTERN DEMOCRACY VIRUS – Doesn’t do anything, but you can’t get rid of it until next election.
RUSSIA VIRUS – nothing works on your system and your life, but the diagnostic tools says everything is just fine.
ARAB VIRUS – kills you and your computer, by exploding a handmade bomb in your room.
MULLAH VIRUS – crashes both you and your computer, but denies it ever happened.
ISRAEL VIRUS – It claims it feels threatened by you or your PC and then erases you or your PC in ‘self-defense’.
AMERICA VIRUS – Makes sure that it’s bigger than any other file. Recently, it’s just a big, stupid, harmless file.
OBAMA VIRUS – Deletes all files, but keeps smiling and sending messages about how the economy is going to get better.
CAPITALISM VIRUS – Puts your computer to sleep for years. When your computer wakes up, you’re trillion dollars in debt.
MARXISM VIRUS – Also known as the “CHOMSKY Virus.” You can wipe it out, but it always makes a comeback.
REZA PAHLAVI VIRUS – A stupid virus that just makes you laugh, but for deleting it you should buy a special American license from Germany.

A scientist, a journalist, and a politician are asked to find a black cat (who doesn’t really exist) in a closed room with the lights off. The scientist gets crazy trying to find a black cat that doesn’t exist inside the darkened room and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. The journalist is unable to catch the black cat that doesn’t exist inside the darkened room, but exits the room proudly proclaiming that he and the scientist can construct a model to describe all his movements with extreme accuracy. The politician walks securely into the darkened room, spends one hour looking for the black cat that doesn’t exits and shouts from inside the room that he has caught it by the neck”.

Western Charlatanism or Western Foolishness ?!

– They say all Iranians are blah blah blah; and all Iranians should suffer, because of Iran’s regime that they love it and aided it in killing and torturing you.
– They are creators of Colonialism, Fascism, Nazism, Holocaust, Gladiatorial Savagery, etc. They have killed millions
of Africans, Indians, native Americans, etc. They exploited almost all nations, and created two world wars and the greatest disasters in human history. They ruled the world, and still rule the world, with the law of the jungle.
– Their politicians and their media still are racist, fascist, and chauvinist. For instance, Romney has said: “Each of us could walk taller and stand straighter than other nations, because we had a gift that no one else in the world shared [!!]. We were Americans [!!]. That meant something special to all of us. We knew it without question [!]. And so did the world [!!]. Those days are coming back. That’s our destiny [!!]”. God Bless Hitler and Mussolini !
– Their anti-immigrant groups, their neo-Nazi groups, their fascists, their terrorists, their religious fanatics, their corrupt politicians, their corrupt systems, their stupid and corrupt media, and their shameful behaviors show you that European Fascism, American Chauvinism, and Western Tribalism, that belongs to the Stone Age, are still very serious problems in the West.
– They call you Iranian, and see you and treat you as one of Iranians that should be punished, because you were born in Iran.
But If you criticize them and their shameful behaviors, or if you defend many Iranians, that are more civilized and wiser than them, they would say : ‘it’s racism’ ! or ‘You are nationalist’.
Iranian Conclusion: Compared to them, animals, including dogs and horses, seem like civilized human beings. These bastards have no shame, because if they had a little bit shame, even 1%, they would die of shame, and would commit suicide.
Western Conclusion: You should treat them like themselves. You should say that all of them should be punished and the world should impose sanction on all of them, because of their regimes and their politicians. It’s less that they really deserve it.
American Conclusion: If the US was like Persia and had a long and glorious history; if the US was not a newborn country that its short history is full of shit, blood, massacre, racism, and horrible dark points; if Americans were not immigrants of different countries and if we had ‘American race’; and if the US was like Persia, and was cradle of civilization, and was the oldest country and greatest civilizaiton of the world, what they do ? They would call themselves ‘God’, and would force other people to worship them ! As old proverbs say: “God knew donkey, and that’s why he didn’t give him many things”

A journalist or a classic intellect is someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but makes you feel it’s your fault. A Monarchist is someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but he just loves barking and talking nonsense. A Mullah or a Basiji is someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but he can convince you that the West is the main supporter of the Mullah regime. An American politician is someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but he can show you how stupid Americans are. An Iranian baboon is someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but he can earn money and get visa by talking nonsense and by betraying people.

When Albert Einstein died, he met three Iranians in the queue outside the Pearly Gates. To pass the time, he asked what were their IQs. The first replied 190. “Wonderful,” exclaimed Einstein. “We can discuss about atomic physics and my theory of general relativity”. The second answered 150. “Good,” said Einstein. “I look forward to discussing the role of nuclear bombs in the quest for world peace”. The third Iranian mumbled 25. Einstein paused, and then said: “Oh, hi, Mr. Reza Pahlavi. What is your forecast for Iran’s future and the future of the Monarchy system?”

The Political Systems

SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The State takes one and gives it to politicians, and pretends they are poor people.
COMMUNISM: You have two cows. The State takes both of them and gives you 1% of the milk.
FASCISM: You have two cows. The State takes both of them, then kill you, and sells your family the milk.
MULLAH SYSTEM before 2009: You have two cows. The State takes both of them, and gives one cow to the West, and gives the milk to the Arabs. But the West, the Left, and the Islamist pretend that you are happy with the Mullahs.
MULLAH SYSTEM after 2009: You have two cows. The State takes both of them, shoots you, and arrests and tortures your family with the help of the West and the Lefts.
EASTERN SYSTEM: You have two cows. The state takes both of them, accidentally kills one and spills the milk in the sewer.
CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull, and then kill other cows, specially your neighbors’ cows
JAPANESE SYSTEM: You have two cows. But because the Japanese are master at inventing new things, you lose your two
cows after a Nuclear disaster in your nuclear reactors that belong to the Stone age.


WESTERN DEMOCRACY: You have two cows. The banker gets the milk, and the State takes one cow as your tax. But sooner or later they will take your second cow for helping the bankrupt banker and the corrupt politicians. RUSSIAN DEMOCRACY: You have two cows. Putin and Medvedev take both of them, and you are very happy that they sell you 2% of the milk. AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: The government promises to give you two cows if you vote for it. But after the election, only the 1% get their cows, while you, the 99%, just get two cows’ horns.
MONARCHY: You have two cows. The Monarch takes both of them, and sell you the milk only if you kiss the Monarch’s ass.
IRANIAN MONARCHY: You have two cows. The Monarch takes both of them, gives the milk to the West, and the West sells you 10% of the milk. And if you protest, the Monarch and the West would kill you. But finally the West will be tired of its old puppet Monarch, and replace it with a new Monarch, who bribe them more.

Q: How many Iranian victims does it take to change a regime in Iran? A1: None. If the West would just leave it alone, it would change itself soon. A2: None, If the West didn’t support the Mullahs and the Iranian traitors, and if the West didn’t aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, it would changed in 2009 A3: None, if the West stops hurting and betraying Iranians inside Iran, and stops supporting Iranian dictators and Iranian bastards, from Reza Pahlavi to Mullahs, it would change soon.

Q: What’s the difference between a Monarchist and a befuddled old man with Alzheimer’s? A: The Monarchist is the one who barks like dogs and bites you. Q: What’s the difference between a Rajavist and a befuddled old man with Alzheimer’s? A: The Rajavist is the one who has a photo of Newt Gingrich, and assassinates you before you can answer this question. Q: What’s the difference between a Basiji and a befuddled old man with Alzheimer’s? A: The Basiji is the one who has a Canadian passport and a guide book, titled: “How to kill and torture Iranians with the help of the West”. Q: What’s the difference between a Mullah and a befuddled old man with Alzheimer’s? A: The Mullah is the one who has a British passport, and knows how to destroy Iran with the help of the UK. Q: What’s the difference between a stupid left (like Chomsky) and a befuddled old man with Alzheimer’s? A: stupid left is the one who still loves Marx’s books, specially the Communist Manifesto.

Some believe in Nation-o-logy. They, for instance, say: Americans are idiot, chauvinist, and religious fanatic. Frenchmen are pussy. Canadians are nude faggots. Britons are liar, shameless, and self-congratulation jerks. Germans are Nazi. Iranians are hypocrite, ass-kisser (Khayemal), and Iran-seller, specially when they live abroad. Arabs are brainless, terrorist, and locust-eater. Russians are happy slaves in a big frozen prison. The Chinese are working ants, who eat ants. But many don’t believe in Nation-o-logy, and say: “You can’t judge a nation, and all people in one country, by any standard. People are not like the dumbest animals or the rare creatures such as Pahlavists and Rajavists who are idiot as Americans, hypocrite as Iranians, liar as Britons, pussy as Frenchmen, slave as Russians, brainless as Arabs, shameless as Mullahs, and savage as animals”.

What is Western Democracy, and When and How the West defends Democracy :

– IRAN 1979, Egypt 2011: Western Democracy means “Supporting Islamists”. The West and its intellects defend Islamists because they know that the majority of people are stupid, and people and puppets of the West can keep the country backward.
– Yemen 2011: Western Democracy means Election with one candidate. Saudi dictator supports the brutal dictator, and finally the brutal dictator goes to the US, and his brutal deputy wins an election show with just one candidate.
Latin America: Western Democracy means Leftist Tyranny. The West and its intellects defend the lifelong dictators, because they know that the majority of people are so stupid, and people and puppets of the Left can keep region stupid and backward.
– Syria 2011: Western Democracy means ‘Stupid Civil war’. The Western intellects defend the brutal dictator, and the Western politicians help him through his British wife. They aid him in killing people, that are really alone. Then the West, the Arab dictators, and other jerks create a very stupid civil war, and then foreign countries try to decide about the destroyed country.
– Iran 2009: Western Democracy means ‘aiding Mullahs in killing the wise Iranians’. The West and its intellects know that Iranians are not stupid and can make a free and strong country. So, they should be brutally suppressed by the help of the West. In 2009, the West starts to show its true colors to all people, because the West and its puppets can’t fool Iranians any longer.
– Japan and Korea: Western Democracy means hate and military dictatorship. The West keeps Korea backward until 1980s, and the Japanese use their hatred of the US to rebuild their ruined country. Of course, Japan and Korea have a good chance. They are small countries in a remote area, and can be used against Russia and China. In fact, God saves them. – Western Europe after WW II: Western Democracy already means war and neo-Barbarism (now, it means corruption and hypocrisy). Only Nuclear Bombs can prevent the West from waging new world wars. Nuclear Bombs don’t allow them to kill or eat each others as before, and they are forced to be a little bit civilized. They rebuild their ruined countries, and Nuclear bombs work as an unwanted godsend for them.
– Eastern Europe after WW II: Western Democracy means Western Betrayals. The West repeatedly betrays the Eastern Europe and it leads to coin a special term: “Western Betrayal”. The West just uses the Eastern Europe and their pain and suffering to win some concessions form USSR. The Eastern Europe is a victim of the cold war and Western betrayals. Finally, God saves them.
– Iran 2012: Western Democracy means ‘sanction and nuclear issue’. Iranians know the true colors of the West and puppets of the West. The West is in deep shit, and confused. They are angry and censor Iranians’ voices. The West openly confesses that they don’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights. It’s the first time that the West and its intellects are forced to show their true colors in this way, and it’s a result of wisdom of a nation that is wiser than today’s Westerners. – Russia: Western Democracy means Putin Tyranny. When the Russians are so stupid, the West is so happy and congratulates Putin in first hours after the Election show. The West and its intellects are so happy that Russians are so stupid and Putin is a stupid version of Stalin.

Conclusion: The stupid utilitarians that only care about their short term interests and exploiting other people, and only the brutal force and the nuclear bombs can stop them and can prevent them from waging war, are animals. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They only love war, neo-barbarism, hatred, slavery, tyranny, and other animal things. What they say about democracy, humanity, freedom, and other human values is a joke, a very stupid joke.

Three Iranian intellects and three Western intellects were going for a trip by train. Before the journey, the Western intellects bought 3 tickets but Iranians only bought one. The Western intellects were glad their stupid colleagues were going to pay a fine. However, when the conductor was approaching their compartment, all three Iranian intellects went to the nearest toilet. The conductor, noticing that somebody was in the toilet, knocked on the door. In reply he saw a hand with one ticket. He checked it and the Iranians saved 2/3 of the ticket price. The next day, the Western intellects decided to use the same strategy- they bought only one ticket, but Iranian intellects did not buy tickets at all! When the Western intellects saw the conductor, they hid in the toilet, and when they heard knocking they handed in the ticket. But they did not get it back, because the Iranian intellects took it and went to the other toilet.

Obama is happy that Mullahs and Arabs aid him in reducing the oil price, and in the 2012 election. But he doesn’t know that Iranians are happier than him. His stupid sanctions and the current stupid farce are very useful for Iran and Iranians. All Iranians can see the true face of the West, and the Mullahs can’t destroy Iran’s oil resources any more. The stupid Arabs fuck their oil resources and sell 10 million barrels for a low price, while Iran’s oil resources are reserved for the future. It’s a historic dream, and all Iranians want that Iran learns to reserve its oil resources, develops other industries and manages itself without oil. Now, Canada thinks that the Middle East’ oil will be finished and then they will sell their stupid tar sand for $2,000 per barrel. But in the future, after the Mullah regime, when Persia is a free and strong country again, as it used to be, the Arabs should suck their camels’ cocks again, while those countries that betrayed Persians in these years should buy Persia’s oil at least $20,000 per barrel, of course, after sucking Iranians’ cocks. The payback time always comes sooner than what you think

As every educated man knows: Work = Power multiplied by (*) Time. And Knowledge = Power, and Time = Money. So, we have: Money = Work divided by ( / ) Knowledge. Thus, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity regardless of the Work done. So, the Less you Know, the more money you Make, and the better life you Have ! Conclusion: The brainless idiots, including politicians and ass-kissers (Khayemals), are the wealthiest and happiest men in the world.

When The West ate Shame and vomited Decency !

June 28, 2012

In the recent weeks, Western countries remind you of an old Persian proverb: “Sharm ro Khordand, Haya ro Ghey Kardand” (they ate shame, and vomited decency). It’s a Persian proverb about the stupid jerks and unashamed people who have no shame, even 1% ! In these days, many things seem like a stupid joke. Let’s take a look at some of these tragic jokes, specially what the stupid West and puppets of the West do and what the angry Iranians say. It’s really funny that the shameless West has forgotten its empty words and its empty gestures about the freedom and democracy. Now, they openly and shamelessly confess: “the only important issue for the West is ‘Nuclear Issue’. ‘Iran’ (not Mullahs) should not have nuclear program. The West only supports the weak and puppet dictators in Iran, who can keep Iran backward and serve the West’s interests”. The people media report: “These days, even animals can understand why Iranians should spit on the West that is hypocrite, stupid, shameless, and brainless. In the recent days, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and a Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidential election, went to Paris, France, and supported the Rajavists (Mujaheds) -a small terrorist and fascist group [that we have already written about them]”. If you know about “The Secrets of Camp Ashraf” (check Archive), and history of Rajavi cult, known as PMOI or MKO, you would understand that if the US openly praised Bin Laden, Hitler, or Mussolini, it would be more acceptable and more useful. Now, Iranians say: “One day the US was a synonym of ‘freedom and democracy’, but that’s history. Now, the American monkeys openly and shamelessly defend the terrorists, the fascists, and the Monarchists. Now, the US has become a synonym for ‘Hypocrisy, Shamelessness, Stupidity, and Indecency'”. For the record, we should write more about the current shameful events in the near future. Of course, our recent articles have been indirect reactions to the current events and the shameless west. Recently, the American media, the British media, the Dutch media, and other stupid Western media openly and shamelessly care about Reza Pofyooz, Iranian Monarchists, and Iranian terrorists, that 99% of Iranians inside Iran hate them. Apparently, it’s the true meaning of American democracy ! As the wise Iranians say: “The stupid West supports the Iranian baboons, from the Fascists to the Monarchists, and shows us how the West loves the freedom and democracy!” Recently, the media reported: “Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) spoke at a closed session of Netherlands’ parliament, and in a similar attempt at publicity, last May Reza Pofyooz sought to meet with the German Parliament’s Human Rights Commission, but apparently with no success”. Recently, the Dutch monkeys in the Dutch media have started to care about Reza Pofyooz and Iranian Monarchists. It’s very funny that Germany and Netherlands have become supporter of Iranian Monarchists, and their stupid media praise the Monarchy system !! We would write more about Germany’s love affair with Iranian Monarchists, but as the Iranian people say: “it’s really shameful that the Dutch faggots ‘have eaten shame and vomited decency’. They openly and shamelessly help Reza Pofyooz and praise the Monarchy, and clearly declare that Germany is still a Nazi Country”. It’s funny to know that the Dutch Foreign Minister has announced that Netherlands will no longer renew or issue visa or residency applications for Iranian researchers and specialist immigrants !. “Apparently, the Dutch Pofyooz in Germany and Netherlands only love the Iranian Pofyooz, the Iranian baboons and the Monarchy system”, funny Iranians say. We have already warned the stupid west about their shameful behaviors, but apparently, the West is as stupid as the Mullahs. We already warned the stupid West that “those countries that work with Iranian Monarchists and Iranian baboons, or try to care about them, should know that this act only has one meaning: ‘Declaring war against Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran‘. And in this way, the West becomes the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran“. I don’t know why the West is so stupid and loves to declare that the West and the US are the number one enemy of the ordinary Iranians and Iran (not the Mullahs). We already told the stupid West: “Open your eyes and look at Feb 14 [, June 15, and other important days in 2012] and see how Iranian people spit on the Iranian baboons, and listen to its warning sounds: ‘Stop supporting the Iranian Baboons, specially the MMM (Mullahs, Monarchists, and Mujadehs) that more than 90% of Iranians hate them. Stop betraying the freedom and democracy in Iran. Otherwise, you will pay a very high price for your betrayals and your shameful behaviors. Iranians inside Iran will never forget your betrayals, and they treat you like a disgusting enemy“. We repeatedly warned the stupid West.

Yesterday, the media reported: “The United States Wednesday backed the Arabs and the United Arab Emirates in their dispute with Iran over three Iranian islands in Persian Gulf. Obama and Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nuhayan met for lunch at the White House and issued a joint call for resolution of the status of the islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb, three Iranian Islands. The joint US and UAE statement said: The United States strongly supports the UAE’s initiative to resolve the issue through the International Court of Justice, or another appropriate international forum. Obama also congratulated the Arabs on the announcement of the opening of a new oil pipeline that would allow supplies to bypass the Strait of Hormuz, a potential choke point in the event of a US military attack on Iran”. The media also added: “UAE and all islands and all small Arab states of Persian Gulf have always been part of Iran, but occupied by Britain in the colonial era. Iran truly rejects any claim to the islands, saying they have always been part of its territory. But [the stupid monkey] Obama clearly declares that the US backs the Arabs and the UAE. Obama and Nuhayan pledged to conduct more military exercises and training and to identify future defense equipment sales”. Now, the witty Iranians say: “The Stupid Monkey (Obama) is a joke. He is a monkey that wants to play the role of Hitler, while he and the stupid Arabs will be the first victims of any war. Dubai can easily become a wasteland again, and at that time the Arab-African Hitler (Obama) and his Arab slaves should suck camel’s cock again ! “. And the wise Iranians add: “The stupid monkey (Obama), the US and the West love the Arabs and the Islamists. They have always supported the Arabs and the Islamists. Now, the stupid monkey (Obama) and other Western jerks openly and shamelessly declare that they are enemy of Persia and Persians, and are friend of the stupid Arabs, the stupid Islamists, and the stupid Mullahs”. And the angry Iranians say: “The US and the West deserve to be fucked by Bin Laden, Arabs and Islamists. Bin Laden had to kill more American bastards; they deserved it“. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) clearly show us that Bin Laden, Arabs, and the US deserve each others, and are exactly like each others. Now, the angry Iranians say: “The US should fuck and exploit Arabs and their oil, and Arabs should fuck and kill Americans. They really deserve each others. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) shows us that the US is exactly like the Arabs. The US is really like a jungle of stupid animals. The stupid monkey (Obama), the stupid donkey (Chomsky), the stupid pig (Gingrich), the stupid dog (Romney), the stupid lefts and the stupid capitalists and other stupid bastards have converted the US into the jungle of idiots or the jungle of the stupid animals. Bin Laden was right, and had to kill more Americans, who live like animals. ‘The land of the free and the home of the brave’ has become the land of the Lie and the home of the Hypocrite. The West is the land of Shamelessness and Charlatanism. The stupid West is still the land of Barbarism, Fascism, Nazism, Racism, Chauvinism, etc, exactly like the past millenniums”. It’s so obvious that Iranians and wise guys should be angry, and should laugh at the American foolishness in the 21st century. As the wise Iranians say: “The West’s IQ and the US’s IQ is less than monkey’s IQ. They support the Arabs, the Arab dictators, the Islamist terrorists, and Bin Laden’s supporters. They support a very small terrorist group that the number of its fans and members is less than 5,000. They clearly show Iranians the true colors of the US and the West. They even don’t think about their own empty words and empty gestures about the freedom and democracy, and now they openly and shamelessly support the Arabs, the terrorists and the anti-democracy forces that 75 millions of Iranians know them and hate them. The West’s IQ is really less than monkey’s IQ”. And the funny Iranians add: “If you say: ‘Americans love Bin Laden; the Jews love Hitler; and humans love serial killers’ it would be more acceptable and more understandable than this claim: ‘Iranians don’t hate the MMM, i.e. Mullahs, Mujaheds, and Monarchists’. But it these days, when the US makes love with the MMM, the stupid Arabs, Islamists, and Arab terrorists, and clearly declares that the US is enemy of Persia and its modern anti-Islamist Persians, you should believe that ‘The US loves Bin Laden, and the West loves terrorists and Islamists’. It’s not joke. It’s part of today’s American Farce that its superstar is a monkey that plays the role of Hitler”.

