Canada Bill 78 and A Protest of the Canadian Kind

Bill 78 and the current situation in Quebec is a very shameful episode in Canadian history. As we said before, Bill 78 is a very serious problem , but when many Canadians use Bill 78 and serious protests as an excuse for nudity and having fun, let’s use satire as a tool to write about a Protest of the Canadian kind. Let’s assume you want to become a Canadian policy-maker. You should follow the following advice, because you should know a Protest of the Canadian kind and how you can control the serious protests in Canada.

First of all, you should know that Canada is the land of contradictions. For instance, you should talk about multiculturalism, while French Canada still hates English Canada; and you should talk about “Canadian values”, while you are making love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers who freely live in Canada. You should know that you have many Orwellian concepts of the Canadian kind, and “Protest” is one of them. In today’s Canada, protest often means fun, s-e-x, kiss, drug use, etc. If you want to say: “We want to have fun or s-e-x”, you can say: “We want to protest”. In Canada, you should love the Orwellian concepts. You should censor the news, and should not cover the serious problems and the wise protesters, and you should boycott or censor those websites who try to write about the wise protesters or the serious problems. But you should call it “Freedom and Democracy”. You should use “Divide and Rule” tactic. English Canada should hate French Canada, and vice versa, and you should not allow Canadians to unite or become aware. You should try to rewrite your history. When some say: “During Quebec’s Quiet Revolution in the 1960s, education reforms led to assurances of cheap tuition for all in the province”, you should say: “Quebec’s Quiet Revolution and its reforms were stupid. Bill 78 is the best thing and the most modern thing in Quebec history”. You should love brainless and topless protesters, because they can ridicule the whole protesters. You should use prostitutes as protesters, and it not only ridicules the whole protest, but the naive girls and boys follow the professional faggots and prostitutes like sheep, and then you can laugh at all protesters.


You should not have any serious protest in Canada, because the serious protests are very dangerous. You should teach kids, newcomers, or students how to protest in Canada, and Vancouver riot and that Vancouver kiss, should be a role model from them. Your media and your mercenaries should try to write an unwritten law called “How to Protest in Canada”. This law says that Nudity as protest is not just a tactic in Canada. This law should clearly add: “Canadians are stupid. So, we are forced to use nudity to attract attention to public protest. This is the only way to be heard in this country. If we staged simple protests with banners, then our claims would not have been noticed [!!]“. In fact, you and your unwritten law should declare that Canadians are brainless and they only care about s-e-x and the topless activists. If some ask you: “Do our protest is about ‘the right to be naked in public’ or about Bill 78 and the tyranny and corruption in Canada?” You should say: “Bill 78 is against the right to be naked in public, and that’s why we protest against it”. You should always think other people are as stupid as you. You should say: “In Canada, many kids and students just want to have s-e-x or fun; who care about serious protests and serious problems” And those who say: “ these demonstrations are about the growing gap between the rich and the rest of society, and this is why the protests have spread“, should be boycotted. They are dangerous. In the streets of Montreal, those who wear nothing but their underwear, the dope smokers, the brainless faggots and those who care about sex, drugs, and violence a lot, should be seen as the brains and the modern protesters.


Your media should censor the news. The world should know nothing about the ugly scenes, like that ugly scene in Victoriaville, Quebec on May 4, when many people were injured by the riot police, and a young protester lost an eye. Your protest organizers should think the kids and the students are the sheep people. They should encourage students to be topless or wear body paint, but full-frontal nudity should not be tolerated, and the Montreal police should arrest the naked protesters. You should not forget that Canada is the land of contradictions. You should declare that public nakedness is illegal in Canada, and it can encourage the stupid kids to protest against this low, not Bill 78. Of course, those who wear nothing but their underwear, should be tolerated, because they can ridicule the whole protesters. If some said: “To date, some 3,000 protesters have been arrested, and many others sustaining serious, and even life-threatening physical injuries at the hands of the Canadian police”, you should boycott them. And if some Canadians said: “I’m a Canadian. The queen bitch from Hell can die. Im an activist and I find the Canadian government and its system corrupt and psychopathic” or “Charest and Harper, you phoney bastards, go to hell. Canada is corrupted”, you should pretend that they are not Canadians, or they hate Canada. You know that “the rest of the world is watching Canada, sometimes with scorn and sometimes with sympathy”, but you should censor and boycott those people, specially Iranians, that have sympathy with the wise protesters, not with the stupid naked protesters, who are your beloved protesters. The wise topless girls are as dangerous as other wise people, and that’s why you should only care about the stupid kids, the brainless topless protesters, and those who can’t understand the difference between a serious protest and a stupid street party.