“In these days, when the US and the West ‘ate shame and vomited decency’, it’s so obvious that Iranians should spit on the West’s dirty face. The stupid US and the stupid West think Iranians are blind, or Iranians are as stupid as Westerners and Noam Chomsky ?! The Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other American baboons are as stupid as the British bastards. They love Goebbels and his tactics, but they have forgotten that all nations and all people are not as stupid as Americans and Britons and Noam Chomsky. Yah, Goebbels advise you to tell the biggest possible lies, but not the stupidest lies. Goebbels, your beloved teacher, didn’t say that you can claim ‘Night is sunny, but Day is dark’. It’s not the biggest possible lie. It’s the stupidest lie, idiots. The American baboons, the British bastards, and other Western faggots don’t know that the 21st century is not the 19th century. Now, Iranians and other nations hate the colonial powers, and sooner or later will teach them a good lesson. Sooner or later, Iranians will topple the Mullah regime, will establish a real Republic system, will try all traitors and puppets of the West (from Mullahs and Reza Pofyooz to Behnoud and Mr. Balatarin), and will restore Great Persia and unite all occupied parts of Great Persia. In 19th century, the savage Tatars and their stupid newborn country (Russia) occupied many parts of Persia, and a small stupid island that was an ancient land of Barbarians (the UK) occupied many parts of Persia, but today is another day. Today or tomorrow, Persians will restore the Great Persia and unite all occupied parts of Persia again. Persians should teach good lessons, including humanity, differences between animals and humans, human civilization, etc to the stupid West and its former Barbarians that now call themselves modern people and make us laugh. Now, even animals can see the West’s true colors and its dirty face”, the angry Iranians say. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry at the stupid West that ‘ate shame and vomited decency’. Unfortunately, the stupid West is still the land of big lies, false claims, and charlatanism. As the wise Iranians say: “Western countries think all people are as stupid as Americans or Noam Chomsky. The stupid West clearly aided the Mullahs in killing the modern Iranians, and now, the stupid West clearly declares that they don’t care about the freedom, democracy, or human rights, and they just care about ‘Nuclear Issue’. They clearly say that ‘Iran’ should be a weak and backward country. They clearly say that Iran (not Mullahs) should not have nuclear program or any other serious technology. They clearly declare that they only support dictators and dictatorship in Iran, because the West just wants to exploit Iran’s oil and Iran’s resources, but the Iranian people are a great obstacle. They know that today’s Iranians are not as stupid as Arabs or Americans. And that’s why they clearly say that Iran should always have a weak and puppet dictator that suppresses Iranians, keeps Iran backward and serves the West’s interests. The stupid West openly and shamelessly supports the terrorists, the Monarchists and other anti-democracy forces in Iran, because it’s the American democracy ! and because ‘these jerks are like the Mullahs in 1979, i.e. because they are good puppets and don’t support Iran’s nuclear programs, and their mission is like the Mullah mission: ‘Destroying Iran, and keeping Iran backward‘. The stupid West openly and shamelessly says that if they can make a good deal with the Mullahs, and if the Mullahs stop Iran’s nuclear programs, the West has no problem with the Mullahs, and the West will aid the Mullahs in destroying Iran and silencing Iranians, as the West aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians in 2009“. They also add: “In 2012, the stupid West didn’t listen to all warnings, and continued to betray Iranians. Now, most of Iranians know that Western countries are still as savage as and as stupid as the Stone Age and the Colonialism Age. Now, most of Iranians have changed their tones or their views about the West, and it’s just ‘the calm before the big storm’. Sooner or later, the stupid West will pay the price of its betrayals”. In fact, Iranians have changed their tones or their views about the West, and we have already written about the major evens in the past months and the past years that led to these changes (check Archive). As the angry Iranians say: “The stupid West openly and shamelessly supports the stupid Arabs or the Iranian baboons, from Iranian terrorists and Iranian Monarchists to Iranian Islamists, that more than 99% of the Iranian people hate them all. The stupid West openly and shamelessly tries to betray Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. The stupid West deserves to be called ‘the shameless West’. But they should know that sooner or later the shameless West should eat the shit. The payback time is not very far away”. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry at the West. And it’s funny to know that many Americans are angry at Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and their corrupt politicians, too. They make funny cartoons, like below and above cartoons, that shows the true face of Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other Western politicians.

“The shameless way the stupid West and the stupid left lie about the freedom and democracy is so funny. They say they hate the Mullahs, the Islamists, or the terrorists, but they didn’t support the wise anti-Islamist Iranians, and instead, they supported the stupid Islamists in Egypt and the Arab world, and aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing the wise anti-Islamists Iranians in Iran. And now they support a terrorist group and the stupid Arabs without shame. In 2009, when the Iranian people asked the stupid West to put pressure on the Mullahs, the West not only refused, but aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, and forgot its sanction game or its empty words and its empty gestures about democracy, but now they desperately impose sanction and put pressure on the ordinary Iranians in the name of nuclear issue, while tens of thousands of Mullahs, Mullah killers, Mullah crooks, and Mullah Mafia still live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc“, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The West and the Western bastards have an IQ of 50-. When even most of Iranian figures who are monarchists in principle try to call themselves otherwise, because they know how Iranians hate monarchists and Reza Pofyooz, the stupid West clearly support monarchists !” Of course, as the funny Iranians say: “Both Reza Pofyooz and the West are brainless. Reza Pofyooz and Iranian Monarchists are like the Mullahs, and get money from Arabs, specially from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE, and kiss Saudi dictator’s ass, but at the same time they pretend that they are anti-Arabs ! Reza Pofyooz and Iranian Monarchists are as stupid as their Western employers, who pretend that they hate Bin Laden and the stupid Arabs, but they openly and shamelessly help and support the stupid Arabs and Bin Laden’s supporters”. Some ask: “Why the stupid West support the anti-democracy forces in Iran?” The answer is obvious. As the wise Iranians truly say: “In May 25, 2012, the stupid Deutsche Welle had an interview with Reza Pofyooyz (Reza Pahlavi) titled ‘I principally oppose nuclear energy for Iran‘. It’s your answer. In 1974, the Shah and Iran’s regime, that was pro-West, wanted to have nuclear program. But do you know what happened after that? The Mullahs repeated Pahlavi’s today’s words, i.e. what the West dictated to both the Mullahs and Reza Pofyooz, and said: ‘Why Iran should have nuclear program, while Iran has oil and gas resources. Nuclear energy is harmful, is not clean, is expensive, and it doesn’t solve our problems”. And then the West tried to change Iran’s regime, and toppled the Shah and made the Mullahs Iran’s ruler. Of course, the stupid West could succeed because the majority of Iranians were so stupid. But today, many things have changed, and the majority of Iranians know the West and puppets of the West well”. Some ask: “Why the West should be so stupid, and should reveal its true colors in this way?”, and some answer: “Maybe, the West has reached the end of the line, and knows that puppets of the West and the Western empty words and gestures can’t fool the Iranian people any longer. They know that today’s Iranians are not stupid, and it confuses them and makes them angry. And it’s a good news”. We have already warned the Western bastards. If you check our archive, you can see that we clearly and repeatedly warned that the stupid West and those who impose sanctions or war on Iranians in the name of nuclear issue, while they ignore human rights, freedom and democracy, and the Iranians’ rights, they will become the number one enemy of all Iranians. But they didn’t listen to warnings. And now, many Iranians say: “The Westerners are bastards. These bastards aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing the anti-Mullah Iranians. These jerks betrayed the freedom and democracy in Iran, but still refuse to apologize to Iranians. These bastards only want to destroy Iran with the help of Mullahs, old enemies of Persia, and Iranian baboons, who all are puppets of the West“. It’s so obvious that Iranians never forget the Western betrayals in the past three years. But we warn the west that they should stop sowing the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts. Otherwise, the younger generations of Iranians will hate the US and the West, and sooner or late they will seek revenge. The younger generations of Iranians are wise, educated, and modern. They can teach a very good lesson to the stupid West, if the West continues to betray them and human values. Now, they say: “If Americans love the Monarchy and Monarchists, why they don’t establish a Monarchy system in the US ?! Americans can kiss the British Queen’s ass again, because the number of Monarchists in the US is much more than Iran”. They also add: “In today’s Iran, Guillotines are ready for entertaining the worthless mercenaries like Reza Pofyooz, Monarchists, Rajavists, and the last Shah and the last dictators. In the 21st century, Iranians inside Iran are not foolish enough to allow the Americans to impose a new Monarchy system or a new puppet regime on Iran. The Mullah regime and the Pahlavi regime both were puppet regimes, and both had a single shape: the Monarchy. But now, Iranians hate both the Monarchy and puppets of the West. Now, Iranians know that the West still rules the world with the law of the jungle, and that’s why Iran should have all modern technologies and all modern weapons, including nuclear bombs. Sooner or later the Great Persia, that is the cradle of civilization and the ancient home of tolerance and human rights, will be restored and Great Persia will become the main supporter of freedom, democracy, and human rights in the world. Great Persia and Persians, that have written the first charter of human rights, will not allow the stupid upstarts and the former Barbarians to rule the world with the law of the jungle“. Once again, I warn the West that Iranians inside Iran are watching them. Iranians inside Iran are very angry, specially at the stupid West, and today’s silence is just ‘the calm before the storm’

Sadeq Hedayat, an Iranian Intellectual

June 25, 2012

Human history is full of pseudo-intellectuals and intellectual mercenaries that aided politicians and bad guys in controlling and manipulating people. As the wise guys say: “To this day, ‘X’ percent of the so-called intellectuals have been pseudo-intellectuals or intellectual mercenaries. In Iran X = 99%, and in the West, in the best case, X = 90%. The real intellectuals only care about the truth. They are wise, original, and open-minded. Nobody can sell them, and they don’t care about money, power, politics, and low level needs”. In fact, the real intellectuals are very very rare. And Sadeq Hedayat (1903 -1951) is one of these rare creatures. When the Iranian intellects were so stupid and their views were just a pure imitation of others, Sadegh Hedayat could think independently, and felt and saw the socio-political problems of his own time better than others. Hedayat attacked the two major causes of Iran’s destruction, the Monarchy and the Mullahs. When Iranian intellects were hypocrite and Khayemal (ass-kisser), and when many Westerners and their intellects were stupid and praised Capitalism, Marxism, Fascism, or Nazism, Hedayet was wise and struggled against flattery and hypocrisy. In 1937, in a letter to his friend (Minovi) Hedayat wrote: “Youre talking just like everyone else. You think when Europeans describe Goebbels or Hitler as the genius of all times, you should believe it and praise Hitler. But I say, we should spit on the face of Goebbels and Hitler both”. Hedayat can show us that Iranians always could be wise and modern, even more than their Western counterparts. Of course, Hedayat had his own weak points, like other humans. But the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals, that don’t suffer from Hedayat’s weak points, praise him a lot, because he was not stupid in the Age of Stupidity. Sadegh Hedayat was born to an Iranian aristocratic family in Tehran. Many of his family members were ranking state and military officials, both in the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s funny to know that both Hedayat and Khomeini were born in the first years of the 20th century (Khomeini was born in 1900), but they lived in two different planets! In 1915, Hedayat went to Dar ol-Fonoon – the first modern school in Iran that was established in the mid 19th century and had European teachers. He was bad at math, and liked history and literature. His family then registered him at the Saint Louis Academy in Tehran. As his friends said: “In 1925, he was among the first students in Reza Shah’s era that traveled to Europe to continue their studies (Iranian students went to Europe at least since the 1830s). There, he initially went on to study engineering in Belgium, after a year he gave this up to study architecture in France. While there, he gave up architecture to pursue dentistry. And after four years in France and Belgium, he finally surrendered his scholarship and returned home in the summer of 1930 without receiving a degree. In Europe, he abandoned all classic studies to spend his time traveling, sightseeing, and learning what he wants. But he was under pressure to be a ‘normal student’. In 1927, Hedayat attempted suicide by throwing himself into the river Marne, however he was rescued. ‘I jumped into Marne from a bridge, but I didn’t know that a young couple were making love in a boat right under the bridge [!]. They immediately jumped into the river and took me out”, Hedayat told his close friend, Taqi Razavi”. From 1925 to 1930, Hedayat lived in Europe, and could see the differences between Iran and Europe.


“Hedayat’s letters to his family show us that he was a bad student, and behaved like stupid rich kids. But he was not able to pursue his studies in a field of his choice, and it was the main problem”, some say. Hedayat’s letters to his brothers and his parents were full of stupid complaints about shortage of funds. He was a rich kid, and enjoyed government scholarship and his parents’ money, but he always asked for money, and wanted to buy new clothes and other things. It was his main weak point at that time, but in later years he changed a lot and became a wise man. Back in Tehran, his family tried to persuade him to return to Europe and pursue his studies in a field of his choice, but he refused. It’s unclear why he refused to return to Europe. Maybe, he was tired of Europe. But very soon he was tired of Iran, too. As the wise guys say: “People like him could not, and still can not, live in both Iran and Europe, because many serious problems, including idiocy, fanaticism, hypocrisy, racism, chauvinism, charlatanism, the visa system, politics, etc hurt them a lot”. Unfortunately, if you want to be wise and independent, you can’t live your own life, in where you want and with those you want. The politicians and other bad guys hate the wise and independent people. Of course, Heyadat was so lucky, because he had influential friends and family. In 1930, when Iran and the whole world suffered from a very serious economic crisis, Hedayat had to find a job. But with the help of family and friends, he found a job in Bank Melli (National Bank of Iran). He worked there until 1933, but he hated the job and described it as boring and stupid. He hated all his jobs, and that’s why he changed his job regularly. Hedayat worked at the Department of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affaire, the government construction firm, etc but Hedayat, like today’s Iranians, could not have an intellectual job. It is still a dream for Iranians. Heyadat could not live by writing or doing other intellectual activities. But he wrote his books, including his short stories, and tried to publish some of them by his own money. But censorship was a serious problem. In 1936, Hekmat that was the Minister of Science (Maaref) declared that Hedayat could not publish his works in Iran for 5 years, and Hedayat was forced to sign an official pledge. Reza Kachal (Reza Shah) had become a brutal dictator, and Hedayat wanted to leave the big prison (Iran) by any means. In 1936, at the invitation of an influential friend (Partow), and with the help of his family, Hedayat left Iran and went to Bombay (India), where he wrote and published some of his main works. In India, in a letter to Minovi, Hedayat wrote: “somebody is pimp, and somebody else kisses ass, and till the end of their days they live with honor [!] and enjoy a living from what they do; but [we can’t, and] our shitty life is full of shit and disaster. But at least, I got rid of that rotten shitty cemetery (Iran), and tomorrow can be another day. Here, at least you can find many wise educated people“. Hedayat knew that kissing ass is the main secret of success in Iran and the world, but he could not be an ass-kisser. In a letter to Minovi, he wrote: “I’m really stupid, and bad at kissing ass. If I was able to kiss ass, like other Iranian ass-kissers that have become somebody, I could make a good money here in India. Indians and their Maharajas respect me a lot, but my foolishness led to unnecessary Gondeh Guzi (means ‘big farts’, ‘big claims’, ‘gesture of honors’, etc). I even rejected their train tickets”. It’s funny to know that all great men in human history, lived with some sort of “Gondeh Guzi”! and didn’t sell themselves easily. Anyway, after his return to Persia in 1937, Hedayat drifted between clerical jobs once again until one of his influential friends (Minbashian) chose him to head the secretariat of the newly instituted Office of Music. He was also a member of the editorial board of its journal, Music Journal. In fact, as the wise guys say: “his powerful family and friends always saved him, otherwise Hedayat could not live and work in Iran and died of starvation”. As his friends said: “in 1941, when the UK and Russian attacked Iran and toppled Reza Shah, the Office of Music and its journal were closed down; and Hedayat ended up as a translator at the Faculty of Fine Arts, an insignificant position with little to do that he held for the rest of his life. They didn’t have any thing for translation, and he just went there one hour a day, and got money”. In 1937, before his return to Tehran, the Pahlavi regime arrested some of his leftist friends, and he wrote to Minovi: “Oh, we are forced to live with such a stupid, mean, motherf-u-c-k-er creatures. Such a shitty era, and such a stupid life”. He was right. That era was so shitty and unbearable, like our era. We still are forced to live with many ‘stupid, mean, motherf-u-c-k-er creatures’ ! (Mojudat-e Past-e Ahmagh-e MaderGhahbeh)


I think Hedayat’s letters are the most important works of him, much more important than his stories. Some love his stories, specially the Blind Owl (1936), but I think Hedayat’s letters are his best works. His short stories, including Mr. Bow Wow (1934) or the Creation Myth (1936), and many other short stories, were not bad, but Hedayat’s letters are the best, and can show us many things about Hedayat, his thoughts and his time. Hedayat’s letters also show us his sense of humor, and why he is one of the best satirist. Hedayat and his close friends lived like today’s Iranians, and their jokes and their language were exactly like what you can see in today’s Iran. Hedayat witty and satirical remarks are really funny, and are among the best in Persian language. But if you want to enjoy Hedayat’s humor, you should know Persian, otherwise you can’t understand his terms, his sarcastic notes, his plays with words, or his funny remarks. You can’t translate Hedayat’s works; the translation can destroy everything. Hedayat and his a few close friends were so funny. Hedayat used many funny terms about his friends and other things. For instance, Hedayat joked with one of his friends, Hassan Qa’emian, and called him “Qonbol Mian” (that you can translate it as “a ready ass in the middle”). If you want to read a good Persian satirical work, you should read Hedayat’s letters, or “the Pearl Cannon” that is like his letters. “Hedayat and his friends gathered in downtown teahouses and cafes, and talked about serious things, and also laughed at the stupid politicians and the stupid and conservative literati, such as Nafisi, Foruzanfar, etc. We were the satellites revolving around him”, his friends said. In fact, Hedayat was not a sad man, as many idiots say. Hedayat saw many horrible problems and spoke about them satirically. Hedayat was a ‘special man’, and you can know him and his time by his letters. Hedayat’s letters to his close friends, including letters to Tagi Razavi, from 1925 to 1932, letters to Mojtaba Minovi, from 1936 to 1944, and letters to Shahid-Nuraei, from 1947 to 1950, not only show his wisdom and his sense of humor, but show many things about Iran and Iranians at that time. Hedayat was wise and honest, and only sought the truth, and these characteristics are defining characteristics of great men. Hedayat knew his own weak points. For instance, he knew that using drugs is stupid, and it’s one of his main weak points. In a letter to Jamalzaeh, Hedayat wrote: “I’m so tired of everything. I just kill days, and every night after doing drugs, I bury myself and spit on my grave. But it’s one of my miracles that next morning I wake up again”. He saw many horrible problems and got depressed, like many other wise guys. “In Hedayat’s era, the life was so hard (for instance, there was no electricity) and so stupid, and Iran and the world were full of illiterate and ignorant people. Hedayat’s views about many things, were like today’s views. But in his own time, he was in the minority”, the wise guys say. In a letter, Hedayat wrote: “Everything is full of shit here. Life, weather, killing time, everything … Today’s weather was so shitty, 37c (100 f) in my room. What can I do in this shitty weather? It’s the gifts of our dear country for us. [Europeans have a lovely summer, but we have a pure hell]. In this hot shitty weather, you can’t leave your house, and you can’t do anything … We went to Shemiran, but again, the hot weather. ‘Bar Pedaresh Lanat’ ! (damn his father; or damn it) … Yesterday, In Razavi’s house, I listened to some Indian ‘Mezghun’ (music), for just getting rid of Iranian music. It was like a freedom message. In the hell, they have such large snakes, that you are forced to take refuge with dragons [!]“. Unfortunately, we still are forced to choose between the great evils. Anyway, Hedayat was honest and humble, and hated empty gestures. In 1945, the Russian Culture House in Uzbekistan, asked Hedayat to write an autobiography of himself, and Hedayat wrote: “I hate talking about myself, as much as I hate the American propaganda. The details of my life is really stupid, and I think talking about your own life is stupid. It reminds me of selling an old donkey in Bazaar, when the seller talk bout the characteristics of the old donkey. My life is not special. I don’t have any special degree. I have not been a special student, and I don’t have any special success. My life is full of failure. My employers always hated me, in a way that when I was resigned, they became very happy [!] The world sees me as a useless pathetic man, and maybe it’s the truth”. Of course, Hedayat was one of the wisest men of his own time. In 1937, he wrote: “We will see a new world War in the near future; God bless the Stone Age, that its people were wiser, and more free and human than this shitty era”. Hedayat was really wiser than many westerner intellects.


Hedayat had become disgusted with almost every aspect of life in Iran, including music, religious beliefs, customs, people, and political system. He called Iran, among other things, the land of shit (Gandestan), a toilet (Khela), a stinking stifling cemetery. In the past 300 years, Iran has really been a toilet (Khela) and the land of shit (Gandestan). In Hedayat’s era, the Monarchists, the Mullahs, the Mercenaries, and their Western employers had destroyed Iran. Most of people were illiterate and stupid. And the world was so stupid. In these conditions, Hedayat expressed his angers by his own satirical words. He called Europe “Belade Khaj Parastan” (the land of clubs-worshipers) ! In 1950, in a letter to a young friend (Farzad), Hedayat wrote: “In Belade Khaj Parastan, you should learn some new gestures, and if you were so clever, you would marry to a European maid, and then you return to your homeland. And here, if your wife was pretty and attractive, you would progress very rapidly [!]”. Hedayat didn’t marry, and valued freedom from social bonds. As his friends said: “He had affairs with his female friends, but his family could not accept his lifestyle. He was not close to any members of his immediate family. His mother and father loved him, but could not understand him”. Hedayat’s letters to his family, even his last letters in 1951, show that Hedayat, as a member of an aristocratic family, treated his parents like the traditional noblemen. And that’s why some ask: “How Hedayat could refuse to marry, while his family, and almost all Iranians were so traditionalist?“. Jahangir Hedayat, his nephew, says: “Hedayat’s father repeatedly asked him to marry. One day, Hedayat’s father ask a family friend to ask him to marry. That friend talked with him about his father’s request and said his father wants to see his grandchildren. But after some days, Hedayat gave him a cloth that was full of semen, and said: ‘Show him his grandchildren’. And after that time his father didn’t ask him to marry”. As the wise guys say: “Hedayat saw little merit in the institution of marriage, but people could not accept his lifestyle. At that time, most of people in Iran and the world, including Hedayat’s friends and family, cared about the standard life, but If Hedayat didn’t exist, who knew Hedayat’s friends who had a standard life, like ‘Qonbol Mian’ or Hedayat’s brothers, who were political figures? Now, we know Hedayat’s family and friends, only because of their connections with Hedayat, who had a special life”. In fact, the normal life or the standard life can be so stupid and meaningless, if you just want to live like sheep. Hedayat had his own special life, but many idiots still talk nonsense about him. As his friends said: “Hedayat had his own girlfriends and his own affairs with Theress, a French girl (the above pix shows Hedayat, Theress, and her mother), Indian girls, Maryam Firuz, that later became a leader of the Iranian Communists (Tudeh Party) and others. He had fallen in love with two sisters in India”. Jahangir Hedayat, his nephew, says: “Hedayat was Intellectual, not a Hashari (horny thug)! He had affair with some women. He was not a gay, and he was not a Hashari (horny thug)”. In 1951, in one of his last letters, Hedayat wrote to a close friend (Anjavi): “Say hello to that lady, and kiss her on behalf of me, a very big kiss (Mach Kharaki)”. Unfortunately, many idiots still think producing children is the most important job of humans. These idiots talk nonsense about those who don’t want to impose this shitty life on children. Anyway, Hedayat was wise and also funny. In a letter to Minovi, he wrote: “If you can find a lazy job for me, a typical lazy job like this: only 2 hours works per week, plus regular Bendaz (s-e-x); I would make you a popular figure in Iran. Take it serious”.


Hedayat was wise and rare, while most of his friends and Iranian intellects were so stupid. They loved empty gestures and stupid imitations. But Hedayat was original. His close friends said: “He hated empty gestures. He used to say: Finally, this mater, like most of matters, remained ‘unknown’ for me. He just cared about the truth”. Hedayat was a rich kid, but was not like other rich kids in Iran, who were stupid, hypocrite and Khayemal (ass-kisser) like their families. These jerks, from Forughi and Hoveyda to Bozorg Alawi, Nushin, Firuz, Tabari, etc, were political whores or pseudo-intellectuals. Most of these idiots were members of the Tudeh Party (the Iranian Communists). They became Communist or Marxist, because it was in fashion, but Hedayat criticized both the lefts and the rights, and just care about the truth. For instance, the support of the Tudeh Party for the Soviet-inspired revolt in Azerbaijan in 1945, greatly upset Hedayat, and he openly and strongly attacked the Communists and the Tudeh Party. He had always been a severe and open critic of politicians and fanatics, and his break with the Tudeh intellects, resulting in much personal antagonism and vilification from them. Only a few Iranian intellects, including Dehkhoda and Jamalzadeh, could understand him. Hedayat was a real intellectual, and knew the world and the history. He was not like Jalal Al-e Ahmad or Ali Shariati, the famous Iranian pseudo-intellectuals that the wise Iranians spit on them now. Recently, the Mullah TV showed a documentary movie about Al-e Ahmad, and they made a funny confession: “Those intellects who praised Al-e Ahmad in the past decades, don’t want to talk about him and his [stupid] thoughts any more. They feel a lot of shame. They hate him now”. In fact, the pseudo-intellectuals are straw hero, and sooner or later people know their true face, spit on them and forget them. Hedayat did not join any group and any party. He knew the main problems. In 1947, Hedayat wrote: “the so-called imperialists have converted my country into a big prison“. In fact, our pain and suffering in the recent years is like Hedayat’s pain and suffering. In the past 300 years, the West and its puppets have converted Iran into a big prison. They don’t allow the wise Iranians to leave the big prison (Iran). As the wise guys say: “Hedayat was wise and independent, and that’s why politicians hated him. Hedayat’s the Pearl Cannon was a spit on both politicians and clergymen. Many think Hedayat was anti-religion, but they don’t know that his letters began with ‘Ya Hagh’ (Hi God). In a letter to Shahid Nouraei in 1947, Hedaya wrote about the Pearl Cannon: ‘I want to write something that is like spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Maybe, I can’t publish it, but it’s not important. At least they can’t tell themselves ‘he was a stupid; he was a good donkey [good sheep]’. Hedayat saw the main problems of his own time, but now, when all Iranians spit on Mullahs and Islamists, and Iran is full of spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them, the idiots and the Iranian expats try to imitate Hedayat. These bastards don’t know both Hedayat and the main problems”. Hedayat knew the true face of the West and Islamists. As the wise guys say: “When the Islamists started to assassinate the independent thinkers in the 1940s, he knew them and their logic. He used to say: ‘Kasi ke az Khodaye Joon Dade Natarse, az Bande Koon Dadash Nemitarse” (Those who have no fear of God, don’t have any fear of his men (the faggots), too). He knew that Islamists and other fanatics can not solve their legitimacy crisis by killing others”. We have already written about Fanatics logic and Islamists logic in Iran. “If you express your views or your thoughts, they will kill you, or they will torture you to accept their views or what they want, and then they call it ‘free discussion’ or ‘Islamic freedom’ !”. In his last years, i.e. in the dark years after the world war II, he could not live in Iran any longer, and tried to flee from Iran by any means, but Europe was full of shit, too. In 1951, Hedayat wrote [to Anjavi]: “I’m not happy here (in France). But I’m sorry why I could not flee from that shitty country sooner “.


“I’m not in the mood for complaint and ‘Chos Naleh’; I can’t deceive myself any longer; [My life in Iran] is like a disgusting imprisonment in a dirty, shameless, motherf-u-c-k-er prison. There is no escape”, Hedayat wrote in a letter to Jamalzadeh in 1948. Hedayat badly wanted to leave the big prison (Iran), but they didn’t allow him. In his last years, he was disappointed at this shitty world. In a letter, he wrote: “Even I don’t want to travel, and that old zeal for traveling to Europe has been killed in my heart. I don’t care about this illusion any longer. I just bury my days, one after another, without any regret. All things in our shitty country belong to special people. Joy, happiness, travel, all things”. It’s funny to know when you read Hedayat’s last letters, you think he lives in today’s Iran! In 1948, in a letter to Shahid-Nuraei, he wrote: “Only the kids of crooks, thieves, and spies can go to the West, not us. All doors are closed, and I don’t want to deceive myself“. The Shah regime didn’t allow Hedayat to leave Iran. In 1947, he was invited to a conference in Paris, but he was not allowed to leave Iran. And in 1944, in his last letter to Minovi, he wrote: “Like that illusion of that blind person, I thought and worked for getting passport and visa and traveling to ‘Belad Khaj Parastan‘ (Europe), but it was not allowed”. In 1948, in a letter to Shahid-Nuraei, he wrote: “In these days, in this shitty country, all things are so stupid and ridiculous. You even can’t laugh at it. I try to find a way to get a visa, and a leave with salary”. As his friends said: “When his brother in Law (Razmara) became the prime minister, and his brother (Mahmoud) became the deputy PM, his close friends managed to get him a four-month leave of absence from Tehran University on medical grounds. They were forced to use fake documents. The Khayemals (ass-kissers) that hated Hedayat – including Siasi, the president of Tehran University- stopped hurting him for a while, because of Razmara. Hedayat did not participate in his family’s social life, and just saw Razmara once a year, during Nowruz (the new year). But the Khayemals didn’t know this, and his friends used his family’s influence to solve his problems”. Finally, Hedayat sold his books and left for Paris at the end of 1950, hoping that he would find a job somewhere in Europe and stay there with the help of friends. But his hopes were quickly dashed. “It was difficult to obtain a residency permit for France or to obtain a visa for other Western countries, including Switzerland, where Jamalzadeh lived; and the possibility of going to London, where Farzad resided, failed to materialize”, his friends said. The stupid visa system in the West hurt Iranians like today. In a letter, Hedayat wrote: “Visay Shiayan Ali (visa for the Shiite [Iranians]) has a stupid story”. Even in today’s world, “Visay Shiayan Ali” (visa for Iranians) has a stupid and shameful story. The stupid West is still as stupid as before. In his last months, Hedayat had nothing but bad luck. He hoped that his close friend, Shahid-Nuraei that was a senior Persian diplomat in Paris, would be able to help him to find a job there, but Shahid-Nuraei was terminally ill. Hedayat’s European friends, including French scholar Henri Massé, that just praised him after his death, could not secure a job for him when we was alive. His friends said: “He unsuccessfully tried to have his leave extended. His medical leave ended in April 1951. He had no jobs or permits to enable him to stay in Europe, and the remainder of his money could only sustain him for a short period. It made him seek refuge in alcohol and drugs. Moreover, his brother-in-law (Razmara) was assassinated in March 1951. And when his family lost their political power again, the Khayemals (ass-kissers) and his friends forgot him. [Those years were years of war and assassination. In 1948, the Tudeh party tried to assassinate the fledgling Shah. And in 1951, the Islamists assassinate Razmara]. Hedayat had many friends, both Iranian and European, in Europe. But they didn’t help him before his death. They were not real friends, and only after his death they tried to make use of his name. He had no jobs and permits, and he didn’t want to return to the big prison (Iran). On 9 April 1951, he committed suicide by gassing himself in a small rented apartment on 37 Rue Championnet. He placed the money for his grave and his burial, in his side wallet in plain view. He didn’t want that even his dead body returned to Iran. He was buried at the division 85 of Père Lachaise cemetery”. His stay in Paris lasted four months, and Hedayat tried hard to stay in Europe, but the stupid Western system was as stupid as the Iranian system. “I am tired of this shitty world and this shitty life. I pass the night in a situation much worse than that of a sentenced criminal. I am tired of life. Nothing gives me incentive or comfort, and I cannot deceive myself any longer. A gap has severed the line of communication between life, circumstances, etc., and me. We cannot understand each other any more”, Hedayat wrote in a letter. Hedayat was a stranger in his own homeland, and also in the West. All politicians hated him, because he was wise, honest and frank. The Pahlavi regime, the Mullah regime, and the West hated Hedayat, because he was a real intellectual and didn’t sell his soul. Unfortunately, the real intellectuals still live like a stranger in their own homeland and in this shitty world. It’s really shameful.

For more information:

[ Unfortunately, almost all online resources about Sadegh Hedayat are unacceptable. In 2010, Jahangir Hedayat, Hedayat’s nephew, said that the US shut down Sadeq Hedayat’s official website
(http://www.sadeghhedayat.info/). I don’t know why they closed down a non-political and literary website, but apparently, the wise and independent guys should be silenced even after their deaths ! ]

[1] Iranica’s articles about Hedayat .
[2] “Sedeq Hedayat’s Letters”, a book by Baharlo that is a good collection of Hedeyat’s letters and his friends’ recollections about him. [3] “Sedeq Hedayat: 82 letters to Hassan Shahid Nuraei”, a book by Pakdaman, that is about Hedeyat’s letters to Shahid Nuraei.
[4] English translations of some of Hedayat’s stories .

Canadian Bastards, Mullahs, and Canadian Farce

June 22, 2012

“This July, Mullahs and Basiji Students in Canada want to have a summit at the large and well-appointed NAV Centre in Cornwall, Ontario. The Montreal Toheed Society plans the conference. This society is a network of Basiji thugs and Mullah students in Canada. The conference’s major sponsor is Iran’s Higher Education Advisory (HEA), another Mullah organization in Canada”, the people media report. Recently, the West only shows its true face (its dirty face) to Iranians. The angry Iranians say: “The Canadian bastards and Stephen Farter (Harper) create many problems for the ordinary Iranians, because the Canadian bastards in Ottawa, and their masters in Washington, only love Islamists, Mullahs, crooks, thieves, killers, rapists, and idiots. They hate the wise and normal people, who can see the truth”. In the recent days, you can hear many shameful news, and you can understand why Iranians should love the West ! The people media report: “Ten Iranian-Canadian academics have written a letter to Carleton University President to criticize the university for hosting a conference honoring Khomeini, founding dictator of the Mullah regime. The conference, titled ‘The Islamic Awakening and Imam Khomeini’s Thoughts [!!]‘. The Mullah embassy is particularly active at Carleton University in Ottawa. The Mullah Cultural association of Carleton University is led by son of a Mullah diplomat, Hamid Mohammadi. The Mullah embassy’s cultural centre regularly joins with the Carleton student group to co-sponsor events”. It’s really shameful. “Fuck you Canada; Canada has become the land of Mullah killers and Mullah crooks. Fuck you Canada; Canada has become the land of Mullahs, Islamists, terrorists, killers, and rapists. Fuck you Canada, the land of stupid protesters, stupid faggots, and the stupid sheep. Fuck you Canada”, the angry Iranians say. It’s really shameful that the stupid Canadians should live in the free world and should make fun of ‘protest’ and protesters, but the wise Iranians should live under a medieval tyranny that the West loves it and supports it. It’s really shameful.


Recently, the people media reported: “the Mullah embassy in Canada is sponsoring a panel at York University on ‘Islam and the Challenges of Modernity [!!]’, that is a panel on ‘Islam and the Challenges of Killing and Raping the Modern Iranians with the Help of the West’ [!!!] The panel’s co-sponsors are the Thaqalayn Muslim Association, a York student group, and the Organization of Imam Reza Circle, that is another Mullah organization in Canada for Islamists, Basiji thugs and Mullah Gestapo”. The angry Iranians say: “Canada has become the home of Basiji thugs, Mullah Gestapo, Islamist killers, and Islamist crooks. The Canadian bastards in Ottawa have fucked Canada. But the stupid Canadians only make fun of themselves by their stupid protest. Canada Bill 78 is a great historical shame for Canada, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The shameful story of Mullahs and Canada is more important than Bill 78″. Some angry Iranians use satire as a tool to talk about the Canadian Farce and the Canadian foolishness. They talk about the Mullah Dictionary and the Canadian Dictionary, that are Orwellian dictionaries. They say: “The words in these dictionaries are Orwellian words. For instance, War = peace; Human rights = Nuclear issue; Human values = The law of the jungle. In the Canadian Dictionary, you can find these words: “Democracy = Bill 78; Freedom = Bill 78 + Mullahs in Canada; Protest = nudity, kiss, drug, s-e-x, fun; Let’s protest = let’s have s-e-x, let’s have fun, let’s kiss, lets do drug, let’s make a fool of ourselves, etc”. And in the Mullah Dictionary, you read: “Canada = the land of Mullahs, Islamists, Basiji brothers, Terrorist brothers, and the nude faggots and prostitutes whose brain is in their ass; Democracy = We decide for your life, and the West supports us; Freedom = you are free to do what we dictate to you, and the West aids us in silencing you; Protest = blood, murder, torture, rape; tracking and killing people with the help of the West; Let’s protest = let’s be killed; let’s be tortured;”


Only when you live in Iran, under the medieval Mullah tyranny, you can understand the depth of Iranians’ anger. When the stupid West impose stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but make love with the Mullah killers and the Mullah crooks, and when the stupid West aided the Mullahs in silencing the wise anti-Islamist Iranians, but helped the stupid Islamist Egyptians and created the current stupid Farce in Egypt, it’s so obvious that Iranians should hate the West and should spit on the stupid West. Now, we only hear the voice of bad guys in the West. I don’t know why the good guys are silent or invisible, and why the Iranians should only see the dirty face of the bad guys in the West. It’s really disappointing, much more than the story of Iranian exapts, who are the dumbest and the most disgusting creatures in the world. The Iranian expats that live in the West and are master at kissing ass and eating extra shit, are really disgusting creatures. As we said before, the West only allows the sheep and the stupid bastards to leave the big prison (Iran), and that’s why most of the Iranian expats are worse than pigs, and the number of wise Iranian expats is so small. Do you know how the Iranian expats protest, for instance about the Canadian bastards’ love affair with the Mullahs? Only a very small group talk or write about this issue, and others say: “The Mullahs and Basiji thugs upset the Iranian expats [who are stupid and coward]. We fear that if we oppose the Mullah regime, our anti-regime activities will be reported back to Tehran endangering our families [!]”. But it’s funny to know that these stupid bastards, i.e. the spineless cowards that live in the free world, criticize Iranians inside Iran ! and say: “Why Iranians inside Iran don’t protest? Why they don’t kill themselves ?! They are coward and stupid !”. It’s what the funny Iranians call it “Goh Ziadi Khordan” (Eating extra shit). The Iranian expasts are really the most disgusting creatures in the world. In the best case, their role models are the stupid Westerners who love Chomsky and making fun of protesting.


“The Mullahs have created a sense of fear in Canada and USA [!!]”, Iranian exapts say. And when Iranians inside Iran hear such bullshits, they tell the Iranian expats: “So, instead of eating extra shit and talking nonsense about Iranians inside Iran, Close your dirty mouths and die of shame, you the stupid bastards. You, the motherf-u-c-k-ers, should kiss the balls of Iranians inside Iran, that millions of them fought against the Mullahs, and tens of thousands of them were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and the West, but you the worthless pigs betrayed them”. Unfortunately, many of Iranian expats get money and betray Iranians inside Iran. As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranian expats, that live in the free world, should help the Iranians inside Iran, but these bastards just create further problems for Iranians. Many of them are mercenaries that are paid by the West, the Mullahs, the Monarchists, etc, and betray the Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran. The Iranians inside Iran need media, but the Iranian expats and their media are like the Mullahs and the Mullah media. The West and the Mullah Gestapo love them, and even support them financially, because they betray Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran”. More than 4 millions of Iranian expats live in the West, and if they were wise, many things would have changed, but the vast majority of them are so stupid. The reason is obvious. As the wise Iranians say: “When you want to get visa from the Western countries, you should not protest against their shameful behaviors, and should not ask any question. Otherwise, you can get visa. They love the charlatan and the sheep, and hate the wise people. And that’s why the majority of the Iranian expats are the Iranian baboons and the idiots”. As we said before, if Iranians inside Iran were like the Iranian expats, we would tell you and Iran can’t be a free and modern country within the next 300 years ! But Iranians inside Iran are at least as modern as their western counterparts. They clearly proved it in the past three years. Compared to the stupid Canadian protesters, the Iranian protesters seemed like Albert Einstein.


In these days, everybody can understand why Iranians inside Iran should hate the West and the Iranian expats. “The West has clearly closed its dirty eyes to the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran. They just talk about the nuclear issue and a good deal with the savage Mullahs. They have no shame, and have forgotten their empty words about the freedom, democracy, and human rights. In these conditions, Iranians only can spit on the West. Now, Iranians can see that the West just wants to keep Iran backward”, the wise Iranians say. The Western betrayals in the past three years, and sowing the seeds of hate in the Iranian hearts, were strategic mistakes, but apparently, the stupid West loves betrayal and telling big lies, and doesn’t think about its harmful effects. Recently, the people media reported: “Canadian Sun News reported: The ‘Iranian’ school kids taking Persian classes and study from ‘Iranian’ text books depicting Jews as ‘sons of apes’ [!] The Canadian bastards deliberately use ‘Iranian’, not Mullah. The Canadian bastards know that ‘the Islamist school kids in Canada’ is right, not the ‘Iranian’ school kids. Only the Mullah text books in Canada (not in Iran) can depict Jews as ‘sons of apes’, because Canada loves killers, rapists, hatred, and war. Many Mullahs, Basiji thugs, Islamists and other religious fanatics live in Canada. The Canadian bastards love them, but impose sanctions on the wise Iranians, because if the wise Iranians were in Canada, they don’t allow both the Mullahs and the Canadian bastards to eat extra shit”. If you want to know why the Canadian bastards love the Mullah killers and Basiji thugs, the wise Iranians can show you the answer. They say: ‘Recently, CTV news network reported that the police found slogans reading: ‘Islam will rule’ and swastikas [!!] drawn on the walls of the synagogue. The Canadian bastards want to create hatred and war, and if the wise Iranians live there, not the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, Canada and the world could see the true face of Iran and Iranians, and it’s what the Canadian bastards and their American masters don’t like it”.