Your media should declare: “it’s forbidden to walk naked in the streets of Montreal, and almost all Canadian cities. But the Maple Spring or the Canadian Spring is a protest against this reactionary law, not Bill 78”. You should think the people’s brain is in their ass. You should not allow the current movement to became an intelligent movement or a serious movement. The horny kids and students who just want to have sex or fun, and those idiots whose brain is full of shit should be your beloved protesters. Your media should only care about them. If some said: “The current Canadian protests is the Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History”, you should boycott them, and you should declare: “The Canadian people in Quebec are just exercising their rights to go ‘topfree’. They are not protesting against tyranny or Bill 78, but it’s a movement of ‘topfree equality’, which promotes equal rights for women to have no clothing above and below the waist”. You should think your people are so stupid, and their brain is in their ass. The Mullahs should be your close friends, and you should try to learn from them. You should try to use the Mullah tactics and the Mullah bills, and you can call it “Bill 78, a modern Canadian law”. Don’t worry, the people’s brain is in their ass. You should also try to learn from the Iranian faggots and the Iranian baboons, specially those who call themselves “intellectual” or journalist. If they see such situation and such protesters in Iran, they would call all Iranians “stupid”, “reactionary”, “backward”, “pseudo-modern”, etc, but when they see such stupid situation and protesters in Canada, they close their dirty mouth, or even they praise these stupid Canadians. So, you should see the wise ass and the dumb ass as the wise people, and you should see the wise guys as reactionary, traditionalist, or


You should try to convert the Maple Spring or the Canadian Spring into a stupid shallow movement, that is full of the blue-eyed blonde and the red-head drug users who just care about s-e-x and violence. It’s a protest of the Canadian kind. You should censor or boycott those who say: “the Canadian Spring can clearly show the world that today’s Iranians are really wiser and more modern than today’s Canadians. In 2009, millions of modern Iranians protested against tyranny and Islamists. They risked their life, and tens of thousands of them were killed and tortured by the Islamists and by help of the West. They were the modern people and modern protesters, not the drug addicts, the faggots, and the idiots whose brain is in their ass or between their legs. The world should learn from Iranians, as some learned from them in 2011”. The messengers and those who tell the truth are dangerous. Canada is the land of immigrants, but the new immigrants should be a bunch of idiots or coward bastards who just kiss your ass and don’t ask any question. Those who ask serious questions and those who talk about serious problems are dangerous. Those who ask serious questions, and those who protests against your shameful behaviors should not be able to get your immigration visa or any other visa, or you should expel them from Canada. The wise people, specially the wise immigrants are so dangerous. Your corrupt system and your mafia style government, should make love with the Mullah killers and the Mullah crooks, and should hate the wise immigrants, because the wise immigrants can change many things, for instance, they can convert the Canadian Spring into a serious movement. So, the wise people should be forced to live like prisoners in a big prison. You should only care about the slaves, or those idiots whose brain is in their shitty ass or between their legs.


You should know that the Canadian protesters don’t just lose clothes, but they also lose their supporters in Canada. And that’s why you should care about the brainless naked protesters a lot. They can destroy the Maple Spring or the Canadian Spring, as they destroyed the OWS movement. The idiots who just want to have fun, and those who just care about s-e-x and violence, can destroy any serious movement, and that’s why they should be your beloved protesters. Those who say: “Montreal people are sick of mafia and mafia style government. Corruption in government cant be stopped since the judges, the lawyers and the system all are corrupted”, are dangerous protesters and should be silenced. The people who don’t want to live like sheep, should be forced to live like slaves or prisoners. The educated people should work like slaves, and should not be able to use their brains. And those who don’t want to live like sheep or slaves, should be forced to live like prisoners. You and your media should censor them and boycott them, and your stupid visa system should not grant them visa, or should expel them. The wise Iranians and non-Iranians who ask serious questions should live like prisoners, and should not be able to leave their big prisons. In your unwritten laws, specially in “The unwritten manual: How to immigrate to Canada, the US, and the West”, you should clearly declare that those who ask serious questions, those who protest, and those who don’t kiss your ass can’t get visa; and only the crooks, the sheep, the Khayemal (ass-kissers), the fanatics, the killers, the rapists, the charlatans, etc can get your visa. God bless the sheep and those idiots whose brain is in their ass or between their legs. They can create a protest or a system of the Canadian kind. They should be your beloved people and your beloved immigrants. Other people should live like slaves or prisoners. Now, you are ready to become a typical Canadian policy-maker. I congratulate you.

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