Recently, a reader, Nathan, wrote us [about the Canadian Farce]: “Unfortunately, this is how the young left is in North America. Believe it or not, people like this are looked on upon just as harshly in North America as they are in Iran. Don’t let some stupid journalist trying to create controversy fool you”. Fortunately, many Iranians (inside Iran) know the true face of the West, from the Western media and the Western intellectuals to the Western lefts and the Western rights. The current Canadian Farce is very important and meaningful, but it’s funny to know that only the Iranians inside Iran write or talk about this issue, and the Iranian expats and the Iranian baboons have closed their mouths and censor the news. It’s very funny and important. Now, the funny Iranians say: “Everything in Canada is joke. The Iranian expats in Canada are joke, and the Canadian bastards who try to introduce the Mullah killers and the Islamist crooks as Iranians are joke. But the funnier joke is the Canadian protesters. In Canada, Bill C-309 criminalizes the wearing of masks and/or covering of faces at a protest. And Bill 78 criminalizes all protests, but the stupid protesters only love nudity. They wear nothing but their underwear, a small lacy underwear, and try to have fun. Who cares about serious issues in Canada. Who cares about the Mullahs in Canada, or for instance, about ‘pulling out of the Kyoto climate treaty’. Canada was committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 6% by 2012, compared to its 1990 levels. But its actual emissions have risen by over 30%. It’s a progress of the Canadian kind. Their Good Protesters just live like sheep; their brain is in their ass, and they only care about sex, drug, or violence”.


Stephen Farter (Harper) and the Canadian bastards have f-u-c-ked Canada, but you can’t see any serious protest against them in Canada. The funny Iranians say: “In the Canadian dictionary, you can find these word: Politicians = crooks and thieves who always insult people’s intelligence and treat people like sheep; People = those who live like sheep and just care about s-e-x and violence; Sanction = making love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers, and creating problems for the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs; Good Immigrants = Mullahs, Islamists, crooks, thieves, the good sheep, and those who don’t ask serious questions and don’t protest against our shameful behaviors”. The funny Iranians also add: “In a secret dictionary that Canadians and Americans have published about Iran, you can find these words: Politicians = Mullahs and Islamists who are master at killing, torturing, looting, kissing ass, telling big lies, etc; we love them; People = The anti-Mullah Iranians that we should aid the Mullahs in silencing them; Reza Pahlavi = a little dictator that the Iranian people hate him, but we and our Mullah friends love them as much as we love the Basiji thugs; Good Opposition = Pahlavists, Khatamists, Rajavists, Monarchists, Islamists and other idiots that 99% of Iranians hate them. We and the Mullah Gestapo strongly support them and their media, including Balatarin.com, financially and politically. We and our Mullah friends should support them in our media, including the BBC, the VOA, etc; Chomsky = a lovely shit that supports the Mullahs and other dictators in the name of intellectualism”. In these days, when the Internet speed and the internet censorship, and many other things, are so horrible in Iran, news about the Western hypocrisy, the Western foolishness, or the Western betrayals can make you laugh. And almost all Iranians inside Iran try to express their love and their thanks to the West ! I hope the good people can open their minds and can see the main problems of this shitty world.

True Face: US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide

June 19, 2012

Recently, a wise Westerner wrote about “How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren”. Unfortunately, the number of Western truth-tellers is not large. The media whores and the intellectual mercenaries try to hide the truth about many things, specially about the true face of the West. In the age of Internet, they tell big lies and think everybody is blind and can’t see the truth. The Iranian mercenaries that are paid by the West and/ or the Mullahs, are stupider than Western mercenaries and tell stupid jokes. For instance, they say: “all Westerners are intellectuals, and that’s why they have democracy”, or “Westerners are not obsessed by s-e-x. All of them are liberals, and s-e-x is not the most important part of their life”, or “Westerners are irreligious people, and the religious fanaticism is not a problem in the West“, or “Westerners are not racists or nationalists. Tribalism is dead in the West”. These stupid jokes are exactly what the Iranian mercenaries say. These stupid bastards that call themselves ‘journalist’, ‘intellectual’, etc think Iranians still live in the 19th century or in the 1970s. They think the people are stupid and can’t know the world and the truth. In a series of articles, called “True Face”, we try to write about the serious problems in the West, specially those problems that the media whores and the intellectual mercenaries try to hide them or tell big lies about them. We have already written about the religious fanatics in the US, and this fact that more than 90 millions of Americans are religious fanatics (check Archive). The Christian fanatics are worse than Mullahs and Islamists. In fact, the Christian Fanatics are the worst religious fanatics ever. They have killed millions of Jews, Blacks, American natives, irreligious people, etc, and own the world record for savagery and killing people. Their dark ages, i.e. the European Middle Age, is the darkest age of religious fanaticism in the Human history. But here, I don’t want to write about the Middle Age. Those who are familiar with the world history know why the Christian Fanatics are the worst religious fanatics ever. But even in today’s world, the Christian Fanatics are so dangerous, at least as dangerous as the Muslim fanatics and the Jewish fanatics. Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, is a Christian terrorist. He is like the European Christian fanatics that loved ‘Genocide’ and killed millions of Jews and created the Holocaust. But when you read history, and when you take a look at today’s world, you can see that Iranians are more tolerant than other nations. Throughout history, Iranians have been known for their tolerance of other creeds and religions. This was particularly notable in their associations and contacts with the Jews, since 3000 years ago. In fact, when the Greek elite, including Plato, praised slavery, savagery, and dictatorship, Iranians were writing the first Charter of Human rights, and respected the minority rights and the human rights. It’s very important. Yes, many believe that ‘democracy’ was a Greek idea, but you should not forget that: -Talking about democracy in a society that praised and loved the slavery, the dictatorship, and the savagery of the Gladiatorial combats was a joke – And in the ancient Greece, Plato and others wrote in praise of slavery and dictatorship, and the Gladiatorial combats were a clear sign of savagery; but at that time, Iranians wrote the first charter of human rights, known as the Cyrus Charter, and defended the minority’s rights. Even in today’s world, the Western media distort the facts. For instance, they don’t say that many Christians, Americans and Europeans hate the Jews and I-s-r-e-al, because they think the Jews have killed Jesus, but Iran and Iranians not only don’t have any problems with the Jews, but they are the first nation that defended the Jews and their rights.


The wise Iranians truly say: “In Europe, the Gladiatorial combats, the Colonialism, the Religious Fanaticism, and Genocide are interrelated. When the European colonial powers killed millions of native people in America, Africa, India, China, etc they saw their victims as the irreligious people that God hates them and wants to punish them. And many Western colonial powers treated their victims like the poor victims of the Gladiatorial savagery. Yah, Greece is an old and serious civilization, but it’s Persia that is the cradle of civilization. When the ‘civilized’ Greek still loved and praised the slavery and the savagery of the Gladiatorial combats, Iranians were writing the first charter of human rights. Some say: ‘Iran was a imperial power, too’. Yah, Iranians were not saints and angels, and had their own mistakes, but you should not judge the ancient Iranians by today’s standards. You should judge them by their own time. Iran never was a colonial power. Iranians respected the minority rights and the human rights, when other nations ate each others, and when the ancient Greece loved the Gladiatorial savagery. Don’t forget that the Greek people were the most civilized Europeans, and when they loved and praised the Gladiatorial savagery, other Europeans ate each others and were called ‘Barbarians’. The Gladiatorial savagery is a European legacy, but when Greece loved and praised the Gladiatorial savagery, and when other Europeans ate each others, Iranians were writing the first charter of human rights, the Cyrus Charter. Iranians were not like the stupid Britons and Europeans that killed millions of native Americans, Africans, Indians, etc and tried to change their religion or their customs by force. Iranians had a rich culture and civilization, and they didn’t need to impose it by force”. In the near future, we would write about the story of modernization in Iran and the world, and the story of Western (pseudo-)intellectuals, from Plato to Hegel and Chomsky, that defended and theorized dictatorship and totalitarianism. Only for 300 years Iran was less powerful and less modern than the West. When the first European delegations went to Iran in the first years of the 17th century, Iran was still more powerful than Europe. The Ottoman Empire didn’t allow Europeans to do business with Asia, i.e. Marco Polo’s dream lands that Europeans loved and praised it. The Europeans were frightened to death of the Ottomans, and that’s why the Europeans tried to find a sea route to Asia (specially India), and it led to the accidental discovery of America. At that time, Iranians and the Persian Empire was the only world power that could challenge the Ottomans. The first European delegations asked Iranians for help. They asked Iranians to help Europe and challenge the Ottoman Empire more. You should not forget that Iranians were Muslim, but Europeans were Christian. Bit the Muslim Iranians, that most of them still had their own Iranian tolerance, helped the Christian Europeans. It’s very important. But when the Iranians helped Europe, the Europeans started to betray Iranians. As the wise Iranians say: “The Iranians treated like gentlemen, because they had a long history of civilization. But Europeans were stupid upstarts. They introduced charlatanism and the law of the jungle as Modernism”. In the 18th century, the 300 years of humiliation, backwardness, and destroying the great Persia began, and Europeans betrayed Iranians a lot. In this dark 300 years, the Iranian bastards who called themselves ‘intellectual’ or ‘elite’, didn’t know Europe, World, and history, and most of them were paid by Europeans to keep Iran backward and discourage Iranians by telling big lies about Iran and Europe. The last generation of these Iranian bastards, that we call them ‘Iranian baboons’, still are paid by the West and/or the Mullahs, to betray the truth. But the younger generation of Iranian intellectuals are not like the Iranian baboons who sold, and still sell, their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar. They just care about the truth and the whole world. After the Western betrayals in the past three years, they are changing their views about Europe, USA, and the West. They can see the problems in Iran, the West, and the whole world, with open eyes and open mind. They don’t have any illusion about the West or Iran, but they know that the West still suffer form many serious problems, while the Iranian baboons still try to pretend that “these problems are Iranian problems”. Let’s take a look at one of these problems: Christian fanatics and their education system in USA.


On Wednesday 30 May 2012, the Guardian published an article, titled “How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren”. In this article, Katherine Stewart wrote about a serious problem in the US and the West. She wrote: “The Bible has thousands of passages … [some of them] are not appropriate in all circumstances. The story of Saul and the Amalekites is a case in point. The story of the Amalekites has been used to justify genocide throughout the ages. God said to Saul: ‘Now go, attack the Amalekites, and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys‘ … the American Conservative, the Puritans used this passage when they wanted to get rid of the Native American tribes. Catholics used it against Protestants, Protestants against Catholics”. And of course, Christians used it against the Jews and the Blacks, and other nations. It’s a very important and serious historical problem. “Muslim fanatics and Arab terrorists are not alone; Christianity teaches the same sort of Jihad and intolerance. But it’s important to know that Iranians are neither Arab nor Christian. Both Arabs and Europeans have a history that is full of genocide and horrible massacre, but Iranian history is not like their history. Iranians were the first nation that talked about the human rights and defended the minority rights. Most of the Mullahs are Arabs and hate Iranian culture and Iranian civilization, and try to keep Iran backward with the help of the West, and that’s why the West supports the Mullahs”, the wise guys say. The Christian fanatics have created the greatest tragedies, but they still live with their medieval thoughts. Stewart added: “ This fall, more than 100,000 American public school children, ranging in age from four to 12, are scheduled to receive instruction in the lessons of Saul and the Amalekites in the comfort of their own public school classrooms. Good News Clubs (CEF) support this program”. It’s really shameful that the American students still have “Bible study” course, and as Stewart said: “The first thing the curriculum makes clear is that if God gives instructions to kill a group of people, you must kill every last one“. It’s really worse than what you can see in Iran under the Mullah regime. The wise Iranians say: “In Iran, and in public schools, no one teaches such bullshits to the students. No one teaches genocide”, and some funny Iranians add: “The Jewish state and the US have such shameful program and learn how to kill all people, while the savage Mullahs and their Basiji thugs, that most of them are Arabs and Western stooges, just learn how to kill and torture ‘Iranians’ with the help of the West !“. Of course, many Westerners are not stupid, and their comments is a sing of wisdom. They say: “In America, we talk about the separation of church and state, but our public schoolchildren are indoctrinated in the Bible. Shame … Christianity, like Islam, has had its own Jihads … Plenty of genocides were blessed by both Protestantism and Catholicism in Australia, Africa, America, etc … The Old Testament God is a thug, belongs to primitive tribalism … The worst thing about Christianity, indeed all religions, is the indoctrination of children … Western Civilization is largely built on the ideals of Judeo-Christianity, and that’s why it’s full of genocides, massacres, world wars, etc … Christian
Fundamentalists kill people and support killing people. Shame on them”.


Millions of stupid Christian fanatics live in the US and Europe. Here, I don’t like to write about their stupid views and what they say. Their views and their comments is a worse version of what the Mullahs and Islamists say. If you live in the West, you know what they say, and if you live in other parts of the world, you should know what they say is like what other religious fanatics, including Muslim fanatics and Jewish fanatics say. The modern religious people in USA and Europe are like the ordinary Iranians. A debate between the modern religious Westerners and the wise Westerners is exactly like a debate between two groups of Iranians (religious and irreligious Iranians). Let’s take a look at part of a Western debate about the Christian fanatics: “There are a billion rational normal Christians out there … Rational ?!! Maybe like Anders Breivik! … It’s time for the rational Christians to do something about the fanatics … A racist bastard that calls himself or herself a Christian is not a Christian … In other news, Scotsmen are not True Scotsmen, claims Scotsman ! It’s a reference to the ‘No True Scotsman’ fallacy. Now it’s your turn -define Christian! … Bigotry and hate in the name of a religion isn’t unique to the U.S. or to this group. But as an American, I’m ashamed”. It’s exactly like what you can hear in Iran, but both Iranians and Westerners are not aware of this fact. If the ordinary people in Iran and the West can know each others, then many problems would be solved. Of course, the wise Westerners and the wise Iranians know the truth. For instance, the wise westerners say: “Christians are embarrassed by such text and just pretend it doesn’t exist ! The first human rights charter is the great seal of Cyrus the Great, a Persian (Iranian)”. But the mass media and the intellectual mercenaries tell big lies about Iran and the Christian fanatics. They don’t say that the Christian fanatics are very dangerous, and Iranians are not Arabs or Muslim fanatics. As Stewart said: “[The Christian fanatics believe that] the Amalekites refused to believe in Israel’s God, and God had promised punishment. [They believe] If God tells you to kill nonbelievers, he really wants you to kill them all. No questions asked, no exceptions allowed”. The funny Iranians say: “The Christian fanatics and the Arabs are like each others, and maybe that’s why the West supports the Islamists, the Arabs, and the Mullahs. They love each others, because both have killed millions of innocent people and nonbelievers”. But Iranians are not like both the Christian and Arab fanatics. As the wise Iranians say: “When Europeans ate each others and praised savagery and knew nothing about human rights, Iranians were writing the first human rights charter. When the Christians and the Arabs killed Jews and nonbelievers, Iranians were defending the Jews and the nonbelievers. Iranians had their own religions, that were the first monolithic religions of the world, but they didn’t impose the Iranian religions by force. Mithraism and Zoroastrianism both influenced a lot of following religions -including Christianity, but not by force. Many ancient religious traditions in Persia are global traditions now. The idea of life after death, notions of heaven, hell and limbo, the idea of Satan (Ahriman), the idea of crossing of the bridge on the road to heaven, the idea of being judged after the death, regarding fire as a sacred entity, using candle and fire in the funeral rites and the ritual, charity and distributing food among the poor, and many other traditions are among what the Persian introduced to the world. The word ‘God’ has a Persian root. In Persian, Khoda means God, and some experts believe ‘Khoda’ was pronounced Goda and then became God. After Islam, Iranians still had their own religion, and the Iranian Islam was not like the Arab Islam. In the 11th century, when both Arabs and Europeans were savage racists, Iranians clearly wrote: ‘You should feed everybody that knocks your doors, and you should never ask them about their religion or their race’. And in 13th century, when both Arabs and Europeans were savage fanatics, Iranians clearly wrote: ‘Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul; If one member is afflicted with pain – Other members uneasy will remain; If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain’. Today’s Mullahs are puppets of the UK and the US, and today’s Iranians hate them. Today’s Iranians know, better than other nations, that Religious fundamentalism, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish is so dangerous“. We should not forget that there is a very important difference between today’s Iran and today’s USA: ‘In Iran, the religious fanatics are a small group that the people hate them, but they suppress the people with the help of the West. But in the US, the religious fanatics are a large group that many people support them”. The wise Americans ask: “Good News Clubs should not be in America’s public elementary schools. When does a religious group qualify as a hate group?”, But the majority of Iranians hate the religious groups. As the funny Iranians say: “when the ancient land of racists and fanatics (the West) and their media and their mercenaries talk nonsense about the ancient land of tolerance (Iran), it reminds you of an old Persian proverb: ‘Kafar hame ra be kish khod Pendarard’ (the uncultured people think all people are uncultured)”. I hope the good people can see the truth.

Iranian Opposition and Islamists = Dead Rats

June 17, 2012

In the third anniversary of the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, even the dumbest people can see an undeniable fact that we have repeatedly written about it during the past year: ‘today’s Iranian opposition, from the Islamist-Reformists and Green Council to the Monarchists and Mujaheds, are dead rats and more than 90% of Iranians hate both the Mullah regime and today’s Iranian opposition’. The reason is obvious, and we have already written about it (check Archive). The Iranian opposition, that we call them ‘Ashura traitors and Iranian baboons’, betrayed the people movement, and Iranians inside Iran only can hate them. The stupid West that supports these bastards financially and politically, only disgraced and discredited itself. As the people media report: “In the recent days, the Islamist-Reformists talked about ‘keeping the Islamic regime safe’, and asked the people to hold a rally in the anniversary of the Islamists’ betrayals, but even two people didn’t attend the rally, and all people shit and spit on their face. Now, the Islamist-Reformists are as hateful as the Monarchists (Pahlavists) who have no supporter in Iran and even two people don’t care about them and their actions”. It’s true. Now, even the dumbest animals know that the Islamist-Reformists, from Abbas Abdi and Khatami to ‘Mullah Ghanbar and Mullah Nuri’ are dead rats, and the people hate them as much as they hate the Mullahs and the Monarchists. Iranians say: “Mullah Ghanbar and Mullah Nuri, Shah and Shazdeh, and the Iranian expats are as stupid as Mullah Hasani and the Basiji thugs. The stupid West and the Western faggots (the Western monkeys) support these bastards financially and politically, but they just show us who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”. I don’t know why the West is so stupid. In Iran, even the little kids can see that the vast majority of Iranians (more than 90%) hate both the secular Monarchy and the religious Monarchy, and the people want “fundamental changes (serious changes)”. Reform is a term that the Islamist-Reformists have disgraced and destroyed it. But in our second Open Letter to Mousavi (check Archive), and in our article about Bakhtiar’s Reforms in 1979, we wrote about the real Reforms and this fact that today’s Iranians ask for something like Bakhtiar’s Reforms in 1979. Reform means ‘go forwards and win concessions from the regime’. But what the Islamist-Reformists have done, and love, is: ‘go backwards and repeatedly give concessions to the regime [!!]’. It’s not Reform, it’s ‘Making fun of yourself and Reform’. “These stupid bastards betrayed the people and called it ‘Reform’. For about 8 years they played with the people. When they had the upper hands in both the parliament and the government, they could not change any thing. They just kissed Khamenei’s ass and called themselves Khamenei’s servant. It was their ‘Reform’ ! These bastards think ‘Ba Dasteh Koor-ha Tarafand’ (all people are blind), but these bastards are stupid and blind, not the people”, Iranians say. The stupid Islamist-Reformists think that today’s Iranians are as stupid as themselves. But Iranians only spit on them and their western supporters. Since 1997 to 2010, the Islamist-Reformists, from Khatami and Behnoud to Ganji and Abdi, proved that the Iranian Reformists are worthless pigs who are only master at betraying the people and telling big shameful lies. And that’s why the people hate these pigs as much as they hate the MMM, i.e. Mullahs, Mujaheds, and Monarchists.


The West and the Mullah regime love “Dumb and Dumber”, i.e. Khatami and Pahlavi, because they can aid the Mullahs in keeping the Islamic regime safe. When these bastards are leaders of the Iranian opposition, the people hate the opposition as much as they hate the regime. “The West and the Mullah Gestapo love these bastards, and support them financially and politically, because they can discredit and dishonor the Iranian opposition. Of course, the West has another reason for supporting these bastards. They think the Iranian opposition should be their mercenaries and Iranians should not be able to get rid of dictatorship and dictators. They love the Shah and the Mullah, and they think Iran should not be a free and strong country, because in this way they would not be able to exploit Iran’s oil and the Middle East’s oil, and they can’t rule the world with the law of the jungle”, Iranians say. The west and their Iranian mercenaries love these equations: “those who oppose to Mullahs and Islamists = those who love or praise Monarchists and Peza Pofyooz” and “those who oppose to Monarchists and Pahlavists = those who love or praise the Islamist-Reformists and the Islamic regime”. But Iranians inside Iran, and anyone with half a brain knows how laughable these equations are. Iranians inside Iran shit and spit on all Iranian baboons, including Islamists-Reformists, Islamist-Nationalists, Monarchists, Pahlavists, Rajavists, and the Iranian journalists and
pseudo-intellectuals. These bastards are “Iranian Baboons”, and their media, specially the cesspool of Balatarin.com, are like the Los Angeles TVs, that almost all Iranians hated them and they went bankrupt and wasted the Americans’ money. Unfortunately, the US and the UK and their media are so stupid. They have become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. But they are not alone in betraying Iranians. Recently, the Dutch monkeys and the Dutch media in Netherlands and Germany showed us their true colors, too. “The Dutch faggots in Netherlands refuse to grant visa to the ordinary Iranians, but they support the Iranian baboons and their media, from RoozOnline and Radia Zamaneh to Gooya.com, financially. But it’s not the whole story. Recently, the Dutch monkeys and their media in Netherlands and Germany have started to support Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) and the Iranian Monarchists. The Dutch monkeys and the Iranian baboons live like prostitutes. They just obey the American orders. Now, you can understand why the Basijis and the Mullahs could hack the Dutch systems. The Dutch faggots are cheap, and sell themselves easily”. I hope the ordinary people in Netherlands and Germany ask their stupid politicians to stop betraying the freedom and democracy in Iran. The Dutch monkeys and the Western baboons should stop supporting the Iranian baboons, including the Islamist-Reformists, the Iranian Monarchists, and the Iranian bastards (journalists), that more than 90% of Iranians hate them all. Now, the wise angry Iranians say: “The list of those countries that betray Iranians and should be punished in the future, is a list of stupid colonial powers – “the US, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, France, etc”. They still are animals, and think the world is a jungle. The only things that they can understand is ‘the law of the jungle’. They are the image of ‘the West’, and it’s so obvious that when they defend the Iranian baboons, from the Ashura traitors to the Iranian Monarchists, and when they try to make a good deal with the Mullah regime, they just prove that the West is the enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran, and Iranians inside Iran should hate the West and should see it as an enemy, not a friend”. I hope the good people in the West can change this image of the West.


The Iranian Opposition or ‘All the Mullah’s men’, i.e. the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors, are stupid animals that even can’t understand why the people hate them and their masters. In these days, the stupid son of Hoda Saber, a stupid Islamist-Nationalist and a follower of Ezzat Sahabi, has written an open letter. We have already written about the tragic death of Hoda Saber and Haleh Sahabi, and why Iranians didn’t care about them. It’s the Iranian Crime and Punishment. Hoda Saber loved and defended Ezzat Sahabi, one of the Ashura traitors. When Ezzat Sahabi and the Islamist-Nationalist betrayed the people after the Ashura massacre, Hoda Saber and his stupid friends had to know that payback time is near. The tragic deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber should be a lesson for all Iranian traitors and mercenaries. All Iranian baboons and all betrayers should know that the payback time is near. The Ashura traitors and the Iranian baboons should die of shame, but they have no shame and they still tell stupid jokes. Recently, the stupid son of Saber has said: “Why the people don’t care about us and my father? We still support Khatami and Islamists, who attended in the Mullah election and shamed us. But the people don’t care about us [!!] The people are stupid and don’t deserve the freedom and democracy”. This little shit is like his stupid father, and other Ashura traitors. They have no shame and think other people are as stupid as themselves. They say: “Why the people don’t protest, and don’t defend the Islamist-Reformists, including Mousavi and Karoubi ?”. And the funny Iranians say: “Because the people are not stupid, and have not eaten ‘Maghze Khar’ (donkey’s brain). You, the stupid faggots, betrayed the people and asked the people to stay in their homes, and clearly said that ‘the street protest is enough, and is not our solution’, but now, you the shameless faggots ask why the people don’t protest ?! You should die of shame, idiots”. The main cesspool of Iranian baboons, Balatarin.com, tries to discourage and disappoint the people. But the wise guys know what the Iranian people are doing is a slap in the face of Iranian baboons and vultures, and is a sign of wisdom. “The main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran is not the Mullahs, but it’s the west and its Iranian mercenaries. For solving the problem of the freedom and democracy in Iran, you should know the main enemies of the freedom and democracy in Iran. You should know how the Western media, the Western intellectuals, the Western lefts, the Western journalists, the Western polling organizations, the Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, and other jerks betray the freedom and democracy in Iran. And only in this way, you can find a good solution”, the wise Iranians say. It’s so obvious when the Iranian people are voiceless and have no media, and when only the vultures are on the political stage, the people should wait for a proper time. As we said before, what the people did in 2012 were good slaps in the face of Mullahs, Iranian baboons, and their western supporters. We have already written about all these good slaps (check Archive). Now, even the donkeys and the dumbest animals know that the Iranian opposition and the Iranian baboons are bankrupt. Those who betrayed the Iranian people and didn’t allow them to win some concessions from the Mullahs, are not Reformists or Peace-mongers. These jerks are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The 2012 can show us that these stupid bastards are warmongers or work for warmongers. Those who betrayed the people from 1997 to 2010, and didn’t allow the people to win concessions from the Mullah regime, are not Reformists. They are traitors. They are the main responsible for the current war threats in the name of nuclear issue, the horrible economic crisis, the horrible tyranny and suffocation, the new sanctions, the Western plots against Iran, our horrible conditions in the big prison (Iran), and any war, any classic revolution, or any violence in the future. Now, Iran has a bankrupt regime and a bankrupt opposition, that the stupid West loves and supports both of them. But the future belongs to the younger generations of Iranians, i.e. the majority of Iranians (About 70% of Iranians are 35-, and 85% of Iranians are 45-) that are at least as modern as their western counterparts. They ask for “fundamental changes”. They are the silent majority, and have no media, and everybody betrays them. But as the wise Iranians say: “they are watching the betrayers, from the West to the Iranian baboons, and sooner or later they will have their own media and their own groups, and they will teach the betrayers a historic lesson. Sooner or later they will change many things in Iran and the world”.

Euro 2012 and Femen Group

June 14, 2012

In the recent weeks, Femen Group try to protest against some problems in their own country, Ukraine, and also in Poland, that are hosts of Euro 2012. Femen Group uses nudity as a tactic, but they are not like those Canadians who just want to have fun, in the name of protesting. Femen’s activists clearly say that many people in Ukraine and Eastern Europe are ignorant or stupid, and they are forced to use nudity to attract attention to their protests. “This is the only way to be heard here”, they say. As the Right groups say, Ukraine and the former soviet country are a major human trafficking source and transit hub. “Ukraine has many beautiful girls, and many problems, and has become Europe’s brothel”, some say. The media reported: “In Ukraine, more than 100,000 women are involved in the s-e-x business. Ukraine also has the highest incidence of people with the s-e-xually-transmitted virus in Europe “. What Femen Group’s activists do is a kind of ‘protest’, and is understandable. They are not like the stupid Canadian protesters that just want to have fun, and their mass protest against a serious problem is just an excuse for nudity and having fun. “Femen Group has also campaigned against sexual harassment of students in universities and railed against international beauty contests such as the Miss Universe competition”, the media reported. “Femen Group is a small group in a large society that the majority is ignorant and can’t see many serious problems. They are forced to use nudity to attract attention to their protests”, the pro-Femen guys say, and it’s hard to say it’s wrong.


The story of s-e-x and prostitution in Europe, and also in the US and Canada, is tragicomic. “In Poland prostitution is tolerated, but procuring is illegal. In Ukraine both are outlawed [!] But Ukraine is Europe’s brothel, because soliciting sexual workers is legal, and many bribe the police. Providing sexual services constitutes a misdemeanor in Ukraine punishable by fines of about $20 [!], but in practice prostitutes have to buy police protection with money and sex“, the media reported. Europe has many funny paradoxes. Even in the UK, prostitution and brothel is illegal, and it’s what many Iranians can’t believe it. The European people, including Britons, have funny views about prostitution and brothel (that we would write more about it later). As the wise guys say: “Europe suffers from many serious problems, including many old and global problems. Today’s Iranians and their views about many things, including s-e-x and prostitution, are more modern than their European counterparts. When you see many horny and stupid boys in Europe, and also many stupid hooligans and idiots who just care about s-e-x, beer, and violence, you can understand that the Iranian baboons, who live in the the West and call themselves ‘intellectual’ or ‘journalist’, are worthless pigs that tell big shameful lies about today’s world and today’s Iranians. They pretend that all Europeans are intellectuals, and say: Iranians can’t have democracy, because all Iranians are not intellectuals [!!]”. The Iranian baboons always tell stupid jokes.


“An activist of Ukrainian womens movement FEMEN wearing a p-e-n-is costume stands in position on a flower bed in the form of EURO 2012 mascots Slavek and Slavko in Independence Square in Kiev on May 31, 2012”, the media reported. Femen’s message is clear, they say: “Today we and football fans must be aware of Ukraines social problems and the fact that Ukraine has become a brothel“, but it’s funny to know that the mass media try to distort the facts. They reported: “The Femen protest was held to oppose the Euro 2012, and staging of the Euro 2012 football championships in the Ukraine”. The Femen activists have clearly said: We want to make sure they get the message Ukrainian women are not their sex objects and Ukraine not their brothel. We know what men are like -they want a beer, to watch football and then their mind turns to s-e-x”. Ukraine suffers from a big tragicomedy. In Ukraine, both prostitution and procuring are illegal, but as the media reports: “S-e-x tourism in Ukraine has sky-rocketed in recent years with seven new lap dance clubs opening in Kiev alone ahead of the Euro 2012 due to start on 8th June. Experts estimate 30% of Kievs prostitutes are HIV positive. More than 40% of Ukrainian s-e-x workers do not use condoms regularly, and 25% of them are also drug users. The fan who has intercourse without a condom is playing Russian roulette, well, Ukrainian roulette in this case”.


Ukraine’s Femen activists say: ‘Today Ukraine has turned into a huge brothel, Europe’s center for s-e-x. Ukraine has a booming prostitution industry. Ukraines social problems are serious, and the Euro 2012 that began in Warsaw on June 8 with the final in Kiev on July 1, can create more social problems for Ukraine and Poland. These two countries will become Euro-brothel. Fuck Euro 2012″. ‘Football and s-e-x tourism’ is a serious problem in Europe, but some European media says: “Euro 2008 hosts Austria and Switzerland also expected s-e-x tourism, but as it turned out the fans didnt have the time for it. It was either football or beer”, but other media report: “Major sporting events -such as Euro 2012 and the London Olympics- are regularly coupled with a boom in prostitution, fuelled by the trafficking of women and girls. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, national authorities noted an increase in the number of prostitutes in host cities. The 2011 South African World Cup brought a huge increase in the s-e-x trade, with the number of women and girls involved in prostitution, as well as the doubling of the number of brothels. Research in 2009 already found signs of increases in prostitution in the London boroughs hosting the 2012 Olympics”. Unfortunately, the s-e-x trade is still like the slave trade. The trafficking of women and girls is a very serious problem, and unfortunately. the gangs and organized criminals, not normal people, are behind the s-e-x trade.


“The football hooligans in Europe, specially in Britain, can show us that many Europeans are so stupid. They live like animals, and just care about ‘football, beer, s-e-x, and violence’. They are stupider than Iranians, even Iranian football hooligans. What the Iranian faggots (the Iranian baboons) tell about Europe and Europeans is really bullshit”, some Iranians say. In these days, when you hear about the hostility between, for example, Germany and Netherlands, the two Dutch countries, and how their people hate each others, it just reminds you that Europe still has many serious problems. These stupid problems that are tribal problems, can show us that “European Tribalism” is still a serious problem, and “European Modernization” is still incomplete. Tribal fights and Tribalism in Europe is a very serious problem, and you can see it in Britain, Spain, Switzerland etc, and that’s why the wise Iranians say: “today’s Iranians at least are as modern as their European counterparts”. The younger generations of Iranians don’t care about tribal fights and tribalism. Many of them are not even nationalist, and just care about the whole world, while many young Europeans are racist and chauvinist. Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, is just the tip of the iceberg. The football hooligans, the anti-immigrants, the fascists, and those who follow the fashion world, Lady Gaga, Noam Chomsky, and other stupid jerks like sheep, and those who live like animals and just care about s-e-x, drug, and violence, can show you that many Europeans are really stupid, more than many Iranians. The stupid Iranian exapts and the Iranian
pseudo-intellectuals, that the West loves them, are stupid ass-lickers that know nothing about both the West and Iran”.


Femen group says that Ukraine has become Europe’s brothel, but the story of young prostitutes in Ukraine is a global story. The media reported: “Yulia, a 20-year-old call girl, is awaiting Euro 2012 with a mix of excitement and dread. She’s upped her rates in the hope of earning enough to go to college next year [!], but ‘every girl is afraid,’ she admits. ‘Anything can happen’. Yulia came to Kiev to escape poverty in her provincial hometown in southern Ukraine where both of her parents are unemployed. With no college education, few skills, no jobs around and a family to support, she became a prostitute at 18. She now earns about $1,200 per month -averaging about 2-3 clients a day- at hotels, apartments and in cars. For many that’s an enviable income compared with the national monthly average of $400. But the money has a price. Once, she recalled, she came to a Kiev flat, expecting one client, but instead found two who violently raped her. Many people in Ukraine consider women who have engaged in sex work to be ‘permanently tainted’. Yulia admits to harboring faint hopes that one of her clients may fall in love with her and take her away from Ukraine, similar to what happened to Julia Roberts’ heroine [!!] in ‘Pretty Woman’ a movie she loves“. It’s really tragic. Unfortunately, many prostitutes live in the fantasy world of ‘Pretty Woman’, that was not a bad film, but its heroine’s fate was very very rare. I can recommend “ Lilya 4 Ever (2002) “, a movie that you can call it ‘Pretty Woman and the real world’, to the Eastern Europe’s girls.


“The image of Ukraine is a top destination for s-e-x tourists and men shopping for mail-order brides. Ukraine with its cheap beautiful girls has become a large brothel. Ukraine President [, that plays the rule of pimp,] last year invited foreign investors to Ukraine to observe ‘how women begin to take their clothes off when it gets warm in Ukrainian cities [!!]’ “, the media reported. Some say: “We traveled around Ukraine and run into many men who were basically there for prostitutes or ‘Ukrainian brides’. Many were mentally ill Western men”. The story of s-e-x and prostitution in Ukraine is tragicomic, but in the West is comic, because it’s full of funny paradoxes and contradictions. Many European are fanatic and live with ridiculous double standards, and it’s funny to know that many Iranians are more liberal and open-minded than their European counterparts. The wise people in Iran and other parts of the world know that prostitution should be legal, but they also know that there are many serious issues surrounding this topic. They say: “Zero tolerance for human trafficking and those who use drugs and other dirty tricks to keep people on the game against their will. We all should know what is crime and what is fun”. It’s so obvious that s-e-x and prostitution are two different things, and in each society, the number of prostitutes is like a ‘meter’ that can show you the social problems and the human development in that society. Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe, and many other countries is worse than Iran, and the situation in the US and Europe is not really better than Iran, and it’s one of the miracles of today’s Iranians, who live under a medieval religious tyranny that the West and the Western puppets have imposed it on them, but they are not stupider than the Westerners and the people who live in the free world.

Mullah Corruption, The Lefts, and The West

June 12, 2012

In the third anniversary of the 2009 coup and the Iranian anti-Mullah movement, Iranians are thinking, talking, or writing about the regime of crooks, thieves, killers and rapists, i.e. the Mullah regime, and its western supporters, specially the US and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). Now, many Iranians know how the West, including the Western politicians and the Western intellectuals, betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. Now, many Iranians say: “In the past three years, the West clearly proved: ‘The West and the US are the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran‘. When the US and the West sold tools of suppression and surveillance (Orwellian technology) to the Mullahs and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and when they made love with the Mullahs but imposed sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, they just proved that the West is friend of Mullahs, and enemy of modern Iranians, i.e. more than 90% of Iranians that hated Mullahs and Islamists”. And almost all Iranians add: “The West and Mullahs are old friends. What the West said about freedom, democracy, or human rights was bullshit. Their stupid sanctions and their phony war with the Mullahs just have one goal: ‘Destroying Iran’. We were naive and thought the West is our friend. But the West is our enemy, not our friend“. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry at the West. When Mullah crooks, Mullah terrorists, and Mullah killers can go and live in Canada, the US, and Europe, and when the West is making love with them, while the ordinary Iranians suffer from the Western sanctions, Iranians only can spit on the West. Now, many Iranians are thinking or talking about the whys, not the how. They are thinking, talking, or writing about the roots of problems. For instance, some talk about the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the IMF’s plans for Iran. We have already written about the IMF’s love affair with the Mullahs. Iranians say: “The IMF is a Mullah-lover, and in the past seven years, they have praised the Mullahs a lot, because the Mullahs implement the IMF’s plans, and destroy Iran’s economy. But why the IMF, that the lefts know it as the best tool of US Imperialism, loves and praises the Mullahs and the widespread Mullah corruption and Mullah savagery? And why the Western lefts have closed their dirty eyes?” It’s a good question. They also add: “The Mullahs implemented the IMF’s plans, including Subsidies Cut Plan, and f-u-c-ked Iran’s economy more than before, and created a horrible crisis and inflation, but the stupid lefts and their spiritual leader, Noam Chomsky, are blind or have closed their dirty eyes. Of course, many Iranians are not blind, like the stupid donkey (Chomsky), and can see how the West supported the Mullahs in the past three years”.Now, many Iranians are thinking or talking about the root of problems, and it’s a result of Western betrayals and the West’s refusal to apologize to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement. For instance, Iranians say: “The Mullahs are the most corrupt people in the world. Recently, even the Mullah media confess that Mr. shit and his cabinet are badly corrupted. Their media reported that Mr shit (Ahmadinejad) and his close friends, including Mr. shit’s VPs, Rahimi and Mashaei, have embezzled more than $48 billion. In a show trial for Fatemi Mafia or Bimeh Embezzlement, Jaber Abdali confessed that he has bribed Mr. shit’s son and Mr. shit close friends, including Bahonar and Daneshjo, with the help of Mr. shit’s VP. Abdali and Ramihi stole billions of dollars from a public insurance company and gave millions of dollars to almost all Mullah MPs. On the other hand, the Mullahs confessed that Mr. shit’s close friends, including Mashaei, Khavari and Khosravi have stolen more than $3 billion from Iranian banks. But why both the Western lefts and the Western politicians supported the Mullah crooks and their military coup in 2009?”. And the wise Iranians answer: “The stupid lefts and Chomsky defended the Mullahs and betrayed Iranians, because it’s their mission. They not only don’t care about the freedom and democracy, but even what they say about corruption or imperialism is bullshit. They are aware of the IMF’s plans and the Mullah corruption, and this fact that the Mullahs and the IMF have destroyed Iran’s economy and have caused extensive inflation, but they still support the Mullahs. It’s too naive to think that Chomsky and other stupid lefts are not intellectual mercenaries. When you take a look at what happened in the past three years, specially the role of the stupid lefts, you can see that there is only two options: (1)Chomsky and the stupid lefts are blind and have the lowest IQs (an IQ of 50-) (2) Chomsky and the stupid lefts are intellectual mercenaries. Those who support the corrupt Mullahs and the Mullah tyranny, just help the Western politicians. Obama sold secret weapons (Orwellian technology) to the Mullahs and aided them in killing and torturing Iranians, because the West still wants to keep Iran backward and doesn’t wants to allow the young and modern Iranians to live in a free and strong country. The Iranian dictators suppress and silence the young and modern Iranians, and that’s why the West always supported, and still supports, the Iranian dictators, form the Mullahs to the stupid Pahlavi“.


“The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. The Mullahs and the Islamists are the most corrupt people on Earth, and the greatest systematic corruption and the greatest record for embezzlement and financial corruption belong to the Mullah regime. The Mullahs and Islamists have broken all records for corruption in Iran’s history“, many Iranians truly say. In the recent days, the media reported: “a steep increase in the price of bread has shocked many Iranians. This is the third time in about one year that the price of bread has gone up significantly. The price of bread has already increased more than 400%, when the Mullahs implemented IMF’s plan in 2010- 2011. Iran’s inflation rate rises to more than 50% percent. ‘Everything has doubled in price. Our friends live in USA, and its cheaper to go shopping there’, an Iranian says”. The horrible inflation rate is a result of the Mullah corruption and the Mullah mismanagement. The wise Iranians say: “The Western sanctions are not as harmful as the Mullah corruption and mismanagement, and the West knows it well. The Mullahs implement the IMF’s plans, and the IMF and the West praise the Mullahs and their systematic corruption and mismanagement, that have destroyed Iran and Iran’s economy. In 2012, the shameless Mullahs talk about ‘national productions’ and say: ‘interest rate should be related to inflation rate’, but in the past 7 years, i.e. in Mr. shit’s era, the Mullahs not only destroyed ‘national productions’, that caused horrible inflation and unemployment, but the Mullahs always defended the interest rate of about 5%, while the inflation rate was about %40 !, and it created the greatest embezzlements in Iran’s history. But who defended the Mullahs and their systematic corruption? the IMF and the West”. In the recent weeks, Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi’s show trial was so funny. The people media reported: “Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi, who became Mr. shit’s close friend and created the greatest Embezzlement in Iran’s history, was poor and had nothing. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi is a thirty-something Basiji thug. His lawyer introduced him as ‘a member of a Basiji family’. In 2006 (in Mr. shit’s era), Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi that lived in Gilan as a poor Basiji thug, could get a loan of $50,000, because he was a Basiji and had contacts with Mr. shit. He not only didn’t repay the loan, but he learned how you can become a billionaire in the corrupt Mullah system. Within just two years, he got more loans for his paper companies (fake companies), didn’t repay them, and became a billionaire. Amir-Khosravi that had become a close friend of Mr. shit, learned the golden rule of how you can steal the people money in the Mullah system: Just kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and bribe the high rank Mullahs and members of Mullah Gestapo. In the pre-2009 era, Mah-Afarid embezzled about $200 million, but in the post-2009 era, he could embezzle more than $2,800 million. He had bribed all Mullahs, and he thought he has become a high-rank crook and the Mullahs don’t arrest him. But he didn’t know that many Mullahs and Islamists had stolen more than $3 billion, and he was just a little and low rank crook in the Mullah system. The Mullahs sacrificed him easily. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi was arrested, but his close friends and his managers are free, like Mafia movies. Of course, his brother, his family, and some of his friends, including Khavari, have fled to Canada, and live there in luxury and spend the stolen money there without any problem !” The wise guys add: “Those who defend the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers, know that the West needs enemy, specially fake enemy, and which fake enemy can be better than the corrupt dictators, including the Mullahs, Assad, or Chavez, who destroy their countries, suck their people’s blood, and serve the West’s interests directly or indirectly”.


“Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi was a poor Basiji thug. He was born in the first years of the 1970s in a poor Islamist family. He could steal about $3 billion from Iran’s banks. It’s the greatest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but Khosravi isn’t a high rank Mullah crook. In his show trial, one of his fellow crooks said: “Khosravi was a thirty-something boy, and in this country they don’t allow a little boy to control and manage an industry. They used him, and he was just a piece of a large dirty game. Mr. Khosravi, you should talk about them, the main criminals, who used you. Say who helped you, and say who helped Khavari to flee to Canada. Say and save us”. Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi and his show trial just remind you of Mafia movies. As the people media reported: ‘In his show trial, Mah-Afarid Amir-Khosravi said: ‘The high rank Mullahs supported me, and if they remain silent and don’t defend me now, I will talk about them in the next session. I can provide many evidence against them‘. The Mullah judge: ‘There is no next session. It’s your first and last session‘. Khosravi: ‘You can’t wait one week, and you should finish all things in just one session ?! Isn’t it an excuse to cover up the main criminals ?’ The Mullah judge: ‘No, it’s your propaganda. You relation with the high rank Mullahs is not important for us [!!]. It’s your first and last session; Talk about your own crimes; you will not have any extra time [!!]'”. It’s really like a Mafia Movie or a Spy movie, when the managers and the boss try to silence a low rank agent. As we said before, and as many Iranians say, Khosravi was just a very small piece of the corrupt Mullah system. In his stupid show trial, Khosravi talked about the widespread Mullah corruption, but Iranians already knew it. The Mullahs didn’t allow him to talk about the key thieves and main crooks, but Iranians know them well. The full details of the Mullah corruption will be revealed after the Mullahs’ downfall, but as we said before, the Mullah bank accounts in the Western banks, and what all Iranians can see by their own eyes in Iran, just prove that almost all Mullahs and Islamists are crooks and thieves. As the wise Iranians say: “The Mullahs and Islamists just break the world record for corruption. The Mullah media reports about ‘Embezzling 480,000 Billion Rials ($48 Billion) over a 6-year period’, but it’s just a small part of the tragedy. The Mullahs and their ass-kissers live in North Tehran, that is awash with Mercedes and Porsche SUVs costing as much as $500,000, after the sanction/ import tax has been paid [!] But the majority of Iranian families earn about $500 to $1000 a month, while everything, including foods and basic needs, is more expensive than the US and Canada”. We have already written about “Prices in Iran and Canada”, that is one of the Mullah miracles. “In this country, only the Mullahs and those who kiss the Mullahs’ ass can become millionaire or billionaire. They steal the people’s money and our oil money and save it in their bank accounts in the Western banks, but the Western jerks and their banks impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians !”, many Iranians say. And a new Iranian joke says: “the story of the Mullah crooks is like the story of ‘Usual Suspects’ movie. When you arrest Khosravi or other Mullah crooks, they say that their master, Keyser Shoze (KS), is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for the high rank Mullahs or the Mullah Gestapo. When you arrest the high rank Mullahs and members of Mullah Gestapo, they say that their master, KS, is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for Khamenei. And when you would arrest Khamenei, he would say that his master, KS, is the main criminal, and KS can be a nickname for Queen Elizabeth and Obama. And when you would arrest Queen Elizabeth and Obama, they would say that their master, KS, is the main criminal, and they just obeyed KS. But who actually is Keyser Shoze? Do you know who is Keyser Shoze? No, your guess is not a good guess. Keyser Shoze is Noam Chomsky!”. Iranians spit on the Mullahs and also on the lefts, Chomsky, and the West that defended the Mullah regime, and aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. In fact, many Iranians know ‘Usual Suspects’, and even those bastards who play the role of Keyser Shoze !


In the post-2009 era, many Iranians express their wishes and their angers by their art works, and the above picture is one of them. Of course, in a better picture you should see more Mullahs and Iranian baboons, including Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, and other stupid pigs, that the West support them financially and politically. It’s really shameful that the West supports Mullahs, Monarchists, and Iranian baboons, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran are angry at the West and spit at the West, that has become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. In the recent days, an Islamist-Reformist, Mullah Nouri, has said: “We want to keep the Islamic regime safe. We don’t want to topple it. The people still love us and the Islamic regime”. It’s a good joke. It’s so obvious that Khatami, Mullah Nouri, and other Islamist-Reformists love the regime of crooks, thieves, killers and rapists, and want to keep it safe. Islamist-Reformists and Iranian baboons don’t care about what the people want, but it’s funny to know that they live in the West, and the Western countries support them and their media financially ! It’s really shameful, and now many Iranians ask: When more than 90% of Iranians hate Mullahs, Monarchists, Islamists, and other Iranian baboons, why the West support these bastards? It’s a good question. The Islamist-Reformists, the Iranian baboons, specially the Iranian Monarchists, and their Western supporters stupidly try to pretend that Iranians only have two options: (1) Religious Dictatorship (i.e. Mullahs and Islamist-Reformists) (2) Secular Dictatorship (i.e. Monarchists and Pahlavists). These stupid bastards think Iranians inside Iran are as stupid as the Iranian expats. We have already written about Iran’s population and how the Iranian society has changed fundamentally (check Archive). When today’s Iranians, that at least are as modern as their Western counterparts, see these funny Western options for Iran, they only laugh at the stupid West and its Iranian mercenaries, that their IQ is less than a dead rat’s IQ! In these conditions, Iranians only can hate the West, and that’s why Iranians inside Iran just shit and spit on the Iranian baboons and their Western supporters. Fortunately, the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals are not as stupid as the older generations. They know the world, the old excuses and the old dirty tricks. They are not mercenary and don’t sell their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar, and that’s why the Western bastards censor them and ignore them. They are creating a new discourse on many things in Iran, and as the wise guys say: “If they can leave the big prison (Iran), they can change many things, and that’s why the West doesn’t allow them to leave the big prison. And in their absence, the Iranian baboons and their media, including the cesspool of Balatarin.com, try to distort the facts, and discourage and disappoint the people”. Iranians inside Iran are not stupid, and ask funny questions about the West and the Iranian baboons. For instance, they ask: “Why the West supports the cesspool of Balatarin or RoozOnline financially and politically? Roozonline.com is a cesspool [of Ashura traitors and Behnoud’s protégés], but why Netherlands and other Western countries support it financially? Why the West and the Western politicians support the Iranian baboons, but don’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran ?” These questions are very important and meaningful. The wise Iranians add: “The cesspool of Balatarin, i.e the main websites of Iranian baboons, has become the home of Mullah Gestapo. If you want to hear the voice of Mullah Gestapo and their favorite opposition groups and their favorite idiots, you should check Balatarin. But why the Americans support this cesspool financially and politically?” It’s an important question, and we should write more about this cesspool and its Western supporters. Unfortunately, the Iranian expats, that in the best case should be called “novice democrats” or Neophytes, are so stupid. The neophytes think they should allow the Iranian Monarchists (fascists) to work for establishing a Monarchy system in Iran, and it’s democracy ! But in Iran, the wise Iranians know the enemies of democracy and open society. They know the old dirty tricks. They are tolerant, but they know why they should not tolerate the intolerant. They know that less than 10% of Iranians support the Mullahs and Islamists, and less than 1% of Iranians support the Iranian Monarchists and other idiots, but they know that the Mullahs or the Monarchists are evil forces not because they have a few supporters. They are evil forces because they are anti-democracy and because they are enemies of open society. The number of their supporters is not important at all. The enemies of the open society, including the fascists, the Monarchists, the Nazi, and the Mullahs want to destroy the open society and repeat history. Those who defend the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Fascists, or the Terrorists, in the name of freedom or democracy, are worthless whores that try to use the freedom and democracy to destroy it. They try to make use of people’s naivety to repeat the great historical disasters. They should be prosecuted. The wise Iranians know the differences between democracy and gesture of democracy, and that’s why they truly say: “The Iranian Monarchists (Pahlavists), the Mullahs (Islamists), and the terrorists and fascists are anti-democracy forces and should be banned from working for their cause (i.e. political activities)“. We have already written about this issue, and we would write more about it later, but here and in the third anniversary of the anti-Mullah movement, I prefer to finish this writing with what the wise Iranians say: “Now, after three years, almost all Iranian baboons, from Khatami to Reza Pofyooz, are dead rats, and Iranians inside Iran only spit on them and their graves. It’s a good news. Now, the Iranian public is changing its views about the West, because the West not only refuses to apologize to modern Iranians, but imposes more sanctions on them, tries to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and supports the Iranian baboons and some one like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) that is a little dictator. Iranians are seeing the true face of the West, and the Western betrayals in Iran and the world (that has a long story, and we would write more about them later) have changed many things. The West should know that they sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts, and sooner or later they will reap what they sow, and they will pay the price of their betrayals”.

Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian Farce

June 9, 2012

These days are the third anniversary of the 2009 coup and the Iranian anti-Mullah movement, in which tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and with the help of the stupid West, that aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. In these days, we hear about Canada’s first cannibal killer, Luka Rocco Magnotta, that was a porn star. “He was a psychopathic faggot, like many other Canadian faggots. Many Canadians take pride in the fact that Canada is placid and has a low homicide rate, but the videotaped stabbing, dismemberment and apparent eating of parts of Lin’s body, followed by the posting of some of his remains, show why the Mullah killers and the Mullah rapists can freely live in Canada. Canada has become the country of savage killers, rapists, psychopathic faggots, crooks, thieves, and the Sheeple. If such horrible murder has happened in Iran, not in Canada, what they would have said about Iran and Iranians?! But this savage Canadian faggot is just a small part of the Canadian Farce. Canadian Bill 78 and the stupid protests against it, can show the world how stupid the West and many Westerners are”, some angry Iranians say. It’s hard to say it’s wrong. When you compare the 2009 Iranian protests with the 2012 Canadian protests, you can see many things. The media reported: “Canadian Protesters striped for police, and chanted slogans like Youre sexy, youre cute, take off your riot suit [!!!]. As some Iranians say: “You don’t know whether you should laugh, or …. The faggots, the sex addicts, the dope smokers, and the sheep whose brain is in their ass, are making fun of themselves in Canada, and ridicule the serious protests. When you compare today’s protests in Canada with the 2009 protests in Iran, you can see both the Mullah savagery and the Canadian foolishness”.


The stupid Canadians ridicule all Canadian protesters. “The Canadian faggots talk about ‘Boobs vs. Guns [!!]‘. These idiots , faggots and sex addicts know nothing about guns, tyranny, and brutal crackdown. If the Mullahs or the savage Westerners, like Magnotta, kill them, torture them, beat them to death, or rape them and push guns into their ass, they would understand the true meaning of ‘boobs v guns’. What they do in Canada is not ‘protest’, but it’s ‘making a fool of Canada’ and ‘making fun of all protesters’“, some wise guys say. They also add: “The West aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, but the Western faggots and the Western intellects supported the Mullahs, and now, they suffer from the same medieval laws. Their stupid protests can show you that they really suffer from congenital foolishness“. I don’t know the rate or the number of idiots and stupid people in Canada and the US, but when more than 90 millions of Americans are religious fanatics, and when the majority of the educated people in Canada and the US are fans or followers of some one like Noam Chomsky, who defends the Mullahs and the brutal dictators, you can be sure that many Canadians and Americans are really stupid, and it’s a fact that you can see it in the OWS and the Canadian protests, too. Unfortunately, many Canadians and Americans live like sheep, and that’s why their politicians can play with them and can pass a medieval law like Bill 78. Jean Charest, recently has said: “Its all well and good to protest against Jean Charest,But theyre in the process of hurting Quebecers [!!]“. As the funny guys say: “Apparently, Charest thinks all Canadians are as stupid as himself and Harper, who are making love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers in Canada. But unfortunately, he is not quite wrong. Many Canadian protesters seem like the stupid sheep. And in these conditions, how you can expect the West to stop betraying freedom and democracy in Iran, and stop supporting the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons?”


The Canadian police and the Canadian protesters have created a very stupid farce. The people chants in Canada are sadly funny. The media reported: They striped for police, and chanted ‘Youre sexy, youre cute, take off your riot suit [!]’. ‘Everyone naked in the street’, was another slogan that they chanted as they banged pots and pans together”.Jean Charest’s government had to collapse soon, after passing Bill 87; But why he still rules Quebec like tyrants? The wise Iranians say: “When the faggots and the s-e-x addicts protest against tyranny and corruption, no one takes them serious, and that’s why the Canadian politicians have not made any concessions to the protesters. Who care about the faggots, the sex addicts, and those whose brain is in their ass or between their legs. They just make fun of themselves”. Of course, all Canadians are not stupid, and at least some of them are wise, and that’s why their mass media censor their voices, but their number is small. We have not been able to find any reasonable website about the Canadian protest, or any people website that covers the voices of the wise protesters in Canada (If you know such a website, please let us know). The mass media coverage is so stupid. They censor the news and show us the stupid protesters. And it reminds me of the 2009 protests, when the Western mass media censored Iran’s news and don’t care about millions of Iranian protesters who bravely fought against tyranny. The wise Iranians say: “In 2009, the Western media, the Western polling organizations, the Western politicians, and the Western lefts and their intellectuals clearly showed us who is the main supporter of the Mullahs. In 2009, we could see the true meaning of freedom and democracy in the West, and now in 2012, Canadian laws and Canadian protesters can show us the root of problems, and why the West is stupid and hypocrite”.


“The Mullah thugs and the Mullah police killed and tortured the Iranian protesters, and the West helped the Mullahs. The Mullahs and the West both are fascist, and that’s why the Mullah crooks and the Mullah terrorists can live in Canada, the US, the UK, etc, and that’s why the West aided the Mullahs in killing anti-Mullah Iranians”, the wise guys say. In these days, the stupid Canadian protests just remind Iranians of the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, and the Mullah savagery. “In these days, many things can show us the true face of the West. Canadian farce is just a small part of the tragedy. When the Western faggots and their media care about a little shit, a disgusting fascist and a brainless faggot like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), and when the West tortures the ordinary Iranians, betray the freedom and democracy in Iran, and tries to destroy Iran with the help of Mullahs, and when the West and the Mullahs desperately try to make a deal, but they can’t, because on one can make a deal with a bankrupt regime -that is the regime of crooks, thieves, killers, and rapists – all people can see the true face of the West. And that’s why Iranians spit on the West . Iranians should be angry at the West. The stupid West has become the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”, the wise guys say. They also add: “Many Westerners are stupid. Just look at the Canadian slogans. The media reported: ‘The crowd of several hundred chanted: ‘1,2,3,4, this is f-u-c-king class war – 5,6,7,8, overthrow this fascist state’. Apparently, it’s their best chant, that is a Marxist chant. ‘Our nudity expresses the demand for transparency [!!!]” a Canadian student has said to the AFP. Can you believe it? It seems like a joke, but it’s not joke, and it just shows the depth of Canadian stupidity. Canadian protest is a joke. The Canadian idiots should try to have sex (intercourse) in the streets, of course with condom as a sign of responsibility !, and then they can claim that ‘Our intercourse expresses the demand for a responsible government !’“.


When the stupid Canadian protesters say: “Our nudity expresses the demand for transparency [!!]”, it just shows how stupid many Canadians are. Many full naked protesters, that apparently express their demand for full transparency !, and many half-naked protesters in Canada are good examples of the modern sheep. As the wise guys say: “They are not modern people. Their protest or their nudity is not a sign of wisdom. They just want to have fun, and they ridicule the whole protesters. They just help their corrupt politicians”. The media reported: “Canadian Students attempt to disrupt the Canadian Grand Prix, protesting against tuition price hikes! ‘Formula One (F1)! Polluter! Sexist! Thief!’ they shouted”. Some funny guys ask: “This stupid protest is about F1, Bill 78, tuition fee, or Sexists ?!!” and some answer: “This is about all things, that means nothing. This is just a stupid farce. The faggots and sex addicts just want to have fun, in the name of protesting. They make a fool of themselves, and the world laughs at them and their stupid government”. I don’t know why many Canadians should try to use serious protests as an excuse for nudity and having fun. If we had such an embarrassing situation in Iran, the Iranian baboons and the Iranian faggots that live in the West and call themselves “intellectual” or journalist, would have said: “Iranians suffer from Oedipus complex. Iranians are brainless and sex addicts. Iranians only think about sex and drugs, and that’s why Iran is a backward country and Iranians don’t deserve freedom and democracy [!!]” But now, when many Canadians show us that they are worst than Iranians, no one says nothing, and all Iranian baboons have closed their their dirty mouths. The Canadian farce can show us that today’s Iranians are not stupider than Canadians and Westerners. In fact, there is no doubt that Iranians are not stupider than their Western counterparts. Only the Mullahs, the Iranian expats and the Iranian baboons still live in the 1970s, and are so stupid.


The Canadian farce is a great historical shame. The pictures and the media reports can not show us the number of idiots in Canada, or what is happening in Canada. In these days, you should live in Canada and should see many things with your own eyes, and then you can have a reasonable judgment. But the media reports, and the people comments in the mass media, can show us that the number of idiots in Canada is not small. The media reported: “Michael Mohammad [!] of Toronto, watching the nude marchers. ‘I think its a worthy cause now [!]. If youre willing to take your clothes off Im willing to shave some dollars off your student fees [!]'” People like Michael Mohammad, Javad Jackson, Gholam Micheal, or Michael Naghi -that their stupid Mullah name seem like a funny paradox- can show us how stupid today’s Canadians are, and why the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers can live in today’s Canada and USA, while the ordinary Iranians should suffer from the stupid Western sanctions. The wise Iranians say: “In this shitty world, the faggots, the idiots, and the stupid bastards can live in Canada, but we should live in Iran under the Mullah regime, that is a medieval tyranny that the West and Chomsky support it“. And it’s one of tragic jokes of this shitty world. Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian protesters can show us the real problems of this shitty world. “The people whose top intellectual is Chomsky, who defends tyranny and brutal tyrants, and the people whose top celebrity is Lady Gaga, should suffer from Bill 78, and should have such embarrassing protests. Their politicians know that they are like the stupid sheep, and they need shepherd. The pigs and the animals who didn’t care about Iranians, and allowed the West to make love with the Mullahs and betray the anti-Mullah movement, deserve to be fucked by their politicians. These idiots don’t deserve better life, or even freedom and democracy. They only can live like animals, with the logic of animals”, the angry wise guys say.


The pictures are disappointing and embarrassing. They can’t show you the number of idiots in Canada, but as the wise guys say: “the pictures can show you that many Canadians are really stupid, and those who say ‘today’s Iranians are stupider than today’s Canadians or today’s Americans, are blind faggots or stupid mercenaries who kiss the West’s ass for a visa or a fistful of dollar. Even the Western experts confirm that today’s Iran suffer from an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy and the actual level of democracy in Iran. This gap is a direct result of the Western betrayals. As the Western experts said: ‘Our findings demonstrate that Iranian society as a whole is characterized by a pro-liberal value structure that is deeply at odds with the fundamentalist regime‘, but they don’t say that the West is the main responsible for this abnormally large gap. When such a gap exists, sooner or later, the countrys level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the societys potential. The same thing is true about Canada and USA. When many stupid people live there, sooner or later their system will adjust in accordance with their foolishness, and Bill 78 is just a beginning. The Canadian farce can show us that the main problem in Iran is not the people, but it’s the West and their Iranian mercenaries, who desperately try to keep Iran backward”. I hope all people can see the main problems. Only when the people can see the main problems, they can aid each others in finding the real solutions. I hope the wise Canadians can change the current embarrassing situation in Canada. The Canadian politicians make concessions, only when the wise Canadians have the upper hand, not now, when the brainless faggots have the upper hand. Now, some Canadian media have started to call the protesters “rebels without a cause”. And it’s really embarrassing.

Secret History: The 1953 coup and The 2009 coup

June 6, 2012

These days are the third anniversary of the 2009 coup, and many Iranians are thinking about the 2009 coup and what happened in these three years. It’s funny to know that just after three years, many Iranians know most of traitors, betrayers and mercenaries who betrayed the 2009 anti-Mullah movement. The Iranian baboons, the Ashura traitors, the Western politicians, the Western media, the Western companies, the Western intellectuals specially the stupid lefts and their leader Noam Chomsky, and other jerks, that we have already written about them (check Archive), have now been discredited and dishonored in Iran. The Iranian people know them, and spit on them, even when the secret history of the 2009 coup , and more than 90% of its secret documents have not been published yet. It’s funny to know that even after 60 years, the secret history of the 1953 coup is still incomplete, because the CIA and MI6 still refuse to publish their secret documents. The 1953 coup has many similarities with the 2009 coup, and when you read part of the secret history of the 1953 coup, specially what the CIA has published about the 1953 coup, you can see these similarities. In both coups, the role of the West and their Iranian mercenaries, including the Mullahs, the lefts, and the Iranian journalists is almost alike. The 1953 coup was resolved within several months, but the 2009 coup was not resolved within several years, and it allowed many to see the true face of almost all traitors and mercenaries. Many facts about the role of the Western lefts, the Western media, and the Western politicians in the 2009 coup are not secret things, but have been left unsaid, and we should write more about them later. But if you want to know more about the secrets of the 2009 coup, you can take a look at the secrets of the 1953 coup. The West’s role in the 1953 coup, that was a military coup against the Oil Nationalization movement and the freedom and democracy in Iran, was like the West’s role in the 2009 coup. Both coups were against a free, independent, and strong Iran: The 1953 coup ousted Iran’s elected prime minister and returned the Shah to power, and the 2009 coup ousted Iran’s elected president and kept the Mullahs and Khamenei in power. We have already written about the relation between the West, the Pahlavis and the Mullahs in the past 100 years, but some non-Iranians still have doubt about it, and think it’s “Conspiracy Theory” ! So, let’s take a look at a secret document that the CIA made it public after about 50 years. The New York Times (NYT) published an article on April 16, 2000 by JAMES RISEN, titled “SECRETS OF HISTORY: The C.I.A. in Iran” (you can google it and find it easily). “This secret history obtained by The New York Times is the first detailed government account of the 1953 coup to be made public“, they said. In fact, NYT’s report was parts of a booklet, Donald Wilber’s booklet, titled “Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq of Iran”, that was written in March 1954 by Donald Wilber, a CIA agent who had played an active role in the 1953 coup. Cryptome.org published more parts of Donald Wilber’s booklet, that you can find it here . Wilber’s booklet and NYT’s report are historical documents that show part of the truth. They can show you what happened in 1953 and also in 2009, specially the role of the West and their Iranian agents (mercenaries). It’s not “Conspiracy Theory”, and many historians already knew it. Let’s take a look at NYT’s report and Donald Wilber’s secret history, in which the Americans have removed names and identifying descriptions of their Iranian agents. In fact, they have removed all important names, but it’s not important, because many Iranian historians know almost all names. But here, let’s ignore those names, and instead, let’s talk more about the 2009 coup, and compare it with the 1953 coup.


NYT’s report says: “For nearly five decades, America’s role in the military coup that ousted Iran’s elected prime minister and returned the shah to power has been lost to history … But a copy of the agency’s secret history of the 1953 coup has surfaced, revealing the inner workings of a plot that set the stage for the Islamic revolution in 1979, and for a generation of anti-American hatred in Iran. The document, which remains classified, discloses the pivotal role British intelligence officials played in initiating and planning the coup, and it shows that Washington and London shared an interest in maintaining the West’s control over Iranian oil. The secret history, written by the C.I.A.’s chief coup planner and obtained by The New York Times, says agency officers orchestrating the Iran coup worked directly with royalist Iranian military officers … [the CIA officers] directed a campaign of bombings by Iranian members of the Communist Party, and planted articles and editorial cartoons in newspapers … the agency’s Tehran station began disseminating ‘gray propaganda,” passing out anti-Mossadegh cartoons in the streets and planting [shameful] articles in the Iranian press“. It’s exactly like what the West and their Iranian agents, who live in the West as “journalist” or “Iranian opposition”, did in 2009 and the past three years. The US and the UK shared an interest in maintaining the Mullahs in power, and the Ashura traitors and the Iranian baboons, that we have already written about them (check Archive), had their own ‘green propaganda’ that tried to prevent the Iranian people from remaining in the streets and winning concessions from the Mullahs. NYT’s report adds: “The CIA was intensifying its propaganda campaign. A leading newspaper owner was granted about $45,000 [!!]“. It’s a funny confession, and it can show you what many Iranians say about “the leading websites in 2009”, including Balatarin.com or RoozOnline.com, is not merely a conspiracy theory. When many Iranians say: “Iranian bastards, and some one like Masoud Behnoud or Mr. Balatarin, and other Iranian jerks were paid to betray the people and their anti-Mullah movement”, some answer: “It’s conspiracy theory”. But those who read history say: “When you read history, and when you see who defend who, and who censor and silence who in these years, you can see that many things are not conspiracy theories”. Reading about the 1953 coup is really useful. NYT’s report says: “Britain initiated the plot in 1952. The Truman administration rejected it, but President Eisenhower approved it shortly after taking office in 1953, because of fears about oil and Communism … The coup had its roots in a British showdown with Iran, restive under decades of near-colonial British domination. The prize was Iran’s oil fields. Britain occupied Iran in World War II for the oil … Britain occupied Iran in World War II and ousted the shah’s father, whom it regarded as unmanageable [!!]“. It clearly can show you why Iranians should hate Britain, and it can show you what we have already written about the relation between the West and Iranian dictators isn’t “conspiracy theory”. In fact, when the Iranian dictators were good puppets and carried out their mission well, the West supported them strongly, but when they became unmanageable !, i.e. when they tried to be more independent and didnt obey the Wests orders as before, the West tried to topple them. NYT adds: “In 1951, Iran’s Parliament voted to nationalize the oil industry … and elected Mossadegh as prime minister. But Britain responded with threats and sanctions“. It’s exactly like what they do in these years. The West and the Western bastards don’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, and even they aid the Iranian dictators in killing and torturing Iranians, and only when Iranians want to nationalize an industry the West responds with threats and sanctions. NYT adds: “In meetings in November and December 1952, the secret history says, British intelligence officials startled their American counterparts with a plan for a joint operation to oust the nettlesome prime minister … In March 1953, an unexpected development pushed the plot forward: the C.I.A.’s Tehran station reported that an Iranian general had approached the American Embassy about supporting an army-led coup”. Many believe what happened in 2009 was a joint operation, too.


The West censors and destroys many important and historical documents. NYT says: “The outlines of the American role in the coup were disclosed in Iran at the outset and later in the memoirs of C.I.A. officers and other published accounts. But many specifics have remained classified, and the secret history obtained by The New York Times [in the year 2000] is the first detailed government account of the coup to be made public … the agency said three years ago that a number of relevant documents had been destroyed in the early 1960’s“. In fact, what they say about “declassifying” is bullshit. They only declassify some of their secret documents, and most of their classified documents are destroyed or censored, because the people should not be aware of the true colors of the West. The official documents about the West’s love affair with the Mullahs, or about the relations between the Western politicians and the Western pseudo-intellectuals and some one like Chomsky, and many other things can remain secret for ever. But you can see the truth, if you open your eyes and see the indirect signs. NYT adds: “A British agent [an Iranian mercenary that worked for the UK] approached the Shah in late July and invited him to select a phrase that would then be broadcast at prearranged times on the BBC’s Persian-language program -as proof that he spoke for the British“. The role of the BBC in the 1953 coup is more than what they say now, but the role of the BBC in the 1953 coup is less important than the role of the BBC in the 1979 Mullah revolution and in the 2009 Mullah coup. In the pre-2009 era, the younger generations of Iranians thought what is said about the BBC is “conspiracy theory”, but now almost all Iranians know the true face of the BBC and the VOA and other Western baboons’ media. It’s one of the important lesson of the 2009 coup. NYT adds: “The British said they had recruited two brothers [Rashidian]. The Americans, the secret history discloses, did not trust the British and lied about the identity of their best ‘assets” inside Iran“. Both the UK and the US have lied about their Iranian agents, as the Mullahs lie about their agents. We have already written about Madhi Scnadal. The West, like the Mullahs, lies about the identity of their best ‘assets’ or their Diamonds of Deceit. As the wise guys say, “Madhi and Rashidians are worthless mercenaries, and that’s why their identity was officially revealed. The Mullahs and the West desperately try to hide the identity of their best ‘assets’, but when the people know the true face of almost all Iranian baboons, including Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Nabavi, Kosar, Mr. Balatarin, and other jerks, it means that their best ‘assets’, that are among the Iranian baboons, are great losers who can’t deceive the people any longer”. The funny Iranians add: “Now, many Iranians know the cesspool of Balatarin.com. They know that the cesspool of Balatarin is where you can only hear the voices of the Mullah Gestapo, the CIA, and their beloved agents there”. NYT adds: “The operation, code-named TP-Ajax, was the blueprint for a succession of C.I.A. plots to foment coups and destabilize governments during the cold war -including the agency’s successful coup in Guatemala in 1954 and the disastrous Cuban intervention known as the Bay of Pigs in 1961. In more than one instance, such operations led to the same kind of long-term animosity toward the US that occurred in Iran“. Some funny Iranians say: “The code-named of the 2009 coup is still hidden, but maybe Chomsky or the Western mass media or the Western leftist media know it”. Many don’t know the code-named of the 2009 coup, but many know that ‘the same kind of long-term animosity toward the US that occurred in 1953, now is occurring in Iran in 2012. NYT adds: “The coup began on the night of Aug. 15 … [but it failed]. The next morning, the Tehran radio announced that a coup against the government had failed … C.I.A. officers inside the embassy were flying blind; they had ‘no way of knowing what was happening‘ … The C.I.A. station cabled headquarters for advice on whether to ‘continue with TP-Ajax or withdraw’. ‘ Headquarters spent a day featured by depression and despair,’ the secret history states, adding, ‘The message sent to Tehran on the night of Aug. 18 said that ‘the operation has been tried and failed,’ and that ‘in the absence of strong recommendations to the contrary operations against Mossadegh should be discontinued’ … Roosevelt left the embassy and tracked down Zahedi, who was in hiding north of Tehran. Surprisingly, the general was not ready to abandon the operation. The C.I.A. station in Tehran sent a message to The Associated Press in New York, asserting that ”unofficial reports are current to the effect that leaders of the plot are armed with two decrees of the shah, one dismissing Mossadegh and the other appointing Zahedi to replace him. The C.I.A. and its agents also arranged for the decrees to be mentioned in some Tehran papers. But the propaganda initiative quickly bogged down. Many of the C.I.A.’s Iranian agents were under arrest or on the run”. It’s interesting, it’s it ?! Can you see how the Western media and Iranian media work as the CIA propaganda? And it reminds many of 2009, when many Western media and Iranian media told big lies about the Iranian protests. In 1953, Mossadegh was stupid and made big mistakes. Sadegh Hedayat and the real intellectuals saw “Mossadegh” as a stupid populist, but if they were alive in 1953, they all would defended Mossadegh, who was stupid, but was not mercenary, like the stupid Shah and other Iranian jerks. Mossadegh made big mistakes, but as the history says, the West and their Iranian mercenaries were in deep shit, and their coup had failed, and only Mossadegh’s mistakes and foolishness helped them. Unfortunately, the same thing happened in 2009.


As the secret history says, the West and the stupid Shah were in deep shit, and their coup had failed, but who saved them? The British Mullahs, the Intellectual mercenaries, and the thugs. The role of the Mullahs in the 1953 coup is important, but the US and the UK prefer to remain silent, and the reason is clear. NYT says: “That night the C.I.A. and Zahedi agreed to start a counterattack on Aug. 19, sending a leading Mullah from Tehran to the holy city of Qum to try to orchestrate a call for a holy war against Communism”. It’s just a small part of the truth. The role of Khashani and other Mullahs and their terrorist groups, including “Fadaiean Islam”, and their thugs are not hidden facts, and many historians have already written about it, but the West still tries to remain silent. NYT adds: “Once again, the shah disappointed the C.I.A. He left Baghdad for Rome the next day, apparently an exile. Pro-Mossadegh Newspapers reported that the Pahlevi dynasty had come to an end … [On the night of Aug. 18 the CIA was in deep shit; they were deeply disappointed; but suddenly !], Without specific orders, a journalist who was one of the CIA’s most important Iranian agents led a crowd toward Parliament, inciting people to set fire to the offices of a newspaper owned by Dr. [Fatemi]. Another Iranian C.I.A. agent led a crowd to sack the offices of pro-Tudeh papers. The C.I.A. tried to exploit the situation, sending urgent messages that the key agents should ‘swing the security forces to the side of the mobs’ … At the embassy, C.I.A. officers were elated, and Roosevelt got Zahedi out of hiding. An army officer found a tank and drove him to the radio station, where he spoke to the nation [!]“. Some funny Iranians say: “The West doesn’t talk about the role of the British Mullahs and their miracles, because the Mullahs still are their beloved active agents”. The 1953 coup can show us many things. It can show us that their plans and their coups can fail easily, but when the people and their leaders make big mistakes, the mercenaries and the bad guys ‘try to exploit the situation’, and save their ass in the last minute. It reminds many of the 2009 coup. When millions of Iranians were in the streets, both the West and the Mullahs had shitted in their pants and their Headquarters spent at least several weeks featured by depression and despair, but finally the story of the 1953 coup was repeated. NYT adds: “The Soviet Union was caught completely off-guard. Even as the Mossadegh government was falling, the Moscow radio was broadcasting a story on ‘the failure of the American adventure in Iran’. But C.I.A. headquarters was as surprised as Moscow. When news of the coup’s success arrived, it ‘seemed to be a bad joke, in view of the depression that still hung on from the day before,’ the secret history says”. Unfortunately, it just reminds you of 2009, when history repeated itself. The Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors didn’t allow the people to remain in the streets and win some concessions from the Mullahs. At that time, the people didn’t know the true face of Iranian baboons and the stupid West. But as the wise guys say: “the 2009 coup’s success still seem to be a bad joke for both the Mullahs and the West, because their depression and despair still hurt them, and they have not been able to solve their problems with the Iranian people, who have become aware”. NYT says: “the Shah had what the C.I.A. termed a ‘pathological fear’ of British intrigues “, and it’s not wrong. The wise guys say: “The stupid Shah was an awful coward, but who saved his ass? those who saved the Mullahs, who had shitted in their pants in 2009, and without the western support they would have gone to hell”. As we said before, only a few secrets of the 2009 coup have been revealed, including Obama’s secret letters to Khamenei, or “a secret meeting between the British defence secretary, Liam Fox, and the Mullahs, in May 2009, one month before the 2009 coup”, or “How Western Companies Aided Mullahs in Killing Iranians” or how the stupid lefts, the Western media, and the Western polling organizations supported the Mullah coup. But unfortunately, many non-Iranians are still ignorant, and don’t know what happened in the past three years. They don’t know how the lefts aided the Western politicians in supporting the Mullahs and their 2009 coup. They don’t know how Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, and British companies (including Creativity Software, AdaptiveMobile, etc) sold the tools of suppression to Mullahs, and how they armed Mullahs with Orwellian technology. As the wise guys say: “location tracking and message monitoring equipment, and the technology that allows the Mullahs to ‘analyze all messages in English or Persian for keywords or phrases; store them; and flag those caught by filters for review [know as ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ (DPI)] is Orwellian technology. It’s more dangerous than nuclear program, but the West sells it to Mullahs, and talks nonsense about nuclear program”. The CIA and MI6, Mullahs, Pahlavists, journalists, Intellectual mercenaries, thugs and prostitutes, the lefts (including Marxists) and other jerks played active role in both the 1953 coup and the 2009 coup, but there is a key difference between 1953 and 2009, that sooner or later, will change many things in Iran: In 1953, about 20 thousands of Iranians were university educated, and many Iranians cared about the Mullahs and the intellectual mercenaries, but now, more than 20 millions of Iranians are university educated, and more than 90% of Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Iranian baboons, the intellectual mercenaries, and their western supporters.

Iranian Monarchists, Khomeini, and The West

June 4, 2012

In the recent days, when the Mullah TV talks about Khomeini, his life and his death, and when the American baboons and the European monkeys are making love with the Iranian terrorists (MKO), the Iranian Pofyooz (Iranian Monarchists), and the Mullahs, it’s not bad to write about the story of the West and the Iranian Monarchs (dictators) in the past 100 years. When Iranians were illiterate, stupid and ignorant, the West could make use of their foolishness, and supported the Monarchy and dictatorship in Iran. In the past 100 years, the Iranian Monarchs, from Reza Kachal (Reza, the Bald) to Khomeini and Khamenei, were stooges of the West or served the West’s interests directly or indirectly. They were stupid dictator that their first mission was: “keeping Iran backward and weak”. As the independent historians say: “Reza Kachal that his mother was a poor prostitute (Zan Sighe-ii), was a stupid and illiterate soldier that the British politicians appointed him as Iran’s ruler”. And as the wise guys say, “In these days, when Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) is making a fool of himself in Germany and Netherlands, and the Dutch faggots and the American baboons desperately try to care about him, there is no doubt that Reza Pofyooz, that 99% of Iranians hate him, is a worthless mercenary like his stupid father and his stupid grandfather”. In these days, the BBC, the VOA, Radio Farda, Deutsche Welle, and other media that belong to the Western monkeys and Iranian baboons, can show you who is the employer of Reza Pofyooz. Iranians inside Iran, know both the Mullahs and the Pahlavi well, but many non-Iranians don’t know that the Mullahs and the Pahlavi family are alike, and both of them are Monarchists, and stooges of the West. As the wise guys truly say, the contemporary history is like a large puzzle that many of its pieces still are missing. You can’t be sure about many details, and the West still tries to hide many things, including the West’s affair with the Mullahs. The West thinks the people should not know the historical facts, because it can show them many things about the current events, including the 2009 coup and what is happening in these days. “Maybe, we are not aware of many details, but it doesn’t meant that we can’t see the big picture. For instance, we don’t know how much money Reza Pofyooz, Mr. Balatarin, and other Iranian baboons get from their Western employers, but we can know who is mercenary and who is not”, the wise guys say. The details are not clear, and that’s why there are many crazy conspiracy theories about the Mullahs and their relations with the UK and the West, but it doesn’t mean that the story of the Mullahs and the UK is conspiracy theory. “In 1970s, an Iranian TV series (‘Dear Uncle Napoleon’) tried to brainwash Iranians into accepting a big lie: ‘all things that Iranians say about the UK are conspiracy theories’. The Iranian mercenaries tied to use ‘Dear Uncle Napoleon’ as an excuse to claim that there is no British conspiracy. At that time, the stupid or naive people didn’t know who is behind ‘Dear Uncle Napoleon’. But the wise people knew the British agents, and knew that those who say all things are British conspiracies, are as stupid as those who say there is no British conspiracy“, the wise Iranians say. The relations between the UK and the Mullahs is not conspiracy theory. As the wise guys say, “the secret agents or mercenaries spread rumors, conspiracy theories or big lies, as part of War of Nerves, because it can confuse the people, and can create doubts about the truth“. For instance, the Mullahs, that are religious Monarchists, say: “the West supported Pahlavi in 1979 and the Mullahs fought against both the West and the Pahlavi [!!]'”, and the Iranian Monarchists in LA, that are secular Monarchists, say: “Pahlavi was a democrat and nationalist Iranian, but Khomeini was a non-Iranian and a lifelong agent of British and American intelligence agencies [!]”. But many Iranians are not stupid and know who is who. The relation between the West, the Pahlavi, and the Mullahs, is so funny.


Khomeini’s date of birth is not clear, but many believe he was born in 1900, that means he was about two years older than Sedeq Hedayat, who was born in 1903. Hedayat was a famous intellectual and died in 1951, but Khomeini was unknown and only his friends knew him before 1963. In the first years of 1960s, Khomeini became a grand Mullah, at the age of 60+, and when the Shah announced his White Revolution in 1963, Khomeini opposed him and was arrested for the first time. The differences between Khomeini and Hedayat are very interesting, and when we write about Hedayat, in the near future, you can see that even in the past 100 years, Iranians could become educated and modern, more than their Western counterparts. But unfortunately, the West wanted, and still wants, to keep the East backward so that its natural resources, including oil, could continue to be looted. As the wise guys say: “Both Pahlavis, that were appointed by the UK, were stupid dictators and their first mission was ‘keeping Iranians illiterate and stupid, and keeping Iran backward as much as possible‘. And it was the Mullah mission in 1979, too. The West have always supported the dictators (Monarchs) in Iran. When the dictators were good puppets and carried out their mission, the West supported them strongly, but when they started to become more independent and didn’t obey the West’s orders as before, the West toppled them. In 1979, the Mullah mission was ‘Destroying Iran’ and ‘keeping Iran backward’, that they could do it well, because the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid”. There is no doubt that Iranians were so stupid in 1979, and the West used it well, but we should not forget that in 1900s, during the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, when the number of illiterate Iranians was larger, the ordinary Iranians supported Nouri’s execution. As the wise guys say: “Nouri was a grand Mullah that supported the Shah and the Absolute Monarchy. When the people and the Constitutionalist defeated the Shah in a civil war, the people asked for Nouri’s execution, and the grand Mullah, that was the enemy of the people and the main supporter of the tyranny, was executed in Tehran. Today’s Mullahs clearly declare that they are followers of Nouri. They call Nouri ‘martyr’. Of course, Nouri is a martyr in path of tyranny ! He is an evil martyr. It’s a good question if you ask: Why the 1905 Constitutional Revolution was more modern than the 1979 Revolution, and why Iranians went backward? And why Nouri’s supporters became ruler of Iran? For answering this question, you should think about the role of the West, the illiterate Iranians, and the Iranian intellectuals. Before the 1900s, the UK and the West just employed the Iranian politicians, and their relation with the Mullahs, the journalists, and the pseudo-intellectuals was not systematic. Several Mullahs received a “monthly stipend” from the Britons, but before the story of Oil, the Britons didn’t waste their money on the Mullahs and other Iranian mercenaries a lot. The relation between the Mullahs and the UK, that had started in the first decades of the 19th century, became serious during and after the Constitutional Revolution. The UK used ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, and supported both pro-Constitutionalists and
anti-Constitutionalists. But when the Iranian people killed Nouri, the UK found Oil in Southern Persia, and it changed many things. In 1910s, the UK supported the backward Mullahs financially, and aided them in reviving the Mullah schools in Qom. In 1920s, the UK appointed Reza Kachal (Pahlavi I), as a Military ruler. Reza was a illiterate peasant, son of a prostitute (Zan Sighe-ii), without any Royal background. At first, he wanted to abolish Monarchy and establish a Republic system, but the Mullahs, that followed the British advice, encouraged him to become King, and finally in 1925, the Mullahs and other British agents appointed Pahlavi as the King. The comparison between Khomeini and Reza Kachal is funny and useful. Khomeini lost his father in his youth, but he lived with his family and they sent him to school and he became literate. But Reza Kachal, born in 1878, was son of a prostitute, who used to married to men temporarily, known as ‘temporary marriage’. She remarried in 1879 and left Reza to the care of his uncle, who, in turn, sent Reza away to a friend, who was an army officer. Khomeini and Reza Kachal were almost alike, but Khomeini was smarter and more educated than Reza Kachal”.


The independent historians also add: “In the 1920’s, Khomeini went to Qum and started his serious Mullah education in one of the British Mullah schools in Qom. The British politicians and the Pahlavi supported the Mullah schools financially until 1979. In 1920s, they appointed Reza Kachal as a military ruler, and supported the 1921 military coup. At that time, Russia had many problems, because of the 1917 revolution, and the UK was the only Colonialist power in Iran. In 1930s, Reza Kachal continued the process of modernization that had been started by Naser-Din Shah Qajar, but he just followed the British orders, and his modernization was superficial and unbalanced. The UK supported both Pahlavi and the Mullahs, as part of the British ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics. Pahlavi suddenly became anti-religion, and the Mullahs that relied on the British financial and political supports, became his enemy. In 1939, when Pahalvi I tried to become independent, and became pro-Germany, the UK and Russia attacked Iran and toppled him. They appointed his son, Pahlavi II, as the new king, and the Mullahs supported him. The UK continued to supported the Mullahs and the Islamists, and they assassinated some political and intellectual figures in 1940s, and then finally in 1953, the Mullahs supported the CIA-MI6 coup against the Oil Nationalization movement and the Iranian Nationalists. There is no doubt that the Mullahs, including Kashani that had become speaker of the Parliament with the UK’s help, aided the UK and the US in the 1953 coup. After 1953, many Iranians started to say: ‘The Mullahs are British mercenaries. The Mullahs always served the interests of their British masters’. In 1963, the Mullahs, including Khomeini, opposed the White Revolution and Iran’s modernization, specially women’s rights and abolishing of the feudal system, but the majority of Iranians didn’t care about the Mullah protests. The UK continued to support the backward Mullahs financially and politically, mainly because: (1) it was part of their ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic (2) they saw the Mullahs a backward force who can keep Iran backward. Even the stupid Shah supported the Mullahs and the Islamists, because he thought they are stupid, weak, but useful. They could aid him in controlling the people, and kept the people ignorant. The story of two grand Mullahs, Khomeini and Shariatmadari, and their power struggle from 1963 to 1980, can show us the true colors of the Mullahs and the Islamists. Shariatmadari and his men worked for Savak, the Pahlavi Gestapo, and betrayed Khomeini. On the other hand, Khomenei’s men, that finally killed and tortured Shariatmadari and his men, were corrupted people. There are many notorious figures, including Beheshti, Ebrahim Yazdi, Sadegh Tabatabaie, Ghotbzadeh, Hassan Ayat, etc that worked for the intelligence services of USA, UK, France, and Germany. For instance, Tabatabaie confessed (in a TV program) that he had contacts with the German intelligence service, or the notorious Hassan Ayat, who had worked as a British agent since the 1953 coup, was the first man who talked about ‘Velayate Faqih’ (Mullah Theocracy) and the Islamic Monarchy in 1979. Beheshti and Yazdi’s contacts with the US are undeniable facts, and no one can deny it. The power struggle between two grand Mullahs, Khomeini and Shariatmadari, was a clear sign that the Mullahs are hypocrite and corrupted”.


There is no doubt that the West supported the Mullahs in 1978 and 1979. We have already written about this issue. There are many undeniable facts that prove the West wanted to topple the Shah. The Guadeloupe Conference (Conference of the heads of four Western powers -U.S., UK, France and West Germany- in the first days of 1979, in which French President Giscard dEstaing, US President Jimmy Carter, British Prime Minister James Callaghan, and German chancellor Helmut Schmidt reached the conclusion that Shah must go and Khomeini should gain power), General Huyser’s mission to Tehran (Huyser tried to neutralize the Iranian army and prevented a military coup against the Mullahs), the mission of the US ambassador in Iran, William Sullivan, in the last two years of the Pahlavi regime, the role of Hussein Fardoost in establishing the Mullah regime. Fardoost was the Shah’s right-hand man, and a high rank member of Savak, but he worked for the CIA and his last mission was ‘Toppling the Pahlavi regime’. Fardoost neither left Iran, nor was executed by the Mullahs. He lived in Iran until his death, and his role in the 1979 revolution is one of the funny secrets of the Mullah regime. There was a main difference between Khomeini and the Shah: Khomeini was not as coward as the Shah and didn’t follow all American orders. Khomeini told many big lies, specially about progress, democracy, freedom, corruption, and economic problems. Khomeini said: ‘Water, Electricity, gas, oil, etc should be free of charge in Iran’ or ‘The Mullahs are men of god; they are not corrupt men. In the Islamic regime, you will not see the previous corruptions’. But now, even the little kids know that the Mullahs are the most corrupt people, and the economic crises and the financial corruptions in the Islamic regime are much more than any other regime. We have already written about the US-Mullah relation, including the Iran-Contra scandal and the October surprise. But you can ask yourself why the US supported the Mullahs and toppled the Shah regime? Some say: “In the 1970s, the Shah had become an ambitious man. His nuclear program, his plans and his speeches in his last years had scared the West. In 1974, the Shah regime developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program. In an interview with Heikal, the Egyptian Journalist, Shah said, ‘You have no idea the number of clashes I have had with the Americans. The last of these was over OPEC. The Americans wanted to break it up from the inside and tried to do so. But I didn’t allow it to happen’. And in an interview with U.S. News & World Report, Shah said that if the U.S. would take an unfriendly attitude towards Iran, then Iran ‘can hurt you (U.S.) as badly, if not more so, than you can hurt us (Iran). Not just through oil, we can create trouble for you in the region. If you force us to change our friendly attitude, the repercussions will be immeasurable’. The CIA brought Shah back to power, by the 1953 coup, and protected him for about 20 years. But in his last years, the CIA only tried to topple his regime. Shah was quiet aware of the CIA’s involvement in Iran, but he was a coward and stupid dictator, and his people hated him a lot”. When some read about Iranian dictators and Iranian problems, they think only Iranians were stupid and other nations have been wiser than Iranians. But it’s wrong. Even in Europe, including Spain, Greece, or Portugal, the dictators had the upper hand until the 1970s. And we should not forget that the Fascism and the Nazism in 1920s to 1940s, and the two world wars and other great tragedies were European-Western tragedies. Unfortunately the list of savage tyrants and lifelong dictators since 1900, who ruled for 30 consecutive years or more, is a long list. Part of the list is as follows: (the whole list has more than 100 items):

Name Country Start End Length
Castro Cuba 1959 2011 52 Years
Kim Il-Sung N. Korea 1948 1994 45 Years
Gaddafi Libya 1969 2011 42 Years
Franco Spain 1936 1975 39 Years
Pahlavi Iran 1941 1979 37 Years
Tito Yugoslavia 1943 1980 36 Years
Paul Biya Cameroon 1975 2011 36 Years
Salazar Portugal 1932 1968 36 Years
Zhivkov Bulgaria 1954 1989 35 Years
Mao China 1943 1976 33 Years
Saleh Yemen 1978 2011 33 Years
Mugabe Zimbabwe 1980 2011 31Years
Sese Seko Zaire 1965 1997 31 Years
Stalin Russia 1922 1953 30 Years
Mubarak Egypt 1981 2011 30 Years
Hafez Assad Syria 1971 2000 30 Years

The story of the West and the Middle Eastern dictators is funny, but the story of the West and the Mullahs is so funny. “In 1978, the BBC became the voices of the Mullahs, and refused to give the Shah regime an equal chance to reply. The Mullahs opposed Irans nuclear program, and repeated what the West dictated to them. The disappearance of Imam Musa Sadr, during a visit to Libya, was like the Spy movies. The Iranian leader of the Lebanese Shia, Imam Musa Sadr, was more popular than Khomeini in the Shia world, but he had refused to accept Khomeini as Imam (leader). As the wise Iranians say: “The West clearly supported the Mullahs, whose mission was ‘keeping Iran backward’, but the stupid Iranians were blind and supported the Mullahs. Karl Marx said that the uneducated masses are useful idiots, and the West used the Iranian foolishness to destroy Iran. In 1980, Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said that the Iran-Iraq war is consistent with American policy in the region. American strategy was simple, which was to destabilize the region, by having one boogie man. The US economy benefited from this policy of destabilization. The Americans sold their weapons to both Iran and Iraq. The US profited from both the war and its conclusion”. There is no doubt that Anglo-American intelligence was committed to toppling the Shah. But why? Different groups have different answers. But it’s so obvious that you can ask the same question about the 1953 coup, and the 2009 coup, and the answer is almost alike. The story of oil, colonialism, exploitation, and free ride are so popular, but it’s just part of the answer. Some say: “In the mid-70s, a CIA project called Green Belt was elaborated. The Green Belt project’s target was to surround the former Soviet Union with Islamic religious regimes. The CIA believed that Islamists would be easier to control”. Some others say: “By May 1979, the new Khomeini regime had singled out the country’s nuclear power development plans and announced cancellation of the entire program for the reactor construction. The Mullahs also stopped all Shah’s programs that could convert Iran into a global power. Shah wanted to build an empire that he claimed would be the sixth greatest power in the world. To make his dream a reality, he wanted to buy the most modern weapons in the world. The Shah spent more than $20 billion in the military field. This was a great concern for both the US and the USSR, because this would create a strong Iran. So, the West toppled the Shah, and supported their beloved Mullahs, whose mission was ‘destroying Iran’ and ‘keeping Iran backward'”. Some say: “In the Mullah regime, the gap between the rich and the poor widened extensively. The financial corruption increased astronomically, and the greatest embezzlements in Iran’s history became just a small part of the Mullah corruptions. The West is so happy that Iran is weak, corrupted, and ruined”. And some add: “The West supported the 2009 coup, but they have forgotten that the 1953 coup set the stage for a generation of anti-American hatred in Iran, the most powerful countries of the Middle East and the most ancient countries of the World. Today’s Western betrayals will create a long term anti-American hatred in Iran, and it learns today’s Iranians what the West says about globalization is bullshit, and the stupid West is still full of nationalists and chauvinists, and the modern Iranians should create a secular republican government and a strong Iran that certainly will have nuclear weapons. The Western betrayals in 2009 and the past three years were strategic mistakes. Iranians will never forget it”.


In 1979, the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid, and that’s why the West could destroy Iran with the help of the Mullahs. Even in 1989, when Khomeini died, many still were stupid. They even worshiped (and paradoxically insulted) Khomeini’s dead body. At that time, more than 75% of today’s Iranians, who are young, modern and educated, were little kids. As the wise guys say: “In 1979, when the Tudeh Party was stooges of the USSR, and the Mullahs and others were stooge of the US and the West, Iranian mercenaries and Iranian pseudo-intellectuals could make use of public ignorance and public foolishness in Iran. The Pahlavi regime was a secular dictatorship or a secular Monarchy, but the Mullahs that had promised to establish a Republic system, established ‘Islamic Theocracy’, in which Islamic Monarch (leader), or ‘Vali Faqih’, played the role of the Caliphate or the Shah (Monarch) that control everything and rule the country as an Islamic Big Brother. ‘Vali Faqih’ is an Orwellian Big Brother who controls everything and all aspects of life. What you eat or drink, what you wear, what you listen to, what you watch, what you read, your relationships, your lifestyle, your basic freedom, your basic rights, etc all are controlled by “Vali Faqih” and his Islamist thugs. In the Mullah Animal Farm, Republic means Monarchy, election means selection by the Mullahs, and freedom means ‘feel free to do or say what we dictate to you’. In the Mullah Animal Farm, the majority means 10% and the minority means 90%; the president means the servant of the Islamic Monarch; ‘Islamic Justice’ means embezzlement and bribery, and ‘Islamic values’ means killing, raping and torturing the innocent protesters. The American baboons and the European monkeys desperately try to support the Islamic or secular Monarchy in Iran, because they are enemy of a free and strong Iran. The Iranians baboons, the European monkeys and the American baboons still work together for taking Iran back to the Stone Age. But ‘Can the Iranian traitors and mercenaries and their Western employers succeed in achieving their goal?’ In 1979, they could succeed because the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid. But now, many things have changed. Now, the young Iranians, that the majority of them are university-educated and modern, know the true colors of the West and the Western puppets, including the Islamist and secular Monarchists”. In 2009, many Iranians did not know the true colors of Iranian baboons and American baboons, and it was a serious weak point. The 2009 coup was a very tragic event, but it was very useful. What happened in 2009, was a good historical lesson for Iranians. It could show them many things. The 2009 coup and the strategic mistakes of the Mullahs and their Western supporters were a godsend for Iranians. In Iran’s modern history, nothing is more informative and more useful than the 2009 coup and the past three years. The Iranian traitors and mercenaries, specially the pseudo-intellectuals and their Western supporters that could fool the people before 2009, are great losers. Now, the wise Iranians truly say: “The Iranian mercenaries had two types: (1) the Iranian faggots and prostitutes, including the Pahlavists, the Rajavists, and the Communists, that 99% of Iranians knew them and hated them, even more than the Mullahs (2) the Islamist-Reformists and the pseudo-intellectuals, that some of them were still popular before 2009. But what happened in 2009 and in the past three years, showed the true colors of all Iranian mercenaries, and now all of them, and their employers (the Mullahs and the West) are as hateful as the old Iranian faggots and the old prostitutes”. They also add: “Thank the West, the Western betrayals, and the Iranian mercenaries. They showed many things to Iranians. The stupid West showed its true colors and also the true colors of its Iranian mercenaries, and it’s very very important and useful. It can show Iranians and non-Iranians how they can build a free, modern, and strong country”.

A Love Song for Barack Hussein Obama !

June 2, 2012

In these days, many things are sadly funny. The Syrian tragicomedy, the Egyptian farce or the story of Iranian Monarchists are showing the world how stupid and how shameless the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) are. We have already written about these issues (check Archive). For instance, we have already written about those who betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement; or about those who desperately try to torture Iranians and want to make a deal with the savage Mullahs; or about the European monkeys and the American baboons who supported the Syrian dictator and his British wife; or about those who supported the stupid Islamists in Egypt, but betrayed the modern anti-Islamists in Iran; or about Mullah embezzlers, Mullah crooks and Islamist killers who live in Canada, the US, the UK, etc; or about the European monkeys and the American baboons who support the Iranian baboons, from the Iranian Monarchists and Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) to the Rajavists and the Khatamists. Here, I don’t want to write about these shitty things, or about the ordinary Iranians who are victims of the Western Hypocrisy and the Western betrayals. Here, I prefer to write about a song, that some Iranians inside Iran have written it. “A Love Song for Barack Hussein Obama” is a tragicomic song for the worst US president ever. It can show the stupid Iranian expats and the Iranian rappers that instead of eating extra shit or kissing ass, they can think about the serious problems, and they should talk about the important problems. In these days, when the stupid Iranian expats have closed their dirty eyes, and don’t condemn the Western supporters of the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons; and when the Iranian expats, the Iranian faggots, and the stupid singers, who still live in the 1970s, say nothing about the main problems and the main jerks, including Obama, Harper, Cameron, Merkel, Chomsky, etc or about the little shits including Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), Mr. Balatarin, and other jerks who betray Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, let’s take a look at parts of “A Love Song for Barack Hussein Obama”:

Hi, Mr. Stupid Monkey, Barack Hussein Obama
We love you, because you are like Mullah and Osama
It's just a love song for you, Mr. Obama
We love you, as much as we loved Osama
If you don't know how much we love you or Osama
Just listen to our song, It's for you, Mr. Obama

You the faggot, You aid Mullahs in killing us
You the monkey, You help them to murder us
You the faggot, You help them and betray us
You the faggot, you suck their cocks, not for us

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullah and Osama

The Mullah terrorist in Princeton,
The Mullah TV in Washington,
You love them, you and Clinton
Fuck you bitches, fuck you all in Washington

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullah and Osama

You love sanctions, you love bombs
You love Mullahs, you love dumbs
You and Osama just chewed gums,
When killed people with your guns

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullah and Osama

Your media censor us
Your companies silence us
You help Mullahs, but not us
You the faggots betray us

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullah and Osama

Iranians hate you bitch
They call you "the Monkey", bitch
They send you a big dick each
Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you bitch


Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

You love killers and rapists
You love Mullahs and Terrorists
You help Mullahs and Monarchists
You help them, you the fascist

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

Mullahs, Mujaheds, and Monarchists
Your beloved MMM, the sadists [MMM = "triple M"]
MMM are terrorists and fascists,
But you help them, you the monkey fascist

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

"Sanction, Sanction", it's your game
You the faggot, has no shame
"Stupid Monkey" is your name
Fuck you monkey, fuck your game

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

You help Mullahs, such a dare
You fuck people, it's not fair
You the faggot, want your share?
Suck all the cocks, it's your share

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

You just bluff, but who care
You the monkey, you don't dare
People fuck you in your year
Fuck you monkey, fuck your year

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

Your media, your USA, are suckers
You love Mullahs, who are like you, the fuckers
Your lovers are MMM, and others,
Crooks, thieves, killers, rapists, and lairs

Fuck you, Barack Hussein Obama
You are like Mullahs and Osama

The Iranian rappers and Iranian singers who live in the West, are so stupid and Khayemal (ass-kisser). They are just master at kissing ass. But the wise guys know that they should criticize Obama, Harper, Cameron, Merkel, and other Western jerks who betray Iranians, make love with the Mullahs, and support the Iranian baboons, from Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) to Khatami. Those who flatter the Western politicians and kiss their ass, are worthless pigs, worse than the Mullahs and their Basiji thugs. But many of Iranians inside Iran are not like the stupid Iranian expats who sell their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar. There are many love songs for the Western jerks who betrayed, and still betray, Iranians inside Iran. We try to publish some of them in the future.